Thursday Night Football: Week 4

TNF Week 4

Dolphins @ Bengals

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Dynasty Owners…we meet again for another Thursday Night Football preview article. After this week, we will be roughly a fourth of the way through the Dynasty Owner season. Last week, we had a tight game until the end. The Browns beat the Steelers by a score of 29 – 17.

I was impressed with both team’s running games. Najee Harris ($3,261,862) and Nick Chubb ($12,200,000) each had a rushing touchdown on the day. Dynasty Owners with Harris on their roster collectively sighed when the final play of the game registered a lost fumble for Harris. If you didn’t see the play, essentially the Steelers were playing the “lateral game” in a miracle attempt to march more than 90 yards down the field. Harris was the last player to possess the ball prior to the defense recovering. Therefore, he was charged with the lost fumble and minus three Dynasty Owner fantasy points (DOFP) to your score. In the end, Harris finished with 12.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Not terrible, but not week winning either.

What To Watch For

As we look towards Week 4, I’m watching the receivers for the Dolphins. Specifically, I want to watch how Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000) and Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498) continue their rapport with Tua Tagovailoa ($7,589,859). This game has a favorable over/under of 47.5 points at the time of writing. Miami also comes in as the slight underdog. Look for Hill and Waddle to both surpass 14.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Value of the Game Recap

In Week 3, I predicted that Diontae Johnson ($1,070,241) would be the Value of the Game with this stat line…

Week 3 ProjectionSalaryReceptionsReceiving YardsTDsDOFP
Diontae Johnson$1,070,241770120.0

Diontae did indeed end up with the most efficient performance in this game.  My stat prediction was actually pretty close even though Johnson did not score a touchdown.

Week 3 ActualSalaryReceptionsReceiving YardsTDsDOFPDD/FP
Diontae Johnson$1,070,241884016.4$65,259

Diontae was the dominant possession receiver that I predicted him to be. In a slow and low offense game, it was good to see him put up a solid day. 

Overall Record: 2-1


All the players on this list are ones who I would feel comfortable starting in Dynasty Owner this week.

Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859) [If he plays]

Joe Burrow ($9,047,534)

We have two top option quarterbacks with Tua and Burrow. Oddly enough, both are also great values considering their contracts. Start both with confidence.

Joe Mixon ($12,000,000)

Mixon is currently RB16 on the season. You have him and his $12,000,000 salary on your Dynasty Owner roster for a reason. Start him.

Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498)

Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000)

Ja’Marr Chase ($7,704,910)

Tee Higgins ($2,171,696)

Here we have two pairs of teammate wide receivers. Waddle and Hill have blazed a trail early on this season. I wouldn’t doubt if all four of these players are in the Top 15 for wide receivers by the end of the season. 


Here at Dynasty Owner, you not only get points from your Starting lineup, but also from your Bench. Your Dynasty Owner teams get 25 percent of the points scored from players on your Bench added to the total final score. This means that Bench scoring could (and often does) affect the outcome of individual matches as well as championships. Here are the players I would be okay putting on my Bench.

Chase Edmonds ($6,050,000)

Raheem Mostert ($2,125,000)

The reason that neither of these Dolphins’ running backs is in a starting slot for me is because the other exists. I think that both could be decent starting Dynasty Owner options by themselves, but not together.

Tyler Boyd ($10,750,000)

Boyd had a superb Week 3 with 20.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. It’s not that he couldn’t repeat that in any week, but it will be tough to predict. I’d rather leave him on the Bench.

Mike Gesicki ($10,931,000)

Hayden Hurst ($3,500,000)

Finally, we have two low volume Bench tight ends. Both these fellas are touchdown dependent, and you’ll likely need one to feel good about their game.

Value of the Game

Today I will be doing something that I’ve never done for the Value of the Game (VOTG). As you probably have noticed, I don’t include kickers on my “Starters” or “Bench” list. It’s not that kickers don’t matter, it’s just that I rarely find the need to comment on a kicker’s productivity. Well today that changes. I am picking Evan McPherson as my VOTG.

Week 4 ProjectionSalaryFG AttemptsFGs MadePATsDOFP
Evan McPherson$955,92844214.0

I have McPherson attempting four field goals and making all four. In addition, he will make both extra points he attempts in this game. I have him at 14.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. With his salary being under $1 million, this should be enough to make him the Week 4 Value of the Game.

The only other player I considered was Tee Higgins, but his salary is just too high to justify that pick.

Thank you all for reading.  Take care and be safe.


Blind Player Comparisons – Quarterbacks

Blind Player Comparisons

By Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Hello Dynasty Owners. Week 3 is in the books, and we currently only have two NFL teams that have won every game they’ve played.

Those teams are the Eagles and Dolphins. This isn’t the beginning to the season that I predicted, and I seriously doubt anyone did. Regardless, the Buccaneers, Bills and Chiefs have each lost one game while those other two teams remain unbeaten. I don’t have any team running the gauntlet and finishing 17-0 in the regular season, and we may never see it in our lifetime, but it’s fun to think about. Of these two, I’d say the Eagles would have the best chance. At this point in the season, they seem to have the best combination of quarterback, running back and receiver play. As I said, I highly doubt they remain undefeated over the next month, but we will have to wait and find out.

Today, I will be starting a Blind Player Comparison series. As I have done in the past, I will run through all four major positions where I give a single comp. The goal of these articles is two-fold.

First, these articles hopefully give you a new way of looking at some of these players. We, as Dynasty Owners, have many different biases when it comes to fantasy football (Hometown biases, previous season biases, injury biases, trade biases, etc.). In these articles, I’m going to be giving you mainly the stats and facts with a little opinion. I think you may be surprised with some of the outcomes.

Second, and most importantly, I think seeing these articles is a lot of fun. I love writing them, and I hope you enjoy reading them.


The question is…Who would you rather own in Dynasty Owner?

Player A (Alpha):

  • Between 27 – 33 years old
  • 22.3 fantasy points/game in 2021
  • 16.4 fantasy points/game in 2022
  • 743 passing yards – 2 touchdowns – 1 INT – 0 fumbles
  • 22 rushing yards – 0 rushing touchdowns
  • Salary is over $30,000,000 per year

Player B (Bravo):

  • Between 27 – 33 years old
  • 18.1 fantasy points/game in 2021
  • 24.6 fantasy points/game in 2022
  • 748 passing yards – 7 touchdowns – 2 INT – 1 fumble
  • 15 rushing yards – 0 rushing touchdowns
  • Salary is over $30,000,000 per year

I am purposely not giving you all the info you need on these players. So, given this limited info, who do you want on your team? Let’s look at it.

We have two “middle age” quarterbacks who are on at least their second contract given their salaries.  I think the clear choice right now is Bravo.

We have Alpha who seemed to have an above average 2021 season. I’ll tell you right now that Alpha missed three games with an injury, and he finished as QB15. This finish would have obviously been higher if he had stayed healthy for all 17 games. It also appears that Alpha is far less productive in the first three games of this season when compared to last season. Is that age related? Is it team related? We’ll get to that later.

We also have Bravo. Bravo is in the same age range, same salary range, and in relatively the same production range. We can see that they have essentially flip-flopped stats from the past two seasons. Bravo was less productive in 2021, but has increased his efficiency so far this year. I will also tell you that both of these quarterbacks have been known more for what they did in the 2021 season than what they have done so far this season. That’s to say that Alpha has always been considered a very productive, efficient quarterback throughout his career. Bravo has been the opposite, at least for fantasy production. That begs the question…why are they seemingly having outlier seasons? Let’s talk about it.

Alpha switched teams this off-season. This is his first year with his current team. This off-season move was widely considered a positive move for both the QB and the team in general. It was such a big upgrade, that many experts considered it possible that Alpha would have his best season ever and even have a chance at a Super Bowl. Clearly the first three weeks haven’t shown that potential yet.

Bravo did not switch teams this season, but he did only recently join his current team. He has also had some growing pains. Although not entirely his fault, the team has historically struggled to put together an adequate season. Bravo’s team has done remarkably well at rebuilding his team and putting together a Top 3 scoring offense for 2022. That’s right, Bravo’s team is the second ranked team in terms of points per game. To put that into perspective, they ranked 25th last season. So, are these first three games a fluke, or is it a sign of a positive shift for this team?

I’m assuming you still want to own Bravo right? Yes, their stats aren’t largely different other than the touchdowns. But any quarterback who can get 7 touchdowns in a three game span has to be more than a fluke, right?

Well, here is the “kicker”…

  • Alpha is rostered in 94.47 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues
  • Bravo is rostered in 7.43 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues

How can that be? The answer is salary and previous production.

Bravo is Jared Goff ($33,500,000). When you think about Goff, you think of an average quarterback on a bad offensive team that wants to run the ball. Well, I think that idea is slowly changing. The emergence of DJ Chark ($10,000,000) and Amon-Ra St Brown ($1,066,313) have really changed the touchdown and winning potential for the Lions. Goff also has one the best pass catching running backs in the entire league in D’Andre Swift ($2,134,728). We also haven’t seen rookie first round pick Jameson Williams ($4,365,448) take a single NFL snap yet. I can’t advise that everyone immediately go out and pick up Goff. I will say that people need to be aware and keep an eye on him. He is currently QB10 on the season.

And what about Alpha? If you haven’t figured it out by now, Alpha is Russell Wilson ($35,000,000). Russ is having a tough start to his tenure as the Broncos’ QB. I think he will get his rhythm and this offense figured out. However, just like with Goff, you should be closely monitoring the situation. I’m starting to worry that winning a championship with Russ as your starting quarterback may be tougher than I initially thought.

I summarize it best like this when talking about Jared Goff…

  • Should he be 100 percent owned?  “No”
  • Should he be owned more than Russell Wilson?  “Of course, not”
  • Should he be owned in more than 7.23 percent of leagues?  “Probably”
  • Should people start paying attention to what is happening in Detroit?  “Definitely”

I thank you all for reading and for continuing to support Dynasty Owner. Next week, I will be doing a running back Blind Player Comparison article. 

Message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Thank you all. Take care and be safe.


Free Agent Auction Targets – Week 4

Week 4 NFL Waiver Wire

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Dynasty Owners! The third week of the NFL season has come and gone, and it is getting close to the time of year when Dynasty Owners must decide if they are a contender or shift their focus to next season. I know the back half of that statement is not where any of us want to be but sometimes it is a reality. I am in the same situation in Steve Van Tassell and my Podcast Listeners’ League and have already shipped James Robinson ($763,333) away for Rashaad Penny ($5,750,000) and a 2023 first round rookie draft pick. Have any of you faced the harsh reality of being a loser this year? Feel free to let me know on Twitter.

As always before jumping into the article I want to cover a few things that stood out to me in Week 3.

  • My biggest takeaway from Week 3 is that I am officially starting to worry about Tom Brady ($15,000,000). Is father time finally starting to catch up to him? Is it the missed time this off-season and training camp? Or is it just as simple as he is still finding his groove after not playing in the pre-season? I am not sure on the answer to any of those questions, but I do know he has looked like a shell of himself through three games this season.
  • In my Game of the Week that no one knows about I had the Dolphins vs the Bills and I came away impressed with the Dolphins after a tough win against the team I feel is the best in football. Dynasty Owners with Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859) must be jumping for joy.
  • Finally, we have the Player of the Week Lamar Jackson ($23,016,000) and his monster 50.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy point performance, marking consecutive weeks Jackson surpassed the 50-point mark. I know Dynasty Owners with Lamar Jackson on their roster are loving his production, but this dominance could become an issue in the off-season when he is sitting at the negotiating table.

