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Week 11 Recap: Stacking Works

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

The fantasy football practice of stacking, that is having a QB and receiver from the same team, has been a favorite of fantasy players probably since fantasy football started. I spent some time trying to figure out who my first stack was, but the online records in my home league aren’t so great. I do remember losing a playoff game in 2000 to my friend Bob who had a stack of St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner and WR Torry Holt. I had Rams WR Issac Bruce and Warner threw a 72-yard TD to Holt in the fourth quarter of the Rams-Buccaneers game in Week 15. I don’t remember all of the details and had to find the box score of the game to remember which WR I had and which one Bob had, but I vividly remember losing the playoff game because Warner threw the TD pass to his WR and not mine. Having the QB-WR worked for Bob 22 years ago and it still works today.

That’s not the first recorded history of a QB-WR (or the less common QB-TE) stack, but it was a pretty long time ago. Back in the 2021 Dynasty Owner off-season, I did a series of articles about stacking players, which first looked at the top QB-TE stacks then the top QB-WR stacks. Both articles looked at the best ones in terms of Dynasty Owner fantasy points scored as well as the best stack values. That’s the QB-WR or QB-TE stack who had the lowest Dynasty Dollars per Fantasy Point (DD/PT) amount for the season. Our 2020 Chase for the Ring Champion Viktor had a triple stack of Patrick Mahomes ($45,000,000), Tyreek Hill ($18,000,000) and Travis Kelce ($14,312,500). Not at those salaries though and because of inevitable salary increases, Viktor wasn’t able to keep that stack for the 2021 season. Just like in the NFL where teams have to trade away Hill or Davante Adams ($28,000,000) to stay within the NFL salary cap.

The stacking article series finished up by asking whether it was better to stack or not to stack with an analysis of all 2020 Dynasty Owner League winners and the top teams in the 2020 Chase for the Ring. I looked at whether or not they had a stack in the lineup during the playoffs using a pretty generous definition and including them as stacking if they had a QB-RB combination on the same team, in addition to the traditional QB-WR and QB-TE stacks, if they only utilized a stack in one of the final two playoff weeks, and if they had a stack using a Starter and a Bench player.

With that generous definition, what I found was that over half of the league winners did stack with slightly higher percentages as we went down to the top 25 and top 10 in the final Chase for the Ring standings. I wasn’t able to determine stacking for a small percentage of teams due to ownership changes, but that would have just increased the percentage who utilized a stack.

It appears that the 2020 Dynasty Owner playoffs were a good time for stacking and Week 11 was the same. We had seven pairs of players on the same team among the top weekly Dynasty Owner fantasy point scorers in which at least one player had 30.0 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points and the two player stack had a combined 60.0 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Kansas City Chiefs

QBPatrick Mahomes$45,000,00039.7
WR-TE-RBTravis Kelce$14,312,50038.5
Totals $59,312,50078.2

Cincinnati Bengals

QBJoe Burrow$9,047,53437.2
WR-TE-RBSamaje Perine$1,650,00030.2
Totals $10,697,53467.4

Las Vegas Raiders

QBDerek Carr$25,000,00031.3
WR-TE-RBDavante Adams$28,000,00036.1
Totals $53,000,00067.4

Cleveland Browns

QBJacoby Brissett$4,650,00035.1
WR-TE-RBAmari Cooper$20,000,00031.3
Totals $24,650,00066.4

Dallas Cowboys

QBDak Prescott$40,000,00027.4
WR-TE-RBTony Pollard$796,94536.9
Totals $40,796,94564.3

Los Angeles Chargers

QBJustin Herbert$6,644,68828.5
WR-TE-RBJosh Palmer$1,258,36533.6
Totals $7,903,05362.1

San Francisco 49ers

QBJimmy Garoppolo$7,000,00035.7
WR-TE-RBGeorge Kittle$15,000,00024.4
Totals $22,000,00060.1

Now that we see how well stacking worked in Week 11, let’s find out if the teams in the Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week had any of these stacks, or maybe another one that didn’t work out so well. The winner is going to be in first place in their League and in the lead for a playoff bye. Both of those teams were in the top 100 of the Chase for the Ring standings and we’ll look to see if they are still in the updated standings. We’ll also find out if Dynasty|Trade|School (D|T|S) is still in first place after Week 11 and which other top 10 teams are still there.

