Dynasty Owner QB Tiers

By Steven Van Tassell

Tier rankings are one way that fantasy players and analysts categorize players. There are a lot of ways to do it and plenty of websites and analysts who do these types of rankings. A quick Google search for “Fantasy Football Tiers 2021” turns up about 4.1 million results. If you add the words “Dynasty” at the beginning, it increased to about 4.86 million results. However, if you make it “Dynasty Owner”, the number drops down to about 686,000 results. Those searches just use all of the words.

If we want all of the results for exactly “Fantasy Football Tiers 2021” or “Dynasty Fantasy Football Tiers 2021”, there are a more manageable number of results with about 14,600 and 14,400 respectively. However, if we want all of the results for exactly “Dynasty Owner Fantasy Football Tiers 2021”, we get the following screen:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to returning Dynasty Owners. There isn’t anybody doing these rankings for Dynasty Owner because it’s much more difficult. After all, you need to factor in salaries as well as 2021 projected production and long-term projections. In a “regular” dynasty fantasy football league, you don’t have to worry about Patrick Mahomes’ new $45 million salary for the next 11 years, but Dynasty Owners do. Dynasty Owners also need to consider how much Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are going to make in 2022 when deciding whether to draft them or not. For all Dynasty Owners, we’re going to cover this new territory over the month of July with a series of articles about Dynasty Owner Fantasy Football Tiers 2021 (that’ll stop the above page from coming up). This week, it’s QBs followed by RBs, WRs and TEs. We won’t do any tiers for kickers, but Dynasty Owner uses them, and you’ll still need at least two of them and preferably three to account for the need for a Bench kicker on bye weeks.

All 2021 projections come from Rotowire and are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

Average Draft Position (ADP) listed is from 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up drafts and was accurate as of the morning of July 6th.

These Tiers Go Up to Eleven

Dynasty Owner tiers are not the same as tiers for other fantasy football leagues or on other fantasy football websites. There are multiple factors to consider in Dynasty Owner including current salary, future salaries, 2021 projected stats and long-term potential. Dynasty Owners also need to have a Starting QB and Bench QB every week, so more QBs will be used by Dynasty Owners than in a single-QB league, or even a SuperFlex league. That’s why we have more tiers and more players listed than elsewhere.

Just like Nigel Tufnel’s amplifier, these tiers go up to 11. Of course, there are a couple of tiers with an “a” and “b” to really make it 13 tiers, but let’s not confuse matters. The QB tiers are:

  • Tier 1a – High Value Young QBs
  • Tier 1b – High Value Young QBs who Are Getting Paid Soon
  • Tier 2 – Low Value, but High Production Veterans
  • Tier 3 – High Potential Young QBs
  • Tier 4 – Young QBs who Need to Prove Something to Get Paid
  • Tier 5 – Low Salary QBs with Unclear Futures
  • Tier 6 – Veterans at the End of Their Careers on One-Year Contracts
  • Tier 7 – Veterans who Might Start in 2021 on One-Year Contracts
  • Tier 8 – Rookies with Future Potential
  • Tier 9 – Veteran Handcuffs
  • Tier 10a – Low Salary QBs on One Year Contracts so Why Not in Case They Play
  • Tier 10b – Low Salary QBs on Multi-Year Contracts so Why Not in Case They Play
  • Tier 11 – Veterans to Avoid Drafting Due to High Salaries

Tier 1a – High Value Young QBs

These are the elite QBs for a Dynasty Owner to have as all of them are young (24 or younger) and expected to put up plenty of Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021. They are still playing on their rookie contract that has multiple years left on it, so they have lots of value and a low Dynasty Dollar per Point (DD/PT) figure for at least two years.

Dynasty Owners are going to have to draft these five guys early in their 2021 start-up drafts as their current ADPs range from 8.3 to 43.9. In order from lowest (aka Best) DD/PT to highest, they are:

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Jalen Hurts, PHI$1,506,2923422.5$3,565
Justin Herbert, LAC$6,644,6883461.8$14,389
Kyler Murray, ARI$8,914,5042473.8$18,815
Trevor Lawrence, JAC$9,198,3724434.1$21,190
Joe Burrow, CIN$9,047,5343418.9$21,598

The QB with the highest ADP (43.9) is Jalen Hurts who has the lowest projected points in 2021 (422.5) and the best DD/PT by far at $3,565 because of his salary of just slightly over $1.5 million. Kyler Murray is the only QB listed who was drafted in 2019 and only has two years left on his contract, while Trevor Lawrence is the only rookie QB in this elite tier.

Tier 1b – High Value Young QBs who Are Getting Paid Soon

In a “regular” dynasty league, this would be one tier as these two QBs would be combined with the five QBs in Tier 1a since salaries don’t matter. However, this is Dynasty Owner and the fact that Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are going to get huge salary increases in 2022 is very important since Dynasty Owners have to stay under the salary cap and those contract extensions will make it difficult to keep Allen or Jackson on your Dynasty Owner roster. To keep them, Dynasty Owners will likely be forced to drop other productive players for salary reasons. Even though they will get paid soon and have new 2022 salaries, they still have low ADPs (16.2 for Allen and 38.0 for Jackson) that will require Dynasty Owners who want them to draft them in the first couple of rounds.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Lamar Jackson, BAL$2,367,9121441.4$5,365
Josh Allen, BUF$5,295,7601493.1$10,740

Jackson is about twice as valuable since his salary is less than half as much as Allen. However, Allen is projected to score more Dynasty Owner fantasy points than Jackson in 2021 so if you want Allen, you’ll have to draft him earlier.

Tier 2 – Low Value, but High Production Veterans

While these guys are NFL veterans, age is not the reason they are on this list. The important factor is that they are on multi-year contracts that will pay them at least $25 million per year in salary. No more rookie contracts for these guys. They cost you a lot in salary, but they should provide plenty of Dynasty Owner fantasy points in return for that salary (at least 400.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021).

