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Building Blocks

Blowing Up a Dynasty Owner Roster in 11 Trades

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, it feels like it has been forever, but I am finally back. In all reality, it was only a few weeks, but they were much needed, and I am recharged and ready to pump out some content. I wanted to be sure to have a fun article in store upon my return and I believe I have just that. As some of you already know, I try to stay in contact with all of you on Twitter and over the past month or so, I have been talking to a good friend, Bryan Peck (@bbpckdancer). Bryan had a startup draft at the end of May, and he just didn’t see his team winning so he decided to blow it up. Upon doing so Bryan let me know what was going on and I must say he has flipped his roster on its head and acquired some nice draft capital while doing so. Below I will list each of the 11 trades he has made as well as what I think of the moves. I will also withhold all roster judgement as next week I will add this team to my Rebuilding with our Dynasty Owners series. If you have a Dynasty Owner team that you are rebuilding and would like me to cover it, feel free to reach out via Twitter.

All picks traded are Dynasty Owner rookie draft picks.

  1. The Black and Yellow Receives – Tyler Lockett (4 years/$17,250,000), 2023 1st

MR.FRANCHISE.2U Receives – Aaron Jones (3 years/$12,000,000)

Overall, I must say I am pleased with this move. Over the past couple of off-seasons, I have preached that rebuilding owners need to move on from running backs near, or in their second contract and Bryan did just that and found a way to get a 1st round rookie draft pick in return. Anytime you are in a rebuild and you can snag a 1st round pick for an aging $12,000,000 running back, it should be seen as a win.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – Jarvis Landry (1 year/$3,000,000), 2023 3rd, 2024 1st

The Nice Guys Receive – George Kittle (4 years/$15,000,000)

While I do not care for this trade as much as the first trade, I do not hate it either. I do believe in securing a top tier tight end early in the rebuilding process is critical, but if I had to trade one at this price, it would be George Kittle. Kittle is an excellent tight end when healthy, but he has been banged up the past two seasons and comes with a hefty price tag of $15,000,000 per year. Had Bryan not been able to secure a 1st round rookie draft pick in this deal, I would not have made the move but since he did, I will give it my stamp of approval. As part of the deal, Bryan also received a potential trade chip in Jarvis Landry as a throw in.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – 2023 3rd

Orange Crush Receives – Melvin Gordon (1 year/$2,500,000)

Ahh the first trade I am not a fan of. It was only a matter if time, right? While I agree it was necessary to move on from Melvin Gordon, I do feel more value could have been had. While Bryan didn’t do terrible, I would have liked to see him get a 2nd round rookie draft pick in return here.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – 2024 3rd

Jersey Strong Receives – Calvin Ridley (1 year/$2,725,178)

Up next, we have another trade I do not care much for as I have gone to bat several times for rebuilding owners to acquire and/or hold Calvin Ridley. I know it stinks Ridley won’t touch the field in 2022, but he is a cheap hold and a top echelon receiver when playing. While I wouldn’t trade Ridley at all I feel Bryan could have grabbed at least a 2nd round rookie draft pick in return.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – 2025 1st

MR.FRANCHISE.2U Receives – Brandon Aiyuk (2 years/$3,132,835)

Here we have what may be my favorite trade of the entire bunch. If this were the 2021 off-season, I would expect this trade but after the season Brandon Aiyuk had, I am shocked to see someone spending a 1st round rookie draft pick to acquire him. I feel Bryan did an excellent job of using the Deebo Samuel trade talks to his advantage. While yes, it is still a possibility Samuel gets traded, I don’t see Aiyuk as the long-term top option in San Francisco even if it happens.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – Rex Burkhead (1 year/$2,350,000), 2025 2nd

MR.FRANCHISE.2U Receives – Jarvis Landry (1 year/$3,000,000)

Remember earlier when I said Bryan had a potential trade chip thrown in a deal named Jarvis Landry? Well, this is exactly why you grab little pieces like Landry in deals. Had Landry not been included in the earlier deal, Bryan would have never received this 2nd round rookie draft pick in 2025.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – Tyler Boyd (2 years/$10,750,000), Cameron Brate (2 years/$6,800,000), 2024 3rd, 2025 3rd

MR.FRANCHISE.2U Receives – Jameis Winston (2 years/$14,000,000)

Here is another trade I didn’t care much for. The reason for this is because Jameis Winston is a cheap option at quarterback and those are hard to come by in Dynasty Owner. I tend to make people overpay if they want a cheap quarterback off my roster and I feel the same should have been done here. I also feel Winston is primed for a big year so I may be a little biased here.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – 2025 3rd

Jersey Strong Receives – Nico Collins (3 years/$1,217,879)

Overall, not a bad deal here but being a Nico Collins truther, I would have asked for a little more or held onto Collins. The Texans didn’t add any notable free agent receivers in the off-season, so that tells me they believe in Collins for at least another season.

  • The Black and Yellow Receives – Marcus Mariota (2 years/$9,375,000), Kenyan Drake (1 year/$5,500,000), Michael Gallup (5 years/$11,500,000), 2023 2nd

Jersey Strong Receives – Matthew Stafford (1 year/$27,000,000), Brevin Jordan (3 years/$958,046)

In the #9 spot we have by far the biggest trade of the bunch, and I feel it’s a fair deal for both sides. As far as Bryan’s team goes, I love the addition of Michael Gallup as I feel he will become a bargain as soon as this season at just $11,500,000 a year. I also like getting another starting quarterback (Marcus Mariota) who can be moved later.

  1. The Black and Yellow Receives – Chris Carson (1 year/$5,212,500), 2023 3rd

The Nice Guys Receive – Marcus Mariota (2 years/$9,375,000)

Well moving Marcus Mariota for additional assets did not take long, though I would have asked for a little more in return. If the injury and future of Chris Carson were clearer this may have been enough value. Because of the uncertainty, I would have asked for more with Mariota currently locked in as the starting quarterback in Atlanta.

  1. The Black and Yellow Receives – Baker Mayfield (1 year/$18,858,000), 2024 2nd

The Nice Guys Receive – Tyler Lockett (4 years/$17,250,000), Laviska Shenault (2 years/$1,924,017)

At last, we have made it to the 11th and final trade of Bryan’s goal to blow his roster up. The fact that Lockett is rostered in just over 50% of Dynasty Owner leagues (54.7%) makes this trade a win for Bryan in my eyes. Moving Lockett in his current situation is a tough ask and Bryan not only did it, but received a 2nd round rookie draft pick and a probable starting quarterback as well in Baker Mayfield. The worst-case scenario here is Bryan must cut Mayfield, but he still has a 2024 2nd round rookie draft pick at his disposal.

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out our other content from Steve, Nate, and Matt! Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

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