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Week 7 Recap: Close Victories and Clutch Scoring

Week 7 Recap: Close Victories and Clutch Scoring

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

Six NFL games this week were decided by a FG or less. It started with the Thursday Night Football game between the Eagles and Giants when the Eagles scored the game winning TD with less than a minute on the clock. It continued with the early Sunday games, took a break for the late games and cumulated on Sunday Night Football with the Cardinals 37-34 overtime victory over the Seahawks. In four of those games, there was a clutch scoring event, defined by Dynasty Owner as a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime, while one game had a missed FG (Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee) that would have been a clutch score. In two of those games (Cleveland vs. Cincinnati and Arizona vs. Seattle), there were two clutch scoring events.

Those six clutch scoring events gave extra Dynasty Owner fantasy points to nine players this week. Those extra points were the difference between victory and defeat in many Dynasty Owner matchups. In my beta league, Mafia Power 83 (Bruno Goncalves) defeated WANNABEES (David Brady) by 2.4 points (146.9 to 144.5). Boston Scott’s 3 point clutch bonus scoring was the margin of victory for Mafia Power 83. Diehard dynasty fantasy football players are always looking for new and innovative ways to tweak their fantasy league to make it more interesting or challenging. Clutch scoring is one such innovation and only Dynasty Owner has it.

This is our seventh regular season Dynasty Owner weekly recap article for 2020. That’s another thing that Dynasty Owner has that you don’t get on other fantasy football platforms – recaps of the past week, highlighted by looking at individual matchups and standings that could include you and your team. You’re not getting that on ESPN or MyFantasyLeague. Just like every week, this article will name a Dynasty Owner Player of the Week and a Value Player of the Week, highlight a player at every position who should have been one of your Starters and one who should have been on your Bench or Practice Squad. We’ll also look at what happened in the Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week and take our weekly look at the Chase for the Ring standings.

All stats are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

Standard Dynasty Owner scoring for kickers gives you 1 point for every extra point, while a missed extra point will cost you 1 point. It’s 2 points for a field goal of between 0 and 39 yards, 4 points for a field goal between 40 and 49 yards and 5 points for a field goal of 50 yards or longer. A missed field goal of between 0 and 39 yards will cost you 3 points, while a miss of 40 yards or more is a loss of 2 points.

For the purposes of this article, ADP and Dynasty Owner ownership statistics were current as of October 27th.

Dynasty Owner Player of the Week

Our seventh Dynasty Owner Player of the Week for 2020 is: Tyler Lockett

Lockett was the highest scoring player in Dynasty Owner this week with 59.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (15 receptions, 200 receiving yards, 3 receiving TDs, 9 return yards). He became the first player this season to earn the 6 point bonus for 200 receiving yards. Davante Adams just missed the bonus with 196 receiving yards this week. Last week’s Player of the Week Derrick Henry was the first player to earn the 6 point bonus for over 200 rushing yards so we’ve had back-to-back yardage bonus scoring. Lockett’s 59.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points were the most scored by a player this season, eclipsing the 54.0 points scored by his teammate Russell Wilson in Week 3. Despite Lockett’s performance, Seattle lost in overtime to Arizona 37-34. Despite already having his bye week, Lockett is now the #1 WR in Dynasty Owner for the season. If you owned Lockett and started him, you likely won your Dynasty Owner game this week.

  • Week 7 Points: 59.2
  • 2020 Salary: $10,250,000
  • Cost per Point: $173,142

Congratulations Tyler on the first Dynasty Owner Player of the Week honor of your career!

Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week

Because this is Dynasty Owner and we’re all looking for value from the players on our roster, we also have the Value Player of the Week. The seventh Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week for 2020 is: Jeffery Wilson Jr.

After three consecutive non-RB winners of this award, Jeffery Wilson Jr. of the San Francisco 49ers took back the honor for all of the lower-paid, high-performance RBs out there. Wilson took full advantage of his opportunity to play after the injury to Raheem Mostert last week and popped out a career-high 34.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (112 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDs, 2 receptions, 8 receiving yards). As the #3 or #4 RB in San Francisco at the beginning of the season, Wilson was a late round dart throw for most Dynasty Owners with an ADP of 276.6 and ownership in 80% of Dynasty Owner leagues. However, he suffered a high ankle sprain late in the 49ers 33-6 demolition of the New England Patriots and is expected to join Mostert and Tevin Coleman on the crowded 49ers injured reserve list.