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Tom Brady, TB$25,000,0001419.1$59,652
Matthew Stafford, LA$27,000,0002417.9$64,609
Ryan Tannehill, TEN$29,500,0003426.9$69,103
Aaron Rodgers, GB$33,500,0003451.4$74,214
Russell Wilson, SEA$35,000,0003448.9$77,968
Dak Prescott, DAL$40,000,0004479.7$83,385
Patrick Mahomes, KC$45,000,00011524.2$85,845
Deshaun Watson, HOU$39,000,0005401.4$97,160

The players at the top and bottom of this list need additional explanation. The G.O.A.T. (Tom Brady) is listed on Dynasty Owner as only having one year left on his contract, but he is signed with Tampa Bay through 2022 and plans on playing until then when he turns 45 years of age. Dynasty Owners can drop him free of charge after the 2021 season when his $25 million extension for the 2022 season kicks in if they want. Deshaun Watson is projected to score over 400.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021, but he might produce none in 2021 and future years due to his legal troubles. Dynasty Owners who draft Watson, or kept him on their roster when his new $39 million per year contract kicked in, should make sure they have an Amnesty Provision on hand to use in case he doesn’t play this year and they need to find another QB.

Tier 3 – High Potential Young QBs

These are the “potential” elite QBs who are just a step below the Tier 1a QBs since they are projected to score fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021 than the elite QBs. If you believe in one of these guys, you can draft him at a discount this year compared to the elite QBs as their ADPs range from 46.0 to 83.7 and maybe give him a year to develop since they all have two or more years left on their rookie contract.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Justin Fields, CHI$4,717,9884324.8$14,526
Daniel Jones, NYG$6,416,0142378.1$16,969
Mac Jones, NE$3,896,5884192.5$20,242
Tua Tagovailoa, MIA$7,568,8593315.6$23,982
Trey Lance, SF$8,526,3194305.7$27,891
Zach Wilson, NYJ$8,787,6704299.8$29,312

Four out of the six QBs listed here are rookies drafted in first half of the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. The others were also early first round picks, but in 2019 (Daniel Jones) and 2020 (Tua Tagovailoa). Daniel Jones is projected to score the most Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021, while Mac Jones is projected to score the fewest.

Tier 4 – Young QBs who Need to Prove Something to Get Paid

Tier 4 could have easily been combined with Tier 3 except for the looming one year left on each Tier 4 QB’s contract. They are a couple of tiers below fellow 2018 NFL first round draft picks Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson because they haven’t produced as many fantasy points as them and aren’t guaranteed to get paid. Both of them could have a great year in 2021, prove to their current team that they are worth a huge salary contract and get paid. Or, they could have a poor season, have their fifth year option declined and become a backup on a one-year contract like Mitchell Trubisky.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Sam Darnold, CAR$7,561,9291370.6$20,405
Baker Mayfield, CLE$8,170,7451384.5$21,250

Tier 5 – Low Salary QBs with Unclear Futures

None of the QBs on this list are the clear starter on their team and two are definitely going to be backups, but all of them have affordable salaries that make them attractive to Dynasty Owner. All of them are also worth owning for different additional reasons.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Gardner Minshew, JAC$677,7212111.1$6,100
Drew Lock, DEN$1,752,7042220.9$7,934
Jordan Love, GB$3,095,8633249.5$12,408
Brandon Allen, CIN$1,500,00010.0N/A 

Minshew is unlikely to play for Jacksonville, barring an injury to Trevor Lawrence, but his rock bottom $677,721 salary for two more years makes him attractive if Lawrence does get hurt, or if another team trades for him and gives him an opportunity to play. Drew Lock only has to beat out Teddy Bridgewater to be the starter in Denver. Jordan Love might be the starter in Green Bay, depending on the playing status of Aaron Rodgers, which makes him a solid speculative add even at the highest salary ($3.1 million) on this list. Finally, while Brandon Allen is projected to score zero Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021 and only has one year left on his contract, I added him to this tier because of the potential that Joe Burrow could miss the beginning of the 2021 season due to the injury he suffered that ended his 2020 season. If Allen plays even a game or two, Dynasty Owners would have a bargain at only $1.5 million in salary for 2021. He’s widely available now with only 11% ownership.

Tier 6 – Veterans at the End of Their Careers on One-Year Contracts

Both QBs in Tier 6 are likely in the final year of their careers since they are nearing 40 years of age. While each one has a double-digit million dollar salary, it’s a bargain relative to other veterans and they only have one year contracts. Both are projected to score fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points than the veteran QBs in Tier 2, but they will provide better value and cost at least $10 million less than the Tier 2 QBs.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Ryan Fitzpatrick, WAS$10,000,0001368.6$27,130
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT$14,000,0001320.6$43,668

Roethlisberger is probably the safer play out of the two despite the extra $4 million in salary since it’s unlikely the Steelers play one of the many other QBs on their roster over him. Fitzpatrick also has a couple of younger QBs on the Football Team roster to contend with, but it would be less surprising to see him yield time as the season progresses than Big Ben.

Tier 7 – Veterans who Might Start in 2021 on One-Year Contracts

This tier is one of the largest with seven QBs falling in it. The potential to start varies greatly as do the salaries and the projected value for 2021. None of them are signed beyond 2021, so they can be easily shed off your Dynasty Owner roster if they get injured or aren’t the starter for their team since you’ll only have to pay 25% of their remaining salary to drop them.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Blake Bortles, GB$1,075,000164.8$16,590
Cam Newton, NE$5,100,0001289.6$17,610
Jameis Winston, NO$5,500,0001307.6$17,880
Tyrod Taylor, HOU$5,500,0001194.6$28,263
Taysom Hill, NO$12,159,0001312.1$38,959
Teddy Bridgewater, DEN$11,499,0001249.2$46,144
Andy Dalton, CHI$10,000,0001200.2$49,950

The only player at a true low salary is Blake Bortles at $1.075 million. Of course, he’s the most unlikely to play any snaps in 2021. The three QBs in the $5 million range could all see significant time in 2021, but also might not depending on if they win a QB battle (Winston), can hold off a rookie first round pick (Newton) or the real starting QB on the team plays (Taylor). The stories are similar for the $10 million plus salary QBs. One needs to beat out another QB on this list (Hill), win a QB battle with a younger, cheaper QB (Bridgewater) or hold off a rookie first round pick (Dalton). Dynasty Owners are taking a chance with all of these guys in Tier 6, but fortunately they are all on one year contracts so there’s no long term commitment or large drop fees.

