Free Agent Auction Targets – Week 3

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Is there something about Week 2 that causes a ton of NFL injuries? In Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season, we saw multiple stars go down with injury. Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Courtland Sutton, Nick Bosa, and Cam Akers all suffered Week 2 injuries in 2020. In Week 2 of 2021, multiple things outside of injuries caught my eye and we’ll cover those in this week’s edition of Jay’s Week 2 recap.

The Ravens and the Chiefs put on an absolute show Sunday night with Lamar bouncing back and beating Mahomes for the first time in his young career. The Vikings defense continues to struggle and looks like it will be the teams Achilles heel all season. Aaron Rodgers bounced back in the 2nd half of Monday night’s game beating the Lions 35-17. I see the Packers as a team that gets better week in week out and comes ready to play when it matters most. The Titans new offensive coordinator finally figured out how to win football games when he let Derrick Henry carry the load against the Seahawks to the tune of 35 carries for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns. Henry also came away with 6 catches for 55 yards, potentially adding another element to his game. Are the Texans for real? The Browns struggled against the Tyrod Taylor led Texans but ultimately came away victorious after Taylor left the game in the 2nd quarter. The Jaguars looked like a much better football team this past weekend, but it unfortunately it did not mean a big game from Trevor Lawrence as he struggled against a very good Broncos’ defense. The Cowboys defense looks much improved from last season and found a way to win a game without Dak Prescott needing to throw for 400 plus yards. Finally, we have Kyler Murray for MVP! Kyler finished Sunday’s game with 400 yards passing and 4 touchdowns resulting in a 34-33 shootout win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Alright Dynasty Owners, we are back with another week of trying to find a diamond in the rough with the Free Agent Auction targets. The free agent articles/videos will be dropping every Tuesday afternoon in advance of when bids process on Wednesday at 5 AM and will consist of the week’s Top 5 free agent adds. I will do my best to keep the players listed at an ownership percentage of 65% or less and make sure all players have contracts of $8,000,000 or less, with most players coming in at under $4,000,000. One last note, in Dynasty Owner you will be credited each week with 25% of your entire Bench’s score making these weekly free agent pick-ups extremely important to help boost your total weekly score.

On to the top targets for Week 3:

  1. K.J. Osborn (WR – MIN) – 3 Years/$890,693 – 63.9% Rostered

K.J. Osborn is one of the repeat guys on the list from last week’s Free Agent Auction article. Osborn had another big week after his strong showing to start the 2021 season in Week 1 and will likely be rostered in north of 90% of Dynasty Owner leagues come the start of Week 3. In Week 2, Osborn again blew up to the tune of 5 catches for 91 yards and a “tuddy” as Brady and Gronk like to say. The Vikings’ defense has looked atrocious to start the 2021 season and looks as if it will continue to be an issue through the season. If the Vikings defense does continue to struggle, Osborn should continue to thrive. The last thing I love about Osborn is the way Adam Thielen played towards the end of last season pointing to a potential need at the receiver spot with the Vikings. In the back half of 2020, Thielen’s fantasy production was largely dependent on his touchdowns.

  • Sammy Watkins (WR – BAL) – 1 year/$5,000,000 – 47.9% Rostered

Sammy Watkins did not have the greatest performance against the Chiefs, but he showed me that he will have a consistent role in the Ravens offense this season. The Ravens ran the ball 41 times on Sunday and Watkins still found a way to come up with 4 catches for 44 yards good enough for 8.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. If Watkins can produce like that on his down weeks, he will be more than worth a pickup for contending teams. Another factor I love about picking up Watkins is that he only has 1 year remaining on his contract meaning you can move on from him free and clear at the end of year. One thing that does worry me with Watkins is when Rashod Bateman returns to the starting lineup. Will it hurt Sammy Watkins’ production to the point that he is not playable?

  • Zach Pascal (WR – IND) – 1 year/$3,384,000 – 63.3% Rostered

Another free agent run another week of the legend Zach Pascal talk. Pascal has seemingly earned every bit of Carson Wentz’s trust in the redzone as he is the only one Wentz seems to throw to these days when the Colts get inside of the 20. In Week 2, Pascal performed well again against a tough Rams defense with 5 catches for 38 yards and a touchdown. It’s not a crazy scenario to put Pascal on your Bench and forget about him if he is going to continue to see 6-8 targets per game, especially when some of those targets are in the redzone. Be sure to grab the 2020 Dynasty Owner livestream WR1 before it’s too late and the rest of the Dynasty Owners get on board. One thing you will want to monitor is the health of Colts quarterback Carson Wentz as every playmaker on the team will likely see a dip in production if he can’t play.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson (RB – ATL) – 1 year/$3,000,000 – 49.1% Rostered