  • Week 7 Points: 34.0
  • 2020 Salary: $750,000
  • Cost per Point: $22,059

Congratulations Jeff on your first Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week honor! Hope you are healthy and back on the field soon.

Players Who Should Have Been Starters This Week

Next, we look at those players who should have been in one of your Starters based on their performance in Week 7. We aren’t going to write that you should have started Russell Wilson or Davante Adams this week because barring injury or bye week, he should always be in your Starting lineup. Instead, these are players who might be Free Agents or on your Bench or Practice Squad, but likely weren’t Starters in Week 7 when they should have been.

QB: Joe Burrow (CIN) – 46.7 points

Burrow was only the #19 QB in Dynasty Owner before the start of Week 7 as mentioned in the preview article (https://dynastyowner.com/2020/10/week-7-preview-key-matchups/). However, the matchup versus Cleveland appeared to be a good one for Burrow since he had performed well against the Browns back in Week 2 with 32.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. He did better this week with 46.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (406 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 34 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 INT, 3 fumbles – 1 lost). His scoring included the clutch bonus for the 3-yard TD pass he threw to Giovani Bernard with 1:06 left in the game that put the Bengals ahead 34-31. The Bengals ended up losing a close game 37-34 to the Browns. The passing volume is there for Burrow as he’s averaging 41.8 passing attempts per game, so he can be part of your Starting lineup when the matchup is right, like it was this week.

Honorable mention to the other QB in the Cleveland-Cincinnati game, Baker Mayfield, who had 44.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (297 passing yards, 5 passing TDs, -1 rushing yards, 1 INT) himself, including the clutch scoring bonus. Both Burrow and Mayfield got the clutch scoring bonus as Mayfield matched Burrow’s late TD pass by driving the Browns down the field and throwing a 24-yard TD pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones with just 11 seconds left in the game and a 37-34 victory. This performance was more than double his best previous performance of the year (21.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 4 versus Dallas). Mayfield would have looked good in his Dynasty Owners’ Starting lineup this past week.

RB: Giovani Bernard (CIN) – 24.2 points

Bernard was thrust into the starting RB role in Cincinnati because of the foot injury suffered by Joe Mixon last week. However, having Bernard in your Starting lineup wasn’t a guarantee as we saw what happened in Week 6 when countless Dynasty Owners with Alexander Mattison gleefully put him in their Starting lineup only to see him put up just 4.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. In contrast, Bernard took advantage of his opportunity and scored 24.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (37 rushing yards, 5 receptions, 59 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 24 return yards). He also had the previously mentioned go-ahead 3 yard TD reception from Joe Burrow that earned him the 3 point clutch scoring bonus. Those points put him ahead of Jamaal Williams in scoring for the week. Bernard produced in the same situation that Mattison didn’t and was worth having in your Starting lineup.

Because of Bernard’s clutch scoring bonus, Jamaal Williams only gets an honorable mention with 21.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (77 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 4 receptions, 37 receiving yards) as the starter in place of an injured Aaron Jones. The Packers didn’t need any clutch scoring from Williams or anyone else in their 35-20 victory over the Houston Texans. Just like Bernard, Williams produced in his new role and was worthy of having in your Starting lineup this week.

WR: Diontae Johnson (PIT) – 29.0 points

After all of the attention paid to Chase Claypool the past two weeks, Dynasty Owners with Diontae Johnson can be forgiven for not having him in their lineups this week. While Claypool was having breakout weeks with 42.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 5 versus Philadelphia and 18.1 points in Week 6 versus Cleveland, Johnson was putting up only 1.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points combined in those two games. They reversed roles in Week 7 as Claypool took a backseat to Johnson and only scored negative 0.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (more on that later). Johnson had a career high 29.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (9 receptions, 80 receiving yards, 2 receiving TDs). Johnson was actually drafted ahead of Claypool on average (ADP 93.2 for Johnson and 157.4 for Claypool) and was the Pittsburgh WR who should have been in your Starting lineup.