Tier 8 – Rookies with Future Potential

In terms of 2021 value, all of these players have next to none. Some of them are projected to score Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021, but don’t count on it. Davis Mills is the most likely, but he’ll need to beat out a couple of veterans in Tyrod Taylor and Jeff Driskel plus have Deshaun Watson out for the year to make that happen.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears
Kyle Trask, TB$1,383,8344
Kellen Mond, MIN$1,305,8544
Davis Mills, HOU$1,304,3834
Ian Book, NO$1,038,3964
Jacob Eason, IND$1,006,8163
Sam Ehlinger, IND$902,6774

Trask and Mills have very similar ADPs right now (152.6 for Mills; 152.8 for Trask), while Mond and Mills were drafted back-to-back at the beginning of the third round of the 2021 NFL draft, so their salaries are virtually identical. Trask’s salary is about $80,000 higher than both of them since he was the final pick in the second round. Technically, Jacob Eason isn’t a rookie, but he didn’t play at all in 2020 so this is the best tier for him. He’s here along with fellow Colts backup QB Sam Ehlinger who is indeed a rookie.

Tier 9 – Veteran Handcuffs

These QBs are also unlikely to play. Take a look at the list and think about the teams they play for, and you’ll know why. But, if you have the starter ahead of them of your Dynasty Owner roster, it could be worth paying a couple of million, or less in some cases, for these veteran handcuffs in case of an injury.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears
Case Keenum, CLE$6,000,0002
Jacoby Brissett, MIA$5,000,0001
Joe Flacco, PHI$3,500,0001
Marcus Mariota, LV$3,500,0001
Mitchell Trubisky, BUF$2,500,0001
Chad Henne, KC$1,625,0001
Colt McCoy, ARI$1,212,5001
Geno Smith, SEA$1,212,5001
Chase Daniel, LAC$1,075,0001

Out of the nine of them, Marcus Mariota is the most likely to play this year for Las Vegas. Case Keenum is the most expensive at $6 million and is the only one with two years left on his contract. That explains why he’s also unowned in Dynasty Owner right now. All of them are widely available with Trubisky having the highest ownership at 43%.

Tier 10a – Low Salary QBs on One Year Contracts so Why Not in Case They Play

This tier is filled with a bunch of QBs who make less than $1 million and probably won’t play in 2021. Some of them might not even be the backup. They could be the third string emergency QB. However, they don’t cost much and if the opportunity presents itself, all of them do have NFL experience. They are flyers for sure, but cheap ones and only have to be kept for 2021.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears
Mason Rudolph, PIT$980,4721
Nick Mullens, PHI$970,0001
Kyle Allen, WAS$850,0001
Dwayne Haskins, PIT$850,0001
Josh Rosen, SF$850,0001
Phillip Walker, CAR$782,5001
John Wolford, LA$770,0001

Mason Rudolph did sign a one-year extension for $5 million for 2022, but Dynasty Owners can always release him after that contract kicks in if they don’t want to keep him for 2022. Nick Mullens might still be listed as a Free Agent with a $750,000 salary, but he signed with Philadelphia for almost $1 million in mid-June.

Tier 10b – Low Salary QBs on Multi-Year Contracts so Why Not in Case They Play

Another “b” tier as all of these guys would be in the same tier in a “regular” dynasty league, except for that extra year on their current contract. That makes them a bit more expensive than the Tier 10a guys so slightly less valuable in Dynasty Owner.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears
C.J. Beathard, JAC$2,500,0002
Taylor Heinicke, WAS$2,375,0002
Will Grier, CAR$963,2492
Jarrett Stidham, NE$788,4232

Heinicke has the most likely path to playing time in Washington, which is why he’s 81% owned in Dynasty Owner and you’ll need to draft him in the later stages (ADP 223.2) of your start-up draft if you want to secure his services. Jarrett Stidham is owned in 42% of Dynasty Owner leagues, but that’s probably because Dynasty Owners took him in 2020 drafts when it was expected that he was the starter in New England. Many of these owners probably didn’t release him since his salary is low and he did play some in 2020.

Tier 11 – Veterans to Avoid Drafting Due to High Salaries

None of these guys are worth drafting in your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up draft. They cost too much, are projected to finish outside of the Top 12 QBs in 2021, have more than one year left on their contract and will produce fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points than other veteran QBs at similar salaries (see Tier 2). If you have one on these players on your roster already, they will cost you an Amnesty Provision or lots of Dynasty Dollars to drop so they could be worth keeping around since all of them are projected to start in 2021 (at least at the beginning of the season). They might have a renaissance season, like Aaron Rodgers did in 2020, and end up being worth their contract.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Derek Carr, LV$25,000,0002372.9$67,042
Matt Ryan, ATL$30,000,0003393.0$76,336
Kirk Cousins, MIN$33,000,0002394.8$83,587
Carson Wentz, IND$32,000,0004368.3$86,886
Jimmy Garoppolo, SF$27,500,0002278.8$98,637
Jared Goff, DET$33,500,0004301.3$111,185

Not surprisingly, none of them are owned in more than one-quarter of Dynasty Owner leagues with Carr having the highest ownership (25%), along with the lowest salary in the tier at $25 million. Kirk Cousins has the lowest ownership at less than 1% (.81% to be exact). For the 2.4% of Dynasty Owners with Jared Goff, he’s projected as the #30 QB in 2021 and to have the highest DD/PT by far, as the only starting QB with a projected 2021 DD/PT of over $100,000.


There you have it. The first Dynasty Owner Tiers. No more zero matches when you search for Dynasty Owner Fantasy Football Tiers 2021. Depending on how you count them, it was either 11 or 13 of them. And we didn’t even include a couple of QBs who might play and find their way on to a few Dynasty Owner rosters this year (Mike Glennon, Jeff Driskel, etc.). More tiers to come for the other positions (RB, WR and TE) for the rest of July. Let me know what you think of these QB tiers on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or in the comments section on YouTube.

