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Prospect Preview: Breece Hall

Prospect Preview: Breece Hall

Position: RB

College: Iowa State

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 220lbs

Age: 20

247 Rating: .8955 (4 Stars)

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

The prototypical running back by many standards, Breece Hall does everything well at the position. Unfortunately, he seems to fail to produce an elite talent that stands out among the rest of the position group. Being a well-sized, production heavy, do-it-all running back just doesn’t get the same ohhs nor ahhs as the speed freaks or the scatbacks.

College Production:

The only unanimous All-American in Iowa State history, Breece Hall has been one of the top college running backs since the moment he stepped on the field as a freshman. In 2019, he made an instant impact with over 1,000 scrimmage yards for the Cyclones and has never looked back, amassing 4,675 scrimmage yards over three years with 56 total touchdowns. He has a true nose for the end zone with 46 touchdowns over the past two seasons. He’s not just a bruiser either, as he’s managed 20+ receptions in every season and had a career high 36 catches in 2021. A true do-it-all back for Iowa State, he seems pro-ready heading into the NFL Draft.


  • Throwback to the Frame of the 90’s: At 6’ 1” and 220 lbs., Hall boasts a thick frame that reminds me of some of the runners from the late 90’s. He’s built to run up the middle, win at the goal line, and carry the rock at a high volume. NFL teams are going to love this as it should help him translate to the pro-level quickly.
  • Patience to Develop: When behind the line of scrimmage, Hall doesn’t just put his head down and run forward, he understands the concepts of the run game and how the blocks develop. If the hole is not open right away he does well to decide whether it’s going to open back up or if he needs to go with his plan B.
  • Two-Time All-American: The college production of running backs is usually a pretty good indicator of success at the next level. Hall has plenty of production and has shown a well-rounded skillset that should enable him to fit into most NFL offenses. Pretty close to “landing spot proof”.


  • Not Slippery: Hall’s game does not depend on elusiveness and it’s likely one of his biggest weaknesses, as he won’t make many players completely whiff on their tackles. He does do enough to step out of ankle biters and shrug off arm tackles, but he won’t be the flashy type to break defenders’ ankles in the open field.
  • Contact Balance Disappointment: While Hall does a good job of breaking through the weaker tackles, his contact balance can leave something to be desired. There are some inconsistencies throughout his tape that could be the consequence of him playing at different weights and speeds throughout his career. Overall, I’d rate it well, but when looking for the top prospect in his position, you’d like to see a bit more.
  • Athleticism?: As I will mention more about below, there are plenty of question marks around the athleticism of Hall, some founded and others not. At the end of the day the tape shows us he has enough to make it in the NFL, but the armchair scouts will look for the measurables to make their final decision of yay or nay.

Things to Watch:

The combine could make or break the consensus on Hall. We’ve seen his ability to bulk up and handle a large workload, but we’ve also seen flashes of great athleticism and balance. The combine testing number, for better or worse, will push those who are on the fence. If Hall puts up a 40-Yard dash 4.55 or below, we likely won’t hear too many complaints. If he goes above that, and into the 4.6 range, we’re going to see people bashing him for a lack of speed and acceleration. According to his past numbers he should end up in the high 4.4/low 4.5 range, but if he misses that mark, the wolves will come out.

Projected Round/Contract:  

Hall is in the running to be one of the first running backs off the board come draft day. While I doubt that any running back sneaks into the first round, there’s always a chance for a team to fall in love with a player and make a move. I would expect Hall to end up somewhere in Day 2 of the draft, in the second or third round.

I project Hall’s contract to look similar to A.J. Dillon’s ($1,321,458) from the 2020 NFL Draft. Dillon was picked at the end of the 2nd round (62nd pick) by the Green Bay Packers.

Team Fits:

First and foremost, the Miami Dolphins, and whomever they choose to be their next head coach, could use a running back like Breece Hall. The team screams for a strong running game to go with Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859) and Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498), and Hall is a running back you can work off of. With his high-volume frame, the Dolphins could better control games and use play action and a strong defense to win.

The Atlanta Falcons are another team that could use a runner like Hall in their backfield. Head coach Arthur Smith comes from Tennessee where he had the pleasure of working with Derrick Henry ($12,500,000), not that Hall compares 1:1 to Henry, but he would give that team the chance to have a true workhorse. If Smith is looking to extend the career of Matt Ryan ($30,000,000) at least one more year, then this move would make sense.

Make sure to follow Nate Christian over on Twitter at @NateNFL and check out all the work he is doing with the Dynasty Rewind (@DynastyRewind).

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