I mentioned last week how gross it felt to have Cordarrelle Patterson listed as a pickup. His play on the field led to me doubling down this week and putting him on the list again, though this week doesn’t feel quite as gross. In Week 2 against a very good Tampa Bay defense Patterson found the end zone twice and accounted for 69 total yards. Mike Davis was again inefficient but still managed to come away with 16 total touches meaning Patterson’s role still has room to potentially grow. If Davis continues to play the way he is, I could see Patterson getting an uptick in usage while stealing some from Davis. Regardless I think he has carved out a nice role for himself in the Falcons offense. The Falcons look like one of the worst teams in the NFL through the first 2 weeks of the season and look as if they will be down by a lot of points on a weekly basis. The more the Falcons throw the ball, the more opportunities Patterson will get.

  • Rashard Higgins (WR – CLE) 1 year/$2,377,500 – 40.8% Rostered

Rashard Higgins may come as a surprise to some on this list but with the health of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry still up in the air, I feel Higgins should be a big factor if either one misses the game this coming week. Higgins has always played well when given an opportunity and looked good in limited work this past week against the Texans. Higgins caught both of his targets ending the day with 2 catches for 27 yards. The Browns used three tight ends in the passing game Sunday with Harrison Bryant, Austin Hooper, and David Njoku all catching at least two passes. If the Browns want to have some type of passing game, they will need someone to step up and who better than the guy who already has a great connection with Baker Mayfield, Hollywood Higgins.


After a wild first two weeks, the Free Agent Auction is starting to slim down. Make sure you are filling out your Bench and the back end of your rosters as players who are productive full-time are extremely hard to come by the later the season goes.

Please do not forget about Steve Van Tassell’s weekly Tuesday recap article and Friday preview article and video, as well as Matt “The Jerk” Morrison’s Wednesday article and video plus his Thursday Night Football preview article. Don’t forget to check out Dynasty Owner on YouTube!

Thank you all for reading and as always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

2021 Dynasty Owner Value MVP’s

By Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Hello Dynasty Owners and welcome to the first article of the new league season. If you are reading this on the day of release, we still haven’t witnessed a regular season game. That first game will happen tomorrow between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let me give you the article schedule that I will be following this season. I will be doing a weekly article on Wednesdays that will have a YouTube video paired with it. In addition, I will be doing a Thursday Night Football preview article. The Thursday article will most likely be a little shorter than my usual articles, and the purpose of them is to highlight the game itself and some of the values or “anti-values” that are to be had. In these, I will probably discuss one or two players that I think we need to watch out for as well as free agents that may become more talked about after the game. Without further ado, let’s talk about my 2021 Dynasty Owner (Value) MVP picks.

2021 (Value) MVPs

I’m going to talk about each major position individually and give my one player that I think will win people’s Dynasty Owner leagues this year, at least from a value standpoint. My picks are not solely based on total points scored. We know that almost nothing in Dynasty Owner runs on strictly fantasy points. Instead, I am factoring in salary and average draft position as well. For example:  I love Tyreek Hill this year. I own Hill in one of my Dynasty Owner leagues. I actually project that he will be the highest scoring wide receiver in 2021. However, with a salary of $18,000,000 per year and a current ADP of 26.1, he is not in consideration for a value league winner. Hill certainly can (and probably will) win people their Dynasty Owner leagues, but what I’m looking at is overall value picks.


In my search for a worthy quarterback candidate, I came upon a few names that sounded right…Lamar Jackson, Trey Lance, Jalen Hurts.  All three of these players are on great contracts and their ADP is not “too high” in my opinion, but I’m going deeper on this one.  It somewhat pains me to say this, but my Dynasty Owner QB MVP is Sam Darnold.  Now, before you tune me out, let me give some arguments to back my case.

As we all know, Darnold was drafted into the NFL by the Jets in 2018 as the third overall pick. What you may not have known is that he started his first NFL game as the youngest opening day starting quarterback in at least 41 years. It is also worth noting that Joe Burrow is actually six months older than Darnold. That’s right, Darnold is younger than second year quarterback Joe Burrow. Let’s add on…

Darnold was given zero favors by being drafted by the Jets, and being coached for two seasons by one of the worst player managers in the NFL, Adam Gase. This is anecdotal evidence, but we have seen many players that struggled with Gase go on to do great things under different head coaches and offensive coordinators. Ryan Tannehill is the biggest example.

Finally, Darnold joins the most athletic and talented offensive team that he has ever played with. He will have the best running back in the NFL and two 1,000 yard receivers from last season.  These players are, of course, Christian McCaffrey, Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore. I project Darnold to have a very productive bounce back season, and I would be happy to own him in Dynasty Owner.

