Prospect Preview: Jameson Williams

Position: WR

College: Alabama

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 189 lbs.

Age: 20

247 Rating: 0.9621

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

Alabama has been churning out NFL talent at the wide receiver position for years now, and for the 2022 NFL Draft, it will continue. But the story with Jameson Williams is a little different. After two uneventful years at Ohio State behind Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Williams found greener pastures down south. In one year with Alabama, Williams went from a no-name backup to one of the best players in all of college football. An incredible story and testament to the new-age transfer portal, a late-season injury ended his rise to fame with a slight question mark. What lies in store for one of the most electric players in the nation?

College Production:

In his two years at Ohio State, Williams totaled 15 receptions for 266 yards and 3 touchdowns. This production wasn’t painting a great future for his football career, so he decided to find another place with more opportunity. Alabama saw something in Williams and took a swing at him. It’s hard to pass on Nick Saban so Williams made the jump and immediately inserted himself into the starting lineup by August. In 2021, Williams blew past his previous seasons and collected 79 receptions for 1,572 yards and 15 touchdowns. Unfortunately, in the championship game Williams suffered a non-contact knee injury (ACL) and will no longer be able to participate in the NFL Combine or the Alabama Pro Day.


  • I Am Speed- There is no player faster on the field in this draft class than Williams. His ability to get down the field shows up in more than just his Yards After The Catch, but also in the constant separation he creates behind the safeties. It’s very impressive and something you don’t often see so consistently at that level of football. With Williams on the field, there’s always a chance to score.
  • Creates Hesitation- If you can get a corner to fall on their heels when backpedaling, you’ve won the matchup. Williams does this often. His speed and explosiveness is constantly running through the defender’s mind and the pacing of his routes and release off the line often have the corner falling back before he takes off on his route. Once he gets the first step on the defender, anything can happen.
  • Quick-Twitch- Not just a straight line kind of speedster, Williams can take screens and sweeps to the house. He’s able to break tackles and make defenders miss with his agility and impressive balance. This lets him be a weapon for the offense on all plays and can help coaches manufacture touches in any situation.


  • One-Year Wonder- As with any player who breaks out the same year they then declare for the draft, people will always nit-pick that there isn’t a history of production. Why couldn’t Williams beat out his competition at Ohio State? Why is he now considered a better prospect than some of those players? Truthfully, it’s a very complicated situation and we’ll never really know, but what he did for Alabama in 2021 was truly incredible.
  • Knee Injury- This is less of a concern overall and more of just a concern regarding his draft capital. I still believe there is no doubt he goes in Round 1, but a team may hesitate to select him where they had originally planned if he is unable to contribute much his rookie year. Will certainly be something to keep an eye on, but it shouldn’t impact his overall career.

Things to Watch:

With the knee injury and rehab, it’s unlikely we hear too much out of Williams’ camp leading up to the draft, outside of some rehab updates. He won’t have any measurables and testing numbers to compare, which is unfortunate as he would have lit up the 40-Yard Dash. As we head to the draft, just keep an ear out to make sure that he hasn’t suffered any setbacks.

Projected Round/Contract:  

Jameson Williams is a first rounder, injury or no injury. The only difference now is that he may be a value at the back half of the first round rather than a Top-10/15 kind of player. Whatever team that drafts Williams will likely have to wait a year until they get full production out of the receiver, but it will be well worth the wait. Looking at potential draft slots, his contract will likely come in around $3.5 million a year over the first four years of his rookie contract. And of course, as a first rounder he will have that extra fifth year option.

Team Fits:  

A player like Williams could excel in just about any offense or scheme. He’s not just a down-the-field burner, as he offers upside all around the field. But there are certainly a couple teams that could really use a player like him. First up is the unfortunate story of the Raiders and Henry Ruggs. It’s highly unlikely that Ruggs ever sees the field again and the Raiders have already moved on from him. They need a new receiver to pair with Hunter Renfrow ($708,987) and they have shown throughout their history they love players with speed. While having to wait a while for Williams to get healthy could turn them off, there is almost no better match for the Raiders in this draft. His ability to not only stretch the field, but create plays out of nothing, could finally give them the WR1 of their dreams. At pick 22, this could be a realistic fit.

Three teams in a row, #26 Tennessee, #27 Tampa Bay, and #28 Green Bay could all use one Jameson Williams on their squad. Tennessee has A.J. Brown ($1,413,092) on the roster but if Julio Jones ($22,000,000) can’t stay healthy then it could be time to look elsewhere. Tampa Bay has Mike Evans ($16,500,000) who is great, but with most of the rest of receiving core sitting as free agents, Williams could be a great compliment. And then you have Green Bay. With the unknown at the quarterback position, anything is on the table for them, but if they finally want to create some depth at the wideout position, Williams would be an incredible pick.

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All About Orphan and For Sale by Owner Teams

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners welcome back to another wonderful week of rebuilding with yours truly. Last week, I went ahead and broke down one of Steve Van Tassell’s teams that needs a rebuild and hopefully we pointed him in the right direction, and he was able to move Devin Singletary. We did get feedback via Twitter on Steve’s team with most being about the building blocks. I made sure to throw a Brevin Jordan curveball high and inside and some of you smashed it out of the park while giving me the old Jose Bautista bat flip in the process.

In the coming weeks I plan to do the same thing that I did for Steve with other Dynasty Owners by breaking down their teams in the hopes of giving you a wide variety of content, strategies, trade values, and much more. I initially had something else planned for next week’s article but Bryan Peck (@bbpckdancer) had questions on one of his rebuilding teams on Twitter so I will go ahead and cover his team for all to see and input on instead.

