Week 13 Free Agent Auction Targets

By: Jay Poundsee (@jaypoundsNFL)

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for you to add your final free agent additions. While the cream of the free agent crop has certainly come and gone there are a few worthwhile additions left. With rosters set to be locked at the end of this football week I would recommend filling any available roster slots you have open with players like D’Onta Foreman, who are widely available and have the potential to step into a huge role if the workhorse in front of them goes down with COVID, or an injury.

As we have seen the past few weeks in the NFL, no one is safe from COVID, aside from Big Ben Roethlisberger who is said to take extreme precaution over the virus. High end backup quarterbacks should also be high on your target list this week, as we have seen with the Ravens, backups can hold major potential in 2020. These are obviously risky pickups because we have zero idea on who will miss time due to COVID. The one thing with all this that is a sure-fire thing, more big-name players will miss time throughout the fantasy playoffs.

We all knew coming into 2020 that the fantasy owners who adjusted well on the fly, had solid depth, and a little bit of luck would do well in any format, and it has more than come true. If you had the unpleasant time of watching the Saints vs Broncos game on Sunday you were given a front row seat at how quickly this virus can disrupt any team, real life or fantasy. Another final reminder that trading will also freeze at the end of this week, alongside free agent additions. Keep in mind you may still make trades during this period, but none will become official until the fantasy season comes to a close.

The Free Agent Auction processes bids this week on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5 am EST. There is no limit to how much Dynasty Owner currency you can acquire throughout the year as it comes down to how much you feel comfortable spending.

KeKe Coutee (2-Years $797,257/yr.) 41.24% Owned

If you missed out on Coutee in last week’s article you will have a second chance, but this one may get expensive! Over the past 5-6 weeks Watson has been on an absolute tear, and Coutee just vaulted from the 5th spot on the depth chart to the 2nd spot in just 2 weeks.

Will Fuller has been suspended for PED use for 6 weeks, and fellow/former teammates Cobb (IR) and Stills (cut), are gone which opens a massive hole in Houston’s offense, that Coutee is in line to fill. As I mentioned last week Coutee is a very talented kid who will finally get a true shot to start in the NFL. If you have the roster spot and Coutee is available in your league he is a must grab with the way his quarterback is playing, not to mention the Texans have zero run game. At worst Hopefully Coutee is someone you can put on your bench and forget about.

Brandon Allen (1-Year $825,000) 59.79% Owned

Hey Brandon Allen sounds much better than Ryan Finley doesn’t it? Finley was a player I honestly cringed having to write about because of how bad he has looked, but at the end of the day he was a cheap potential starting quarterback which is tough to find. Allen was nowhere near great, but he was only on the Bengals practice squad and more than likely had zero time to work with any players of importance before last week. I see Allen as a bottom third of the league quarterback the rest of the way, which means he should be rostered in almost all leagues this week. If you had Burrow and can’t find a trade partner for a solid option I would go with Allen, unless you can make the cap work for a more expensive option.

If you’re able to find a better rest of season option pull the trigger immediately, if not Allen is the one to settle on. The Bengals have one of the better casts of play makers in the NFL giving Allen some possible upside the rest of the way, along with the lack of run game we have seen out of the Bengal’s thus far.

Colt McCoy (1-Year $2,250,000) 0% Owned

Another quarterback injury happened this past week with Daniel Jones being the latest to get hurt. The initial reports say Jones will miss time opening the way for Colt McCoy to be NFL relevant once again. McCoy has been nothing but average his entire career and I’m sure we will see more of the same this week on a bad Giants football team, though they are on a three-game winning streak and playing better football.

The Giants have a favorable schedule coming up with McCoy starting, the Seahawks slated for this week, followed by Arizona the following week. If McCoy can put up game manager numbers over the next two weeks, or more depending on Jones’s health he will make an excellent bench play for any team needing a quarterback as something is always better than nothing. If you are looking for a starter, I would look for Allen first and leave McCoy as a consolation prize if you miss out.

Collin Johnson (4-Years $900,538/yr.) 52.58% Owned

Johnson had his possible breakout performance on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. He finished his day with a whooping 8 targets catching 4 of them for 96 yards and a touchdown. While Johnson’s performance can be chalked up to him being Glennon’s favorite target he is a rookie who is worth stashing. The Jaguars are currently sitting at a 1-10 record so it would be a wise bet to think they will lean towards evaluating all the young talent possible before the end of this season.

If Jacksonville for some reason sticks with Glennon moving forward it would make Johnson a much more intriguing option, but from everything I have read Minshew mania will be back in Jacksonville this coming weekend sending Glennon back to his rightful throne… the bench. if Johnson is available in your league, he’s worth a roster spot no matter who is under center for the Jags. In dynasty any rookie producing on the field in limited work is a player with breakout potential in the following seasons, plus his extremely cheap 4-year salary is a very nice bonus for anyone wanting to pick up Johnson.

David Moore (1-Year $2,133,000) 56.7% Owned

Has there been a more consistent fantasy turd this season than David Moore? Moore is an extremely gross and boring pickup, but he has managed to score decent fantasy points this season for a bench play. It seems to this point he has had a touchdown just about every other game, as well as sprinkling in some solid yardage games to boot. On Monday night Moore put up a Tyreek Hill like performance (joking) with 3 catches for -6 yards and a score earning 8.5 fantasy points. Wilson seems to really trust David Moore in the red zone which is the main reason he is somewhat fantasy relevant this season but be aware he is nothing more than a borderline bench receiver and still having weeks where he may disappoint you.

While you may read this and think I hate Moore I don’t as he is my top widely available player to target at the position for COVID purposes. If Lockett or Metcalf were to miss time due to COVID or injury Moore would instantly become a potential top 30 fantasy wide receiver with the rapport he has built with Wilson.


With this being my last free agent article of 2020, I would like to take a quick second of your time to just say thank you! You guys, and gals here on Dynasty Owner are phenomenal people and I consider myself lucky to be able to help all of you with your fantasy needs. I am so thankful to be able to write weekly articles for all of you and I hope they have helped you in many ways, especially with winning some of your matchups.

I got into football at a young age and I instantly fell in love with the game, but a few years later was when I meet my true football love, fantasy football. Over the years I started joining more and more leagues becoming what most call a “fantasy junkie” within the first few weeks of my first season, if not the offseason. Since that moment I have had three dream jobs I wanted to do in my life, the first being a football broadcaster, the second a football coach/scout, and last but not least I wanted to work with fantasy football in some form and it honestly didn’t matter what.

I have now passed that down to my 9-year-old son Bentley who is in his first dynasty league this season and doing very well with players like Antonio Gibson and James Robinson on his roster. Thankfully after 20 years of fantasy football I can say I have one of my dream jobs writing for Dynasty Owner about fantasy football, and none of it would be possible if it weren’t for all of you, and of course the Dynasty Owner crew. Thank you again!!!

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Week 12 Free Agent Auction Targets

By: Jay Poundsee (@jaypoundsNFL)

I am sure Steve, The Jerk, Tim, and myself sound like broken records to everyone at this point when talking about how important bench scoring is in Dynasty Owner, but my game this week was decided solely by bench scoring. In my game I was up by 5 points heading into Monday night, with him having Fournette, as well as Woods yet to play, but both were on his bench for the contest. Sometime around the halfway point in the 4th quarter I checked the score to find team Anchorman Dynasty now ahead of me by 2 points.

Woods and Fournette put up a combined 35 points (at that point in the game) giving him an additional 7 points towards his weekly score, as well as the victory. I bring this example up because I want to continue to stress the importance of bench scoring in this format and give an actual contest where bench scoring was the true difference.