The players listed below are in no order and are less than 80% rostered in Dynasty Owner with a salary of $8,000,000 or less

  1. Noah Brown (WR – DAL) – 1 year/$1,187,500 – 75.32% Rostered

In the top spot that means nothing, we have Noah Brown. Brown has looked very good through three games this season and is to the point where you can trust him on your Dynasty Owner Bench, if not the Starting lineup until Dak Prescott ($40,000,000) and Michael Gallup ($11,500,000) are back to full strength. I don’t worry about Dak and Gallup because Brown lacks talent, I worry because Cooper Rush ($977,500) and Brown have an excellent connection on the field, while Dak is more likely to favor CeeDee Lamb ($3,502,503) and Gallup upon his return. Until then, Noah Brown should be rostered in all leagues after posting three straight games with double digit points. Brown has an impressive stat line of 15 catches, 213 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown, scoring a total of 42.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points which is good enough to be the WR25 on the platform.

Winning Bid – $5

  • Brian Hoyer (NE – QB) – 2 years/$2,000,000 – 1.7% Rostered
  • Bailey Zappe (NE – QB) – 4 years/$1,076,768 – 8.94% Rostered

You may be asking yourself why there are two quarterbacks listed above, while I am asking why in the world did the Patriots go into the season with Brian Hoyer as their backup QB. Hoyer is the owner, proud or not, of an 0-11 record in his last 11 NFL starts. I am joking of course as it all has not been Hoyer’s fault, but I did throw his teammate, rookie third string quarterback Bailey Zappe on here to be safe. After seeing Belichick make a former special teams coordinator and a defensive coordinator the co-offensive coordinators for the Patriots, nothing will surprise me coming out of Foxborough. All of that said the starter will likely be Hoyer, but Zappe may not be a bad pickup as we could see him if Hoyer comes out and plays terrible. Look for the Patriots to attempt a few repeats of last year’s game against the Bills with less than five pass attempts over the next few weeks. Regardless of who gets the nod they will be a cheap starting quarterback and those are always a hot commodity on Dynasty Owner.

Winning Bid – $2 each

  • Zay Jones (WR – JAC) – 3 years/$8,000,000 – 37.45% Rostered

This selection here really hurts my heart because it means I may have to admit Jaguars GM Trent Baalke was right and that he did a good job this off-season. Through three games, Zay Jones is the 24th ranked receiver and has scored double digits in two of his three games including a near 25-point outburst in Week 3. Jones’ quarterback, Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372), is starting to look like the player we all expected him to be coming out of Clemson. The more Lawrence improves the better I expect Zay Jones to be on Sundays. I don’t know that Jones will be a consistent player this season, but he has already shown he is capable of big weeks on a team that is just starting to figure things out.

Winning bid – $4

  • Richie James (WR – NYG) – 1 year/$1,065,000 – 57.45% Rostered

Finally, we have a player who I am not all that thrilled about, but he has shown he is a capable Bench option through three weeks of play. Richie James has put-up double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points in two out of three weeks, missing the hat trick by only 2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points against the Cowboys last night on Monday Night Football. Another major factor in James making this list is the Sterling Shepard ($10,250,000) injury that is almost certainly season ending. Shepard and James have been the top two targets for Big Blue this season and I am expecting James’ workload to increase in the coming weeks. If Daniel Jones ($6,416,014) and the Giants can continue to play well, James will be well worth the couple of Dynasty Dollars you spent to get him. At worst, James will be a great depth player to have on your roster and as I have learned over the few years that I have played this game, depth is extremely important.

Winning bid – $4

Thank you all for reading and good luck with your Week 4 matchups! Don’t forget to check out the other articles from Steve, Matt, and Nate, as well as the Livestream, Champions podcast, and the podcast with Steve and myself. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Week 3 Recap: Close Games

NFL Week 3 Roundup

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

There were 11 one-possession NFL games this week with eight games being decided by four points or less. The Monday Night Football game between Dallas and the New York Giants was decided by 7 points (Cowboys 23, Giants 16) and two Sunday games had 8-point margins (Rams vs. Cardinals and Panthers vs. Saints), which is a one-possession game. Out of those eight games decided by four points or less, three of them had clutch scoring events that added the 3.0 point Dynasty Owner clutch scoring bonus for five players. In addition, two games had teams (Raiders and Buccaneers) miss two-point conversion attempts late in the fourth quarter that would have tied the game. Then there was the ending of the Buffalo-Miami game that saw Buffalo offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey lose it after they couldn’t get a play off to try a Hail Mary at the end of the game.

I bet that we had a lot of close games in Dynasty Owner as well since the games that I’ve seen have been lower scoring than the first two weeks. I didn’t see any 200 Dynasty Owner fantasy point games, but then again I haven’t seen the scores for every match-up this week and could have missed one. With quite a few injuries to top players and backups coming in and playing well, it’s likely that many of the top Dynasty Owner performances for the week came from players sitting on the Bench and only getting 25% of the points credited to their total final score. The close scores may have led to some upsets in Dynasty Owner games as a few of the top scoring teams in the Chase for the Ring now have a loss on their record.

All stats cited are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

Standard Dynasty Owner scoring for kickers gives you 1 point for every extra point, while a missed extra point will cost you 1 point. It’s 2 points for a field goal of between 0 and 39 yards, 4 points for a field goal between 40 and 49 yards and 5 points for a field goal of 50 yards or longer. A missed field goal of between 0 and 39 yards will cost you 3 points, while a miss of 40 yards or more is a loss of 2 points.

For the purposes of this article, ADP and Dynasty Owner rostered percentage statistics were current as of the morning of September 27th.

Dynasty Owner Player of the Week

Our third Dynasty Owner Player of the Week for 2022 makes it three for three in QBs winning this award. The winner is a pretty well decorated player who had a great game last week but wasn’t quite good enough to win. He did it this week though. Our winner this week is: Lamar Jackson

This is the fourth Dynasty Owner Player of the Week honor for Lamar Jackson ($23,016,000), but the first since he bet on himself to have a great season and get a huge free agent contract next year. So far, it was a great bet as he is the top scoring player in Dynasty Owner with 131.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points through three games (43.9 points per game) with two games of over 50.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Last week, he had 53.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, which is more points than he had this week when he scored 50.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (218 passing yards, 107 rushing yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT). It was his second consecutive 2 point bonus for 100+ yards rushing this season as he had 119 rushing yards against Miami last week. This week, it was the New England defense that couldn’t stop him. Lamar is clearly enjoying these games against the AFC East and is likely looking forward to his fourth AFC East game in a row when the Ravens face the Buffalo Bills this coming week. Jackson was the clear winner with over a dozen more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than his nearest rival (Jalen Hurts – $1,506,292 with 38.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points).

Week 3 Points: 50.6

2022 Salary: $23,016,000

Cost per Point: $454,862

Congratulations to Lamar on your first Dynasty Owner Player of the Week award this season and your fourth overall to put you in a tie with Josh Allen ($43,005,667) for second most (behind Week 1 winner Patrick Mahomes – $45,000,000). It’s possible he could make it three 50.0 plus Dynasty Owner fantasy point games in a row against AFC East opponents next week.

Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week

Because this is Dynasty Owner and we’re all looking for value from the players on our roster, we also have the Value Player of the Week. The third Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week for the 2022 season our second first-time winner in a row: Khalil Herbert

Khalil Herbert ($902,677) didn’t start this game for the Bears, but he certainly finished it after Bears starting RB David Montgomery ($1,003,845) was injured. Shockingly, Montgomery has never been Value Player of the Week despite his low salary. It was the first one for Herbert and he did it with the best performance of his career with 32.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (157 rushing yards, 2 receptions, 12 receiving yards, 2 TDs). Prior to this week, his best game was Week 7 of last year when he had 20.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (100 rushing yards, 5 receptions, 33 receiving yards) in a start against Tampa Bay after Montgomery got injured a couple of weeks earlier. Herbert’s performance is a major reason why many people think that he’ll be the starting RB for the Bears next season as Montgomery’s rookie contract expires at the end of this season. It’s fairly remarkable that his ADP was 119.9 this season, although that was a big improvement over his 189.2 ADP from last season. Everyone who took Herbert, either in a startup draft or in last year’s rookie draft, is likely very excited by this performance and the potential of Herbert moving forward this year and beyond.

Week 3 Points: 32.9

2022 Salary: $902,677

Cost per Point: $27,437

Congratulations Khalil on the first Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week honor of your career. Just like Amon-Ra St. Brown ($1,066,313) who last week’s winner, the potential is there for him to win many more while playing under his rookie contract.

Week 3 Surprise and Totally Predictable Events

This section is where I highlight one fantasy football surprise of the week and one totally predictable thing. The surprise should be surprising for most people, but the totally predictable thing might be something that I’ve been believing and saying for a while, but nobody’s been listening or agreeing with me on it. Hopefully everyone reading this section is enjoying it as much as I am:

Surprise of the Week: It’s three weeks in a row that a trio of RBs who people didn’t think were worth drafting as even their RB2 have put up RB1 numbers. At first, this was just going to be about Cordarrelle Patterson ($5,250,000) being the overall RB4 in Dynasty Owner, but then I noticed that James Robinson ($763,333) has continued to play well so far this season in his return from injury and is the overall RB3. To round out the current Top 5 RBs, we have Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393) in fifth place and my mind (and the topic) was changed for the week. It’s a good year to be a zero RB advocate as you could have avoided a lot of the big name RBs in Dynasty Owner startup drafts and gotten Edwards-Helaire in the sixth round (ADP 71.4), Patterson in the 10th round (ADP 116.3) and Robinson in the 11th or 12th round (ADP 133.0) and have three RBs worth having in your Starting lineup every week. So far, the trio has scored double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points in all but one game this season (Patterson had only 4.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 2).

I was onboard with Robinson this year as I wasn’t a believer in Travis Etienne ($3,224,526). See last week’s Totally Predictable Event of the Week section, but the rest are surprising to me and most Dynasty Owners. While Dynasty Owners were onboard with Saquon Barkley ($7,217,000), I wasn’t and felt that his ADP of 37.4 was too much. He’s the overall RB2 after Monday Night Football to make it a quartet of surprise top RBs.

Totally Predictable Event of the Week: Stacking top QBs with their top receivers (either WRs or TEs) continues to be an excellent Dynasty Owner strategy. In the Top 25 players, there is one QB-TE stack of Lamar Jackson with Mark Andrews ($14,000,000) being the #1 overall and the #19 overall players respectively. Josh Allen and his top WR Stefon Diggs ($14,400,000) are also both in the Top 10 with Allen being #2 and Diggs being #7. The Dolphins have three Top 25 players with Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859) ranked #4 and a pair of his WRs in Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498) ranked #10 and Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000) ranked #20. There are also two very unexpected stacks of Lions’ QB Jared Goff ($33,500,000) and WR Amon-Ra St. Brown at #13 and #14 right now and Jaguars’ QB Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372) at #11 with WR Christian Kirk ($18,000,000) at #22. Expanding this to the Top 26 would have added Eagles QB Jalen Hurts ($1,506,292) who is third overall and his new WR A.J. Brown ($1,413,092) who is in 26th place in Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

I’m not saying that people are actively avoiding stacking players, but it doesn’t appear to be as widespread as I would have thought. It surprises me at times in startup drafts (and even mock drafts) when Dynasty Owners don’t take a stack when they reasonably could have done so. I understand getting the “best player available” but I’m totally fine with taking a player to form a stack a little bit earlier than his ADP to achieve it. Seeing these stacks doing so well is very predictable even if the pairs aren’t the expected ones in all cases.

Players Who Should Have Been Starters This Week

Now, we look at players who should have been one of your Starters based on their performance in Week 3. These are players who aren’t on a lot of Dynasty Owner rosters and if they are, were more likely to be on your Bench or Practice Squad in Week 3 when they should have been in your Starting lineup.

