Prospect Preview: Pat Freiermuth

Position: TEWeight: 251
College: Penn StateAge: 22
Height: 6′ 5″247 Rating: 4 Stars (0.9149)

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

If you are an NFL GM who needs a do-it-all tight end to slide into your offense, congratulations on the easiest second round pick you’ve ever signed off on. Pat Freiermuth has been nicknamed “Baby Gronk”, and while comparing anybody to one of the greatest tight ends ever is a stretch, we can see similar traits once the film comes on. 

College Production:

In 2020, Freiermuth only played four games before suffering a shoulder injury, but in those four games he caught 23 passes for 310 yards and a touchdown. In a weird year for the BIG 10, these statistics were enough for him to win the 2020 BIG 10 Tight End of the Year award. In his first two years at Penn State, Freiermuth caught 69 passes (nice) for 875 yards and 15 touchdowns. He ended his career with some school records for the position, eclipsing some of Mike Gesicki’s ($2,103,794), such as total career TDs by a tight end.


  • Great NFL Prospect
    • Perhaps Freiermuth’s greatest strength is that he’s good at everything you could ask a tight end to do. His blocking is impressive, his athleticism is apparent, his hands are strong and consistent, and he’s quicker than you would expect after the catch. I wouldn’t say he’s the best tight end prospect in the class at anything, but he’s so well-rounded that any team would be lucky to have him.
  • “Baby Gronk”
    • We’ve seen this body type and play style win before in the NFL, so that bodes well for Freiermuth. His ability to always be on the field, whether lined up tight or in the slot will help him fit any offensive scheme and always keep defenses guessing. Recognizing that Freiermuth is on the field does nothing to tip off the next play for the defense, he’s a grinder at the line of scrimmage and can handle defensive ends, but at the same time can test your linebackers when he takes off on a seam route in-between the hashes.
  • Basketball Box Outs
    • A moderately successful high school basketball player it’s no surprise that Freiermuth was a forward and averaged a double-double. He uses those box out moves from the court against defenders on the field. When he sits down in zone coverage or has to high point the ball down the field he’s great at getting the best position between the ball and the defender to make it harder for anyone to cause a pass breakup. This subtle trait is a big deal when it comes to making or breaking the contested catches to move the chains.


  • Low ADoT/YAC/Separation 
    • I was going to all three of these things down separately but I realized they all come together and stem from the same “issue”, lack of elite athleticism. Though Freiermuth didn’t run at his Pro Day, we know that he is going to test decently well, he’s no slouch, but in comparison to Kyle Pitts or Brevin Jordan you can see the difference in athleticism. He’s not a “WR in a TEs body”, he’s not going to make people miss in the open field, and he’s not going to consistently test opposing safeties. This is a “weakness” only in comparison, he’s a good athlete, just not an incredible one like the two other top tight ends in this draft class.

Things to Watch:

As mentioned prior, Freiermuth decided not to run during the Penn State Pro Day, but he did mention that he would likely run for scouts sometime in April before the draft. If he does hold a little pro day for himself I will certainly be watching for the numbers that come out of it. Reports are that Freiermuth ran a 4.72 a year or so ago and if he can get the number in the 4.6’s I think he’ll make some noise, but I’m looking forward to any agility drills that he runs. I want to see if he’s improved on his lateral ability since starting his training.

Projected Round/Contract:

I feel very comfortable slotting Freiermuth into the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. He’s a great prospect for the NFL and could have been a first rounder in this year’s draft if it wasn’t for a shoulder injury costing him half the season. Some team will be very lucky to grab him Day 2 and he’ll probably have similar draft capital to Cole Kmet ($1,722,222) who was drafted at the #43 overall slot last year. Kmet’s rookie contract was for $7,577,778 over 4 years giving him a APY of $1,894,445.

Team Fits:

As I stated earlier in this article I believe that Freiermuth is overall pretty “landing-spot proof”, meaning he can play in any scheme and will see snaps early on. One of the best landing spots for him to make an impact right away, not only for his NFL team but also for your fantasy team, is the Indianapolis Colts. Trey Burton is a free agent, Jack Doyle ($5,787,500) is a possible cut candidate, and Mo Allie-Cox ($3,384,000) is on a one-year deal. The depth chart is pretty wide open and now with Carson Wentz ($20,400,000) under center, we’ve seen what he can do with a good tight end, Freiermuth just seems like the perfect fit here. The Colts have a pick at #54 overall and I would not be surprised to see them run to the podium if Freiermuth is still around.

Another landing spot that may not be as obvious is the New York Jets. Robert Salah has made his way over from the 49ers and we all know the tight end situation over there. Chris Herndon ($2,350,381) is in the last year of his contract and has not impressed since his rookie year, Freiermuth would immediately take over the starting role and not only help out whatever quarterback is throwing the ball, but would solidify the offensive line so that Salah can work to establish the run game in New York. This just seems like another great fit, and at pick #34 overall, Freiermuth will likely be sitting somewhere near the top of the Jets’ draft board.

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More New Contracts for the 2021 Dynasty Owner Season

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

It’s time to review more new contracts! Just one week and one article and video weren’t enough to cover all of the new contracts, signings and re-signings so far in the 2021 NFL and Dynasty Owner league year. If you missed the first article and video highlighting the contracts signed before and during the 2020 season plus those after the season ended and in the first few days of free agency, then go here to read the article ( and here to see the video ((185) New Contracts for the 2021 Dynasty Owner Season | Dynasty Fantasy Football – YouTube).

In addition to more new contracts, we have a new deadline on when Dynasty Owners need to deal with those contract changes. If you haven’t done so already with the initial set of contract updates, you still have time as Dynasty Owners now have until March 31st to fit the roster under the $127.75 million salary cap for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season.

It was a lot to process last week and with more contracts still being signed, it remains so now. If you rested after the first couple of days of free agency and haven’t been following all of the new signings, then it’s time to catch up. March 31st will be here before you know it.

All stats are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All statistics and position ranking data listed are from the 2020 Dynasty Owner season. Updated 2021 salaries are currently posted on the Dynasty Owner website based on data from Spotrac ( All contract ranking data were accurate as of the morning of March 26th and taken from Spotrac using their Average Salaries ranking page (, then sorted by position. 

Kenny and the Rest

In the early days of the 2021 NFL free agency season, we saw several multi-year, double-digit million dollar per year salaries being handed out to WRs and TEs, such as Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, Corey Davis, Curtis Samuel and Nelson Agholor. After those guys signed, the big money stopped pretty much stopping flowing, except for one big name WR who signed a contract that is far different than the contracts signed by pretty much everyone else in the past few days. It’s like Kenny Golladay signed the Lamborghini deal, a few TEs got the Chevrolet deal, and the rest are fighting over whatever is left among the used cars.

  • Kenny Golladay (WR – NYG) – $18 million: His contract pretty much overshadows every other contract signed this off-season by a WR or TE. Jonnu Smith got 4 years, but “only” $50 million. Allen Robinson and Chris Godwin got franchise tag deals, but even those are for less money ($17.88 million for Robinson and $15.98 million for Godwin) and are only one year deals. Only Trent Williams (OT – SF) got more years and more money per season, while both Bud Dupree (OLB – TEN) and Joe Thuney (OG – KC) signed for one extra year and more total money, but less on a per year basis than Golladay did. With the $17.2 million increase in salary from 2020, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to his ownership level on March 31st.
  • Kyle Rudolph (TE – NYG) – $6 million: Golladay won’t be the only new guy catching passes for the Giants as they also signed Kyle Rudolph to a 2-year, $12 million contract. He was the #40 ranked TE in Dynasty Owner last year with the Vikings when he made $9 million in salary. While this contract is $3 million less, this new deal pretty much guarantees that Rudolph won’t be owned in Dynasty Owner for the second consecutive season. 
  • Marcedes Lewis (TE – GB) – $4 million: Lewis is owned in only 1% of Dynasty Owner leagues right now. It’s unclear if those Dynasty Owners with him on their team will keep him now that the almost 37-year old veteran will be making $1.75 million more in 2021 than he did in 2020 ($2.25 million). If so, hopefully they can find a replacement who will score more than the 38.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points that Lewis did last season.
  • Chris Manhertz (TE – JAX) – $3.325 million: Another member of the unowned in Dynasty Owner club is new Jacksonville TE Chris Manhertz. Not surprising since he only scored 11.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for the entire 2020 season. He wasn’t drafted in 2020 with a $1.15 million salary playing for Carolina and it’s doubtful that he’ll be owned in 2021 when his salary nearly triples to $3.325 million.
  • Dan Arnold (TE – CAR) – $3 million: Arnold is another TE who was actually able to sign a multi-year deal as he got a 2-year, $6 million contract to move from Arizona to Carolina. His new $3 million salary is almost five times what he earned in 2020 ($615,000). He was the #23 ranked TE in Dynasty Owner and provided good value for his Dynasty Owners last season. The same performance in 2021 would be in line with his ranking as the 29th highest paid NFL TE.

One and Done

Even though it’s NCAA tournament season, we’re not talking about freshman who play one year in college and then go off to the NBA. Nope, we’re talking about all of the WRs and TEs who signed one year contracts. There’s a lot of them, so we’ll only cover some and break them up into three categories. First, we’ve got the three guys who signed with a new team for more than they made in 2020:

  • Will Fuller (WR – MIA) – $10.625 million: Despite failing a PED test and having to miss the final five games of the 2020 season, Fuller will be getting paid nearly $8.1 million more in 2021 than he did in 2020 ($2.54 million). Because of the suspension, he still has to miss the 2021 season opener so don’t pencil him into your Week 1 Dynasty Owner lineup.
  • Gerald Everett (TE – SEA) – $6 million: Everett stays on the West Coast, but moves from north from Los Angeles to Seattle on a 1-year, $6 million deal. He was the #24 ranked TE in Dynasty Owner in 2020 when his salary was only a little over $1.5 million. The nearly $4.5 million increase is a nice one for the 26-year old who played his college football at South Alabama. 
  • Keelan Cole (WR – NYJ) – $5.5 million: Cole moves to New York to join Corey Davis and Jamison Crowder on the Jets. He got a salary increase and will earn $2.24 million more in 2021 than he did in 2020. He is still available in a majority (55%) of Dynasty Owner leagues.

The next group of players are those who signed with a new team as free agents, but took a pay cut to go along with their one-year contract. 

  • A.J. Green (WR – ARI) – $6 million: Easily the largest pay cut in this group as Green will now earn $6 million in Arizona after costing his Dynasty Owners $17.97 million in salary in 2020 while playing for Cincinnati. He was drafted in 81% of Dynasty Owner leagues in 2020, but his ownership is now down to 57% after playing in all 16 games, but finishing with only 111.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (6.96 points per game). 
  • Jared Cook (TE – LAC) – $6 million: Cook is also going to make $6 million in 2021, but his salary is only $1.5 million less than it was for New Orleans last season. He’s going to replace Hunter Henry in the Chargers offense and catch passes from Justin Herbert now instead of Drew Brees. 
  • DeSean Jackson (WR – LAR) – $4.5 million: Jackson’s salary will be $4.8 million lower than it was in 2020 when he made $9.3 million for Philadelphia. He only played in five games for the Eagles last season after appearing in just three games in 2019. Injuries plus his salary are probably why he’s owned in a mere 9% of Dynasty Owner leagues currently.
  • Breshad Perriman (WR – DET) – $2.5 million: Perriman is on his fifth team in just his sixth NFL season. This year, he’ll suit up for the Detroit Lions who gave him a one year, $2.5 million contract to replace Kenny Golladay. He might be replacing Marvin Jones as well since there aren’t a lot of quality WRs in Detroit right now. Either way, his Lions’ contract is $4 million less than he made last year for the Jets. 

The final group is two WRs who re-signed with their current team and took $8 million in salary for the 2021 season. They are now tied for the honor of being the 29th highest paid WR in the NFL. For one player, that’s an increase in salary, while it’s a decrease for the other one.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR – PIT) – $8 million: JuJu is the one with the salary increase, from just under $1.05 million in 2020. The Steelers brought him back presumably for one final go-around with Ben Roethlisberger at QB, but he’ll compete with Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool for receptions again in 2021. 
  • T.Y. Hilton (WR – IND) – $8 million: There are some similarities and some differences between Hilton and Smith-Schuster. Both will be competing with a pair of young WRs (Michael Pittman and Parris Campbell for Indianapolis) for receptions and earning $8 million per year. However, Hilton will have his fourth new starting QB (Carson Wentz) in four years and make $5 million less than he did in 2020. 

There are plenty of other WRs and TEs who signed new contracts, but are not listed here, such as DeMarcus Robinson, Chris Conley, Isaiah McKenzie, Jacob Hollister and Tyler Kroft. A few others have signed with new teams, such as Adam Humphries with the Football Team and Josh Reynolds with Tennessee, but their new salaries aren’t available yet.