Another quick reminder for owners of the format, waivers, and trading will lock at the end of week 13, remaining closed throughout the playoffs so make your final moves before it is too late. We have seen the yearlong trend of major injuries to star players continue this week, with rookie Joe Burrow out for the season with a torn ACL. We have also continued to see an uptick in players missing time due to COVID with notable players Mark Ingram, and JK Dobbins now added to the COVID IR list.

Thankfully we have made it 11 weeks through the NFL season, and seem on pace to actually crown a champion, despite the pandemic. I just want to say Bravo to the NFL for the job they have done and continue to do.

The free-agent Auction processes bids on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5 am EST. There is no limit to how much dynasty owner currency you can acquire throughout the year as it comes down to how much you feel comfortable spending.

Ryan Finley (3-Years $827,414/yr.) – 1.03% Owned

With probably the saddest injury of the year happening on Sunday it opens up a spot at quarterback for fantasy owners, especially in deeper formats like Dynasty Owner. As I mentioned in my mid-season award’s article, the stat of Burrow being sacked on 52% of his drop backs, which has finally caught up to him. Burrow has been beaten and battered all season long, and yet has been able to consistently perform. If I am a Bengals fan, I am not happy about the injury by any means, but it’s also a sigh of relief that the offensive line now has time to improve before ruining Burrow’s promising career. Ryan Finley is the lucky candidate that gets to step into the starting lineup, and with that happening two things are a certain, Finley will get blitzed a ton, and he will be running for his life behind one of the worst offensive lines we have seen in recent memory. As you can see, I am not all that high on Finley, especially after his 2019 showing, and the 3 of 10 passing day he had against The Football Team Sunday after Burrow went down.

The reasoning behind Finley being in the top spot this week is because he is starting at quarterback and will be throwing the ball a lot. Many owners have been scrambling at the quarterback position this season with signal callers like Dak, Kyle Allen, Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Burrow, Drew Brees, Sam Darnold, Dwayne Haskins, and Teddy Bridgewater all missing at least one game this season. Finley has been a below average quarterback every time he has stepped on the field, but this is also the most talent he has had around him thus far in his career. The Bengals have shown an extreme willingness to throw the ball this season, which will give Finley a little bit of upside the rest of the way. With all of that being said I wouldn’t recommend Finley as anything more than a bench play moving forward, even in good match ups.

Demarcus Robinson (1-Year $2,297,500) – 48.45% Owned

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson slots in at number 2 this week on the Free Agent Auction Big Board. Robinson has continued to see consistent targets in this high-powered Chiefs offense. In week 11 Robinson had a very solid game with 6 catches for 44 yards on 8 targets, which would make for solid production in any Owner’s bench slot. In the past 3 weeks Robinson has put together a very good stretch of games with 13 catches for 141 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Fellow teammate Sammy Watkins is constantly on the injury report making Robinson a safe, cheap buy, who also has potential in years to come. Hardman was back and active for this past contest, and even his return didn’t seem to slow Robinson down much.

The Chiefs have yet to throw a whole lot to the running back position, and don’t seem all that interested in doing so, which opens up plenty of targets after Kelce, and Hill get theirs, of course. If or when Watkins comes back it will put a damper on Robinson’s production, but until then grab the available piece in the NFL’s best offense, especially if you need it. A player who sees targets in offenses like Kansas City almost always has great fantasy value at some point regardless of where in the pecking order they seem to be.

Keke Coutee (2-Years $797,257/yr.) – 35.05% Owned

About half of the Texans active wide receiver’s left Sunday’s game against the Patriots pretty banged up. Randall Cobb is more than likely going to miss extended time with a serious toe injury, and Kenny Stills left Sunday’s game with an apparent leg injury. Cobb is rumored to be going on IR because of his injury, and I haven’t seen anything on the extent of the Stills injury, but if he’s set to miss even a week it makes Coutee a very interesting play in the surging Texans offense.

Watson has been nothing short of brilliant over the past month, except for the tornado he had to face in Cleveland…. The Brownies need a dome! Coutee has been one of the biggest fantasy darlings of recent memory with almost everyone being a “Coutee Truther” at some point in time over the past two years. There is no denying the talent is there for Coutee, but injuries have hampered his short career up to this point.

All of that finally changed on Sunday when Deshaun Watson found a healthy Coutee in the end zone against a Bill Belichick defense. Coutee only had 2 catches for 10 yards and a touchdown in the game, but it was a great step in the right direction for a young talented player. It was also great timing for Coutee with his positional teammates being so beat up in that game. Once again Coutee is fantasy relevant!

Dez Bryant (1-Year $1,250,000) – 35.05% Owned

I can’t even explain how awesome it is to be able to put Dez Bryant into an article of any kind in 2020. I can’t imagine there are many of us out there who thought Dez could come back and be a quality football player after not playing as long as he has been out for, and on top of all that he’s doing it at age 32. Up to this point the Bryant signing has seemed like a publicity stunt, but Sunday Bryant was on the field, and honestly didn’t look all that bad. The Ravens seemed determined to get Dez the ball throughout the game hitting him on short screens on 3 different occasions. Bryant showed great hands in his return, and also displayed that he still has some athleticism left in the tank.

The very first pass Dez had thrown his way was a bit off of the mark, and Dez did what he always does, adjusted in the air, and was able to get his hands on the ball. He was somewhat quiet statistically speaking, but the fact he was almost force feed throughout the game has to be a great sign in the coming weeks. While Dez is 32 and being out of the league multiple years he is a pretty risky pickup, but one pickup I think every single contender should make, as long as they have a roster spot. I see Dez being the highest upside player we will see on this list for the rest of this season, but he also has an extremely low floor.

KhaDarel Hodge (1-Year $750,000) 2.06% Owned

The merry go round of Browns receivers continue with Beckham being out for the season. No matter which receiver ends up emerging in this offense they will be somewhat limited in terms of fantasy production, until Baker plays better. As we all know most good fantasy production from the wide receiver position comes from receivers who have above average quarterbacks, and unfortunately for Hodge the Browns do not have an above average quarterback. Hodge does have some competition for targets with Higgins, Hooper, and Landry all competing. Landry, who was supposed to step into the alpha role after the injury to OBJ has failed to do so, and just hasn’t looked like himself all season long.

If Landry’s struggles continue Cleveland will have no choice but to count on players like Higgins, or Hodge to produce week in, and week out. Hodge is a raw talent, but has the measurables to play on the outside, as well as succeed at this level standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 205 lbs., and running a sub 4.4 40 time. Hodge is nothing but a gamble and/or stash right now, but he has the potential to be a big play guy as we witnessed Sunday when he posted 3 catches for 73 yards, including a long of 42 yards. Hodge is more than worth a stash on either rebuilding or contending teams.


One of the reasons I love fantasy football so much is the randomness of the entire game. I have seen teams in redraft leagues make the playoffs all because of their waiver acquisitions, and not because of anyone they drafted. I started out the Dynasty Owner season horribly because of injuries, and bad quarterback play so I decided to look towards next season, and boy has that been interesting. I pretty much traded anyone over the age of 25 with value, for high upside rookies, and draft capital, yet this is the 1st week I have lost since making those trades and trying to lose. I am literally a team trying to tank, and I’m not even doing that correctly going 3-1 since making my big trades.

What I’m getting at with all this is don’t be scared to take chances on players like Dez Bryant, or Ryan Finley because this is the NFL we are talking about, and crazy things happen every single Sunday, which is what makes football so much fun! I hope everyone was victorious this week and enjoys the article. As always good luck on your Chase for the Ring!

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Week 10 Free Agent Auction Targets

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JayPoundsNFL)

The free agent market has really been starting to dry up as the weeks pass, but this week there seems to actually be some depth to the point some of these players on the list may be arguable. At this point in the season you should have a pretty solid idea if your team is heading for the playoffs or a high draft selection, and base your free agent targets off of that.