QB: Trevor Lawrence (JAC – $9,198,372) – 33.8 points

This week was the highest scoring fantasy game of Trevor Lawrence’s NFL career (33.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). He also had his second 3 TD game with the first one coming in his debut game (Week 1 of last year). He also had zero turnovers in back-to-back weeks for the first time in his career. Lawrence had 262 passing yards, 7 rushing yards, 3 TDs and 1 2-pt conversion this week to score his points and led the Jaguars to the biggest blowout of the week, a 38-10 victory over the Chargers. He is now the QB8 in Dynasty Owner with 75.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, ahead of a couple of other QBs still on rookie contracts, Joe Burrow ($9,047,534) and Kyler Murray ($8,914,504). He only had two games last year with more points than his average of 25.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per week this year.

RB: Jamaal Williams (DET – $3,000,000) – 24.7 points

With Khalil Herbert getting the Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week, another RB gets this nod here. It’s another backup RB who plays for a NFC North team and took over for an injured starter, just like Herbert. Jamaal Williams didn’t have as many Dynasty Owner fantasy points as Herbert with his 87 rushing yards, 2 receptions for 20 receiving yards and 2 TDs counting for 24.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. It was Williams’ second 2 TD game of the season. Williams is now RB11 for the season with 47.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, giving the Lions two Top 12 RBs as D’Andre Swift ($2,134,728) has 52.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to rank as RB6. Williams may have the opportunity to be a quality Starter for the next two weeks with Swift possibly sitting out until after the Lions’ Week 6 bye. If your Dynasty Owner team needs a RB with Swift out and you didn’t handcuff him with Williams, then you’ll have to make a trade offer since he is rostered in 99.57% of Dynasty Owner leagues.

WR: Mack Hollins (LV – $2,000,000) – 30.0 points

In a small way, I did have this predicted as I had Hollins on one of my DraftKings teams this week. I should have picked him my Starting WR recommendation, but I didn’t. Of course, I made that DraftKings pick after the news about Hunter Renfrow ($708,987) being out was announced and Hollins was in my FLEX spot because I was filling out my team and needed someone at or below his weekly salary. Still, I’m not sure many people had Hollins in fantasy in any place this week.

Hollins had as many targets as Davante Adams ($28,000,000) did (10 each) and five more than Darren Waller ($7,450,000). Hollins turned those 10 targets into 8 receptions for 158 receiving yards and a TD. Plus, he had a 4-yard pass to Josh Jacobs ($2,983,350) to finish off his 30.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point day. Hollins is a leading candidate for Jay’s Free Agent Auction target article due to his low salary of $2,000,000 combined with his very low roster percentage (5.53%).

Currently, Hollins leads the Raiders with 240 receiving yards and is second with 14 receptions. After three weeks, he has 10.1 more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Darren Waller and only trails Davante Adams by 9.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. He has 5 receptions of 20 yards or more already this season, tops on the Raiders and only one behind the leader in the category, Tyreek Hill who has six. Only DeVonta Smith ($5,035,348) had more Dynasty Owner fantasy points (31.2) among WRs this week, but he was easily in more Starting lineups than Hollins.

TE: David Njoku (CLE – $13,687,500) – 23.9 points

Njoku was the second best TE in Dynasty Owner this week with his 23.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (9 receptions, 89 receiving yards, 1 TD). He was tied with Mark Andrews in receiving yards by a TE this week, but Andrews had two TDs along with one less reception to score 28.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. It was a great week for Njoku, and he is now the TE9 in Dynasty Owner even though he had only scored 7.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (4 receptions for 39 receiving yards) in the first two games of the Browns’ season. All it took was one Thursday Night Football game for Njoku to shine and start to earn his 4-year, $54.75 million contract and be worthy of having in your Dynasty Owner Starting lineup.

After going without a catch for the first two weeks of the season, Colts rookie Jelani Woods ($1,343,118) had a pair of TD catches in the Colts victory over the Chiefs. He only had two receptions for the entire game for 13 receiving yards, but both receptions went for a TD (1 yard TD in first quarter and a 12-yard TD late in the fourth quarter). The fourth quarter TD put the Colts ahead by a score of 19-17 with 24 seconds left in fourth quarter and thus, was a clutch scoring event. Woods was a middle-to-late third round rookie draft pick (31.9 rookie draft ADP) and picked in the middle of the 16th round on average (ADP 199.5) in startup drafts, so he wasn’t expected to be in your Dynasty Owner Starting lineup and especially not after going scoreless the first two weeks.

K: Greg Zuerlein (NYJ – $2,750,000) – 18.0 points

The kicker known as Greg the Leg set the record for Dynasty Owner fantasy points by a kicker in a game this season with 18.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. He had two FGs of between 40 and 49 yards (40 and 43 yards) worth 4.0 points each and two FGs of 50 yards or more (50 and 52 yards) worth 5.0 points each. He has rebounded nicely after missing two kicks (45 yards FG and PAT attempt) and scoring only 1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point in Week 1. Zuerlein accounted for all of the Jets’ points in this week’s 27-12 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite a salary that is only 22nd highest in Dynasty Owner, Zuerlein was the 28th kicker drafted on average (ADP 267.2) in Dynasty Owner startup drafts, meaning that Dynasty Owners weren’t counting on having him in their Starting lineups. Hopefully they got him in there this week.

Honorable mention for Chicago kicker Cairo Santos ($3,000,000) who has a listed ADP of either 0 or N/A depending on where you look. While he is currently on a roster in two-thirds (68.09%) of Dynasty Owner leagues, Santos wasn’t drafted in enough leagues to have an actual ADP. The fact that he had only 4.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points through two weeks in addition to the non-existent startup draft ADP means that he likely wasn’t in many Starting lineups this week. That’s a shame as those Dynasty Owners missed out on a 16.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point effort (FGs of 30, 47 and 50 yards plus two PATs) which included a 3.0 point clutch scoring bonus for the 30-yard FG with no time left on the clock in the fourth quarter.

Players Who Should Have Been on the Bench or Practice Squad

For every player who should have been in your Starting lineup but wasn’t, we have at least one highly drafted or ranked player who probably was in your Starting lineup, but would have been better left on your Bench or Practice Squad. Here are some likely Starters who scored very few or zero Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 3. All of them should have been riding your Bench or hanging out on the Practice Squad.

QB: Russell Wilson (DEN – $35,000,000) – 10.9 points

The “Let Russ Cook” memes are getting out of hand at this point. Here are a couple of good ones

All of these are popular because Russell Wilson has been so bad this season. He is the QB20 on the season with declining production in every week (24.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 1, 14.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 2, and 10.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 3). He didn’t have a TD in Week 3 after just one in each of the first two weeks and the Broncos only scored 11 points on Sunday Night Football against the 49ers. He did have zero turnovers, but only 184 passing yards and 17 rushing yards to get those 10.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 3. Wilson was a trendy pick for being a Top 5 QB in fantasy this season and he has clearly not lived up to those expectations.

Dishonorable mentions to two QBs who were in the Top 12 after two weeks, but honestly shouldn’t really have been in too many Dynasty Owner Starting lineups. Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) had only 8.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (211 passing yards, 22 rushing yards, 2 fumbles – 1 lost) after the two best performances of his career in Week 1 (40.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) and Week 2 (36.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Joe Flacco ($3,500,000) was a player who should have been in your Starting lineup last week with 40.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, but went severely backwards in Week 3 with just 1.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (285 passing yards, 2 INTs, 3 fumbles – 2 lost). Neither of them should have been anywhere near your Starting lineup this week.

RB: Darrell Henderson (LAR – $1,053,001) – 1.7 points

After being the clear lead RB in the Rams’ opening week game and getting 18 touches, Henderson has seen his touches decline to 10 in Week 2 and down to only four in Week 3 with just 17 rushing yards (1.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). He had scored double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points in the first two weeks (12.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 1 and 10.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 2) with those double-digit touches. In contrast, Cam Akers ($1,543,258) has gotten double-digit touches for the past two weeks (17 touches in Week 2 and 12 touches in Week 3), more than Henderson in both of those weeks. That was after Akers only got 3 touches and 0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 1. This distribution of touches will make it difficult to rely on Henderson even as a FLEX option in upcoming weeks and he definitely should have been on your Dynasty Owner Bench this past week.

WR: D.J. Moore (CAR – $20,628,000 – 2.5 points)

Sorry Tim, but D.J. Moore is the pick here. He has not been good all season and finally reached his low point on Sunday with only 2.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception, 2 receiving yards, 13 rushing yards). It’s bad that he only had three touches, but even worse that two of those were rushing attempts. Clearly something is wrong with his connection to new Carolina QB Baker Mayfield ($18,858,000). It’s been a bust of a season overall for Moore and it would be worse if he didn’t have a TD in Week 2. Moore only has 23.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (7 receptions, 88 receiving yards, 20 rushing yards, 1 TD). The seven receptions are the product of 18 targets (six targets each game) which is a completion percentage of 38.9% on targets from Baker Mayfield, below Mayfield’s completion percentage of 51.9% this season. Hopefully their connection improves so Moore can be in Dynasty Owner Starting lineups, but this week he shouldn’t have been.

TE: Logan Thomas (WAS – $8,201,667) – 2.5 points

Through two weeks, Thomas was easily inside the Top 12 TEs with 20.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (6 receptions, 82 receiving yards, 1 TD) which shows how easy it is to be a top TE. He wasn’t a Starting TE in both weeks as he had 7.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 1 and 12.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 2. He definitely wasn’t a Starting TE in Week 3 as he only had 2.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions for 5 receiving yards) on three targets. Commanders QB Carson Wentz attempted 43 passes in Week 3, so Thomas was clearly an afterthought in the offense which struggled and only had 8 points against the Eagles. Even with this Bench worthy performance, Thomas is still TE13 for the season.

Dishonorable mentions for both Hayden Hurst (1.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) and Albert Okwuegbunam (2.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Even though both of them had fewer points than Thomas, they were both outside of the Top 12 TEs. Albert O was not really close but was still the 12th TE drafted on average (ADP 114.1) in Dynasty Owner startup drafts, so his lack of a Top 12 TE weekly performance so far has been pretty disappointing to his Dynasty Owners. That includes just 2.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 12 yards) this week. Hayden Hurst was TE13 after two games and held to only 1.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 7 yards). Hurst was injured and played fewer snaps than fellow Bengals TE Mitchell Wilcox ($610,000), but while he came into the game injured, he did play and can’t be excluded him from this spot.

K: Greg Joseph (MIN – $2,433,000) – 0.0 points

There were three performances by kickers who Dynasty Owners clearly didn’t want to have in their Starting lineup. Vikings kicker Greg Joseph “wins” as the Vikings were anticipated to score a lot of points this week since they were playing the Lions, who had given up 65 points in their first two games. Joseph had six kick attempts and made all four PATs, but missed a pair of 56 yards FGs which cost him 2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points each. Those four points for the PATs match the four lost points from the missed FGs.

Dishonorable mentions for Commanders kicker Joey Slye ($2,433,000) who is having a rough season with zero FG attempts and only a total of 2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for the entire season (3 made PATs and one missed PAT). This week, Slye had no kicking attempts at all as the Commanders only scored one TD late in the fourth quarter and attempted a 2-point conversion because they were losing by 16 points at the time.

The second dishonorable mention is for former Chiefs kicker Matt Ammendola ($825,000). Ammendola was a replacement for the injured Harrison Butker ($4,055,000) and got released after scoring -2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (made one out of two PATs and one out of two under 39 yard FG attempts). Ammendola missed a 34-yard FG in the fourth quarter that would have put the Chiefs up by seven points and made a 26 yarder earlier. He was only rostered in 20% of Dynasty Owner leagues, so hopefully few Dynasty Owners had Ammendola in their Starting lineup.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week Recap – OG’s Raiders vs. Florida Mayhem

Let’s check out our Match-up of the Week in League of Extraordinary Nerds (League #129380) and see if the team formerly in the Top 25 (OG’s Raiders) got the victory or if the projections were correct and it was going to be the team favored to win (Florida Mayhem).