A Six Pack of Running Backs

Nearly all of the RB excitement came before the start of the 2020 season with the re-signings of Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry and Joe Mixon to multi-year contracts worth $12 million or more per season. Aaron Jones signed his 4-year, $48 million contract ($12 million per season) just before free agency started. Since then, only one player signed a contract worth a total of over $10 million (Kenyan Drake for $11 million over two years with Las Vegas). We finally have another signing for over $10 million, a two-year deal for Chris Carson to return to Seattle. However, most of the RB deals at this stage are, not surprisingly, one year deals.

  • Chris Carson (RB – SEA) – $5.21 million: While it seems like most of the new salaries are nice round numbers, Carson’s salary for Dynasty Owner purposes is $5,212,500. This is an increase of almost $4.6 million from last season. His new salary makes him now the 14th highest paid RB in the NFL. Pretty close to his #20 ranking among RBs in Dynasty Owner in 2020.
  • Phillip Lindsay (RB – HOU) – $3.25 million: Lindsay signed with Houston after a couple days of contract limbo. First, Denver indicated that they were going to resign him and tendered an offer to him as a Restricted Free Agent, but two days later, they changed their minds, by rescinding their tender offer and allowing him to become an Unrestricted Free Agent. All that means for Dynasty Owners is that they need to have $2.675 million in salary cap room to keep Lindsay on their rosters.
  • Mike Davis (RB – ATL) – $2.75 million: Surprisingly, Davis had to take a very modest $250,000 pay cut from the $3 million he made with Carolina in 2020 to sign with Atlanta. He did get a two-year contract, but after the way he filled in for an injured Christian McCaffrey and finished as the #12 RB in Dynasty Owner, it was surprising that he didn’t get better offers than the 2-year deal he signed with the Falcons.
  • Damien Williams (RB – CHI) – $2.55 million: The “should have been MVP of Super Bowl LIV” opt-ed out of the 2020 season. After sitting out, he was released by Kansas City and signed by Chicago. Dynasty Owners who kept Williams on their roster for the 2020 season will have to pay him $2.4 million more in 2021 than the $150,000 opt-out salary they did last year. 
  • James White (RB –NE) – $2.5 million: Another “should have been Super Bowl MVP” also got a new contract in the past few days. Unlike Williams who switched teams, White stays with New England on a one-year, $2.5 million contract. The new contract will save his Dynasty Owners $1.5 million from last year. 
  • Tevin Coleman (RB – NYJ) – $2 million: Coleman moves from San Francisco to the Jets to play for former 49ers Defensive Coordinator and now new Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh. After earning $4.25 million in 2020, Coleman will now be paid less than half as much, just $2 million in 2021. He is rostered in 77% of Dynasty Owner leagues now after being drafted in 100% of leagues in 2020.

Few New Quarterback Signings

Just like RBs, all of the big QB news occurred either before the 2020 season when Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson signed their new contracts or before free agency started last week. That’s when Dak Prescott signed his new contract. After that, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton signed $10 million deals and a few backup QBs got new deals with new teams (Mitchell Trubisky, Jacoby Brissett and Mike Glennon). 

In the past few days, there has been little in the way of QB signings with the Raiders restructuring Marcus Mariota’s old deal and giving him a new one year contract being the biggest news. All of the recent QB deals are as follows:

  • Marcus Mariota (QB – LV) – $3.5 million: After speculation that he might be traded to Washington or somewhere else to be a starter (or at least compete to be the starter), Mariota restructured his contract to stay in Las Vegas as Derek Carr’s backup. His new contract is a 1 year, $3.5 million deal which saved his Dynasty Owners $5.3 million in salary cap space. He’s only owned in 37% of Dynasty Owner leagues right now if you have salary cap room and need another backup QB.
  • Joe Flacco (QB – PHI) – $3.5 million: So, let me get this straight. Flacco starts four games for the Jets in 2020, completes only 55% of his passes, scores a measly total of 71.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and gets $2 million more in salary to go to Philadelphia to back up Jalen Hurts. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense. As does the fact that Flacco is still on Dynasty Owner rosters in 24% of leagues.
  • C.J. Beathard (QB – JAX) – $2.5 million: Some people feel this signing foreshadows the Jaguars trading away Gardner Minshew and his $677,721 contract that has two years remaining (Jaguars add C.J. Beathard to quarterback mix, raising more questions regarding Gardner Minshew’s future – For Beathard, this is an increase of over $1.6 million from his previous contract with San Francisco.

The Three Kickers

As usual, we’ll close with the kicker position. After quite a few kicker signings right after free agency started, things also cooled down for everyone’s favorite players on their Dynasty Owner roster. Dynasty Owners may have missed these signings while trying to rejigger their rosters for the 2021 season. After that’s done, some Dynasty Owners might want to go out and grab two of the guys on this list while reassessing if the first one is worth his salary now. 

  • Brandon McManus (K – DEN) – $4.3 million: Missed this one in the first recap as his new 4 year, $17.2 million contract was signed back in September of 2020. Even though he kicks in the high altitude of Denver, McManus was only the #15 ranked kicker in Dynasty Owner in 2020 at his salary of just over $3.75 million. Now, he’s tied with Mason Crosby as the fifth most expensive kicker at $4.3 million per year. That’s going to cost his Dynasty Owner almost $550,000 more in 2021. The news from last Friday that his contract was being restructured won’t impact his salary for Dynasty Owner purposes. Sorry to those of you who were hoping that it would and wanted the salary cap savings.
  • Randy Bullock (K – DET) – $1.75 million: Bullock is taking a bit of a pay cut by signing a one year deal with Detroit for $1.75 million. Last season, he cost his Dynasty Owners just over $2.1 million in salary while kicking for 12 games for the Bengals before getting benched. 
  • Cody Parkey (K – CLE) – $1.2 million: His new one year contract is actually for $1,212,500, but hopefully the extra $12,500 isn’t killing the salary cap for his Dynasty Owners. Parkey is owned in 96% of Dynasty Owner leagues right now, so don’t go looking for his inexpensive contract in the Free Agent Auction.

In other kicker news, Justin Rohrwasser, who was one of the most highly drafted kickers in Dynasty Owner last year, was released by New England. He was drafted in every Dynasty Owner league in 2020 at an ADP of 180.4, which was the fifth lowest. He’s still owned in 34% of leagues now because of his salary cap hit of only $660,000.


NFL free agency continues on, but the pace of signings is slowing down. However, the clock is ticking for Dynasty Owners who now have less than a week to get their rosters under the $127.75 million salary cap. Between this article and last week’s one, we’ve reviewed over 50 different players with new contracts that take effect for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season. Many were big news and discussed on TV, radio, Twitter and everywhere in between, while others didn’t make big news. Regardless of how much attention these new contracts received, they all take effect now and impact your ability to manage the $127.75 million salary cap for 2021. 

Both of my Dynasty Owner teams are now cap compliant, but it took some work to get there. How’s your Dynasty Owner team doing with all of the new contracts? Did you survive the first week of free agency only to have one of the contracts from this week send you over the salary cap? Or did one of the player signings free up some cap space for your Dynasty Owner team? Let everyone know how your salary cap is looking by reaching out to me on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or post what your updated 2021 salary cap figure is in the comment section of the video on YouTube. 

The importance of these new contracts and in an attempt to try and help all Dynasty Owners get ready for the 2021 season meant a two week hiatus from my usual Friday off-season articles and videos on getting you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team. Those will be back next week. 

In addition to my articles and videos, keep an eye out for new articles and videos from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owners writers as well. On Mondays, Nate Christian (@NateNFL) will break down rookies in his Prospect Preview. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is back for another year and will do a deep dive into individual team contracts on Wednesdays. Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL) has his articles and videos on how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Thursdays. Read all of their articles, watch and like all of their videos on YouTube (and all of the other available formats, such as Spotify) and follow the four of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. 

Thanks to everyone for following, reading and watching! Good luck getting your teams under the $127.75 million salary cap without too many painful cuts.

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Free Agency Opens

By: Matt “TheJerk” Morrison (@DynastyJerk)

Free agency opened and has been open for a full week. We have a lot to talk about since my last article so I’m going to get started. Let’s get into some of the biggest free agent signings…

The News

There will no doubt be players that I leave off of this article, but that probably means I didn’t deem them “rosterable” in Dynasty Owner leagues. There is also the chance that I had an oversight on a player or two, so please let me know if you think there is anyone that I missed. You can contact me on Twitter @DynastyJerk. These contracts will be arranged by total salary in order of highest to lowest.

Kenny Golladay

Golladay had a season to forget in 2020. He played in only four games but averaged 16.5 fantasy points per game. He looks to slide in as the Giants #1 wide receiver on a 4 year – 72-million-dollar contract.

Jonnu Smith

Jonnu is leaving the AFC South champion Titans, and he will be joining the Patriots who are in desperate need of a pass catcher, even if he is a tight end. Smith will receive a hefty salary increase of 4 years for 50 million dollars. At 12.5 million dollars per year, he becomes the tight end with the third highest salary. It’ll be roughly sledding ahead for Smith owners, but you may not be able to let him go given the tight end scarcity.

Hunter Henry

Speaking of expensive New England tight ends, let’s see what Hunter Henry signed for…He worked out a contract that is worth exactly the same as Jonnu, per year. He signed a 37.5-million-dollar salary over 3 years. Henry is only one year older than Smith, if you can believe it, and it remains to be seen which tight end will be the most productive for New England. For what it’s worth, my money is on Jonnu.

Corey Davis

As many of you know, I was low on Davis coming into 2020. Well, I think I’m even lower on him this year. It’s tough for me to imagine he can be valued at a 12.5-million-dollar salary. As my friend Dave Brady said, “I guess 2 great games and 3 ok games in a contract year really pays off.”  While I may disagree with his definitions of “great” or “ok” games, I completely agree with his statement. It often happens that a player gets hot in a single year or hot in a string of games at the end of the season, and it earns them a bigger contract than they deserve. Right or wrong, it happens. Regardless, Davis will look to bring hope to the rebuilding Jets. The deal is 3 year – 37.5 million dollars.

Curtis Samuel

Samuel has the second highest new contract of any wide receiver, so far. He will be a Football Team?  Football Teamer?  Let’s just say he will play for the Washington Football Team. His contract is 3 years – 34.5 million dollars or 11.5 million dollars per year. I like this landing spot, and I think this contract is right on the money, but I can’t help but thinking that there are a lot of scenarios where Curtis doesn’t return value at this number. I’m not really sure why I feel pessimistic about his situation, but I think it has something to with the fact that he is the #2 on a team that doesn’t know who their starting quarterback is yet. I will be holding him in my BETA league, but I don’t blame anyone who has to drop him out of necessity.

Nelson Agholor

Agholor had a fairly successful 2020 with Las Vegas. This season was enough for New England to spend yet another high price on a pass catcher. Agholor looks to become the Patriots #1 wide receiver on an 11 million dollar per year contract. Believe it or not, this will not be last new New England pass catcher we talk about.

Allen Robinson

Robinson signed his nearly 18-million-dollar franchise tag last week. I would bet that this is only a placeholder until him and the Bears can come to an agreement on a long-term contract. Expect another Top 10 season from Robinson, especially if he keeps the same quarterback all season long.

Kendrick Bourne

Bourne didn’t receive the largest contract, but he signed for the second most years of any newly signed player. A reliable possession and red zone receiver, Bourne is the fourth “semi-high” value pass catcher that the Patriots have recently signed. The contract is 3 years – 15 million dollars. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s more than 124 million dollars contracted to offensive weapons.

Chris Carson

Carson surprisingly resigned with the Seahawks. After he wasn’t franchised, I wrongly assumed that he would walk. It turns out that Seattle’s plan all along was to contract him for less money per year than a franchise tag would have cost ($11,112,000). Carson signed for a steal to the tune of 2 years – 10.425 million dollars. I really like Carson these next couple of years.

Marvin Jones

Jones finished as WR52 thanks to an above average touchdown rate. (Jones caught 9 touchdowns on only 76 receptions). 9 touchdowns is tied for 10th among all receivers. Look for Jones to immediately contend for the receiving touchdown leader on his new team, the Jaguars. Jones also brings a veteran presence to a generally young receiving core. 6.25 million dollars per year is not bad value for a high upside touchdown player like him.

Kyle Rudolph 

Rudolph signed a 2 year – 12-million-dollar contract with the New York Giants. He joins a crowded tight end committee with Evan Engram and Kaden Smith. A 6-million-dollar price point is much more affordable than last season, but it still may be tough buy given the completion for targets.

Ryan Succop

Succop signed a 3 year – 12-million-dollar contract with the Buccaneers. No surprise here as this contract is right on par with the league averages. Expect him to be dropped in many leagues.

Kenyan Drake

Drake was one of my most anticipated signings of this offseason. Unfortunately for me, and other Josh Jacobs’ owners, he signed with the Las Vegas Raiders. Drake immediately becomes one of the most valuable handcuffs in all of fantasy football. With his 2 year – 11-million-dollar salary, he should be acquired by every Jacobs owner. I would say that you should trade for him, but he has been dropped in a fair amount of leagues so check the waiver wire first.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andy Dalton

I lumped both of these veteran quarterbacks into one section as they have the same salary: 1 year – 10 million dollars. Fitz went to Washington and Dalton went to Chicago. The truth is that Dalton has a much more favorable situation and that is solely based on the fact that he has been told he will be the starting quarterback. Fitz will have to compete for the starting job which obviously makes his situation more dubious. It’s also worth mentioning thay Dalton is 5 years younger than Fitz.

