Anatomy Of A Dynasty Owner Trade 


By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk

Hello all. Instead of talking about rookies, as has been the focus of the NFL and fantasy football owners since the NFL Draft, I wanted to switch gears and talk about something that is generally overlooked in fantasy football. That is trading. 

It obviously depends on your dynasty goals, but I fully subscribe to the “win now” strategy. This is the same strategy that the Los Angeles Rams have used over the past few seasons as well. They, and I, believe that an established stud player is usually more valuable than a speculative draft pick. This was evident when they gave up two 1st round picks and one 4th round pick for Jalen Ramsey in 2019. This is a plan that I tend to follow. I will overpay for a player if I really want them. This isn’t to say that there is no limit for what I will pay for a player, but I don’t mind overpaying to get the deal done. Here are a couple of examples of trades that I pulled off over the past three days and my reasoning for making the trades. I call this the Anatomy of a Dynasty Owner Trade. 

Trade 1: Darren Waller 

Tuesday afternoon, I traded three 2022 picks for Darren Waller.  They were the 2.01, 2.06 and 3.08. You may have your own views of the value of this trade, but this is how the trade talks progressed… 

On Monday, I proposed to the Dynasty Owner with Waller to trade my 1.09 pick for Waller. This offer was thought about, but eventually declined. I don’t blame him for declining, but that was only my first offer. 

On Tuesday (after talking about the possible and eventual signing of Darrel Williams), the other Dynasty Owner stated that a single 2022 1st round pick was not going to be enough for Waller. The counter was 1.09 and 2.06 for Darren Waller. I said that 1.09 and 2.06 was too steep for Waller especially given his age (29) and salary ($7,450,000). If his salary was closer to $3,000,000, then it would be more manageable. 

Minutes later, the Waller owner came up with a creative solution. He said, “would you be interested in keeping that 1.09 & doing this instead? Waller for 2.01, 2.06 & 3.08?” I thought about it for a few minutes and realized that’s a very fair offer and one that I would accept. 

Here was my rationale…Two 1st round picks (no matter what draft year) is too much for Waller.  A mid-1st and a mid-2nd is also just a little too much for Waller. But an early 2nd, mid-2nd and mid-3rd is a very fair value. This offer allowed me to continue to hold my 1.09 pick and have some hope for a young wide receiver in the rookie draft. 

My tight end roster prior to this trade was Noah Fant ($3,147,680), Hayden Hurst ($3,500,000), Hunter Henry ($12,500,000) and Chris Herndon ($792,841). I had to drop Hunter Henry to allow room for Waller, and I am A-OK with that transaction. 

This is a good example of levelheaded negotiations in good faith. The other Dynasty Owner in this case is Forever Unclean from League 31625. He’s a good trade partner and one who I will trade with in the future. 

Trade 2: Deebo Samuel 

Oddly enough, I made a trade for Deebo Samuel ($1,811,869) in the same league about eight hours later. I traded my 1.09 (the same one I talked about in the Waller breakdown) and a 2024 1st round pick for Deebo Samuel. Here is how the trade negotiations broke down… 

Tuesday afternoon I got a cold offer. A cold offer is what I call trade offers that are proposed out of the blue with no prior discussions. I was offered Deebo Samuel for the 1.09 and a 2023 1st round pick. This offer intrigued me although I realized immediately that it was too much to give up for him. I would have considered this offer more seriously if there wasn’t so much uncertainty with Deebo and his current situation. The rumors are that he is unhappy with his pay and usage in San Francisco. If I had to bet, I’d say that he will be a 49er this season. I also declined because I have a great deal of respect for what the 2023 offensive class will be. While I am trying to trade a lot of my draft picks, I am not actively selling my 2023 1st round pick for less than top value. 

Regardless, I declined the initial offer as it was too rich. I immediately countered with a reasonable offer of 1.09 and Terry McLaurin ($961,918) for Deebo. I didn’t really anticipate this was going to be accepted, but I tried. The Deebo owner responded that he is not a big fan of Terry (understandable), and he made another counter. The counter was 1.09 and a 2024 1st round pick for Deebo. I thought about it, and quickly accepted. 

Many of you would say that I overpaid for Deebo, and I would agree that on paper I did, but I wanted him. He immediately makes my team better, and I trust that his contract situation will be worked out this off-season. 

This was another pleasant transaction that ended as a positive interaction. 

Trade 3: Joe Mixon 

At the time of this writing, these trade talks were still on-going, and the trade hadn’t been finalized yet so I will not be disclosing the other Dynasty Owner’s name or league. Here is the story… 

In a different league than the Waller and Samuel trades were made in, I am currently attempting to trade for Joe Mixon ($12,000,000). My running back core at the moment is Nick Chubb ($12,200,000), Raheem Mostert ($2,125,000), Derrick Henry ($12,500,000), and Leonard Fournette ($7,000,000). There are a few other lesser running backs mixed in there, but that’s my core group. I’m happy with this group, but as always, I want better. Hence, the Mixon trade talks. Here is how the talks have progressed… 

The conversations began when the Dynasty Owner with Mixon contacted me and asked what I wanted for this year’s 1.06 draft pick. I said I was willing to package a few picks for one of his running backs. I had a momentary lapse of reason as I offered the 1.06 and 1.13 for Mixon. As most of you know, the 1.13 is not tradable as it’s a bonus pick for the Loser’s Bracket tournament winner. Regardless, I think that the 1.06 and a late 2022 1st round pick is decent trade value for Mixon. I think the other Dynasty Owner would have accepted the deal if he could have. He then offered one of three choices… 

  1. 1.06 and 2023 1st 
  1. 1.06 and “some seconds” 
  1. 1.06 and my drafted 1.13 player and we make the trade after the rookie draft 

I was not and still am not going to pay 1.06 and a 2023 1st round pick for Mixon. That’s just too much. The 1.06 and some seconds is fair value I think. I’d still be overpaying technically, but it’s close. As for the third option, I didn’t feel comfortable making that deal as there are way too many moving parts. 

We seemed to be at a standstill. We did however agree that the 1.06 and a 2024 1st round pick would be agreeable. There was just one problem…I no longer have a 2024 1st round pick. 

The final thing I could come up with was a deal that could simulate the value of a 2024 1st round pick. So, the offer was the 1.06, 2.06, 2023 2nd round pick for Joe Mixon and the 3.02 pick in 2022.  

Update: This deal was finalized.  I traded the 1.06, 2.06, 2023 2nd round pick for Joe Mixon and the 3.02 pick. 


The point of this article was not solely to show you how I go about improving my Dynasty Owner teams. It hopefully showed some of you (who may not trade much) how a Dynasty Owner trade is composed and executed. I feel like trades are one thing that gets neglected the most in fantasy and dynasty analysis. 

As always, thank you for reading. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube.  Take care everyone and be safe. 


How to Win Your Rookie Draft 


By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL) 

Reviewing the Format 

Finally! Dynasty Owner rookie drafts are here! Now hopefully your team is under the $145.74 million salary cap, because you’ll need some cap space for the top rookies this year. Rookie salaries can range from under one million a year for undrafted rookie free agents and late round (fifth to seventh round) NFL Draft picks, up to more than five million a year for the two top rookies from the first round of the NFL Draft (Drake London at $5,383,617 and Garrett Wilson at $5,138,502). Ideally you’ll have around five to eight million in cap space if you have three picks in the rookie draft. 

In the Dynasty Owner format, players on rookie contracts are so important to building a true dynasty. Getting these players at a value (even those first round rookies) for four years is like a cheat code to staying competitive while under the salary cap. Top tier wide receivers are getting paid over $20,000,000 a year now and the market has exploded for the position, which is why we saw a run on wide receivers through the middle of the first round of the NFL Draft this year. NFL teams have learned that getting these players on their rookie contracts is extremely important, as we have seen rookie wideouts produce right away in the NFL recently. You should build your team similarly, especially this year with the talent at wide receiver.  

