Week 11 Preview – Something to Play For

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

Not everyone is having a great 2020 NFL season. For every undefeated 9-0 Pittsburgh Steelers team, there are teams highly unlikely to make the playoffs, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1-8 or the New York Jets at 0-9. All three of those teams still have seven games to play, but the Steelers games are far more meaningful than the Jaguars or Jets games. The players on the Jaguars and Jets are still professionals and try their hardest to win, even while a lot of their fans are hoping that they continue to lose and get the #1 overall draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

While there are no 10-0 Dynasty Owner teams, there is at least one 0-10 team and possibly more out there. Many other Dynasty Owner teams are sitting at 1-9, 2-8 or 3-7 due to injuries, poor play or just bad luck in drawing quality opponent’s week after week, with little to no chance of making their League playoffs. The desire to lose for those fantasy football team owners can be great with the prospect of securing the top pick in your League’s 2021 rookie draft.

To prevent that, Dynasty Owner has created an innovative incentive to give Dynasty Owners something to play for and to try winning games at the end of the season. The winner of the Losers’ Bracket tournament in each League receives a Bonus Draft pick at the end of the 1st round of the Rookie Draft – Pick #13 and one Amnesty Provision. The Tournament Runner Up also receives one Amnesty Provision. Hopefully, that keeps all Dynasty Owners engaged throughout the entire season.

For some Dynasty Owners, they are stuck in the middle – their record is ok, but they don’t think their team is good enough to win their League and would prefer to lose, not make the playoffs and get a better draft pick. In my beta league, one owner (Matthew Montgomery) was in that position this week. His team was 5-4 but Matthew Stafford is his only healthy, starting QB. His thinking was that he’s doesn’t have a team that can win the League and openly admitted to hoping his team would lose. He still set his best possible lineup though and actually won this week to put him at 6-4 and in fourth place. Not what he wanted to happen but admirable since he could have tried harder to lose. Maybe he’ll lose the next three weeks, miss the playoffs, but have something to play for in the last three weeks in the Loser’s Bracket.

Our weekly Match-up of the Week will look at a team in the Chase for the Ring who is facing a team that has little chance for the playoffs but is still competing this season based on their lineup. They probably know they have something to play for this year. As usual for the Friday preview article, we will look at one Dynasty Owner game, check out the overall projected score and then each team’s Starters and Bench to see how their current lineups are projected to produce.

All stats are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3-point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

Standard Dynasty Owner scoring for kickers gives you 1 point for every extra point, while a missed extra point will cost you 1 point. It’s 2 points for a field goal of between 0 and 39 yards, 4 points for a field goal between 40 and 49 yards and 5 points for a field goal of 50 yards or longer. A missed field goal of between 0 and 39 yards will cost you 3 points, while a miss of 40 yards or more is a loss of 2 points.

For the purposes of this article, ADP and Dynasty Owner ownership statistics were current as of November 20th.

These Guys Should be Starters This Week

First, let’s take a look at how my Week 10 Starter recommendations fared (Good, Bad or Just Ok):

  • QB: Baker Mayfield – 6.7 (Bad recommendation)
  • RB: Rex Burkhead – 22.6 (Good recommendation)
  • WR: Darnell Mooney – 2.3 (Bad recommendation)
  • TE: Mike Gesicki – 6.0 (Just Ok recommendation)

At least Week 10 was better than Week 9 with one Good (Rex Burkhead) and one Just Ok (Mike Gesicki). Burkhead was just outside the Top 5 RBs for the week with his 22.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy point performance. Mike Gesicki didn’t have a lot of Dynasty Owner fantasy points (6.0), but neither did many TEs, so recommending him was Just Ok. At the other end were the recommendations to Start Baker Mayfield and Darnell Mooney. Mayfield was the second worst Week 10 QB ahead of only Nick Foles, while Mooney was outscored by five players on his own team. However, even though our recommendations haven’t gone as we had hoped so far, we can’t stop making them and give up. With that, here are my Week 11 recommendations:

Alex Smith (QB – WAS): For just making it back to the NFL after his horrific injury two years ago, Washington QB Alex Smith should be the comeback player of the year. As nice of a story as his comeback is, he’s probably not the QB you want to see starting for your NFL or Dynasty Owner team this year. However, he has thrown the ball for a lot of yards in the past two weeks (325 yards in Week 9 versus the Giants and 390 yards in Week 10 versus the Lions). Not a lot of Dynasty Owner fantasy points either week (14.3 in Week 9 and 20.9 in Week 10) due to 3 INTs one week and zero TDs another. The Dynasty Owner fantasy points may come this week as he gets to face a Bengals defense that has allowed an average of 35.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points to opposing QBs the past four weeks. Three of those four QBs (Phillip Rivers, Baker Mayfield and Ben Roethlisberger) were similar to Smith in that they are largely pocket passers who don’t run for many yards. In the games against those three QBs, the Bengals have allowed 40.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. Smith probably won’t get that many points, but he’ll do well enough to crack the top 12 QBs for the week and be someone who should have been a Starter.