Dynasty Owner has great content coming to help you draft your dynasty. We can also provide guidance as you continue to tweak your roster after your rookie or start-up draft is over so you can win your league. My articles and videos to get you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team are being released on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for new articles from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owner writers as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is doing a deep dive on individual teams that you can check out on Mondays, while Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) looks at how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Fridays. All of the articles will be released at 1 PM (Eastern) with videos and podcast released at 3 PM (Eastern).

Please read all of their articles and follow all three of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. Hopefully this article is helpful for everyone who has a 2021 start-up draft coming soon, and at least interesting for those of you who have already drafted or have an established team. Maybe it’ll give you and other Dynasty Owners some ideas for potential trades too. Thanks, and have a great day!

Steven Van Tassell is the Head of Content for Dynasty Owner

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League Winners and Playoff Predictions

By: Matt “TheJerk” Morrison (@DynastyJerk)

This is what we’ve all been waiting for.  The time has finally come.  We are officially in the Dynasty Owner Playoffs.  Some of you that are reading this have been eliminated from the playoffs and the Chase for the Ring, but there are also many teams who have grinded their way to a shot at the title.  If you have been eliminated, this article may still help you in the short term and here is why…

Don’t forget that the winner and runner up of the Loser’s Bracket receive a prize.  If you are victorious from the loser’s side of the bracket, you will receive a bonus draft pick that will be at the end of the 1st round of the 2021 rookie draft (Pick #13), and one Amnesty Provision.  The runner up in the Loser’s Bracket receives one Amnesty Provision.  The point is that if you have been eliminated from the overall top prize, don’t give up on the season until you have been eliminated from all prizes.

With the Dynasty Owner postseason starting, that means all trades and Free Agent Auction transactions have halted.  You are no longer able to improve your team through outside sources.  Everything that you do to change your team for the rest of the season will have to be internal.  For this reason, I will no longer be talking about trade targets, free agent finds, or under/over owned players.  All of these topics still matter for Dynasty Owner, but they won’t affect how you play for the remainder of the season.  Think about it this way…

We know that Dynasty Owner is the most realistic fantasy platform ever created.  We marry players to their real-life salaries and through that marriage, we can find value that otherwise doesn’t exist on other fantasy sites.  However, once our rosters are locked and we start the postseason, the salaries tend to matter less.  Now that we are entrenched in the playoffs, the best team is going to win their league.  The team with the best players that score the most points is going to win leagues.  It’s actually a very refreshing feeling (at least for me).  We spend all season trying to figure out value and which player’s salary can be moved or traded, but in the playoffs, all we have to worry about is setting our best lineup regardless of the salaries.  So today I present to you…

TheJerk’s League Winners

The League Winners are an assortment of five players that, in my opinion, are going to win Dynasty Owner’s their championship.  As I stated before, your roster is locked so there is no use in looking to trade for any of these players, but if you happen to find them on your roster, they should be started for the duration of your postseason run.

Justin Herbert (4-Years – $6,644,688/YR)

Herbert makes this list as somewhat of a “chalky” pick.  He is currently ranked QB9 on the season in Dynasty Owner, and he is on pace to smash Baker Mayfield’s rookie record of 27 touchdown passes.  He will also, no doubt, make a run for Andrew Luck’s rookie record of 4,374 passing yards.  (Herbert is on pace for 31 touchdown passes and 4,298 passing yards.)  Whether Justin ultimately takes down these records is still to be seen, but, as I stated, he has been just as impressive for Dynasty Owner managers who took a shot on him in the draft.  It’s not a secret that you are starting Herbert every week despite the matchup, but it is nice to know that he (statistically) has the easiest next three weeks of any quarterback in the league.  Let me break it down…

Herbert finishes his fantasy season by playing Atlanta (Week 14), Las Vegas (Week 15) and Denver (Week 16).  All three of these teams have been generous to opposing game managers throughout the season as they all rank bottom third in the NFL for fantasy points given up to quarterbacks.  Denver and Atlanta have been playing better defense as of late, but they are still able to be exploited by this rising young quarterback.  In addition, the game scripts for all three of these games should be in favor of Herbert.  Aside from last week, the Chargers have been very good at keeping games close.  In ten of their twelve games played, they have won or been within one score.  They do not get blown out very often.  In addition, the Falcons and Raiders have won or lost within one score in nine out out of their twelve games.  The Broncos have either won or lost within one score in eight out of their twelve games.  The point is…these next three games for the Chargers should be competitive, and they should be conducive to fantasy production by Herbert.

This is how confident I am in Herbert for your Championship run.  If you told me that I had to pick a single quarterback to start for the next three weeks, (I couldn’t switch him out with a bench quarterback) these are the only players I’d pick over Herbert…

  • Mahomes
  • Wilson
  • Rodgers

That’s the list.

There are quarterbacks I like over Herbert for individual matchups (D. Watson vs Cincinnati in Week 16 for example), but only three that I would take for the remainder of the season.  Despite his last two weeks being two of the worst three weeks of his season, he needs to be started in almost all playoff matchups.  The bold prediction for Herbert is…

Justin Herbert’s Final Three Games:

  • 967 passing yards – 2 INT – 8 passing touchdowns
  • 60 rushing yards – 1 rushing touchdown

Derrick Henry (1-Year – $10,278,000)

Okay, yes, I know that this is an absolute no brainer, but hear me out.  Derrick Henry is going to win a lot of people fantasy championships this year, but he’s also going to do a lot more than that.  Henry is going to be the #1 running back over the next three weeks by a good amount.  Here is where King Henry sits after Week 13…

He is the RB3 on the season for Dynasty Owner.  He trails only Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara.  Henry has 286 touches for 1,419 total yards with 12 touchdowns.  He has four multi score games this season, and I expect that number to rise.  First, I’ll give you Henry’s next three matchups, and then I’ll drop a bold prediction about how he’s going to finish the season.  Henry has the “easiest” next three weeks of any player in the NFL.  When I say easiest, I don’t presume to say that what Henry does is easy.  What I’m saying is that the next three teams he’s playing are all in the bottom fourth of fantasy points given up to opposing running backs.  Henry is about to play Jacksonville (Week 14), Detroit (Week 15), and Green Bay (Week 16).  That is as good as it gets.  For reference, here is what each team has given up on the ground over the past three weeks.