I will do my best to try and select players that can help right now and are young enough to still have future upside to help those of you looking to next year too, but these players are naturally going to be more beneficial for owners fighting for playoff spots. I know sometimes as an owner it’s very easy to look at your team with a bias and have somewhat unrealistic expectations for how the season will go, but this is the time of year to be as honest as you can with yourself and make the right selections in who you are targeting. I envision the worst scenario for any losing owner is to pick a free agent up, have him win you a week and amount to nothing but a cap holds for next season.

If you are stuck in a rebuild don’t feel bad, I am in the same boat with my team performing well below expectations this season, but I have to say trading in this format has made even a pathetic losing season enjoyable. The salaries make trading extremely interactive and require a lot of strategy and thinking when trying to execute, just imagine how much fun trading will be if conditional picks become available. One last tip i would like to recommend is starting to factor in years and salary before picking up free agents, especially if you’re not exactly on the winning end of things. I can only imagine how much harder trying to rebuild a team is with most of its cap utilized vs. a team with over half the cap available.

Garret Gilbert (1-Year $690,000) – 28.87% Owned

Man did Gilbert Grape look great on Sunday against my Steelers. Yes, I stole Steve’s Gilbert Grape line for this article, because well… it was a hilarious comment, and one I was hoping would be true. Steve’s comment, while hilarious ended up not being the case as Gilbert came out and played much better than any expected against the vaunted Steelers defense. The Steelers have had a tendency over the Tomlin era to let bad teams stay in games, but I don’t think this was fully the case here. The Steelers came into this game with one plan, and that was to stop Zeke, Pollard and the run game. Gilbert recognized this early and began to pick the Steelers D apart with short to intermediate throws, finishing with 243 yards and a touchdown. He was also able to earn the respect of the defense which helped open up running lanes, and the play action pass.

I realize that the Cowboys have Andy Dalton who will be back healthy any week now, but this Sunday was the best the Cowboys have looked as a team since losing Dak which may have paved the way for Gilbert to remain under center moving forward. The Cowboys have only managed to win 2 games this season, and are somehow still in the thick of a playoff race thanks to the putrid division they play in. At this point with as bad as Dallas has looked, McCarthy may be coaching for his job and shouldn’t hesitate to go with Gilbert the way things went this weekend against a good football team. Gilbert slots in at number 1 this week with as important as the quarterback position is, and as hard as quality signal callers are to obtain.

Kalen Ballage (1-Year $750,000) – 20.62% Owned

In 2020 we have seen many odd things that’s for sure, but one thing we have seen that makes perfect sense is players like Robby Anderson and Kalen Ballage performing as soon as they were able to get away from the legend of his own world, Adam Gase. Ballage wasn’t a can’t miss prospect coming out of school by any means, but scouts and fantasy managers knew the kid had talent and could produce at the NFL level in some form.

In his first few years in the league for Miami, Ballage looked terrible averaging what seemed to be negative yards per carry, while looking inept as a runner. A few years down the road Ballage seemed to be nothing but a missed prospect and forgotten name, until the Chargers got banged up and needed a warm body. Ballage was much more than the warm body the Chargers needed totaling 15 carries for 69 yards a touchdown and added on 2 catches for 15 yards as well. The running back room for the Chargers looks similar to the 49ers roster with virtually everyone banged up and opening up carries for whoever is healthy.

Ballage may end up being the go-to back this week, but I want to air on the side of caution with him as I feel if Jackson or Pope are healthy, they will get carries over Ballage. After seeing week 9’s results, I think it’s safe to say the Chargers have seen enough of Josh Kelly and are phasing him out of the lineup with Pope, and Ballage out touching him in back to back weeks. We have now seen 3 players who looked very bad under Gase look like completely different competent players under new coaches, the players being Ballage, Anderson, and Tannehill. Only time will tell if Ballage can continue the trend Tannehill and Anderson have started.

Ross Dwelly (1-Year $750,000) 38.14% Owned

The 49ers have been the most beat up team this season, and it’s not even remotely close. Kittle, the 49ers pride and joy went down with a serious injury roughly a week ago with initial reports saying he would be out around 8 weeks, and while it seems it won’t be that long Kittle is almost a lock to miss the fantasy playoffs. Sunday against Green Bay the 49ers were not able to do much of anything without their star tight end, especially early in the game. The only true bright spot was Richie James (who you will see later), and his monster performance, though some may consider Dwelly’s 3 catch 55-yard day a success in his first game without Kittle leading the way. I am curious to find out if the production from Dwelly was more caused by the lack of play makers the 49ers had on the field, or a sign of things to come moving forward.

Dwelly is nowhere near Kittle’s talent level nor do I believe he’s even on Jordan Reeds talent level, but Dwelly played 42 snaps to Reed’s 13 seemingly acting as the 49ers tight end 1. I am unsure whether Reed was being eased back into things after missing multiple weeks on IR, or if the 49ers truly are going with Dwelly moving forward. No matter which direction the 49ers go on the season Dwelly should be rostered as he is a candidate to see plenty of work, and potentially play his way into viable option for next season. The biggest positives Dwelly has on his side is the fact that he is younger than Reed, the 49ers are losing, and seem to have realized this is a lost season.

Richie James (2-Years $634,143/Year) – 2.1% Owned

The rest of this list was extremely tight as far as production this season and beyond goes. I chose Richie James here in the 4th slot because of his age, talent, and monster game he put up against the Packers. James was drafted in 2018 by the 49ers and has been very effective as a return man throughout his short career. James has outlasted several players throughout his 49ers tenure, even players drafted early such as Dante Pettis. He has also survived constant change at the position on the depth chart, and through it all James has remained a constant. The 49ers have tremendous faith in James, and he showed everyone why Thursday night when the 49ers were more shorthanded than a David Price outing in the playoffs.

James, fresh off the injury report stepped in Thursday and delivered in a big way with 9 catches for 184 yards and a touchdown, all while outperforming Devante Adams on the same field. As we move forward James is nowhere near a lock with players like Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk due back in the lineup in the coming weeks, although this performance is a much-needed step in the right direction. With as banged up as the 49ers are at running back James may be a solid flex or bench option the rest of the way with San Francisco needing to throw the ball much more often than normal. James was able to show a good burst off of the line, along with creating separation continuously, and from what I have seen a very solid route runner.

Austin Mack (1-Year $765,833) – 0% Owned

I went with Mack in the final spot over players like Robinson, Zaccheaus, and David Moore because he is a rookie who performed well in place of a disgruntled veteran. Golden Tate was benched Sunday against the Washington Football Team due to performance and effort issues, which never ends well for said player. We may or may not have seen the last of Tate in a Giants uniform, but one thing is for certain, Mack stepped up big when called upon. Mack signed as an undrafted free agent this past off season out of The Ohio State University, and as we have seen so many times in the past, all players like Mack need is a chance.

With his chance, Mack hauled in 5 catches for 73 yards, and hopefully earning more of a role in the coming weeks. The Giants like the Cowboys have just 2 wins but are squarely in the mix for a division title, although it’s hard to imagine them deferring to a veteran over a possible up and coming rookie given the expectations of this team. Being an Ohio State die hard I was able to get more than a good look at Mack in college, and while raw Mack certainly has the skill set to succeed at the NFL level. Picking up players like Mack really early in their careers are what separates the good fantasy teams with depth from the bad teams. In Dynasty Owner there is no such thing as to much young, cheap talent, hoard it while you can.

As many fantasy leagues are starting to wind down with just a few weeks until playoffs followed by nothing until it’s time to redraft next year, here at Dynasty Owner we are just getting started. Outside of the initial draft day event there is no time more interesting than now in Dynasty Owner, as I mentioned above this is when things start to become clearer.