In this week’s article, I will be covering the features of the Dynasty Owner store but before we get into today’s content, I would like to give my prediction for the big game this weekend, the Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. I have to say it still doesn’t seem real having the Bengals in the Super Bowl, but I don’t think we live in a game of Madden so it must actually be happening. I did happen to see a preview of the field painted the other day and it just felt wrong to see an Ohio team’s logo on the same field as the Super Bowl logo. I guess that’s just part of being a younger football fan! Enough of the googly eyes towards the Bengals making the Super Bowl, let’s break down what I think will happen in this game. The Bengals offense has performed well this season, but in my opinion, this is a terrible matchup for them. The strength of the Bengals this season has been Ja’Marr Chase and the Rams have the one guy capable of shutting him down in Jalen Ramsey. The biggest weakness of the Bengals this season has been the offensive line. A line that allowed Joe Burrow to be sacked nine times against the Tennessee Titans. The Bengals still won the game as they somehow managed to not turn the ball over.  I have a bad feeling that if the Bengals give up more than a few sacks the outcome will be vastly different against Ramsey, Aaron Donald, Von Miller and company. Football is a game of strengths and weaknesses and I just think the Rams’ strengths play out very well against the things the Bengals struggle to do. Ultimately, I think for the Bengals to win Tee Higgins, their defense, and Joe Burrow will have to play lights out. It’s a massive game and nerves will certainly be high meaning anything can happen, but I just don’t see this Bengals team being able to match up with the Rams for 60 minutes. The Rams win the second straight home game in the Super Bowl 31-21 completing their obsession of winning a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

As mentioned earlier, the article will be all about the Dynasty Owner store and the features inside of it. The Dynasty Owner store is all about helping to keep Dynasty Owner leagues alive and creating the best user experience possible for all Dynasty Owners. This article will mainly focus on the orphan store where Dynasty Owners can buy teams that have been abandoned for some reason. Many of these teams aren’t very good and need to be rebuilt, which is exciting for someone like me who likes a good rebuild. During the coverage of orphan teams, I will also go over what you should look for in an orphan team as well as things to do shortly after buying. I will look at the available orphan teams and ask all of you for help on which team I should choose. Yes, you read that right after we have decided on a team, I will buy the team and begin rebuilding it through articles and videos beginning two weeks from now. Finally, we’ll take a look at the For Sale by Owner store, which has more teams available in it for people more interested in taking over a more established team that might not need as much work.

How to Pick an Orphan Team

A question I don’t see a whole lot is people asking about is what to look for when picking out an orphan team to rebuild. If I am being completely honest with you, there is nowhere near a correct answer to any version of this question and really comes down to personal preference. If you are looking to buy an orphan team, the main thing that you should look for is what you want and what I mean by that is how much of a challenge do you want with this team that you are about to rebuild. When buying an orphan team several things factor into how quick you can rebuild the team but the one thing that stands out more than anything else as most important, but happens to be completely out of your control, is how active your new league mates will be when it comes to making trades. However, by taking over an orphan team, you can help rejuvenate a league with a fresh outlook and desire to make deals. Just beware that in an orphan rebuild your goals may take much longer and become much harder to obtain when trades happen at the rate of an elderly 100-meter dash. I am going to assume not many are like me and look for the toughest rebuild available so I will give you a few tips on what to look for.

When looking for a good orphan team to rebuild the first major thing to look for is the team’s building blocks at the quarterback, tight end, and wide receiver positions just as we went over with Steve’s team last week. In any rebuild, building blocks are the most important thing as the foundation of your roster. It is no different than rebuilding your own team. After I declare my building blocks, I then start looking for players who are a little older but will still fetch significant value in a trade, which is important when it comes to speeding a rebuild up. A player like Devante Adams is someone you would want to trade quickly and in return he will bring back great future value for your roster. In all fantasy football formats, rookie picks are important, but Dynasty Owner especially puts a premium on rookie picks because of the salary cap and the cheaper contracts that comes with players on their rookie deal. In other words, when rebuilding try to trade Travis Kelce for future picks or Pat Freiermuth and future picks. Another important thing to look at when selecting an orphan team is the salary cap situation. The last thing you want to do is select an orphan team that has four players who can’t be traded and need to be dropped using an Amnesty Provision. Salary cap hell and rebuilding do not mix all that well. The last major thing you want to look at is the future draft capital the team has. I will never recommend a rebuilding orphan teams with no future picks because you will look like the Rams come 2026. If you happen to buy an orphan, please feel free to let me know what your plans and goals are for your newly purchased orphan team on Twitter.

Help me pick my New Orphan Team

It is rebuilding time folks! Not that I am currently rebuilding three teams already or anything. What can I say, it is my favorite part of fantasy football because it forces me to be much more engaged in making moves. In the orphan store, we are currently down to just four teams as they have been flying off the shelves since the end of the 2021 season. In other words, we may have to act quickly when acquiring the new team. When selecting this team, I will take any consideration from you, but I do have a few requirements. Actually, that’s not true. I have zero requirements and don’t care how daunting of a rebuild it is, we will find a way to get it done in a reasonable time frame!

Instead of breaking down these orphan rosters in the article, I want to encourage all of you to check out each of the orphan teams in the store and let me know which team you think I should choose. Be sure to check the team’s future draft capital as well. If you do want to see an in-depth look at each roster by me, please check out the video associated with this article for the breakdown.

Teams For Sale by Owner

Another method to get more involved in Dynasty Owner without having to draft a bunch of start-up teams is to look and buy one of the For Sale by Owner team. It’s a place to help make sure that Dynasty Owner leagues don’t have an inactive Dynasty Owner and a great place to start your Dynasty Owner experience.

For current Dynasty Owners who need to cut down the number of teams they have or aren’t happy with a certain league, it’s a good way to remove yourself from the league while keeping it together for everyone else. Dynasty Owners can sell one team at a time if they need to do so for any reason. At the current moment, the Dynasty Owner store has a whopping 50 teams for sale that range from $20- $500 so there are options for everyone interested in buying a team in this way.