For the purposes of this article, all statistics. ADP and Dynasty Owner roster percentages were current as of the afternoon of November 22nd.

Dynasty Owner Player of the Week

Our eleventh Dynasty Owner Player of the Week for the 2022 season isn’t a single player, but easily the best QB-TE stack in Dynasty Owner (and possibly fantasy football) history. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs QB-TE stack of: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce

The Player of the Week award has been split between a QB and WR from the same team three times in the past, and also once before by Mahomes and Kelce. They were the Players of the Week in the first round of the 2021 Dynasty Owner playoffs (aka Week 15). The Cincinnati Bengals’ QB-WR stack of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase ($7,704,910) also won the award together in Week 7 of last season. The first time it happened was in 2019 with a stack that has two players who haven’t played a single down in the 2022 regular season. The answer will appear in the Conclusions.

The reason why the Mahomes-Kelce stack worked so well this week and they were close together in Dynasty Owner fantasy points is because all three of Mahomes’ TD passes went to Kelce. Since Dynasty Owner awards 6.0 points for a TD pass, unlike many leagues that only award 4.0 points, Mahomes was able to score a few more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Kelce. Mahomes had 39.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (329 passing yards, 23 rushing yards, 3 TDs, 1 fumble), while Kelce had 38.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (6 receptions, 115 receiving yards, 3 TDs). Both of them received the 3.0 point bonus for a clutch score on the 17-yard TD pass with 31 seconds left in the game that put the Chiefs in the lead. Mahomes is easily the QB1 and top scoring player in Dynasty Owner this season. He has scored 354.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, which is an average of 35.48 points per game. This puts his Week 11 Player of the Week performance at just above average. While he had the most points of any player in Week 11, it was just his fifth best Dynasty Owner fantasy point total of the season. He has scored over 40.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points four times, including the previous two weeks.

Week 11 Points: 39.7

2022 Salary: $45,000,000

Cost per Point: $1,133,501

Travis Kelce has the second highest TE salary in Dynasty Owner this season, but is the TE1 for the season. Last year was the first one in Dynasty Owner history in which he wasn’t TE1, and he apparently was so mad about it that he vowed to crush the competition this year. He’s done that by scoring 226.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, an average of 22.6 points per game. Mark Andrews ($14,000,000) is TE2 with just 133.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for the season, or nearly 100 fewer than Kelce (it’s 92.2 but nearly 100 sounds much larger). Kelce is the overall #10 player in Dynasty Owner and only 3.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points behind the top non-QB Austin Ekeler ($6,125,000) who is overall #8 with 229.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. An amazing season for Kelce capped in Week 11 with his best performance of the year and a split of the Dynasty Owner Player of the Week award with Mahomes.

Week 11 Points: 38.5

2022 Salary: $14,312,500

Cost per Point: $371,753

Congratulations to both Patrick and Travis on splitting the Dynasty Owner Player of the Week honor for the second time. It’s the eighth award for Patrick and the second one this season. It’s the second award for Travis and makes him the first TE to win this award more than once. As difficult as it might be, I bet his Dynasty Owners would like him to win one on his own, especially if they don’t have him stacked with Mahomes.

Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week

Because this is Dynasty Owner and we’re all looking for value from the players on our roster, we also have the Value Player of the Week. The eleventh Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week for the 2022 season makes a return appearance here for the second time in four weeks and is now the RB9 for the season. The winner is Tony Pollard.

