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How Dynasty Owner Works

Real NFL Salaries Require More Strategy

Dynasty Owner uses real NFL Contracts to determine the salary for each player, adding a whole new level of strategy to Fantasy Football. We think it’s such a big difference maker that we hold the patent on it.

Here’s some of the ways that using Real NFL Salaries impacts the strategy of Dynasty Owner:

  1. The NFL Sets the Market
    The real NFL market dictates player salaries, not some internal video-game algorithm that other platforms use in an attempt to artificially estimate what a player might agree to.

  2. Off-Season NFL Moves Matter
    Extensions, New Deals, 5th-year Options being exercised, players being cut…they become relevant to managing your Dynasty Owner Franchise. You’ll have a new reason to pay attention to NFL happenings year round.

  3. Get Inside the minds of NFL GMs
    There’s an incentive to get familiar with NFL GMs to anticipate the decisions they’ll make and how each will impact your Dynasty Owner Franchise. Knowing which front office is likely to overpay for a player, or where the market is heading at each position can factor in to every personnel decision for your Franchise.

  4. Year-Round Roster Management
    Dynasty Owners have 7 days from when a new deal goes into effect to either drop or keep the player at their new salary. This provides a reason to regularly review and manage your roster throughout the year.

The Fun of Fantasy

Salary Cap

Each Dynasty Owner Franchise has a Hard Salary Cap (currently $157.36M), which must be managed to both in the current season and future seasons.

Weekly Head-to-Head Matchups

Face off against another owner in your league each week to determine the winner.

Regular Season & Playoffs

Our 14-week regular season is used to seed the 4 teams in each league that will compete in a single-elimination playoff format to determine who will be crowned as League Champion.

Live Dynasty Drafts

Dynasty Owner offers Live Online Drafts through both our mobile app and desktop interface. Each League has a 25-round Snake Draft to select inaugural rosters, and 3-round non-snake Rookie Drafts each subsequent year (draft order being the inverse of prior year's final standings).

Advanced Trading Options

The ability to include players, draft picks, currency, and other in-game assets provide unending possibilities for structuring trades.

PPR Scoring System

The Dynasty Owner Scoring System aligns with the industry standard PPR scoring format, with a few twists of our own. Check out the Dynasty Owner Constitution for full details.

Cash Prize Pools (U.S. Only)

Users have the option to buy into leagues with cash prize pools based on location. If you buy into one or two cash prize pool levels, you will pay a separate fee to Teamstake, a website specializing in holding side fantasy sports bets. Teamstake is 100% owned by a company entirely unrelated to Dynasty Owner. We do not take any fee from this, and 100% of the money (less Teamstake fees) will go to the participants.The following states are restricted from participating in cash prize leagues: AL, AZ, AR, CO, CT, DE, IN, IA, LA, ME, MD, MI, MS, MO, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VT, VA, and Washington DC

Bench Scoring

Your weekly point total includes all the points scored by players in your starting lineup as well as an additional 20% of the points scored by the players on your bench (but not your practice squad). Full details are included in the Dynasty Owner Constitution.

The Business of Football


Player Contracts

There's a cost to every player on your roster, both now and in the future, based on their Real NFL Salary. Read more about this by clicking here

Salary Cap Management

Dynasty Owner Franchises have a Hard Salary Cap (70% of NFL Salary Cap), which must be managed to both in the current season and future seasons.

Understanding the Player Market

There's a benefit to understanding the current market for players at each position, as it will allow you to plan ahead for future seasons.

Virtual Currency

We have an in-game currency, called Dynasty Dollars (DD$$), which are used to pay for transaction expenses, in-game assets (like Amnesty Provisions), and to pay your Franchise Fee each year. Dynasty Dollars are transferrable and can be included in trades or sold in our secondary market.

Amnesty Provisions

Each Franchise is awarded an Amnesty Provision following their inaugural league draft, which can be used to drop a player at no cost (normally 25% of remaining salary). Additional Amnesty Provisions can be purchased (using an exponential pricing model) or transferred through trades.

Secondary Market for your Franchise

Exceptional Dynasty Owners may be able to sell their Franchise for a profit through our secondary market. This can also provide an out for those who find the added strategic elements of our game to be more than they can handle.

Transaction Fees

There's a cost to making roster moves in the NFL, which we've captured in our game. Dynasty Owners must consider both the contract obligation of the player, as well as the virtual currency cost to complete the transaction.