Rob Gronkowski

Gronk, as expected, has resigned with the World Champion Bucs. If you owned and kept him last year, you can keep him in 2021 for 2 million dollars less (1 year – 8 million dollars). He quietly finished as a Top 10 tight end so he is a solid “keep candidate.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Another player that is surprisingly rejoining his team is JuJu. Like Carson, after JuJu wasn’t franchised, I assumed that he would walk, especially given the Steelers cap limits. JuJu comes back to the Steel City on a single year contract worth 8 million dollars. Expect a better finish than WR32.

Emmanuel Sanders

We have a quartet of verteran pass catchers that will be on 1 year – 6 million dollar contracts in 2021. The first one is Manny Sanders. Sanders signed with the Bills and will provide a solid replacement for John Brown. He’s lost a step and will not be the burner that Brown was, but he’s a solid possession receiver in addition to Diggs and Beasley.

A.J. Green

Green is 32 years old and is ready to continue his career for a new team. That team is the Arizona Cardinals. 1 year – 6 million. It’s almost unexplainable that Green had five games with zero catches. He played in those five games. He was targeted in all five games, but he was unable to secure a catch in those games. Quarterback play is without a doubt a main factor for this stat, but we will see if AJ can restart his career with one of the best young quarterbacks in the game.

Gerald Everett

Everett also signed for 1 year – 6 million. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks. It’s too early to tell what this move means for his dynasty outlook.

Jared Cook

Cook is the final player I want to talk about with a 1 year – 6-million-dollar salary. He signed with the Chargers. While I don’t like his projections compared to what Hunter Henry would have done, I will be interested to see what he can do with Justin Herbert. His age (soon to be 34) is also a long-term concern.

Mike Davis

I love this signing, and it’s mostly due to the fact that I own Davis in both my DO leagues. Davis signed a 2 year – 5.5-million-dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons. While I still believe that the Falcons will add more running back depth, this move has to make Owners feel good about Davis.

Marlon Mack

Finally, we’ve come to a player that deserved more than he received. I mentioned Mack a few articles ago. I talked about how his injury would affect his new contract. Well, this is an injustice. Mack signing back with the Colts for 1 year – 2 million dollars is an absolute steal. This is bad for Mack, Mack owners and Taylor owners. Based on how JT finished the season, I see no chance that Mack is the day one starter.

Quick Hitters

Time for the lightning round. These are players worth mentioning, but don’t need a full write up.

Matt Prater: 2 years – 7 mil, Signed with Arizona

Dan Arnold: 2 year – 6 mil, Signed with Carolina

Jamaal Williams: 2 year – 6 mil, Signed with Detroit

Williams will be the second string running back at best. Swift is the best overall back followed by Johnson.

Keelan Cole: 1 year – 5.5 mil, Signed with NYJ

Devontae Booker: 2 year – 5.5 mil, Signed with NYG

I actually like this spot for Booker. Not that I like Booker himself, but I think he can find himself a nice back up/complementary role to Saquon.

Jacoby Brissett: 1 year – 5 mil, Signed with Miami

David Moore: 2 year – 4.75 mil, Signed with Carolina

Carlos Hyde: 2 year – 4.5 mil, Signed with Jacksonville

Tyrell Williams: 1 year – 4 mil, Signed with Detroit

Williams no longer owns the award for most overpriced salary.

John Brown: 1 year – 3.75 mil, Signed with Las Vegas

An interesting signing by the Raiders. It looks like they are building a speed team.

Mo Alie-Cox: Second round tender – $3,384,000

Tim Patrick: Second round tender – $3,384,000

Phillip Lindsey: 1 year – 3.25 mil, Signed with HOU

This is an unfortunate landing spot for Lindsey. His talent will be buried on a depth chart that consists of David Johnson and Mark Ingram. Who knows…maybe he will emerge at the #2?

Breshard Perriman: 1 year – 3 mil, Signed with DET

Mitch Trubiski: 1 year – 2.5 mil, Signed with Buffalo

This is just a depth signing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch gets cut in the preseason.

Lamar Miller: 1 year – $1,212,500, Signed with WFT

And that just about wraps up the most recent free agent adds. Before we go, I want to do two things. First, I purposely left off one of the biggest free agent signings. The player is Will Fuller. Afterall, this is a Houston Texans article.

Will Fuller

Fuller leaves Houston. He will join Tua and the Miami Dolphins. The deal is 1 year – $10,625,011. In 2020, Fuller was on his way to the best seasons of his career…Oh wait…Fuller did have the best season of his career despite missing 31% of the games. He put up 53 receptions, 879 yards and 8 touchdowns. I was going to expand this out for a 16-game season to show just how dominant Fuller was, but it would be a moot point as he will miss Week 1 of the 2021 season. As we know, this stems from a six-game suspension he was handed after he violated the NFL’s performance enhancing substance policy. Starting in Week 2, Fuller will bring a much-needed speed boost to the Dolphins receiving core who ranked 20th in passing yards per game in 2020.

Who’s Next?

Here are the top free agents still available.

  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Golden Tate
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Todd Gurley
  • Duke Johnson
  • Tevin Coleman
  • James White
  • Matt Breida
  • LeSean McCoy
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Frank Gore
  • Le’Veon Bell
  • Trey Burton
  • Dede Weatbrook
  • Allen Lazard

Free Agents I’m Most Excited About

  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Leonard Fournette
  • Antonio Brown
  • James Conner

Thank you for reading and be sure to watch the video that relates to this article. In my next article we will be starting a new division. Please follow us on Twitter @Dynasty_Owner and subscribe to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care and be safe.


New Contracts for the 2021 Dynasty Owner Season

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

There has been a lot of change over the past couple of days in both the NFL and, more importantly, Dynasty Owner. The new league year has started for both with new salaries taking effect for lots of players. The changes in Dynasty Owner aren’t as dramatic as in the NFL since a lot of the activity since Monday has been teams signing defensive players and offensive lineman to huge new contracts. The top 12 contracts signed since Monday in terms of Average Annual Value (AAV), which is what Dynasty Owner uses as the player’s salary, are defensive players or offensive linemen. Out of all of the new contracts signed in free agency so far, only five players on Dynasty Owner rosters have been for more than $10 million annually.

In addition to these signings over the past few days, there were plenty of new contracts and contract extensions signed prior to Monday. Patrick Mahomes’ $45 million annual salary contract was signed back in July, but he only counted $4.1 million against the Dynasty Owner salary cap last year. It was not until the 2021 Dynasty Owner league year started on Thursday, March 18th that his contract was updated. Several top RBs got new contracts in early September, while there were also a few contracts signed during the season. Still more top players (Dak Prescott and Aaron Jones) re-signed with their current team before the start of Free Agency on Monday.

That’s a lot to process. If you haven’t been following all of those signings, this article is for you.

All position ranking data listed are from the 2020 Dynasty Owner season. Updated 2021 salaries are currently posted on the Dynasty Owner website based on data from Spotrac ( All contract ranking data were accurate as of the morning of March 19th and taken from Spotrac using their Average Salaries Ranking page (, then sorted by position. 

Catching a $10 Million Plus Contract

Tight ends and wide receivers have been catching some of the big money being tossed around by NFL owners this off-season. All five of the players who could be on your Dynasty Owner roster, have switched teams so far this off-season, and will make over $10 million next year are either WRs or TEs. Here are the players who caught a big contract:

  • Jonnu Smith (TE – NE) – $12.5 million: Smith got the biggest contract so far by signing a 4-year, $50 million contract to move from Tennessee to New England. He was also one of the first players to sign with a new team. He’s also getting the largest salary increase as well since he only cost his Dynasty Owners $776,572 in salary in 2020.
  • Hunter Henry (TE – NE) – $12.5 million: Henry also got a $12.5 million annual salary from the Patriots, but his contract is for three years versus four for Smith. Dynasty Owners were already accustomed to paying Henry a lot of money as his salary for the Chargers last year was $10.607 million, but they will still have to find an extra $1.9 million to keep him on their roster in 2021.
  • Corey Davis (WR – NYJ) – $12.5 million: Davis signed a contract for the same amount and length as Henry but instead of playing in New England, he’ll be playing against the Patriots twice a year for the New York Jets. Davis’ salary almost doubled from $6.35 million to $12.5 million after he put up the best season of his career for Tennessee in 2020.
  • Curtis Samuel (WR – WAS) – $11.5 million: Samuel reunites with his former coach in Carolina (Ron Rivera) by signing a three year, $34.5 million deal with the Washington Football Team. He is also reunited with his former college roommate Terry McLaurin in Washington. Samuel has increased his fantasy production in each of the past three seasons and his Dynasty Owners hope he can do it again next season with the Football Team.
  • Nelson Agholor (WR – NE) – $11 million: Agholor got the shortest (2 years) and lowest paying ($22 million) contract of these five players. However, because his 2020 salary was only a little over $1 million ($1,047,500), his salary increase is the second highest of the five players mentioned here. 

Running Backs

In contrast to the big contracts that have been given out to some of the top WRs and TEs, there has only been one $10 million or higher free agent RB signings so far this off-season (Aaron Jones with the Packers for $12 million per year). All of the big name RBs got paid last year, but their new salaries aren’t kicking in for Dynasty Owner purposes until 2021. So, Dynasty Owners with Christian McCaffrey (just over $16 million), Alvin Kamara ($15 million), Dalvin Cook ($12.6 million), Derrick Henry ($12.5 million) and Joe Mixon ($12 million) are trying to figure out how to fit those players on their rosters at their new salaries. In addition to those big name RBs who got paid, many other RBs will have new contracts in 2021:

  • Kareem Hunt (RB – CLE) – $6 million: Hunt got his new 2-year, $12 million contract with Cleveland right before the start of the 2020 season. However, Dynasty Owners still got to keep him on their roster last year for only $3.259 million. He’ll cost them $2.741 million more in 2021, but he did finish as the #10 RB overall in Dynasty Owner in 2020, which is right in line with his current salary ranking among RBs at #11.
  • Tarik Cohen (RB – CHI) – $5.75 million: Raise your hand if you forgot that Cohen got a 3-year, $17.25 million contract back last year in mid-September. That’s probably because in a late September game against the Falcons, he tore his ACL and was lost for the rest of the season. Cohen’s salary for 2021 is nearly $5 million more than his 2020 salary of $758,915.
  • Kenyan Drake (RB – LV) – $5.5 million: This signing is puzzling to a lot of people. For his Dynasty Owners, it’s good news and bad news. The good news is that they are saving almost $3 million in salary from last year when he made $8.483 million. The bad news is that he’s no longer the starter in Arizona, but at best splitting time with Josh Jacobs in Las Vegas.
  • David Johnson (RB – HOU) – $5 million: Johnson is another player who is seeing his salary decrease in 2021. In 2020, he was the second highest paid RB and cost his Dynasty Owners a whopping $13 million. Now, he’s only making $5 million and still remains the top RB in Houston.

The rest of the new RB contracts are $3 million or less for veterans who are most likely backups for their new teams and handcuff options for Dynasty Owners. These players include:

  • Jamaal Williams (RB – DET) – $3 million: Williams moves from one NFC North team (Green Bay) to another one (Detroit). He’ll also go from backing up Aaron Jones to backing up D’Andre Swift in all likelihood. He made just $741,498 in salary in 2020 so his Dynasty Owners need to have an extra $2.26 million in salary cap room to afford his new contract.
  • Devontae Booker (RB – NYG) – $2.75 million: Booker will likely be the backup to Saquon Barkley in the Giants’ backfield and earn $2.75 million a year doing it. That’s an increase from his $1.0475 million salary to back up Josh Jacobs in Las Vegas last year.
  • Carlos Hyde (RB – JAX) – $2.25 million: It’s two reunions for Carlos Hyde in 2021. First, he’s back in Jacksonville, the team he played for in 2018 before departing for Houston in 2019 and then Seattle last season. He’s also going to be reunited with his former Head Coach at Ohio State, Urban Meyer, who takes over as the Head Coach in Jacksonville this year. His new $2.25 million salary is a slight pay cut from 2020 when he made $2.75 million.
  • Mike Boone (RB – DEN) – $1.925 million: Boone slots right now as the third RB in Denver, behind Melvin Gordon and Royce Freeman. That’s not a dramatic change from being the third RB in Minnesota last season, behind Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison. The big change is that Dynasty Owners will have to spend a bit over $1.35 million more to keep on their roster. 
  • Malcolm Brown (RB – MIA) – $1.75 million: Brown moves across the country from Los Angeles to Miami for an extra $100,000 in salary as he was making $1.65 million for the Rams. He’s got the most potential of this group to start since he’s only behind Myles Gaskin right now. However, speculation is that the Dolphins are going to take a RB in the NFL draft, which would make Brown’s road to playing time for his Dynasty Owners even more difficult.
  • Samaje Perine (RB – CIN) – $1.65 million: Don’t get confused by this signing as it’s Samaje Perine, not his younger brother La’Mical. It’s good to be the older Perine brother as Samaje will make an average of $1.65 million per year ($3.3 million over the next two years) to back up Joe Mixon in Cincinnati, while La’Mical is only making $1.01 million for the Jets.