Quarterbacks are also important to your roster in Dynasty Owner, even though you don’t truly start two, you do get to start a second one on your Bench and get 25% of the Dynasty Owner fantasy points they score added to your total for the week. I don’t recommend overlooking this aspect of your team, as quarterbacks can score 20+ points week-to-week in the Dynasty Owner scoring system (6 points per passing TD) and that additional 5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for your team could be the difference between a win or a loss. This means that quarterbacks are more important in a Dynasty Owner league than a regular 1 QB league, but not as valuable as those leagues that allow you to start two quarterbacks in your starting lineup. Unfortunately, this is not the year to need a quarterback. Outside of Kenny Pickett ($3,516,976), there are not any guarantees. I would start looking at Pickett by the end of the first round of your Dynasty Owner rookie draft, as you could do worse for a QB2/3 than a first-round quarterback on a rookie contract. 

Top WRs to Target 

In this year’s class you should be looking at the wealth of wide receivers available to you. If you need a running back, and you can’t get either Breece Hall ($2,253,693) or Kenneth Walker ($2,110,395) then you may just be out of luck. In this year’s draft class, the receivers are deep and full of talent up and down. From your top tier of Treylon Burks ($3,592,398), Drake London, and Garrett Wilson, you have top talent available, but at a price if you’re a little tight with money. These players are first round talents, and the value is still there even with their heightened salaries, as you will be able to use these players on your Bench right away.  

Burks will be taking over the A.J. Brown ($1,413,092 for 2022, but $25,000,000 starting in 2023) role and there should be plenty of volume there, and despite the disappointment around his NFL Combine performance, Burks is a great athlete and should be able to create yards after the catch in the Titans offense.  

London is inserted into a team without any competition in the receiver room, meaning he should be the first target for the Falcons when looking outside the numbers. Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624) should still be one of the top playmakers on the team, but London will be right next to him.  

Wilson is a bit more interesting as he enters a more crowded wide receiver room than Burks or London. Elijah Moore ($2,235,107) and Corey Davis ($12,500,000) are solid wideouts and will not just give up their positions on the offense, but Wilson is full of talent and very pro ready. After being picked 10th overall, the Jets have made it obvious they want to feature the Wilson to Wilson connection.  

Another wideout I’m targeting in the first round in Jameson Williams ($4,365,448). One of the best prospects in this entire class, he would likely be the WR1 for many if it wasn’t for his late season injury. He should be able to challenge Amon-Ra St. Brown ($1,066,313) as soon as he is healthy, and reports are that he should be comfortable to play by the first couple weeks of the season.  

Cheap WRs to Target 

If you are running low on cap space there are a couple receivers I would recommend you target throughout your Dynasty Owner rookie draft. If you’re in the first round and can’t afford any of the NFL first round WRs, Skyy Moore ($1,612,624) could be a great asset for your team. Drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, who currently have a Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000 for 2022, but $30,000,000 starting in 2023)-sized hole, there is plenty of opportunity for Moore to make an impact right away. He is quick, slippery, and has soft-hands making him a fun player for Patrick Mahomes ($45,000,000) to use in the fast-paced Chiefs offense. 

Later into the second round of your rookie draft, you may be able to acquire a couple of Day 2 receivers. Alec Pierce ($1,650,336) went to the Colts, who across from Michael Pittman, Jr. ($2,153,213) don’t have anyone set in stone. Pierce showed off great athleticism at the NFL Combine and has been a talked-about prospect for NFL scouts since the beginning of the 2021 season. Matt Ryan ($30,000,000) may not be the MVP-caliber player he used to be, but I do believe he will be effective with the Colts offense and Pierce as the WR2 for the team should contribute for your dynasty team quickly.  

Another player to look at would be Jalen Tolbert ($1,283,930) who went to the Dallas Cowboys. With Michael Gallup ($11,500,000) returning from an ACL injury, Tolbert will be competing with James Washington ($1,187,500) for the WR2 role to start the season. Tolbert was very productive at South Alabama and has already heard rave reviews from the coaching staff. He may be in the best position to contribute as Washington was seen wearing a protective boot earlier this week. 

What about Tight End? 

So, we’ve made it this far and maybe you need another tight end for your team, but don’t look for a Week 1 contributor. There are many tight ends worth taking a shot on in the third round of your Dynasty Owner rookie drafts, and it may come down to who you like more. I like Greg Dulcich ($1,314,785) who went to the Broncos. Noah Fant ($3,147,680) had his time in Denver but now finds himself in Seattle and I’m not convinced that Albert Okwuegbunam ($1,011,011) is the starter of the future. Dulcich provides solid athleticism and (quietly) produced at a high level while playing for UCLA. Plus, a quarterback upgrade in Denver gives all of their skill players a boost. 

Final Thoughts: 

Don’t overthink your rookie draft strategy. Create a plan for your draft, know what players you’re targeting, and don’t worry about “reaching” a couple of spots for a player who you want. Enjoy and have fun. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM over on Twitter (@NateNFL). 

Building Blocks- Rookie Draft

NFL Draft Article

First Round Rookie Draft Picks for Rebuilding Owners  

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) 

Dynasty Owners, it is almost time for your rookie drafts and in honor of that I wanted to do an article geared towards the most important selections of these drafts. The rookie drafts are one of my favorite times of the year because everyone is active, making trades and it’s the best time of year when you’re in the middle of a rebuild.   

For rebuilding owners, the goal is to have multiple picks in each round rather than just your own. Because of this, I will breakdown who I would take with each pick in the first round with a rebuild in mind. I will also break down a few things about each player such as why I took them and what to do with them after drafting them. Typically, you would see quite a few quarterbacks in the first round of a Dynasty Owner rookie draft, but the crop of QBs is not exactly the strong suit of the 2022 class.  

Overall, there is some talent to be had in this class but most of it will come from the wide receiver position, though I do like a couple of the running backs expected to be taken after the first round. The last thing I want to touch on is the bonus pick in case any of you are not familiar with it. The reason you will see a 13-pick first round in this article is because here at Dynasty Owner, we reward the winner of the Loser’s Bracket tournament, comprising of the six non-playoff teams in each league, with a bonus pick at the end of the first round (pick 1.13).  

As always feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these selections via Twitter. 

  1. Breece Hall (RB – NYJ) – 4 years/$2,253,693 

I know, I know, I have preached time and time again not to target running backs early in a rebuild. However, with the landscape of today’s NFL, I think this is a no-brainer. The reason I would go this route is not because I want to keep Hall long-term but because I want to trade him for a bounty of picks shortly after the draft to the worst contender in need of a running back. The Jets drafted Hall high in the NFL Draft and from all the reports I have seen, they were targeting him from the start. Hall is an uber talented back and I expect him to have a long productive career in the Big Apple. 

  1. Drake London (WR – ATL) – 4 years/$5,383,617 

While this may surprise some because of my love for The Ohio State Buckeyes, Drake London is my favorite receiver of the 2022 draft class. London is a physical freak and was able to put up insane numbers for only playing in eight college games last season. I know many are worried about the quarterback position in Atlanta, but I feel London’s talent will prevail regardless of how things play out. I see London as a long-term building block almost immediately.  

  1. Garrett Wilson (WR – NYJ) – 4 years/$5,138,501 

The #3 spot in the upcoming rookie drafts is an easy selection for me with Garrett Wilson being the best talent available. I have touched on Wilson numerous times this off-season, but my favorite part of his game is the catch radius he provides. If the ball is in the same area code as Wilson, he will likely come down with it. Wilson has similar concerns as London regarding the quarterback position, but Zach Wilson ($8,787,670) was a blue-chip prospect just a year ago so those concerns could change rather quickly. No, this is not me hoping on the Zach Wilson bandwagon, I am trying to remain optimistic. 

  1. Jameson Williams (WR – DET) – 4 years/$4,365,448 

I am a little torn on how to view Jameson Williams heading into his NFL career, but I will defer to the many scouts who said he would have been a lock to be the first receiver drafted had he not been hurt. I feel Williams is an excellent selection here for rebuilding owners because of the talent and the fact him that he won’t be on the field right away. That will benefit your Dynasty Owner team in its pursuit of the Number 1 choice come 2023. Williams is blazing fast and should make a living in the NFL toasting the defender lined up across from him. If the scouts were right on Williams, you will find yourself with a great building block. 