In any redraft league the teams that are out of it would have lost interest leaving unfair match ups because of unset lineups at times. The teams that aren’t in the playoff race in Dynasty Owner are busier than ever trying to unload contracts and pick up as much draft capital as possible. If you really start to ponder the idea around Dynasty Owner is as close as most will ever get to be a real NFL GM, handling salaries, and trying to identify the next James Robinson, or Austin Eckeler.

As I close out today, I would like to encourage everyone to tell a friend about Dynasty Owner, and hopefully they’ll be able to enjoy it with the rest of us! As always Good luck on your Chase for the Ring!

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Blind Player Comparisons: Under Owned Players

Author: Matt “TheJerk” Morrisson (@DynastyJerk)

Welcome back.  We all watched another riveting week of football.  This week included a four-touchdown performance by Dalvin Cook, five passing touchdowns from Patrick Mahomes, and another terrible loss for the Chargers.  Dalvin Cook had three rushing touchdowns (21 yds, 1 yd, 1 yd) and one sensational receiving touchdown (50 yds).  Even more impressive is the fact that Cook racked up all his touchdowns before the fourth quarter.  Cook ended the night with (a season high) 32 touches, (a season high) 226 total yards, and (obviously a season high) four touchdowns.  Cook was so dominant that while he tallied 226 yards, the rest of his team was left with only 107 yards.  Remarkable.  Speaking of season high performances, let us talk about Patrick Mahomes Sunday afternoon.  All five scores for the Chiefs came from Mahomes hand.  What really caught my eye is how unique two of the touchdown passes were. 

I’ll break down all five…Mahomes’ first touchdown was a 30-yard tap pass to Mecole Hardman.  Mahomes has already made a career off improbable and improvised plays, but none of them are prettier than a perfectly timed tap pass that develops into a score.  Mahomes’ second (36 yds to T. Hill), fourth (26 yds to D. Robinson) and fifth (41 yds to T. Hill) touchdown passes were all standard deep end zone shots, if you consider touchdowns of over 26 yards “standard.”  Mahomes’ third touchdown, however, was as creative as they come.  With one-minute left in the second quarter, the Chiefs were on the Jet’s three-yard line.  They were in shotgun formation with Tyreek Hill running motion to the right.  After the snap, Mahomes takes five steps to the right and makes a fully underhand throw to Travis Kelce who then turns and runs three yards into the endzone.  My words are not giving the play justice, and if you have not seen it, I suggest you look it up.  It was a great play from one of the best we have ever seen at the position. 

Finally, the Chargers lost another close game.  They lost after being up by 10 points with 8:02 left in the game and after being up by six points with 2:34 left in the game.  Denver scored a one-yard touchdown on the last play of the game to take the win.  This marks three games this year that the Chargers have lost on a game winning play (two game winning field goals in OT, and now the Denver loss). 

Today I am going to be writing about one of my favorite topics…blind player comparisons.  If you remember, I wrote a preseason article about some player comparisons that hopefully started to get you thinking about players and their stats in a different light.  As is everything with Dynasty Owner, the comps get much more complicated when you factor in salary and team’s available salary cap.  Without further introduction, let us jump into the first two players.


Who would you rather have in Dynasty Owner?

Player A (Alpha):

  • 29 years old
  • 23.8 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 1,836 yards – 14 touchdowns – 93 rushing yards – 2 INT
  • $25 million/year for three years

Player B (Bravo):

  • 43 years old
  • 28.3 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 2,189 yards – 22 touchdowns – 6 rushing yards – 4 INT
  • $25 million/year for two years

At first glance, I would concede that most Owners would rather have Bravo.  Yes, he is older.  Yes, he will not be playing for more than three years at most.  However, with nearly a five-fantasy point per game difference, Bravo is the obvious choice.  Also, Alpha and Bravo cost the exact same for the next two years.  Let us look a little deeper…

Alpha is already through his bye week, while Bravo has his scheduled for Week 13.  This fact obviously does not affect their fantasy points per game, but (on a small scale) it does affect Owners mindsets coming into the playoffs.  If you are in a tight race for the final playoff spot, and you have Bravo as your starting quarterback, there is a good chance you will be at a disadvantage in a must win Week 13 matchup.  Like I said, this should not affect our long-term outlook for either player, but it is not a throwaway fact.  It is important to consider if you are trying to win this season.

Another statistic worth considering is the rush/pass percentage for each team.  Alpha’s team passes on 53.6 percent of snaps.  This ranks as the sixth least through eight weeks.  Bravo’s team, on the other hand, passes on 60.6 percent of snaps.  This ranks tenth in all of football.  I can also represent my point this way…Alpha has attempted 235 passes this year while Bravo has attempted 268.  This is not a large difference, but it does make a difference.

Most of you have already guessed who Bravo is (probably solely on the age) but let me give you one more fact that somewhat baffles me.  In Dynasty Owner, Bravo is 96 percent owned.  (It should be 100 percent, but I will leave that conversation for a different article.)  Regardless, Bravo is owned in almost every league.  Alpha is only owned in 45 percent of Dynasty Owner leagues.  That stat is very surprising to me.  I understand that expensive quarterbacks like Carson Wentz ($32,000,000), Big Ben ($34,000,000), and Kirk Cousins ($33,000,000) are most likely not worth owning, but Alpha has outscored all of them on a per game basis.

Now for the big reveal if you have not guessed them already.  Alpha is Derek Carr and Bravo is Tom Brady.  Like I said in the beginning, most Owners would take Brady over Carr, and I am not disagreeing with that decision.  What I am saying is that Derek Carr is being undervalued in DO.  Maybe he should not be 100 percent owned, and he should not be started over Brady, but he is an above average quarterback who has shown the ability to give high ceiling games with a very safe floor.  At $25 million per year, Carr should be owned in more than 45 percent of leagues.

Running Backs

Who would you rather have in Dynasty Owner?

Player C (Charlie):

  • 23 years old
  • 13.9 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 387 rushing yards – 198 receiving yards – 2 touchdowns
  • 14.3 carried per game – 4.3 receptions per game

Player D (Delta):

  • 27 years old
  • 14.6 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 375 rushing yards – 78 receiving yards – 5 touchdowns
  • 15 carries per game – 3.2 receptions per game
  • Missed one game this season

All things look pretty even here, right?  Delta may be a little more productive in terms of touchdowns, but both players seem to have a good number of opportunities per game.  (15 touches as a running back is hard to find.)  In fact, both players seem to be equally efficient with their touches.

Coming into Week 7, Charlie was on the field for 67 percent of his team’s offensive snaps which ranks thirteenth among all running backs.  Delta was on the field for only 58 percent of his team’s offensive snaps.  Charlie is the locked in number one running back on his team.  Delta is the lead back (especially in the passing game) but averages a roughly 60/40 carry split with his secondary back.  I would argue the backup running back for this team is more talented than Delta.  That opinion is reflected by the fact that he has 7.6 rushing yards per attempt through 45 carries this year.  Regardless of usage, Delta has been more productive than Charlie.

Now let us talk about salary.  Charlie costs $651,694 per year for the next three years.  Delta costs $8,000,000 per year for the next two years.  It looks like the tables have turned.  When Charlie and Delta’s contracts come into consideration, Charlie is the easy choice to make.  That is not to say that Delta does not deserve to be rostered (he absolutely does), but he is much less of a value than Charlie.  Well, Charlie is Miles Gaskin and Delta is Melvin Gordon.  It is easy to see why Gaskin’s ADP (258.8) was low coming into 2020.  The Dolphins had a very crowded backfield that consisted of Jordan Howard, Matt Breida, Patrick Laird, and Kalen Ballage.  Gaskin took over as the lead back early in week one and has done enough to retain that role.  He is now 100 percent owned and proves to be one of the top five best free agent values throughout all of Dynasty Owner.  Melvin Gordon on the other hand has underwhelmed.  Anyone that drafted Gordon in the fifth round is not pleased with his 14.6 point per game output.  He has not been terrible, and he certainly has not lost your season, but he has just been average.