Now, here is the best part, Darnold’s current salary is $7,561,929 for one more year, and his ADP is currently 114.8.  Both of these are great values.  Darnold is the textbook type of player that I want as my Bench quarterback this season.

Running Back

Over the past month, I have written about Antonio Gibson quite a bit. The truth is that I considered him (and almost locked him in as my RB MVP), but I didn’t mainly because of his cost to acquire, and his ADP (12.1). As I did with the quarterback position, I looked deeper until I stumbled upon Raheem Mostert.

Mostert is perennially undervalued, and this year is no different. Mostert comes into the 2021 season as the lead running back, for the San Francisco 49ers, but he has rookie Trey Sermon nipping at his heels. There is little doubt in my mind that Sermon is the future back for San Francisco, but this year will largely belong to Mostert. The 49ers were in the top half of about every rushing metric in 2020 including rushing attempts, rushing yards, and yards per carry. In addition, Mostert is an explosive running back who has shown he does not need a large amount of volume to be an effective fantasy running back. I think they will use him all over the field and really look forward to watching this offense as a whole this season.

As was the case with Darnold, the best part about Mostert is his salary and cost to acquire. He is being paid $2,900,000 for one more year and his ADP is 85.0. While he may not get enough volume to literally win you weeks, the value you get by trading for him cheap or drafting him late is remarkable.

Wide Receiver

There are so many wide receivers I could have included here. A few that came to mind were Deebo Samuel, Courtland Sutton, and Russell Gage. In the end, I decided on Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman found only modest success at best in the 2020 season. I chalk this up to…

  1. He was a rookie.
  2. He had an alpha receiver in front of him on the depth chart (T.Y. Hilton).
  3. The Colts were one of the most run heavy offenses in the league with an aging Philip Rivers throwing passes.

Now, I’m not going to declare that Carson Wentz will be better than Rivers was, but I can see that being a real possibility. All three of these facts have changed in 2021. He has a year of experience under his belt, and he looks ready to make the “sophomore wide receiver leap”.  T.Y. Hilton was recently diagnosed with a nasty sounding neck injury. Hilton will miss significant time, and his timeline isn’t yet known.

Pittman passed the eye test last year, and looked to be an above average route runner and physical presence when on the field. His salary is $2,153,212 for three more years. Pair this with the low ADP of 90.9, and I’d say you have an MVP value for 2021.

Tight End

Adam Trautman would have been my clear Value TE MVP had it not been for his ankle injury late in the pre-season. I actually still have him as an honorable mention due to the idea that he will likely be back within the first three week.

Regardless, I’m going with Gerald Everett. Everett signed a single year contract with the Seattle Seahawks back in March. Simply put, I like Everett because he will be the primary receiving tight end for Seattle. His $6,000,000 salary is a tad higher than I would have liked for a value candidate, but his cost to acquire and current draft position make up for it. The reality is that you are going to have to pay a similar cost for many less productive tight ends that are majority rostered. A trade for Everett shouldn’t cost you much more than a late round pick, and his current ADP is 173.8.

Thank you for reading, and look out for my video that pairs with this article. I’ll be back tomorrow with my first Thursday Night Football preview article. Message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube.

Thank you all. Take care and be safe.


Roster Turnover Craziness

By Steven Van Tassell

It’s late Wednesday morning as I’m finishing up this article which means that NFL rosters have been whittled down to 53 players and hundreds of players have been waived, placed on Injured Reserve or even moved to the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. If you were away since Sunday, you missed a lot.

The players released found out primarily on Monday or Tuesday. We’ve known about some of the injured guys longer. The injury to J.K. Dobbins happened on Saturday, but it wasn’t until Monday that the Ravens officially put him on Injured Reserve. It’s been known since June that Michael Thomas was likely to miss the start of the 2021 season, but he wasn’t officially placed on the PUP list until Tuesday afternoon. Same thing with Cam Akers who was injured back in July and declared out for the 2021 season, but didn’t get placed on Injured Reserve until Tuesday as well.

With all of this activity, it’s possible that somebody on your Dynasty Owner roster was impacted by the madness and you need a replacement. The question is: What exactly should you do? It’s not as easy to deal with the NFL roster turnover madness in Dynasty Owner as in your “regular” dynasty or redraft league.

If you took Cam Akers, Travis Etienne or J.K. Dobbins in a redraft league, it’s easy. You just cut them and find the best available RB on the waiver wire, or use some of your Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) to bid on a replacement. Those guys are on Injured Reserve for the entire 2021 season and can’t help your redraft team.

In a “regular” dynasty league, it’s trickier. You’re highly unlikely to get rid of those guys since they are so young and talented. Hopefully you have someone else on your roster who you can drop for a replacement, or maybe your league has Injured Reserve spots that you can stash them on.  