The projections win out this week as Florida Mayhem won pretty handily by a score of 146.08 to 106.55. The win puts both teams at 2-1 for the season, but OG’s Raiders still have more points (485.1 points) than Florida Mayhem (422.2 points). As a result, OG’s Raiders are in second place in the League, while Florida Mayhem is in fourth place. There is an undefeated team in this League (Orange Crush) and they are obviously in first place with their 3-0 record.

This match-up was close through Sunday and came down to Monday Night Football. Florida Mayhem got 45.3 from the two players in their Starting Lineup in the Monday night game (Saquon Barkley and CeeDee Lamb – $3,502,503) to go ahead of OG’s Raiders. OG’s Raiders had both Cooper Rush ($977,500) and Tony Pollard ($796,945) on their Bench and got a combined 29.0 points from the Cowboys’ duo, which added 7.25 points to their total. The close game got blown wide open as OG’s Raiders slim lead after the Sunday games vanished and Florida Mayhem secured the victory.

The pair of Barkley and Lamb were the leading scorers for Florida Mayhem with Patrick Mahomes also chipping in 20.7 points. Nobody scored that many points for OG’s Raiders as they were led in scoring by 16.4 points from Cooper Kupp ($15,750,000) and 15.3 points from Tua Tagovailoa.

Don’t make me search the Top 25 in the Chase for the Ring Leaderboard again for a match-up. If you have an intriguing match-up in Week 4 that you’d like highlighted as the Match-up of the Week, let me know on Twitter (@SteveVT33). Then, check back on Friday to see if your game is the one selected.

Chase for the Ring Leaderboard

Speaking of the Chase for the Ring leaderboard, let’s see which teams stayed in from last week and who’s at the top of the list after three weeks of the 2022 Dynasty Owner season.

The Top 10 looks similar to last week as eight of the teams from last week are still here a week later. Only Week 1 leader All Madden Team and Password is Taco dropped out. All Madden Team went from seventh place to 13th place, while Password is Taco went from tenth place to outside of the Top 25.

The top four teams stayed the same, but the order changed as Clara Strong 💪 in League #27448 dropped from the top spot down to 3rd place. They also lost this week as their record is 2-1 (more on that later). Dirty Birds moved up one spot from 2nd to 1st place, while The Truthavailoa moved up one spot from 3rd to 2nd place. The Clara Strong 💪 in League #28280 won their game and remain in fourth place. Two other teams also maintained their exact Top 10 position from last week (juan blanco in 6th place and Quaranteam in 8th place). Rotting Husk of Al Davis jumped four spots from 9th to 5th place, while Vikings dropped five spots from 5th to 10th place.

Our Week 2 leader, Clara Strong 💪 in League #27448, lost their match-up this week by a score of 147.91 to 135.70 to the Barley Boyz. They are joined by newcomer Moose Knuckles (League #129391 – Make Fantasy Football Great Again) at 2-1 but inside the Top 10. Moose Knuckles are currently in seventh place. Three other teams (TheDons, Mushy Hardhead, and The Bonnie Scots) are in the Top 25 of the Chase, but have each lost a game. Finally, we have Only 21 Million from League #80325 rounding out our Top 10 in 9th place.


If your Dynasty Owner or NFL team was in a close game, hopefully they won it. The Patriots were in one of the biggest blowouts of the week, losing by 11 points (37-26), but it was a completely different story in my Dynasty Owner games. In all six Dynasty Owner games, the average margin of victory was 7.07 points. I defeated The Black and Yellow in the Writer’s League (League #80545) by just 0.41 points thanks to 8.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points from my Bench TE Daniel Bellinger ($1,113,276). That wasn’t even the closest game in that league as High Rollerz beat Dirty Hippie Farmer by 0.08 points (122.13 to 122.05). Now that’s a close game!

In addition to this weekly recap article, Dynasty Owner has plenty of other great content to help you win your League Championship and maybe become our 2022 Chase for the Ring Champion. Our 2022 in-season publication schedule has double the content as the off-season and is released as follows:

  • Mondays: Jay Pounds will preview the Monday Night Football matchup from the Dynasty Owner perspective. Monday is also when the Champions podcast will be released on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Tuesdays: Jay Pounds is back with his weekly Free Agent Auction targets article to help you figure out what players to bid on before the first Free Agent Auction run of the week is processed on Wednesday at 5 AM (Eastern). A rock n’ roll radio DJ would be calling it “Two for Tuesday“ in terms of Dynasty Owner content since this article also comes out on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Matt Morrison – The Jerk writes about a topic of his choosing and his weekly rankings will also pop up on Wednesdays as well.
  • Thursday: Matt Morrison – The Jerk will preview the Thursday Night Football game, which will include his selection for “Value of the Game”.
  • Friday: Listen to the Dynasty Owner podcast with me and Jay or watch it on YouTube on Friday morning. Then in the afternoon, it’s time for me to preview the Sunday and Monday games and look into one Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week in my Weekly preview article.

Please read all of our articles, listen to the podcasts and watch the Livestream with me and Dynasty Owner CEO Tim Peffer on Wednesdays at 4 PM or afterwards if you can’t catch us live. Don’t forget follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter as well. Thanks for reading!

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Monday Night Football Preview: Week 3


Cowboys at Giants

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, can you believe we are almost finished with Week 3 already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and I don’t know about you, but for me as an adult, fantasy football has become my proverbial toy store and I can never quite get enough. It is certainly sad to see the year already flying by, but I won’t let my emotions get the best of me as we have some football to talk about.

What to Watch For

In the third Monday night matchup of the year, I will be watching the Giants team extremely close as they are one of the more surprising 2-0 teams in recent memory. Brian Daboll has done a fine job in the Big Apple through 2 weeks of play and Saquon Barkley ($7,217,000) finally looks like Saquon Barkley again. The only real disappointment for the Giants through almost 3 weeks of play has been their star signing from last season, Kenny Golladay ($18,000,000).

On the other side of the ball, I will be watching for a few different things but none more important than how Cooper Rush ($977,500) will play in his second straight start after having a promising debut. I will also be looking to see how the target share will playout for the Cowboys and paying close attention to the running back position in Big D. As much as I hate to say it about my former beloved Buckeye Ezekiel Elliot (15,000,000), it does not seem he is ever going to get back to the Zeke many of us grew so fond of. Expect a heavy dose of both Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard ($796,945) in tonight’s game.

Expect an old school approach to this game with Dallas looking like the team that adapted to the new age NFL a fraction of a second quicker than their opponent, giving them a slight edge when the clock hits triple 0’s.

Over/Under Predictions – Cowboys

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Cooper RushQB$977,50017.1Over

I like Rush heading into tonight’s matchup and expect him to score slightly more than his projected total. Limiting turnovers will be key.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Tony PollardRB$796,94510.1Over

It seems Pollard’s role is growing, and I see no reason it stops tonight when he hits the over. I’m taking the over for the guy who may lead this Dallas RB committee before long if he doesn’t already.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
CeeDee LambWR$3,502,50315.0Under

I am expecting a good game for Lamb, but he does not quite hit the over. Look for him to finish in the 11.0 to 14.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point range.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Noah BrownWR$1,187,5007.8Over

The surprising star of the Cowboys’ receiver room this year should hit the over again as he and new starting quarterback Cooper Rush have a ton of chemistry.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Dalton SchultzTE$10,931,0009.9Under

I am not sure that Schultz will play in tonight’s matchup but either way I am not expecting a huge game after the injury. Schultz will have an impact if he plays, but it may not show on the stat sheet.

Over/Under Predictions – Giants

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Daniel JonesQB$6,416,01419.3Under

I am not expecting much from Daniel Jones tonight and I don’t think the Giants will either. If Jones can pick his spots and play smart, they’ll have a shot to win the game, but that recipe doesn’t involve him hitting the over.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Saquon BarkleyRB$7,217,00019.4Under

Saquon has looked good in 2022 and I think that continues in tonight’s matchup, but I don’t see him exploding for a 20-point performance. I am expecting Barkley to finish in the 14.0 to 18.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point range.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Sterling ShepardWR$10,250,00011.9Over

A touchdown saved Shepard from a bad Week 1, and he performed ok by his standards in Week 2. He leaves no doubt in Week 3. Smash the over on Shepard tonight.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Richie JamesWR$1,065,0009.5Under

Richie James has had a respectable start to the season, and I expect him to have his name called in tonight’s game. Unfortunately for anyone playing him, I don’t see him hitting double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Daniel BellingerTE$1,113,2762.8Over

Smash the over on rookie tight end Daniel Bellinger in tonight’s matchup! Why you ask? No, it is not because I am expecting a big game, but because he only has to score 2.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to hit the over. It’s the equivalent to one of your teachers giving you a passing grade for showing up and writing your name on a test.

Dynasty Owner Games of the Week

Every week, I will pick at least one Dynasty Owner game that is close in score and will be decided during Monday Night Football. If you happen to find yourself in this situation on Sunday night, please get ahold of me on Twitter (@jaypoundsnfl) and I will gladly feature your game here.

Game 1 – League #27446

BucsFreak – Saquon Barkley in Starting Lineup left to play

Just Win Baby – Michael Gallup on Bench left to play

While you may have never guessed it by looking at the weekly scores, both Dynasty Owners here have a solid roster. I know one of the, will walk away happy with a win, but luck of the matchup is why either of these two have a shot this week. Hey, sometimes the luck of the draw is all you need to win a sketchy week. I am expecting this to be very tight when all is said and done but with the way the Dallas defense has been playing this season, I must go with the BucsFreak to hold on and pull off the victory. Just Win Baby has a shot if Saquon Barkley can bust off a big play or two, but that is a tough ask against this Dallas defense. I predict BucsFreak wins by 1.0 to 3,0 points, but this could all change if Michael Gallup ($11,500,000) does not take the field tonight. Long story short I think I would be more nervous than Giants backup QB Tyrod Taylor ($3,500,000) in a Chargers medical facility if I were either of these owners heading into prime time tonight.

Game 2 – League #27450

Shillelagh Law – No one left in Starting lineup or Bench to play

Adams Family – CeeDee Lamb in Starting Lineup and Daniel Jones on Bench left to play

In our second matchup of the week, we have another contest that is projected to finish extremely close with a final score of 119.23-118.27. While I tend to have a strong opinion on these matchups, I am having a lot of trouble picking this one but ultimately ended up going with Shillelagh Law. I am expecting a low scoring defensive game tonight, by 2022 standards at least. Had Dak Prescott ($40,000,000) been healthy I likely would have changed my tune here and while I am expecting Cooper Rush to play well again this week, I don’t think we see a huge CeeDee Lamb performance until Dak gets back to the field. The final reason I went against Adams Family is because I just can’t trust Daniel Jones against a good defense in a prime-time game.

Value of the Game Recap

If you all remember back to last week, we had two Monday night games and while I did pick a player for each game Bills WR Gabriel Davis ($998,595) was my choice in the first game and did not play. Because of that I am prepared to look the other way and throw that selection out the window. All jokes aside if I had gone with only one player for both games last week. it would have been Jalen Hurts ($1,506,292) as he has been playing lights out and has the ball in his hands way too much to pick against him in this format. I had Hurts for a 41.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy point game (DOFP) and the lowest Dynasty Dollar per Fantasy Point (DD/PT). Thankfully, he had another great week (37.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) helping me even out my Value of the Game record.

Week 2PlayerDOFPSalaryDD/PT
Week 2 WinnerJalen Hurts37.3$1,506,292$40,410

Overall Record: 1-1

Value of the Game

Week 3 Winner – Cooper Rush

Jay’s Projected Stat LinePassing YardsPassing TDsINTsDOFP
Cooper Rush2652122.3

Another week, another Value of the Game. In Week 3. I am going to go with another quarterback as players at the position just have way too many chances to put up points throughout a 60-minute game. When you pair that with a sub $1,000,000 salary you tend to get a great “bang for your buck” as many like to say. In Week 2, I was worried about Cooper Rush looking wide eyed and in over his head, but he passed the test against a good Bengals defense and that performance has given me the confidence to select him for such a prestigious honor on the Dynasty Owner platform.