Over the past four weeks, Pollard has won Value Player of the Week twice, lost in a somewhat close competition to Nick Westbrook-Ikhine ($895,000) in Week 10, and had a Week 9 bye. While the competition was somewhat close last week, it wasn’t this week with Pollard scoring 36.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (80 rushing yards, 6 receptions, 109 receiving yards, 2 TDs). That was the fourth highest Dynasty Owner fantasy point total of Week 11, behind Mahomes, Kelce and Joe Burrow who had 37.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. It’s been quite the stretch of games for Pollard who is still splitting the Cowboys’ backfield work with Ezekiel Elliott ($15,000,000). Pollard has 169.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for the season and is averaging 16.94 points per game. In contrast, Elliott is RB33 with 95.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in eight games, an average of 11.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. However, it’s Pollard who was the Value of the Week and set a career high in Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Week 11 Points: 36.9

2022 Salary: $796,945

Cost per Point: $21,597

Congratulations Tony on the third Dynasty Owner Value Player of the Week honor of your career. Only one more Value Player of the Week honor and you’ll be tied with Packers RB Aaron Jones ($12,000,000) who won four back in 2019 and 2020 when his salary was a mere $650,484.

Players Who Should Have Been Starters This Week

Now, we look at players who should have been one of your Starters based on their Week 11 performance. These are players who were more likely to be on your Bench or Practice Squad when they should have been in your Starting lineup.

QB: Jacoby Brissett (CLE – $4,650,000) – 35.1 points

In what was likely his second to last start with the Browns, Jacoby Brissett had his best game of the season. He had 35.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (324 passing yards, 29 rushing yards, 3 TDs, 1 fumble lost) and was the fourth best stack of the week with Amari Cooper as shown earlier. Brissett was the early favorite for Player of the Week as nobody in any of the 1 PM (Eastern) Sunday games had more points than he did.

As hopefully everyone is aware, Brissett is unlikely to start past next week not based on his performance, but because the 11-game suspension of Deshaun Watson ($46,000,000) will be over in time for Watson to start the Browns’ Week 13 game vs. the Houston Texans. How convenient that Watson’s suspension was 11 games and not 10 or 12 games. Watson is creeping up on being rostered in half of Dynasty Owner leagues (47.66%) if you are looking to acquire his services.

In his place, Brissett has performed better than expected for a caretaker Bench QB who was selected on average in the 20th round of Dynasty Owner startup drafts (ADP 235.3). He is QB19 for the season, averaging 19.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game and only scored fewer than 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points once this season (9.3 points in Week 6 versus New England). Unless you had Mahomes, Burrow or Jimmy Garoppolo, he should have been in your Week 11 Dynasty Owner Starting lineup.

An honorable mention goes to Saints QB Andy Dalton ($3,000,000) who had 30.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (260 passing yards, -2 rushing yards, 3 TDs) and zero turnovers. Dalton needed a good week after two poor ones in a row with calls for him to be replaced by Jameis Winston ($14,000,000) getting louder, the QB he replaced as the Saints’ starter. Both of them are likely just placeholders for a rookie QB, but unlike Brissett, Dalton should be available for his Dynasty Owners to use past Week 12. What they should have done is use him in their Starting lineup in Week 11.

I’m not going to give even an honorable mention to 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo as he was mentioned in my Week 11 recommendations article. I said the combination of Monday Night Football plus the Arizona defense would be good for him and I was correct. However, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t have him scoring 35.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to be the sixth highest scoring player of the week (Brissett was seventh and Dalton was eleventh), but I did think he would be worth having as your Week 11 Starter.

RB: Samaje Perine (CIN – $1,650,000) – 30.2 points

The QB-RB stack is far less common than the QB-WR stack and the QB-TE stack as most RBs aren’t pass catchers first and runners second. The biggest name RB to stack would definitely be Austin Ekeler with QB Justin Herbert. A QB stacked with a third-down pass catching RB might help some Dynasty Owner teams as well. Less common is stacking a QB with a backup RB, but if you did that with Joe Burrow and Samaje Perine this week, then it really paid off for you. As mentioned before, Burrow was the third highest scorer in Dynasty Owner this week with 37.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (355 passing yards, 5 rushing yards, 4 TDs, 2 INTs).