In Dynasty Owner, it’s different. There is a 3-man Injured Reserve list, but you still have to continue paying their 2021 salary. If you want a replacement player, you need to have salary cap room to add him. If your Dynasty Owner team’s salaries are close to the $127.75 million salary cap, you’re in trouble. You’ll need to drop someone and pay the drop fee (25% of the remaining contract value) in Dynasty Dollars. Then, you’ll have to find a replacement who you can afford and use some more Dynasty Dollars to bid on that player. For example, the injury to Travis Etienne likely means more touches for Carlos Hyde. In a redraft or “regular” dynasty league if Hyde is available and you’re first to the waiver wire, have a high waiver wire position, or bid the most FAAB on him, he’s on your team. In Dynasty Owner, your team will need $2.25 million in salary cap room to even attempt to pick up Hyde off the Free Agent Auction. If you don’t, then you can’t do it. If you have salary cap room, then you have to outbid all of the other teams for Hyde’s services.

With all of this late August madness, what’s a Dynasty Owner to do now that the calendar has turned to September and kickoff for the first NFL game is in only eight days? Fortunately, I’m here to try and help you out.

All 2021 projections come from Rotowire and are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All 2021 Dynasty Owner ADP and fantasy points projections were accurate as of the morning of September 1st.

What to Do with Recently Released Players

In a redraft league, this is easy and the same as the injured players mentioned earlier, you cut him. In a “regular” dynasty league, you might hold on to him and take up one of your roster spots or you might cut him. In most, it won’t cost you anything other than waiver wire priority or some FAAB (which in most leagues, isn’t real money).

In Dynasty Owner, you can keep the player, but he’ll take up a roster spot and you still have to account for his salary. There were several highly rostered Dynasty Owner players who were released over the past two days, such as Cam Newton, Wayne Gallman, Breshad Perriman, Nick Folk, and Javian Hawkins. There were more than just those players, but hopefully you get the idea.

For example, the Dynasty Owners with Cam Newton on their roster can keep him there. No problem. However, his $5.1 million salary for 2021 still counts against the $127.75 million salary cap, so even if you have an open roster spot, you might not have the room to pick up a replacement if you’re tight against that cap. Especially if you were counting on Newton as one of your QBs and need to find another one. In Dynasty Owner, here are your options on what to do with Cam (or any other recently released player):

  • Find a willing trade partner with salary cap room and take whatever they will give you. Third round pick in 2024, $1 million Dynasty Dollars, etc. – take it and run.
  • Dropping is a clear option. It’ll get rid of his $5.1 million salary right away and you can use that money on a replacement. However, it’s going to cost you $1.275 million Dynasty Dollars. New Dynasty Owners get $10 million plus an amnesty provision when they sign up. You can buy Dynasty Dollars and they cost $1 for each $1 million in Dynasty Dollars. Effectively, you are paying $1.27 to get Newton off your roster.
  • Another team might sign Newton to a new contract. This contract is almost certain to cost less than $5.1 million. The veteran minimum salary that a team can sign Newton for is $1.075 million for one year. That’s a savings of $4.025 million from your salary cap once Newton signs and his contract is updated in Dynasty Owner. Your team gets to keep Newton at his new $1.075 million salary by just waiting a few days. 
  • If Newton signs with a new team and his contract is updated in Dynasty Owner, the Dynasty Owner team with Newton has seven days to drop him free of charge. Repeat, you can drop Newton free of charge if you just wait for him to sign somewhere else.

I was in a similar situation a few days ago and utilized the “Hold and Wait to Drop” option. Steven Sims was released by the Washington Football Team on August 23rd. His $590,000 contract was still on my team’s banking ledger. He signed with the Buffalo Bills two days later for $850,000. Due to the contract change, I was able to release Sims once his new contract took effect in Dynasty Owner for nothing. My team was tight against the salary cap, but I waited, then released Sims and picked up Tristan Vizcaino (K – LAC) with the cap room that I saved by dropping Sims. Plus, I didn’t have to pay the $147,500 fee in Dynasty Dollars for releasing Sims. Admittedly that’s not a lot of Dynasty Dollars, but if this was a startup league, every Dynasty Dollar counts as that’s what you use to bid on players in the Free Agent Auction too.

If I thought Sims might have value and play for Buffalo or another team this season, I would have done the “Hold and Keep” option, even with the $260,000 salary increase. However, his subsequent release by Buffalo on Tuesday and my need for another kicker because of the release of Nick Folk by New England made the decision to drop Sims much easier.

While this situation is different than the Cam Newton example, it shows that holding onto a released player may be the correct choice for your Dynasty Owner team rather than immediately dropping him for another player. Good luck to Cam in his efforts to find future NFL employment and to Dynasty Owners who had him last year and kept him on their rosters, or drafted him (ADP 147.2) in a startup draft this year.