For some people, it can help take the anxiety out of being a Dynasty Owner newcomer and they might end up with a well-rounded team under the cap with a fat bank account. After examining the teams available in the store, I noticed one thing that stood out above the rest and that was the expensive teams all have an abundance of talent and a serious shot at winning a League Championship in the upcoming season. Why? Let’s be honest, no one wants to buy an expensive turd. Personally, if I am going to buy a team for a decent amount, I would need to see at least one Top 10 quarterback, three capable running backs, a solid cast of pass catchers (WRs or TEs), and good depth in case of injuries. I have also noticed a couple interesting rebuilding options in the store for our Dynasty Owners who love a challenge, as well as some middle of the road teams that have the potential to be turned around quickly for cheap. No matter what way you spin it, I feel the store is a great way to keep Dynasty Owner leagues going and has a chance to change fantasy football as we know it. It will always come with a wide range of teams so any of our users can find a team that fits what they are looking for!

Another reason to check out the store is it gives future Dynasty Owners a way to purchase a team before ever drafting their own. They don’t have to wait for a 2022 start-up draft to get involved with Dynasty Owner. That’s right, if you have a friend who hasn’t played Dynasty Owner before, they can create an account, buy a team in the For Sale by Owner store and start their own dynasty. Let those fantasy football fanatic friends who aren’t part of Dynasty Owner know they can start their Dynasty Owner experience now by buying either an orphan or For Sale by Owner team and working on it before the 2022 start-up drafts start in late May. It’s a great way to get involved in Dynasty Owner during the long off-season after the Super Bowl.

Be sure to check out articles and videos by Steve, Matt, and Nate throughout the week and don’t forget about the Livestream Wednesday’s at 4 pm (Eastern). Thank you for reading and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Free Agent Market Values: Lower Salary RBs

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

It’s less than a week to go until the Super Bowl and congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams on getting there. While talking about the Super Bowl matchup is interesting and I believe that it’s going to be a good game, it’s not going to help anyone with their Dynasty Owner roster. That’s why you are likely reading this article. Therefore, no Super Bowl game analysis. Just a quick prediction that the Rams defeat the Bengals by a score of 23-19.

After the Super Bowl is over, the most important timeline for Dynasty Owners becomes the 33 days between the end of the Super Bowl and the start of the 2022 Dynasty Owner league year on March 18th. That’s when all of the new 2022 contracts signed already will take effect, as well as any new contracts signed now until that day. Dynasty Owners will need to navigate the new salary cap that is anticipated to be $145.74 million (70% of the expected $208.2 million NFL salary cap), and figure out how to structure their team to compete to win in 2022 while staying under that salary cap. Just like real NFL GMs have to do!

And just like real NFL GMs, Dynasty Owners need to prepare for the upcoming season by looking at their roster of players already signed for the 2022 season, players available to them currently in free agency (the Free Agent Auction) and players who have expired contracts and will be NFL free agents. It’s a lot to navigate and more than your standard dynasty league, so more preparation time is needed. Dynasty Owners can start thinking now, or wait until after the Super Bowl, about what they need to do to remake their team for the 2022 season. It’s up to you!

One element of this planning is deciding what to do with your own free agents. Dynasty Owners have options, but their options are limited by the 30-player roster maximum (and 25-player minimum including draft picks) as well as the salary cap. It’s great to say that your Dynasty Owner team is going to keep Josh Allen when his contract goes up to $43 million per season, but that decision has ripple effects on the rest of your team. Can you keep Allen and both of those guys who just got a $2 million per year salary increases, or do you need to trim one of those other players from your roster? Is that player who did well in 2021 worth his new expected salary, or not? And what salary should I be expecting the free agents on my Dynasty Owner team to get for 2022 and beyond?

There is plenty of information about those anticipated market values for free agents on Spotrac ( Since not everyone has the time to go check out the market value for all of the impending NFL free agents, I’m looking there for you, posting their Market Value estimates, comparing it to the player’s 2021 Dynasty Owner salary and giving a recommendation for what to do with the player at that new salary.

Last week was fun with the potential high salary players ($5 million or more average annual salaries), so let’s move on and look next at the lower salary RBs. These are players who are projected to get contracts of less than $5 million per year. There aren’t any QBs with listed market values, so we’ll leave them out. Just like last week, we first will review how players score Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

All stats cited are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

For the purposes of this article, all statistics, roster percentages and 2021 position ranks were current as of the afternoon of February 7th. Spotrac has market values are available for select players at

Players Who Are Going to Get Paid Over $2.5 Million Per Year

There is quite the gap in market values among the current crop of free agent RBs. Last week, we looked at several players who are anticipated to make at least $5 million per year and inadvertently left out Melvin Gordon who is  projected to get about $5.2 million for one year. After those guys in the $5 million or more range, the market values drop down by over a million dollars. There are four RBs projected to be paid over $2.5 million per year, but less than $5 million. Let’s check out who they are and what Dynasty Owners should do with them. Don’t bother to scan the Free Agent Auction for these guys as all of them are rostered in more than 90% of Dynasty Owner leagues currently.

The RB projected for the highest average salary in this range is J.D. McKissic.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

McKissic’s market value is projected at 2 years and $7,133,066, or $3,566,533 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. I’m pretty confident that few Dynasty Owners thought they were getting a top 40 RB when McKissic signed with Washington back in 2020 for two years and $3.27 million. Dynasty Owners with McKissic on their roster currently should expect to have to find almost $2 million more in salary cap space to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Trade – preferably before he signs a new contract

McKissic has been wonderful for Dynasty Owners who grabbed him in either of the past two seasons and a steady source of Dynasty Owner fantasy points. He averaged 11.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game in 2020 and 11.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game in 2021. He had double-digit points in almost half of the games he played in (13 out of 27). He ranked as the RB18 in 2020 and RB39 in 2021 after playing in only 11 games. In both years, his Dynasty Dollars per Fantasy Point (DD/FP) rank was in the same range.

This tells me that McKissic is priced very well at his current salary of $1.635 million, but will be overpaid at $3.566 million. He might help get your team Bench points and maybe be in your Starting lineup a couple of times per year, but he’s not going be a Starter on a Championship team. Time to trade McKissic to another Dynasty Owner before he signs that new contract.