Gus Edwards (RB – BAL): Instead of a two-way split at RB, the Ravens now have a three-way split, but Edwards was less impacted by the return of Mark Ingram to the Ravens lineup than J.K. Dobbins. Edwards had 7 rushing attempts for 42 yards plus 1 reception for 31 yards (8.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points). In contrast, Ingram and Dobbins combined for just 7.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points last week. Edwards is averaging 4.5 yards per carry for the season, while the Ravens’ opponent this week (Tennessee) is giving up an average of 4.4 yards per carry. The Titans defense has also given up 8 rushing TDs to opposing RBs this year and Edwards is the guy getting those for the Ravens now as Ingram hasn’t had a rushing TD since Week 4 and Dobbins hasn’t gotten one since he scored twice in Week 1. Edwards was drafted late (ADP 251.2) and is ranked as the #50 RB in Dynasty Owner, but he’ll perform well enough this week to be in your Starting lineup.

Jalen Guyton (WR – LAC): Guyton looks like he’s become the Chargers third WR at this point in the season after going undrafted in Dynasty Owner. He had a season-high six targets in their last game versus Miami, one less than Keenan Allen and one more than Mike Williams. He also has the ability to rip off big plays with two 70+ yard receptions this season. Guyton is getting more targets plus has the ability to break off a big play and now he gets to play the Jets in Week 11. Sounds like a recipe for a big week for the #82 ranked WR in Dynasty Owner. Guyton is only owned in 51% of Dynasty Owner leagues for a low salary of $540,000 so he might be someone you can pick up and put in your lineup this week if you’re in need of a Starting WR.  

Jared Cook (TE – NO): It’s probably been said before here, but bares repeating. The Falcons don’t defend very well against TEs. Only Buffalo has given up more receptions and more yards to TEs and they are on bye this week, so the Falcons have the opportunity to move “ahead” depending on the performance of Jared Cook. While Cook got the dreaded Blutarsky (0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) last week, it was a miserable week for Drew Brees and a rusty Jameis Winston. Expect better from Winston this week and Cook should be one of his top targets, especially if Alvin Kamara doesn’t play. Cook also has a good track record versus the Falcons with 13.4 and 11.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points against them last year. Admittedly that was with Drew Brees playing, but Winston is much better than your average backup QB. Unless your TE is Travis Kelce, you need to look for a good matchup and this is one so put Cook in your Starting lineup.

These Guys Should Be on the Bench (or Practice Squad) This Week

Next up is reviewing the Week 10 Bench or Practice Squad recommendations to see how those did.

  • QB: Tom Brady – 42.3 (Bad recommendation)
  • RB: Mike Davis – 8.4 (Just Ok recommendation)
  • WR: Tyler Lockett – 11.6 (Just Ok recommendation)
  • TE: Mark Andrews – 13.1 (Bad recommendation)

Not a great week for these recommendations. Trying to go back-to-back with Good Bench recommendations of Tom Brady and Mark Andrews failed spectacularly as both were the top players at their respective position in Week 10. The recommendations to Bench Mike Davis and Tyler Lockett were Just Ok as both finished just a couple of points outside of the Top 24 at their position for the week and were a fringe starter at best. This was the first week without a Good Bench recommendation. Since we can’t give up and have to keep giving recommendations, let’s try and see how they go for Week 11.

Aaron Rodgers (QB – GB): The Indianapolis Colts defense has been pretty good at holding down opposition QBs from scoring too many Dynasty Owner fantasy points. On average, they are giving up 16.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game with a high of 30.8 points to Matthew Stafford in Week 8 and a low of -3.4 points to Kirk Cousins back in Week 2. However, Aaron Rodgers is by far the best QB that they have faced so far this season, so they may have just done well against poor QBs. It’s possible, but Rodgers also may be due for a poor game especially if the Packers are forced to play without Davante Adams (or at least not have him at full strength). Bench Rodgers against the top ranked defense in the NFL.