The new QB salaries for 2021 that we know of right now fall into two basic categories: Young players making big money (Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson) and older players getting one year deals (Taysom Hill, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Cam Newton). While it is true that other QBs have signed deals, let’s not focus on QBs like Mitchell Trubisky, Jacoby Brissett or Tyrod Taylor right now. 

The three young players who will now be making big money are:

  • Patrick Mahomes (QB – KC) – $45 million: The ink has been dried on this signing since July, but it hasn’t been reality for Dynasty Owners until now. Mahomes’ 10-year, $450 million contract got renegotiated a few days ago and might get renegotiated several more times between now and 2030, but for Dynasty Owner purposes, he’s going to cost you $45 million in salary in 2021 and beyond. His Dynasty Owners might be strapped to fit him under their salary cap now, but if he keeps producing, that salary might be a bargain in 2031 when he will only be 36 years old.
  • Dak Prescott (QB – DAL) – $40 million: It’s not as big of an increase in salary as Mahomes or Watson, but Dak Prescott will still cost his Dynasty Owners $9.856 million more than he did in 2020 after signing his 4-year, $160 million contract with the Cowboys. He’s also available in 21% of leagues if your Dynasty Owner team has $40 million in salary cap room in the new league year.
  • Deshaun Watson (QB – HOU) – $39 million: Houston is his current team, but ? would have been a more appropriate team designation. Regardless of where he eventually lands, his new 4-year, $156 million contract signed way back in early September when Bill O’Brien was still running the show in Houston kicks in for Dynasty Owners this year. 

In contrast, we have four older players who all signed one-year deals over the past few days:

  • Taysom Hill (QB – NO) – $12.159 million: Dynasty Owners might not realize this, but Hill is already 30 years old and will be 31 when the 2021 NFL season starts. The contract was reported as being a 4-year, $140 million extension (, but for Dynasty Owners, it’s just a simple one-year contract for $12.159 million. That’s up from $4.641 million last year, but better than the $16.3 million contract he was supposed to play under this year before the “extension”. It will be interesting to see where his ownership falls (it is currently at 77%) since he’s not guaranteed to be the starter in New Orleans since they resigned Jameis Winston as well ($5.5 million for one year).
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB – WAS) – $10 million: Did someone say veteran starter for $10 million a year? That’s what everyone’s favorite veteran bearded QB from Harvard got to come back for his 17th season with his ninth NFL team. Fortunately for him, his $10 million salary is back to the highest it’s been since 2016 (when he was making $12 million for the Jets). Unfortunately, for his Dynasty Owners, that’s a $4.5 million increase from 2020. His contract could be a bargain if he’s able to beat out Taylor Heinicke ($2.375 million annual salary for two years) and Kyle Allen ($850,000 salary for 2021) and be the starter in Washington. 
  • Andy Dalton (QB – CHI) – $10 million: The 33-year old QB was exactly who Bears fans were hoping the team would get this off-season and name as their starter. He’ll follow in a long line of quality recent QB signings by the Bears (Mike Glennon, Chase Daniel, Nick Foles). Don’t forget that they traded up to select Mitchell Trubisky in the 2017 NFL draft, leaving both Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson on the board. According to Dalton, the Bears said he’s the starter (New QB Andy Dalton says Bears assured him he’s their starter for 2021 – Chicago Sun-Times), so Dynasty Owners might be interested in a veteran starter for only $10 million a year.
  • Cam Newton (QB – NE) – $5.1 million: It’s nearly three times as much as Cam made in 2020 ($1.75 million) and a relative bargain if he can be the same player he was for Carolina from 2011 to 2018. It’s possible with all of the new weapons in New England is what Patriots fans are telling themselves. Of course, Patriots fans and Dynasty Owners thought the same thing last year when he signed with New England. Then, he promptly went out and only accounted for 21 TDs (8 passing, 12 rushing and 1 receiving) in 15 games to rank as the #20 QB in Dynasty Owner. 

A few other QBs have signed one year deals with new teams as well, but in backup roles. Mitchell Trubisky ($2.5 million) isn’t supplanting Josh Allen as the Bills QB, and Jacoby Brissett ($5 million) is highly unlikely to take over for Tau Tagovailoa in Miami. Both also took pay cuts of several million dollars ($10 million for Brissett and $4.76 million for Trubisky). Mike Glennon also signed a new deal with the New York Giants for $1.35 million, presumably to back up Daniel Jones, but will be making $162,500 more than he did last year in Jacksonville. Hopefully, the 20% of Dynasty Owners with Glennon still on their rosters will be able to afford that increase when it takes effect.


Finally, this article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about everybody’s favorite position – kicker. Even if you have one of these guys on your Dynasty Owner roster, you may not have noticed the news about his new contract with the millions of dollars being handed out to players at other positions. As a public service, here are some of the new kicker contracts taking effect for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season.

  • Graham Gano (K – NYG) – $4.67 million: Since this contract was signed in mid-November when Dynasty Owners were still busy trying to win their League Championship, it might come as a surprise when you get that update about Gano. Yes indeed, he did sign a 3-year, $14 million extension with the Giants that kicks in for the 2021 season so don’t go accepting a trade offer that sneakily includes him unless you want his $4.67 million annual contract on your team for the next three seasons. Only Justin Tucker ($5 million) makes more now than Gano who was the #13 ranked kicker in Dynasty Owner last season.
  • Ryan Succop (K – TB) – $4 million: The 34-year old Succop is living the good life. In 2009, he was Mr. Irrelevant as the last player chosen in the NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs and signed a 3-year, $1.2 million contract ($400,000 annually). In 2021, he became the first Mr. Irrelevant to win a Super Bowl ring with Tampa Bay (ironically against Kansas City) and then signed a new 3-year, $12 million contract with the Buccaneers ($4 million annually). That’s a ten-fold increase in salary in a little over a decade.
  • Matt Prater (K – ARI) – $3.25 million: Everyone with Prater on their Dynasty Owner roster should be celebrating the $550,000 in savings that they are getting for 2021 as Dynasty Owners paid Prater $3.8 million in salary for the 2020 season. Not only will Prater be cheaper, but he moves to a team with a better offense as he departs Detroit for Arizona. 
  • Cairo Santos (K – CHI) – $3 million: After solidifying the kicker position for the Bears, he was rewarded with a 3-year, $9 million contract. This contract could be a bit of a bargain as Santos was the #8 kicker in Dynasty Owner in 2020, but is currently just the 17th highest paid kicker for 2021.
  • Dustin Hopkins (K – WAS) – $2.46 million: Hopkins re-signed with the Football Team earlier this week. Dynasty Owners with Hopkins may not have noticed the change since his salary only was reduced by $20,833 from last year ($2,483,333 in 2020 versus $2,462,500 for 2021).
  • Nick Folk (K – NE) – $1.625 million: Folk gets an increase of $575,000 in salary from the $1.05 million he made in 2020 after a season in which he only missed five kicks (2 FGs and 3 PATs) to finish right in the middle of the pack as the #16 kicker in Dynasty Owner. This new deal for Folk may have been missed by Dynasty Owners in light of all of the other signings by the Patriots this week. 
  • Younghoe Koo (K – ATL) – $920,000: Koo was among the lowest paid kickers in Dynasty Owner in 2020 at $660,000. His Dynasty Owners ended up paying that for the #2 kicker and for 2021, they will only have to pay $260,000 more in salary. The Falcons were able to give him that low dollar salary because he has been in the NFL for less than three seasons and couldn’t sign with another team unless he was released.

Some Dynasty Owners who are really following things might be wondering why last year’s #1 kicker Jason Sanders isn’t listed here. It’s time to rejoice for everyone who owns Sanders in Dynasty Owner. His 5-year, $22 million extension ($4.4 million annually for Dynasty Owner purposes) doesn’t kick in until the 2022 Dynasty Owner season, so he’ll continue to only set your team back $637,800 this year. 


Now that the 2021 NFL and Dynasty Owner league years have started, there are a lot of new contracts for Dynasty Owners to keep up with and even more are likely in the coming days as well. These new contracts are as large as $45 million per year for 10 years for Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes down to less than $1 million per year for Atlanta kicker Younghoe Koo. Mahomes’ contract went up by almost $41 million and DeShaun Watson will be making over $35 million more this year, while others, like David Johnson and Kenyan Drake, took pay cuts. It’s a lot to process if you have a single Dynasty Owner team and harder if you have multiple teams like many people do. Hopefully this article will help all Dynasty Owners keep track. 

How’s your Dynasty Owner team doing with all of the new contracts? Let everyone know how your salary cap is looking by reaching out to me on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or post what your updated 2021 salary cap figure is in the comment section of the video on YouTube. 

The importance of these new contracts and to try and help all Dynasty Owners get ready for the 2021 season meant a hiatus from my usual Friday off-season articles and videos on getting you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team. Those will be back again after the contract signings cool off and before those start-up drafts begin in May. 

In addition to my articles and videos, keep an eye out for new articles and videos from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owners writers as well. On Mondays, Nate Christian (@NateNFL) will break down rookies in his Prospect Preview. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is back for another year and will do a deep dive into individual team contracts on Wednesdays. Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL) has his articles and videos on how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Thursdays. Read all of their articles, watch and like all of their videos on YouTube (and all of the other available formats, such as Spotify) and follow the four of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. 

Thanks to everyone for following, reading and watching!  Good luck in the new league year!

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Prospect Preview: Trey Sermon

Position: RBWeight: 213
College: Ohio StateAge: 22
Height: 6′ 0″247 Rating: 4 Stars (0.9232)

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

A tale of two tapes, Trey Sermon ended his college career on a high note with an incredible spell at running back for Ohio State, but when you look back at the film from Oklahoma he looks like a different player. Which Trey Sermon are we likely to get in the NFL? We might not truly know until game day, but we can dive into the tape and do our best to pick out the positives and negatives of Sermon’s prospect profile. 

College Production:

Over Sermon’s four-year college career he was able to amass 2,946 yards on the ground, the first 2,076 coming while he was at Oklahoma and the last 870 coming in 2020 at Ohio State. He had his most productive year at Oklahoma in 2018 when he ran for 947 yards and scored 13 touchdowns, at 5.8 yards per carry. In 2020, at Ohio State he just about matched that career-high, but on 48 less carries, touting an improved 7.5 yards per carry. Is Sermon the plodder that we saw at Oklahoma in 2018, or is he the dynamic playmaker out of the backfield that we saw in the College Playoffs? I’m betting on the latter.


  • Train Engine
    • Once Sermon gets rolling he’s a hard man to stop. He’s got a great pad level, and once he makes contact with a defender he keeps his legs moving, often ending up in at least a couple extra yards. For better or worse, he’s not scared of contact at the end of his runs and can be an absolute bruiser. One of the better runners at gaining yards after contact, Sermon’s physicality is going to impress a couple NFL teams.
  • Bell-Cow (?)
    • In Sermon’s final two full games for Ohio State he carried the ball 60 times. The toughness he brings to the football field is impressive and he showed the ability to handle a full workload, and be productive (averaging 8.73 yards per carry during those two games). Not only did he show off this lead back ability, but he also had less than 500 total touches throughout his college career. Perhaps this combination could lead to a nice role at the next level.
  • Sifting Lanes
    • By the end of Sermon’s career, his ability to see past the line of scrimmage and manipulate linebackers was impressive. Something seemed to click for him midway through the 2020 season, and his indecisiveness behind the line was gone. The new and improved Sermon, was patient and helped his blockers get to their assignment, but once a running lane opened up he was able to commit and find open field for the big gains. He might not be the most elusive back in the class, but his ability to see holes develop was a strong suit by the end of his career.


  • Average Athletic Profile
    • Coming out of High School, Sermon ran a 4.74 40-Yard Dash. Coming out of Ohio State, with NFL intentions, I’d expect him to improve upon that time a bit, but don’t expect a 4.4 timed 40. Sermon won’t wow anybody with his testing numbers, but his vision and slashing running style will be enough to find production at the next level.
  • Passing Down Production
    • With a total of 48 career receptions, Sermon isn’t going to jump off the screen as a great receiver, but when you take a closer look the numbers are just part of the story. Once Sermon took over the lead role for Ohio State against Northwestern, he saw 3.5 targets per game. This was a huge increase to his average of 1 per game throughout the rest of his career. Sermon looked like a natural pass catcher coming out of the backfield for those final games, and should continue to improve in that area.
  • Tale of Two Tapes
    • As I said before, there’s two prospects to look at here. Oklahoma Trey Sermon played his part in that but wasn’t too special or productive. Meanwhile Ohio State Trey Sermon was an all-around threat who amassed 331 rushing yards in one game against a Top 25 defense. We don’t know what NFL Trey Sermon will look like, and neither will the professional scouts. But what we do know is that there is talent to be shined, which team will be willing to unearth it?