Ronald Jones is the next RB expected to get a contract worth over $2.5 million in salary for 2022.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

Jones’ market value is projected at 2 years and $5,571,626, or $2,785,813 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. It’ll be his second NFL contract and likely the first time that he’ll play for a team other than the Buccaneers. Dynasty Owners with Jones on their roster currently should expect to have to find just over $1 million more in salary cap space to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Trade

His market value contract is pretty much about what Mike Davis signed with Atlanta for last season (2 years, $5.5 million). Davis was expected to be the top RB in Atlanta, especially after they didn’t take one RB in the NFL draft, but he ended up as the RB36 in Dynasty Owner. He only scored 134.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (7.9 points per game) and was outplayed by Cordarrelle Patterson. Both Jones and Davis had their best seasons in 2020 and ranked as RB15 (Davis) and RB16 (Jones) before declining in 2021.

Another Dynasty Owner is likely to be intrigued by Jones’ age (only 24) and convinced that he’ll be better somewhere besides Tampa Bay. Dynasty Owners might get more if they wait for Jones’ landing spot, especially if it’s similar to Davis and the Falcons, but don’t get too greedy. Find that team in your league who covets Jones and his potential, then make that deal.

Just trailing Ronald Jones on this list is D’Ernest Johnson from Cleveland.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

Johnson’s market value is projected at 2 years and $5,323,922, or $2,661,961 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. Out of all of the players with a market value discussed so far, Johnson is the only restricted free agent (RFA). There’s a lot of information about RFAs, but the basics are that Johnson can sign an offer with any team, but Cleveland has the right to match it. Dynasty Owners with Johnson on their roster currently should expect to have to find just under $2.1 million more in salary cap space to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Keep him. Only trade if the offer is too good to pass up.  

This is the same recommendation as Leonard Fournette, but for very different reasons. Johnson is not as experienced as Fournette and hasn’t performed well for two different teams. In fact, he’s only played a significant number of snaps in three games. He scored over 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in all three of those games. It’s all about the potential for Johnson.

The fact that Cleveland can match any offer means whoever gets Johnson is going to have to want him pretty badly. If Cleveland matches an offer, it’s clear that they see a role for him in 2022. If they don’t, the other team will have definitely wanted Johnson and think he can help their team since they had to go out on a limb and sign him to the offer sheet. Either way, Johnson’s team will have incentive to use him next year and that’s a good thing for his Dynasty Owners.

The final player with a market value of over $2.5 million is Marlon Mack.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

Mack’s market value is projected at 2 years and $5,063,551, or $2,531,776 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. This is very surprising considering that he has only played in seven games in the past two years. However, Mack was a top 25 RB in both 2019 and 2018 before the Colts drafted Jonathan Taylor. Dynasty Owners with Mack on their roster currently should expect to have to find only an extra $531,776 to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Hold

If you held Mack as he dropped to fourth on the Colts depth chart last season, then you can’t just go out and get rid of him because of a small $531,776 salary increase. If the Dynasty Owner with Mack in your league drops him, then I’d take a chance and pick him up, regardless of how your team projects for 2022. He’s the type of player who can help a contender turn into a league winner if he gets a chance and plays well. For rebuilding teams, he’s exactly the type of player who you can turn into future draft picks if he has a good game or two.

Regardless of his landing spot, Mack is a Hold for me. Any team can have a rash of injuries and he could end up on the top of the depth chart. Nobody thought Devonta Freeman would be the RB1 anywhere in 2021, but it happened. Mack is four years younger than Freeman and while he hasn’t played much since 2019, that could be a good thing as he’s fresher and has less wear and tear on his body than most 25-year old RBs.

Players Who Are Going to Get Around $2 Million per Year

There is only one RB in this salary range and it’s Darrel Williams. Williams is also the only RB in the under $5 million salary range who is projected to get a 3-year contract.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

Williams’ market value is projected at 3 years and $6,837,502, or $2,279,167 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. Williams has spent his entire NFL career with the Chiefs and was only signed to a one-year deal last season after his undrafted rookie free agent contract expired. Dynasty Owners with Williams on their roster currently should expect have to find only an extra $679,167 to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Hold until something positive happens for him on his new team, then Trade immediately

Williams’ value was likely at an all-time high when he replaced an injured Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the Chiefs’ starting lineup in Week 6 and reeled off 23.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points against Washington. Either that, or after he had 25.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in the playoff finals (Week 17) against Cincinnati. Hopefully, Dynasty Owners with Williams traded him for a nice haul of players and/or picks after those games.

His value has taken a hit since as he was injured for the first game of the NFL playoffs, then barely used in favor of Edwards-Helaire and Jerick McKinnon (who is also a free agent). This playoff playing time situation will likely lower his value to other Dynasty Owners from where it was just weeks ago.

Once Williams signs with a new team, keep tabs and wait for a positive off-season development, a glowing report about how he looks in training camp, or a solid pre-season game. At that point, make your best deal and move forward.

Players Who Are Going to Get Less Than $2 Million per Year

Finally, we have the last two RBs with a Spotrac market value. Both of them are projected to have salaries under $2 million per season and should be viewed as veteran depth RBs for whatever team signs them. Both of them are still on over 80% of Dynasty Owner rosters and unlikely to be available in the Free Agent Auction.

David Johnson is the first of these two RBs.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Decrease

Johnson’s market value is projected at 2 years and $2,934,268, or $1,467,134 per year for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. Johnson is the only RB on this list expected to make less in 2022 than he did in 2021. Dynasty Owners with Johnson on their roster (83.4% of leagues) currently will find themselves with over $3.5 million in excess salary cap room if they keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Hold if you’re a contender. Trade for anything you can get if your team is rebuilding.

Contenders can afford to have and may need 30-year old RBs on their Dynasty Owner roster. Rebuilding Dynasty Owners shouldn’t have them. Johnson had only 80.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 13 games played in 2021 (6.2 points per game) and was overtaken on the Houston depth chart by Rex Burkhead. Houston even signed Burkhead to a contract extension before the end of the 2021 season. That’s not good news for Dynasty Owners with Johnson.

