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Welcome to Dynasty Owner

See what everyone is talking about and mock draft!

Dynasty Owner is the ONLY patented fantasy sports game using actual NFL salaries and contracts.

You manage your team from all levels: Owner to General Manager to Coach.

Dynasty Owner is for the Smart / Elite Fantasy Football Player.

Here is what our BETA USERS are saying:

Brandon Dunn: It’s fantasy football that goes deeper than the numbers.
Bruno Gonclaves: The best explanation for dynasty owners is one word – revolutionary.
Justin May: Dynasty Owner is so much more in-depth and fun than any other fantasy football league you have ever played in.
Christian: “Fantasy Football is great. Agreed. But you’re looking for even more? More realism, more strategy, more thrill? Dynasty Owner is it!
Joe Williams: Dynasty Owner is for true Dynasty players.
ProjectAvery Next Level Fantasy! Taking fantasy to the next level!!

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So... how do we compare to other fantasy sports platforms?


Boring Old Fantasy Football

Ads On The Sites Getting In Your Way

Real NFL Salaries and Salary Cap

League Revenue Sharing

Bench Scoring

Draft Pick Trading for 6+ Years

Clutch Scoring System

Weekly Games