Things to Watch:

Sermon has a Pro Day slated for March 30th, and I’m looking forward to seeing his numbers. There’s a big to-do right now about what numbers are accurate and which ones need to be modified, but at the end of the day I’m looking at the class as a whole. As long as we’re comparing Pro Days to Pro Days, I’m not too concerned. I would expect Sermon to run in the low 4.6 time with a chance to be in the high 4.5’s. His game does not rely on speed, but rather quick bursts and good agility to slice through defenses. 

Projected Round/Contract:

Come time for the NFL Draft, I think Trey Sermon will likely be an early-Day 3 pick, but has the chance to sneak into the 3rd round if a team falls in love with his running style. His college production and injury history brings enough question marks that he’ll be behind at least five or six other running backs in the draft, but it only takes one team to fall in love with him. If he goes early in the 4th round, similar to Josh Kelley ($975,085), he could be looking at a 4-year contract worth a total of about four million dollars. At about a million dollars a year, Sermon could be a great value in rookie drafts.

Team Fits:

My favorite fit for Trey Sermon was, up until Chris Carson ($2,500,000) re-signed, the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, I know the backfield there was already messy, but Sermon just seemed a good fit for the offensive scheme (possibly because my pro comp for Sermon is, in fact, Carson). I kept this in here, because Carson is only signed for two years, and does not carry a large dead cap hit in 2022. On the off-chance that Sermon is drafted to the Seahawks, I think he could be a great stash if you’re looking past 2021.

The Atlanta Falcons and new head coach Arthur Smith would likely love a player like Trey Sermon. First of all he’s inexpensive (early-Day 3), but also he would thrive in their zone-blocking scheme. Sermon has the ability to be a power back in between the tackles, but also offers enough burst to break off big plays off the end of the offensive line. Outside of the run game, his receiving abilities increased throughout his college career, and he would be able to protect the aging Matt Ryan ($26,912,500) immediately on passing downs.

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The Top 10 Dynasty Owner Building Blocks

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

I want to take a quick second and welcome everyone reading to the New Year here on Dynasty Owner! Free agency in Dynasty Owner is so much different than you will find in any other league and truly makes what would be a slow time in normal dynasty a lot of fun here on Dynasty Owner. The new league year is an especially important time with many decisions to be made. We have seen countless players switch teams including some massive names in new homes, with more to come in over the next couple of days/weeks. I hope you all are as excited as I am when it comes to bringing in the new season and a new Chase for the Ring champion in 2021! 

If you have been slacking in the football world, just give it a day and you will realize, it is time to watch some Dynasty Owner on YouTube and get caught up on all of the new information that is rapidly coming out. This is my reminder to all of you that this is the most important time of the year to really remake your roster without burning through tons of Dynasty Dollars and your amnesty provision. Next week I will be doing something a bit different for my article/video and instead of the usual rebuild strategy article, I will have one of our owners on with me to break down his brand-new orphan team and the process behind it, as well as how he sold his first team.

During the video/article I will break down what I feel the outlook for his team is, any cap troubles I feel will need addressed, plenty of roster moves and insight, as well as some great football conversation about all of these moves. Also, in next week’s article we will also go over any moves our rebuilding team has made, as well as get his input on what moves he thinks should be made too. If there is anything specific you would like to be brought up, please let me know and I will be sure to cover it.

In my opinion a rebuild doesn’t start until the owner has at least one building block giving him/her a direction to move in. If a team doesn’t have a solid foundation of a star player or 2 it will be much harder to make that team competitive for multiple seasons in a row, which Is the main goal of a rebuild. In today’s article we will be discussing the top 10 players that I feel comfortable building my team around. The only catch to this article is the players must be 27 and under, simply because this is for teams who are rebuilding. Let’s face it no one wants to start a rebuild with a bunch of 28–30-year-old players who are going to fade away sooner rather than later.

Over the next few articles, I will be using part of the intro to my articles to give quick updates on the team we are all building together. With the NFL New Year in full swing there are many decisions that need to be made. Below I will list a few questions/moves that could be made and will decide what to do with all of your input. After these moves are decided we will move on to trades that we feel should be made in the near future.

  1. Should we keep Nelson Agholor with his new deal in New England?
  2. What do we do with Corey Davis moving to the Jets?
  3. Keep/trade/cut Marvin Jones?
  4. Keep or sell Gibson and Dobbins?

1. Joe Burrow- 3 years $9,047,534

2020 stats- 264-404 2688 yards 13 Td’s 5 Int

At number 1 we have the man, the myth, and the legend himself, Joe Burrow! In Burrows rookie year he was phenomenal given the situation he was playing in. Burrow was pressured on almost 50% of his drop backs during his rookie campaign, yet still was on pace to shatter rookie passing records before his season ending injury. I know the injury will scare many away from truly believing in building around Burrow, which is exactly why he is number one on this list. Because of Burrows injury I feel you can get him for a fraction of the price you would have paid for a healthy Burrow last season. 

The Bengals have been linked to Golladay and a few other free agent names, which show the Bengals may finally spend some money in free agency. Burrow, and Burrow owners alike should be thrilled. If the Bengals find a way to protect Burrow, he will be an absolute steal over the next few years of his rookie deal. The other great positive for Burrow is the significant draft capital his team has to provide him with talent.

2. Justin Herbert- 3 years $6,644,688

2020 stats- 396-595 4336 yards 31 Td’s 10 Int

In 2020 Justin Herbert had himself an unbelievable year for a rookie quarterback, but if it weren’t for Burrow going down, I don’t think he wins rookie of the year, or holds any rookie passing records. All of that said Burrow did get hurt and Herbert did win rookie of the year, which certainly drives up his asking price when trying to go for him. Hebert’s 2020 stat line is impressive with 396 completions on 595 attempts for 4336 yards and 31 Td’s, with no training camp or preseason.

I know we all keep hearing about the no training camp or preseason, but it is a factor that really can’t be overlooked as a full offseason could really put guys like Herbert and Burrow in a tier above what was originally thought. The only reason Burrow is ahead of Herbert here is because he will be cheaper to acquire with the injury. If you are able to get Herbert somewhat cheap, take it and run. Players like Herbert, or a healthy Burrow are nothing but cheat codes in this format.

3. Kyler Murray- 2 years $8,789,661

2020 stats- 375-558 3971 yards 26 TD’s 12 Int 133 carries 819 yards 11 Td’s

In the 3 spots I have my toughest decision, one Kyler Murray. Murray has been nothing short of exciting since entering the NFL, especially when it comes to fantasy football. Murray’s rushing upside is not only fun to watch, but effective on the field as well. Late in 2020 Murray was injured and his numbers dipped a bit but he seemed to bounce back towards the last few games in 2020 looking like the Kyler of old. 

The reason I had so much trouble slotting Murray here is the length of his contract with just 2 years remaining; it doesn’t give much time to capitalize on Murray’s cheap salary. The biggest thing I love about Murray moving forward is another year with Nuke Hopkins, especially after the first season they had together in 2020. If Kyler stays on this positive track, he will be worth owning even at a higher salary. Let’s just hope it’s not Dak, or Mahomes money!

4. Justin Jefferson- 3 years $3,280,701

2020 stats- 88 catches 1400 yards 7 Td’s

Would you just look at that beautiful stat line? Would you just look at it! Hopefully you get that inside joke, but all jokes aside isn’t his 2020 stat line glorious! Jefferson came into the NFL with some question marks about playing in such a good offense and playing a ton of time in the slot vs. the outside…. Well Jefferson proved all of that to be wrong rather quickly. The LSU product had a quiet first 2 weeks and then never looked back, breaking Randy Moss’s rookie receiving record along the way. What makes Jefferson’s 2020 season even more impressive is the fact he did all of this opposite Theilen, who has what seems to be a great rapport with Kirk Cousins. 

The fact Jefferson came in and thoroughly out produced a player like Theilen gives great reason to believe Jefferson will be a dominant Wr1 for many years to come. If you can somehow find a way to acquire Justin Jefferson, do it as he is one of the best building blocks you can find! If this isn’t enough for you to believe in him just look at how he made Cousins an actual fantasy option by the end of the season.

5. Calvin Ridley- 2 years $2,725,178

2020 stats- 90 catches 1374 yards 9 Td’s

Heading into 2020 there were really only two knocks on Ridley. The first being he plays opposite of Julio and may not be able to do it alone, which he proved he could do no problem this past season. The second issue was the fact that he doesn’t produce much after the catch limiting his upside. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about Ridley’s upside after the year he just had. Ridley’s biggest strength seems to be his ability to convert in the red zone, which course translates wonderfully to fantasy. Ridley has also stayed relatively healthy over the course of his short career and there seems to be no reason to believe that will change anytime soon. If you are unable to nab Jefferson, Ridley is a great consolation prize!

6. A.J. Brown- 2 years $1,413,092

2020 stats-70 catches 1075 yards 11 Td’s

Up next on the list we have our third wide receiver in as many spots, A.J. Brown. In 2020 Brown was bothered by an ankle injury that seemed to be all season long, but it didn’t seem to stop him in terms of production. Even injured, Brown was able to increase his yardage and touchdown numbers from his rookie season in 2020, though his efficiency did drop a bit. In the coming season Brown should be featured even more than he has been since joining the Titans with Corey Davis going to the Jets, and Jonnu Smith joining the Hoodie in New England. 

Since entering the NFL, Brown has given us zero sign that he can’t handle an increased role in the offense and operate with tighter coverages by the opposing defense. My biggest question marks on Brown have to do with a bit of the same reasons I love him, being he now has to do it alone, and the fact he has a new offensive coordinator in 2021.

7. Josh Allen- 1 year $5,295,760

2020 stats- 396-572 4544 yards 37 Td’s 10 Int 102 carries 421 yards 8 Td’s

If you are new to Dynasty Owner reading this for the first time you are probably thinking, how in the world is Josh Allen at number 7 with the year he just had. Well, that is what makes Dynasty Owner so much fun and strategic. In any other format you would find guys like Mahomes, Jackson, and Prescott on the top of this list, but in Dynasty Owner their massive salaries keep them off of it entirely. In a year or 2 Allen will sign a massive contract as well so he may not fit for all rebuilding teams, which is why he’s all the way down at 7. If you feel you are a year or 2 out and will have some cap space at that time Allen is a must own on your team, if not I would likely shy away. 

When breaking down the future of Allen I cannot find much negative to say and I love the outlook of the offense he is playing in, especially if they manage to keep Daboll a few more seasons. If you’re close to contention and can afford the asking price, I would grab Allen and enjoy knowing good times are ahead.

8. CeeDee Lamb- 3 years $3,502,503

2020 stats- 74 catches 935 yards 5 Td’s

Even with the massive season Jefferson just had I still think Lamb quietly was more impressive, though I still have Jefferson ahead due to the presence of Amari Cooper for Lamb. Let’s look back at what Lamb had to play through in his rookie season that didn’t even offer training camps, or a preseason. A few weeks into the season star Qb Dak Prescott went down with a season ending injury, backup Dalton came in and got hurt just 3 weeks after. 

Lamb had to play the next few weeks with no name Qb’s while Dalton recovered. Dalton finally returns to action in week 11 and somewhat gets the Cowboys offense on track. The offensive line and running game were also rough in 2020 for the Cowboys offense. Despite all of this Lamb fell just short of the 1,000-yard mark, which tells me big things are coming for the young talented receiver out of Sooner country. If you can buy Lamb at a small discount because of 2020 I highly recommend doing so.

9. George Kittle- New Deal

2020 stats- 48 catches 634 yards 2 Td’s

George Kittle will not come cheap for owners that are trying to trade for him, or owners that already roster him due to his massive new deal. I tried to stay on the cheaper side of things when picking players on this list and that is the sole reason for Kittle being number 9 instead of in the top 2, or 3. Even at a huge salary, Kittle is more than worth rostering because of the advantage he gives you almost every week at the tight end position. 

As we all learned about the tight end position in 2020, if you have an elite tight end you have a huge advantage. The fact Kittle was hurt last season and has a massive new deal incoming you may be able to get him a little cheaper than you think, depending on the owner of course. One way to make sure you hit on a tight end vs. being patient waiting on one to develop is to trade for a player like Kittle.

10. Jonathon Taylor- 3 years $1,957,287

2020 stats- 232 carries 1169 yards 11 Td’s 36 catches 299 yards 1 Td

As much as I don’t like building around running backs, I just had to put Taylor on this list. The colts have a great offensive line and a great offensive system that Taylor thrived in towards the end of the season. The Colts deciding to bring Mack back hurts Taylor a little, but I think Taylor showed he was capable of great things throughout the last half of 2020. Taylor came into the NFL as a great Rb prospect who seemed to be a surefire thing with just one question mark, his receiving.