Johnson will likely be better if he plays anywhere else besides Houston. He could have a Devonta Freeman like season with Baltimore under the right circumstances. Freeman had 149.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 16 games played for Baltimore in 2021 (9.35 points per game) for a salary of only $1.075 million. As a contender, your Dynasty Owner team can afford to see if this happens for Johnson. If you’re not a contender, find someone who is and trade for anything that might help you in your rebuild.

Finally, we come to Alex Collins, the RB with the lowest listed market value.

Position RankAge2021 SalaryMarket ValueSalary Increase

Collins’ market value is projected at 1 years and $1,201,097 for Dynasty Owner salary purposes. Dynasty Owners with Collins still on their roster (74.0% of Dynasty Owner leagues) should expect have to find only an extra $211,097 to keep him on their team. What should they do?

Current Recommendation: Hold if you’re a contender. Trade for anything you can get if your team is rebuilding.

Alex Collins made less than $1 million last season and will sign with somebody for the veteran minimum salary in 2022. Based on other signings, that salary may be $1.12 million, but don’t count on it. Either way, it’s likely to be only a small increase in salary for Collins who had a couple of solid games for Seattle before suffering an abdominal injury and getting replaced by Rashaad Penny.

This is the same recommendation as for David Johnson and even though Collins is three years younger, he’s not worth as much.  Dynasty Owners holding on to Collins should have low expectations for how much they can get in a trade and what to expect from Collins if he finds himself playing a role in 2022.


There you have it. Over two weeks, a complete list of all but one of the RBs with a market value on Spotrac. As mentioned early, Melvin Gordon was left out of the first article despite a market value of about $5.2 million for one year. We only mentioned one QB (Jameis Winston) since none of the 34 listed free agents on Spotrac had a market value.

With RBs and QBs finished, I’ll move on to the WRs next week. Since there are so many of them with a market value, it’ll be split between high and low salary again. There are plenty of TEs too, so that should be another pair of articles. Don’t worry, there are no kicker market values so nothing on them. This series of market value articles will take us almost to the start of free agency and the 2022 Dynasty Owner league year, so at that point, it’ll be time to shift gears.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Free Agent Friday: AFC North

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

The matchup is known, and the stage has been set. Super Bowl LVI will take place between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. From a season-long standpoint, this is a little bit of a shock. The Rams may have been on my short list of NFC teams that I thought could make the Super Bowl, but I had zero expectations that the Bengals could or would make it. If you look at the 2021 preseason odds for teams to win the Super Bowl, you will see that the Rams were at 12-1 odds. Not terrible. That put them as the fourth most likely team to win it all. They were behind the Chiefs, Buccaneers and Bills. The Bengals were a much different story though. They were 150-1 odds to win the Super Bowl which put them as the third least likely team to win it all. Obviously as the season progressed, it looked more and more likely that the Bengals could compete for a title. It’s still fun to look back and dream about making a bet with the full hindsight of today.

At any rate, let’s talk about some more free agents.  Today is the AFC North’s turn.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

Given the fact that the Bengals are in the upcoming Super Bowl, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about their one and only notable free agent today.

PlayerAgeStatusCurrent SalaryEstimated Value
C.J. Uzomah29UFA$6,100,000$8,000,000

Uzomah is 29 years old. He is being talked about today not because I believe he will be a dominant fantasy player or value next year. Instead, I am talking about him because he is rostered in 52 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues. This is honestly a little higher than I would have expected from a six million dollar tight end that finished as TE19 in 2021. As is the case with a lot of NFL players, Uzomah is a better real life football player than a fantasy player. I expect his roster percentage to decrease rapidly after he signs a contract worth over 7 million dollars.

Pittsburgh Steelers

PlayerAgeStatusCurrent SalaryEstimated Value
JuJu Smith-Schuster25UFA$8,000,000$12,000,000
James Washington25UFA$1,125,336$7,000,000

A couple of 25 year old wide receivers make the list for Pittsburgh. It’s hard to believe, but James Washington is actually a few months older than JuJu Smith-Schuster. This is a testament to how young Smith-Schuster was when he entered the league and how short of a time it took him to become a household name. He is an unrestricted free agent in 2022 and will bring a value of around 12 million dollars per year. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that salary creeps up to around 15 million dollars.

James Washington is a player that I think is likely to find a new home this year. With a cap and quarterback uncertainty, paying over 6 million dollars for a third wide receiver is not likely what the Steelers want to do. I think the Bears, Chiefs or Saints would be a fine landing spot for Washington.

I also just wanted to mention Dwayne Haskins. As scary as it may sound, Haskins is the odds-on favorite to start for the Steelers in 2022 at this exact moment. I don’t think he will be the starter on Opening Day, but they have no one else (other than Mason Rudolph). I think it’s likely the Steelers explore quarterback options through free agency or maybe even the draft, but there is no guarantee that the player they select will be ready to start Week 1. Haskins isn’t officially on my free agent list, but I wanted to mention him here, so people have his name in the back of their mind when he does sign a new contract.

Baltimore Ravens

PlayerAgeStatusCurrent SalaryEstimated Value
Latavius Murray32UFA$1,075,000$3,000,000
Devonta Freeman29UFA$1,075,000$2,000,000

Two aging running backs make the list of notable free agents today. Latavius Murray is likely getting close to the end of his career. I don’t think last season was his final one, but I don’t see a chance that he gets more than a single year offer. Think about something like 3 million dollars for a single year if you own Murray.

Devonta Freeman is kind of in the same situation as Murray although he is three years younger.  The 29 year old running back found new life in his career with Baltimore last season.  He wasn’t the most efficient or highest scoring running back in Dynasty Owner, but he was still a value given his salary. Freeman made a little more than 1 million dollars, but he was able to amass almost 150.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (149.6). Believe it or not this finish was good enough to put him in the Top 20 for Dynasty Dollars per Fantasy Point (DD/FP).  I wouldn’t expect a similar finish for 2022 especially since his new team is very much up in the air.

