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Week 14 Recap: A New Season

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

Welcome to the Dynasty Owner Playoffs! After an off-season of the NFL Scouting Combine, free agent signings, the NFL draft (officially known as the Player Selection Meeting), Organized Team Activities (OTAs), training camps and three pre-season games, the NFL regular season has taken up 14 consecutive weeks with each team playing 13 games.

Dynasty Owners in established leagues had to deal with free agent signings altering the salaries of the players on their team and a 7-day window to keep or drop players signing a new contract. After that the first ever three round rookie drafts were held followed by several months of waiting for the regular season to start. New Dynasty Owner leagues had start-up drafts and depending on when they drafted, months, weeks or days of waiting for the regular season to start. Once the season started, it was a 14-week sprint that seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Now, it’s a whole new season for Dynasty Owners. It’s the Playoffs! Cue the iconic Jim Mora clip, which I honestly could watch over and over. For Dynasty Owners who made the playoffs and even those who are in the Loser’s bracket, it’s a whole new season. A quick, single-elimination season that lasts between one and three games and ends with one ultimate winner – the Chase for the Ring Champion – and a lot of individual League Champions. Even the winners of the Loser’s bracket get something as well – a bonus first round pick (the 1.13 pick) and a free Amnesty Provision. The Chase for the Ring Champion gets their own Ring, a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (and much more), and immortalized in Dynasty Owner history. The League Champions all get $100 million Dynasty Dollars and those in paid leagues get 50% of the total league prize pool (either $300 or $600 depending on the buy-in amount). Plus, bragging rights for an entire year. Don’t discount the bragging rights.

Playoffs are a distinctly American sports invention. A new season of games after a full season of games have been played. Just ask the non-American Dynasty Owners (there are plenty of them) about how the major European football leagues (aka soccer) crown their champions. Each team in those leagues plays every team in the league twice (once at home and once on the road) and the team with the most points at the end of the regular season is declared the winner. If two teams are tied for the most points, then there are a lot of ways to determine the champion, such as head-to-head record, goal differential, etc. None of the methods actually involve the two teams tied at the top actually playing a game to determine the winner.

With all that said, it’s time for the Dynasty Owner playoffs. Half of the teams in each league made it and the other half didn’t and can start thinking about rebuilding while trying to win that extra first round draft pick. Congratulations and good luck to everyone with a playoff team.

Two teams who have to be the favorites to be their League Champion and also have a good chance to win the Chase for the Ring are our two remaining undefeated teams – DynastyTradeSchool (Mad Minshew) and Detroit’s Finest. Let’s see how they finished off the regular season.

Team NameLeagueWeek 14 ResultChase PositionChange
DynastyTradeSchool (Mad Minshew)27458Win3rdNone
Detroit’s Finest74733Win13thUp 2

After three consecutive weeks of having an undefeated team go down to defeat, neither of the two remaining undefeated teams lost in Week 14. In fact, neither team was seriously in danger of losing in the final week of the regular season. Both will have a well-deserved bye in the first round of the playoffs and start their playoff journey in Week 16. As the first seed in their leagues, they will face the lowest ranked first round winner. 

I will take suggestions for the Match-up of the Week for the playoffs, but will likely focus on some of the top rated teams in the Chase for the Ring and spotlight those playoff games that are anticipated to be close. One of the top teams in the Chase finished in third place in their League and thus will have to face an opponent in the first round of the playoffs. Their game may be the choice for Match-up of the Week this week, but there may be additional games highlighted so if you have a suggestion, let me know on Twitter (@SteveVT33).

All stats cited are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

Standard Dynasty Owner scoring for kickers gives you 1 point for every extra point, while a missed extra point will cost you 1 point. It’s 2 points for a field goal of between 0 and 39 yards, 4 points for a field goal between 40 and 49 yards and 5 points for a field goal of 50 yards or longer. A missed field goal of between 0 and 39 yards will cost you 3 points, while a miss of 40 yards or more is a loss of 2 points.