Wide Receivers

Who would you rather have in Dynasty Owner?

Player E (Echo):

  • 31 years old
  • $7,250,000 for three more years
  • 12.8 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 41 receptions – 494 yards – 2 touchdowns
  • 60.1 percent owned

Player F (Foxtrot):

  • 27 years old
  • $7,625,000 for four more years
  • 12.1 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 30 receptions – 367 yards – 3 touchdowns
  • 100 percent owned

Much like my quarterback comparison, the theme of this comp will be percentage owned.  On the surface, it looks as if both wide receivers should have the same ownership percentage.  12-13 fantasy points per game is not spectacular, but it is generally good for WR 20 – 30.  Echo is currently WR 22 on the season while Foxtrot is WR 31.  Echo has not had his bye yet, which skews the results a bit in his favor.  Either way, they have had similar production through 2020.

So, I ask the question, why is one of these wide receiver’s 100 percent owned and the other is 60 percent owned.  The answer is simple: 2019.  In 2019, Echo put up 185 fantasy points in 16 games (11.6 fantasy points per game).  In 2019, Foxtrot put up 246 points in 16 games (15.3 fantasy points per game).  This also makes sense when you look at the 2020 ADP.  Echo’s ADP was 239.5 while Foxtrot’s ADP was 71.4.

Cole Beasley (Echo) and Devante Parker (Foxtrot) do not have the same ownership percentage because…

  1. Parker has shown that he has a much higher ceiling that Beasley even though their floors are similar.
  2. Parker started the season with a head start.  Parker was drafted in the sixth round (on average) while Beasley was left undrafted in many leagues.  Parker should without a doubt be owned in every league.  What I am stating is that Beasley is getting to the point that he should be as well.  There are very few consistent wide receivers in Free Agent Auction that cost less than $7.5 million per year.

Tight Ends

Who would you rather have in Dynasty Owner?

Player G (Golf):

  • 33 years old
  • $8,000,000 for two more years
  • 9.6 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 29 receptions – 247 yards – 4 touchdowns

Player H (Hotel):

  • 25 years old
  • $10,607,000 for one more year
  • 9.6 fantasy points per game in 2020
  • 29 receptions – 324 yards – 1 touchdown

For this comp, I am going to tell you who the players are up front because that is not the surprise at the end.  Jimmy Graham (Golf) and Hunter Henry (Hotel) have very comparable stats through Week 8.  Henry has already had his bye, so his total fantasy points are lower than Graham’s, but their fantasy points per game are identical.  You can see that Graham has been more touchdown dependent than Henry.  Graham is eight years older, but he has a longer contract that is $2.6 million cheaper than Henry’s.

Graham is playing for his fourth NFL team, and he will, no doubt, have less longevity than Henry who is only 25.  Graham is also currently in a crowded TE committee that includes the athletic rookie tight end from Notre Dame, Cole Kmet.  At any rate, Graham has been producing this season despite competition.  I know what you are thinking…” you call 9.6 fantasy points per game a productive stat line?”  My answer is “yes.”  Less than ten points per game is not great, but it is a decent output for the TE position that is very scarce and continues to become scarcer.  If I had the cap room and Graham was available on the FAA, I cannot imagine I would not pick him up.  After checking both of my leagues’ FAA, I have found that the only tight end that comes close to the value of Graham is Jared Cook.  (The fact that Cook is available is baffling to me as well because he is owned in 87 percent of leagues.)

Well, here is the big reveal, and I had to double check my numbers because I did not believe it the first time.  Hunter Henry is owned in 100 percent of leagues while Jimmy Graham is owned in only 36 percent.  Once again, I am not saying I would rather have Graham over Henry.  I am saying that Graham has produced too much this year to be owned in less than 40 percent of leagues.

With that, I will leave you with the same message I put in my preseason Blind Comparisons article…

“I am attempting to show how nuanced certain statistics can be and how no stat or a group of stats can tell the entire picture.  Value is hidden within the statistics and the salary, and it’s up to the Dynasty Owner to find it.”

Take care and be safe.


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Week 9 Free Agent Auction Targets

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JayPoundsNFL)

The halfway mark is upon us and as I sat here researching information for this article with my two toddlers running rampant and my 9-year-old nagging at them, I just stopped shook my head and chuckled a bit. The site of these guys going crazy through the house is a normal day in my house and has become even more than normal since COVID, which can become more than stressful at times, as I’m sure many of you can relate. The stresses of everyday life tend to wear on us as humans, and things like fantasy football are a welcome getaway even with as fickle as it may be.

The thought of this stressful and very hard to predict game being a get away was summed up perfectly by Rich Dotson of the Dynasty Nerds podcast the other day when Dotson said, “Even when you are losing you are winning”. This statement really got me thinking in depth about why we play this game and its more than true. If you have a terrible season guess what is waiting at the end of the tunnel, someone like Trevor Lawrence or Ja’marr Chase. Dynasty owner takes all that and adds so much more with the salaries and strategy involved it truly has been one of the better “getaways” for me throughout COVID and now the future, and I hope it has for you as well. Enough of the love story about myself and fantasy, let’s get to some football and free agents of the week.

The free-agent Auction processes bids on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5 am EST during the regular season. Reminder that All transactions (Trades & FAA) freeze on December 6th as we move into the playoffs. Trades and FAA bids can be placed after December 6th, but they won’t process until December 29th. Once the season is over then the FAA will resume to 7 days a week at 5am EST.

Nick Mullens (1-Year $750,000) 47.42% Owned

With starting quarterback Jimmy G. set to miss at least 4 weeks from initial reports I have to put Mullens at the top of this week’s free agent targets. When called upon this season Mullens has performed admirably and seems more than capable of putting up consistent points. The problem is George Kittle went down with what I am assuming will be a season ending injury with the initial reports saying he is looking at missing 8 weeks. The task at hand is not going to be easy for Mullens with all of the injuries the 49ers have faced this season, they have seemed to be the most beat up team by far losing so many key pieces. When Jimmy G. went down Sunday Mullens came in and played very well completing 72% of his passes for 238 yards and adding 2 touchdowns through the air as well. The emergence of Brandon Aiyuk will certainly benefit Mullens on Game day as Aiyuk has done nothing but look like a true alpha when he has played.

The biggest question for me is how will the run game hold up without Kittle as he is such a vital piece to the 49ers run blocking. The 49ers are usually one of the top few teams in the league in rushing, but Sunday without Kittle they struggled horribly and must get better in the coming weeks if they want Mullens to have any sort of shot at success. This is a situation to monitor if your depending on Mullens as the 49ers have started to unload pieces and may look to come back healthy next year with another high draft pick.

Jake Luton (4-Years $704,187/Year) 46.39% Owned

We have heard rumblings for a short while now about the Jags possibly benching Gardner Minshew, and while he’s not being benched, he isn’t going to be starting either. A thumb injury will hold Minshew out of the match up against the Texans and give rookie 6th rounder Jake Luton the start for Jacksonville. The Jags also have Glennon on the roster but with them completely out of the playoff race there is zero benefit in starting the veteran QB. Luton is very raw there is no doubt about it and being a 6th round talent with very limited off-season work does not bold well for the former Beaver, but this is what free agent gambles are all about. Is it highly likely Luton goes out and looks no different than Dinucci against the Eagles on Sunday night, yes it is but there is also a sliver of a chance that he goes out plays well and never looks back. The chance of Luton having a huge game is exactly what we are looking for when we target players like Luton in free agency.