Todd Gurley (RB – ATL): Gurley is currently the #10 RB in Dynasty Owner this season and totally justifying his ADP of 45.0 so far. However, if you look further into his stats, you’ll see that he has only been averaging 3.7 yards per carry – the lowest yards per carry of any RB in the top 10. He’s scored 9 TDs so far in 9 games, which is second best among RBs, but a TD per game average isn’t likely to hold for the entire season. He’s also only caught 15 passes for a mere 79 yards on the season, which accounts for just one-sixth of his Dynasty Owner fantasy points (22.9 out of 139.3 points). This week, Gurley faces a New Orleans defense that is allowing just 67.9 yards per game on the ground to RBs and only 3.4 yards per carry. Gurley will need to get 20 carries plus a TD to score enough Dynasty Owner fantasy points to earn his spot in your Starting lineup. That’s a lot to ask for which is why he should be on your Bench this week.

Tyler Boyd (WR – CIN): For the 2020 season, Tyler Boyd is the #13 WR in Dynasty Owner and averaging 16.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. However, his average drops to 13.7 points per game if you remove the two games against the Cleveland Browns. He’s definitely not playing the Browns this week as the Bengals travel to the Washington, DC region to face the Football Team. The Football Team has allowed the fewest receptions and second fewest yards to WRs this season. In addition, Joe Burrow is getting sacked 3.6 times per game and the Football Team is fifth in the NFL in sacks. Burrow might not have enough time in the pocket to find his WRs, so Boyd’s production could suffer this week. That’s why he’s better left on your Dynasty Owner Bench.

Robert Tonyan (TE – GB): Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been looking Tonyan’s way ever since Davante Adams’ return to the Packers lineup. Tonyan is only averaging 3.6 targets and 6.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game since Adams has been back. Even though Adams hasn’t practiced yet this week, the Packers could be getting Allen Lazard back in their lineup against the Indianapolis Colts. Rodgers is likely to look for either Adams or Lazard instead of Tonyan since the Colts are one of the best teams at defending TEs this season. They only allow an average of 3.9 receptions and 34.3 yards per game to TEs. Even though Tonyan is still ranked as the #9 TE in Dynasty Owner, his standing is skewed by his performances in Weeks 2-4 when he scored 60.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points, which is nearly two-thirds of the 91.7 points he has scored all season. He hasn’t really been a Starting TE in four of the past five weeks. This week will make it five out of six as he should be on your Dynasty Owner Bench.

Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week –

Docrob vs. just wanna win

The eleventh Dynasty Owner Match-up of the Week for the 2020 season features two teams with much different levels of success this season. Sitting in fifth place in the Chase for the Ring with an 8-2 record is the aptly named just wanna win. Their opponent Docrob is struggling with a 3-7 record so far. However, that isn’t stopping Docrob from trying their best to get a win this week as they are setting a pretty good lineup for a sub-.500 team.

Based on the exclusive Dynasty Owner scoring projections for each team’s current lineup, just wanna win will do just that in a high scoring game by a 154.0-135.0 margin. Despite their record, Docrob must think he has something to play for as he has a full complement of players in his Starting lineup and Bench.

The advantage from Starting lineups goes to just wanna win. Their WRs are projected to score 13.6 more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Docrob’s WRs which is most of the 16.3 point advantage they have overall from the Starting lineups. Still, Docrob has a pretty good 3-7 team with Deshaun Watson, Josh Jacobs, Tyler Boyd and Travis Kelce all in their Starting lineup. It’s just that just wanna win has a better team.

Both teams have a full complement of Bench players and from the Bench, just wanna win has an advantage at RB with the tandem of Duke Johnson and Ronald Jones expected to outscore the two Broncos RBs (Philip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon) sitting on Docrob’s Bench. Kudos to both teams for managing their rosters well and setting their lineups already.


Everyone reading this article has something to play for this week and the rest of the Dynasty Owner season. For a few, it’s the possibility of being the second Ring winner.  For many, it’s a spot in the Playoffs and maybe a League title. And for many more, it’s maybe an extra draft pick next year to help turn your team around for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season. How everyone does that is up to them but doing it the right way and trying to win is the best way to go.

If your team is trying to win, maybe it’ll be featured in a future Match-Up of the Week. If you want your team featured, then just tweet me (@SteveVT33) and check out next week’s preview to see if your matchup was chosen. Even with Thanksgiving week almost upon us, there will be a recap article on Tuesday and a preview article on Friday. We will also have the usual weekly free agent article from Jay Poundsee (@jaypoundsnfl) as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) has next week off but still follow all of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter.