For the purposes of this article, ADP and Dynasty Owner rostered percentage statistics were current as of the morning of December 14th.

Dynasty Owner Player of the Week

Our fourteenth Dynasty Owner Player of the Week for 2021 is our second two-time winner of the award this year. Our winner this week is: Josh Allen

There were four players this week with over 40.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Three of them won their NFL games this week and the fourth was Josh Allen. Allen had 44.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (308 passing yards, 2 passing TDs, 109 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 1 INT) and earned two yardage bonuses that netted his Dynasty Owners an additional 3.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. The bonus points pushed him ahead of the other three players with over 40.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (Tom Brady, Dalvin Cook and Aaron Rodgers). If it wasn’t for those bonus points, the G.O.A.T. would have won this honor for the second consecutive week. Despite all of Allen’s heroics in bringing the Bills back from a 24-3 halftime deficit to tie the game, he wasn’t able to lead his team to victory as the Bills lost 33-27 to the Buccaneers in overtime. He has three games with over 40.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points already this season and a total of ten games over the past two seasons. This week was a great bounce back performance for Allen after scoring only 14.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in windy conditions in Week 13 and moved him up to the third high scorer in Dynasty Owner for the season.

Week 14 Points: 44.3

2021 Salary: $5,295,760

Cost per Point: $119,543

Congratulations to Josh on winning his second Dynasty Owner Player of the Week honor of the 2021 season and the fourth one of his career. He still trails Patrick Mahomes in total wins, but is tied with him this season.

Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week

Because this is Dynasty Owner and we’re all looking for value from the players on our roster, we also have the Value Player of the Week. The fourteenth Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week for the 2021 season is someone who almost won two weeks ago and finally breaks through this week: Hunter Renfrow

Renfrow was nearly the Value Player of the Week back in Week 12. His cost per point was only $776 higher than that week’s winner (Elijah Mitchell). Renfrow also had a solid Week 13 performance but was not as close to matching Deonte Harris as he was to Mitchell. In Week 14, Renfrow had his third consecutive 100 yard receiving game and added a TD to score 27.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (13 receptions, 117 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 1 fumble – lost, 6 return yards). On a side note, why is Las Vegas letting their best receiver return punts? Seriously, why risk having him get hurt? I don’t get it. Anyway, Renfrow is now the WR12 for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season with a total of 203.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy and has turned himself into easily the Raiders most reliable receiver with Darren Waller out. He is also a leading contender for the Value Player of the Year award with just the Dynasty Owner playoffs remaining.

Week 14 Points: 27.9

2021 Salary: $708,987

Cost per Point: $25,412

Congratulations Hunter on the first Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week honor of your career. There may be more to come next year as he still has one year remaining on his contract.

Honorable mention this week to Baltimore TE Mark Andrews. Andrews is the other main contender for Value Player of the Year as he has officially moved ahead of Travis Kelce as the TE1 for the Dynasty Owner season. His $863,290 salary is still in effect this year, but jumps to $14 million per year for the 2022 season. Andrews definitely earned his raise as he scored more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Renfrow (28.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points from 11 receptions for 115 receiving yards and a receiving TD), but had a cost per point almost $5,000 higher. It’s Andrews’ second game of the year with 11 receptions and all he did in the last one was score 44.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. That performance should have won him the Week 5 Value Player of the Week award, but he was not credited with a 3 point clutch scoring bonus until after Tuesday and thus, was deemed to have been slightly less of a value than Myles Gaskin that week. It’s a shame because Andrews has never been awarded the Value Player of the Week despite finishing as TE6 in 2020 and TE5 in 2019.

Week 14 Points: 28.5

2021 Salary: $863,290

Cost per Point: $30,291

Players Who Should Have Been Starters This Week

Next, we look at those players who should have been one of your Starters based on their performance in Week 14. These are players who might normally be on your Bench or Practice Squad (with two of them appearing on only a few Dynasty Owner rosters), but likely weren’t Starters in Week 14 when they should have been.