The other players I considered for tonight’s Value of the Game were Tony Pollard ($796,945), Noah Brown ($1,187,500) and Richie James ($1,065,000). Who would you have picked? Feel free to let me know on Twitter (@jaypoundsnfl).

Be sure to check out all our upcoming content this season. We will have several articles, podcasts, and the Livestream on Wednesday at 4 PM (Eastern) for everyone each week. Thank you all for reading and I hope your teams killed it this week. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

2023 Rookie Draft Preview – Quarterbacks

2023 NFL Rookie Draft

By: Nate Christian (@NateNFL)

The 2023 NFL Draft class is already being heralded by many analysts as one of the best to come out in recent years. A tall task considering how easily rookies have been making the transition into pro football over the past couple years. Over the course of the next couple weeks, we’re going to be diving into the class position by position to see what we have to look forward to. Believe me, there is plenty!

You may be asking why we’re looking at next year’s class so early on. The college season still has plenty of weeks left, conference play hasn’t even started for most teams yet! The 40-yard dashes haven’t been run yet, but some of these players will make a name for themselves over the course of the coming weeks, if they haven’t already. This keeps you one step ahead of your league mates, so that if you’re looking at a 2-6 record, you understand the value of the upcoming 2023 rookie picks, just a bit better.

Quarterbacks might not be the most valuable position on the Dynasty Owner platform but we know that it’s the most important position in football and could help you win a championship if you get the right guy. After a year with only one quarterback in the first two rounds, next year we are expecting many more in first 63 picks (remember the Dolphins lost their first rounder).

C.J. Stroud – Ohio State

With Justin Fields ($4,717,989) not quite living up to standards yet in Chicago, there may be talk of C.J. Stroud being the best quarterback to come out of Ohio State. It’s not an unbelievable fact. He threw for 4,435 yards and 44 touchdowns on a 71.9% completion rate and sent two of his receivers (Garrett Wilson – $5,138,502 and Chris Olave – $4,817,969) into the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. This year he’s got a couple more future first round picks catching passes, but that shouldn’t take away from how good of a prospect Stroud is for the next level. At 6’ 3” and 218 pounds, he has the NFL size, the big arm, the ability to extend plays, and has an extensive pedigree after being labeled as a five-star recruit according to 247 Sports.

Stroud is just about locked in as a Top-5 pick and has a good chance to be the first quarterback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft. A quarterback-needy team such as Carolina could really use a player like Stroud to help turn around their offense. As soon as he’s selected, he will likely be looked at as a fringe Top-12 quarterback in dynasty rankings, and with his rookie contract controlling his first four and possibly five years in the NFL, he should be a late first round pick in your Dynasty Owner rookie draft.

Bryce Young – Alabama

The 2022 Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young is one of the top names in college football at the moment. With his cool and collected demeanor, he’s shown off the ability to battle through adversity and win games multiple times now. He’s being compared to Russell Wilson ($35,000,000), not just for his size (6’ 0” and 194 lbs.) but also his ability to extend plays, use his legs, and launch moon shots down the field to a wide-open receiver, see Jameson Williams’ ($4,365,448) 2021 highlights. With 4,872 yards and 47 touchdowns in 2021, Young doesn’t have the same supporting cast around him in 2022 with Williams and John Metchie ($2,017,543) both gone, and his numbers are sure to regress. Despite the expected regression, Young is still expected to be a Top-10 pick and likely the second quarterback off the board come April. Depending on the team fit, Young may be a fringe first rounder in your rookie drafts.

Anthony Richardson – Florida

One of the most controversial prospects in the upcoming class, you may be hearing Anthony Richardson’s name very early on in the draft, but there’s an equal (if not higher) chance you may not even have him on your radar come Draft Day. Perhaps the most “boom-or-bust” prospect in the class, Richardson boasts A+ athleticism (expected 4.4 40-time at 6’4” and 232 lbs.) to go along with a live wire arm capable of getting the ball in tight windows and far down the field.

What’s there to worry about?

Well after only throwing 10+ passes in two games before this season, he’s got his chance to be the full-time starter for the Gators. He’s flashed some big play ability in the past and so far into the season Richardson has continued to do just that… flash. The inconsistency with his accuracy and decision-making is concerning (through three games, 0 passing touchdowns and 4 interceptions) but the big play ability (3 rushing touchdowns against #7 Utah) gets both fans and draftniks excited about his potential.

If Richardson doesn’t have the season he and Gator fans are hoping for, there’s a good chance he stays in college for another year to try and find more consistency and build up his NFL profile. But if he starts to take off and get some momentum, we could be talking about a Top-10 pick with QB1 upside in Dynasty Owner. The ultimate gamble, Richardson is a player to keep a close eye on throughout the rest of the college football season.

Tyler Van Dyke – Miami

Another potential first-rounder, Tyler Van Dyke was the 2021 ACC Rookie of the Year after he stepped in for D’Eriq King and threw for nearly 3,000 yards in nine starts. With less than a full year of starting experience, 2022 is a big year for Van Dyke to show off how ready he is for the next step. He has the big arm and the accuracy to make it at the next level, but needs to show that he’s continuing to improve and can win with his head rather than relying on his arm. He’s got enough athleticism to get outside the pocket and extend plays, while also offering enough grit in his 6’ 4” frame to play through contact.

Currently he has the talent to be a Day 2 pick who could be developed into a starter, but has the arm talent to grow into a first rounder. Another candidate to stay for another year in college, Van Dyke doesn’t quite have the pedigree, as of yet, to fall back on if he starts to struggle. So far through three games, he’s maintained a 63% completion rate while throwing for 671 yards and a 3:1 TD:INT ratio. With conference play coming up in October, Van Dyke will have the opportunity to be the best quarterback in the ACC, and he’ll need to play up to that level if he wants to hear his name called by the commissioner this coming spring.

Will Levis – Kentucky

You may have heard of Will Levis already, and not because of his football ability but because of his weird taste for mayonnaise in his coffee. Whether or not that is a positive or a negative for his NFL profile can be up to the individual, but nonetheless Levis has been very impressive over the past year. A former Penn State player, Levis transferred to Kentucky in 2021 after not getting much play behind starting quarterback Sean Clifford. Since his transfer, Levis has been stellar for the Wildcats offense leading them to a 10-3 season in the SEC, only one of three 10 win seasons for Kentucky since 1950. Levis has shown off a big arm and movement ability that has been compared to Josh Allen, but has struggled mightily with interceptions. In 2021 Levis had 13 interceptions and through three games in 2022 has already thrown four. Teams will love the tools that Levis brings to the table, but unless he can improve his decision-making and ability to take care of the ball, coaches will be wary to let him loose.

Levis is a strong candidate to declare for the NFL Draft this year and has the tools (6’ 3” and an expected 4.6 40-yard dash) to convince teams take a chance on him by the end of Day 2. But for him to grow into a first rounder, he will have to take better care of the ball and continue to lead the #8 ranked Wildcats through, what looks to be a favorable SEC schedule. The table is set for Levis to grow into a first rounder, and he may have the easiest path of any quarterback not named Stroud or Young, but he will have to prove it over the next three months.

Week 3 Preview – Newcomers

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

What’s new everyone? It’s Week 3 and hopefully, everyone who is new to Dynasty Owner has “gotten their feet wet” as they say and learned how to navigate the platform, set your Starting lineup (and Bench), grab those coveted free agents in the Free Agent Auction, and everything else. If you’re new and reading this, thanks for being a Dynasty Owner and checking out our content!

It’s tough to be a newcomer. If you ever moved as a kid and went to a different school, the first few days were hard if you didn’t know anybody in your class and had to find a place to eat lunch, someone to hang out and play with at recess, etc. When things are competitive, like the NFL, it’s probably much worse. Veteran NFL teams and coaches don’t take it easy on the first-year head coaches or call easier plays so the rookies on defense don’t have to worry about elaborate pass patterns. Everybody is roasting Nathaniel Hackett for his game management (as they should), but remember heading into the first day of work at a new job and the jitters that might have come with it. It’s no excuse for some of his decisions, like trying to kick a 64-yard FG, and the clock management problems, but Broncos’ fans are hoping that he learns and gets better at it. The ultimate for them would be if he’s becomes the new Andy Reid and eventually has such a good team that they can overcome his bungling and win a Super Bowl.

Here at Dynasty Owner, we try to welcome new Dynasty Owners and help them out with figuring out how to play and win. We have plenty of off-season articles and maybe you read those to help you plan for your startup draft. We also have in-season content like Jay’s weekly Free Agent Auction targets to give you an edge every week. Our Free Agent Auction is different than most waiver wires or leagues with a Free Agent Acquisition Budgets (FAAB). Not only do you need to make roster room to pick up a Free Agent, but you’ll need salary cap room as well. There are even a bunch of tutorial videos on the Dynasty Owner YouTube channel that you can watch to help out. And if you have any questions, you can always ask one of the Commissioners by sending an email to You can also click the Contact Commish button in the bottom left of the menu options on the app or the bottom right of the page if you’re using a desktop or laptop. Finally, you can follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter (@dynasty_owner) to learn more, get links to all of the articles and videos. You can also follow me (@SteveVT33) on Twitter and ask me a question or send me a DM. I will actually respond to questions (it’s true, it’s damn true) and offer advice, just like everyone associated with Dynasty Owner.

However, once the games start, you’re on your own. There’s no handicap or point spread in these games, although you can wager Dynasty Dollars against your opponent (under My League, D.O. Sports Book) and get a point spread. Your weekly match-up is head-to-head against your opponent and whoever scores the most points (Bench included) wins. It doesn’t matter if you’re new and have only one Dynasty Owner team or if you’re a beta user or have more than 10 teams. Everyone scores points, has to set their lineup, bid on Free Agents, etc. the same way.

Our Match-up of the Week features a couple of teams in a new start-up league. One team is definitely a total newcomer as this is their only Dynasty Owner team. They are also doing pretty well so far this season with a 2-0 record and an appearance in the Chase for the Ring standings last week. Our 2020 Champion Viktor was new to Dynasty Owner that year and he won the Ring, so don’t assume that you can’t do well at Dynasty Owner if you are new.

Thanks for reading my weekly preview article and for being a Dynasty Owner. If you were a Dynasty Owner last year, thanks for coming back this year. For those of you first-time Dynasty Owners, or if it’s just your first time reading my preview article, here’s what to expect.

Every week of the 14-game Dynasty Owner regular season and three game playoffs, I’ll present a player at each position (QB, RB, WR, TE) who you should have as a Starter in your Dynasty Owner lineup. These won’t be the obvious choices. No recommendations to go ahead and start Josh Allen, Jonathan Taylor, Cooper Kupp, or Mark Andrews. Those guys are cemented in your Starting lineup unless something bad happens, or they are on bye. Players who are rostered in 100% (or nearly 100%) of Dynasty Owner leagues with low ADPs won’t be mentioned either. Nope, I’m going to recommend you Start players who were drafted to be on your Bench or Practice Squad. Think about the players who aren’t on a roster in every Dynasty Owner league or have high ADPs and could be found after the 15th round in a typical Dynasty Owner startup draft.

After that, I’ll name one player per position who should be on your Bench or Practice Squad. For these Bench recommendations, it’s just the opposite. I’ll suggest players drafted early in Dynasty Owner startup drafts to be Starters with the low ADP to prove it. However, they shouldn’t be in your Starting lineup for the week based on matchups, past performance against a team or something else.

All stats cited are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

For the purposes of this article, ADP and Dynasty Owner roster percentage statistics were current as of the morning of Friday, September 23rd.