There will also be the traditional weekly Tuesday Live podcast at 3 PM (Eastern) / Noon (Pacific) and the weekly podcast series with myself and Dynasty Owner CEO Tim Peffer on Wednesday at 1 PM (Eastern) / 10 AM (Pacific) on the Dynasty Owner channel on YouTube. Tune in to learn more about Dynasty Owner, see how our predictions did and help you set your weekly lineup. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to “Like” all of the videos to help promote them. Dynasty Owner has 557 subscribers on YouTube now and thank you all for watching and listening. All of this great content is available to help you win your weekly matchup, your Dynasty Owner league and maybe become the winner of the 2020 Chase for the Ring!

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Breaking Down A Real Dynasty Owner Draft Strategy by Round

Author: Jay Poundsee

Heading into my first dynasty owner draft, I felt nervous even being what most consider a pretty avid Fantasy Football player/nerd depending on who you have the pleasure of speaking too. I can sit and talk football or even better fantasy football all day every day, just ask my fiancée shell surely to agree. I had done plenty of mocks heading up to my first ever draft and felt I was as prepared as I could be heading into a format like this. After all, I have read every article Steve Van Tassel has written as well as listened to every podcast I could find with Steve and Tim. I brought my assistant fantasy manager (my 9-year-old son Bentley) up to speed and we were ready to find out our draft position. After hours of anxiously waiting, we finally get word from the guys at dynasty owner 3rd overall it is.

I was not thrilled with 3rd as I knew I would more than likely face the daunting task of drafting or passing on Patrick Mahomes, whose salary skyrockets to around $45 million next season. The thought of trying to build a team with his salary still gives me nightmares but at the end of the day someone must do it, luckily it was not me as the team before me took him. Though it would be a fascinating challenge to try to build around and win with Mahomes on my roster I was thankful the opportunity did not present itself. In Dynasty Owner it seems the draft can go many ways and it is a format where it is imperative to let the draft come to you. I thought I went in with a plan and that plan was in shreds before I even had the chance to pick.


Rounds 1-3 are where you set the tone for your team going forward, meaning if you take Michael Thomas ($19,250,000) or Zeke ($15,000,000) you need to start thinking younger and cheaper moving forward. The first 2 picks went Lamar Jackson and Mahomes leaving me non-other than Christian McCaffery at ($4,000,000) with a new contract looming. The thought of having to budget after taking my first player was one, I was not fond of, but when its CMC you take him and let him carry you to a championship. The rest of round one was a good mix of Quarterbacks and Running backs with no Receivers or tight ends taken. Interestingly, only one team spent over 9 million in the first. We started out round two with a nice mix of younger cheap players, as well as a few expensive veterans. Michael Thomas ($19,250,000) went at 13, followed by Joe Burrow ($9,047,543) and Miles Sanders at ($1,337,544).

The end of the second round I watched Deandre Hopkins ($16,200,000) go the pick just ahead of me. At this point my plan was just draft well enough to be able to compete while McCaffery is in his prime, as well as keep him and resign my rookies next year. Staring me in the face was Joe Mixon ($1,362,544) with only one year left or the love of Tim’s life D.J. Moore ($2,792,829). It was my first tough decision of the draft and being a firm believer in Running backs win championships, I went with Mixon. Joe Mixon worries me as well with this being the final year of his contract, in what is sure to be an improved offense he is a sure bet to get paid. Cincinnati also gets last years, their 2019 first round left tackle, Jonah Williams back, which can only help Mixon produce this season. I took my first quarterback, New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones ($6,416,014) in the third round. Jones flashed real potential last season as a rookie on a pretty bad football team, so I was okay with him being my QB1 needing as much flexibility as possible to retain Mixon and CMC next season. 

I knew from all my mock drafts not getting at least one Quarterback on a rookie deal would put me into a cap nightmare moving forward. I would, no doubt, must amnesty one to have any type of flexibility going into next season. At this point I had no clue where to go next with 2 of my 3 most important pieces going into a contract year. I decided to try to just let the draft come to me as best as I could.

Rounds 4-7

I knew my 4th round pick was going to be crucial to how the rest of this draft would play out for me. I watched the 2 players I was hoping would fall to me Deandre Swift ($2,124,728) and Calvin Ridley ($2,725,178) get sniped just picks ahead of me. As it becomes my selection, I look at my screen and laugh as I see another potential top 5 running back staring me in the face, Kareem Hunt at ($3,259,000) and the kicker 1 year left on his contract just like my other guys. I looked over at my son, who I knew would have no idea what I was talking about, I said “Son I think I found an odd strategy that just might work.” He got excited and said, “let’s try it Dad.” I smashed draft on Kareem Hunt and had a somewhat clear plan.

