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Breaking Down Trades from Rebuilding Teams

Breaking Down Trades from Rebuilding Teams

By: Justin Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

I know I have said this 100 times over by now, but I love Fantasy Football. I still remember my very first draft with my uncle and his work buddies. Before being invited to the fantasy league I had been extremely interested in joining one, but I was a bit too young for most leagues to let me in. About a week after being shut down more than a couple of times I got a call from my uncle, who happened to be at his draft just around the corner from my house. I answered and heard those magic words, if you can get down here in 20 minutes you can join our fantasy league. I smiled ear to ear, hopped on my bike as fast as I could and pedaled my little heart out. I distinctly remember telling myself on the way into the house to just act like I know what I am doing, which fell apart before my first pick ever happened. I walked into the house and was greeted by everyone welcoming me to the big boy league and them telling me about their first ever draft picks and saying that it is something I would remember as well.

After the small talk was over one of the guys offered me a football magazine, I politely declined saying I am good. I did some research and I know who I want. This was met with a laugh. I had the 7th overall pick and as the guys were picking ahead of me, I knew I was in some trouble and quickly rethought turning the magazine down. I then asked if I could still use it. I needed the magazine because I thought for sure quarterbacks like Peyton Manning would be taken very early. To my surprise, it was a bunch of running backs coming off the board early and often. After reading some of the magazine I knew I was lost and decided to follow the rankings in the magazine as close as I could. My first ever pick ended up being Edgerrin James, not a quarterback and I must say those rankings worked out well for me as I finished 2nd in my first ever fantasy league.

After the draft was over, I knew fantasy football was going to be something I enjoyed for a long time, but that was not what hooked me to this game. The moment I had made my first trade was when I was hooked and had a whole different outlook on this awesome game. I traded James and a bench receiver for LaDainian Tomlinson and from that moment I was hooked knowing that any player I wanted could be had for a price. Trading for someone as fun to watch as L.T. in my first season had me absolutely hooked and I knew this game was going to be a lifelong hobby for myself.

Now that storytime is over, I wanted to take this week and do things a bit different than normal, while keeping the rebuilding theme going. I had Steve Van Tassell look up some trades from what he felt were teams that were rebuilding/retooling, because of what their record reflects. Before getting into the article, I want to take a second and say that I have not examined any of these owners’ rosters so everything will be looked at in a vacuum. The main reason I decided not to look through the rosters to understand the trades better is that I figured it would be a fun drill to see if I am thinking the same as some of these owners, while giving readers my thoughts as well. I also have not spoken to any of these owners to get any insight on why these trades were made, which was also done on purpose. If you happen to be one of these owners feel free to contact me on Twitter and let me know if we are thinking along the same lines or if I am completely off with my reasoning.

Next week, I will do a breakdown of each of these rebuilding teams and their future now that these trades have taken effect. I also want to say that just because I may have a differing opinion on these trades than some of you does not mean you are wrong by any means, heck it may mean I am wrong. Fantasy football is a game of opinions and luck where no one is ever right all the time, it is the beauty of this game. All of that said let’s get into some Dynasty Owner trades!

Reminder!!! If you like to discuss or see other owners’ trades, please post them on Twitter with @Dynasty_Owner or with #Dotrades!

Trade #1

Miami Hitmen – Record 5-8, finished in 9th place.
  • Received – QB Joe Burrow (3 years, $9,047,534 per year), 2023 2nd round pick
Late to Draft – Record 3-10, finished in 12th place.
  • Received – WR Laviska Shenault (3 years, $1,924,017 per year), 2021 1st round pick, 2023 1st round pick 
  • Has picks #1, 3, and 4 in the 2021 draft
Winner – Both

My initial thoughts on our first trade listed is that both teams won this deal pending the health of Burrow. Both owners are in somewhat of a rebuilding situation but with Miami Hitmen finishing 5-8, they may only be a few pieces away from playoff contention.

Miami Hitmen – I feel the Miami Hitmen could have come on strong at the end of last season, or even had someone like CMC on injured reserve making their record worse than it should have been. If this happens not to be the case, I still do not think it is a bad deal for him as he will still get a young stud QB who has shown he can produce for fantasy. I feel getting a 2023 2nd pick on top also helps offset the cost of the 2023 1st pick he is sending out. My final thought is that I do not blame him a bit for making this trade to get Burrow over a rookie QB who may be a bust. As we have all learned over the years there is no such thing as a lock in the NFL draft!

Late to Draft – Looking at the record for Late to Draft, I love the direction he has his team moving in. As I mentioned earlier, I have not looked at this roster but having 3 of the top 4 picks in the draft and getting an extra 2023 1st pick are great building blocks for any owner. I hate to send a quarterback like Burrow away, but with him owning the number 1 pick, Lawrence will be the obvious replacement. If Lawrence is what all the scouts think he is going to be then Late to Draft will be incredibly happy with his end of the deal. I also love that he was able to get a quality young receiver in Shenault back in this deal as well. If I am right and Late to Draft is starting a rebuild, they are heading in the right direction. I am speaking blind right now, but I would recommend taking 2 QBs with 2 of your top 3 draft selections and lock that position down for years to come.

