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Widely Available Players to Own for the 2020 Dynasty Owner Season

Author: Steven Van Tassell The 2019 NFL season is over as the Super Bowl concluded with someone other than the New England Patriots winning. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning for their first title in 50 years! Now that we’ve turned the clock on the 2019
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New Contracts for the 2020 Dynasty Owner Season

Author: Steven Van Tassell We are almost finished with the 2019 NFL season. The Super Bowl match-up is set with the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the San Francisco 49ers. Hopefully Bruno, the Dynasty Owner contest winner, enjoys the game, has good seats and has a great
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Dynasty Owner Busts of 2019

Author: Steven Van Tassell We gave out the Player of the Year awards first and now, we follow up with the Busts of 2019. Hopefully you weren’t relying on these players to help you capture your Dynasty Owner League Championship because none of them lived up to their
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Dynasty Owner 2019 Awards

Author: Steven Van Tassell With the first season of Dynasty Owner over and a winner of the Chase for the Ring (New York’s Strongest) announced, it’s time to recap the 2019 season and hand out some awards. Like the NFL awards, our Dynasty Owner awards are for the
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Playoff Finals Recap: And the Winner Is…

Author: Steven Van Tassell The inaugural season of Dynasty Owner is over now, and we have our first Chase for the Ring winner. Congratulations to Eddie Driscoll and New York’s Strongest! Eddie was the best Dynasty Owner for most of the year as he went undefeated in his
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Playoff Finals Preview – Who’s Going to Win the Ring?

Author: Steven Van Tassell It’s League Championship week and the end of the first Dynasty Owner Chase for the Ring. Everyone who made it this far still has a chance to win the Ring, but they first need to win their League to stake their claim. We have
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In one month (3/19), Jared Goff will be paid his $21M roster bonus for 2020. In addition, his $25M 2021 salary, $2.5M 2021 roster bonus, & $15.5M 2022 roster bonus ALL become fully guaranteed. His dead cap figure will rise to $94M!

We have a very special guest joining the Film Nerds this Wednesday night.

🗓 2/19 10:30 PM EST

He’s a WR guru... tune in and learn something 👌

We’ll be covering WRs again tomorrow night!

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