As you can see in his stat line above Taylor proved he could be a 3-down workhorse who can be a receiving threat out of the backfield with 36 catches and just under 300 yards. If Taylor continues to improve as a receiver, he will be a consistent top 5 running back for years to come. If you can manage to get Taylor without completely breaking the bank, do it. I would recommend using the Mack signing and the first half of 2020 to your advantage in any trade for Taylor.


With the New Year upon us the majority of the free agents will be signed in the coming days and I figured that this would be a great time to conclude my top 10 player articles for rebuilding your team. With all of the changes that are happening I will take the next few weeks to cover some things on the draft, what players you should be cutting, a Dynasty Owner’s orphan team (mentioned above), and much more. I will also touch on things like how to maneuver your way through the draft to acquire more picks and hope to do an article on trades rebuilding teams have made over the offseason. As always please let me know if there were anything you would like me to cover in upcoming articles and feel free to contact me on Twitter anytime! Thank you for reading and good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

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Contract Speculation & Trades: Jacksonville Jaguars

By: Matt “TheJerk” Morrison (@DynastyJerk)

The Jaguars are the envy of the NFL. Well, that’s kind of true and false. At this exact moment, I would say they are in a pretty enviable spot. They are about to acquire one of the most hyped quarterbacks of my lifetime. They were not always in this spot though, not even by the Jets. Starting in the second half of the season, the Jaguars looked as if they were going to cruise to a 2nd or 3rd overall pick. The Jets then decided that in Week 15, they didn’t want to be winless on the season. In Week 15 and 16, they won two games in a row, and both teams that they beat made the playoffs. Now, I would never openly root or advise that a team should purposely lose a game, but if there was ever a time to do it, I think this was it. I can guarantee you I would have been wanting a winless season if I were a Jets fan. Regardless, Jacksonville’s lone win came in Week 1 and they are in sole possession of the Trevor Lawrence Lottery Ticket.

You know what else they have? They have the most favorable cap situation of any NFL team. They are 70 million dollars under the cap at this moment. Expect quite a few moves by Jacksonville this offseason and in the offseasons to come. They won’t turn into a contending team overnight or over a year, but they have every opportunity to begin this rebuild and turn it into a success. With that being said, let’s talk news…

The News

(Full Disclosure:  I wrote this article a little early so there will be quite a few signed contracts that I won’t mention. They will be included in next week’s article though.)

Younghoe Koo has been signed to a one year contract by the Falcons. I don’t have exact details on the contract just yet, but he will remain a Falcon.

Mark Ingram has been signed by the Texans to a single year contract worth 3 million dollars per year. This move looks to immediately move Ingram into the RB2 role for Houston in the wake of Duke Johnson’s release last month. Regardless, I expect David Johnson to be the back that sees the majority of the carries for 2021.

Speaking of David Johnson…he has agreed to reduce his pay to $6,000,000 for the 2021 season. This is great news for Owners that currently roster him. His salary just became much more manageable. 

Contract Speculation

Like the Colts, the Jags have several notable free agents. Here is my full list of “rosterable” free agents…

PlayerStatusPrevious Contract/YearPercent Rostered in DO
Keelan ColeUFA$3,259,00086.6
Chris ConleyUFA$2,297,50040.2
Chris ThompsonUFA$1,400,00077.3
Dede WestbrookUFA$769,03960.8
Tyler EifertUFA$4,750,00031.9
Dare OgunbowaleERFA$540,00059.8

I’m going to focus more on the pass catchers in this article as they are the higher priority players. Let’s start with the most expensive wide receiver, Keelan Cole. Cole is a four year veteran of the NFL who has played only for the Jaguars. He is 27 years old and will be expiring a single year extension that was worth $3,259,000. Cole was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2017 and honestly, he has put up numbers you would expect from a UDFA. He has never amassed more than 55 receptions, 775 yards, or five touchdowns in a season. I expect $4,000,000/year to be the top level money that he could make. Jacksonville does have a great deal of cap room so they can certainly afford to bring him back, but the emergence of Shenault and Chark places Cole as the WR3 at best.

Trade Advice:  Cole is rostered in 86.6 of DO leagues as he should be. He was a wide receiver on a very cheap salary that finished as WR45. While he probably didn’t find his way into your starting lineup often, he was still a value. A bench spot was a perfect place to keep Cole throughout 2020. Any trade for him at this moment would be a roll of the dice. I’ll pass for now.

If Cole was average in 2020, then it’d be safe to call Chris Conley well below average. Conley passed 10 fantasy points only twice in 2020 en route to a WR89 finish. The hard truth is that he was just not able to be relied on. Remember the benchmark I made for Cole? He hasn’t passed 55 receptions, 775 yards, and five touchdowns. Well the same applies to Conley. He hasn’t reached beyond any of those stats in any season for his career. Somewhat more disappointing is the fact that Conley was drafted in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft. 3rd round picks miss all the time, but it’s still tough to see it when it happens. (I’m not saying Conley is a bad football player or that he hasn’t performed the way his team has needed him to. What I’m saying is that from a fantasy and dynasty perspective, he has been below average.)  Cole is only 18 months away from being 30 years old. It’s hard to see him being this late of a bloomer and so his DO value is going to take a hit. It would also be hard to see him make anything over $4,000,000/year, similar to Cole.

Trade Advice:  I’ll make this one simple…If you own him, hold until he receives his new contract. If he’s available in Free Agent Auction, I would leave him there. If he’s rostered on another team, I wouldn’t try to make an offer.

If Cole was average in 2020 and Conley was well below average in 2020, then it’d be safe to say that Dede Westbrook was almost nonexistent. That statement is true, and it’s a little personal for me. I drafted Dede in both of my Dynasty Owner startups in 2020. I had him marked as a high value guy who kept falling in mocks for some reason. Well, I drafted him and it may have been the worst mistake I made all draft. If you didn’t own him in any league, you may not know how bad it actually was. Here are Westbrook’s 2020 season stats…

Dede Westbrook140

That isn’t a joke. Dede played in only two games this season. He caught only a single pass and had 133 punt return yards. That’s it!  How does a player who averaged 66 receptions, 688 yards and four touchdowns over the 2018 and 2019 season drop to a single reception in 2020? Regardless of what the answer is, Dede will do better in 2021. He has to do better. The fact that 2020 was a lost season for him will certainly drive down his upcoming contract. The Jags have shown that they don’t think they need him on their team so it would surprise me if he returns for a fifth year in Jacksonville. The 27 year old will look to take his talents somewhere other than the “Gateway to Florida.”

Trade Advice:  I actually think I would be a buyer for Westbrook. The price to acquire him couldn’t be lower so why not. I think a small amount of Dynasty Dollars might be able to get this one agreed upon.

[10 DD for Dede Westbrook]

Now that I’ve completed the free agent wide receivers, let me ask you this trivia question…Which Jacksonville wide receiver led the team in DO fantasy points in 2020? I’ll reveal the answer at the end of the article.

Tyler Eifert will reportedly be leaving the Jaguars and testing himself in free agency. Usually I don’t like to read into rumors too much, but even without the reports, I figured Eifert would move on. So what does that mean if he does? Eifert is a 30 year old tight end with a history of injuries. Notice how i didn’t say “injury prone?”  I’ve always hated that designation, and I think it’s unfair to the player. But it is a fact that the majority of Eifert’s NFL seasons have been cut short due to injury. In fact, he has only played all 16 games in one of his eight NFL seasons. His most notable season came back in 2015 where he put up 52 receptions, 615 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. All three of those feats remain career highs.

This is what I expect from Eifert as we look towards 2021. I think he will leave Jacksonville and look to join a team with tight end deficiency. The most likely places he could land are: Chicago, Cincinnati, LA (Chargers), or Philadelphia (assuming Ertz is traded). I’m not sure a franchise will trust him as their primary receiving tight end, but he will work into the mix somewhere. I also wouldn’t expect his contract to be north of $5,000,000 per year as he is starting to become “old” for a tight end.

Trade Advice:  Not much worth trading for here. If Jonnu Smith’s going rate is a 2021 3rd, then I can’t see Eifert’s being anywhere close to that. Maybe try some Dynasty Dollars if you are desperate for a tight end or use him as a throw piece for an already existing trade. Either way, I don’t think he has much stand alone trade value.

I just want to mention the final two free agents, and they are both running backs. First is Dare Ogunbowale. Ogunbowale is an exclusive rights free agent (ERFA). We’ve talked about this in the past, but I will recap. Being an ERFA, he has zero leverage. If the Jaguars want to extend a single year qualifying offer to him, then he has to accept it. This “offer” is the league minimum. However, if the team decides not to extend an offer, he is free to enter free agency and sign with any team. His previous team received no potential compensation for losing him. In my humble opinion, there are few reasons why a team shouldn’t offer an ERFA one more year. Dare is a player that should be extended the offer. While his production was limited in 2020, he adds valuable running back depth to the worst team in the NFL last year. Bottom line:  Expect Dare to be with the Jaguars for one more season. Conversely Chris Thompson is an unrestricted free agent. Thompson is the player that most fantasy owners thought would lead the Jacksonville backfield after Leonard Fournette was released in the preseason. Well, quite the contrary. Thompson received only seven rushes and 20 receptions for 166 total yards. It also doesn’t help that he hurt his back in Week 10 against the Packers. He exited the game and did not return for the rest of the season. I have absolutely zero info on Thompson’s back, but I know that teams will be hyperfocusing on it prior to offering him a contract. We will wait and see if he receives an offer. 

Thank you for reading, and be sure to watch the video that relates to this article. My next article will be covering the final team in the AFC South, and the team tied for the least “rosterable” free agents. The Houston Texans. We may even get into some Deshaun Watson rumors. Please follow us on Twitter @Dynasty_Owner, and subscribe to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care and be safe.


Prospect Preview: Travis Etienne

Position: RBWeight: 215
College: ClemsonAge: 22
Height: 5′ 10″247 Rating: 4 Stars (0.9171)

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

One of the top running backs in last year’s draft class until he decided to go back to college, Travis Etienne’s draft stock is a bit more varied this year. Some will still have him as their RB1 or RB2 in the class, but a less-than-stellar season has many pointing out his flaws and dropping him below the new and exciting running backs. Is Etienne being overanalyzed as a prospect or is he actually not as elite of a prospect as some once thought?

College Production:

Travis Etienne leaves college football as one of the most productive running backs of all time. Over the course of his four year career he amassed almost 5,000 rushing yards, scored 78 total touchdowns, and caught over 100 passes. In 2018 and 2019, Etienne hit over 1,600 rushing yards each season while averaging nearly eight yards per carry.  He stayed in college an extra year though, and in 2020 didn’t even hit 1,000 yards and his average fell to 5.4 YpC. Despite worsened rushing numbers, Etienne has a career-high in receptions during the 2020 season with 48 catches for 588 yards. At the end of the day, Etienne was a highly-productive running back and brings a lot of versatility to any NFL offense.


  • 0-60 in 2 Seconds
    • “Burst-y”, that’s a great adjective for Etienne’s prospect profile. He has some of the best acceleration in the class and it’s the reason that some are comparing him to Chris Johnson. Etienne’s ability to take plays past the second level and to the house give him the “Game Changer” factor that many teams are looking for, and the highlight tape is riddled with the results. There is probably no running back in the class with a better burst past the line of scrimmage, and his ability to keep that speed up and finish runs brings in big numbers.
  • Contact Balance
    • Despite his rather average size, Etienne’s ability to stay up after contact leans on ridiculous at times. His balance and ability to put his hand on the ground and then continue running is very impressive, there are many plays where he should have been down 5-10 yards earlier than when he was finally tackled. And don’t mistake Etienne for being small, he still does well to fall forward and keep his legs moving after contact.
  • Homerun? Grand Slam.
    • Let me quote PFF, “back in 2018, he [Etienne] recorded 23 runs that resulted in a 20-plus yard gains, which is still the fifth-most in a single season since 2014, and no running back recorded a higher rate of runs resulting in a 10-plus yard gain this past year [2019] than Etienne at 22.7%”. It’s this big-play ability that is going to have a couple teams absolutely in love with Etienne’s skillset. He’s electric, he’s a playmaker, he’s a guy that can absolutely change a game at any time. He’s going to be very exciting to watch.


  • Tunnel Vision
    • Perhaps the biggest knock on Etienne is his lack of elite vision. Some of the other running backs are able to manipulate linebackers and open up holes with their patience and field vision, but Etienne tends to, more often than comfortable, run in a straight line, no matter what. He gets tunnel vision and tries to beat his man to the edge, but if he loses the battle he just takes the loss. He’s not constantly making defenders miss and turning up the field, something he has more than enough athleticism to do on a consistent basis. The vision issues might improve at the next level and never be an issue, but I have to admit I am slightly worried about it moving forward.
  • Moving the Pile
    • While not a large part of Etienne’s game and play style, the power of a bigger back is certainly missing. Etienne does well to keep his legs moving, and often falls forward, but overall he isn’t going to run anybody over. That’s okay because the defenders are usually playing catch-up, but at the next level where the defenders are bigger and faster, will Etienne be able to break as many tackles? Will he be able to fall forward against linebackers? Or will he be stonewalled when attacking the middle of the field?
  • Pass Protection
    • This is an area most rookie running backs have to improve in as soon as they reach the NFL, but for Etienne it is especially important because he will likely be heavily involved during passing downs early on. Sometimes rookies struggle to get on the field because they can’t protect their quarterback, Etienne needs to improve his average pass protection so he can get on the field early and often and start making an impact for whatever team drafted him.