Three of those TDs went to Perine who had the second best game of his career behind a 32.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy point effort in Week 16 of the 2020 season against Houston. This week, Perine replaced Joe Mixon ($12,000,000) after Mixon suffered a concussion. Perine had 30.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (30 rushing yards, 4 receptions, 52 receiving yards, 3 TDs) to help the Bengals defeat the Steelers by a score of 37-30. If any Dynasty Owners stacked Perine with Burrow in their Starting lineup, it was probably because of bye week and injury issues, not because they expected this performance from Perine.

WR: Josh Palmer (LAC – $1,258,365) – 33.6 points

If you went into the 2022 Dynasty Owner season with a Justin Herbert stack with either Keenan Allen ($20,025,000) or Mike Williams ($20,000,000), you were optimistic about how they would perform. The Herbert-Allen stack hasn’t worked out too well as Allen has only played in three games. The Herbert-Williams stack was better through the first seven games, but Williams missed all of the past two Chargers’ games and didn’t play much in Week 11 before reaggravating his ankle injury.

In their place, it’s been a lot of Austin Ekeler, but in Week 11, Josh Palmer stepped forward and had 33.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (8 receptions, 108 yards, 2 TDs). The second TD was a clutch score as it put the Chargers in front of the Chiefs with 1:46 left in the game. That was too much time for Mahomes who marched Chiefs down the field on a 6 play drive, 75 yard drive in just 1 minute and 15 seconds to retake the lead. Herbert had a fine week as well with 28.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, so if you stacked Herbert and Palmer in your Starting lineup, you were pretty happy. It was the best performance in Palmer’s 26 game NFL career and hopefully you had him in your Starting lineup for it.

TE: Austin Hooper (TEN – $6,000,000) – 19.6 points

In a comeback of sorts, Austin Hooper had his first 2 TD game since he was on the Atlanta Falcons back in 2019. He was TE6 in Dynasty Owner and signed a big contract with the Browns after that season. He didn’t earn his $10.5 million salary and was released by the Browns after two seasons back in March. He signed a one-year $6 million contract with Tennessee but hadn’t done much up until Week 11 with just 36.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (17 receptions for 191 receiving yards) in ten games played.

Things started to improve in Week 10 as Hooper had 9.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (5 receptions for 41 yards) and he really took a step forward in Week 11. Hooper had 19.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (4 receptions, 36 receiving yards, 2 TDs) on Thursday night. The first TD was a 3-yard reception from Derrick Henry ($12,500,000) in third quarter on a sweet looking jump pass by Henry that completely fooled the Green Bay defense.

Hooper is now TE25 for the 2022 season, in line with his TE25 ranking last year and TE22 ranking in 2020. With plenty of starting TEs on Injured Reserve or on bye in Week 11, maybe there was a chance that Dynasty Owners with Hooper (54.04% rostered) had him in their Starting lineup and got all 19.6 points, instead of just the 4.9 points they would have gotten with Hooper on their Bench.

K: Brett Maher (DAL – $965,000) – 21.0 points and Tyler Bass (BUF – $869,804) – 20.0 points

Having the current top two kickers in Dynasty Owner probably is not what this section is intended for, but even though both of them may have been in plenty of Dynasty Owner Starting lineups, they deserve a mention here. Both of them scored 20.0 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in a week as kickers, which is very difficult to do. They both have scored 89.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points now on the season after their Week 11 performances.

Before Week 11, they were mid-tier Starting kickers, but only a few points separated them from the low-end Starters or high-end Bench kickers, so they weren’t obvious Starters. However, both kicked very well indoors in Week 11 with Maher converting all eight of his kicks on the road against Minnesota and Bass was a perfect 7 for 7 in his “home” game in Detroit. Maher had a 60-yard FG plus two others of 50 yards or more (50 and 53 yards) worth 5.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points each, a 27-yard FG worth only 2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and four PATs worth 1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point each. Bass made his only PAT attempt as well as six FGs from all three distance ranges (28, 36, 39, 42, 49, and 56 yards).