  1. Kenneth Walker (RB – SEA) – 4 years/$2,110,395 

I have to say this was by far the toughest selection on the list, but I took Kenneth Walker for two reasons. The first being he will produce early on because of Seattle’s love affair with running the ball. The second is because of what he will get you in a trade once he does start producing. As I said when covering Breece Hall, the landscape of the running back position is extremely thin which will only boost a young producing running back’s value. Walker is an excellent pure runner, and it should be on display from the jump. 

  1. Chris Olave (WR – NO) – 4 years/$4,817,969 

In the sixth spot we technically have our third Ohio State Buckeye, Chris Olave. Remember, Jameson Williams played for Ohio State before transferring to Alabama. Olave is a silky-smooth route runner who was drafted in the first round by a team that has made a living drafting kids out of Columbus, the New Orleans Saints. Olave has the skill set to start immediately in today’s NFL and I love the fact he will be able to learn from one of the most respected pros in the NFL, Jarvis Landry ($3,000,000). I expect Olave to have a long and productive career and think he will be a great addition to any rebuilding roster. 

  1. Treylon Burks (WR – TEN) – 4 years/$3,592,396 

I will admit Burks was my favorite prospect before the combine and the NFL Draft. While I am still very high on him, he has dropped to the fifth spot in my receiver rankings. Burks is a physical specimen who plays a lot like A.J. Brown which should help his transition to the Titans be that much easier. I do expect Burks to have some growing pains, but I have a feeling once he is able to acclimate to the big leagues, he is going to be a nightmare for defensive coordinators. At the #7 spot in a Dynasty Owner rookie draft, you have to love Burks falling into your lap as a future building block for your roster! 

  1. Skyy Moore (WR – KC) – 4 years/$1,612,624 

Skyy Moore, everyone’s favorite “sleeper” of the upcoming rookie drafts, slots in at the Number 8 spot for me. While I will be honest that I have not dug into him a ton just yet and I am not so sure I have to do so. The Kansas City Chiefs are a top tier offense and organization that I have no issue putting my trust in. I am not sure Moore will be ready to burst onto the scene in Week 1, but I do expect him to play well at some point in the season and when you’re rebuilding patience is perfectly ok. If things play out well for Moore, you will have a receiver connected to Patrick Mahomes ($45,000,000) to build around. 

  1. Christian Watson (WR – GB) – 4 years/$2,310,257 

At the #9 spot, I have the last pick who I feel extremely confident about this year. Part of it is the talent Christian Watson possesses, but the bigger part is the quarterback that will be throwing him the ball. Watson could not have asked for much better of a situation playing with a Davante Adams-less Aaron Rodgers ($33,500,000) to start his NFL career. I am not sure about the longevity of Watson’s career with Rodgers expected to leave town soon, but he will play a ton this season and may return a haul in a trade later in the year. 

  1. Kenny Pickett (QB – PIT) – 4 years/$3,516,976 

At the #10 spot we have old Burger King Hands, Kenny Pittsburgh, and while I don’t love the player, the pick here makes a ton of sense. Any starting quarterback on a rookie salary holds immense value on the Dynasty Owner platform and that’s exactly why I have Pickett at Number 10. While I am not high on Pickett, my opinion means nothing and he could easily prove me wrong if, and hopefully when, he balls out for the Steelers at any point this season. Overall, I feel Pickett will get you a few solid fantasy years on a dirt cheap contract in a worst-case scenario and that alone makes him well worth the 10th pick. 

  1. George Pickens (WR – PIT) – 4 years/$1,688,045 

In the 11th spot, I may be a little biased but to be fair I checked into several different ADPs (Average Draft Positions), and this is area where I expect George Pickens to be selected. I know Pickens is not viewed as a top-level talent, but I am here to tell you those opinions are wrong. Had Pickens stayed healthy last season, I feel he would have easily been a first-round selection in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Steelers are also excellent when it comes to drafting receivers and I see no reason that changes now. I view Pickens as a small project because of the players in front of him on the depth chart but I also feel he will become a solid building block in the near future. 

  1. James Cook (RB – BUF) – 4 years/$1,458,014 

At #12, we have my good friend Bryan Peck’s favorite prospect in this year’s class and that player is James Cook. Cook is the younger brother to stud Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook ($12,600,000) and if he can play anything like his big brother, he will be an absolute steal at this point in your Dynasty Owner rookie draft. Cook arguably had the best landing spot of all incoming fantasy players after going to the Buffalo Bills who had been linked heavily to the running back position leading up to the draft. In Buffalo, Cook gets to play on one of the best, if not the best, offenses in all of football. My plan when drafting Cook would be to trade him as soon as he has a big game and the hype sets in. 

  1. Jahan Dotson (WR – WAS) – 4 years/$3,762,089 

While this selection may not be a fan favorite this early, I have been liking Jahan Dotson more each time I turn on his film. When most look at Dotson, they see a smaller receiver who may not be able to produce at all levels in the NFL but what I have seen says otherwise. Dotson is extremely athletic, a solid route runner, and has no issues going up to get a ball. My favorite quote from Dotson was after a catch against Ohio State and he said, “the ball is like a million dollars in the air, and you have to go and get it”. Dotson will have the privilege of working opposite of Terry McLaurin ($961,918) to start his career and it should benefit him immensely. 

I hope this helps all you rebuilders with your upcoming Dynasty Owner rookie drafts. If you have any questions at all or need any advice with one of your selections, you can always reach me on Twitter (@JayPoundsNFL). Be sure to check out our other content from Steve, Matt, and Nate. Stay safe out there and as always good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring! 

New Contract Spotlight

Rob Gronkowski New Contract Spotlight

(Speculative) Rob Gronkowski

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk

Hello all. Welcome to another Free Agent Friday. In keeping with the name of this series, today I will be talking about a player who has not yet signed a new contract. Rob Gronkowski is on the docket for today. I know that he has not signed with any team yet, but today we are going to pretend that he has or will sign one soon. First, let’s see if there has been any breaking news in the past week. 

The News 

I want to mention that there are a great number of transactions occurring in the NFL each day. Most of these are from teams signing newly drafted players. Although these signings may seem like a given, there are many players who get drafted each year but get cut prior to the regular season. 

Jarvis Landry (Signed by New Orleans at 1 year – $3,000,000) 

Jarvis Landry has signed with the New Orleans Saints. I actually like this landing spot, and I like the salary even better. He will join the Saints, and he will be the assumed WR2 at least until Chris Olave gets up to speed. I like this move a lot for the following reasons. 

First, we don’t know what is happening with the Michael Thomas situation. We hear that he should be fully healthy and ready for the start of the 2022 season. While I think that is likely, I’m also not willing to bet on it. Thomas has only played in seven regular season games in the past two seasons. It’s well known that he was unhappy with his situation in New Orleans. There is a non-zero percent chance that he misses a good chunk of the 2022 season due to injury or a hold out. The simple summary is that we just don’t know. There are a lot of variables, and I think Landry’s signing is a very solid depth move for the Saints. 

Second, we also know how it’s normal for rookie wide receivers to take a little more time adjusting to the NFL when compared to running backs. Obviously Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase are the most recent exceptions to this rule. There is a likelihood that Olave is the WR3 for the Saints for the majority or entirety of the upcoming season. Landry’s roster percentage in Dynasty Owner has gradually risen since the news of his signing with New Orleans. He is currently rostered in 91 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues, and I expect that number to continue rising. 

Bryan Edwards (Traded from Las Vegas to Atlanta; $1,173,113 for 2 years) 

Bryan Edwards has been traded from the Raiders to the Falcons. This is a pretty big trade in terms of draft capital. Edwards was drafted by the Raiders in the 3rd round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The 3rd round isn’t the highest draft capital for a receiver, but Edwards was a sleeper pick that year due to his physicality and his size. He will join the Falcons who are in desperate need of receivers. I won’t go so far to say that Edwards will make a big fantasy impact. What I will say is that I could see Edwards emerge as the WR2 for the Falcons. He is a player who I would be happy to roster. 