Trade #2

Burrows before Hoes – Record 2-11, finished in 12th place.
  • Received – QB Sam Darnold (1 year, $7,561,929 per year), RB Raheem Mostert (1 year, $2,900,000 per year), TE Travis Kelce (5 years, $14,312,500 per year), 2021 1st round pick #8
Quaranteam – Record 7-6, finished in 6th place.
  • Received – TE Evan Engram (1 year, $6,013,000 per year), RB Carlos Hyde (2 years, $2,250,000 per year), WR A.J. Brown (2 years, $1,413,092 per year), 2021 1st round pick #3
Winner – Quaranteam

In my opinion this is the most interesting trade on the list simply because I cannot quite figure it out without really looking at the teams. My initial thought is why did Burrows before hoes trade for someone like Kelce, while moving down in the draft after finishing in last place in 2020.

Burrows before Hoes – If I am being completely honest, I will be wrong in my take on this trade. After finishing in 12th place in this league, I expected this trade to be the other way around with the team on the edge of the playoffs trading down in the draft to get Kelce. All of that said this roster could have had Saquon Barkley, Michael Thomas, and Kenny Golladay on it that I am not seeing that would make this trade make perfect sense. Even if that is not the case and his roster is still somewhat bare, he can trade all 3 players he received for a hefty haul. My main issue with this side of the deal is Kelce’s age and the fact he may be on the decline by the time this roster is ready to compete, as well as trading out of the number 3 spot where a stud will surely be waiting.

Quaranteam – I personally feel that Quaranteam did an excellent job with this trade setting himself up great for the future. I also think that he did one of the hardest things in fantasy, which is to sell a player like Kelce after squeaking into the playoffs last season, instead of holding him and being stuck in the middle again. Looking at this side of the deal Quaranteam got younger, cheaper, moved up in the draft, and did not lose much in terms of talent coming back to their roster. I love that he was able to get Brown, a young tight end in Engram, and moved up 5 spots in the 1st round all while getting significantly cheaper salaries and potentially saving himself from having to drop a quality player for salary reasons. I feel getting the number 3 pick back was the key in this trade which gives this owner so much freedom figuring out which way to go in the draft. He could even take Kelce’s replacement in Kyle Pitts, which would save him significant cap space at the position.

Trade #3

WLN Savages – Record 4-9, finished 11th place.
  • Received – WR Bryan Edwards (3 years, $1,173,113 per year), WR Brandon Aiyuk (3 years, $3,132,835 per year), 2022 2nd round pick 2023, 3rd round pick, 2021 1st round pick #10
Havana Club 79 – Record 9-4, finished in 2nd place.
  • Received – WR Keenan Allen (4 years, $20,025,000 per year), 2021 1st round pick #2
Winner – Both

Out of all three trades this one was by far the easiest to figure out, to the point I can see what kind of rosters each owner has in my head. I feel both owners went into this trade with a plan and executed their plan to perfection. This is a classic trade between a rebuilding owner and an owner who is ready to compete.

WLN Savages – The owner of WLN has taken the first and hardest step, admitting it is time to rebuild. I know looking at this deal some may say why would a rebuilding owner move down 7 picks in the rookie draft and at first, I thought the same, but after deeper digging it, all makes sense. WLN has no use for an aging receiver like Allen and was potentially going to cut him for salary purposes. Instead of outright dropping Allen, they went out and found a trade instead of netting nothing for him. Yes, the trade did come with a price of moving back in the 1st, but he was also able to get a young stud in Aiyuk who may be getting a huge upgrade at QB and came on extremely strong at the end of last season, Edwards who the Raiders love but had a disappointing 2020, a 2022 2nd round pick and an extra 3rd round pick in 2023. Overall, I feel WLN will be happy with this trade if they can turn the #10 overall pick into fantasy points.

Havana Club 79 – Is there a more painful way to end the fantasy season than finishing in 2nd place? It is something that will send you into the offseason ready to wheel and deal in hopes of making that last upgrade that gets you over the hump. I love the fact that it seems Havana Club 79 is not willing to overpay for players that might help him win. In all honesty, Allen is not a massive upgrade over Aiyuk if he can stay healthy but nonetheless, it is an upgrade. When you are competing for championships sometimes that is all you need is a few extra points. The fact Havana Club 79 was able to get a top tier receiver with a stud QB and move up to #3 in the draft is a big-time haul for someone ready to win. If Allen stays healthy and Havana gets the 3rd overall pick correct, he should be competing for a championship next season, maybe even the Chase for the Ring.


As I mentioned earlier, please do not hold me hostage if we disagree on these trades, but please do contact me on Twitter so we can discuss them. In any sports fantasy league, trading is one of the most crucial factors of winning or rebuilding and other owner’s opinions are directly correlated to this aspect. When trading you must know what the other owner wants and/or needs to get a deal done quickly, you also should try to understand how they value certain players before sending offers. If anyone of you have ever tried to rebuild a team using only your players and draft picks then you know exactly how monumental of a task it is to correctly complete, and not one I recommend trying.

What I am trying to say here is do not get discouraged because you were turned down twice because other owners think Corey Davis stinks and you want too much for him, in these cases send out a few messages and try again. Overall if you want to have a fun and fast rebuild, I highly recommend trading when there is a good deal in front of you, or that you start some trade conversations to get deals going yourself. You will be surprised how much 2 or 3 messages can change the outlook and understanding of any trade. I hope this was something you all enjoyed and gained a little knowledge from. As always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring quest!

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