Players Who Should Have Been on the Bench or Practice Squad

For every player who should have been in your Starting lineup but wasn’t, we have at least one highly drafted or ranked player who probably was in your Starting lineup, but scored few, or even negative Dynasty Owner fantasy points in Week 11. All of them should have been riding your Bench or hanging out on the Practice Squad.

QB: Kirk Cousins (MIN – $33,000,000) – 2.2 points

At the start of Week 11, Cousins was QB12, but there were four QBs ahead of him on bye, so he was firmly a Dynasty Owner Starting QB. That didn’t work out well at all for anyone who has Cousins on their roster (73.19%) as he only scored 2.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (105 passing yards and 1 lost fumble) before getting pulled for his backup Nick Mullens ($2,000,000) who had 54 passing yards and more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in two drives (2.7 points) than Cousins did in eight drives. Cousins is the QB17 now after his worst performance since back in Week 2 of the 2020 season when few Dynasty Owners had him on their roster and he had -3.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points against Indianapolis. Hopefully you weren’t surprised by how badly Cousins and the Vikings played in Week 11 (unlike me) and had Cousins on your Dynasty Owner Bench.

RB: D’Onta Foreman (CAR – $2,000,000) – 2.4 points

In the four weeks since Christian McCaffrey ($16,015,875) was traded from Carolina to San Francisco and D’Onta Foreman became the Panthers’ starting RB, he had a total of 77.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (19.35 points per game) and had been a solid starting RB in three of those weeks. The only week he should have been on your Bench was Week 9 versus Cincinnati when he only had 4.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Foreman played another AFC North team (Baltimore) in Week 11 and had a similar Bench-worthy result with only 2.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (24 rushing yards on 11 carries). Hopefully Dynasty Owners with Foreman noticed that and took it as a reason to put him on their Bench.

Dishonorable mention to James Robinson ($763,333) of the Jets who is currently one spot ahead of Foreman at RB36 after only scoring 1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point (10 rushing yards on 7 carries). Robinson has played in three games now since coming over from Jacksonville and only scored a total of 16.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Of course, 13.3 of those Dynasty Owner fantasy points came before the Jets’ Week 10 bye, so maybe some Dynasty Owners with Robinson thought he’d play more like he did versus Buffalo in Week 9 than New England in Week 8 when he only had 1.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Since the Jets were playing New England again, having Robinson on your Dynasty Owner Bench instead of your Starting lineup was the correct decision.

WR: Devin Duvernay (BAL – $1,143,952) – 1.8 points

It’s not a good thing to appear here twice in the span of three weeks as Devin Duvernay has now done. It’s even worse when the week he wasn’t here was because his team was on bye. In the two games since Duvernay was declared the Ravens’ top WR after Rashod Bateman ($3,149,853) was placed on Injured Reserve, he has scored a total of 3.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions, 8 receiving yards, 4 rushing yards, 5 return yards). In Week 9, he only had 1.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 5 yards). In Week 11, he was better and scored Dynasty Owner fantasy points in three ways – rushing, receiving and returning – and yet only had a total of 1.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (1 reception for 3 yards, 4 rushing yards, 5 return yards). I’m not sure if that’s the fewest number of Dynasty Owner fantasy points scored by a player who got points in three ways, but it has to be close. He’s down to WR38 after the past two weeks, but was definitely in the range for being a WR2 or FLEX Starter in Week 11. If your Dynasty Owner team had better options, I hope you took advantage and left Duvernay on your Bench.