Players to Start Drafting and Picking Up Now

Hopefully your Dynasty Owner team has roster space available. After all, your team drafted 25 players, but you can have up to 30 on your rosters (plus 3 Injured Reserve spots). And if you have even a little bit of salary room, there are players still widely available who could help your Dynasty Owner team.

Don’t wait too long though. Inexpensive replacement players tend to go quicker on Dynasty Owner than other platforms. Guys like Ty’Son Williams (RB – BAL) who was probably largely unknown outside of his immediate family, people who follow BYU football, and Baltimore Ravens super fans until J.K. Dobbins got injured last Saturday (August 28th). Here is the percentage of leagues that Williams was rostered in over the past few days:

PlatformSunday – 8/29Tuesday – 8/31Wednesday – 9/1
Dynasty Owner6%79%84%
My Fantasy League (MFL)N/A18%22%

To be fair, MFL and Sleeper host redraft leagues as well and I didn’t check for his roster percentage on MFL or Sleeper on Sunday, so Williams could have been rostered in more leagues at that point than Dynasty Owner. However, a few days after Dobbins’ injury and Coach John Harbaugh’s confirmation that Williams made the Ravens’ final 53-man roster, Williams is only rostered in 22% of MFL leagues and two-thirds (66%) of Sleeper leagues, compared to 84% of Dynasty Owner leagues. If you slept on picking up Williams until now in your Dynasty Owner league, he’s likely gone.

Here are some players who Dynasty Owners with drafts coming up in the next few days should consider drafting, even though their current ADP is listed as N/A. Dynasty Owners who have already drafted should check their league Free Agent Auction to see if they are still available to bid on and get your bid in ASAP. The kickers are going fast, but the rest are still rostered in less than half of Dynasty Owner leagues. Finally, none are going to cost you a lot of salary cap room in 2021 even the two guys with multi-year contracts. Get those bids in and hopefully they can help your Dynasty Owner team.

  • Quinn Nordin (K – NE) – 3 years/$808,333 – Roster Percentage: 59.3%

It’s “out with the old and in with the new” in New England to steal a line from my friend Bob Siggins. Believe it or not, this was in reference to the decision by New England to make Quinn Nordin their kicker and release veteran Nick Folk. He probably was referring more to the Patriots’ decision earlier in the day to cut Cam Newton to make rookie Mac Jones the starting QB as well, which was probably bigger news. Regardless, the undrafted rookie free agent out of Michigan will be the new kicker in New England this season. At the time of Folk’s release on Tuesday, Nordin was rostered in exactly one-third (33.3%) of Dynasty Owner leagues, which increased overnight to 59.3%. Congrats to everyone who got him last night. And special shout-out to Dynasty Owners, such as 2019 Ring Champion Eddie Driscoll, who had the foresight to pick up him off the Free Agent Auction (as Eddie did back on August 13th in our beta league) prior to Folk’s release. If Nordin is still available in your league, get your bid in today before he’s gone.

  • Tristan Vizcaino (K – LAC) – 1 year/$660,000 – Roster Percentage: 51.3%

If Nordin isn’t available, or you prefer to have only kickers on one-year contracts, kickers who play in warm weather climates, or you don’t like having players on the Patriots, then Tristan Vizcaino of the Los Angeles Chargers is your guy. Vizcaino is available in more leagues than Nordin, costs $148,333 less this year, plays his home games in Los Angeles, is on a one-year contract and doesn’t kick for the six-time Super Bowl Champions. What else is there to say. He’s inexpensive and a starting NFL kicker – go bid on him if you need one of those on your Dynasty Owner roster. Hurry though as he is rostered in just over half of Dynasty Owner leagues now versus only 8% on Tuesday.

  • Tyler Conklin (TE – MIN) – 1 year/$685,258 – Roster Percentage: 37.3%

Conklin was penciled in as the #2 TE in Minnesota at the start of training camp, but moves up to the top spot with Irv Smith out with a knee injury. Smith’s return date up in the air, so there’s plenty of room for Conklin on Dynasty Owner rosters while Smith is out. Even the addition of Christopher Herndon in a trade from the Jets shouldn’t dampen Conklin’s role as the starter for now. Conklin’s stats from 2020 don’t jump out as someone who Dynasty Owners need to add to their rosters as he only scored 43.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points despite playing in all 16 games (2.7 points per game average). However, he was the #3 TE for most of the season behind Smith and Kyle Rudolph, who is now with the New York Giants. Rudolph did not play for Minnesota in the final four games of the 2020 season and in those games, Conklin scored a total of 36.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (9.2 points per game). Even though Smith’s injury occurred in Friday night’s pre-season game, Conklin is only rostered in 37.3% of leagues now, up from 34% on Tuesday and 28.7% on Monday. The word is getting out slowly, but don’t wait too long.