I went back and watched a few college highlights for the Beavers, and I didn’t see anything spectacular in Luton but I did see a very smart, well poised kid who doesn’t make mistakes, and he played in a pro-style offense. I am not all that confident in this selection, but the Jags have nothing to lose so Luton may get more chances at the job than usual, especially if he proves somewhat capable. Be sure to keep in mind Luton isn’t stepping into the starting role for the Chiefs this is a bad football team, though it does seem to have young capable play makers on offense. I have to say I honestly feel bad for Minshew, he has struggled some this season, but this defense is horrendous, and the offensive line is not much better which hasn’t given Minshew much hope for success.

Marvin Hall (1-Year $690,000) 1% Owned

Marvin Hall will be in the number 3 slot this week and while he’s not a pretty pickup as usual, he is a capable big play guy. I have heard from more than one source that Kenny Golladay is heading to the IR, which leaves a massive hole with a lot of open potential for Detroit in the coming weeks. Hall had a very good day against a tough Colts defense totaling 4 catches on 7 targets for 113 yards. A good portion of Hall’s day came from one huge 70 plus yard play and that is exactly what you are picking up Hall for, to make the big play in Detroit. I know that the most obvious answer here to replace Golladay is Marvin Jones, but how many times have we seen Jones struggle in the number one role in the past when given the chance, he seems much better suited as Robin over Batman. Outside of Golladay we haven’t seen any sort of consistency as far as fantasy goes but the offense does score points and they have a very bad defense, which is usually a great recipe for fantasy and the exact reason we should target some piece of this offense while Golladay is out.

The most important thing a receiver can have 90% of the time is a good quarterback throwing them the ball and Hall has just that in Stafford. While Stafford has not looked great at times this year, he has played better the past few weeks, including a beautiful game winning drive against Atlanta. There is also zero risk tied to Hall with such a cheap salary and only one year remaining meaning he can be cut for cheap anytime or dropped for free at the end of the season.

Braxton Berrios (1-Year $644,602) 33% Owned

As much as it pains me to do it I have to put Berrios back on the free agent target list again this week. I seriously can’t believe I just typed this but it’s true target Berrios as a great bench play or even spot starter if you are really banged up. As gross as picking up Berrios may sound its actually not a bad play as he’s shown the ability to have big games (by Jets standards) anytime Crowder misses, and Crowder has been banged up all year. Berrios has also shown the ability to produce without Darnold as well and I know what you’re thinking what does it matter if Darnold plays or not he stinks, while you are right I came across an interesting stat that the Jets haven’t won a game without Darnold playing since drafting him which means he makes a little bit of a difference.

I know that still doesn’t equate to much, but it has to say something about what Berrios has been able to do this season for the lowly Jets. Teams have to know what the jets plan to do at this point which is throw 3-yard passes to Berrios or Crowder 20 times a game. Eventually this coaching staff will get a bit of an overhaul and young players like Berrios who have shown promise amid disaster this season should continue to see valuable reps as the season goes. I know he only had 34 yards this week but if you are making a playoff run and I told you that you could pick up an unnamed receiver cheap in the auction that has potential to get 10-15 targets anytime he starts in the slot you would do it almost every time, right?

Troymaine Pope (1-Year $645,000) 0% Owned

The Pope exploded onto the scene out of nowhere this week with 10 carries for 67 yards while adding on 5 catches. The great thing about Pope is his extremely small deal making it easy to move on from him freely this off season. Pope has bounced around in previous years even finding himself out of the league for the 2017 and 2018 seasons before catching on with the Chargers in 2019. The best staying power Pope has is beating out rookie Josh Kelly for touches, while Kelly has struggled over the past few weeks it’s hard to imagine Pope being anything more than a rental for the next few weeks while Kelly figures things out. All that said the Chargers are still in the playoff race and don’t seem to be an easy out with stud rookie Herbert at the helm.

If Kelly continues to struggle especially in practice look for someone like Pope to step in and take Kelly’s touches, just like Pope did Sunday.  The running back landscape is probably the worst we have ever seen it making players like Pope very intriguing pickups. I’m willing to bet if you go through 90% of leagues many will be struggling to find any type of solid production from their bench running backs and some struggling to have two solid starters. I know I’ve said it a lot but players like Pope who can contribute on your bench should not be overlooked, especially if you’re going for a championship. I have lost a total of 6 games by 5 points or less throughout all of my fantasy teams this season which tells me bench scoring is the deciding factor in more than a few match ups each week throughout the platform.

While I tend to be a pretty laid back guy and what most would call a Jokester, I do not ever cheat the system as I feel it usually doesn’t get much accomplished and rarely teaches any type of lesson. I wanted to “cheat the system” worse than ever this week and put Jordan Wilkins in my free agent targets as almost everything fit the requirements. His salary is $675,310 with 2 years remaining, but his ownership is just above the 50% threshold at 53.6%. Wilkins may be a solid play moving forward depending on the health and performance of rookie Jonathan Taylor. Wilkins did outperform Taylor this week easily posting 20 carries for 89 yards and 1 touchdown against the Lions. Wilkins has a horrible match up against the Ravens this week and I would recommend waiting to play him, if possible.

One other player I would like to mention is Demarcus Robinson (1 year $2,297,500) who had a solid game against the lowly Jets. I don’t have Robinson on the list because of the emergence of Mecole Hardman as well as the army of weapons at the Chiefs disposal, putting Robinson a bit further in the pecking order than I am willing to trust. I hope everyone is enjoying Dynasty Owner as much as I am, even blowing up my team I still find it the most fun I have ever had playing fantasy and I hope you are as well! As always good luck on your Chase for the Ring!

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Week 6 Free Agent Auction Targets

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JaypoundsNFL)

With week 5 almost finished I feel as I can’t say it enough, this year is crazy! The injuries to big names continue to pile up, as we watched Dak and Dalvin Cook go down to injury this week. Cook is reported to have avoided major injury and we should know more tomorrow on the Vikings superstar. The same can’t be said about Dak, as his injury is considered to be season ending, it is unfortunate as he is playing on the franchise tag this season hoping for a lucrative long term deal the following year. He seems to still be in the Cowboys future plans according to Jerry Jones and we wish him nothing but a speedy recovery, and good health here at Dynasty Owner.

As we get into the Halloween spirit here are the strange, spooky things taking place in the NFL right now. The Cleveland Browns are 4-1, Adam Gase is somehow still a head coach for an NFL team, and last but certainly not least Alex Smith made a miraculous comeback and played in a game this Sunday! I hope your fantasy season is a little less crazy than the real season, if not let’s take a dive into this week’s available free agent targets.

Andy Dalton (1-Year $3,000,001) 26.8% Owned

Andy Dalton will be the number 1 target in auctions this week and I have a feeling he will be the most expensive free agent all season causing intense bidding wars throughout Dynasty Owner. Its not often you get a competent veteran quarterback in a high-powered offense with a very cheap salary in this format. Dalton will be a season long acquisition with what seems should be decent upside, this is the best set of talent he has ever had around him at the receiver position with Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, and Wilson.  Dalton has put up solid numbers in the past when he has had talent at the receiver position throwing for 4,293 yards and 33 touchdowns in 2013.

All Dalton was able to do in Cincinnati was make the playoffs 5 times with his teams performing well on offense and nowhere near the running game this Cowboys team has. He stepped in and performed well this past Sunday posting a stat line of 9 completions on 11 attempts for 111 yards and a 108.7 quarterback rating, which should only get better as he continues to get acclimated with more first team reps. If Dak is your quarterback you likely do not want to amnesty or drop him to pick up a different expensive quarterback on waivers, which makes Andy Dalton the most realistic option for you to target and a safe one at that. I also see this as a positive for Michael Gallup with Dalton going to him late in big moments Sunday and the two looking like they have built some chemistry together on the practice field.