New Contract Spotlight 

Rob Gronkowski has yet to sign a new contract. Despite that fact, today I’m going to pretend that he will. I’m doing this for two reasons. First, I believe that he will return for at least one more season with Tom Brady. Second, I think there is virtually no chance that he signs with a team other than Tampa Bay. I truly believe that the only two choices Gronk is considering are retirement or re-signing with the Bucs. If we go with that theory, let’s look at a plausible contract he would sign. 

Player Age Status Current Salary Estimated Value 
Rob Gronkowski 33 UFA $8,000,000 $10,000,000 

The expectation is that if Gronk re-signs, he will make at least as much as his previous salary ($8,000,000). I anticipate that number will be a little closer to $10,000,000, but we are in the ballpark at $8,000,000. 

Gronk finished as TE7 in 2021.  We also know that he will be the tied for 15th highest paid tight end with Will Dissly and C.J. Uzomah if he were to make $8,000,000 per year. On paper, this seems like a decent value. I don’t want to say that it isn’t, but what I will say is that the lower we drop with tight ends, the more skewed the fantasy points get. I’ve explained this in the past, but let me give another quick example… 

So, let’s say that you draft who you think will be the TE5 on the season. Presumably, this would mean he is the fifth tight end taken in a draft. You’re happy, right? Why shouldn’t you be? You have just drafted a player who (you think) will be better at the tight end position than the majority of what your league mates will draft. For the 2022 season, the TE5 is projected to be George Kittle. So, you draft Kittle and you’re happy right? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s why… 

You have just drafted George Kittle in the 8th round. According to ADP (Average Draft Position), you have also just drafted him over players like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Tua Tagovailoa, T.J. Hockenson and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Maybe you are fine with that decision. Here’s why I argue that you shouldn’t be. You are drafting Kittle with the assumption that you can get roughly 200 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (198.6 to be exact) from him. Did you know that nine rounds later you could draft Gronkowski and take a chance that he doesn’t retire? Gronk is projected to get only 33.2 fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Kittle. This isn’t even taking into account the salary difference between the two. 

Okay, so you don’t want to take a chance on a player retiring. That’s fine. Then why not draft Hunter Henry who you can likely get 10 rounds later than Kittle. Henry is cheaper than Kittle and is projected to score only 39.5 fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points less than Kittle. I get it. Henry is not a sexy name, and he won’t win anyone a championship, but he is a solid tight end who would provide good Bench tight end numbers. 

My point of this Spotlight was to show that Gronk can be a great value this year especially because he is being forgotten about in startup drafts. If Gronk was dropped in my league, I would be doing everything I could to pick him up. If he does indeed officially retire, you will be able to drop him for free. 

As always, thank you for reading. Next week I am going to continue with the New Contract Spotlight series, but I will also be talking about my initial dynasty rankings. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care everyone and be safe. 


Building Blocks

Draft- Patrick Mahomes

Start-Up Mock Draft with a New Dynasty Owner Player

By: Jay Pounds 

Dynasty Owners welcome back to another week with yours truly! I don’t know if you feel the same, but this offseason has been flying by for me. The draft has come and gone and before we know it our rookie drafts will be upon us. 

 I would like to take a moment to encourage everyone to participate in a couple of rookie mock drafts so we can see the ADP start to change. In case you are wondering what I just said here on Dynasty Owner our users set the incoming rookie ADP by using our rookie mock draft feature. In today’s article, I will be highlighting a few of those rookies and where they were drafted in our recent 12-person start-up mock draft. 

 Back on May 1st Steve and I held a mock draft that included 9 experienced Dynasty Owner users as well as one brand new user, who happens to be my dad. My dad has been playing fantasy football for 20-plus years, so he is no newbie but the salaries and building a team underneath a hard cap was all new territory for my old man.  

In this article, I will be breaking down several aspects of my dad’s first-ever Dynasty Owner draft in hopes to help some of you new users that are just getting started here on the platform. The things we will cover today will be a breakdown of each position on my dad’s roster, my thoughts on how his draft went, and a brief Q&A about my dad’s thoughts on his first-ever Dynasty Owner draft, oh and in case you were wondering he drafted from the 1.01. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me via Twitter @JayPoundsNFL 

Roster Drafted 


Patrick Mahomes (10.12) – $45,000,000 

Desmond Ridder (12.12) – $1,340,739 

Carson Strong (23.01) – $853,333 

J.T. Barrett (24.12) – $610,000 

Wilton Speight (25.01) – $586,667 


Jonathon Taylor (1.01) – $1,957,287 

Breece Hall (2.12) – $2,253,693 

David Montgomery (4.12) – $1,003,845 

Dameon Pierce (9.01) – $1,118,858 

Zamir White (14.12) – $1,100,982 

Rachaad White (15.01) – $1,282,500 

Hassan Haskins (22.12) – $1,088,055 


Dionte Johnson (3.01) – $1,070,241 

Hunter Renfrow (6.12) – $708,987 

Drake London (7.01) – $5,383,617 

Christian Watson (8.12) – $2,310,257 

Deandre Hopkins (11.01) – $27,250,000 

D.J. Moore (13.01) – $20,628,000 

Jalen Tolbert (16.12) – $1,283,215 

Alec Pierce (20.12) – $1,650,335 

Michael Thomas (21.01) – $19,250,000 


Pat Freiermuth (5.01) – $1,507,045 

Jeremy Ruckert (17.01) – $1,216,227 


Randy Bullock (18.12) – $2,340,000 

Greg Zuerlein (19.01) – $2,750,000 

Positional Breakdown 


As the draft was unfolding Steve and I were shocked at the low spending of my dad in his first-ever draft, and then the 10th round hit. In the 10th my dad went big when selecting his franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. I must say I was fairly impressed with his strategy as Mahomes should be a value here in a few years.  

The rest of my dad’s quarterback room left a little to be desired with his second quarterback being rookie Desmond Ridder, though I could be eating my words if he ends up starting at some point this season for the Atlanta Falcons. The rest of the quarterback room is completely developmental with the best prospect being Carson Strong of the Philadelphia Eagles. The last two players on this list, J.T. Barrett, and Wilton Speight were drafted purely for salary reasons. 

Overall Grade – B I like the thought process on this position, but a lot is riding on Desmond Ridder especially if Mahomes were to miss significant time. 


I must say my dad nailed his running back selections. Sitting at the 1.01 made his first choice an easy one with Jonathon Taylor. Taylor is an absolute stud and at a salary under $2,000,000 he is one of the best values in all of Dynasty Owner. With the 2.12 selection of the mock draft another awesome value was available with my dad drafting incoming rookie Breece Hall. If Hall hits like many are expecting Taylor and Hall gives my dad an excellent 1-2 punch at running back.  

The depth running back for this roster is David Montgomery and getting him at the 4.12 was excellent work. Montgomery has quietly been a stud when on the field the past couple of seasons. The rest of the running backs on my dad’s roster are incoming rookies and each have scenarios where they could see the field, especially Pierce in Houston. All in all, if one or two of these rookie backs do well this roster will be just fine as constructed. I also love the future at this position with so many young talented players to develop. 

Overall Grade – A I would have given this an A+ had he taken one more proven running back over a rookie. 


Before we get into the receiver position, I want to remind everyone that Deandre Hopkins was not suspended at the time of this draft. With Hopkins available my dad left the draft with a total of 7 receivers that are expected to put up big numbers this season. Out of the group, my favorite 2 picks were Drake London with my dad snagging him at the 7.01, and Christian Watson a round later with the 8.12. 

 Another great pick for this roster was D.J. Moore in the 13th round. I know Moore’s salary is a bit pricey for some but with the way this roster was built Moore’s salary will not be much of a concern for at least a couple of years. One pick in this group I really want to highlight for our new users is Michael Thomas who was selected in the 21st round. I can 100% say you will never see Thomas go this late on any other platform. 