  • Kaden Smith (TE – NYG) – 2 years/$680,002 – Roster Percentage: 30.0%

Smith started training camp as the Giants’ #3 TE, but could be the starter in Week 1, depending on the health of top TE Evan Engram who suffered a calf injury in Sunday’s pre-season game and #2 TE Kyle Rudolph who was activated off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list just last week. Even if Rudolph plays in Week 1, his contract (2 years/$6 million per year) makes him undesirable in Dynasty Owner. Smith also has two years left on his contract, but will only cost $680,002 in salary per season. Smith only scored 28.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 15 games played in 2020 for an average of 1.9 points per game, so he’s not a lock to suddenly be a Top 12 TE. However, Engram led the Giants in targets in 2020 with 109, or 6.8 per game, so Smith could be in line for plenty of work in Week 1 (and maybe beyond) if Engram and Rudolph aren’t ready to play.

  • Dare Ogunbowale (RB – JAC) – 1 year/$850,000 – Roster Percentage: 14.7%

Now that Travis Etienne has been placed on the Injured Reserve list and is out for the entire 2021 season, there is an opening for the third down RB in Jacksonville. Carlos Hyde is the obvious RB to pick up additional carries and receptions in Etienne’s place, but he’s being drafted (ADP 249.3) and is rostered in over three-quarters (78%) of Dynasty Owner leagues. Dynasty Owners with a need for a RB, room on their rosters and $1 million in salary cap can pick up Ogunbowale off the Free Agent Auction. If you have a draft coming up in the next few days, grabbing Ogunbowale in the late rounds as a flyer is a good idea as well. Yes, he only had 30.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2020, but had double-digits points (11.0 and 11.2) in the final two games of the season after James Robinson suffered a high ankle sprain and was forced to miss Weeks 16 and 17. Before Dare was on the Jaguars, he had a solid role as the third down back in Tampa Bay in 2019. He put up 79.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 16 games (4.9 points per game) for the Buccaneers with 35 receptions for 286 receiving yards plus 17 rushing yards and two rushing TDs.

  • Lil’Jordan Humphrey (WR – NO) – 1 year/$850,000 – Roster Percentage: 1.3%

This is a much bigger reach than the others on this list, but Humphrey is the only Saints WR to catch TD passes in each of the team’s two pre-season games (one from Jameis Winston and one from Taysom Hill). While Dynasty Owners shouldn’t place a lot of stock in pre-season performance, the fact remains that Michael Thomas is out for the start of the season and other WRs will need to step up for the Saints. Most Dynasty Owners are thinking that it will be Marquez Callaway (ADP 159.9 – 2 years/$765,000) or Tre’Quan Smith (ADP 151.0 – 1 year/$855,131). Deonte Harris is also rostered in just under half (46%) of Dynasty Owner leagues, but has an ADP of 261.4 and a very low salary of just $583,333. The Saints had plenty of WRs in training camp, but released four of them on Tuesday, leaving them with just four on their current 53-man roster (five if you include Ty Montgomery who is apparently back playing WR now). Humphrey and his $850,000 salary survived the roster cuts, and he is only rostered in 1.3% of Dynasty Owner leagues. He might not be the best option, but he’s available, inexpensive and worth a flyer for Dynasty Owners looking for one at WR.

Late Round Flyers

Speaking of flyers, in addition to those players who are still going largely undrafted, we have a host of late round flyers, or lottery tickets as Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl on Twitter) likes to call them. Mostly Jay’s talking about rookies, but there are plenty of other players who fit that definition. All of these guys are being drafted, on average, in Round 20 or later in Dynasty Owner startup drafts and might help out your Dynasty Owner team. For Dynasty Owners in an existing league, the odds that they are available are in your favor as none is rostered in a majority of leagues now. Two out of three will cost more than $1 million in salary, so hopefully you saved more than that when you drafted, or don’t take too many high salary players in the early rounds of your startup draft so you have room under the salary cap when the later rounds come around.

  • DeMarcus Robinson (WR – KC) – 1 year/$1,127,500 – ADP 263.1

The battle to make the Kansas City Chiefs roster is over. Six WRs were sent packing in the past two days (Maurice Ffrench, Darrius Shepherd, Dalton Schoen, Cornell Powell, Marcus Kemp, Gehrig Dieter) to go along with Chad Williams and Antonio Callaway who were jettisoned last week. Now that the dust has settled, there’s still the battle to see who’s the #2 WR behind Tyreek Hill. It should be Mecole Hardman, but it might not. While Hardman had 139.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2019 and 135.3 points in 2020 for Kansas City. You’ll need to spend a draft pick in the first ten rounds to have Hardman though. Robinson actually wasn’t that far behind Hardman in performance as last season as he scored 105.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and played in all 16 games (6.6 points per game). That was a slight increase from 2019 when he scored 100.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 16 games played (6.3 points per game). Plus, Robinson is durable having played in all 16 regular season games in each of the past four seasons. Patrick Mahomes is going to throw at least some passes to guys not named Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, why not Robinson?