Travis Fulgham (1-Year $540,000) 4.12% Owned

The Eagles offense finally got going Sunday against a tough Steelers defense and Fulgham full time in Philly seems to be a real possibility, With Carson Wentz nonstop feeding the kid this weekend. The fantasy industry just cannot ignore the 13 targets Fulgham was funneled Sunday, while you can certainly argue injury has a lot to do with Fulgham getting so many targets you also can’t ignore how efficient this kid was with his 13 targets catching 10 of them. Philly has looked pedestrian at best this entire season on offense which may be putting it nicely. The week before in Philadelphia’s only win of the season against the 49ers Fulgham came up huge catching the game winner, a 42-yard bomb from Wentz. I do not see a scenario where the Eagles don’t give Fulgham plenty of opportunity with more targets in the near future, as he has more than earned it over the past two weeks with him and Miles Sanders being the only bright spots on offense thus far.

Fulgham has a tough match up this coming week as he will likely be shadowed by Marcus Peters for the Ravens, who has played great this year and just held Tyler Boyd to a quiet day Sunday. The schedule gets much easier after the Ravens for Philly with the Giants on the slate twice and the Cowboys once in a three-week span making Fulgham a very intriguing option.

Jeff Smith (1-Year $495,000) 15.46% Owned

I am going to go with Smith at 3 over the player I have at 4 simply because of how young he is, and the potential of a new coaching staff coming in and breathing some life into this offense. Smith looked great last week against Denver with 9 targets catching 7 for 81 yards. Unfortunately, Smith wasn’t able to repeat with another good showing this week getting 13 targets but only producing 3 catches for 23 yards, though coming from the backup quarterback Joe Flacco.

It’s hard to pick up Smith with any intentions of playing him right now but if the Jets ever come to their senses and let Gase go Darnold may just have a chance at some type of comeback, meaning good things for Smith. I am higher on Darnold than most and with the Jets being 0-7 and unable to even sniff a win during Darnold’s career when Darnold doesn’t play, it tells me that there is a small possibility of potential on this offense, if they get better coaching. Smith is a young talented kid as we were able to watch on the field against Denver and I would recommend him as someone you want to stash on your practice squad if you have the space, and hope this team starts moving in a better direction so you can play him later in the season.

Nelson Agholor (1-Year $1,047,500) 48.45% Owned

Here we have the first ever repeat on the free agent auction list with Agholor putting up another solid week against the reigning super bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Apparently, the owners here at Dynasty Owner like Agholor as much as I do, with his ownership still under 50%. Agholor seems to be a touchdown or bust option with the touchdowns happening more often than not in this offense. This season Agholor has only caught 10 balls with 3 of them being for a touchdown. The Raiders offense seems to be more explosive than any of us pictured heading into the season meaning plenty of red zone or big play targets for Agholor going forward.

My two biggest concerns on Agholor are his past inconsistent production and Henry Ruggs coming back from injury, which happened Sunday and we still saw Nelson Agholor score a huge touchdown. At this point it’s safe to say Gruden and Carr trust him and he’ll be a part of the game plan each week, making him at least a bench point option for injury filled teams.

Rashard Higgins (1-Year $910,000) 7.22% Owned

Higgins will slot in at number 5 this week due to the hype I heard all off-season from my friends who are Browns fans, and him playing well scoring a touchdown Sunday. Higgins has been injured the past few weeks, finally returning to action against the Colts on Sunday and playing relatively well. Higgins looks to be the 3rd option on the Browns and seems to be nothing but a stash right now, Higgins has shown flashes throughout his career catching 80 passes for 1056 yards and 8 touchdowns, if injury happens to someone ahead of him, he could become every week flex play. He is older but being on a one year deal he will bring very little risk to your Dynasty Owner team in future seasons, as you can cut bait freely at the end of this season.

There seem to be two very solid options this week to target, so act fast or you may be left behind. This season will only get more interesting as we go so stock up as much ready to play depth as you can roster, trust me you will need it at some point with injuries happening nonstop and bye weeks upon us. As always good luck on your Chase for The Ring!

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Dynasty Owner Week 4 Free Agent Auction Targets

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JaypoundsNFL)

The preseason is finally nearing a close and on to the…oh that’s right we are almost a quarter of the way through the regular season and surprisingly football hasn’t been as sloppy as most would have thought. This season has been one for the books to say the least from COVID-19, surprise players, injuries, and the Eagles it sure has been crazy along with everything else in 2020. There are very few things in 2020 that are always a guarantee when it comes to fantasy football and two of the most important are football games will be played and your weekly free agent auction article. Hopefully your teams are looking great and you are just here for some awesome bench stashes, if your here for starters its slim pickings. These are the top 5 free agents to target here on Dynasty Owner.

Braxton Berrios (2 Years – $644,602) 14.4% Owned

As much as I don’t want to do it, I have Berrios at number 1 this week and I have a feeling if you want him you better get him now! Berrios will never be a sexy play in your lineup but if you are in a pinch, he is starting to look like he may be dependable with a decent floor in this offense moving forward. Over the past 2 weeks he has been able to muster up 10 catches for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns playing for the worst offense in football. We all knew the Jets would be bad coming into 2020 but they have really taken it to a whole new level of bad to start this season.

There has been one lone bright spot (if you want to call it that) for the Jets this season, being Berrios through the first 3 games. I am not certain if Berrios will ever get to the level of dependable fantasy starter but in Dynasty, we love potential and Berrios has shown just that thus far. Darnold has also seemed to show trust in the kid as he’s been his only reliable target with all of the injuries and poor play from the Jets.

Rex Burkhead (1 Year – $3,000,000) 34% Owned

Number 2 may be even more painful than number one for me as Burkhead is the reason I lost in my big money league this week with him posting over 34 ppr points. My opponent started Burkhead over David Johnson and I lost by 2.6 points great play or bad beat? The Patriots backfield is an absolute nightmare, but so are some fantasy teams right now and it’s only going to get worse with bye weeks starting in week 5. Every time you roll Burkhead into your lineup it’s going to smell horrible but as he has shown this week and, in the past, he has scoring potential each and every week because Belichik loves him making him just start-able if injuries or bye weeks hit hard.

Burkhead posted a monster week 3 against the Raiders posting 6 carries for 49 yards and 2 TDs with 7 catches for 49 yards plus a 3rd touchdown. Will this happen again, probably not but Burkhead does offer some type of touchdown potential weekly floor in a pinch at your flex spot. I do not believe that I have ever met anyone that has openly said I want all of the patriots backfield for fantasy, or even any part of it but with deeper leagues sometimes a Burkhead can earn you a fantasy win and make a difference on your team especially having the bench scoring feature here on Dynasty Owner.

Mohamed Sanu (1 Year – $1,050,000) 11.3% Owned

At the third spot I went with my gut and potential flex or bench point production throughout the season with Mohamed Sanu. The 49ers have been completely destroyed by injury this season especially on offense. They have seemingly had every pass catcher go down followed by their running backs in weeks 2 and 3 none being serious thankfully. Sanu has been a very consistent receiver throughout his entire career aside from his years in New England, which we have seen numerous players have trouble doing over the years due to the complicated system being especially hard on receivers. Sanu was able to have some of his best seasons with Shanahan as his offensive coordinator in Atlanta while playing for the Falcons and had solid production until being traded for a 2nd rounder to New England where he fell out of favor with the coaching staff according to rumors. Trust with the coaching staff should not be an issue moving forward for Sanu like it was in his last stop with the need the 49ers have for pass catchers.

I would say Sanu will only become more involved moving forward. He should be fairly close to a full go come next week in terms of the playbook and understanding the terminology on the field making him extremely likely to see a heavy snap share going forward or at least until Debo is able to come back.