  • Jacksonville: 153 rushing yards/game
  • Detroit: 111 rushing yards/game
  • Green Bay:  126 rushing yards/game

There will be many opportunities for long runs for Henry during these playoffs.  The Titans rank fourth in the NFL in rushing percentage per play at 48.39%.  Henry is an absolute smash play for the rest of the season, and here is my bold prediction on his stat line.

Derrick Henry’s Final Three Games:

  • 68 rushes – 399 total yards – 7 touchdowns

That prediction puts him at 27.3 fantasy points per game, and I think it’s very possible.  Start Henry with confidence and pray that you don’t face the owner that has him.

David Montgomery (4-Years – $1,003,845/YR)

Montgomery has had a high floor, low ceiling season up until Week 12 and 13.  Through his first nine games he averaged 12.2 fantasy points per game.  In those nine games, his lowest performance was 4.2 points, and his highest was 21.7.  Every other game he played in he was somewhere between 7.4 and 18.9 fantasy points.  He has been very reliable.  Well, following Chicago’s Week 11 bye, Montgomery has come out and put up back-to-back 27-point performances.  He is peaking at the perfect time if you own him, and his schedule remains easy throughout Week 17.  Montgomery does not have a “Derrick Henry Cake Walk Schedule”, but he is facing a couple of the most favorable matchups possible.  He is slated to face Houston (Week 14), Minnesota (Week 15), and Jacksonville (Week 16).  I’m not going to go through the whole breakdown like I did with Henry, but none of these three matchups should scare Montgomery owners.  Houston and Jacksonville should be extremely comfortable for Montgomery owners.  Minnesota has been better lately, but they are still a bottom half rush defense.  Montgomery’s production isn’t what worries me.  What I’m concerned about is the chance that Chicago gets down early in a least a couple of these games and abandons the rush.  Even with that possibility, Montgomery has pulled in nine receptions over the past two games.  He should without a doubt be started in all leagues.  Bold predictions for Montgomery…

David Montgomery’s Final Three Games:

  • 52 rushes – 285 total yards – 4 touchdowns

Tee Higgins (4-Years – $2,171,696/YR)

Finally, we have made it to a little deeper of a pick.  Higgins is probably not the first player you would think of when considering a league winning wide receiver.  And let me be clear, I’m not claiming that Higgins is going to jump to Hill or Adams’ type production.  He is on a much less powerful offense than those two players, and he has lost his starting quarterback (Joe Burrow) for the season.  The knee injury that Burrow sustained in Week 12 was very unfortunate to not only the Bengals as a whole, but also to Higgins.  The type of quarterback play that Burrow was displaying is unable to be matched by Brandon Allen, but that’s not to say his receivers can’t be valuable.

Tee Higgins is the WR 28 on the season.  He is averaging just under five receptions and 66 yards per game.  He has also added five touchdowns.  This is a modest stat line for sure, but he has averaged 13.9 fantasy points per game.  This is a very respectable total for a rookie and one that is, frankly, getting overlooked.  Higgins now enters the last three games of the fantasy season with three very tempting matchups.  The Bengals will face Dallas (Week 14), Pittsburgh (Week 15) and Houston (Week 16).  Not only are each of these matchups above average for wide receiver fantasy points (maybe excluding the Steelers), but the game scripts for each game should be equally as good.  My prediction is that Cincinnati finds themselves trailing in all three games, and they may be trailing by quite a bit.  The Bengals are going to have to pass, and they are going to do it a lot.  While I don’t see Higgins as a better receiver than Tyler Boyd (yet), Higgins has kept pace with Boyd’s receptions over the past two weeks.  If you are looking for a rock bottom floor of 10 fantasy points and a ceiling of 25 fantasy points, Higgins is as reliable as you’ll find.  Bold prediction time…

Tee Higgins’ Final Three Games:

  • 17 receptions – 220 total yards – 2 touchdowns

Mike Gesicki (4-Years – $1,652,981/YR)

And now for the final player in our League Winners.  Here is a tight end that I touted all throughout the off season.  I targeted him in every league that I drafted in (including Dynasty Owner), and I was actually able to acquire him in my BETA league draft.  Mike Gesicki is one of the top three most athletic tight ends in the league, but he hasn’t received the volume that fantasy managers would have liked to see.  I don’t think it’s too harsh to say that Gesicki has had a disappointing season so far.  39 receptions through Week 13 is not what Owners expected.  Regardless, he has shown the ability to have league winning games.  In Week 2, Gesicki put up 8-130-1.  In Week 13, he put up 9-88-1.  As I said, Gesicki has shown that he is able to produce dominant fantasy weeks when given the right opportunity, and I think he will be relied on more throughout the next three games.  While none of Gesicki’s remaining matches is particularly favorable for tight end production, I do believe he will have a positive game script in those games.  Miami plays Kansas City (Week 14), New England (Week 15) and Las Vegas (Week 16).  Miami is expected to be losing or, at the very least, keep the game close in all three.  I look for Gesicki to lead the Dolphins in receptions and receiving yards over the fantasy playoffs.  Bold Prediction:

Mike Gesicki’s Final Three Games:

  • 19 receptions – 202 receiving yards – 2 touchdowns

If Mike is able to put up this stat line, he would be averaging 17 fantasy points per game, and would be well above the average tight end production for the season.

Final Thoughts

I want to finish by saying good luck to everyone this week.  Remember, no one has been eliminated from a prize yet.  You may want to give up because you are no longer competing for the Championship, but there is still work to be done.  An extra pick or an Amnesty Provision will go a long way towards rebuilding for next year.  As always, take care and be safe.


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Dynasty Owner’s 2020 Midseason Awards

Author: Jay Poundsee (@JayPoundsNFL)

I know many of you myself included are amazed that the midway point has come and gone, but even with the season flying tradition still stands strong. The midseason awards we see from every sports outlet possible are finally here on Dynasty Owner and have been determined below, but beware, some awards are not awards you would want to win.

