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New Contract Spotlight 

J.D. McKissic

New Contract Spotlight 

J.D. McKissic 

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk

As May ends, we get one month closer to the start of the 2022 NFL season. At the time of this article release, there are a little over three months remaining. There is a lot that still has to happen this off-season. There are also quite a few free agents that will be signed between now and September 8th. There will even be a few notable free agents that sign after the regular season begins. Today I’m going to continue my “New Contract Spotlight” article series while also bringing back the “News” section. 

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve talked about some news so let’s see what’s happened in the meantime… 

The News 

There were two players with extremely low ownership percentages who were signed recently. They are Marquise Goodwin and Nick Foles. You may be asking, “Jerk, why are you talking about them if they are literally owned in less than 1 percent of leagues?”  The answer is simple… 

They shouldn’t be. 

Marquise Goodwin (Signed with Seattle: Details unknown) 

The 31 year old wide receiver has signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Now, I’m not saying that Goodwin is likely to become fantasy relevant this year, but it’s also not impossible either. He will no doubt be buried behind DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett on the depth chart. It’s also likely that he will not even be the third wide receiver on the team in terms of targets and production. What I’m claiming is this…His salary is likely to be so low, that there’s little downside in picking him up and storing him especially if you are up against the cap and are also at the minimum player limit. 

Nick Foles (Signed with Indianapolis: 2 years/$3,100,000 per year) 

Foles is by far the more exciting signing in my opinion. Yes, it is likely that he will not become fantasy relevant this year, but I think he has a much higher chance than Goodwin does.  Let me explain… 

Foles is an average quarterback, and he will immediately step in as the backup to Matt Ryan. His contract ended up being for two years at $6,200,000, or $3,100,000 per year. That is a steal for any backup quarterback, especially one who could come in and be serviceable in case of an injury. As I’ve said before, we don’t predict or hope for injuries here at Dynasty Owner, but we know they happen every year. If Matt Ryan does miss any time this year due to injury, I estimate that Foles will step in and produce about 75% of what Ryan was doing. That is worth taking a risk on. 

There were two additional signings that I’d like to touch on as well. 

Ty’Son Williams (Signed with Indianapolis: 1 year/$825,000) 

Speaking of signing with the Colts…This is exactly what Williams has done. He was released by Baltimore and joins the Colts backfield. Think of this as nothing more than a depth signing. We all know who The Man is in Indy. I have little confidence that Ty’Son would command meaningful touches even if Jonathan Taylor ($1,957,287) misses time this year. Williams’ salary is small enough that he is worth holding onto, but don’t expect much dynasty value anytime soon. 

Darrel Williams (Signed with Arizona: Details unknown) 

Darrel Williams was actually starting to become one of the players I was most excited to see signed. This excitement hinged on the thought that he was going to play for New Orleans. I think that would have been a rock solid landing spot especially given the possibility Alvin Kamara will face an early season suspension. In the end, he signs with Arizona and will likely be the primary backup to James Conner ($7,000,000). 

New Contract Spotlight 

If you remember, there was an odd occurrence with McKissic earlier this off-season. He agreed to the terms of a two-year deal with Buffalo. The deal was agreed upon, but the contract was not signed. Less than a day later, the Commanders offered the exact same deal, and McKissic decided to stay with his old team. It doesn’t happen often where a player verbally agrees to terms with one team and then quickly signs with another. Regardless, McKissic stays with the Commanders for 2 years and $7,000,000. This means he will make $3,500,000 this year. 

Much like the Melvin Gordon signing, McKissic re-signing with his original team has deep implications for another running back. That player is Antonio Gibson. 

I have Gibson on my roster in one Dynasty Owner league. If you have him on your roster, you can appreciate my excitement as I heard that McKissic was going to sign with the Bills. It was quite a roller coaster of emotions on that day. 

What I have to say about McKissic is this…I think he will have more of a fantasy impact on the Commanders when compared to the Bills. McKissic has carved out a nice role for himself in Washington. I don’t expect that he will or even could become the lead back, but he will likely see the majority of the running back targets for the team. 


The best three comparisons I have for McKissic (at least based on this year’s projections) are Kareem Hunt ($6,000,000), Jamaal Williams ($3,000,000) and Chase Edmonds ($6,050,000). 

All three of these players finished close to where McKissic is projected to finish in 2022. They are also close in salary. Obviously, some of these players are productive in different ways, but I think the value of McKissic this year will be comparable to the value of all three of these players last year. 

Thank you for reading. If there is any player that you want me to Spotlight, just message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Take care everyone and be safe. 


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