Cleveland Browns

PlayerAgeStatusCurrent SalaryEstimated Value
David Njoku25UFA$6,013,000$6,000,000
D’Ernest Johnson25RFA$585,000$2,500,000

The Browns surprised me with only two notable free agents this year. Neither of them are big names, but I think both have a chance to make a decent impact on their (possibly) new teams.

David Njoku has had a relatively disappointing career, at least from a fantasy standpoint. He was selected in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. In his five NFL seasons, he has less than 1,800 receiving yards and has averaged only three touchdowns per year. I know that tight ends (including Njoku) do much, much more than just offensive production, but his stats have still been lackluster. I look for Njoku to move on from the Browns while also getting a similar contract to what he had last season.

D’Ernest Johnson made a big splash in 2021 in games without Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt. We know that his aforementioned teammate, Nick Chubb, has already signed a multi-year contract worth over 12 million dollars per year. I’m torn on what I think the Browns should or will do with Johnson. My heart tells me that they should bring him back, but my brain tells me that it’s probably not likely. There are very few third string running backs in the NFL who make over 2 million dollars, and this is exactly what D’Ernest is likely to make in 2022. Even if the Browns wanted to use a tender on him, it would be worth over 2 million dollars. I think he will command that type of contract, but I don’t think it’ll be in Cleveland.

If there is any player that you want me to spend more time talking about, just message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube.  Take care everyone and be safe.


Prospect Preview: Treylon Burks

Position: Wide Recieiver

College: Arkansas

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 225 lbs

Age: 21

247 Rating: 0.9544 (4 Stars)

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The Rundown:

Treylon Burks is going to be a lot of people’s favorite prospect this year. The size, the speed, the production profile. There is so much to love about Burks and his potential. Is he all that and a bag of chips? Well… yeah, most likely. Could he be the next N’Keal Harry ($2,524,587)? Well… we always run that risk.

College Production:

A member of the 2019 SEC All-Freshman Team, Burks has produced at a high level every year since joining the Razorbacks. Impressively, he has improved year over year and finished 2021 as one of the best receivers in the nation. Over his three-year college career, he averaged over 16 yards per catch each year and was used in a variety of ways, logging 38 rushes over that time as well. The 2021 season saw the Razorbacks finish 9-4, their best finish since 2011, and one of the key contributors was Burks. As a Junior, he finished with 66 receptions, over 1,100 yards, and found the end zone 12 times (once on the ground). An impressive finish to a great college career.


  • Alpha Size- “You can’t teach size”, a great word of advice to NFL head coaches and scouts everywhere. When we look at some the most dominant receivers in the history of the NFL many of them won with great technique and athletic ability on top of impressive size (the top four leaders in career reception yards were all 6’ 2” or taller: Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss). Burks’ size sets him apart from many other receivers in this draft class and past classes, as he is able to use his size to win at the catch point. As an outside receiver, he is going to match-up well against NFL defenders and shouldn’t find much struggle with the transition to the next level.
  • Back-Shoulder King- Back shoulder catches catch our eyes as impressive feats of physicality and control. Burks has no problem making these tough catches and making defenders look small. His ability to use his length, thick frame, and strong hands to make contested catches is very impressive, and he’s bound to hit the SportsCenter Top 10 plays at least twice a season.
  • High Level Athlete- The size is impressive, we’ve gone over that multiple times now. But he is no lumbering giant out there on the football field. Burks is a player who is used on screens, sweeps, and even out of the backfield at times. Think about how Chase Claypool ($1,654,156) has been used with the Steelers so far, that’s what we saw with Burks at Arkansas. The speed and acceleration is there, the home run threat is there. Let’s hope an NFL coach is comfortable making Burks a focal point.


  • Strength After the Catch- I will not doubt Burks’ ability to be physically dominant, we see it often during contested catch situations, but once the ball is in his hands he doesn’t always keep it at that high level. When he’s running with the ball you would expect him to run people over and carry defenders along the sidelines for extra yards. While he’s not necessarily “soft”, he lacks that aggression after the catch that could really set him apart from other big receivers.
  • Run Blocking- Not sure what the reason is behind this one,. He has the frame to be a great run blocker and to really make an impact for his team on every down, but the effort and technique just doesn’t consistently come together in this facet of his game. Hopefully this will be one of the first coaching points for Burks in minicamp and we can see quick progression to get him on the field early and often.
  • Average Technique- As with many prospect who rely on physicality and athletic ability to win against their competition, Burks is not the most polished receiver as a prospect. He’s able to run a variety of routes but his cuts are often rounded, and he doesn’t breakdown low and smooth. Nothing bad here, but if he wants to be one of the best he will have to continue to improve in this area.

Things to Watch:

Burks is going to blow up the NFL Combine. Just get ready for it now. It’s going to happen. A 4.3 isn’t out of the question, and as a player who will come in at 6’ 3” and 225 pounds, it’s going to create a ton of hype. That’s about all there is to prepare for, the eventual explosion after the NFL Combine. It’s going to be great.

Projected Round/Contract:  

Being one of the top receivers in this draft class I believe that Burks is a lock for the first round this year and could be as high as Top-10 if a team loves his athletic traits enough. It seems that the media is not as high on Burks as Twitter scouts and fantasy football enthusiasts, but it’s only a matter of time before the two come together in consensus.

If Burks goes in the middle of the first round, I expect his contract to be somewhere close to $4,000,000 a year over four years, with that fifth-year option at the end of his rookie contract. With the type of production he could provide over his first couple years, this will be a great value.

Team Fits:  

A player like Burks is a rather “landing spot proof” player. He doesn’t need a specific system to excel, and his experience both in the slot and outside along the sideline gives him versatility for any offensive coordinator. But when looking at the 2022 NFL Draft, there are a couple teams in the middle of the first round that could use an X receiver like Burks.