This is an article I want to have a little fun with for you, while still including some key stats and salaries as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to write articles and help on the podcast here on Dynasty Owner. It truly has been a great experience and opportunity and I cannot thank Tim, Don, and the rest of the guys enough for all their hard work! I also cannot begin to thank you guys enough for helping Dynasty Owner grow the way you have; you all really are amazing!

I am not too sure if it’s the whole no preseason or just the pure excitement that we actually have a football season this year that is making Sundays seem faster than DK Metcalf after a Seahawks interception, but as we have all said many of times at least we have football in 2020. The NFL honestly deserves to be handed one of these awards with the job they have been able to do thus far containing COVID-19 and making this season a success, up to this point at least.

The fact they have executed this so well without a bubble while teams are traveling all over the country and even hosting fans in some venues has been a very refreshing site to see. We have seen so many interesting things around the NFL this season from the Chargers turning into the Falcons blowing every lead imaginable all the way to Daniel Jones tackling himself, and all I can think is how it’s by far one of my favorite starts to a season in recent memory…. That may or may not have something to do with my Steelers being undefeated!

If you guys and gals find you have a different choice in players for any of these awards please feel free to contact me on twitter and let me know what player it is and why you would give them the award. To me there is nothing more fun than discussing different football opinions, so please feel free. The way I like to describe fantasy football is an opinionated eye for talent, meaning there is a fair amount of skill that goes into fantasy but a ton of opinion and luck as well, which really makes it so much fun. If you really think about it without opinions in fantasy we would have zero reason to even play let alone draft or trade, because at the end of the day we would all just simply agree and that would be more boring than the Rams vs Patriots super bowl.

The only requirement will be that the player has played in most of the games, otherwise I would have to put players like Andrew Luck in this list. Yeah, I just threw out Andrew Luck in a 2020 article, why not right? Finally, I will shut up, and we will move on to the Dynasty Owner awards!

The “Why Did I Draft Him” Award

Winner – T.Y. Hilton (1-Year $13,000,000)

($276,008 $DD/PT)

Before getting to far into the first two awards I want to explain what these awards are for and what they mean. These awards will both be determined by each players dollar per point based on their salary and fantasy points scored. While TY Hilton may not be the technical answer here, he is by far one of the worst players as far as cost per point goes. Hilton’s unreal cost per point has more than doubled from the 2019 season and sits at $276,008 $DD/PT. Hilton was looked at as a possible solid veteran coming into the year judging by his 71.1% ownership.

I am willing to bet that if you were offered the same deal Jackie Moon had for Ed Monix (in the movie Semi Pro) sitting in front of you right now you would take it, wouldn’t you? I also need mention the runner up here which is Julio Jones at a whopping $202,952 $DD/PT this season. Julio was banged up a little but has still put up a few massive performances and has played in all but 2 games this year. I knew Julio’s cost would be high because of his 4-Year $22,000,000 contract, but I was not expecting it to be this bad. Just so it is out in the open for everyone to see the true winner is Andrew Luck at $24,594,000 $DD/PT.

The “I Am So Glad I Drafted Him” Award

Winner – Gardner Minshew (1-Year $677,721)

($3,987 $DD/PT)

Gardner Minshew was sitting at the top of the list when doing my research, and I have to say I was more than shocked it was not Alvin Kamara the way he has played. Minshew has been a very consistent fantasy player this season outside of week 3 against Miami when he posted a dud for 10 points. The offensive talent such as Chark, Robinson, Cole, and Shenault that Minshew has at his disposal shows up for fantasy owners each week, even if it does not for the Jaguars on Sundays. While this may be a great recipe this year it may translate to the Jags drafting Minshew’s replacement come spring. When I was doing a little rough drafting, I knew I would see Minshew somewhere near the top with as cheap as his salary is playing at the premier position in all of sports.

What I did not expect was to be taken on a full-on mustache ride like I was, not seeing a Kamara or Fulgham in the top spot. I know this is Minshew’s award, but I want to touch on Fulgham briefly and just how unbelievable this kid has been. Fulgham looks like a true alpha receiver who can do it all in this league, and is at the point if he’s able to continue playing close to the level he has recently that he may just earn the opportunity to be a force in the fantasy community for years to come.

Honorable Mention – Alvin Kamara ($4,926 $DD/PT)

The “I Really Want Him Moving Forward” Award

Winner – DK Metcalf (3 years $1,147,513)

($7,695 $DD/PT)

Is there a better contract in all of Dynasty Owner moving forward? I am sure you can make the case for some of the younger quarterbacks but with Metcalf it just seems you are going to have way more boom weeks than you bust. Metcalf is locked in with one of, if not the best quarterback in football Russel Wilson for the foreseeable future. Wilson has compared Metcalf and himself to Montana and Rice on several occasions and he just seems to enjoy flat out playing football with this kid, not to mention how much trust he’s shown in him. If you have Metcalf right now, I honestly think he’s almost untouchable, as nothing you will get back gives you the upside of Metcalf with Wilson on a week to week basis, especially at Metcalf’s salary.

Metcalf has posted an insane $7,695 $DD/PT so far this season and seems to be just getting started and being a prime candidate for the Wr1 spot on the season certainly helps his case for the award. Metcalf had an ADP of 37.8 this off season making him easily one of the best steals in the draft. I would be willing to bet a good majority of the top Chase for the Ring contestants have Metcalf on their roster balling out.

Honorable Mention – Kyler Murray ($37,708 $DD/PT)

The “Juggler” Award

Winner – Diontae Johnson (4 years $1,070,241)

($16,216 $DD/PT)

The Juggler award is one of my personal favorites and the meaning is quite explanatory, the point totals for the player juggle on a week to week basis more than anyone else. Johnson has had some of the highest highs this season, as we witnessed against the Titans when he exploded for 29 points, and another for 24.4 against the Broncos.

Johnson is also capable of some absolute stinkers posting 4 weeks this season with a score of 1.6 points or less for the week. These types of players are good to have around if you can predict when they are going to hit, if you cannot be ready for a headache all season long. Johnson has been banged up this season and I’m sure his owners are hoping that is why he has had so many of the lowest of lows this season. Did I mention this is one of my favorite awards, because it wouldn’t be if Johnson was on my team.