Travis Homer (3 Years – $665,840) 33% Owned

At the 4 spot I went with potential production for a week and the eye test as I watched some Travis Homer film from the NFL and collegiate level and the kid is electric. With Chris Carson going down to a knee injury in Week 3, Homer will see somewhere around 10 to 15 touches while splitting time with Carlos Hyde in week 4. If Homer is able to get going this week the Seahawks may let him loose for a game to see what he can do. While Carson may only be out one week after suffering a minor knee sprain, we have seen time and time again in this league that sometimes a player just needs a chance to shine and Homer may get this week.

Homer has looked good in limited work posting career numbers of 26 carries for 153 yards with 13 catches for 60 yards at 5ft 10 202lbs he has flashed 3 down potential in his limited time on an NFL field. In week 4 I see Hyde being the primary ball carrier for the Seahawks while Homer is the change of pace and pass catching back though if Homer starts looks significantly better, he may end up with a few extra touches making him fantasy relevant for the day. Homer will only be an emergency starter or bench scoring player this week, but he does seem to have the potential to be a hold for Dynasty.

Nick Mullens (1 Year – $750,000) 44.3% Owned

In the last spot I went with the hot hand in the bay area for the 49ers. Nick Mullens is going to be my number 5 free agent pickup this week though I do realize there is a chance Jimmy G comes back as soon as this week according to some rumors so be aware and have a backup plan if possible. With a high ankle sprain sidelining Garoppolo its highly unlikely he plays this week, as we have seen with Michael Thomas a high ankle sprain takes time to heal.

Mullens played well the last 2 weeks and wouldn’t be a bad option if you happen to need him as a cheap quarterback option for a week or two. Mullens had a great day throwing for 343 yards completing 25 of his passes on 36 attempts adding a touchdown as well. I understand the Giants secondary is downright awful but being able to throw for almost 350 yards in an NFL game will earn some trust in the locker room going forward as well as put the coaching staff at ease, so they don’t have to rush Jimmy G. back.

Hopefully your Dynasty Owner seasons are going fantastic and you are having fun. Check back next week to see which players are available and as always good luck on your Chase for the Ring!

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Five Players to Target in Your Free Agent Auction for Week 3

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JaypoundsNFL)

In Fantasy Football there always seems to be players available on waivers every week regardless of how deep your league is. The free-agent auction here on dynasty owner operates a little different than most leagues, with the best comparison I can think of being A free agent auction budget. In Dynasty Owner you will place a bid of no less than 1,000,000 Dynasty Dollars on whichever player you desire that is not on a roster. The free-agent Auction processes bids on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5 am EST. There is no limit to how much dynasty owner currency you can acquire throughout the year as it comes down to how much you feel comfortable spending.

You can acquire dynasty dollars by winning them (The highest scorer of each league wins $2MM each week), trading for them, winning them against your opponent if you make a side bet in the sportsbook, or you can buy them where every $1 USD will get you $1,000,000 in dynasty dollars. Hopefully, this gives you a decent understanding of how the system works here on Dynasty Owner. If you need help with anything feel free to reach out via email (commish@dynastyowner.com).

Keelan Cole WR, Jaguars (1 yr. – $3,259,000)

At number one in my free-agent rankings this week I had an extremely tough time deciding who to put on top as three players stood out as season-long options with all seemingly having decent floors going forward. I ended up going with Keelan Cole in my first spot simply because he has played well through two weeks and looks to have the number 2 role locked up in Jacksonville. Cole is on a roster in just 13.4% of all Dynasty Owner leagues with a contract of 1 year $3,259,000, making him an appealing grab.

Minshew has seemed to lean on Cole this year as his number one guy with 11 catches 105 yards and 2 touchdowns over the first two weeks of the season. The Jaguars have a really bad defense and it seems they will throw the ball a ton this year. If you’re in a bad spot at receiver and need instant production…try to snag up Cole, he has a solid range of outcomes one being the Jags lead wide receiver. He has led the Jaguars in targets and touchdowns up to this point.

Dalton Schultz TE, Cowboys (2 yrs. – $728,000) and Drew Sample TE, Bengals (3 yrs – $1,376,574)

I am going to sneak in two tight-ends here as I have the two dead even going forward this season. I will start with Dalton Schultz owned in 36.1% of leagues with 2 years at $728,000 left on his current deal. This kid at 24 years old was handed the lead tight end role in Dallas on a moment’s notice and looked excellent while doing it. His first full game as a starter he totaled 9 catches for 88 yards, and he found the end-zone. If Schultz can put up points in the ballpark of these numbers weekly, he will be a great play going forward, it also helps that he is in a high-powered offense. My next player is another young tight end in Drew Sample.

Sample has 3 years left on his deal at $1,376,574 and is only owned in 15.5% of leagues. Sample didn’t quite put the yardage total up that we would like to see but the targets were there he finished with 7 catches for 45 yards and had a whopping 9 targets. Give him a little time to get into the game plan and the yards will come in an offense that just threw the ball 61 times Thursday.

Mike Davis RB, Panthers (1 yr. – $3,000,000)

Mike Davis slots in at 3 owned in just 24% of leagues he has a 1-year contract valued at $3,000,000. I would have put Davis higher, but he is likely only going to be an option for a few weeks going forward. Davis plays backup to McCaffrey in Carolina who went down with a high ankle sprain this Sunday and will likely miss 3-5 weeks according to what reports I have seen. Davis seems to be a solid option over the next few as the Panthers 3 down back totaling 8 catches for 74 yards out of the backfield that had McCaffrey most of the game. If your hurting at running back this week Davis is by far the most appealing option moving forward but beware you may need to pony up to get him with the big-time injuries, we have seen thus far.

Isaiah Ford WR, Dolphins (1 yr. – $750,000)

Isaiah Ford is owned in 30% of leagues and has a contract of 1 year $750,000. Ford will slot in at number 4 after a nice week against a really tough match-up in the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have one of if not the best cornerback groups in the NFL with Tre’Davious White leading the way. Ford was able to rack up 7 catches for 76 yards on 9 targets against the White led defense.

There was a ton of hype surrounding Ford’s teammate Preston Williams throughout the offseason, but let’s not forget he is a player that went undrafted and has only played 11 games in his career. The role we all thought Williams would have this season seems to be opening more by the week with the poor play of Williams through two weeks of this young season. Isaiah Ford stepped up big time for the dolphins Sunday and may be able to step up big for your Dynasty Owner teams throughout the season.

Jeff Driskel QB, Broncos (2 yrs. – $2,500,000)

I have a feeling the next position in my rankings will be a rarity that we may only see another time or two this season. A cheap starting quarterback on waivers is unheard of in Dynasty Owner, so be sure to act fast as he won’t be available long. Jeff Driskel is owned in 3.1% of leagues and has a contract with 2 years left at $2,500,000. Driskel played well Sunday in relief of Lock completing 18 of 24 passes for 256 yards 2 scores and a pick. Driskel almost led the Broncos to a comeback win on Sunday against a top 3 defense and looked impressive doing it. He seems as if he will be a viable fantasy starter when the Broncos have favorable matchups while Lock is out dealing with an injury.

As you can see there is still solid potential left on waivers here at Dynasty Owner. If you happen to be one of the owners facing big-time players to significant injury this is the time to spend your precious dynasty dollars and hope that these gems will hit providing your team with a little bit of comfort in the coming weeks. I also have one honorable mention that I did not have in my top 5 and would like to mention. Wayne Gallman RB, Giants is owned in 44% of leagues with a contract of $704,912 and 1 year remaining. I like Gallman over Dion Lewis but there happen to be quite a few rumors the Giants could sign a big-name free agent running back in the coming days keeping Gallman out of the top 5 this week. As always good luck on your chase for the ring!

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