By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Dynasty Owners, it is time to go dumpster diving again! Before we jump into the newest potential additions to your Dynasty Owner roster, let’s talk about some of my favorite highlights from Week 4.

  • The first topic I would like to cover is just how bad of an NFL coach Urban Meyer was. As of now, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL and the Jaguars played them tough until the very end. The Jaguars could have easily been 3-1 heading into Week 5. The incompetence the Jaguars displayed last year was laughable, but Doug Pederson has done a fantastic job in a short amount of time in Duval County.
  • The Ravens are a good football team, but they have found ways to lose big games early this season. I feel it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to close out games. A healthy J.K. Dobbins ($1,432,359) should help with that.
  • The Lions may be one of the most fun teams to watch and I can’t help but tune in each Sunday to the craziness they call football.
  • Finally, we have my beloved Steelers who look to be in for a long season. Kenny Pickett ($3,516,976) finally saw time in an NFL regular season game and should be the starter the rest of the way for Pittsburgh. Can Kenny Pickett turn the season around for my Steelers? I must say I have faith after seeing him in action on Sunday. He did have three interceptions but two of them were nowhere near his fault and Steeler Nation and me are giving him a pass. The Kenny Pickett era has begun!

The players listed below are in no order and are less than 80% rostered in Dynasty Owner with a salary of $8,000,000 or less

  1. Mike Boone (RB – DEN) – 1 year/$1,925,000 – 17.45% Rostered

I know the Broncos still have Melvin Gordon ($2,500,000), but if you have watched him play at all this season that statement shouldn’t scare you all that much. So far this season, Gordon has had one double digit outing and would not have hit double digits if it weren’t for a touchdown. Mike Boone will slide into the backup spot on the Broncos’ depth chart, but I would not be surprised to see Tony Pollard ($796,945) and Ezekiel Elliott ($15,000,000) type split in touches for the Broncos moving forward. Boone has not touched the ball much yet this season but over the past couple of off-seasons, I have heard a lot of great minds talk about the talent level of this kid. I know many are expecting him to shine now that he will finally get a shot at a consistent workload. Boone has had a couple of drops already this season and will likely need to prove himself before becoming a receiving threat out of the backfield but for now he is a running back who will score points and those are extremely hard to find at this stage of the season.

  • Andy Dalton (QB – NO) – 1 year/$3,000,000 – 33.62% Rostered

Will Andy Dalton start this week? It is hard telling, but the Saints are a team that want to win now and if you pair that with the rough start Jameis Winston ($14,000,000) has had, and how Andy Dalton looked in London, it seems the old quarterback controversy may rear its ugly head in the Big Easy. In Week 4 against the Vikings, Dalton finished with a stat line of 20 completions on 28 attempts, 236 yards passing, and 1 touchdown. He also had a 2-pt conversion, 7 rushing yards and lost a fumble, good enough for 17.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the early game last week but from what I have caught of the highlights, Dalton looked like the much better option for the Saints moving forward. Man, that hurts to say as I was one of the bigger supporters of Famous Jameis heading into the season. Oh well, can’t win them all. Right?

  • Josh Reynolds (WR – DET) – 2 years/$3,000,000 – 42.55% Rostered

Alright I know no one wants to pick up a Detroit Lions player outside of Amon-Ra St. Brown ($1,066,313) or D’Andre Swift ($2,134,728) but it’s time for Josh Reynolds to get serious consideration for a Bench spot on numerous rosters. Over the past three weeks Reynolds has posted double digit scoring games and as Matt “The Jerk” showed in his recent QB blind comparison article, Jared Goff ($33,500,000), aka Reynolds’ quarterback, has been putting up big numbers so far this season. I see no reason it stops now. Pinch me if I am dreaming but through four weeks of play, Jared Goff is a top 5 quarterback on the platform and has scored over 35.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in two of his four starts. Ever since Dan Campbell arrived in Detroit, it seems like the team is in a shootout every single week and that always bodes well for fantasy purposes. If this trend continues, Josh Reynolds will be a good Bench option and may even sneak into a few starting lineups when bye weeks start to ravage people’s lineups.

  • Tyler Conklin (TE – NYJ) – 3 years/$6,750,000 – 66.81% Rostered

If I am being honest with you guys, Tyler Conklin should have been on this list two weeks ago, but I was much too worried about the return of Zach Wilson ($8,787,670). With the Jets’ backup quarterback Joe Flacco ($3,500,000) on the field, Conklin put up extremely solid numbers for a player in the Free Agent Auction in many Dynasty Owner leagues. Now that we have seen a productive game with Wilson at the helm, Conklin’s numbers seem less like a fluke and more like reality. I would place my bid on Conklin this week because if you don’t and he comes out and has another good game, he will be gone. I know the Jets just have this stinky smell around them and the way they are perceived is terrible. By God have they earned it over the years since Rex Ryan left, but these may not be the same old Jets as they appear to have a lot of fight in them this season. If Wilson takes a step forward over the next few weeks, we could see Conklin as a top 10 tight end late into this season.

5a. Bailey Zappe (QB – NE) – 4 years/$1,076,768 – 17.45% Rostered

What if we are seeing the Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady ($15,000,000) situation play out all over again in New England? Don’t get your hopes up Steve Van Tassell! In all seriousness Bailey Zappe looked like the better option for the Patriots on Sunday. Brian Hoyer ($2,000,000) did look competent before the injury but with that said, I don’t care if Brian Hoyer had a 2021 Mike White-esque 400-yard performance while Zappe carried a clipboard, Zappe would have still looked like the better option. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Pats went back to Hoyer (pending health), but Zappe is worth looking at right now. Remember he will only get more expensive to acquire if he looks like Cooper Rush ($977,500) in his next outing.

5b. Mack Hollins (WR – LV) 1 year/$2,000,000 – 62.98% Rostered

I will keep this short and sweet because he is likely not worth adding if Hunter Renfrow ($708,987) is healthy, but as of now that is a big if. In Week 4, Hollins did not do anything special, but he has established himself as a trusted member of the offense and someone who can step up in case of injury. The most intriguing aspect of picking up Hollins for me is the fact his workload should increase if any of Hunter Renfrow, Devante Adams ($28,000,000) or Darren Waller ($7,450,000) were to go down with an injury. Hollins also has a big performance this year scoring 30.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 3 after putting up 11.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 2.

Thank you all for reading and good luck with your Week 5 matchups! Don’t forget to check out the other articles from Steve, Matt, and Nate, as well as the Livestream, Champions podcast, and the podcast with Steve and myself. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

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