The rest of the draft I was going to spend good money to lock down a few solid wide receivers and target players on 1-year deals with high upside. This will free up cap space for next season and give me options of who to keep and who to let go based on performance and outlook this off season in my running back room. Example, if Pittsburgh lets James Connor walk at the end of the year and signs Hunt, then Hunt becomes a no brainier to keep next season. If he flops this year or stays behind Chubb, I just opened cap space for CMC or Mixon’s new deals. When it came time to pick again, I felt like a kindergartner at snack time I was so excited. Julio Jones at a hefty$22,000,000 fell right into my lap. I had zero issue spending big to pair Julio with the CMC, Mixon, Jones, and Hunt, giving me a great core to compete this year. The 6th was what seemed another no brainer for me with Leonard Fournette ($6,787,711) and 1 year remaining (see a trend?). Taking Fournette at this pick was simple because it gave me potentially 4 stud Running backs this season as well as my pick of the litter with these four going into next season with them all on expiring contracts. As my 7th pick was approaching quickly, I noticed almost all the young cheap signal callers were gone, so I decided to reach and go with Sam Darnold ($7,561,929).

I know Darnold is not an attractive pick here, but he has flashed some positive potential and the Jets played considerably better when Darnold was on the field last season vs. when he was out with mono. Pair that with an upgraded line and receiving core it may lead to a solid year from the Jets QB. At this point I am feeling good with where my team is but knew I would need another wide-out plus some younger depth due to Julio’s age and huge contract (amnesty candidate). Also, if I have learned one sneaky good piece of advice it’s don’t be scared of an aging contract who can help win now like Julio Jones, because the amnesty provision is there when needed.

Rounds 8-13

I have to say, I have never gone into the 8th round of a fantasy football draft as anxious as I was in my Dynasty Owner draft. I watched Tyler Lockett ($10,250,000), CeeDee Lamb ($3,502,503), and Justin Jefferson $3,280,701 come off the draft board praying it was not the start of a receiver run before my next selection. Luckily, Devante Parker ($7,625,000), who I am extremely high on, was available and I do not think I could have hit draft fast enough. This gave me what I feel is a very solid floor at the two premier positions in Fantasy Football with CMC, Mixon, Julio, and Parker on top of a ton of cap space still available if I really wanted to spice things up. In the following rounds I really wanted to start adding some young talent with promising careers to my roster, so I went with one of my favorite rookies in Michael Pittman Jr. ($2,153,212). I love Pittman’s situation in Indy with him set to take on a big role this year and replace the oft-injured T.Y. Hilton full time as soon as next season. On the clock with the 118th pick, I selected the man with tree trunks for legs, A.J. Dillion ($1,321,458) running back for the Green Bay Packers. While Aaron Rodgers may not be a fan of the pick, I absolutely love Dillion as a prospect, as a pure between the tackles, old school goal line runner and feel he will have long term success in his career. Dillon has the chance to be a successful Ron Dayne.

In most fantasy drafts as well as this one, I almost always find myself waiting until later in the draft to shoot for the typical breakout tight end season we tend to see every year. One of my breakout candidates this year is Dallas Goedert ($1,406,068) with the horrible injury luck of the Eagles, it seems Philly’s tight ends are due for an even bigger year than originally expected. Alshon Jeffery seems to be starting this season on the PUP list and Desean Jackson may want to consider signing on with bubble wrap at this point; he is so fragile. I see Philly running a ton of 12 personal this season with their number 1 wide-out being a rookie in a shortened off season. This spells big things to come for Dallas Goedert and Philly’s tight end room. At pick number 142 sat The Running Back One for 3 weeks of last season (when Kamara went down) none other than Latavius Murray ($3,600,000). I find Murray to be a great upside piece for my roster especially if Alvin Kamara goes down. He is also someone who will always help with the 20% bench scoring feature here on Dynasty Owner with some standalone value. Round 13 came and I had two things on my mind Talent and cap flexibility. Anthony Miller ($1,338,425) was the selection, I have heard reports on how Miller relied heavily on pure talent in college and his rookie season, and that last year was a bit of a wake up call for him on how important attention to detail and putting in work off the field is. Needless to say it sounds like it’s a make it or break it year for Miller and those are pieces I love on my team, especially with only one year remaining giving me the ability to cut ties freely if needed this off season.

