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Antonio Brown Shakes Up Week 1

Antonio Brown Shakes Up Week 1

Author: Paul Gabrail

The first year of Dynasty Owner started out with one of the most bizarre situations I have ever seen. Antonio Brown went from trying to prove a point to the Steelers and getting a big contract from the Raiders to signing a one year deal with the Patriots.

Truly bizarre.

And even more bizarre, I thought anyone drafting him this year was borderline crazy because his contract would have taken him to age 34…but they now got a lifeline by this dramatic turn of events. In fact, those who drafted him won big time.

First, in terms of how this plays out in Dynasty Owner, Tim handled it the best way he saw it and he did say that in future years, we would handle it differently. It’s important to remember that we don’t want our Dynasty Owner users to merely pick based on talent and/or contracts. We want you to pick players that will help you form a dynasty, long term, as if you were a real sports owner.

But those who drafted Antonio Brown just got a big save from the patriots as it allows AB to make slightly less money but prove himself on a one-year basis. If he does great this year, you can either deal with a new contract, wherever he lands, or trade him off after the season to a team that desperately needs some wide receiver attention.

Either way, you are getting a star player on a short-term deal that makes him the seventh highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, according to Spotrac.com.

Now the potential downside to this event is that he does amazing this year because of who is throwing to him and he gets a big deal next year, but I don’t think that’s likely. He will be 32.

I think those who drafted AB this year got rid of a longer-term expensive deal with an aging player, and now have a less expensive short-term deal with an amazing wide receiver with yet another chip on his shoulder.

Congrats everyone who drafted him who I thought was crazy for doing so…his baby-like behavior saved your ass from a deal that you likely would have been regretting next year or the year after.

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