Overall Grade – A+ Overall I think my dad absolutely crushed this position with so many options at his disposal he can afford to play matchups every week. Of course, I am not holding the Hopkins suspension against him 


With only 2 players drafted at this position, this should be rather quick. I love the selection of Pat Freiermuth as he seems like a lock to be a top 10 tight end each season at an affordable salary. Where things get dicey is beyond Freiermuth with rookie Jeremy Ruckert as the only other option for my dad. I love the potential of Ruckert, but the Jets are already utilizing 7 of their roster spots on tight ends so I am not sure when the Ohio State product will see the field.  

Overall Grade – C Had this been a real league depth would be a huge issue, though I love the Steeler, Pat Freiermuth. 

Q & A 

Q. What would you do differently in an actual startup draft? 

A. I may have gone a different direction with the Michael Thomas pick to give myself more cap space to make moves. Outside of that I was very happy with how my team turned out, though I am glad this was only a mock draft because of the Hopkins suspension. 

Q. What surprised you the most? 

A. I wouldn’t say surprised, but it was odd to see some of the bigger names available so late in the draft. Michael Thomas is a Buckeye great, and I couldn’t leave him sit any longer. 

Q.  Do you see yourself playing Dynasty Owner long term? 

A. Absolutely! I had a lot of fun with the draft, and it is a much different experience from your typical dynasty league draft. I will be joining a new league with my son this year! 

My Thoughts 

Overall, I feel my dad did very well for this being his very first Dynasty Owner draft that happened to be filled with several experienced users for him to deal with. If this were my own team, I just drafted I would be all in right away trading for a second quarterback, a top tier tight end, and a running back like Tony Pollard.  

I do love the running backs that my dad drafted but with the way injuries always affect that position he may need one of the rookies to play a bigger role than he intended for. I feel come 2023 is when this roster would really come to life and compete for championships had it been a real draft. My favorite position group drafted by my dad would easily be the receivers with names like Deandre Hopkins, D.J. Moore, Dionte Johnson, Michael Thomas, and Hunter Renfrow to carry the roster until players like Drake London, Christian Watson, and Jalen Tolbert are ready to produce. 

 Another factor I love about having all these expensive receivers is the fact he will be able to use an amnesty provision to move on from whoever is not living up to their contract and will still have plenty of depth at the position. As I stated earlier in the article, I feel the tight end position could use some work, but he is just a trade away from solidifying the position. All in all, I feel my old man did very well for it being his first time on the platform and should give many of our new user’s hope that they will be able to succeed when playing Dynasty Owner! 

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other content coming out from Nate, Steve and Matt. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring! 

New Contract Spotlight

James Conner

James Conner

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk

Hello all. Welcome to yet another Free Agent Friday article. Today I will be continuing with the New Contract Spotlight theme as I showcase one of my favorite players for the 2022 season. This favoritism includes dynasty and redraft formats. The player is James Conner. As always, let’s see if there has been any notable news since we last spoke. 

The News 

The News section has been slow recently. This happens every year as most of the big name free agents have signed with their 2022 teams. At the end of this news segment, I’m going to give you an update on one of the top free agents left unclaimed. I did a similar exercise about nearly two months ago where I listed the Top 10 remaining free agents according to my opinion. Well, there aren’t many players left from that list even. I’ll give an updated (quite shorter) list. 

The bulk of the NFL transactions over the past three days have been undrafted free agent (UDFA) signings. While UDFAs aren’t the most exciting players to talk about, there usually seems to be one or two that make a decent fantasy impact each season. Think about James Robinson a couple of years ago. I’m not going to list every offensive UDFA in this article as the list would be pages long. I just want to remind people that your rookie draft doesn’t really end after the draft has completed. There will be plenty of fantasy potential in the Free Agent Auction.  I expect a feeding frenzy in my leagues as teams try to find undrafted Dynasty Owner players as well as UDFAs. Again, this is just a friendly reminder that you need to not only keep track of which players were drafted in the rookie drafts, but also pay attention to which players were not drafted. 

Sony Michel (Signed by Miami at 1 year – $1,750,000) 

Here is a rare sight these days…a veteran player signing in May. Sony Michel and the Rams have decided not to continue their partnership any longer. It was nearly a foregone conclusion that the Rams would not re-sign Michel. They have a seemingly healthy Cam Akers returning.  Darrell Henderson is still on the roster and looks to once again be the backup to Akers. The Rams also drafted Kyren Williams with 5th round draft capital. You may not get too excited about a 5th round running back, and that may be justified. However, a running back like Sony Michel is not typically going to be a third string running back, especially considering his projected salary and ease of replacement with a rookie. 

This is a long winded way of saying that Michel moves on to a new team. It’s somewhat comical that he joins an even more crowded backfield in Miami though. It remains to be seen where he will fall on the depth chart, but he will have to compete with Myles Gaskin, Chase Edmonds, Salvon Ahmed and Raheem Mostert for meaningful touches. 

The details of Sony’s contract just became known, and it is a one-year deal for $1.75 million. 

Odell Beckham Jr. 

Top 10 Player Age Status 2021 Salary Market Value 
1 Odell Beckham Jr 29 UFA $1,250,000 $12,000,000 

When I said there aren’t many players left from my Top 10 Free Agents list, I meant it. There is only a single player left, and it’s OBJ. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  Beckham tore his ACL in the Rams win over the Bengals in last year’s Super Bowl. No knee injury like this is ever good news, but it’s especially devastating when it happens so late in a season. That timeline makes a beginning of the 2022 season return for OBJ practically impossible. All reports that I have heard state that sometime in November is likely. 

This is the main reason why he hasn’t been signed yet.  Uncertainty… 

I do believe he will play this season, but there is a chance that he isn’t signed until the regular season has already started. This is disappointing for Dynasty Owners to hear, but there is some good news…You will only have a $1.25 million cap hit until he does re-sign. That is small enough that he should be held in every league for now. The overwhelming majority of Dynasty Owners agree with me as he is still owned in 99.37% of leagues. 

New Contract Spotlight 

James Conner is the topic for conversation today. I have professed my love for Conner as a player several times over the past couple of years. Here is what I wrote about him back in April of 2021. 

“You don’t have to be a seasoned fantasy football player to remember how Conner’s dynasty value grew. All the way back in 2018 is all the further you have to look. Le’Veon Bell had just been given his second consecutive franchise tag. Bell declined to sign. He went on to miss more than the first half of the season. In the interim, fantasy managers were flustered with what to do…Do I draft Bell? Will he play this season? Surely he has to right? What happens if he doesn’t? Who will be his replacement? The final question proved to be the most important. I was in three keeper/dynasty startup leagues at the time, and I was able to snag Conner in all three. The average round I drafted him was the 14th. Talk about a steal. Conner finished the 2018 season with 1,470 total yards, 55 receptions and 13 touchdowns. (And he only played in 13 games) I love Conner, if nothing else just for that season. I try to be unbiased, but he won me a lot of money in 2018. Unfortunately, he has not been able to recreate those stats over the past two years. Here is Conner’s 2019 and 2020 seasons if he had played all 16 games with the same production…” 

(16 Game Pace) Rushing Attempts Rushing Yards Receptions Receiving Yards Touchdowns 
Conner 2018 264 1,198 68 612 16 
Conner 2019 186 742 54 402 11 
Conner 2020 208 887 43 265 

The entire point of my excerpt there was to say that while I still liked Conner as a player, I did not think he would ever return to the 2018 dominance. His 2021 season was not quite as good as his 2018 was, but I think a RB6 finish is enough for my previous statement to be proven wrong. Conner was just about as productive and efficient as he was in his magical breakout season. So, what does this mean looking forward? What does this mean for his 2022 outlook? 

As we know, Conner is on a $7,000,000 per year contract. This is a middle tier value as far as contracts go. However, I consider Conner a top tier producer. Pair this with the idea that he should have more touches and targets when compared to his split backfield in 2021. Conner is tied for the 10th highest running back contract, and I have him projected to finish as RB10 or better. He is not only going to be productive, but he is a great value. Draft, trade or hold him with confidence. 

As always, thank you for reading. If there is any player that you want me to Spotlight, just message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care everyone and be safe. 