  • Juwan Johnson (TE – NO) – 1 year/$695,000 – ADP 264.3

Who exactly is Juwan Johnson? He’s a converted WR who seems likely to be the Week 1 starter at TE for the Saints due to injuries to Adam Trautman and Nick Vannett. Since neither Trautman nor Vannett has lit up the scoreboard during their careers, it’s possible that Johnson retains a role in the Saints offense even when they return. Without Michael Thomas for at least the first six weeks, the Saints are in need of players to catch the ball from starting QB Jameis Winston. In 2019 when Jameis was the starter in Tampa Bay, his TEs (Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard) averaged 6.75 targets, 4.4 receptions and 48.1 receiving yards per game. They also caught five TD passes. If Johnson can put up similar stats in Week 1 (4 receptions for 48 yards which equals 8.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points), there will be a lot of Dynasty Owners bidding on him in the Free Agent Auction before Week 2 if he’s still available. After all, his ownership has gone up eight percent just this week, from 37.3% on Monday to 42% on Tuesday to 45.3% on Wednesday. Many of you already missed your chance. If he’s still available, it’s time to put in your bid before someone else does.

  • Byron Pringle (WR – KC) – 1 year/$2.133 million – ADP 267.8

See everything said above for Demarcus Robinson. If another Dynasty Owner grabbed Robinson right before you or you got outbid in your attempt to get Robinson in the Free Agent Auction, then take a look at Byron Pringle. Pringle had 49.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 13 games played in 2020 (3.8 points per game). Not exactly great, but in seven of those 13 games, he didn’t have a target. If you remove those games, he averaged 8.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. That’s 131.2 points over a 16-game season last year, which are similar stats to what Mecole Hardman has done in the past two seasons. That would have put Pringle as WR61 for the 2020 season, or WR5 on your Dynasty Owner roster. That’s your top Practice Squad WR and one of your Bench WR on bye weeks. It’s not the worst thing to have a member of the Kansas City offense sitting on your Practice Squad waiting for a chance to help your Dynasty Owner team.


Now that NFL teams have pruned their rosters, it’s time for Dynasty Owners to think about doing the same thing. For the most part, the players released in the past few days are on very few, or zero, Dynasty Owner rosters, but there are some exceptions. Dynasty Owners with a player who fell victim to the Turk (aka the Guy who tells players they have been cut from a NFL roster) have several options on what they can do with that player ranging from cutting him immediately to holding and keeping him on their roster. The option that you choose is up to you as the Dynasty Owner.

If the decision is to get rid of the player either now or after a contract change, then replacements are needed and hopefully you didn’t wait too long like many Dynasty Owners did in bidding on Ty’Son Williams. With Williams rostered in a large percentage of Dynasty Owner leagues (and increasing every day), several replacement players who are still widely available were recommended.

Hopefully all Dynasty Owners found this article helpful in getting ready for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season. Dynasty Owner has plenty of other great content to help you draft your dynasty. We can also provide guidance as you get prepared for your startup draft, as well as help tweak your roster after your draft is over so you can win your league. Our publication schedule is likely to change now that we are just over a week away from the first game of the season. Keep an eye out for new articles from both Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) and Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) next week and throughout the season. There will be at least one article per day (except Sundays) and several videos each week as well.

Please read all of their articles and follow all three of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. Hopefully this article is helpful, or at least interesting, for everyone who just drafted their first Dynasty Owner team or has played Dynasty Owner in the past. Thanks, and have a great day!

Steven Van Tassell is the Head of Content for Dynasty Owner

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Buy, Sell and Hold: NFC East Stock Watch

By Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

At last, we have our final division to break down in the Buy, Sell, and Hold series and it happens to be what I consider the worst division in football, the NFC East. As a rebuilding owner, this is a division you should pay close attention to with all four teams likely to churn out roster spots. The final week of the pre-season is nearing which means the start of the NFL season is close to being upon us and the news is starting to become extremely important.