Rounds 14-18

Once you get to this point in most drafts, you are simply looking for two things, depth, and upside. The thing is this is not most drafts. There are so many ways your draft can go at this point from needing to find no-name super cheap players to even out your top-heavy cap or having plenty of room and zero worries. I was here thinking I need to find guys on 1 or 2-year deals who can produce now giving me the flexibility I need going forward. With pick number 166 I took a flier on Justin Jackson ($5,700,000). The kid has seemed to flash greatness at times averaging 6.9 yards per carry last season. I followed that up with Sammy Watkins ($9,000,000) for bench scoring, bye weeks, and cap space next season. Watkins happens to play with a quarterback named Mahomes, so I had no issue taking a chance this late on a piece of Andy Reid’s offense. This is where things started to dry up in the draft knowing I could not spend big unless they were on a one-year deal because of the need to keep as many running backs as possible next season.

My plan was to look for a few handcuffs for my players in the next few rounds. I am not typically a fan of my own handcuffs, but with Covid-19 going nowhere I feel it is necessary this season and possibly next. I took Russel Gauge ($654,049) as a potential handcuff for Julio Jones. I know Gauge would not be the direct beneficiary as that goes to Calvin Ridley, but Gauge would become an easy start each week in Dirk Koetter’s pass happy offense with Julio or Ridley going down. Ryquell Armstead was my next selection as Fournette’s handcuff. I felt he was an easy choice here as there seems to be little competition for Armstead as the Jaguars backup. Chris Thompson is there but outside of a few passing situations he does not worry me even having the shower narrative with his old coach Jay Gruden. In the 18th round I selected rookie running back for the Miami Dolphins Malcom Perry ($842,622). Perry is nothing more than a practice squad player that I hope will pan out over his rookie deal in a young talented offense.

Rounds 18-25

I will do my best not to bore you with the bottom rounds as there is not a whole lot of strategy involved, aside from finding players you feel are talented. There are a few curve balls in this format if you have cap space as players like Marvin Jones ($8,000,000), Carson Wentz ($32,000,000) and Matt Ryan ($30,000,000) were never even drafted. Quintez Cephus ($734,822) was the player I took next. I find Cephus extremely intriguing over a singular statement. The statement came from Detroit Lions corner back Jeff Okudah where Okudah was asked who the best receiver he has ever faced, Okudah replied “Quintez Cephus” being a Buckeyes fan that is enough for me to take a flier.  I selected tight end Will Dissly ($777,568) at my next spot. Dissly has had a few disappointing injuries the past 2 seasons but when healthy he has showed promise and Russel Wilson seems to love the guy. He also seems to be superhuman with how quickly he recovers from significant injuries. Famous Jameis Winston was the next pick for me. I love the thought of Winston working with Sean Payton and Drew Brees and potentially taking over. He also had Lasik eye surgery this season which may be the cause of some of the mind-numbing interceptions he has thrown throughout his career.

I wanted to take a kicker earlier than normal in this format because I wanted to make sure I got solid production without having to spend a few million. Greg Joseph ($660,000) was the pick. I am a big fan of the Titans offense going into this season. The Titans were one of the most efficient teams in NFL history on offense last season when Tannehill took over which will hopefully lead to easy freebies for my kicker with him at the helm for the foreseeable future. Jared Cook ($7,500,000) was still on the board at pick number 267 which was extremely surprising to me. With only 1 year left on his contract in a particularly good offense, I figured it was a win win with production and free cap space next year. With my final two selections of my very first Dynasty Owner draft, I took two more kickers. Brett Maher ($750,000) for the New York Jets and Matt Prater ($3,800,000). Prater was a bit more than I planned to spend on a kicker, but he plays for a good offense. I remember reading an article by Steve Van Tassel, who mentioned how important having 3 kickers was in Dynasty Owner. The reason for this is because of the 20 percent bench scoring each week, if you only have 2 kickers you will take 2 big fat ZEROs on your bench for bye weeks.