These Guys Should be Starters This Week

Now it’s time to find out how my recommendations from the previous week fared (Good, Bad or Just Ok). I predicted performances worthy of being in your Dynasty Owner Starting lineup for these four players in Week 2 and here’s how they did:

QB: Marcus Mariota ($9,375,000) – 16.4 (Bad recommendation)

RB: Samaje Perine ($1,650,000) – 2.0 (Bad recommendation)

WR: A.J. Green ($3,500,000) – 9.6 (Bad recommendation)

TE: Brevin Jordan ($958,046) – 2.3 (Bad recommendation)

Two weeks in and only one Good recommendation so far. I said that last week was not the type of start I was hoping for and now I really mean it. Only Marcus Mariota had a chance of being a Just Ok recommendation, but his 16.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy point performance ranked him as QB20 for the week and a middle-of-the-road Bench QB. Everybody else had fewer than 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and is dead to me. Except Brevin Jordan since he went to the U. Unless none of my choices have double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points, I can’t do worse.

All of these players are newcomers and haven’t been a recommendation yet this year (which is probably a good thing because of how bad my picks have been so far). Here are the Week 3 recommendations.

Mac Jones (QB – NE): If Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859) can score 60.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and be the Dynasty Owner Player of the Week playing against the Baltimore Ravens, then surely Mac Jones ($3,896,588) can put up enough points versus them to be worth having in your Starting lineup. Yes, Matt Patricia is not Mike McDaniel in many ways, but both are smart guys. McDaniel played football and graduated from Yale and Patricia did the same at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). While people, including myself, like to criticize Patricia, he’s not a stupid man. Hopefully that means he will learn how to be a better Senior Football Adviser/Offensive Line (aka Offensive Coordinator) over time.

Despite an Dynasty Owner startup ADP of 64.5 that was 10th among QB, most Dynasty Owners didn’t draft Jones to be in their Starting lineup. They drafted him because of his affordable salary. It was just necessary to take him that early to acquire him. However, he did have six games in 2021 with over 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and interestingly, five of those six games came against non-AFC East teams (only in Week 7 against the Jets did Mac have more than 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points against a division rival). In fact, he averaged 23.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in six games against AFC non-divisional rivals last season, which was 6.1 more points than his season-long average of 17.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. I think Mac can do it this week against a Ravens defense that has allowed the most passing yards through two weeks (758) and is tied with Arizona for the most passing TDs allowed (7). A game with 220 yards passing and 2 TDs plus an INT equals 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (I won’t give Mac any rushing yards as the Ravens have allowed 1 rushing yard to QBs in two games). That’ll be good enough to do it.

Nyheim Hines (RB – IND): Indianapolis needs to find some offense and they need to find it now. Actually, what they need to do is find the end zone as they are 13th in total yards (367.5 yards per game), but last in scoring (10.0 points per game) and were shut out last week by the Jaguars without their best receiver Michael Pittman ($2,153,212). One player who has played pretty well so far for the Colts without a lot of recognition is Nyheim Hines ($6,200,000). Hines leads the Colts in receptions with 10 and is one of only three Colts’ players with 10 or more targets. Pittman is tied for the most (13) with Ashton Dulin ($2,433,333) despite not playing last week. Hines is third with 11 targets and has scored 18.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to rank fourth on the team, without a TD and with only one yard rushing and 31 return yards. As you can see, Hines’ fantasy points come almost exclusively from the passing game.

Even if Pittman returns this week, the Colts would be wise to target Hines more as Kansas City has allowed the most receptions by RBs through two games with 20. They ranked fourth in RB receptions last year, allowing 109 receptions on 131 targets. Hines and Jonathan Taylor share the receptions out of the Colts backfield, but Hines had more targets in 2021 (57 vs. 51 for Taylor), so more passing should benefit Hines more than Taylor. Indianapolis needs to get on track offensively this week and look to Hines to help them do it.

Scott Miller (WR – TB): This choice could completely backfire if veteran WR, but newcomer to Tampa Bay, Cole Beasley ($7,250,000) suddenly rises from the ashes and practices well enough to get elevated off the practice squad by Sunday. And yes, that is Beasley’s salary for now as he’s still on the practice squad and hasn’t signed a new contract. If he does, it’ll get updated with his new salary as soon as possible. We don’t use practice squad salaries on Dynasty Owner.

I’ll bet against Beasley getting activated and go with one of the least expensive players in Dynasty Owner, Scott Miller ($661,960), to get plenty of opportunities with the ball in his hands this week against the Packers. It is possible that the starting WRs for Tampa Bay this week will be Miller, Russell Gage ($10,000,000) and Breshad Perriman ($1,272,500). While I still love Gage, the G.O.A.T. targeted Miller more than him (8 to 6) last week, even with Mike Evans ($16,500,000) on the field. Miller only had 7.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (3 receptions, 34 receiving yards, 8 rushing yards), but has stepped up for the G.O.A.T. in the past with five double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy point games back in 2020. With Evans out for his one-game suspension, Miller will likely step up again and should be scooped up off the Free Agent Auction (available in 65.53% of Dynasty Owner leagues) and plugged into your Starting lineup.

Noah Fant (TE – SEA): Why am I picking the third highest scoring TE on one of the worst offenses (only 24 total points scored) in the NFL to be in your Starting lineup?

As usual, it’s about the matchups and the matchup of Noah Fant ($3,147,680) and the other Seattle TEs against the Falcons defense is too good to pass up. Fant may rank third in Dynasty Owner fantasy points among Seattle TEs with just 7.7 (5 receptions for 27 yards), but he is first in targets with six and is second in snaps with 57, behind Will Dissly ($8,000,000) who has played 60 snaps. While he did have a Week 1 TD, Colby Parkinson ($991,360) played the fewest number of snaps among the three TEs in both weeks and was not targeted in the passing game last week.

Fant was the 14th TE drafted on average in Dynasty Owner 2022 start-up drafts (ADP 137.1) and is TE36 in Dynasty Owner fantasy points so far. While Seattle’s Week 3 opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, have yet to give up a TD to a TE this season, they did allow Tyler Higbee ($7,250,000) to score 14.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (7 receptions for 71 yards) in Week 2.

All that any TE really needs is a TD to be in the running to be a Starting TE for a given week. Fant is the best Seattle TE and the only one without a TD, so I’m hoping he breaks out this week in my Starting lineup.

These Guys Should Be on the Bench (or Practice Squad) This Week

Now it’s the time to look at how my Bench recommendations from Week 2 worked out (Good, Bad or Just Ok). Week 1 was a very positive week with three Good recommendations and only one Bad one. Did I do as well in Week 2?

QB: Tom Brady ($15,000,000) – 12.3 (Good recommendation)

RB: Najee Harris ($3,261,862) – 13.9 (Bad recommendation)

WR: Rashod Bateman ($3,149,853) – 20.8 (Bad recommendation)

TE: Dalton Schultz ($10,931,000) – 0.8 (Good recommendation)

So far through two weeks in 2022, I’ve had five Good Bench recommendations including one at every position. In Week 1, only my selection of Darren Waller ($7,450,000) at TE was Bad but I was able to rectify that in Week 2 by taking Dalton Schultz who only had 0.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions, 18 receiving yards, 1 fumble lost). The selection of the G.O.A.T. was also Good as he struggled and was QB24 for the week in Dynasty Owner. On the other hand, Najee Harris was a borderline RB1 with 13.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, which seems like a low point total for a RB but reflects the fact that there were two great RB performances in Week 2 and then a lot of fine, but not great ones. Finally, Rashod Bateman had a 75-yard TD pass in the second quarter of the high-scoring Ravens-Dolphins game, which was all he needed to make my Bench recommendation of him a Bad one. Two weeks and I still have more Good than Bad recommendations (5 vs. 3), so I’m happy. Here are my Bench recommendations to maintain that record.

Tua Tagovailoa (QB – MIA): It is not unprecedented to have a poor week after winning the Player of the Week honor. Last year, Lamar Jackson ($23,016,000) was held to only 13.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points the week after he set the QB record with 63.3 points. The Dolphins face the Buffalo Bills defense this week and the Bills have allowed only 7.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to QBs in the first two games combined. The Bills defense has allowed under 400 yards passing and 300 yards of net passing with 5 INTs. Basically, they made life miserable for Matthew Stafford ($27,000,000) and Ryan Tannehill ($29,500,000) and should probably continue that in Week 3 against Tua.

Tua’s record against Buffalo is also not stellar. He was knocked out by the Buffalo defense in Week 2 of last year after scoring only 0.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. He has also played two full games against them in his career and averaged only 17.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game (15.2 points in Week 8 of 2021 and 18.8 points in Week 17 of 2020). That average would likely put Tua in the QB15-QB20 range for Week 3 and not somebody you want in your Starting lineup.

Aaron Jones (RB – GB): Another player who had an excellent Week 2 who I don’t think will back it up in Week 3 is Green Bay RB Aaron Jones ($12,000,000). So far this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has played pretty well against RBs. Admittedly, they didn’t have to face Alvin Kamara ($15,000,000) in Week 2, but held down a pair of good RBs from Dallas in Week 1. That week, the Dallas RB combination of Ezekiel Elliott ($15,000,000) and Tony Pollard ($796,945) to just 10.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (60 yards rushing, 3 receptions, 11 receiving yards). The Tampa Bay offense has struggled to score this season, but the defense has been fine and only allowed 13 points and 1 TD in two games.

Jones has played very well this season and both he and his teammate A.J. Dillon ($1,321,458) aren’t going to held completely in check. Jones is averaging 9.1 yards per carry so far with two carries of 20 yards or more. The longest rushing attempt allowed by the Tampa Bay defense so far this season is 13 yards and that was to Saints TE Taysom Hill ($10,000,000). If the Tampa defense can prevent Jones from breaking a long run, he is unlikely to accumulate yards by rushing volume as he is averaging 13 touches per game (10 carries), while Dillon is averaging 17 (14 carries). I don’t see that level of use continuing all season with Aaron Rodgers ($33,500,000) at QB and bet that it starts this week in Tampa, so leave Jones on your Dynasty Owner Bench.

Terry McLaurin (WR – WAS): Last week, I went with a young WR facing a tough CB matchup and was burned by Rashod Bateman. I’m not going to make that mistake twice as no picking Stefon Diggs ($14,400,000) or Gabriel Davis ($998,595) who are facing the Dolphins. Nope, not going to do it.

Instead, I’ll pivot to the shadow CB who I should have used last week (Darius Slay of Philadelphia) and pick him and the Eagles defense to hold down Commanders WR Terry McLaurin ($961,918). McLaurin is the WR3 in Dynasty Owner fantasy scoring (26.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) for the Commanders, behind both Curtis Samuel ($11,500,000) and rookie Jahan Dotson ($3,762,090). McLaurin has been outscored by both of his teammates is each of the first two games, but they haven’t faced the Eagles who allowed Vikings superstar WR Justin Jefferson ($3,280,701) to net 10.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (4 receptions for 68 receiving yards) last week on 12 targets. It’ll be interesting to see if Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) and the Commanders offense can play as well this week as they have in the first two weeks of the season.

After scoring an average of 18.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game against the Eagles in his first four games against them, McLaurin only got a total of 20.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (9 receptions for 112 yards) last year. And with more weapons in the Commanders’ offense this year, expect fewer targets to come McLaurin’s way. Leave him on your Bench and find a better option at WR.

Darren Waller (TE – LV): There aren’t a lot of TEs who I can pick from for this spot. Through two weeks, the top 12 Dynasty Owner TEs included O.J. Howard ($1,035,000), Tyler Conklin ($6,750,000) and Evan Engram ($9,000,000) in the #10 to #12 spots. Picking one of those three players isn’t fair so I’ll leave them out. After a poor start to the season, Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624) was an option, but he should play well against Seattle, so I wasn’t willing to take him. Dalton Schultz ($10,931,000) seems likely to not play against the Giants, so he’s out as well.

