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Jay’s 2021 Dynasty Owner Awards

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By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

What’s up Dynasty Owners? Welcome back to another article. Why you ask? As I said in my previous video, Dynasty Owner is like the Las Vegas of fantasy football, we never sleep! Before we start diving into the off-season full swing, I have one last article for all of you strictly regarding the 2021 NFL season.

In today’s article, I will be giving out my personal Dynasty Owner awards for the 2021 season and if you remember back to my awards article for the 2020 season, I will be giving all the awards goofy names again to make it fun. Before jumping into the article, I will hit you all with a slightly different version of Jay’s weekly recap called, Jay’s playoff preview. I figured with the last week of the season virtually meaningless for many teams we will skip Week 18 and dive right into the playoffs instead.

In the AFC’s first round we have three matchups. The Chiefs vs Steelers, Raiders vs Bengals, and the Patriots vs Bills. Let’s start with the Chiefs vs Steelers. A few weeks back these two teams met, and it was an absolute rout by the Chiefs in which I saw very little to be optimistic about as a Steelers fan heading into the playoffs. Chiefs win and it will likely be by a lot! The Raiders vs Bengals does not feel like it should be a close game, but as the Raiders have shown they will not back down from anyone. All of that said I am still taking Joe Burrow and the Bengals. In what is sure to be a phenomenal game we have my favorite matchup in the AFC, the Patriots vs Bills. I really hate betting against Bill Belichick or Tom Brady, but I have the Bills winning this matchup on the back of Josh Allen. The Hoodie will keep his team in it, but I don’t think Mac Jones is ready to win a playoff game in Buffalo just yet.

In the NFC, we have two intriguing matchups and one I don’t feel will be all that close. In the first game we have the Cardinals vs Rams and I feel this will be a fantastic game to watch. Ultimately, I feel this will come down to Matthew Stafford taking care of the football and I feel he does just that, getting the Rams one victory closer to a home game in the Super Bowl. In the other matchup I feel will be an extremely close game we have the Cowboys vs 49ers, with the Cowboys coming out on top. Dak Prescott has been fantastic at home this season and it continues into Week 1 of the playoffs. Finally, we have Tom Brady’s Bucs vs Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Remember how I said one NFC matchup won’t be all that close? Tom Brady will make Philly fans pay this week for beating him years ago in Super Bowl LII.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for, me to shut up and get to Jay’s 2021 Dynasty Owner Awards.

For this article, DOFP stands for Dynasty Owner fantasy points and DD/PT stands for Dynasty Dollars per point, which is the player’s salary divided by the number of DOFP he scored.

The Terry Bradshaw Award: Jay’s Top QB

I named this the Terry Bradshaw award because let’s be honest, he is the best to ever do it at the quarterback position. Yes, I am a biased Steelers fan and in no way being serious. I say this non-stop, and I will continue to say it, quarterbacks are Dynasty Owner gold. In contention for this award there were only two clear contenders, Justin Herbert, and Josh Allen. Herbert had a fantastic season and a strong argument to win this award, but Josh Allen has the slightly cheaper contract and a better DD/PT giving him the edge. Allen did take a step back passing this season, but more than made up for it with his legs making him Dynasty Owner’s top dawg at the QB position.

Winner – Josh Allen

Josh AllenQB$5,295,760503.3$10,522

The LaDainian Tomlinson Award: Jay’s Top RB

I named this the LaDainian Tomlinson award because I have never seen a better fantasy back in all my years playing. No jokes with this name. The top running back this season was extremely clear with only one in serious contention. The man at the top was none other than Jonathan Taylor. Taylor had a monster 2021 campaign and looks poised to be the RB1 for years to come.

Winner – Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan TaylorRB$1,957,287389.1$5,030

The Wonderful JuJu Award: Jay’s Top WR

The Wonderful JuJu award’s name was inspired by JuJu Smith-Schuster’s fantastic rookie season on such a cheap contract. JuJu would have been a fantastic player to have on your Dynasty Owner roster back in 2017 and 2018. I am sure many of you reading this are expecting Cooper Kupp to win this award, but to be honest, he was not even considered due to his $15,750,000 contract. Deebo Samuel is the winner of this award coming in at a much better value finishing nearly 7x better in the DD/PT category than his division rival Kupp. Even after his monster season, Cooper Kupp finished 2021 with a $35,779 DD/PT compared to Samuel’s $5,343. Contracts matter in Dynasty Owner.

Winner – Deebo Samuel

Deebo SamuelWR$1,811,869339.1$5,343

The Mike Ditka Award: Jay’s Top TE

The fourth award on this list pays tribute to Mike Ditka’s unbelievable rookie season and my team’s name in fantasy football, team Suck My Ditka. The Mike Ditka award is another award where the winner had no true competition. Mark Andrews was head and shoulders the best tight end in 2021 because of his insanely cheap contract, paired with his top tier production. Obviously having the Number 1 scoring tight end is a huge positional advantage in Dynasty Owner but Andrews gave you so much more value than someone like Travis Kelce because of his sub $1,000,000 contract compared to Kelce’s $14,312,500 deal.