With three picks in the middle of the first round, the Philadelphia Eagles could look at a first-round receiver for the third year in a row. While it is a need for the team they might look elsewhere before spending another valuable draft pick on a wideout. But if they do look Burks’ way with one of those picks it could be a great match. DeVonta Smith ($5,035,348) is a talented player, but he could be the technician to complement the power and physicality of a player like Burks. This pairing could lead to a great situation for Jalen Hurts ($1,506,292) to take another step forward if he is to be the future of the Eagles franchise.

Depending on the future of upcoming free agent Mike Williams ($15,680,000), the Chargers could be looking for a new outside receiver to pair with Keenan Allen ($20,025,000) and Justin Herbert ($6,644,688). Burks would be a great replacement for Williams and would be a dream landing spot for fantasy football players as he would be tied to one of the best young quarterbacks in the game. The Chargers have the 17th overall pick, and I would say there’s a decent chance for Burks to head to the City of Angels.

Make sure to follow Nate Christian over on Twitter at @NateNFL and check out all the work he is doing with the Dynasty Rewind (@DynastyRewind).

Let’s Rebuild This Team!

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, it is that time again! As I mentioned in last week’s article, I will be breaking down one of Steve Van Tassell’s teams (Vantastics in League #30326) and it needs a rebuild. Steve is not one for rebuilds, so I am hoping all of you and myself can help him turn this roster around in a hurry. In today’s article I will cover Steve’s roster as currently constructed, potential players to Amnesty, and players I think Steve should cut, trade, or hold.

Before we jump into Steve’s rebuild, I will go over Jay’s weekly recap for the second to last time of this NFL season. In the Championship round, we had four teams left with the Rams playing the 49ers and the Bengals traveling to Kansas City to play the vaunted Chiefs. In Sunday’s first game, we had a Burrow vs Mahomes showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals shocking everyone and heading to the Super Bowl in L.A. In the game, the Chiefs pulled ahead to a 21-10 lead before not scoring from inside the 5 yard line just before halftime and never looked the same again. Make no mistake this was a huge meltdown by the Chiefs, but I give a ton of credit to the Bengals for fighting the entire game. In the second and last matchup of the day, we had the Rams finally top their rival 49ers. The 49ers had been 6-0 against the Rams in the previous six matchups. In this game, the 49ers also pulled out to a sizeable lead and allowed the Rams to comeback and book their ticket to the Super Bowl in their own stadium. I will make an early prediction on the game, but I will not lock this pick in until next week’s article. The Rams, not Bengals, will raise the Lombardi Trophy, but again this may change after I dig into things.

Enough of the realization that the season is almost over talking about the Super Bowl, let’s dig into Steve’s rebuilding team. All contracts listed are for the upcoming 2022 season.

Current Roster


Player2022 Salary
Patrick Mahomes$45,000,000
Taysom Hill$10,000,000
Mason Rudolph$5,080,000
Teddy BridgewaterFree Agent

Running Backs

Player2022 Salary
Chris Carson$5,212,500
Mike Davis$2,750,000
Devin Singletary$974,500
Darrel WilliamsFree Agent
David JohnsonFree Agent
Phillip LindsayFree Agent
Raheem MostertFree Agent
Salvon AhmedFree Agent
Tony JonesFree Agent
Ty’Son WilliamsFree Agent

Wide Receivers

Player2022 Salary
Jerry Jeudy$3,798,243
Chase Claypool$1,654,156
Marquez Callaway$765,000
Scott Miller$661,960
Allen LazardFree Agent
Isaiah McKenzieFree Agent
Jakobi MeyersFree Agent
James WashingtonFree Agent
Kalif RaymondFree Agent
Nick Westbrook-IkhineFree Agent
Russell GageFree Agent

Tight End

Player2022 Salary
Hunter Henry$12,500,000
Brevin Jordan$958,046
Juwan JohnsonFree Agent
Robert TonyanFree Agent
Will DisslyFree Agent

As you can see Steve has a team that needs a rebuild. Below I have listed five categories and each player has a home in one of the said categories. Inside of each category, I have a brief explanation of what the category is as well as some insight on several of the players. If this is something that everyone enjoys, I will put out an article next week breaking down the players I did not cover this week.

Five Player Categories

Building Blocks

Building blocks are players you feel can start for several years without worry. When I rebuild my personal teams, I love to have certain players I call building blocks. When I have identified which players on my roster I want to build around I am always sure to let my league mates know. I also rarely consider running backs building blocks as I would likely move on from Jonathan Taylor if I were starting a rebuild today. One thing to always remember is that no player is untouchable, meaning if you are offered great value for one of your building blocks you should almost always take it. Let’s see who Steve can consider building blocks on his roster.

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Jerry Jeudy
  3. Chase Claypool
  4. Brevin Jordan

I have listed four building blocks for Steve, but a couple of them are still questionable. Patrick Mahomes and Chase Claypool are the two players who I do not worry about much in the future. I know Claypool has no starting quarterback just yet, but I feel he has the talent to succeed as he continues to develop no matter who is throwing the ball. Jerry Jeudy is an extremely talented kid who has not been able to stay healthy or consistent just yet, but he also has not had much for a QB.  While I am worried some about Jeudy, I do feel he is a future stud at the receiver position, especially if he can link up with a solid signal caller at some point. The last player, Brevin Jordan, is obviously a questionable building block, but I love how he played about halfway through the season showing real future potential.

Players to Trade

As a rebuilding owner, trading will be key to expediting your rebuild. If Steve can move some of these players away for any type of value, it has the potential to speed things up. When trading in a rebuild there is no real order in who to trade first but I usually start with the bigger names and use the others as throw-ins to get a deal done. Who should Steve trade? Let us look!

  1. Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Devin Singletary
  3. Mike Davis
  4. Darrel Williams
  5. Raheem Mostert
  6. Chris Carson
  7. Phillip Lindsay
  8. Russell Gage
  9. Allen Lazard
  10. James Washington
  11. Hunter Henry
  12. Juwan Johnson

As you can see, I have a dozen players for Steve to look to trade. There is a wide range of value in return for those players and I’ll highlight a few with different value.