NFL Draft Reaction

NFL Draft Reaction

What To Do With These Quarterbacks?

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL) 

Value of the position 

Dynasty Owner is a start 2 QB league, but with a catch. Your Bench quarterback gets 25% of his points added to your total. At first thought this seems nearly irrelevant, but with good quarterbacks scoring 20+ Dynasty Owner fantasy points on a weekly basis, there is an advantage to having good depth at the position. An extra 5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points on top of your Starting lineup could be the difference between a win and a loss some weeks, and therefore a playoff berth. Value-wise this isn’t quite a Superflex league so we’re not reaching for quarterbacks across the board, especially this year, but quarterbacks on rookie contracts are always valuable. So, with this historic class what are we doing? 

Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh Steelers (1.20) – 4 years/$3,516,976 

Kenny Pittsburgh as some media outlets are calling him comes in as the expected starter for the Steelers, though I’m sure Mitchell Trubisky ($7,142,500) will do his best to have a say in the matter. The Steelers are looking to make a swift transition from Big Ben to the next era and Pickett looks like a Week 1 starter. He showed good command of his offense and comes in with experience after playing five seasons in college. While not the dynamic playmaking threat that some of the other young quarterbacks in the league are, Pickett still has the ability to pick up yards on the ground when needed. The only projected starter in this class, if you need a quarterback for your Bench, Pickett is one of the best values out there at only $3,516,976 per year. I’d be comfortable taking him at the end of the first round if you’re looking to add some depth to your quarterback room. 

Desmond Ridder – Atlanta Falcons (3.10) – 4 years/$1,340,739 

It was surprising to see that the second quarterback off the board didn’t happen until the third round. Ridder was gaining first-round hype throughout the draft process, especially after he ran a 4.52 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. The Falcons already have Marcus Mariota ($9,375,000) on a two-year contract, but they have an easy out after this season if he struggles and Ridder shows promise. At 6’ 3” and 211 pounds, Ridder has the physical tools and traits to succeed in the NFL, but needs to become more consistent with his technique and decision-making if he wants to start games. The Falcons are trying to avoid saying they’re in a rebuild, but on paper they aren’t fooling anyone. Ridder is a fun project but if the Falcons are picking in the top five next year, he’s not going to stop them from taking a stud quarterback prospect. I wouldn’t mind taking a swing on Ridder sometime in the third round if he’s your kind of thing. 

Malik Willis – Tennessee Titans (3.22) – 4 years/$1,286,083 

What a fall for Willis who some expected to be a top-10 pick in the draft. Third round draft capital is certainly not what many dynasty players were hoping for, but the Titans landing spot isn’t too bad. Ryan Tannehill ($29,500,000) has been solid, but less than stellar for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations, and while Willis has a long way to go before reaching that point, his athleticism and big arm give him a nearly unlimited ceiling. Tannehill could be gone after this season, but he would still leave a dead cap hit of nearly 19 million dollars. His departure for the team is nearly guaranteed though after the 2023 season though as his dead cap hit would be under 10 million. If you’re willing to wait and see, Willis is a good gamble around the start of the third round. 

Matt Corral – Carolina Panthers (3.30) – 4 years/$1,269,984 

When speaking on these third round quarterbacks, no rookie has the open depth chart that Corral has with the Panthers. Sam Darnold ($18,858,000) is there but he is in no way a guarantee to start the entire season. If Corral can have a decent showing throughout training camp, there isn’t much reason to think he won’t have a chance at throwing a couple of passes this NFL season if Darnold starts to struggle. Unfortunately, while Corral has one of the better chances to see playing time in 2022, his job security past this season is low. In the same vein as Ridder and the Falcons, if the Panthers are picking at the top of the 2023 NFL Draft then you can expect them to invest in one of the shiny new quarterbacks available. I would consider taking Corral at the end of the third round if you need immediate quarterback depth for this upcoming season. Best case scenario, Corral gets a couple starts this year and you can flip him for a second rounder in 2023. 

Sam Howell – Washington Commanders (5.01) – 4 years/$1,005,399 

I have no idea how Sam Howell fell as far as he did, as he was considered a first rounder coming into the 2021 season and performed rather well considering he lost his entire 2020 offense to the NFL – Javonte Williams ($2,216,438), Michael Carter ($1,071,842), fellow Commander Dyami Brown ($1,236,000), and Dazz Newsome ($660,000). I was a big fan of Howell before the draft and to see him slide into Day 3 of the draft was surprising, but sitting behind Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Wentz isn’t known to be the most consistent of quarterbacks (between health and performance) so if the team starts struggling, Howell might get a chance to see snaps. This landing spot also lets him sit and grow without any pressure, while the Commanders are unlikely to be bad enough to be picking high enough for one of the top two quarterbacks in 2023. I feel comfortable taking Howell near the end of the third round or at least making him a priority Free Agent Auction addition if he makes it that far in your league.  

Building Blocks


Seven Rookies Rebuilding Owners Should Draft and Stash 

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) 

Dynasty Owners welcome back to another week of rebuilding with Jay Pounds! In last week’s article, we talked over some of my favorite potential building blocks from the draft and man was there some talent on that list. In preparation for the upcoming rookie drafts, I will be covering some more of the new incoming rookies this week with today’s article covering cheaper rookie options who will be considered stashes at the beginning of their respective careers. 

 The only criteria I used when selecting the list that you will see below is the player had to be drafted in the 3rd round or later with some being drafted well after that. The point of this list is not to find Day 1 starters, but players that rebuilding owners can comfortably hold onto for at least one full season before deciding their future. 

 I know I keep saying it is time to start preparing for the rookie drafts, but I will continue to do so. I feel this year will be more important than previous years because of how close some of these rookies are in terms of talent. There are also so many players to choose from. If you have any favorite stashes from the draft who I missed, feel free to let me know on Twitter. 

This list is in no order. 

1. Rachaad White (RB – TB) – 4 years/$1,280,712 

Tampa Bay running back Rachaad White starts us off. White has a ton of work to do to jump ahead of the running backs ahead of him on the Buccaneers depth chart, Leonard Fournette ($7,000,000) and Ke’Shawn Vaughn ($1,188,999). White is a great physical runner, and it is rare to see him brought down on first contact. Similar praises can be given about his agility and quickness. 

 When you are rebuilding a dynasty team, you can never have enough talented running backs stashed and White fits beautifully into that category. Had White been drafted by Buffalo, he would have been the 3rd running back taken in most of the upcoming rookie drafts after Breece Hall ($2,253,693) and Kenneth Walker ($2,110,395). 

2. Velus Jones (WR – CHI) – 4 years/$1,351,481 

I have to say, this is one of the most questionable players on this list, but I fully believe in Justin Fields ($4,717,989), so I am willing to take a shot on one, Velus Jones. Jones was a surprising pick for many reasons but none more than the fact he was a 6th year senior in 2021 and will be 25 years old before ever playing a NFL snap.  

Another thing that has confused me at this selection is how similar his skillset seems compared to Darnell Mooney. Either way, the Bears believed in him enough to make him a pick they expect to play rather quickly. Jones is also a solid punt/kick returner which should help him see the field instantly as well as remain on the roster, which is something I like when stashing players. 

3. David Bell (WR – CLE) – 4 years/$1,261,227 

While there is not much noise surrounding David Bell at the moment, he is one of my favorite players on this list if the future of Deshaun Watson is not torn apart by legal trouble. Bell does have players like Amari Cooper ($20,000,000), Anthony Schwartz ($1,215,756), and Donovan Peoples-Jones ($870,402) in front of him, but I see a scenario where he beats at least one of them out rather quickly to become the Number 3 guy on the depth chart. Bell is a physical specimen and had terrific college production while playing for Purdue.  