TE: Harrison Bryant (CLE) – 21.6 points

The Browns’ rookie TE was the top TE in Dynasty Owner this week with 21.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (4 receptions, 56 receiving yards, 2 receiving TDs). Bryant and fellow backup David Njoku played in place of injured TE Austin Hooper and combined for 3 TDs in the game against Cincinnati. Bryant’s 21.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points was more than Hooper had scored in any single game to date this season as well. Bryant is owned in 81% of Dynasty Owner leagues, so he’s out there on the Free Agent Auction for some of you to grab if you have just over $1 million in salary cap room ($1,016,008 to be exact). For those of you with Bryant already, hopefully you decided to put him in your Starting lineup after the news of Hooper not playing in Week 7 came out.

K: Zane Gonzalez (ARI) – 20.0 points

Gonzalez makes it on this list due to the 6 clutch bonus points he scored in the Cardinals 37-34 overtime victory over the Seahawks. Gonzalez nailed three of his four FG attempts (44, 48 and 49 yards), with the 44 yard FG tying the game at the end of regulation. He missed a 41 yard FG attempt in overtime that could have gave the Cardinals an earlier victory, but then ended up making the 48 yard FG with 15 seconds left in overtime to earn his second clutch scoring bonus and give his team the victory. Gonzalez also added 4 PATs to account for a total of 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and hopefully, a spot in Starting lineups all throughout Dynasty Owner.

Honorable mention to Tyler Bass who tied a NFL record with eight FG attempts on Sunday. He made six of them and accounted for all of the Bills’ points in their 18-10 win over the New York Jets. Bass made two FGs of 39 yards or less (29 and 37 yards), three FGs of between 40 and 49 yards (40, 46 and 48 yards) and one 50+ yard FG (53 yards) while missing a 37 yard FG and a 45 yarder. All total that’s 16.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, which was good but not better than Gonzalez because it lacked any clutch scoring bonuses.

Players Who Should Have Been on the Bench or Practice Squad

For every player who should have been one of your Starters but wasn’t, we have some players who probably were Starters, but were better left on your Bench or Practice Squad. Here are some likely Starters who were not scoring any clutch bonus points and should have been riding your Dynasty Owner Bench or hanging out on the Practice Squad in Week 7.

QB: Cam Newton (NE) – -2.2 points

Pre-COVID Cam Newton was a pretty good Dynasty Owner QB. He averaged 27.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in three games and the Patriots had a 2-1 record. Post-COVID Cam Newton has been a disaster, scoring 16.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in a Week 6 loss to Denver and -2.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (98 passing yards, 19 rushing yards, 3 INTs) in this week’s loss to San Francisco. Newton was pulled in favor of Jarrett Stidham late in the third quarter. Newton hasn’t been good enough the past two weeks to be in your Starting lineup.

Dishonorable mention to Sam Darnold who also had negative points this week. Darnold was better than Newton with -1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (120 passing yards, 2 INTs, 1 fumble). However, the only way anybody should be starting Darnold is if he’s their only QB and this week they would have been better off Benching Darnold, taking the zero and leaving Starting QB position open.

RB: James White (NE) – 1.3 points

Usually James White is immune from the ups and downs of being a New England Patriots RB. He averaged 12.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in the three games he played coming into Week 7 after averaging 13.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points last season. White usually has a pretty high floor, scoring 10.0 or more points in 13 out of 18 games the past two seasons. This week was his worst with just 1.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 receptions for 3 yards), worse than his previous low of 1.4 points in Week 12 last year against Dallas. The Patriots lack of offense the past two weeks should be troubling to White’s Dynasty Owners and make them think about whether or not he deserves a spot in their Starting lineup moving forward. In Week 7, he should have been on your Bench or Practice Squad.