Honorable Mention – Brandin Cooks ($182,638 $DD/PT)

The “Best Jay Suggestion (Free Agent)” Award

Winner – Travis Fulgham (1-Year $540,000)

($5,596 $DD/PT)

This was one of the tougher calls I had on awards night as the two candidates were neck and neck. It came down to Mike Davis and Fulgham, with Fulgham gaining the edge because of his chance at longevity, and a cheaper salary. Is there honestly any better feeling in fantasy than picking up an absolute stud on waivers in any dynasty format, it is like a vacation that just relaxes and calms you in a way you cannot explain. Fulgham has done nothing but play spectacular since catching on with the Eagles, and his $5,596 $DD/PT is third in all of Dynasty Owner.

Fulgham stepped in as a no name kid in a big game against the 49ers catching the game winner and never looking back. The numbers he has been able to put up when he was a practice squad player just 5 weeks ago are unreal at 29 catches for 435 yards and 4 touchdowns and has shown the ability to produce in anyway needed. I heard Fulgham summed up the best way possible the other day when someone said Fulgham is living the American dream right now. I thought about it a while and he really is living the classic “American Dream” starting as an unknown becoming a household name playing his way into potentially millions of dollars, just as any wildly successful CEO does.

Honorable Mention – Mike Davis ($25,338 $DD/PT)

The “Best Young Gun” Award

Winner – Joe Burrow (4-Years $9,047,534)

($46,976 $DD/PT)

This was another insanely close race for me, but I must give Burrow the edge at this point with the way he has played under strenuous circumstances. What this kid has been able to do on a bad Bengals team is extremely impressive. The Bengals have capable play makers around Burrow no doubt about it, but their defense, and offensive line both rank near the bottom of the NFL.

As of October 15th Burrow had been pressured on a massive 51% of his drop backs and to think of it as a rookie being blitzed successfully on every other play while looking at how he’s performed thus far, it’s extremely remarkable. The rookie is completing 67% of his passes for 2,272 yards 11 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions under more pressure than America during election day. If I am the Bengals, I am drafting lineman with all my draft picks to ensure Burrow does not get as beat up as Tim Couch with the Browns. I really hope we all get the privilege of seeing of Burrow with an above average line soon, he may be unstoppable at that point.

Honorable Mention – Justin Herbert ($34,935 $DD/PT)

The “Surprise Birthday Party” Award

Winner – James Robinson (3-Years $763,333)

($5,629 $DD/PT)

Has anyone ever come out of nowhere like James Robinson was able to in this off season? All joking aside Robinson is the poster boy for the 2020 season, unlikely to happen but so much fun to watch, OK seriously now all joking aside. The Jags ultimately shocked the world when releasing Fournette with the season just around the corner, and what the world did not know was how good Robinson really was waiting in the balance.

I remember being somewhat alright with Fournette’s release even after drafting him because I drafted Armstead as well, and that play has smelt worse than a porter potty on a hot day. Thinking back to past fantasy seasons there are some comparable players to Robinson with Austin Ekeler being the one that stands out the most. One of the most mind-blowing stats I have seen on Robinson is his ADP at the 251st slot, which is the definition of league winner to me. If you were one of the lucky few to get Robinson at his shocking $5,629 $DD/PT feel free to toot your own horn a bit, you deserve it

Honorable Mention – Robby Anderson ($79,872 $DD/PT)

The “Kitchens to Stefanski” Award

Winner – Corey Davis (1-Year $6,348,672)

($75,670 $DD/PT)

This season has seen many players improve upon their 2019 campaigns and none has stood out more than Corey Davis. I know going into the year we were hearing a ton of chatter about how Davis is done and that there is no way well see another Devante Parker type breakout so late in one’s career, and if we did it would not be so soon. Well here we are 8 weeks in, and Davis sits at 29 receptions for 369 yards and 3 touchdowns, finally finding a solid option at quarterback.

Are the bad years of Davis to blame on Mariota or did it just take a while for him to figure the NFL out and get up to speed? Davis is another late round pick with an ADP of 234 making him another great steal here in Dynasty Owner. This is another one of those rare moments and special stories we do not see so often in sports. The only question that remains is if he can continue this level of play.

Honorable Mention – DK Metcalf ($7,695 $DD/PT)

The “Reminds Me of Watching the Jets” Award

Winner – Ezekiel Elliot (6-Years $15,000,000)

($112,697 $DD/PT)

As you have all learned from my previous articles, I love taking shots at the Jets. A few weeks back Tim, The Jerk, Steve, and I were chatting and the Jets had been brought up for some reason and Tim said “me being A Browns fan I know what it’s like and I try not to make fun of other teams” which makes me wonder if I’ve been spoiled in my lifetime as A Steelers fan in the middle of Browns country. This award is basically the most disappointing player and this year, and that has to be none other than Zeke. Zeke was a lock to be a top 5 back this off season, and with such a huge salary he had to be for your team to compete, unless you drafted extremely well.

Zeke is at a position that never ages well in this sport and this year seems to be nothing but a waste of one of his prime years. Elliot has a monster 6 years left on his deal so owners have to hope Dak is able to come back strong next season while getting a new deal allowing Zeke to get back to what we are used to seeing. I am one of the biggest Ohio State fans you will ever meet, and Zeke is near and dear to my heart, and it just kills me giving him this award.

Honorable Mention – Jonathon Taylor ($20,822 $DD/PT)

The “Opposite of Daniel Jones” Award

Winner- Kyler Murray (3-Years $8,789,661)

($37,708 $DD/PT)

This award name is pretty simple, I am looking for someone that is in their sophomore season, and on the opposite trajectory of Daniel Jones. I had to roll with Kyler here as he has been spectacular this season, especially on the ground and for fantasy. If you do not get the Cardinals games in your area you have got to find a way to watch this kid play weekly! Murray is so unique in the way he plays that he reminds me of Mighty Mouse, which makes him so much more entertaining to watch than most other quarterbacks. I honestly feel like a toddler zoned out watching baby shark every time I see the kid play. Kyler has been phenomenal statistically as well this season earning 233.1 fantasy points and a $37,708 $DD/PT.