QB: Jimmy Garoppolo (SF) – 29.1 points

It was widely expected that Jimmy G was just a caretaker QB, holding on to the position for the 49ers until rookie Trey Lance was ready to take over. And when Jimmy got hurt in Week 4 and Lance took over and played better, the calls for Lance to take over grew louder. Lance played in Week 5 but was hurt and so after the 49ers bye in Week 6, Jimmy was back under center in Week 7 and hasn’t looked back. He was awful in that Week 7 game in poor weather conditions, but since then he’s averaging 23.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game and hasn’t scored fewer than 14.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in a single game. In Week 14, he had 29.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (296 yards passing, 2 passing TDs, 3 rushing yards, 1 fumble). The final TD was a clutch scoring event, a 12-yard pass to Brandon Aiyuk in overtime to win the game for the 49ers. He seems to have quieted the calls for Lance to take over as the 49ers’ Starting QB and should have been in the Starting lineup for the Dynasty Owners in the 5.9% of leagues in which he’s on a roster.

RB: Rashaad Penny (SEA) – 28.8 points

It’s finally here. No, I’m not talking about the Dynasty Owner playoffs. I’m talking about the Rashaad Penny breakout that some people have been waiting for since Penny entered the league in 2018. Sure, he had a pair of 100 yard rushing games (one in 2018 and one in 2019), but those were quickly followed by injuries and a lack of production that have kept him from playing in nearly half (28 out of 61) of the games in his NFL career. Even after only playing in three games in 2020 with just 3.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, he was still drafted with an ADP of 189.4 in 2021 start-up drafts. Time will tell if his 28.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy point performance (137 rushing yards, 2 rushing TD, 1 reception, 1 receiving yard) this week was the start of something big or another tease of greatness. Either way, there are plenty of Dynasty Owners with Penny and his $2.69 million salary on their rosters (88.2% of leagues) who will be willing to give him a shot in their first round playoff game. Hopefully they did the same in Week 14 and had him in their Starting lineup.

Special shout-out to his older brother Elijhaa Penny who had his second TD of the 2021 season and first 2-pt conversion of his career for the New York Giants. Elijhaa had 10.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (8 rushing yards, 1 reception, 3 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 1 2-pt conversion) in Week 14.

WR: Jakeem Grant (CHI) – 21.4 points

It’s two consecutive weeks with a TD for Jakeem Grant who has revitalized his career with the Chicago Bears since being traded from the Dolphins back in early October. It’s been four weeks now that Grant has been involved to some extent in the Bears’ offense and not just returning kicks. This past week, he had only two touches on offense, but returned a punt 97 yards for a TD. Grant filled up the stat sheet against the Packers on Sunday Night Football and totaled 21.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (5 rushing yards, 1 reception, 46 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, 131 return yards, 1 return TD). This comes on the heels of a 17.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy point performance in Week 13. Grant is only rostered in 2.96% of Dynasty Owner leagues, but his salary is now a more reasonable amount ($2.3 million) than it was when he was on Miami ($4.925 million). He ranks second in punt return yards with 303 and has the only punt return TD for the season. His punt return yardage and TD points should have been a part of Dynasty Owner Starting lineups in Week 14.

TE: Albert Okwuegbunam (DEN) – 15.1 points

The Starting lineup worthy performance from Albert O that I predicted back in Week 12 finally came about in Week 14 as he had a career high 15.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (5 receptions, 41 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD). That was one more reception, but 10 fewer yards than Noah Fant who had the most receiving yards for Denver in the Broncos’ 38-10 victory over the Lions. Albert O caught all five of his targets in the game and has caught an impressive 28 out his 32 targets this season. His performance was obviously overshadowed by the games that George Kittle and Mark Andrews produced in Week 14 (34.1 and 28.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points respectively), but it was still good enough for him to be the TE4 for the week. He should have been in the Starting lineup for his Dynasty Owners.