Things to Watch:

Etienne has already had his Pro Day, where he ran a 4.41 40-Yard Dash after weighing in at 215 pounds. These are impressive numbers, as he weighed in about 10 pounds heavier than some expected while still putting up a great time, no doubts should be cast about his athleticism or his ability to be a factor on all three downs. Whether or not Etienne will actually play at 215 is a question for a different day, but even at 205 or 210 he still has the frame to handle a full workload.

Projected Round/Contract:  

Etienne is currently the Vegas favorite to be first running back off the board, but I wouldn’t be so sure of that. I expect Najee Harris to be the first running back drafted, and Etienne to follow pretty closely. There’s a chance that Etienne is picked up by a team in the second half of the first round, but I find it more likely that he is drafted in the early parts of the 2nd round. D’Andre Swift ($1,940,662) was drafted at #35 overall and signed a 4-year deal worth $8,538,914, Etienne will likely be looking at a similar contract, which, with the upside that he provides, will be a great value.

Team Fits:

There are two teams that stick more than any other for me when discussing possible landing spots for Etienne. There may be no better scenario for Etienne to find himself in than being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 49th pick (or the 16th). Kliff Kingsbury’s fast-paced spread offense would be perfect for Etienne, between the elite-tier athleticism and the pass-catching upside the fantasy implications could be massive. Kenyan Drake is a free agent and despite the coach’s talk that Chase Edmonds ($1,033,092) could be the lead back, I wouldn’t expect him to just have the role handed to him. Kyler Murray ($9,763,721) and Etienne would be a dangerous combination in the backfield.

Another team that offers a lot of excitement for fantasy owners, and just about any running back in the draft, are the San Francisco 49ers. It’s easy to point out any running back and say that the 49ers would be a good fit, because it’s true. The Kyle Shanahan offense seems to just spit out fantasy-relevant players and adding a highly-touted rookie to the ranks would seem just about perfect. But not only are the 49ers a good fit for Etienne, I think that Etienne is a good fit for the 49ers. Shanahan loves athletic running backs who can use their acceleration to attack the second level, Etienne fits that perfectly. With the 43rd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the 49ers could tie down a top running back, we’ll just have to see if the position means enough to them.

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How to Draft a Dynasty Owner Championship Team – Part III

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

With the start of the new NFL and Dynasty Owner league year only a week away (or less if you aren’t reading this on Friday), we still have time to continue looking at how Dynasty Owners drafted in 2020. Using the data from the 2020 Dynasty Owner drafts from all leagues, we have looked at several measures already to help Dynasty Owners in a 2021 start-up draft think ahead to their Draft Day. The first article ( analyzed data on three measures that didn’t involve individual players, positions or salaries (type of league, when to draft and what draft position to get in your start-up draft). In the second article (, the data showed that Dynasty Owners who picked a player with a lower salary in the first round were more likely to win their League title than those who drafted higher salary players. Teams who drafted players with salaries under $5 million more likely to overcome having a player miss a significant portion of the season or not play as well as projected than teams who drafted a player in the upper salary ranges.

With this information, we can start to look at the individual players who were the best ones to draft in 2020. This will give Dynasty Owners insight into who they should be considering taking in their 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up draft. Due to new salaries, it may not be the same players this year, but a player with a similar profile as those who led their Dynasty Owners teams in 2020. The three major questions that we are going to answer this week are:

  • What players were the “best” first round draft pick?
  • Which players were drafted by the most Dynasty Owner league winners?
  • Which players were drafted by the fewest Dynasty Owner league winners?

All stats are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All salaries and ADPs listed are from the 2020 Dynasty Owner season. Updated 2021 salaries will be posted on the Dynasty Owner website at the start of the new NFL league year on March 18th.

What Players Were the “Best” First Round Draft Pick?

Your first round Dynasty Owner draft pick is an important commodity. You only get one first round pick and there are only so many players worthy of using that pick on. In fact, there were only a total of 36 players drafted in the first round of a 2020 Dynasty Owner draft. Just 20 of them were drafted by a League Champion and 16 were drafted by multiple League Champions. This is obviously a select group of players that we are discussing here.

Even more select are the “best” first round draft picks. Based on looking at the percentage of Dynasty Owner leagues in which the player was selected in the first round and the team won the League Championship, we find five players who were head and shoulders above the rest in 2020.

#1 Pick% of Winners% of Top 25% of Top 10
Alvin Kamara18%32%40%
Patrick Mahomes12%20%30%
Lamar Jackson8%16%10%
Christian McCaffrey8%8%0%
Kyler Murray8%4%0%

With the findings from the last article that showed drafting a low salary first gave teams a better chance to win, it should come as no surprise that Alvin Kamara (and his $964,443 salary) was the “best” player to draft in the first round in 2020. There were a few other players who earned less than $1 million and were selected a few times in the first round in 2020 (Aaron Jones, George Kittle and Chris Godwin), but none of the teams who drafted those three players in the first round won their League.

Kamara was also the player to draft if you wanted your best shot of making the Top 25 in the Chase for the Ring as 8 out of the people who finished in the Top 25 drafted him. This includes our second-place finisher (Quaranteed for Greatness), but not the Ring winner himself as Barbee Kilgore drafted Patrick Mahomes with his first pick since Kamara had already been drafted. Mahomes was the second “best” player to draft in the first round, but pretty far behind Kamara. Lamar Jackson, Christian McCaffrey, and Kyler Murray round out the top five “best” number one draft pick list.

Which Players Were Drafted by the Most Dynasty Owner League Winners?

Alvin Kamara may have been the “best” first round selection in the 2020 Dynasty Owner drafts, but there are 25 rounds in a Dynasty Owner draft. Dynasty Owners can’t just grab the best low salary player in the first round of their 2021 draft, then log off and auto draft the rest of their team. Your team is going to need a full set of Starters, Bench players and a deep Practice Squad if it’s going to win a League Championship and contend in the Chase for the Ring. One player won’t win it on his own.

Overall, a total of 590 players were drafted by a Dynasty Owner team in 2020 with 411 of them being drafted by at least one League Championship team. The players run the entire alphabet from A-Z (A.J. Dillon to Zay Jones, except for the letter U as there were no drafted players whose first name starts with a U) and from the G.O.A.T., 7-time Super Bowl Champion QB (Tom Brady) to the most obscure players drafted late in a single league (QB J’Mar Smith – #298, RB Cameron Scarlett – #299, WR (D.J. Montgomery – #292 TE Sean McKeon – #296  and K Dominik Eberle – #263). Not all players are created equal though.

In a 12-team Dynasty Owner league, any player, on average, has a 8.33% chance of being drafted by a League Champion. Some players will be on more League Champion teams, while others will be on fewer. There are a number of factors that can influence the number of Championship teams that a player can be on. The first factor is obvious, it’s the number of leagues that the player was drafted in. In order to take this factor out of the equation, we are going to look at the percentage of leagues in which a player was drafted by the League Champion. However, we have to have some criteria for the number of leagues that a player was drafted in, otherwise the players drafted by the highest percentage of League Champions would be Blaine Gabbert, Chandler Cantanzaro, Devin Ross, Logan Woodside and Olamide Zaccheaus. Not exactly a Pro Bowl caliber list, but it is true that every team that drafted them won their League Championship. However, it is also true that each one of them were only drafted in one Dynasty Owner league in 2020 as well.

To make sure that we are only looking at the top players, we will limit our list to only those drafted in 50% or more of Dynasty Owner leagues in 2020. That eliminates the five players listed above plus others who were not drafted in many leagues but still managed to get selected by a handful of League Champions. When we break it down, we see that there are a dozen players who were drafted in more than half of Dynasty Owner leagues in 2020 and were drafted by twice as many League Champions as the average (16.7%). The dozen only includes one name from our list of “best” first round picks (Alvin Kamara), but is still filled with a bunch of quality players.

Player% of League Champions% of Leagues Drafted
Jonnu Smith21.1%100%
Alvin Kamara20.0%100%
Travis Kelce20.0%100%
Stefon Diggs19.1%99%
Malcolm Brown19.0%83%
Josh Allen18.9%100%
Robert Woods17.9%100%
Calvin Ridley16.8%100%
Darren Waller16.8%100%
Derrick Henry16.8%100%
Duke Johnson16.8%100%
Mike Evans16.8%100%

What stands out is that only one QB (Josh Allen) appears on this list. Allen was far and away the top QB to have in Dynasty Owner in 2020 as he was drafted by 18.9% of League winners. The next highest rated QB was Mitchell Trubisky who was drafted in three-quarters (74%) of leagues and by League winners 12.9% of the time. Other top QBs from 2020 were either drafted by slightly more League Champions (Patrick Mahomes at 11.6%), on par with the average (Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson at 8.4%) or even less than average (Aaron Rodgers at 6.1% and Russell Wilson at 5.3%).

Three TEs grace the list, led by Jonnu Smith and his $776,572 salary, and including the top two TEs in Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2020 (Travis Kelce with 314.8 and Darren Waller with 282.6). Kelce and Waller outscored every other TE, including Smith, by over 100 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. The team that beat me in my beta league Championship game (VIP Club Dub) had both Smith and Kelce. No wonder I lost!

Not surprisingly, Kamara is right there as second most drafted, behind only Jonnu Smith. Another RB trio of running backs (Malcolm Brown, Derrick Henry and Duke Johnson) also helped many of their Dynasty Owners to a League title.  Not a lot in common with those guys besides all being RBs.

Finally, we have four WRs on this list, including two (Stefon Diggs and Mike Evans) who had salaries over $10 million and two who made less than that (Robert Woods and Calvin Ridley). All four of them were among the leaders in Dynasty Owner fantasy points among WRs. The appearance of Evans (ADP 58.1) and Diggs (ADP 102.3) show that high salary WRs can help your Dynasty Owner team to victory, but they should be drafted outside of the first round so that you aren’t bogged down with a big salary should they get injured or not produce at a high level.

Which Players Were Drafted by the Fewest Dynasty Owner League Winners?

The good news is that there were no players who completely tanked their Dynasty Owner teams. While many players were not drafted by any League Champions, most of them were only drafted by one or two teams, so they didn’t have too many opportunities. The two players who were drafted by the most Dynasty Owner teams, but no winners were two low salary players, J.J. Taylor (RB – NE) and Riley Ridley (WR – CHI). Both were drafted in more than one-quarter of leagues, but by zero League Champions. The most prominent players who were not drafted by any winners were a pair of WRs with multiple year contracts and salaries approaching $10 million per year (Cole Beasley – $7.25 million and Randall Cobb – $9 million). 

However, the “award” for the worst player to draft in Dynasty Owner in 2020 has to go to Philadelphia WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside was drafted in every single Dynasty Owner league, probably due to his $1.236 million salary, but was only drafted by two League winners. Royce Freeman of the Denver Broncos was also only drafted by two League winners, but he was drafted in 91% of leagues so Arcega-Whiteside had more opportunities than Freeman. 

There were a few other bigger name pass catchers who were only drafted by three League winners – George Kittle, Zach Ertz and Michael Thomas. All three of them missed significant time in 2020 and were high draft picks (Thomas – ADP 14.1; Kittle – ADP 27.9; Ertz – ADP 73.5).


We are only a week away from the official start of the 2021 NFL and Dynasty Owner league year. With the salary cap number for the NFL ($182.5 million) and Dynasty Owner ($127.75 million) revealed earlier in the week, it’s time to start looking forward to getting ready for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season. Don’t forget what we’ve learned by analyzing 2020 Dynasty Owner draft data when getting yourself ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner draft. Drafting well is critical to success in fantasy football in general, and Dynasty Owner in particular. As we’ve seen, there is some wisdom to taking a low salary player with your first-round pick. If he plays as well as Alvin Kamara did in 2020 for his Dynasty Owners, then you might be winning your League title and see your team name in the Chase for the Ring standings.

What players are going to be the “best” ones to draft in 2021? With the increase in salary for Kamara and Mahomes, they are no longer affordable options, so will they continue to lead their Dynasty Owners to titles and Chase for the Ring contention in 2021? What players do you think are going to be the “best” ones to have on your Dynasty Owner roster in 2021? Let everyone know by reaching out to me on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or post your thoughts in the comment section of the video on YouTube. 

My articles and videos on getting you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team will be out on Fridays throughout the off-season. Keep an eye out for new articles and videos from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owners writers as well. On Mondays, Nate Christian (@NateNFL) will break down rookies in his Prospect Preview. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is back for another year and will do a deep dive into contracts on Wednesdays. Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL) has his articles and videos on how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Thursdays. Read all of their articles, watch and like all of their videos on YouTube (and all of the other available formats, such as Spotify) and follow the four of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. Thanks to everyone for following, reading and watching!

