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Week 7 Free Agent Auction Targets

Week 7 Free Agent Auction Targets

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JayPoundsNFL)

When will the injuries end! This week we had Miles Sanders(knee), Raheem Mostert (ankle), and star Steelers line backer Devin Bush(knee) all go down with injuries, and that’s just some of the big names. We all know that injuries cant be predicted but didn’t we all somewhat see this coming to an extent. We hear every off-season to value depth for your fantasy roster and that was emphasized to the extreme heading into 2020. Only most were wrong about why we would need depth, no one imagined this many star players going down to just injury. We all thought we would see multiple star players miss games because of COVID, it just seemed inevitable going into the season. We were thankfully dead wrong up to this point we have watched one game play without a major fantasy piece being Cam Newton for the Patriots. 

We have seen some great players start to develop because of these injuries and some have been picked up off of the free agent auction in many Dynasty Owner leagues. I was fortunate enough to get Travis Fulgham for a $1,000,000 dynasty dollar bid this week, I couldn’t be more excited to watch the kid play. I know it is tough to fit a ton of depth into a salary cap, but the free agent auction is key to help continue filling the lower spaces on your roster with what I like to call fantasy capable players.

Isaiah Wright ( 3-Years $763,333) 10.31% Owned

I have rookie Isaiah Wright as my number one free agent going into this week for two main reasons, he’s a rookie and he’s playing a lot of snaps. I went and watched some highlights of Wright and I think he can be a fine NFL receiver if given above average quarterback play and of course opportunity, as every player needs. Wright went to Temple for college and while he didn’t put up huge numbers he did manage to have 12.0 yards per reception meaning he can make plays. The Washington Football Team has had Wright on the field for 47% of their snaps this season and seems likely to increase with players like Inman and Sims ahead of him on the depth chart. I know The Football Team’s offense doesn’t look all that appealing right now but by this time next season Wright could be catching passes from a Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance with a much higher upside. 

Wright could turn into a fantastic bench play this season if things continue in the direction they are going for him now. Let’s not forget how important bench scoring is in this format if you have seen games in your league decided by 3 points or less they were more than likely decided by bench scoring. Also is anyone else ready to admit Washington Football Team doesn’t sound all that bad?

Marcus Johnson (1-Year $925,000) 2.06% Owned

Marcus Johnson broke out in a big way this week going for 5 catches 108 yards on 8 targets against Cincinnati. Johnson also had a solid week in week 6 against the Browns catching 3 passes for 53 yards. The Bengals and Browns have showed us multiple times this season how bad they are against the pass but these are still NFL teams that Johnson was able to put up these type of numbers on. While Johnson is not exactly a young guy having been in the league for almost 3 ½ seasons he does seem to have some upside moving forward with the Colts. 

We have seen undrafted free agents bounce around a few years and end up catching on with someone making a name for themselves before, but it’s a long shot and that’s what fantasy is about. Johnson has a great football background winning a super bowl with the Eagles and playing with Wilson in Seattle. Johnson, similar to Fulgham are perfect examples of what we like to call “lottery tickets” here in the fantasy community. Johnson has started to earn the trust of his quarterback Phillip Rivers and if he’s able to continue this for another week or two he could earn enough of a role to become a rest of the year flex or bench option because of the injuries to the Colts at receiver.  

Anthony Firkser (1-Year $660,000) 17.53% Owned

How often have we seen tight ends drafted in the NFL where they just come out their rookie year and dominate finishing as the TE3 for the season… oh that’s right we have never seen that from a tight end as it is one of the toughest positions to make the proverbial leap from college to the pros. Firkser, whether you have heard of him before Sunday or not had a monster game in place of stud tight end Jonnu Smith. Firkser managed to put up 8 catches for 113 yards and a touchdown against a very shaky Texans defense, but take nothing away from the man he did look good while doing it. 

I am not positive he will have much of a role once Smith gets back into the fold but he will have a game or two to make his case given the reports I have seen on Smith’s injury. Firkser is on the last year of his rookie deal so its possible he strings a few games together earning a few targets each game the rest of this season, even with Jonnu coming back. He may be one of the next potential break out tight ends we always seem to look for in fantasy. The Titans have also started to throw the ball a lot more with Tannehill just dominating every defense he faces, increasing Firkser’s chances of seeing targets.

Ty Johnson (3-Years $672,976) 22.68% Owned

At some point and time in the 2020 season the New York Jets will come to their senses and release “The Man That Manning Built” Adam Gase. The Jets are win-less and have looked absolutely dreadful, discombobulated, horrible, or another words you’d like to use to describe their football team at the moment. My point here for Ty Johnson is that eventually 77 year old Frank Gore will return to his wheel chair on the sidelines(totally kidding) and the Jets will evaluate their younger talent on the roster. Johnson has had one of the only explosive plays for the Jet’s run game this season, (outside of Darnold’s run against the Broncos) he was only able to see three attempts in the game Sunday. If the Jets reduce Gore’s workload out of the backfield that could leave quite a few touches for Johnson and Perine to battle for the rest of the way. 

While Perine is the rookie drafted by the organization he has not looked good in the opportunities he has been given thus far, and though very limited Johnson has. The Jets need big plays on offense in the worst way and one way to get that going is by getting big chunks on the ground, something only Johnson has shown capable of on this roster. 

Adam Shaheen ( 1-Year $1,477,634) 0% Owned

At number 5 we have another 4th year tight end who happened to be buried in the horde of tight ends Ryan Pace acquired in Chicago the past few seasons. Shaheen was a very talented prospect coming into the league drafted in the 2nd round by the Bears. Oddly enough after investing that much draft capital in Shaheen the Bears continued to bring in a ton of stable veteran options as competition and Shaheen never seemed to have much of a chance. Shaheen may be starting to bounce back in his career catching a touchdown in the Dolphins blowout win against the 49ers in week 5. 

Fitzmagic made Shaheen a bit more of a priority this week finding him for 3 catches 51 yards and a touchdown. While these numbers may not blow you away maybe this will, Gesicki was held to just two targets and was unable to bring either down for a catch against the lowly Jets. While this is by no means a changing of the guard at tight end in Miami, it does give Shaheen some juice going forward making him an interesting stash. In dynasty there are two ways to acquire a Travis Kelce or George Kittle outside of startup and those ways are to trade for them, or find them early and sit on them until they are ready.

I do have one player this week I would like to mention who is just a little to expensive to suggest as a top 5 target, as many of you are up against the cap. Cole Beasley for the Buffalo Bills has been one of the best safety nets in the NFL over the past few seasons, even dating back to his Dallas days. Beasley has a salary of $7,250,000 and is owned in just 41.24% of Dynasty Owner leagues and will offer you a great bench play every single week and a starter when needed. 

I hope your season is going well, if not that’s what makes this platform so much fun, crunch some numbers make a few trades and stock up on young talent ready to breakout next season as well as draft capital. As always feel free to message me on twitter to talk through any trades or other help you may have and good luck on your Chase For The Ring!

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