K: Cairo Santos (CHI) – 13.0 points

In his best game of the 2021 season, Cairo Santos made six kicks and had 13.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 FG of 39 yards or less, 2 FGs of 40-49 yards and 3 PATs). He started his scoring off with a 23-yard FG in the first quarter, then had all three of his PATs in the second quarter along with a 44-yard FG with no time remaining in the first half. He finished his scoring with a 43-yard FG with under two minutes left in the game, but since Chicago was trailing by 18 points at the time, it was not a clutch scoring event. Prior to this week, Santos had only scored 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points twice and was averaging only 4.75 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game, so 13.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points was quite the unexpected game from Santos. If Santos is on your Dynasty Owner roster (75.15% rostered), hopefully you got him into your Starting lineup.

Players Who Should Have Been on the Bench or Practice Squad

For every player who should have been in your Starting lineup but wasn’t, we have at least one highly drafted or highly ranked player who probably was in your Starting lineup, but would have been better left on your Bench or Practice Squad. Here are some likely Starters who scored only a few or zero (no negative point games this week) Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 14. All of them should have been riding your Dynasty Owner Bench or hanging out on the Practice Squad.

QB: Dak Prescott (DAL) – 11.0 points

Dak Prescott is trending in the wrong direction coming into the final couple of weeks of the NFL regular season and the Dynasty Owner playoffs. It’s difficult for his Dynasty Owners to have as a full team of quality players on their roster when they have Dak’s $40 million contract eating up over 30% of their salary cap. In the past four weeks, he has only scored an average of 15.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. He had fewer points this week with only 11.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (211 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 15 rushing yards, 2 INTs, 1 fumble) in the Cowboys road victory over Washington. One of the problems for Dak is that he has turned the ball over six times (5 INTs and 1 lost fumble) in those four games. Hopefully you had another quality QB on your Dynasty Owner roster and were able to leave Dak on your Bench this week.

RB: James Robinson (JAC) – 0.4 points

As I said on Twitter, I’m taking a victory lap on this one as I called Robinson as my Bench RB because I wasn’t confident that Urban Meyer would actually get the ball to Robinson more after saying that he needed to do so. The end result was that Jacksonville only ran the ball eight times for eight yards in the entire game with Robinson having six rushing attempts for four yards (0.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). He was also not targeted in the passing game despite being on the field for 35 of the Jaguars’ 55 plays. Jacksonville was only trailing 10-0 at halftime with 74 yards of total offense at the half. Jacksonville had four rushing attempts (3 by Robinson and 1 on third down and 8 by Carlos Hyde) compared to 15 passing attempts. In the Jaguars’ first two drives of the second half with the team still down 10-0, they attempted nine passes and only ran the ball twice. It’s not as bad as having Carlos Hyde having more snaps and touches than Robinson as happened last week, but it’s definitely still bad and not what Meyer said he was going to do. That’s why I correctly predicted that Robinson should be on your Dynasty Owner Bench this week.

WR: Darnell Mooney (CHI) – 2.9 points

Since the Chicago Bears aren’t exactly a high-volume offense, despite scoring a season-high 30 points this past week against Green Bay, they can only handle one or two fantasy relevant position players per week at most. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find Bears WR Darnell Mooney in this section after seeing Jakeem Grant profiled earlier (and having Damiere Byrd score 15.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Heading into Week 14, Darnell Mooney was the WR24 in Dynasty Owner with 153.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 12 games (12.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game). However, he only had 2.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 19 yards) in Week 14. That was just a slight bit worse than Allen Robinson had in his return to the Bears lineup (2 receptions for 14 yards and 3.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Mooney might have been the only Bears WR who Dynasty Owners felt comfortable having in their Starting lineup, but he ended up being someone who should have been on your Bench.