WR: Chase Claypool (PIT) and CeeDee Lamb (DAL) – -0.2 and 0.1 points

These two rookie WRs had been must-starts the past couple of weeks and for Lamb, pretty much all season as he was averaging 16.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game and had not scored less than 11.4 points in a single game all season. However, they both put up very poor performances in Week 7. Claypool had -0.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception, -2 receiving yards, 1 fumble), while Lamb had 0.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 rushing yard). Lamb had zero receptions despite being targeted 5 times on the day, while Claypool let Diontae Johnson take over the #1 WR role in Pittsburgh for the day. Both of them should have been on your Practice Squad this week.

TE: Jonnu Smith (TEN) – 1.9 points

The Pittsburgh defense has been really good against TEs this season, allowing an average of 7.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game and holding Zach Ertz, Jordan Akins and Evan Engram to less than 5.0 points each. They did it again against Tennessee as they held Jonnu Smith to only 1.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 9 yards). That’s two consecutive games with only one catch for Smith who started the season averaging 17.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game in the Titans’ first four games. He’s still the #5 TE in Dynasty Owner right now, but should have been on your Bench or Practice Squad this week.

K: Younghoe Koo (ATL) – 2.0 points

It’s not his fault that he only had two PAT attempts in the Falcons’ 23-22 loss to the Detroit Lions. He made both of them, but that was it for the day and he finished with just 2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 PATs). Eagles kicker Jake Elliott was actually worse than Koo back on Thursday night, scoring 0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (made 31 yard FG and PAT, but missed 29 yard FG). However, Elliott was the #29 ranked kicker coming into last week and is #31 now, so he probably shouldn’t be in your Starting lineup unless you have just one kicker or two kickers and your Starter is on bye. Koo also shouldn’t have been in your Starting lineup this week despite being the #4 kicker in Dynasty Owner.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week Recap

The Prince of Helaire pretty much nailed his projection with 142.2 points, but that wasn’t enough to defeat Beaumont Riders who scored 174.8 points to win the Week 7 Matchup of the Week. Neither team had Tyler Lockett, but Beaumont Riders had Davante Adams and his 44.6 points. Each team had a high scoring QB who cancelled each other out (49.6 points for The G.O.A.T. Tom Brady for the Prince of Helaire and 45.7 points for Kyler Murray of Beaumont Riders). Both teams are now 5-2 and tied for first place in their League.

Chase for the Ring Leaderboard

We have a new leader at the top of the Chase for the Ring standings! Congratulations to Sweet Keats for putting an end to The Human Fund and All Might reign at the top of the leaderboard (at least for one week).

It took a 203.1 point week for Sweet Keats to get to the top spot, but they had both Tyler Lockett and Davante Adams, and those guys were enough to jump over The Human Fund and All Might. The 4th and 5th spots in the Top 10 are both newcomers (Bronx Bombers and My Corona) as is 8th place (Baby Got Dak). Both My Corona and Baby Got Dak are undefeated as well, the only two undefeated teams in the Top 10.


Close games and clutch scoring go hand in hand in Dynasty Owner. This week, nearly half of the NFL games were decided by three points or less and that led to nine players earning clutch scoring bonus points for their Dynasty Owner teams. Dynasty Owners can’t count on getting those bonus points on a week in and week out basis, but they are nice and sometimes are the difference between a win and a loss. With the midway point of the Dynasty Owner season upon us, it’s critical to maximize your points if you want to win your League and maybe the Ring.

Please read the preview article which comes out on Friday throughout the Dynasty Owner season to see how my Week 7 recommendations did and who should be a Starter and who should be on your Bench in Week 8. Besides the weekly recap and preview articles, we will also have at least one article every week from one of our other Dynasty Owner writers: Chris Wolf (@ckwolf21), Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) or Jay Poundsee (@jaypoundsnfl). Follow all four of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter.

The podcast series with myself and Dynasty Owner CEO Tim Peffer goes live this week at 1 PM on Wednesday and 10:30 AM on Friday (both times Eastern). If you can’t make it, then watch or listen to it anytime on the Dynasty Owner YouTube channel. You can catch up with older videos and tutorials there as well. Subscribe as well to receive notifications and make sure to “Like” all of the videos to help promote them. Dynasty Owner is up to 542 subscribers on YouTube. All of this great content is available to help you win your Dynasty Owner league and make your way into the Top 25 in the Chase for the Ring standings.

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