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Everyone complains about how dumb their local sports team owner and general manager are…well now is YOUR chance to prove how good you are. This is as real as it gets without owning an actual team.

Not only do you play week-to-week games, but you also have to plan for the future.  You keep a player for the entirety of their contract.  If they have 5 years and $25MM remaining, you keep them for 5 years and pay them $25MM.

No longer are the days of just trading players for players. You will also have an inventory of draft picks to trade to get your desired player.  And don’t forget Dynasty Dollars (More on that below).  You can use those to trade for draft picks and players or combinations of the two.  This is as real as it gets without spending over $1B to own an actual team.

Dynasty Dollars are our trademarked virtual currency.  You will be given $10MM to start to fund your team’s transaction fees.  The great news is, you can easily buy Dynasty Dollars in the game for $1 USD for every $1MM Dynasty Dollars.

And the great news is, the annual winning championship/playoff pot will be paid out in Dynasty Dollars. 

In future seasons, if you choose to add a basketball and baseball team to your portfolio, you will be able to transfer Dynasty Dollars between teams just like a real sports owner will take money from their other businesses to fund their existing teams.

Player Salaries
Salaries are the actual average annual salary of the players NFL contract and you will own the player for the number of years left on the contract.
To determine the salary, we take the total dollar amount of the contract divided by number of years left on the contract.

Salary Cap

There is no minimum team salary
Salary cap level is a Hard cap of $110 Million

No longer will you have to rely on luck to win. The most strategic players can win more consistently. This game is not just about picking week-to-week players and hoping they perform. 

This game is about finding value and understanding the true player value to your team and to the league.

You can finally showcase your strategy skills and show your friends that it’s not just about picking 

the best players and getting a lucky draft pick here or there.

It’s about so much more.

It’s about using the constraints of salary caps and contracts to build a long-term dynasty.

The strategy of this game is most important.  We are not encouraging adding and dropping players week to week.  We want the fan who loves the research and wants to build a contender.  We want you to decide what matters most to you and go for it. Want to build a winner year to year and not worry about cost?  More power to you. Want to win with as little money as possible? Go for it. You can do that too!


What about trades?  Want to trade player for player?  Fine. But borrrrrinnnnnggggggg.

With Dynasty Owner, you can trade players, draft picks, and Dynasty Dollars in all trades and any combination of them except Dynasty Dollars for Dynasty Dollars.

So now, it’s not just about finding equal trade value from players. You can now sweeten the deal by including draft picks and money in order to get that trade done. Why trade away a great player you have when there are other assets that can be just as valuable?

Are you in a rebuilding year and ready to stockpile some draft picks?  Offer up your existing roster players or just flat out buy draft picks from other users! It’s a great way to rebuild more efficiently than other boring fantasy sports games.

Full Control Across All Devices,


Bench Scoring

We realize the value of a deep bench, so we give partial points for your bench scorers.  No longer fret over losing points to great bench player performance. A championship caliber team has a deep bench and we want to reward you for building one.

Your team will earn 20% of the points scored by your bench players. So if your bench players earn 150 points that week, your score will increase by 30 points (150 x 20%).  

Practice Squad

Want to hold a player on your roster and not play them because you see value later on?  Like Patrick Mahomes in his rookie season? Sure! We have ten total practice squad spots that you can just take that sleeper player and hold them until they are ready to shine! You will be required to fill  10 out of the 15 spots, so you can have 5 open spots to park a players for trades or free agency.  

Whatever you want to park there for the long run, it’s there for you.

We emulate the actual salary cap ideas from each league in some fashion and blend it into our own salary cap system.  Either way, you will know where your salary cap needs to be at all times for building that dynasty squad