If this were my team the first thing, I would look to do is move Devin Singletary before Buffalo drafts a running back. Singletary had a fantastic finish to the season and there will be someone who thinks that will continue into 2022. Playoff Lenny 2.0!

Chris Carson is tougher to judge, but he is someone I would hold onto for a while before trading in hopes things become clearer for him, potentially outside of Seattle, with the emergence of Rashaad Penny.

I also listed a few players like Mike Davis, who is a player that may not return value at all in a trade and will need to be cut.

The last player I want to talk about is Hunter Henry. Henry is a tough call especially for a Patriots’ fan like Steve. While Henry is just 27, I do think his ceiling is a little more limited than I would like as a rebuilding owner for his price. I am also not so sure anyone will give up much value for him when trading, but I would wait until the season starts look for a bad contract to emerge and trade Henry then with a nice draft pick attached.

Players to Hold

No matter what situation your team is in you will almost certainly find yourself holding players, but the reasons become vastly different depending on the outlook of your team. Holding players can often amount to nothing but every now and again you find yourself a star. While I am not sure any of these players have that potential, I do think some can contribute moving forward and can, at worst become tradeable to a contender bringing back future value to your roster. Let’s dive into the players Steve should hold.

  1. Mason Rudolph
  2. Tony Jones
  3. Jakobi Meyers
  4. Isaiah McKenzie
  5. Marquez Callaway
  6. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine
  7. Robert Tonyan

We will start with one of the more obvious holds on Steve’s team, Mason Rudolph. Rudolph has a potential starting job in Pittsburgh come 2022 and will be playing on a very cheap contract ($5.08 million) at his position. I personally feel Rudolph should be held until the Steelers either acquire a veteran starter or hand the keys over to a rookie. If a QB that is clearly better finds their way on the Steelers roster, Rudolph becomes a droppable player.

A player like Jakobi Meyers is a player who I would consider a long term hold but not an actual building block. The main thing I worry about with Meyers is what his next contract will be and if he leaves New England. Either way he’s still a hold for rebuilding owners at just 25 years old.

The next player is one some may question as a hold, and it is none other than Tony Jones. I have Jones as a hold to see if he ends up back with the Saints as the Number 3 guy as Mark Ingram will be back in 2022.

One player I am not sure of on this list is Robert Tonyan who is coming off of a season ending injury. Tonyan proved to be a solid player before the injury, and I think I would hold him the majority of 2022 before deciding his fate.

The last player I will cover here is Marquez Callaway and I am holding him simply because of potential and a cheap 2022 contract. If Callaway shows he can contribute consistently he may be worth keeping but, in that scenario, he will also return solid value in a trade. The worst case scenario here with Callaway is that he plays bad enough that he cannot be traded, and he costs Steve’s rebuilding team less than $1,000,000 against the cap in 2022.

Players to Cut

Just as all teams have players to hold, they also have players to cut. As I am sure all of you are aware cutting players is part of the game but it’s also something that can be hard to do if a player is pulling on your heart strings. The main thing I look for when cutting players is if they have a realistic shot at producing enough that I can trade them in the near future. Roster turnover is a big key in rebuilding, and it starts by cutting players.

  1. Salvon Ahmed
  2. David Johnson
  3. Ty’Son Williams
  4. Scott Miller
  5. Kalif Raymond
  6. Will Dissly
  7. Taysom Hill

I won’t take up too much of your time while we are virtually taking out Steve’s trash, but we got to cover something right? Obviously, I am joking as these men are professional athletes and are nowhere near trash virtual, or not.

The first player here is one who pulled on my own personal heart strings, Salvon Ahmed. I was an Ahmed truther since his college days in Washington but it’s time to move on. If Ahmed did not beat out the likes of Duke Johnson, Myles Gaskin, and Malcom Brown, then he’s never going to beat out another depth chart unless he’s in the CFL.

David Johnson is someone that some may hold but I am looking at him just as I did Ahmed. If you can’t beat out Rex Burkhead, you are not a starter in the NFL.

The last guy I want to touch on is Kalif Raymond. Raymond had a respectable 2021 but I don’t see him as much more than a special teams guy moving forward and can be dropped for someone with more potential.

Who I Would Amnesty

Ahh one of my favorite little things about Dynasty Owner where you can move on from your team’s personal Antonio Brown for free. If any of you are not aware the Amnesty Provision is where you are able to drop any player, you want for no fee.

  • No one

At the moment, Steve has no players that I would suggest moving on from and would try to target a bad contract at some point for extra draft capital with the Amnesty Provision in mind. Steve can also go the route of trading his Amnesty but from what I have found you can obtain more value by targeting bad contracts in-season on contending rosters. In this scenario, you can’t lose as you can Amnesty the player as soon as the deal goes through and keep the draft capital you obtained.

Draft Picks

Not much to talk about here, Steve has all of his draft picks and has not acquired any from other Dynasty Owners up to this point.


As I stated above Steve has a team that is definitely in need of a rebuild and he has his work cut out for him as this league has the likes of 2020 Chase for the Ring champ Barbee Kilgore, Joe and Jerry from Rotowire, Dynasty Rewind, Spotrac, our fearless leader Tim, and many more great fantasy minds involved. The first step of business for Steve will be to start trying to trade some of these players as well as picking up some fresh meat for the players on the cut list. It is ok to be patient dropping and picking up players as you should always have a purpose for picking up a certain player. The main thing I would look for in trades is young stud starting wide receivers and potential starting receivers like Josh Palmer, Nico Collins, and Gabriel Davis. I would also be on the lookout for another young tight end or two to acquire in trades or the draft. The way this roster is currently structured, I would not target a running back until Steve feels confident about the QB, TE, and WR positions. I also see a possibility for a somewhat quick rebuild if your league mates are interested in your tradeable players with Jeudy and Claypool realizing their potential.

Thank you all for reading and feel free to add any input you would like on Twitter! Please be sure to check out our other articles from Steve, Matt, and Nate. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!