Summary and Free Agent Pickups

After the draft I was looking over my team, deciding how to spend the rest of my cap space in a responsible manner. I knew anyone I picked up had to be on a one-year deal, so I am not on the hook past this season, after all they were not drafted. Corey Davis ($6,348,672) was available and I needed more potential production at receiver, so I placed a bid and got him. Shortly after the guys from Dynasty Owner announced $2 Million in extra cap space so I placed a bid for Marvin Jones and his 1 year $8,000,000 salary. I knew Jones if healthy would offer me that extra upside and depth I need at wide out. I was surprised that I was able to pick up a player with the upside of Marvin Jones in a potential top 10 offense with the Detroit Lions for the minimum bid of 1,000,000 Dynasty Dollars. My overall draft experience here on dynasty owner was nothing short of phenomenal and addicting. There are so many different strategies to go with and most happen on the fly while drafting which makes it a lot of fun.

The strategy I went with in my draft was too get uber talented players with 1 year left on their deals in return my team only has $53,000,000 in cap space committed next season giving me plenty of freedom to do what I want next off season on top of signing my rookies. Overall, I have to say I am hooked on the in-depth year-round strategy this format takes to succeed and cannot wait for future seasons to see how my team performs, as well as running a few more teams. I hope this article helps you get a sense of what the draft process is like and gives you a somewhat in-depth look at the problems and thought process you will face in your upcoming drafts. One last takeaway from my draft and the research I have done recently for articles is that I have never seen such differences in where players are drafted as well as surprises on a draft-by-draft basis than you will find here at Dynasty Owner.  As always good luck on your Chase for The Ring!

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The Top Five Players to Draft at Every Position

Author: Jay Poundsee

As we have all learned, Dynasty Owner is a far different fantasy football game than any of us have ever known. In this format, you will find more extraordinary differences in value than any other draft you have ever found yourself in. In my start-up draft, I watched players like Courtland Sutton and his $1,710,480 salary be drafted with the 34th pick. While a player like Julio Jones and his $22,000,000 salary fell to me all the way down at the 51st selection of the draft. Looking at these draft boards without any insight to the situation may be enough to drive the average man insane. The thought of trying to figure out how Mecole Hardman with a salary of $1,248,763 gets sandwiched between Keenan Allen at $11,250,000 and Stefon Diggs and his $14,400,000 salary may just drive you bonkers. Luckily, we at Dynasty Owner have your back and are here to help.

In this article I will be giving the top 5 players at each position I recommend targeting in your upcoming drafts. The requirements will be players with high upside, 2 or more years left on their deal, and under $9.9 (million) per year salary(5th year options will be assumed).


Let us start with what I feel is the most important position here in Dynasty Owner, which is the quarterback. The number one QB and most likely number 1 pick in every draft will be Lamar Jackson with 2 years at $2.3(million) left on his deal. He is almost a sure bet to be the best value in all of Dynasty Owner in terms of cost per point.

At number two, I have Kyler Murray, who has 4 years left at $8,789,661 per year. I have Kyler at number 2 because of the potential he showed in 2019 as a rookie on a bad football team. It also helps when you give a young talented kid a wide-out named Deandre Hopkins. Needless to say, the Arizona Cardinals are a must watch on TV this season.

At the 3rd quarterback spot has to be Daniel Jones with 4 years left at $6,416,014. I know the majority will have Josh Allen over Jones, but I feel Jones has more upside after the rookie year he just had. If you take Jones stats and stretch them out over 16 games, he would have broken Baker Mayfield’s rookie touchdown record of 27(paced at 32) along with roughly 350-400 rushing yards and that screams great cost per point at the quarterback position.

As mentioned above, I have Josh Allen at 4 with 2 years left at $5,295760. Allen has improved each year and seems to have a solid floor because of his rushing work near the goal line. When you pair that with a cheap salary it makes him an easy choice here.

Rounding out my top 5 is the incoming number 1 overall draft pick Mr. Joe Burrow at $9,047,534 and 5 years to go on his deal. I absolutely love Burrow’s potential as well as the sneaky good upside of the Bengals offense and what they have started to build around him in year 1. Burrow just had the best college season ever, while showing the most poise and confidence we have ever witnessed. He is still a rookie so for now he checks in at number 5. This kid has greatness written all over him!

Running Backs

With our next position, we will be talking about the running backs. In these rankings you won’t find any better than Saquon Barkley with 3 years left at $7,798,688. There isn’t much here to say about Barkley. He pretty much speaks for himself at this point, health is the only concern.

At number 2 I have Clyde Edwards-Helaire at $2,705,393 with 5 years left on his deal. I know hes only a rookie but looking back through recent history, first round running backs have always seen 200 plus touches (aside from Rashad Penny). If Joe Blow from the corner store was in this Chiefs backfield getting 200 plus touches at a low salary, I would want him on my roster. Let’s not forget the reports of Mahomes texting CEH during the draft saying “I want you on my team” or Coach Andy Reid’s Brian Westbrook comparison. I think it’s safe to say the chiefs have big time plans for their rookie.