Honorable Mention – Not Daniel Jones

The “JaMarcus Russel David Blaine” Award

Winner – Cam Akers (4-Years $1,543,258)

($80,799 $DD/PT)

Every year we as fantasy players see exciting new talent come into the league and we naturally overvalue some while undervaluing others, and 2020 has been no different. This award goes to the rookie that has just flat out disappeared (David Blaine) this season and has not performed much at all.  Akers was expected to perform at a high fantasy level being a 2nd round draft pick this past off season which is usually a great indicator that he would get a shot at a big role for the team that drafted him regardless of a rookie status. The fact Akers has only been able to produce 19.1 fantasy points thus far is a massive disappointment for his rookie campaign and fantasy owners alike.

Akers has produced a horrible $80,799 $DD/PT so far which his owners must be disgusted with, as well as them being disgusted drafting him at an ADP OF 34.6. I am not too sure which side of this I would choose at this moment in time, but it is between drafting Akers at his ADP knowing what we know now, or going full Brittany Spears meltdown twice a week for a year.  All joking aside Akers has the talent it just may not be showing up at practice for some reason which tends to happen at times with rookies, he should bounce back soon.

Honorable Mention- Ke’Shawn Vaughn ($80,607 $DD/PT)

The “Opposite of the Atlanta Falcons” Award

Winner – Leonard Fournette (1-Year $2,000,000)

($32,000 $DD/PT)

The Opposite of the Atlanta Falcons Award can only mean one thing, and that is a player who is going to finish strong…. something the Falcons have never done. Sorry Falcons fans! Fournette goes into week 9 with 62.5 fantasy points and a solid $32,000 $DD/PT for someone that has been hurt and has missed almost 4 full games, as well as signing late and having to learn a new system. I have noticed a few solid trends for Fournette the most important being that he has been thoroughly better than Ronald Jones every game he has been fully healthy.

Fournette only managed 10.1 fantasy points in week 8, but that was mostly due to the bad game the entire Buccaneers team had. Over week 7 and 8 Fournette has clearly established himself as the dominate pass catching back in the Brady led offense, which we all know is a fruitful place to be in football. Fournette sits at 225 rushing yards and 100 receiving yards for the 2020 season, and I am going to make a bold prediction on Fournette right here right now! Leonard Fournette will finish 2020 with at least 800 yards rushing and 250 yards receiving, and I must note that Tampa has yet to have their bye week.

Honorable Mention – Brandin Cooks ($182,638 $DD/PT)

The “Before the MVP Butt Fumble Look Alike” Award

Winner- Adam Gase (Salary Too Much)

Here it is guys, my full shot at the Jets, and more importantly Adam Gase. Every weekend I see a rare appearance of the Jets on the RedZone channel, and it is like a lunar eclipse. Every time I see Adam Gase in Gang Green, I see butt fumbles everywhere it sometimes leads to a nightmare. I have thought long and hard on this and I have yet to come up with one reason why Adam Gase still has a job in the NFL unless Woody Johnson is walking to his office 3 yards per day like Gase averages per play. I have made this comment more than once and I will say it again, has anyone made a coach more money than Peyton Manning has Adam Gase.

If we look back Gase got the Miami job shortly after Manning’s record-breaking season in Denver back before 50 touchdowns in a season was cool to do. We all know Manning was the offensive coach on his teams after a few years in the league, and if you are too young or just don’t remember go watch one 6 minute highlight of Manning and it will be him lining up calling 736 audibles before each snap. Never let the Omaha cadence die! Gase has failed miserably in each of his 2 stops, and I have to believe whenever the Jets finally come to their senses it will be the last we have seen of Gase as a head coach in the NFL… unless the Jets hire him back a few years down the road, which would be a typical jets move.

Honorable Mention – Daniel Jones Tripping Over Himself

The “2020 G.O.A.T” Award

Winner- Russell Wilson (4-Years $35,000,000)

($123,850 $DD/PT)

Is there anyone more exciting to watch or # on twitter this season than #LetRussCook. Wilson has been nothing short of brilliant this season while improving on what already was the most elegant deep ball the league has ever witnessed. I have a tough time deciding which has more beauty, a deep ball from Wilson to Metcalf or my wife on date night. All off season long we heard how the Seahawks were finally going to #LetRussCook and they have backed it up with Wilson throwing for 2,151 yards and 26 touchdowns just 8 games through the year, and not to mention he’s completing 71% of his passes as well as only throwing 6 interceptions.

Wilson has a massive salary inflating his point to dollar ratio sitting at $123,850 $DD/PT, but to analyze it a little better a player like Aaron Rodgers is all the way up at $154,949 $DD/PT with a cheaper salary. I could have easily gone a different direction here and focused more on dollars per point, but after thinking it through I just couldn’t as I don’t think Seattle wins one game this season without Wilson at the helm. When you are that important to your entire organization there is no way, I can select anyone else but said player as the G.O.A.T.

Honorable Mention – Alvin Kamara (RB Leader in $DD/PT)

Real Consideration – James Robinson (35th Overall in Scoring, ADP 251)

The “Last but Not Least Owner of The Year” Award

Winner – Dynasty Owner (Tim Peffer And Crew)

This here is by far my favorite and the most deserving award of all. This platform is so well put together and thought through Tim, Don, Paul, Seth, Steve, and Matt(The Jerk) have all put in a ton of time and effort into making this site what we have all come to love and enjoy, and will only get better. The innovations Dynasty Owner has introduced, and from what I can see will continue to introduce in the coming years are second to none and are all made to make our fantasy experience and the fantasy community that much better.

As I mentioned earlier, I feel privileged to work with such a fantastic group of individuals and hope to continue working to make Dynasty Owner a better more intriguing fantasy option than it was yesterday. Always remember word of mouth is one of the best and most reliable ways to help something grow as the person you’re telling is hearing it from someone they know and trust instead of a random guys with original names from a fantasy football website.

Thank you all for reading I hope you enjoyed this article as it was a lot of fun to write. As always good luck on your Chase for the Ring!

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