4. Calvin Austin (WR – PIT) – 4 years/$1,041,084 

By now we all know how well the Steelers draft the receiver position and Calvin Austin making this list is a product of just that. Austin has a ton of talent in front of him on the Steelers’ depth chart, but I see him as a perfect stash for rebuilding owners as he will have several mentors showing him the Steeler way. Austin is smaller, but an extremely explosive receiver and it would not surprise me a bit if the Steelers implemented a small package for him in Week 1. He should step into the Ray-Ray McCloud role right away and if he finds a way to make things happen with the ball in his hands, he could end up as a diamond in the rough this draft season. I know I am biased because he is a Steeler but here you are reading! 

5. Kyren Williams (RB – LAR) – 4 years/$992,601 

Heading into the NFL Combine, Kyren Williams was seemingly in the Top 5 of every draft board on the planet, and then he ran the 40-yard dash and finished dead last at the running back position. It caused him to fall significantly in the NFL draft. While there are several talented players in front of Williams on the Rams’ depth chart, I do see a possibility he could see significant playing time in 2023. Williams is a fantastic pass catching running back and I have no doubt Sean McVay will find creative ways to utilize him. Williams has all the tools necessary to produce at the NFL level and plays much faster than his 40 time shows. 

6. Bo Melton (WR – SEA) – 4 years/$941,194 

I will be completely honest here; I had no clue who Bo Melton was until hearing of him on the Roto Underworld podcast. After hearing of Melton, I started looking at his film and was surprised at the talent of the Rutgers product. Melton is a smaller receiver, but he plays with an incredible toughness and is tough to bring down in the open field. Another thing that stood out while watching Melton’s film was his body control and ability to go up and get a ball despite his smaller stature. Melton is a long shot but one I have no issues taking a chance in the 3rd round of Dynasty Owner rookie drafts or afterwards by picking him up in the Free Agent Auction. 

7. Isaiah Likely (TE – BAL) 4 years/$1,041,084 

I had to throw at least one tight end on this list and thankfully I had 19 drafted tight ends to choose from. I chose Isaiah Likely because a friend of mine was very high on him heading into the draft. As I did with Melton, I dug into the tape on Likely and really liked what he displays on the football field. Likely is a physical specimen standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 241 pounds. I know the Ravens have Mark Andrews ($14,000,000) already but who better for Likely to learn from then a star with a similar skillset. Likely is quicker than he looks and will be a nightmare for defenders to cover when he adapts to the speed of the NFL.  

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check all the other content out here on Dynasty Owner. We have a great team of analysts consisting of Steve, Matt, Nate, and myself. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring! 

New Contract Spotlight 

Skyy Moore

Skyy Moore 

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk

The 2022 NFL Draft has concluded. As we look back at some of the big news from the past weekend, we realize that now is not the time to let your guard down or to stop learning. We should be involved just as much as we were during the regular season. Mock Draft season is officially in effect. This includes both rookie mock drafts and startup drafts.  Now would be a great time to go back and review all of Nate Christian’s Prospect Preview articles. That’s what I’ve been doing over the past couple of days. In fact, I’ll be using a few of Nate’s most important points from his Skyy Moore article that he wrote back at the beginning of April. 

Another thing I want to reiterate is that we are currently running rookie mock drafts here at Dynasty Owner. Take a few minutes and head over to our Mock Draft Lobby and select either a Startup Mock Draft or a Rookie Mock Draft. Startup and Rookie live drafts are just around the corner. If you haven’t seen the pop up alert on the Dynasty Owner app, I’ll relay the schedule to you right here. 

2022 Startup Drafts will open on 5/14. Grab some buddies and start a brand new league of your own. For those of you who played last year or that have a current team, Rookie Drafts will begin on 5/27. This seems like a long way off still, but it will sneak up on us in the same way that the NFL Draft recently did.  If anyone needs a mock draft partner, hit me up on Twitter @dynastyjerk, and I’ll jump in with you. 

Well, that’s all the housekeeping I need to take care of today. Let’s talk about some news from this wild draft week. 

The News 

My article last week ran all the way up to the NFL Draft. In fact, I included a little bonus content from an early pick in the draft (Jameson Williams). Due to the fact that I had very little content from the draft, I’m going to list every offensive fantasy relevant player from the first three rounds.  I’ll also give a quick breakdown on the two massive wide receiver trades from Day 1. 

Player Position Pick Team Salary 
Drake London WR 1.08 Atlanta $5,383,616 
Garrett Wilson WR 1.10 New York (J) $5,138,501 
Chris Olave WR 1.11 New Orleans $4,817,968 
Jameson Williams WR 1.12 Detroit $4,365,447 
Jahan Dotson WR 1.16 Washington $3,762,089 
Treylon Burks WR 1.18 Tennessee $3,592,396 
Kenny Pickett QB 1.20 Pittsburgh $3,516,976 
Christian Watson WR 2.02 Green Bay $2,310,257 
Breece Hall RB 2.04 New York (J) $2,253,693 
Kenneth Walker III RB 2.09 Seattle $2,110,395 
Wan’Dale Robinson WR 2.11 New York (G) $2,046,289 
John Metchie III WR 2.12 Houston $2,017,543 
Tyquon Thornton WR 2.18 New England $1,763,464 
George Pickens WR 2.20 Pittsburgh $1,688,044 
Alec Pierce WR 2.21 Indianapolis $1,650,335 
Skyy Moore WR 2.22 Kansas City $1,612,624 
Trey McBride TE 2.23 Arizona $1,574,915 
James Cook RB 2.31 Buffalo $1,458,014 
Velus Jones WR 3.07 Chicago $1,351,481 
Jelani Woods TE 3.09 Indianapolis $1,343,118 
Desmond Ridder QB 3.10 Atlanta $1,340,739 
Greg Dulcich TE 3.16 Denver $1,310,459 
Malik Willis QB 3.22 Tennessee $1,286,083 
Jalen Tolbert WR 3.24 Dallas $1,283,215 
Rachaad White RB 3.27 Tampa Bay $1,280,712 
Tyrion Davis-Price RB 3.29 San Francisco $1,273,560 
Matt Corral QB 3.30 Carolina $1,269,984 
Brian Robinson RB 3.34 Washington $1,261,227 
David Bell WR 3.35 Cleveland $1,261,227 
Jeremy Ruckert TE 3.37 New York (J) $1,261,227 
Danny Gray WR 3.41 San Francisco $1,261,227 

This list may seem cumbersome and unnecessary as you can just look up each player on Dynasty Owner. However, my brain tends to work better linearly. For me it’s easier to have a solid paper copy of my draft list especially during real drafts. These 31 players will make up the majority of the players drafted in rookie drafts although it wouldn’t surprise me if players like Tyquon Thornton (landing spot) or Wan’Dale Robinson (size) tend to slide. 

The final four players on this list all have the same salary because they were obtained using compensatory picks in the third round. These picks have the same salary value for each player. 

A.J. Brown (Traded to the Eagles, Signed a 4-year, $100,000,000 extension) 

A.J. Brown was traded from the Titans to the Eagles during the first round of the draft on Thursday evening. He was traded for the 18th overall pick (Treylon Burks) and 101st overall pick (later traded to the Jets). This is one of those rare trades that I see as extremely fair and beneficial to both parties. The Eagles gain a Top 10 wide receiver weapon in the league. He should immediately step in as the most reliable possession receiver for Jalen Hurts. The Titans received a very good replacement for Brown, and they shed upcoming salary in the process. Just like in Dynasty Owner, trades in the NFL always take into account money as well as talent. Brown’s extension will not go into effect until 2023. 

Marquise Brown (Traded to The Cardinals, Extended for 1-year, $13,413,000) 

Shortly after A.J. Brown was traded, Hollywood Brown was also traded. He leaves the Ravens to join the suddenly in need Cardinals. He was traded with the 100th overall pick for the 23rd overall pick (later traded to the Bills). Marquise Brown will provide yet another above average weapon for Kyler Murray. Of course, most of you have already heard the news that DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six games of the 2022 NFL season due to a performance-enhancing drug (PED) violation. This only strengthens Brown’s hold as a top weapon in this offense. 

DeAndre Hopkins (Suspended for 6 games) 

As mentioned above, DeAndre Hopkins has been suspended for more than a third of the regular season. Usually, I would advocate for patience especially in a dynasty format, but I think there is an exception here. Hopkins is 29 years old and has already shown signs of increased injury and slower play. This news should knock Hopkins down a decent bit in Dynasty Owner startup drafts. 