At 3, I have Miles Sanders and his $1,337,544 salary with another 3 years to go in Doug Pederson’s offense. Philly’s running backs coach Deuce Staley has had nothing but high praises this off season about Sanders talent and his upcoming workload, which means big things are coming. Sanders is an immensely talented running back who broke out in the second half last year. I would rank him in the top 5 of all Running backs on pure talent alone.

At 4, I have Josh Jacobs and his $2,983,350 salary with 4 years left on his deal. Jacobs is a true workhorse who could use some work on his receiving, but he seems to have a remarkably high floor and a huge workload ahead of him.

Rounding out the running backs, I have Nick Chubb in 5th. His salary is $1,845,774 and he still has 2 more years left on his contract in Cleveland. The presence of Kareem Hunt is what puts Jacobs ahead of Chubb here.

Wide Receivers

Starting things off at wide receivers, I have one of my personal favorite young fantasy players in all formats and that’s DJ Moore with a potential 3 years left at $2,792,829. I love the upside of Moore and the potential he has shown his first 2 years and let’s face it, he’s yet to have anything but a below average quarterback throwing him the ball. The floor for DJ Moore is extremely high with Teddy Two Gloves in the mix. The next slot was tough for me as I am a diehard Ohio State Buckeye fan and love the upside mixed with production for Terry McLaurin.

With that said, at number 2 I have to go with AJ Brown at $1,413,092 and 3 years left on his deal. I think the upside of the Titans offense is far superior to The Washington Football Team giving AJ Brown a much safer floor and a higher ceiling going forward. In 2019 Brown had just under 19% of the Titans target share which is all but guaranteed to receive a boost in 2020. Somehow, despite all of that he was still able to produce 1,051 yards and 8 touchdowns. Once Ryan Tannehill (who the Titans resigned to a 4 year deal this past off season) took over, Brown exploded onto the fantasy scene.

My third receiver as stated above is Terry McLaurin, who I see as a target monster in Washington. We have all seen with targets comes production in just about all cases. McLaurin has 3 years left at $961,918 which is going to make him an amazing cost per point player in 2020 and years to come.

At number 4 I have DK Metcalf who has 3 years at $1,146,513 left on his deal. In 2019 Metcalf flashed tremendous potential alongside Russel Wilson. Anytime I can get a talent like that catching passes from a quarterback like Wilson sign me up.

At 5 I have my second DJ in DJ Chark JR at $1,111,807 and 2 years left on his current deal. The offense in Jacksonville doesn’t get my wheels spinning but Chark is too good of a cheap young talent to pass on.

Tight Ends

Finally, we have everyone’s favorite position the tight ends. My number 1 tight end here in Dynasty Owner regardless the requirements is none other than Mark Andrews with a salary of just $863,290 and 2 years left. I love the upside of Andrews in the Ravens offense where he played only 44 percent of the team’s offensive plays last year. With the way Andrews has produced thus far he’s almost a lock to be on the field more this season. Look for a big bump up in production for Mr. Andrews in the coming seasons.

In the 2nd spot, I have my breakout tight end in 2020, Dallas Goedert. Goederts salary is $1,406,068 and he has 2 years left on his current deal. I look for Zach Ertz to start showing his age and have a dip in production along with the Eagles receiving situation I look for Goedert to have a big year with a huge bump in targets this season.

At number 3, I have TJ Hockenson at $4,955,306 and 4 years left on his deal. Tight ends tend to take longer than any other position to transition into the NFL and with Hockenson at a cheap salary and potential high production coming over the next few years, he is a no-brainier for me to want on my roster.

Right behind Hockenson at number 4, I have his old Iowa Hawkeye teammate and freak athlete, Noah Fant. The Bronco tight end has as much upside as any young tight end at a salary of $ 3,147,680 and 4 years left in Denver. Which makes him a must have tight end in this format.

Bringing up the rear at number 5, I have Chris Herndon with 2 years left at $792,841. Herndon had a very disappointing year in 2019 with a suspension and 2 separate injuries holding him to just one catch for 7 yards. While 2019 may have been a disappointment, Herndon was excellent his rookie year breaking the rare 500 yard receiving mark for tight ends in their rookie year.

I hope this article helps all of you in your upcoming drafts and remember to always think about your salary next year, who has a new contract coming, and cost per point in this format it’s what will win you championships here in Dynasty Owner.

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