Monday Night Football Week 2

Titans at Seahawks and Vikings at Eagles

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

What to Watch For – Titans vs. Bills

While the Titans looked good for the first half of Week 1, the second half of the game was basically the exact opposite, This gives me many reasons to worry ahead of their Monday Night Football showdown against Buffalo, but I will still be watching like a kid sitting in front of The Loud House. The main player I will be watching in this matchup for the Titans is Derrick Henry ($12,500,000)as he struggled during Week 1. If Henry can get back to his dominate self, my blowout prediction could end up looking foolish. On the other side of the ball, I will be watching the same thing all of you are and that is the beauty of Josh Allen ($43,005,667)playing quarterback in the NFL.

What to Watch For – Vikings vs. Eagles

The second half of our Monday Night Football doubleheader is an interesting matchup and should tell us quite a bit about both teams. The Eagles looked excellent out of the gate in Week 1, but let those pesky Dan Campbell-led Lions back in the game with Jared Goff (33,500,000) looking like an old Dan Marino at times. Will Kirk Cousins ($33,000,000) look like the next Tom Brady ($15,000,000)? I am not sure, but I do know Justin Jefferson ($3,280,701) is in for a massive day. My big concern with the Vikings after Week 1 is their run defense after the Packers running backs had almost 100 yards rushing and close to 75 yards receiving.

Jay’s Monday Night Prediction – Game 1

In the first matchup, I have the Bills winning easily against the Titans. In Week 1, the Titans looked good during the first half and somehow imploded during the second half against the G-Men (New York Giants). If the Titans struggled to stop an offense led by Daniel Jones ($6,416,014), they have zero shot against Josh Allen and company.

Jay’s Monday Night Prediction – Game 2

Both the Vikings and Eagles won their Week one matchup, but one of the two teams looked much better in my opinion and that team is Minnesota. The Vikings were efficient all over the field and expect the same come Week 2. My one big worry is the Vikings run defense going up against a tough Philadelphia run game. In the end, I think the passing game of the Vikings will be too much for the Eagles to overcome.

Over/Under Projections


PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Ryan TannehillQB$29,500,00018.3Under
Derrick HenryRB$12,500,00015.1Over
Treylon BurksWR$3,592,3988.9Over
Kyle PhilipsWR$993,3318.0Over
Austin HooperTE$6,000,0007.1Under

I have the Titans with three players set to go over their projected point total in Week 2. The two players I will be watching closely are Derrick Henry and rookie WR Kyle Philips. While I am expecting Henry to hit the over, I do not expect him to do so by much as a touchdown will help him hit the 15.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points projection. I expect the Titans to be down early and often during this game and with Dontrell Hillard ($1,187,500) out, I am expecting a lot of junk points for Philips.


PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Josh AllenQB$43,005,66732.4Over
Devin SingletaryRB$974,50011.6Over
Stefon DiggsWR$14,400,00019.3Over
Gabriel DavisWR$998,59515.9Over
Dawson KnoxTE$880,44010.0Under

I am expecting a huge game from all the Bills position players this week, except the lonely Dawson Knox. In Week 1, the Bills offense exploded on the Rams for 31 points, and I expect a very similar point total in this week’s matchup. Look for huge games from the trio that is Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Gabriel Davis.


PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Kirk CousinsQB$33,000,00022.9Over
Dalvin CookRB$12,600,00016.4Over
Justin JeffersonWR$3,280,70121.2Over
Adam ThielenWR$16,050,00012.7Under
Irv SmithTE$1,449,6097.8Under

The Vikings opened Week 1 with a new look explosive offense, and I think that momentum carries over into this week. I see the Vikings’ Big 3 (Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson) performing well as usual with Jefferson leading the way. Expect another massive game for him after the way the Eagles’ defense looked against the Lions.


PlayerPositionSalaryProjected PointsOver/Under
Jalen HurtsQB$1,506,29226.0Over
Miles SandersRB$1,337,54412.1Over
A.J. BrownWR$1,413,09217.0Over
DeVonta SmithWR$5,035,34811.8Under
Dallas GoedertTE$14,250,00011.6Under

Up last in our random Week 2 Monday Night Football doubleheader, we have the team out of the City of Brotherly Love. The Eagles’ offense looked good in Week 1 behind a strong run game and an obsessive connection between A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts and I am expecting more of the same against the Vikings in tonight’s game.

Dynasty Owner Game of the Week

League #27483 (Beta League #3)

Every week, I will pick one Dynasty Owner game that is close in score and will be decided during Monday Night Football. If you happen to find yourself in this situation on Sunday night, please get ahold of me on Twitter (@jaypoundsnfl) and I will gladly feature your game here.

New York’s Strongest – Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown in Starting Lineup and Gabriel Davis and Austin Hooper on Bench left to play

WANNABEES – Dalvin Cook and Dallas Goedert in Starting Lineup left to play

Our Dynasty Owner matchup of the week features one of our favorite Dynasty Owner teams (WANNABEES) against another one of our favorites and 2019 Chase for the Ring Champion New York’s Strongest. Both teams are 1-0 in this league and sit in second and third place in the standings. The matchup is projected to be extremely close and both owners should be tense awaiting the results.

What side would you rather have, a 22.3-point lead with Dalvin Cook and Dallas Goedert or the Eagles’ QB-WR stack of Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown plus Bench points from Gabe Davis and Austin Hooper? My prediction here is that the WANNABEES will edge out a close win. Had Davis been in New York’s Strongest Starting lineup as his FLEX in place of Hunter Renfrow ($708,987) who only had 8.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, he probably would have won this matchup without sweating.

Value of the Game Recap

At this point I don’t even know why you guys read my articles after missing such an obvious selection for Value of the Game in Week 1. I predicted that DK Metcalf would have 18.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (DOFP) and the lowest Dynasty Dollar per Fantasy Point (DD/PT) amount.

Week 1PlayerDOFPSalaryDD/PT
Jay’s PredictionDK Metcalf7.6$1,143,513$150,857
Week 1 WinnerColby Parkinson12.3$991,360$80,598

You had Parkinson too, right? Welp, it’s time to try again.

Overall Record: 1-0

Value of the Game

I had originally planned to pick just one Value of the Game this week, but with 6-7 key players in each game having a salary of around $1.5 million or less, it was just too much of a crapshoot.

Winner #1 – Gabriel Davis

Jay’s Projected Stat LineReceptionsReceiving YardsTDsDOFP
Gabriel Davis685120.5

Winner #2 – Jalen Hurts

Jay’s Projected Stat LinePassing YardsPassing TDsRushing YardsRushing TDsDOFP
Jalen Hurts220368141.8

In the end, I still had quite a bit of trouble when trying to make these selections but settled with Gabriel Davis and Jalen Hurts. I am expecting both players to somewhat mimic their Week 1 performances and show us why they were both great value picks on Dynasty Owner.

Be sure to check out all our upcoming content this season. We will have several articles, podcasts, and the Livestream on Wednesday at 4 PM (Eastern) for everyone each week. Thank you all for reading and I hope your teams killed it this week. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

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