Dishonorable mention to Terry McLaurin of the Washington Football Team. McLaurin had a Blutarsky (0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) on four targets in a little over a half of football before being ruled out with a concussion. There’s no telling if he would have done anything in the second half or continued with his lack of production. The unwritten rule is to not put injured players here since their lack of Dynasty Owner fantasy points is likely due to the injury, but since McLaurin had over half of the game to step up and didn’t, he merits a dishonorable mention.

TE: Dalton Schultz (DAL) – 1.4 points

Dalton Schultz didn’t play well against the Washington Football Team during the 2020 season, but with Andy Dalton at QB for both games, I discounted those performances and didn’t pick Schultz as a Bench option this week. In those 2020 games, Schultz had 7.4 and 4.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, but with Dak Prescott at QB this week, the Football Team held Schultz to even fewer points. Schultz was only targeted three times and ended up with just 1.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 4 yards). Everyone with Schultz on their Dynasty Owner roster should keep this in mind as the Cowboys and Football Team play again on Sunday Night Football in two weeks during the Dynasty Owner playoffs. Even though he’ll likely still be a top 12 TE at that point, he could be a candidate for the Bench, just as he should have been this week.

K: Chris Boswell (PIT) – 0.0 points

Boswell came into Week 14 in a tie with Daniel Carlson and Justin Tucker as the #2 kicker in Dynasty Owner, behind only Nick Folk. He dropped down to a tie with Greg Joseph and Matt Gay as the #5 kicker with his Blutarsky (0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) this week. Boswell missed a 49-yard FG in his first attempt of the day (after Joseph missed a 53-yard FG) then watched the Vikings score 29 straight points. He did make two PAT attempts after the Steelers’ first two TDs, but with his team down 15 points early in the fourth quarter, the Steelers started to try 2-pt conversions instead of extra points and Boswell never got another chance to kick. Despite missing only four kicks this season (2 PATs and 2 FGs), Boswell is only rostered in two-thirds (66.3%) of Dynasty Owner leagues. That’s likely because of his $4.2 million contract combined with finishing as the #26 kicker in 2020 with only 83.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 13 games played (6.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game). He has improved considerably this year and been performing well enough to be in your Starting lineup on a weekly basis with an average of 8.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (108.0 points in 13 games) per week. Hopefully he wasn’t in your Starting lineup this week, but sitting on your Bench or Practice Squad.

Dishonorable mention to Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson who received a 4-year, $18.4 million contract extension earlier in the week, then proceeded to miss a PAT attempt and make a 26-yard FG in the Chiefs 48-9 beatdown of the Raiders. Carlson had 1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point, which was more than Chris Boswell, so he’s still ahead of Boswell and ranked as the #4 kicker in Dynasty Owner, behind Justin Tucker, Nick Folk and Bengals rookie Evan McPherson. Tucker was tied with Carlson and Boswell coming into this week, but scored 15.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to move into the top spot. Hopefully everyone with Carlson in Dynasty Owner decided to leave him on the Bench and had another kicker who scored more points this week.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week Recap – Doobey’s Misfits vs. Cmans Crew

In a playoff play-in game in League #61834, Cmans Crew defeated Doobey’s Misfits by 19.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to finish 8-6, claim the #6 seed and a first round playoff game against FitzMagic. Doobey’s Misfits finished the season with a 7-7 record and will have one of the two first round byes in the Loser’s bracket tournament.

Cmans Crew came into Monday Night Football with a six point edge (94.48 to 88.48) with only Matthew Stafford to play against a trio of players in the Starting lineup for Doobey’s Misfits (Sony Michel, DeAndre Hopkins and Tyler Higbee). Higbee was ruled out of the Monday night game a few hours prior and placed on the COVID-19 reserve list, but he would have needed to score over 19.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to have made up the deficit. Stafford had 31.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and Michel and Hopkins combined for only 18.3 points to give Cmans Crew the victory.