I decided not to pick a newcomer and to go with Darren Waller for the second time in three weeks. It comes down to matchups for the Raiders, but not for Waller. The WR matchups so good for the Raiders that Derek Carr ($25,000,000) should target his WRs more than Waller. Here are the splits for TEs vs. WRs against the Tennessee defense after two weeks:

PositionTargetsReceptions AllowedReceiving YardsTDsDOFP

Please note that I included Chris Myarick ($895,000) as a TE despite his listing as a fullback. He had a 1-yard TD reception for the Giants in their Week 1 victory over Tennessee and wears #85 so he’s really a TE.

Of course, Stefon Diggs accounted for 44.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (12 receptions, 148 receiving yards, 3 TDs) by himself in Week 2, leading me and the rest of the world to believe that Carr will target Davante Adams ($28,000,000) heavily in this game, leaving few targets for Waller. All of this makes Waller a good candidate for your Dynasty Owner Bench this week.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week – OG’s Raiders vs. Florida Mayhem

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s time for something new in the Match-up of the Week. Not a new feature, but a new start-up league match-up featuring a new Dynasty Owner for the 2022 season. Since we only had two teams in the Chase for the Ring Top 25 after two weeks from start-up leagues, I thought that I’d feature one of them since nobody suggested a match-up to me via Twitter (@SteveVT33).

This match-up was the choice because it intrigued me that a team in the Top 25 of the Chase for the Ring could be an underdog in their weekly match-up. Let’s look at the projected final score to see what’s going on.

OG’s Raiders was in 16th place in the Chase for the Ring after two weeks. They fell out of the Top 25 after Thursday night, but just barely as they have 378.6 points and the team in 25th place right now (The Daywalkers in League #59073) have 378.7 points.

If you’re new to Dynasty Owner, the most important thing about the Chase for the Ring is that you have to win your league. If OG’s Raiders aren’t favored to win this match-up, it’s possible that they might not win their league and then it doesn’t matter how many points they score. They need to win games.

As you can see above, they are projected to lose to Florida Mayhem by 11.4 points this week and have a Win Probability below 40%. Florida Mayhem is currently in 1,082nd place in the Chase (not a mistake, I checked twice) with over 100 fewer points (276.2 points). It’s not that OG’s Raiders forgot to set their lineup; it’s just Florida Mayhem has players projected to score more, like Patrick Mahomes ($45,000,00), Joe Mixon ($12,000,000), Saquon Barkley ($7,217,000) and Kyle Pitts. Only at WR and FLEX, does OG’s Raiders have an advantage with Cooper Kupp ($15,750,000), Stefon Diggs, and Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000) projected to outscore their counterparts of Ja’Marr Chase ($7,704,910), CeeDee Lamb ($3,502,503) and D.K. Metcalf ($1,146,513). It’s true that OG’s Raiders are older and cost a lot more in salary, but as everyone knows, that doesn’t matter come gametime!

Check back on Tuesday and find out who wins this match-up.


You know what’s not new. The excitement that comes with every week of football and trying a new thing in fantasy football every season. This year, I’m trying two new things, a Guillotine league that I’m still alive in after two weeks, and a league with individual defense players (IDP). The IDP league team has a 1-1 record, but has scored the second fewest points in the league. I inherited the team and it had at least 4 WRs on the Giants and not Kadarius Toney ($3,429,877) or even rookie Wan’Dale Robinson ($2,046,292). I’m going to need some time to learn IDP and revamp the roster. The same thing is true with Dynasty Owner. If you have a newcomer in your league, I’m sure that you’ve welcomed him/her on the Chat but be sure to really welcome them and answer questions if they have any.

Please read this weekly preview article each and every week to see my recommendations for who should be in your Dynasty Owner Starting lineup, who should be on your Bench, and to find out which teams are featured in the Match-up of the Week. In addition to this weekly recap article, Dynasty Owner has plenty of other great content to help you win your League Championship and maybe become our 2022 Chase for the Ring Champion. Our 2022 in-season publication schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays: Jay Pounds will preview the Monday Night Football matchup from the Dynasty Owner perspective. Monday is also when the Champions podcast will be released on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Tuesdays: Jay Pounds is back with his weekly Free Agent Auction targets article to help you figure out what players to bid on before the first Free Agent Auction run of the week is processed on Wednesday at 5 AM (Eastern).
  • Wednesday: Matt Morrison – The Jerk writes about a topic of his choosing and his weekly rankings will also pop up on Wednesdays as well.
  • Thursday: Matt Morrison – The Jerk will preview the Thursday Night Football game, which will include his selection for “Value of the Game”.
  • Friday: Listen to the Dynasty Owner podcast with me and Jay or watch it on YouTube on Friday morning. Then in the afternoon, it’s time for me to preview the Sunday and Monday games and look into one Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week in my weekly preview article. We will have even more content today with an article from Nate Christian highlighting some of the college QBs that he’s watching for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Please read all of our articles, listen to the podcasts and watch the Livestream on Wednesdays at 4 PM or afterwards if you can’t catch us live. Don’t forget to follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter as well. Thanks, and have a great day!

Steven Van Tassell is the Head of Content for Dynasty Owner

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Thursday Night Football: Week 3

Thursday Night Football Week 3 NFL

Steelers @ Browns

By: Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Today is Thursday which means it’s time for another Thursday Night Football article. We are already in Week 3 somehow, and I have a feeling that the rest of the season will fly by just as fast. I will be breaking down some predictions for the Steelers/Browns game tonight.

What To Watch For

I’m watching for how this Browns’ backfield will continue to shape up. Through two games, here is how their touch distribution has ended up.

  • Nick Chubb ($12,200,000) – 19.5 rushes and 2.0 receptions per game
  • Kareem Hunt ($6,000,000) – 12.0 rushes and 3.0 receptions per game

Both have had great success in the touchdown category although they haven’t scored in the same game yet. Hunt had two touchdowns in Week 1 while Chubb had three in Week 2. Tonight, I expect both to get one touchdown.

Value of the Game Recap

Last week I picked Mecole Hardman as my Value of the Game (VOTG). This ended up being an extremely hard projection. There were six players who all had very good games in terms of value. Allow me to breakdown each of their days and give you a look into how I determine the VOTG each week. First, let’s look at my Week 2 prediction.

Week 2 ProjectionSalaryReceptionsReceiving YardsTDsDOFP
Mecole Hardman$1,248,763266114.6

As you know, here at Dynasty Owner our value metric is Dynasty Dollars per Fantasy Point (DD/FP). This is the best way we can determine how valuable a player is compared to other players with differing salaries. In order for a player to be the VOTG, they have to have the lowest DD/FP of any player in that game. Oftentimes, this doesn’t mean that player is startable or even rostered in most leagues. It just shows who the most efficient player is based on their current salary. If we look at the six most efficient players from last Thursday we see…

PlayerTeamSalaryReceptionsTotal YardsTDsDOFPDD/FP
Josh PalmerLAC$1,258,365430113.0$96,797
Zander HorvathLAC$934,2521117.1$131,585
DeAndre Carter*LAC$1,135,000355010.0$113,500
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC$2,705,3934118015.8$171,227
Justin WatsonKC$1,035,000250113.0$79,615
Mecole HardmanKC$1,248,76334507.5$166,502

* DeAndre Carter also had 60 return yards not listed here, good for 1.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

My pick of Mecole Hardman did not hold up. In the end, Justin Watson earned the VOTG award.  He finished the game with two receptions for 50 yards and a single touchdown. When a player is barely over $1,000,000 and gets a touchdown, they are almost automatically in the running for VOTG for that week.  

Overall Record: 1-1


All the players on this list are ones who I would be very comfortable starting in Dynasty Owner this week.

Najee Harris ($3,261,862)

Here is the flow chart for Harris. Is he starting? If the answer is “yes”, you start him.

Nick Chubb ($12,200,000)

Kareem Hunt ($6,000,000)

I would be more than confident starting both Browns’ running backs this week. They both surpassed 17.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 1, and I expect both to surpass 15.0 points in this game. I would have hesitation about starting both of them in the same league as you would be limiting your upside, but it’s definitely possible.

Diontae Johnson ($1,070,241)

Pat Freiermuth ($1,507,045)

Both elite passing options for Pittsburgh QB Mitchell Trubisky ($7,100,000) should be started. I especially like Freiermuth’s chances of scoring this week.


Here at Dynasty Owner, you not only get points from your Starting lineup, but also from your Bench. Your Dynasty Owner teams get 25 percent of the points scored from players on your Bench added to the total final score. This means that Bench scoring could (and often does) affect the outcome of individual matches as well as championships. Here are the players I would be okay putting on my Bench.

Mitchell Trubisky ($7,100,000)

I’d be hesitant about starting him, but I have Mitchell as a textbook Bench quarterback (he should get between 15.0 and 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points).

Chase Claypool ($1,654,156)

Amari Cooper ($20,000,000)

Donovan Peoples-Jones ($870,402)

Here we have three lower tier wide receivers. Cooper is the safest start, but I don’t see much upside. Yes, it’s possible you could get a repeat of his Week 2 performance (9 receptions – 101 receiving yards – 1 TD for 25.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points), but I wouldn’t bet money on it. The other two could make you very happy with one big play. I tend to not gamble on big plays, so they can stay on my Bench this week.

David Njoku ($13,687,500)

Value of the Game

I’m not guaranteeing this pick, but I do feel very confident in it. I have Diontae Johnson winning the Week 3 Value of the Game. Why?

  • He is the best wide receiver for the Steelers. 
  • He is the most trusted possession receiver for the Steelers.
  • His salary is so low that just a 6 reception game or a single touchdown would likely win him this award alone.

I like this pick and have Diontae going over the 6 receptions mark and scoring the single touchdown.

Week 3 ProjectionSalaryReceptionsReceiving YardsTDsDOFP
Diontae Johnson$1,070,241770120.0

The only other player in consideration was Browns WR Donovan Peoples-Jones. His salary of $870,402 is very enticing. However, the odds of Diontae having 25 percent more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than him is very likely. I picked Diontae in the end.

Don’t forget to check back in next week to see if my VOTG pick is correct. I wish all of you a great Week 3. Thank you all for reading. Take care and be safe.


Don’t Tilt After Two Weeks – 2022 Edition

nfl wEEK 2 dON'T tILT

By Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Today I will be finishing my “Don’t Tilt” series. This series is one of the first that I ever wrote for Dynasty Owner, and it’s truly one of my favorites to write each year. I’ll repeat the speech that I gave last week as I talk about the 16 teams that I didn’t get to in the first article. 

“You may be asking yourself, “what does ‘don’t tilt’ mean?” Allow me to explain…

There are many reasons throughout the course of an NFL season that players are given up on. Conversely, there are also many reasons why players are overhyped a little more than they should be. This article is here to remind you to stay grounded…to stay levelheaded. It can be tempting to have wild emotional reactions to just a single week of football. I understand that it’s hard to fight that urge. We have been waiting for real NFL games for quite a while, and it stings when you are on the wrong side of a loss right out the gate. I get it. It’s not fun, but the worst thing you can do after that is make a decision based on emotion that you will regret later.

I will be giving you specific advice about certain players in these next two weeks, but let me sum it up this way.


Please be patient. Give it at least four weeks into the season before you start forming lasting ideas about what a player is or isn’t.”

With that being said, let’s continue from last week…


I’d like to tell you not to get your hopes too high on Nick Chubb ($12,200,000) after two weeks. He is currently the RB1 through those two weeks. I still like Chubb, don’t get me wrong, but it is going to be impossible to predict which Browns’ running back will be more valuable on a week to week basis. Congratulations on having him on your Dynasty Owner roster, and for sure put him in your Starting lineup, but don’t expect an overall RB1 finish at the end of the season.