TE:  Robert Tonyan (GB – $3,750,000) – 3.9 points, David Njoku (CLE – $13,687,500) – 3.7 points and Tyler Conklin (NYJ – $6,750,000) – 3.5 points

This was a tough decision, so in the end, I decided to just put all three of them and not give out a couple of dishonorable mentions. These three players are what a low-end Dynasty Owner TE1 looks like in the year 2022. All three were in the top 16 TEs before Week 11 and because of injuries to Zach Ertz ($10,550,000), Dallas Goedert ($14,250,000) and Gerald Everett ($6,000,000) plus Evan Engram ($9,000,000) being on a bye, all three of them were in the top 12 available TEs for Week 11. Even after terrible performances of less than 4.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points each, they are still in the top 16 now. Fortunately, Engram is back off bye and maybe Everett will be back as well. Tonyan is currently TE16 and had the most points in Week 11 from the TE trio with 3.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions, 19 receiving yards). David Njoku is one spot above Tonyan at TE15 and he had only 3.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions, 17 receiving yards). Finally, we have current TE13 Tyler Conklin who is technically TE11 among non-injured TEs and had 3.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (2 receptions, 15 receiving yards). All of them should have been on your Dynasty Owner Bench in Week 11. Good luck to every Dynasty Owner who has to figure out whether to have one of these TEs as their Week 12 Starter or not.

K: Graham Gano (NYG – $4,666,667) – -2.0 points

Gano was tied as the fourth ranked kicker prior to Week 11 with 72.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. His margin over the three kickers ranked 11th was only 6.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and that evaporated with his -2.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point effort (two missed PAT attempts). That performance dropped him down to a tie as the 12th ranked kicker now, but as we saw with Brett Maher and Tyler Bass, he could be one great performance away from the top spot. That’s just how it goes with kickers in Dynasty Owner.

Dishonorable mention to Patriots kicker Nick Folk who had a bad game in the windy conditions in Foxboro with -1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. Folk actually made a FG of less than 39 yards (24 yards), but missed two from the 40-49 yard range (43 and 44 yards). He also made the PAT after the game-winning 84 yard punt return TD by Marcus Jones. I had to mention that didn’t I? Even though he was the 3rd ranked kicker at the time, Folk should have been on your Dynasty Owner Bench due to the weather conditions. Hopefully you had him there and didn’t get the full -1.0 points for your team.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week Recap

High Rollerz vs. Quaranteam – Writer’s League (League #80545)

Despite the stack theme for this week, neither team in our Match-up of the Week got the memo and so they didn’t have any stacks at all in their Starting lineups or on their Bench. If I had know, I might have picked a different Match-up. It did fit the playoff byes theme from the Week 11 preview article so let’s find out who won and is in the driver’s seat for that playoff bye.

Quaranteam won the Match-up of the Week to move to 9-2 and first place in the Writer’s League (League #80545). They have the same record as Dirty Hippie Farmer, but are ahead by 218.2 points, so first place is Quaranteam’s. They are also doing well in the Chase for the Ring and currently sit in 29th place with 1,742.8 points. High Rollerz are 8-3, but fortunately in third place as DixieNormus also lost. High Rollerz did drop out of the top 100 in the Chase for the Ring by a mere 7.8 points.

In the match-up, it was Travis Kelce and his 38.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points plus Jalen Hurts ($1,506,292) who had 29.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points that powered Quaranteam to victory. Michael Pittman ($2,153,212) was their only other Starter with double-digit points (13.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). Josh Allen ($43,005,667) was High Rollerz’s high scorer and since he only had 16.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, you know it was a bad game all around for High Rollerz. Nobody in their Starting lineup was truly terrible as Miles Sanders ($1,337,544) was their worst Starter and he still had 5.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

While I’m disappointed that neither team had a stack, it wasn’t because they didn’t try. Quaranteam had a QB-WR stack of Kyler Murray ($8,914,504) and Marquise Brown ($2,946,835) for a day after acquiring Murray the day before Brown got injured. If both of them come back this season, Quaranteam can start to use that Cardinals’ stack. They also did draft Brown and Lamar Jackson ($23,016,000) to be a QB-WR stack in the 2021 league startup draft when Brown was on the Ravens. High Rollerz tried to trade for Stefon Diggs ($14,400,000) with DixieNormus back in early June to get the Allen-Diggs stack, but the trade is listed as Cancelled.

