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Experience the Fun of Fantasy Football and the Strategy of Running an NFL Franchise

Dynasty Owner unites the fun and excitement of Fantasy Football with the skill and strategy of the Front Office and the business side of owning an NFL Franchise. Build a roster of NFL players using their real-world contracts and salaries while staying under the salary cap, and compete weekly against the other teams in your league as you score points based on the player’s real-world performance.

  • Weekly Head-to-Head Matchups
  • Cash Prize Pool with No Rake
  • Elite Roster Construction
  • Weekly & Season Long Prizes
  • Bench Scoring
  • Play for Money, or the Love of the Game
  • Real NFL Contracts & Salaries
  • Manage to a Salary Cap
  • No Off-Season
  • Requires an Eye for Talent
  • Advanced Trading
  • Sell Your Franchise
Brandon Dunn: It’s fantasy football that goes deeper than the numbers.
Bruno Gonclaves: The best explanation for dynasty owners is one word – revolutionary.
Justin May: Dynasty Owner is so much more in-depth and fun than any other fantasy football league you have ever played in.
Christian: “Fantasy Football is great. Agreed. But you’re looking for even more? More realism, more strategy, more thrill? Dynasty Owner is it!
Joe Williams: Dynasty Owner is for true Dynasty players.
ProjectAvery Next Level Fantasy! Taking fantasy to the next level!!

Why Dynasty Owner?

More Strategy than Luck

Luck can win you a season, but it takes skill to consistently be in contention.

Real NFL Salaries

We have the patent on using real NFL salaries in a fantasy football game.

No Off-Season

Dynasty Owner keeps you engaged throughout the year.

Elite Roster Construction

30 player roster spots, including starters, bench, practice squad, and IR spots.

Cash Out Your Dynasty

Build a winning organization and the associated bankroll, and then sell it for a hefty profit.

Advanced Trading

Players, draft picks, currency, and other in-game assets can be included in trades, providing nearly endless possibilities for structuring trades.

The Business of Football

Face the same decisions that NFL Owners and GMs tackle as they build their franchise using real player contracts & salaries, improving through trades, free agency, and the Rookie Draft.

Requires An Eye For Talent

Rookies are the key to replacing more expensive veterans to remain under the cap and continue your winning ways.

Play for Money, or For Fun

Join a league with cash prizes to win big! Or join a league with just In-Game Prizes.

Bench Scoring

20% scoring for players on your bench rewards you for having a deep roster.

Chase for the Ring

Compete in our platform-wide contest to earn the title of most efficient Dynasty Owner each season.

Side Bets with No Rake

Make bets with your opponents and league mates to win even more.

Try a Mock Draft

The Dynasty Owner platform has been built to be different from the ground up. Check out our draft platform for a taste of what we have to offer.

Get Dynasty Owner Insights

Get the inside scoop on Dynasty Owner from the founders, well known fantasy football personalities, and BETA users. Read strategy articles, participate in Live Streams, and listen to the Dynasty Owner Podcast.