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Dynasty Owner Listens to Their Owners, Makes Historic Decision for Fantasy Football Players on Unprecedented Situation

Dynasty Owner, a fantasy football platform that uses real NFL contracts and salaries, has made a historic decision on how to handle the unprecedented situation from Week 17 involving the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Damar Hamlin and his family. We are happy with recent positive developments in his recovery and hope for his full recovery from this catastrophic life threatening event”, said Dynasty Owner founder Paul Gabrail.

“The NFL took their time and made their decision on how to handle this unprecedented situation that they believe is the best solution for the players and teams and NFL owners voted to approve changes to the NFL playoffs as a result”, remarked Dynasty Owner CEO Tim Peffer.

“In the same way, Dynasty Owner has chosen to get feedback from its players (Dynasty Owners) on what to do with the statistics for Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals’ players from Week 17. While the NFL cancelled the game and all statistics from the game have been cancelled, we felt that a better solution was available to our Dynasty Owners and all fantasy football players” continued Peffer. “We noticed that many individual leagues were choosing to manually add the statistics for Bills and Bengals players from their Week 18 games and counting those for their fantasy teams.”

“Our developers worked tirelessly to implement this solution and Dynasty Owners overwhelmingly agreed by a greater than two-to-one margin that this was the right decision for Dynasty Owner to make”, said Peffer. “As a result, Dynasty Owner will be using statistics for Bills and Bengals players from their Week 18 matchups in place of the zeros they received from the NFL for Week 17. The Week 17 points for Bills and Bengals players will be removed and the Week 18 points will be added. Those points will be added to the scores from players for Week 17 according to our Dynasty Owner scoring system and our winners will be announced on Monday, January 9th.”

“This unfortunate and unique situation called for a historic decision and Dynasty Owner has done it”, announced Gabrail. “I’m proud of the work by everyone associated with Dynasty Owners and grateful to the Dynasty Owners who voted and agreed with us on what they feel was the right decision for our platform and players. We truly have the best fantasy football players in the world and a group of understanding and caring individuals to make the fair and right decision for everyone involved.”

“Over two-fifths of all Dynasty Owners responded within less than a day to the question on the right decision for Dynasty Owner. By a greater than two-to-one margin, they chose to use the Week 18 statistics for those Bills and Bengals players with no lineup changes allowed compared to using no Week 17 or Week 18 statistics for those players and all Bills and Bengals players getting zero points”, said Peffer. “At the response rate received, we are extremely confident that we are making the decision that a significant majority of our Dynasty Owners support”, Peffer concluded.

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