If you have a Week 12 match-up that is shaping up to be a good one, then let me know on Twitter (@SteveVT33). It doesn’t have to have a stack or even a Chase for the Ring contender in it for me to use your Match-up. Please hurry as because of Thanksgiving, the Match-up of the Week and Week 12 preview article will be published on Wednesday in advance of the holiday.

Chase for the Ring Leaderboard

Last Tuesday, we had the third consecutive week with the same ten teams in the top 10 in the Chase for the Ring. Let’s find out if that streak ended.

It did indeed end as we lost one of the three Clara Strong ? teams. The one from League #34662 is no longer in the top 10. Don’t fret for them as they are in 11th place and only 1.4 points away from their rightful spot in the top 10. In their place, we have The Road Warriors. Hawk and Animal are back from their second place finish in 2021 to make their first top 10 appearance of 2022. After lurking just on the outside by being in 12th place after Weeks 8 and 9 and 11th place after Week 10, they finally made it back and are currently in 9th place.

We have a new leader with Blaze’s Backyard Burners on top after two weeks in second place. Dynasty|Trade|School (D|T|S) is now in second place by 24.9 points, followed by juan blanco, The Oracle ? and Stayner. Stayner is back in the top 5 after a week in sixth place. The Oracle ? continues their steady climb up since their first top 10 appearance in Week 7. They were in 9th place at that time and have moved up to fourth place now. The bottom half of the top 10 has moved around a bit as well with only Crangis McBasketball in the same spot as last week (10th place).

Stacking is in vogue for about half of the top 10 as five teams had a stack in their Week 12 lineup and five teams did not. That’s on par with what our analysis of 2020 Chase for the Ring teams found. None of the teams have the same stack, although two have a QB-WR stack with Tua Tagovailoa ($7,568,859). Blaze’s Backyard Burners has Tyreek Hill at WR, while The Oracle ? has Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498).

The one thing that all of the top 10 teams have in common is Travis Kelce. He’s in the Starting lineup for all of those teams. I’m not sure if he’s been there all year or not, but I have to think he will be there moving forward for the rest of the season.


The first Dynasty Owner stack to win Player of the Week honors together were Deshaun Watson ($46,000,000) and Will Fuller ($10,625,011) who did it for the Houston Texans in Week 5 of the 2019 beta season. It was the first stack to win the award together, the highest scoring stack (Fuller had 58.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and Watson had 58.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) and the only one in which the receiver scored more than the QB. Watson had 426 passing yards, 47 rushing yards and 5 TDs, while Fuller had 14 receptions for 217 receiving yards and 3 TDs. Believe it or not, both of them lost points by fumbling, Fuller did it once and Watson did it twice. None of the fumbles were lost, so all of them were only a 1.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy point deduction. That was so long ago that the Texans won the AFC South division title, ten games and even a Wild Card playoff game over the Buffalo Bills. They have only won a total of nine games since that season.

Because of Thanksgiving, the articles and other Dynasty Owner content is going to start stacking up. The Free Agent Auction targets from Jay Pounds came out on Tuesday as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk will continue his Opportunity Is (Almost) Everything series by looking at WRs on Wednesday and then he’ll look at the three Thanksgiving Day games in his usual Thursday Night Football preview article. My Week 12 preview article will appear on Wednesday and the Week 12 recommendations will be ready on Thursday before the Thanksgiving games start.

Everyone can listen to this week’s Dynasty Owner podcast with me and Jay, as well as the Champions podcast featuring our three Dynasty Owner Chase for the Ring Champions. The Dynasty Owner Livestream is back this week on Wednesday at 12:30 PM (Eastern). Tim and I will answer trade and other questions and talk about Dynasty Owner and fantasy football in general. You can also catch it afterwards on the Dynasty Owner YouTube channel if you can’t watch us live. Finally, don’t forget to follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter as well. Thanks, and have a great day!

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