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Let’s Rebuild This Team Together

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

As ironic as this may sound, I believe I just received one of the best orphan teams anyone will see and really defies the stereotype of orphan teams always being bad. The main issue with this is I am wanting to strip the team down to nothing and build it up with all of you and I just don’t see any positives from destroying what is already a phenomenal roster, luckily, I have a backup plan.

Before we get into the backup plan, I want to give you a bit of perspective on why we are going this route instead. I want to first start by breaking down the roster I was given so you can really understand why we are going with plan B instead. Below are the players on the roster by position.

QuarterbackRunning BackWide ReceiverTight End
Russel WilsonJosh JacobsKenny GolladayDarren Waller
Gardner MinshewMiles SandersDevonte AdamsTrey Burton
Derek CarrSony MichelDJ CharkIan Thomas
Wayne GallmanAllen LazardKahale Warring
Dion LewisKelan Cole
Antonio GibsonQuez Watkins
Justin JacksonMVS
Jalen Guyton
Rashard Higgins

Draft Picks – 2021 2nd, 3rd, 2022 all picks, 2023 all picks.

I did leave a few players off the list, most notably Auden Tate and the kickers. As you can see this team doesn’t need much work outside of tweaking a few minor things. The main two moves I am looking to make before the 2021 season are trading Wilson and Golladay for future picks, or young talent. In this league Prescott and Cooper are free agents, so by trading Wilson and Golladay I pick up whatever value I get in return on top of Prescott and Cooper in free agency.

I am hoping trading off these two for Cooper and Prescott will be enough to put this team over the top and make a real run at The Chase for the Ring! Enough about this orphan team, lets jump into plan B. Plan B will be to input my original rebuild team into this series instead of the team listed above. I have mentioned this team in previous articles, the cause of the rebuild is the fact that I severely underestimated the quarterback position in Dynasty Owner and injuries. Below I will go in depth into the team we will be building together by position, as well as listing all of the future draft assets I have acquired for the team.

The time has come for the start of the series I have been waiting for, the orphan rebuild series. I am really hoping this series will be a lot of fun and a lot of you will join in and provide some input on specific moves. I would also love to have a few of you join in on a few videos so we can talk in depth about certain moves that need to be made. Please feel free to message on Twitter or comment on the YouTube video if you would like to provide input. The team we will be rebuilding has extra draft picks and a few very solid building blocks.

Salary Cap and Draft Picks

  • 2021 Salary – $83,754,494.
  • Draft Picks – 2021 Round 1- picks 2, 5, 12 Round 2- pick 5 Round 3- pick 12. 2022- 2 1st round picks, 2 2nd round picks, 1 3rd round pick.

As soon as I committed to rebuilding my main focus was to get my salary cap number down significantly, which allows me to be flexible and take on any bad contracts needed. The first round of business with this was to move on from Julio Jones and his $22 million salary, which I was able to do rather quickly.

In return for Julio, I received Aj Green and Jalen Reagor, plus a 2022 2nd. After making this move, I followed by unloading every veteran on my roster I could for young talent, draft picks, and bad contracts with little time remaining. If you look at the Green part of the deal in other leagues it makes zero sense, but in Dynasty Owner it makes all of the sense in the world. Jones and his massive salary were nothing more than a one-year rental, which I turned into Reagor. The key here was Green and his $17 million deal that helped offset the cost of Jones. I used an amnesty on Green shortly after accepting the deal to open up the cap space.

I now have a relatively expensive quarterback and plenty of cap space to work with in the future. Draft picks are probably the biggest key when it comes to rebuilding, the more picks you have the more likely it is that you will find a stud. The biggest issue with the last statement is that you want to spread your draft capital out, so you aren’t tied strictly to one draft class. I was able to obtain what I feel is a sweet spot of draft assets in 2021 with picks in the beginning, middle, and end of the 1st round, which should allow me to take my favorite player from each tier in the first round.

The main goal with either the 2nd, or 5th overall pick is to find my quarterback of the future who will be on a rookie deal for the next 4-5 years. I will also look to find a top tier wide receiver, as well as quality depth at the receiver spot in the 2021 rookie draft. In the 2021 draft I will try to shy away from the running back spot and start targeting that position in the 2022 draft with the 2-1st round picks I have acquired. In the 2021 draft I feel solidifying the quarterback and wide receiver positions take priority.

The Quarterbacks

  • Ryan Tannehill- 3 years $29,500,000
  • Daniel Jones- 3 years $6,416,014
  • Sam Darnold- 1 year $7,561,929
  • Jameis Winston- Free agent
  • Taylor Heinicke- Free agent

When I first started Dynasty Owner, I knew the quarterback position would be important, but it was for the wrong reasons. Going into the draft I had a strategy in my head and after the draft I honestly thought I nailed it. The strategy was finding 2 QB’s still on their rookie deals and draft them, which I did. What I quickly found out was that having a cheap QB would give you a huge advantage, if you had the right quarterback that is. I had taken Darnold and Jones leaving me with plenty of flexibility to take a player like Julio Jones and his massive salary or take CMC and be able to keep him for more than a year with his new deal looming.

The problem with this was Jones and Darnold had horrible seasons leaving me a solid 15–20-point gap I had to close elsewhere every week because of poor quarterback play. Late in the season I was close to making the playoffs and at worst had a great shot in the toilet bowl, so I swung some trades and had plenty of room to pick up Tannehill in the free agent auction. The future outlook at this position will definitely need some upgrading unless Darnold or Jones can take a significant leap forward in 2021.

Two things that would give this roster a tremendous boost is Winston landing a starting spot next season on another low salary deal, or Henicke getting the starting nod in Washington giving me plenty of options and trade ammo. If you have any ideas or input on which direction to go at the quarterback position, please let me know. What I am thinking is to try and sell Jones or Darnold for what should be a high-end draft pick and try to replace them in the draft with the 2nd overall pick and using the Darnold or Jones return on a position player.

The Running backs

  • Jk Dobbins- 3 years  $1,432,359
  • Antonio Gibson- 3 years $1,226,433
  • Aj Dillon- 3 years $1,321,458
  • Kalen Ballage- Free agent
  • Latavius Murray- 2 years $3,600,000
  • Justin Jackson- Free agent

The running back position for my team looks wildly different than after the draft. The first pick I took was CMC and as we all know his season was a complete bust due to injury. Once I realized I was likely out of the running for the championship I knew it was time to offload the veteran backs I had. I traded Fournette, Hunt, Mixon, and CMC away this past season and ended up with some very good building blocks at the running back spot. The main problem I have with my building blocks being at the running back position is that I don’t feel the rest of my roster is there and may not be there until their 2nd deals.

This leaves me with a few choices I can make, the first being that I can build the rest of the roster while holding onto Gibson and Dobbins, wasting a year or years of their prime, or I can trade them at some point for future picks, and/or young talent at other positions. I feel I can get a ton of value in return for the first three running backs listed and I am leaning towards going that route if my receivers don’t pan out. Another way I could go about it is pairing one of them up with Jones or Darnold to see what kind of value they bring back.

One thing I am sure of at this position is that I will move on from Murray at some point this season, even if he doesn’t generate much in return. At this point in Murray’s career it’s to trade him and get some value or keep him until he is finished and ready to retire. After Murray the other two players (Ballage and Jackson) are both impending free agents and will be wildcards in terms of what they may bring back in a trade, or value to my roster.  As you all can see there are some very tough choices to be made at the running back spot and I hope to get your input on where to go next.

Left off the list as a probable cut- Ryquell Armstead

The Wide Receivers

  • Corey Davis- Free agent
  • Brandin Cooks- 3 years $16,200,000
  • Michael Pittman- 3 years $2,153,212
  • Nelson Agholor- Free agent
  • Marvin Jones- Free agent
  • Jalen Reagor- 3 years $3,317,669
  • Quintez Cephus- 3 years $734,822
  • Travis Fulgham- Free agent
  • Russell gage- 1 year $654,049
  • Anthony Miller- Free agent
  • Collin Johnson- 3 years $900,538

Let’s start the receiver position out with the most controversial player on the roster (in my opinion), which is Cooks. The outlook on Cooks just months ago looked extremely bright, yet that has drastically changed in recent weeks. Cooks doesn’t seem to be leaving Houston anytime soon, but his quarterback Deshaun Watson wants out in the worst way possible. Cooks was finally starting to find his groove with Watson and now they may never play another snap together.

If Watson does leave Houston, Cooks becomes an instant trade, or amnesty candidate. The building blocks this roster has at the receiver spot are Pittman, Reagor, and potentially Corey Davis, depending on where he lands in free agency. If 1 of these 3 receivers mentioned turns out to be a high end wr2 I will be a very happy camper, until then the chase for a star wideout continues. The wildcards on this roster are Cephus, Jones, Agholor, Fulgham, and Gage.

All of these players still have a way to go to prove themselves, aside from Jones who we will touch on in a moment. Agholor unexpectedly had a great year in Vegas during the 2020 season, and if he returns to the Raiders, he should have another quietly good year. I love players like Agholor because of the bench scoring here on Dynasty Owner, which I still feel gets hugely overlooked. Marvin Jones had a fantastic year in 2020, but for a rebuilding team he is too old to keep in long term plans. My biggest debate with Jones is, should I cut ties during free agency, or should I keep him and try to get a 3rd round pick in return? It is a risk because he is not a surefire trade candidate until his landing spot is known which would cause me to have to cut him or burn an amnesty.

Another factor I must consider is if Jones does sign elsewhere, it will improve the outlook of Cephus heading into 2021, though Stafford leaving town hurts. The last receiver on this list I want to touch on is Anthony Miller. Miller has the talent to be a quality slot guy in the NFL, but last season was a major disappointment for him. If Miller signs in a good system with a decent signal caller, I see him bouncing back in a big way. All of that said this position needs a lot of work and at least one Nuke Hopkins type player! This position will see a lot of overhaul in the coming weeks, stay tuned and hopefully help.

The Tight Ends

  • Dallas Goedert- 1 year $1,406,068
  • Drew Sample- 2 years $1,376,574
  • OJ Howard- 1 year $2,773,655
  • Adam Trautman- 3 years $1,124,850

Ahh the wonderful tight end position where you have to wait ages to see if you hit on a draft pick or not. As you can see on this roster, I have a few tight ends who are going to need a little bit more time to develop before I truly know what I have. Goedert is by far the most promising of the bunch and the one most ready to make a meaningful impact. The addition of Hurts with the Eagles does worry me some because I am unsure how Hurts, or the new system uses the tight end position. The way I feel about the Goedert situation will end up affecting my entire draft. If I feel the Eagles are going to continue featuring tight ends then I will be more than comfortable with the tight ends on my roster, if I don’t Kyle Pitts is a real possibility at pick number 5.

I will definitely need all of your input when trying to make this decision. Do I take Pitts and hope to have an edge over other owners at tight end or roll with Goedert? The wild card at tight end. I feel I have two true wild cards at this spot with Howard and Sample.

Coming into the NFL Howard was a very bright prospect who just hasn’t seemed to find a groove down in Tampa. If Howard can solidify himself in Tampa or elsewhere, he could finally have a breakthrough season. I consider Sample a wild card because of two reasons, how high he was drafted, and the quarterback he plays with. The Bengals spent a 2nd round draft pick on Sample in 2019 and he should be a major part of the offense moving forward. The one big knock I have on Sample (which he has no control over) is his quarterback who doesn’t seem to look for the tight end a whole lot.

The last player on this list is Adam Trautman who will start to get his opportunities in 2021. His team, the Saints are in really bad shape with the salary cap and have already cut the man in front of Trautman on the depth chart Jared Cook. Trautman seemed to make solid strides as a rookie and plays in a friendly offensive system. If the Saints get their quarterback position figured out Trautman should be in good shape moving forward. As you can see the real dilemma here is do I stick with Goedert or bypass players like Jamar Chase in the draft in favor of Pitts.

The Kicker(s)

  • Graham Gano- Free agent
  • Matt Prater- Free agent
  • Cody Parkey- Free agent

If you can’t tell by my wonderful joke of a headline, this will be the conclusion too. I know kickers have a love hate relationship in the fantasy football community, but they still need to be talked about some. The main thing I want to stress with kickers is to keep 3 rostered so you aren’t taking zeros on bye weeks. I also try to stay flexible and cheap by staying away from the big money kickers on long deals. I don’t see a whole lot of meaningful talks going on with kickers but there will be cut keep questions.

I hope this is something the majority of you seem at least interested in. I think it could be a lot of fun for anyone who gets involved. I am going to shoot for one article/video every month with this series and if it seems to be something you all are interested in, I will do them a bit more often. If this is something you think you will take part in, be sure to follow me on Twitter, I will be posting all of the potential moves there before making them. The articles and videos on this series will be an in-depth look at discussed moves, future moves, and strategies. I hope to hear from everyone soon and good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

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If Twitter happens to be an issue for anyone, please let me know and I will start a public chat of some sort to discuss things on.