Christian McCaffrey ($16,015,875) is currently the RB8 on Dynasty Owner. That is definitely a disappointing start for most of you.  Any running back who is drafted in the first or second round of Dynasty Owner startup drafts (ADP 16.4) and has over a $16,000,000 salary needs to finish at least in the Top 5 for you to feel good about that. Barring injury, I think RB8 is his absolute, rock bottom floor. Trust the process and continue to start CMC. He will be a Top 5 RB before you know it.


Okay, it may be time to panic a bit with this next player. Matt Ryan ($30,000,000) has been downright bad for fantasy this year. The good news is that he’s only rostered in 23.4 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues. The bad news is that someone in almost one-fourth of Dynasty Owner leagues is still taking up valuable roster space and salary cap with him. He has less than 17.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points total in two games (16.5 to be exact). I’m not panicking. I’m telling you to drop him and be done with it. Or use an Amnesty Provision if you have one and save the 25% drop fee. You can roster players like Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) or Jared Goff ($33,500,000) instead. Both of them are available in more Dynasty Owner leagues than Ryan (17.02% roster percentage for Wentz and 4.26% for Goff).


Brandin Cooks has not been what his Dynasty Owners would have liked to see so far this season. He’s sitting at WR35 after two weeks, and he costs more than $16,000,000 per year. He hasn’t been awful. He’s just been “okay”. I’ll tell you that the difference between “okay” and “good” is more touchdowns. Cooks has yet to score a touchdown on the season. Stay calm.  They will come. Once again, “trust the process”. I predict that Cooks will be a Top 24 wide receiver by the end of the season.


The fact that Kenny Golladay ($18,000,000) is rostered in almost 10 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues (9.79%) is baffling. He has two receptions on the season. He ran only two routes last week, and he reportedly was seen cleaning out his locker at the end of Week 2. I don’t think he’s departing from the team, but please, please, please drop him and move on. Use an Amnesty Provision if you have one or buy one if you can and save the 25% drop fee. He hasn’t been fantasy-relevant in over two seasons.


Give Treylon Burks ($3,592,398) some time to grow. We know the historical data on rookie wide receivers compared to second year wide receivers (Justin Jefferson – $3,280,701 and Ja’Marr Chase – $7,704,910 excluded). Be patient with Burks. Don’t sell low on his potential value.


A.J. Dillon ($1,321,458) is the RB16 on the season so far. It may not seem like it after the explosive game that Aaron Jones ($12,000,000) had in Week 2, but it is true. If both backs stay healthy, they will both finish in the Top 24 for RBs. Take a guess who the better value will be too…

You guessed it. It will be Dillon.


Adam Thielen’s ($16,050,000) Dynasty Owners should have some level of concern. He has less than receiving 100 yards on the season despite salvaging his Week 2 with some late receptions.  At age 32, he is for sure nearing the end of his career. I just hope this isn’t his downfall year.


I’m going to be placing a Don’t Tilt warning on Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393). This is another rare writeup on a player who has had a positive start to his season. CEH has a total of 38.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in his two games. I’m not saying that he will not be that productive for the rest of the season, but I think the odds are against it. He is averaging only 11 touches per game which ranks in a tie for 33rd among running backs in this young season.

I know that CEH can and should continue to be an efficient back, but I don’t have him finishing as a Top 12 running back on 11 touches a game. Temper expectations.


I’m not concerned about any Cardinals. James Conner’s ($7,000,000) ankle injury from Week 2 brings some level of concern with it. However, it sounds like he will not be missing an extended amount of time.


I’m hoping that when you drafted Josh Jacobs ($2,983,350) this season, you had an idea of what you were getting.

  • A low efficiency running back who does not receive many targets.
  • A running back whose production is largely game script dependent (negative when losing, positive when winning)
  • A running back who is heavily reliant on touchdowns for production.

If you drafted him thinking all of these things then I don’t think you’re panicking. If you expected him to be a Top 15 player who you can consistently rely on to be in your Starting lineup, then you may be thinking twice about his role. Either way, don’t let him go for cheap. He deserves a spot as a Bench running back at least.


Don’t panic about Justin Herbert’s ($6,644,688) injury. I am far from an injury expert, and I rarely comment on specific injuries for that reason, but I am unconcerned about Herbert. Even if he misses a couple of games (unlikely), he will come back to pre-injury performance. As long as you have a somewhat serviceable Bench quarterback (Derek Carr – $25,000,000 or Daniel Jones – $6,416,014), I would have no interest in trading Herbert for less than top value.


Don’t worry too much about Mike Evans’ ($16,500,000) suspension. Take your lumps this week with him out of the lineup and return to putting him in your Starting lineup next week.


Oh boy…

So, don’t panic, but there is going to have to be some serious reconsidering of the Cowboys’ fantasy outlook this season. The injury to Dak Prescott ($40,000,000) is devastating. It is obviously crushing to the Cowboys’ playoff chances and also the fantasy production of CeeDee Lamb ($3,502,503), Ezekiel Elliott ($15,000,000), Dalton Schultz ($10,931,000) and Tony Pollard ($796,945). Like I said, don’t panic sell any of these players for cheap, but temper expectations for the first half of this season.


I am worried about Russell Wilson ($35,000,000). I don’t think he’s “washed” or unable to bounce back from this slump, but I don’t see his opponents getting any easier. He played the Seahawks and Texans. In those two starts, he was only able to average 19.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. That’s not a terrible stat line, but it puts him on pace for 326.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. That would have been QB14 last year (just ahead of Ryan Tannehill – $29,500,000 – who had 325.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). That would be a very disappointing season for his Dynasty Owners. I think he will likely bounce back, but like I said, the future defenses he’s going to face aren’t going to get easier.


I have no concerns for any of the offensive weapons from Seattle. The fact that their team as a whole will likely be in the bottom third in terms of record means that fantasy scoring may be hard to come by. I think most Dynasty Owners knew that when they drafted any of these players this season, and it was built into their ADP for the most part.

I thank you all for reading and for continuing to support Dynasty Owner. Next week I will be starting a Blind Player Comparison article series. I can’t wait to get into it. 

Message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube. Thank you all. Take care and be safe.


Free Agent Auction Targets – Week 3

Week 3 Waiver Wire

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Dynasty Owners, we have officially made it through two weeks of football and while things started to look better in Week 2, I still don’t think we have a firm grasp on what teams are just yet. In Week 2, we had another week of pure craziness, and I will start my weekly recap off with my disappointment of the week, the Bengals.

  • The Bengals were a team I was expecting to explode in Week 2 against a Dak ‘less Dallas team and instead it was Cooper Rush ($977,500) and the Cowboys’ defense who stole the show. While there is a ton of football left, I am officially worried about the reigning AFC champs.
  • The runner up for disappointment of the week in Week 2 must be the Indianapolis Colts and their blowout loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am not sure what is going on in Indy, but it appears it will be a very long season for Colts’ fans.
  • Comebacks were a big story in Week 2 with the Jets and Cardinals posting massive come from behind victories. I know the Cardinals won their game, but it has not been pretty for Arizona thus far.
  • In what was the craziest victory I have seen in some time, the Joe Flacco-led ($3,500,000) Jets beat the Browns after being down 30-17 with under two minutes to play. Oh, and they had zero timeouts left. A true blunder from a team that needs to rack up as many wins as possible until Deshaun Watson ($46,000,000) returns from suspension.
  • The last game I will highlight, unfortunately, is the New England vs Pittsburgh game. It was an absolute snooze fest on offense, but I still lost a bet and now must wear a Patriots shirt on the Dynasty Owner podcast/video this week with Steve Van Tassell (@SteveV33). If you would like to see me in an ugly shirt, be sure to stay tuned to the podcast I do with Steve.

Remember last week when I said that I would change the free agent requirements later in the season to get everyone better options? Well, that time is now as there were two players over the salary limit that I set last week ($7,500,000 or less). I just could not leave those players off this list, so the salary limit has changed. I may just stick to this approach moving forward to put as much productivity as possible in these articles.

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo (QB – SF) – 1 year/$7,000,000 – 20.85% Rostered

The 49ers and Dynasty Owners everywhere lost one of the more polarizing players in all of sports this week and the biggest winner out of all of that is the man listed above, Jimmy Garoppolo. After the 49ers struggles in Week one with Trey Lance ($8,526,319) at quarterback we heard plenty of rumblings that many in the 49ers’ locker room preferred Jimmy G over Lance. They will now get their wish. As for Dynasty Owners, it really sucks losing a player like Trey Lance, but Jimmy G is a suitable replacement and will offer a much safer floor. He does come with a much lower ceiling than the North Dakota State product offered. In relief of Lance, Jimmy G went 13 of 21 passing for 154 yards and a touchdown on top of 5 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown (20.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Grab Garoppolo now because he will be gone tomorrow. Affordable starting quarterbacks are extremely tough to find in Dynasty Owner and if you pay attention to Jimmy Garoppolo’s roster percentage over the next two days you will see that on full display.

  • Curtis Samuel (WR – WAS) – 2 years/$11,500,000 – 64.26% Rostered

Curtis Samuel is by far the most expensive player I have ever included in this series and while he is a bit pricey, his connection with Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) is difficult to ignore. Through two weeks, Samuel has posted 15 catches for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns plus added 38 rushing yards on 5 carries (41.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). This is good enough for Samuel to qualify as a WR1 thus far. I am not sure that Samuel can keep up this pace playing for a team like the Commanders, but it seems Ron Rivera and company are keen to Samuel and love feeding him the ball. For once, I can honestly say this has nothing to do with my Ohio State bias, or does it? If Samuel continues to be featured, Dynasty Owners will have no choice but to find ways to fit him under their salary cap.

  • Noah Brown (WR – DAL) – 1 year/$1,187,500 – 25.96% Rostered

Before the season started everyone was trying to assess who would be the Cowboys number 2 receiver while Michael Gallup ($11,500,000) was out. While most expected it to be Jalen Tolbert ($1,283,930) or KaVontae Turpin ($853,333), neither has stood out. The player that has stood out the most for the Cowboys offense has been 26-year-old Noah Brown. I am not expecting Brown to be great for years to come or anything along those lines, but as of now he is a solid Bench play and I see no reason he won’t be the number 3 receiver for Dallas after the return of Gallup. So far in 2022, Brown has quietly put up a stat line of 10 catches for 159 yards and 1 touchdown (31.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). If those numbers don’t earn Brown consistent playing time, nothing will.

  • Greg Dortch (WR – ARI) – 1 year/$895,000 – 63.4% Rostered

Up next, we have our first repeat player of the year, Greg Dortch. As I mentioned last week Dortch should see a ton of work until DeAndre Hopkins ($27,500,000) gets back from his suspension. While Dortch did not have a huge Week 2, he did have 4 catches for 55 yards and a touchdown plus 21 return yards (16.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) to follow up a solid Week 1 performance. The Cardinals are deep at the WR position, but as we all know productivity will always win. If Dortch can string a few more good games together it wouldn’t surprise me if he found himself ahead of A.J. Green ($3,500,000) and possibly even Rondale Moore ($1,731,060) this season.

  • Logan Thomas (TE – WAS) – 3 years/$8,021,667 – 63.83% Rostered

In the final spot of today’s article, we have a player that I for some reason love and have way too many shares of sitting at the end of many of my dynasty benches, Logan Thomas. Thomas has been a fun player to watch since making the switch from quarterback to tight end and aside from the injuries, I must say he has done well. Over the past 13 games Thomas has appeared in over three seasons, he has scored double digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 10 of them and fell just .5 points shy of making it 11 out of 13 games. Thomas has not had a big game in 2022 just yet but he has posted solid numbers (6 catches for 82 yards and a touchdown, good for 20.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) after coming back from a significant injury. If Thomas can stay healthy, he should finish as a Top 15 tight end this season with Carson Wentz and his love affair for tight ends.

Thank you all for reading and good luck on your Week 3 matchups! Don’t forget to check out the other articles from Steve, Matt, and Nate, as well as the Livestream, Champions podcast, and the podcast with Steve and myself. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!