Winner – Mark Andrews

Mark AndrewsTE$863,290303.1$2,848

The Real MVP Award: Top Kicker

The Real MVP award should be self-explanatory as we all know close games almost always come down to one man’s leg. The winner of this award was none other than the mini–G.O.A.T. himself, Matt Gay. Gay was an extremely reliable kicker on a very good offense making him the best kicker to roster in Dynasty Owner. Gay was such a value he finished with a better DD/PT than Josh Allen.

Winner – Matt Gay

Matt GayK$762,500133.0$5,733

The Dollar Tree Award: Jay’s Favorite Value

The Dollar Tree award was inspired by the tremendous values you can find at the Dollar Tree. The winner of the best value in all of Dynasty Owner was Mr. Third and Renfrow himself, Hunter Renfrow. Before the 2021 season, you could have acquired Renfrow for roughly a third round pick and when you pair that with his cheap salary and excellent production you get your value of 2021. Renfrow finished as the WR10 overall and finished at an amazing $2,708 DD/PT and would have been considered for the top WR but a slow-ish start kept him from obtaining the crown.

Winner – Hunter Renfrow

Hunter RenfrowWR$708,987261.8$2,708

The Future Baker Mayfield Award: Dynasty Owner’s Worst Value

(min 12 games played)

The Future Baker Mayfield award is Dynasty Owner’s worst value and was inspired by the thoughts of the Browns paying Baker Mayfield north of $30,000,000 in the coming years. In 2021, there was one player that was highly rostered, expensive, and a massive letdown. That player was Allen Robinson. Allen Robinson went into 2021 with high hopes playing on the franchise tag and it turned out to be a massive failure. Robinson finished tied as the WR86 on the season and only scored a measly 87.0 DOFP while playing in 12 games.

Winner – Allen Robinson

Allen RobinsonWR$17,880,00087.0$205,517

The Elon Musk Award: Jay’s Favorite Big Money Player

I couldn’t do an awards article in 2021 without mentioning Cooper Kupp, thus the Elon Musk award was born. The Elon Musk award is given to a highly paid player who produces unhuman results. Cooper Kupp finished the 2021 season scoring an astonishing 440.2 DOFP and did not let any of our Dynasty Owners who rostered him down. I also see no reason to believe we won’t see an encore come 2022. I think it’s fair to say Kupp was a value even at $15,750,00 per year.

Winner – Cooper Kupp

Cooper KuppWR$15,750,000440.2$35,779

The Justin Jefferson Award: Jay’s Top Rookie

Up next, we have another award name that has no joke tied to it and that is the Justin Jefferson award, which goes to Dynasty Owner’s top rookie. I am sure many are expecting Ja’Marr Chase to win this award but unfortunately for you, I am the author of this article, and I am biased towards Pittsburgh players. The best rookie in all of Dynasty Owner in 2021 was Steelers running back Najee Harris. In all fairness, Najee finished at $10,635 DD/PT while Chase finished over double at $23,990. If I am being honest, I would no doubt take Chase over Harris long term and even as a contender heading into 2022. The main reason I chose Harris over Chase for this award is because running back was such a crapshoot this season.

Winner – Najee Harris

Najee HarrisRB$3,261,862306.7$10,635

The Tempur-Pedic Award: Biggest Potential Sleeper Moving Forward

I have to say I think this may be my favorite award name of the bunch. The Tempur-Pedic award is the award that will go to the biggest potential sleeper heading into this off-season. While there are certainly more than a couple players to consider for this award, I feel Davis Mills takes the cake. Mills looked solid most of the season and came on extremely strong over the last few weeks looking like a potential franchise guy. If the Texans give Mills the 2022 season to audition, he could be a huge, unexpected bonus to any Dynasty Owner roster. Mills may end up busting, but he also has a realistic chance to be one of the biggest QB values in all of Dynasty Owner come 2022.

Winner – Davis Mills

Davis MillsQB$1,304,383204.2$6,388

The Tom Brady of 2021 Award:  Jay’s 2021 MVP

Finally, we have our Tom Brady of 2021 award and the name of this award needs zero explanation. Our 2021 G.O.A.T is none other than Jonathan Taylor who is our first repeat award winner of the article and the RB1 in all of Dynasty Owner. Taylor’s season speaks for itself and anyone rostering Taylor is a very happy camper heading into the 2022 season. A quick Taylor story and my trade of the year was moving Antonio Gibson for Jonathan Taylor days before the season started in Beta Test League 4. As mentioned with Najee Harris, the volatility at the running back position makes Taylor the clear winner for this award.

Winner – Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan TaylorRB$1,957,287389.1$5,030

Thank you all for reading Jay’s 2021 Awards and please feel free to let me know on Twitter if you would have given the award to a different player and why. Stay tuned for plenty of offseason content from Steve Van Tassell, Mat “The Jerk” Morrison, Nate Christian, and myself. Steve will be covering numerous things this off-season, Matt will cover many of the player’s contract situations, Nate will cover all incoming rookies, and I will be doing things for our rebuilding owners. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring.

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