New Contract Spotlight 

Today we’re going to talk about the newly drafted wide receiver, Skyy Moore. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on Moore today mainly because he is a rookie. There are a few main things I want to point out though. First, he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round. More specifically he was the 22nd pick in the second round. He will make $1,612,624 per year for his first four years.   

On paper, it seems that Moore steps into one of the best landing spots possible. While I think it is likely one of the better teams he could have been drafted to, it isn’t the best. That award goes to Christian Watson who was also drafted in the second round by Green Bay. The reason I’m not more “in” on Moore (at least this year) is because of the faith I have in JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I think that both of these players will receive more targets and receptions in 2022 compared to Moore. I see Moore as a fringe WR4 with upside at the moment. I truly believe that the upside he possesses will not be seen until at least the back half of 2022. 

So, what does all this mean? Where should he be drafted in rookie or startup drafts? Here is my answer to both…I currently have two quarterbacks, four running backs, nine wide receivers and zero tight ends ahead of Moore in rookie drafts. If you add it all up, it essentially means that I project middle of the second round rookie draft value for him. If he starts to slide to the third round, I think he can be a very good value there. I would not be interested in drafting him in the first round. There is better talent at more needed positions. A start up draft is a little more complicated to project, but I would put him somewhere in the 5th to 6th round range. 


I like Skyy Moore long term. I love the fact that he ended up in KC, but the learning curve with wide receivers is historically at least half of a season. I don’t expect much of an impact until the end of the 2022 season at the earliest. Keep that in mind when you are looking to draft Skyy Moore this year.  

As always, thank you for reading. If there is any player that you want me to Spotlight, just message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care everyone and be safe. 


NFL Draft Reaction: Top 9 Wide Receivers 

Top 9 Wide Receivers

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL) 

Initial Thoughts 

The year of the Wide Receiver. With six wideouts going in the first 18 picks, we have just seen one of the heaviest drafts at the position in a long time, perhaps ever. Between rookie receivers producing early and the new market price for second contracts, these players have a newfound value that is going to change the way we look at the position each draft season. No longer are teams waiting for the “third-year breakout”, but rather expecting immediate production from Day One. Throughout this year’s draft we saw talent flying off the board throughout the first two days as NFL teams tried to get their favorite players at the position. Now that it’s over, who should you be targeting at the WR position? 

  1. Treylon Burks – Tennessee Titans (4 years/$3,592,396) 

Throughout the pre-draft process many, including myself, compared Burks to A.J. Brown for his athleticism and physicality. The Titans likely had similar thoughts as they swapped the two players basically straight up. Burks walks into a wide open wide receiver room and despite him being a little more raw than some of the other prospects, he has the talent to produce as soon as he steps on the field. The Titans believe in Burks, and therefore I believe in Burks. My WR1 before the draft stays my WR1 after the draft. 

  1. Jameson Williams – Detroit Lions (4 years/$4,365,447) 

If not for the injury during the National Championship Game, Williams would have been my WR1 pre-draft. With rumors swirling that he is way ahead of schedule with his recovery and the Lions trading up from the #32 pick to grab him, Williams isn’t falling very far in my rankings. One of the most talented receivers in the class, once he’s healthy he should be the most talented weapon on the Lions’ offense. It will be interesting to see how quickly he comes back, but long-term I expect Williams to be one of the top dynasty assets from this year’s draft class. 

  1. Garrett Wilson – New York Jets (4 years/$5,138,501) 

While the landing spot may seem a little crowded, the Jets’ offense looks like it’s coming together quite nicely. While the volume may be lower than a player like Drake London will receive, the efficiency could be much higher. Many Elijah Moore ($2,235,107) fans will tell you that he is the WR1 on the Jets, but I do believe Wilson will be the #1 target for that offense by the end of the season. Wilson is extremely talented and a true three-level threat making him perfect as the Z receiver for Robert Saleh’s offense. 

  1. Drake London – Atlanta Falcons (4 years/$5,383,616) 

The first receiver off the board, the Falcons pair the lanky athletic receiver with their big athletic tight end Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624). London will bring in $5.38 million a year on his rookie contract, making him a great value for the expected production he should see right away. The depth chart is empty for the Falcons and London should become the #1 target for Marcus Mariota ($9,375,000) for Week 1. I wasn’t a huge fan of London pre-draft but it’s hard to deny the incoming production with this landing spot.  

  1. Jahan Dotson – Washington Commanders (4 years/$3,762,089) 

One of my favorite players in this draft class, I’ve been preaching the talent of Dotson for months now and it was validating to see the Commanders feel the same way. As the 16th overall pick, this was best case scenario for Dotson and the landing spot is sneaky good. Many people will see Terry McLaurin ($961,918) as the WR1, and that should hold true in 2022, but McLaurin is in a contract year and if recent history is any indicator, he will be asking for a lot of money this coming off-season. That could put Jahan Dotson as the bonafide WR1 for the Commanders in 2023. Think about that next time he’s dropping in your rookie draft. 

  1. Skyy Moore – Kansas City Chiefs (4 years/$1,612,624) 

Now one of the more controversial prospects in rookie drafts, we are faced with the eternal question of talent vs landing spot. Luckily Skyy Moore is no chump! Moore is a talented early-declare receiver who produced big numbers at Western Michigan and now finds a great landing spot with the Chiefs. The depth chart doesn’t have a bonafide WR1 now with Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000) gone to the Dolphins, but I believe that production will be a group effort rather than a one for one replacement. Luckily for drafters, Moore has as good of chance as any to lead that group. High risk, high reward but overall, I think Moore has a higher floor than many give him credit for. 

  1. Chris Olave – New Orleans Saints (4 years/$4,817,968) 

The Saints traded up to grab the other Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave as the run on receivers started. With his only competition being an aging and oft-injured Michael Thomas ($19,250,000), Olave projects to be the solidified WR2 for the Saints. As long as Thomas is on the field, Olave’s ceiling is limited, but I do expect him to be efficient and put up solid FLEX numbers with Jameis Winston ($14,000,000) throwing the ball around. 

  1. Christian Watson – Green Bay Packers (4 years/$2,310,257) 

The Packers finally gave Aaron Rodgers some young talent at the wide receiver position. Watson who played in green and yellow for the North Dakota State Bison, keeps his color scheme as the 34th overall pick. A big and athletic wideout, Watson produced great efficiency numbers in his final year in the FCS, but the transition to the NFL could be harsh. This is likely one of the riskiest picks in your rookie draft as Watson has all the physical traits to dominate in the NFL (4.36 40-Yard Dash, 38.5” vertical jump, 6’4” height, and 208 lbs.) but he’s going to have to get on Aaron Rodgers’ good side quickly if he wants to put up numbers his rookie year. 

  1. George Pickens – Pittsburgh Steelers (4 years/$1,688,044) 

I had George Pickens highly ranked before the draft as there is a ton of talent in his film but between the ACL injury and the “red flags” that kept popping up in reports, he dropped into the second round. The Steelers were smart to pick him up, and this signals a similar situation to Jahan Dotson where the outlook is better for 2023 than 2022. Diontae Johnson is in his contract year, and this signals that the Steelers aren’t planning to pay to keep him around. If true, Pickens would have the chance take over as the WR1 for a sophomore Kenny Pickett and that is enticing. Pickens offers a bit of risk in a crowded WR room and with the couple questions marks that have surrounded his profile, but looks like a value in current rookie drafts. 

Where’s #10? Don’t worry about it, there’s a large drop off after Pickens into the next tier of WRs. All of these nine players should be gone by the end of your Dynasty Owner rookie draft’s 1st round though, so make sure you’re paying attention if anyone drops into the second round.  

If you want more rankings and analysis on this year’s draft class (and upcoming) make sure to follow me over on Twitter at @NateNFL as well as following @Dynasty_Owner. Make sure to also check out all the work Nate is doing with the Dynasty Rewind (@DynastyRewind).