Stafford was the leading scorer for Cmans Crew followed by Najee Harris with 25.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and Robby Anderson with 21.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. They were able to overcome zero points from their Starting kicker Tristan Vizcaino and a weak performance all around by their Bench to win. For Doobey’s Misfits, Justin Herbert had 33.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, but Higbee ended up with zero points and four of their other Starters (Josh Jacobs, Sony Michel, A.J. Dillon and Ryan Succop) had less than 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. If Cmans Crew can prevail over FitzMagic in the first round, a playoff semi-finals match-up with Burrows before hoes who rank 82nd in the Chase for the Ring awaits them.

Chase for the Ring Leaderboard

Burrows before hoes has another team (League #27443) in 15th place in the Top 25 of the Chase for the Ring standings who will need to get past another Top 10 team to win that League and keep their hopes for the Ring alive. With the regular season over, these are the Top 10 teams who will be immortalized on the 2021 Regular Season Leaderboard.

There wasn’t a lot of movement in and out of the Top 10 in the final week of the regular season, but there was quite a bit of internal movement. SKOL Vikings (League #31927) had a big week and moved into first place. They now have a 34.1 point lead over The Road Warriors who dropped back into second. Both DynastyTradeSchool (Mad Minshew) and Havana Club 79 won and remained in third and fourth place. Both Richie Incognito and ODBs won their final game as well and stayed in ninth and tenth place respectively. Richie Incognito is the other League #27443 team in the Chase standings with Burrows before hoes.

We had two teams change positions in the Top 10 with Blaze’s Backyard Burners losing and falling back from fifth to seventh place. SKOL Vikings (League #31831) had a huge victory and moved up from seventh place into fifth place.

We also had two teams move into the Top 10 and two teams fall back out. Interestingly, the teams in both instances changed places in the standings. All Might lost their game and fell six places, from sixth place to twelfth place. In their place, juan blanco moved up from twelfth place to sixth place. Oh God Dalvins Cookin fell three positions down to eleventh place, while John Boy’s Bolts went up three positions into eighth place. Both juan blanco and John Boy’s Bolts are returning to the Top 10 as they were both there after Week 12.

While everyone should continue to set their Starting lineup in the first round of the playoffs and Loser’s Bracket tournament, it is more important for these Ring contenders to do so. Even though it’s a new season, the points from the first round of the playoffs count in the Chase for the Ring standings.


Now that Week 14 is over and in the books, it’s time for a whole new season – Playoff season. Every Dynasty Owner team that makes the six-team playoffs, regardless of whether they are the #1 seed and had a perfect 14-0 regular season record or made the playoffs with a 6-8 or 7-7 record can be crowned their League Champion. And every League Champion is in the competition to be the Chase for the Ring Champion.

Now that the playoffs are here, hopefully your team can perform well enough to win the two or three games in this new season that it needs to give you the title of 2021 Dynasty Owner League Champion. I’m gunning for it in both of the leagues that I made the playoffs in and also trying to secure the extra first round pick by setting my best possible lineup in the two leagues that I’m in the Loser’s bracket. All Dynasty Owners should make sure to set their lineups this week, especially those of you with aspirations to win the Ring.

Every week during the three-week Dynasty Owner playoffs, Dynasty Owners get the following content to help them in their quest to win their League and compete in the Chase for the Ring. First, we have Jay Pounds doing the Monday Night Football preview on Monday afternoons. His Free Agent Auction targets article and video appears on Tuesdays as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk continues his Wednesday article and video series and then is back on Thursday afternoon with his Thursday Night Football preview. Finally, my article and video previewing the rest of the weekly slate of games will appear on Friday. Check it out to see how my Week 14 recommendations fared and what teams are featured in the first playoff Match-up of the Week.

Please read all of our articles, watch our videos on YouTube or listen to them wherever you get your podcasts. Don’t forget follow all three of us plus Dynasty Owner on Twitter as well. Thanks, and have a great day!

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