Before we jump into the article let’s highlight a few notable happenings around the league. The Rams acquired New England Patriots running back Sony Michel via trade, further complicating things in the Los Angeles backfield. Rams coach Sean McVay came out and said Michel is just a depth piece, but I am not buying it with the price they paid to get the former Georgia Bulldog product. The very well-liked undrafted running back, Javian Hawkins has signed a deal with the Tennessee Titans and is still worth a roster spot even behind Derrick Henry. A few players recovering from injury are on the right track to start the season and those players are Dak Prescott, Odell Beckham Jr., and Saquon Barkley. All three players are expected to contribute heavily for their teams and the fact they are all seeing action is welcoming news for their owners. Quarterback Trey Lance of the San Francisco 49ers has been alternating 1st team reps with Jimmy Garoppolo which tells me he will be the starter sooner rather than later in the Bay Area. Finally, we have rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase who has struggled mightily this preseason finally turning in what reporters are calling a great week in practice. Owners need to show patience with Chase after he missed the entire 2020 NCAA football season because of Covid-19. I do not know of many players who took a year off football and did not miss a beat, especially one coming into his rookie season

In this article I will break down all Dynasty Owner relevant players from the NFC East through the perspective of a rebuilding owner. Each player will be placed into one of three separate categories called Buy, Sell, or Hold. The players in the Buy category are going to usually be younger players with massive upside and a clear path to playing time, making them a great building block for your team. The players in the Sell category are going to be older players in most cases who are on the backend of their career with a significant contract. They are also players that will not be around when it is time for your rebuilding team to compete for championships. The players in the Hold category are players buried on their team’s depth chart or players with a lot of talent who are not getting the trade value they should receive. If there are any players on the list you disagree with feel free to let me know on Twitter @JayPoundsNFL.


Washington Football Team

  • Jaret Patterson (3 years, $820,000)

Jaret Patterson is someone I have talked about more than a few times this off-season. Patterson had a storied career with the University of Buffalo where he put-up eye-popping numbers. The Football Team’s coaching staff seems to be intrigued with Patterson which is a great sign towards him making the 53-man roster and in turn an impact on your Dynasty Owner team.

  • Terry McLaurin (2 years, $961,918)

Terry McLaurin and James Robinson are my favorite values in Dynasty Owner for the 2021 season. McLaurin has a criminally low salary for the production he is going to put up with  Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. McLaurin will come with a high price tag to acquire, but he is a fantastic building block over the next two seasons.

  • Dyami Brown (4 years, $1,236,000)

Looking at Washington’s depth chart, it is easy to see Dyami Brown seeing the field often throughout his rookie season. The only competition Brown faces at this point are names like Cam Sims and Adam Humphries. I recommend buying Brown before the season starts as he should be a lock to be the number 3 guy in Washington.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Jalen Hurts (3 years, $1,506,292)

The fantasy community has mixed feelings on the long-term outlook of Jalen Hurts. Hurts did well in terms of fantasy scoring last season but unfortunately that does not count towards a player’s future in the NFL. If Hurts is able to get his completion percentage to at least the low 60s the questions should go away. If the Hurts owner in your league is a little low in how they value him then you should be doing what is needed to get a deal done.

  • Kenneth Gainwell (4 years, $953,882)

I am not expecting Kenneth Gainwell to become a full-time starter in the NFL simply because of his small frame. While he may not turn into every down starter, he will bring production to your fantasy lineup the same ways Darren Sproles used too. If Gainwell can beat out Boston Scott, he will have a solid rookie campaign.

  • DeVonta Smith (4 years, $5,035,348)

The slim reaper DeVonta Smith is my second favorite receiving prospect of the 2021 class behind Ja’Marr Chase. Smith started slowly because of an injury but has looked impressive as of late. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni compared Smith to Keenan Allen, and I am expecting similar numbers sooner rather than later.

  • Jalen Reagor (3 years, $3,317,669)

The Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor in the first round of the NFL draft and will give him multiple opportunities to succeed in this offense. The addition of DeVonta Smith is not great news but it will help Reagor see less double coverage when he is on the field. I am buying Reagor because he will come cheap and will be on the field a ton.

  • Quez Watkins (3 years, $866,166)

Quez Watkins is one of the more popular sleeper names in the fantasy community right now. I mention this because I want to remind you not to overpay because people are talking about him. Watkins is a Buy but is still considered a lottery ticket at this point.

  • Dallas Goedert (1 year, $1,406,068)

I feel that right now Dallas Goedert is at the lowest value he will be in many years. The Eagles confused everyone when they decided to keep Zach Ertz around. Ertz remaining an Eagle hurts Goedert but is not something that should stop a rebuilding owner from buying him. Ertz will be gone soon, so buy Goedert before it happens.

New York Giants

  • Darius Slayton (2 years, $688,497)

Darius Slayton was a hot name heading into last season and he let fantasy owners down. The Giants offense as a whole was a mess last season and Slayton surely is not to blame. It seems Slayton is buried on the Giants depth chart, but I believe he has the talent to beat everyone out, aside from Kenny Golladay. I recommend buying Slayton before anything happens that causes his value to rise.

  • John Ross (1 year, $2,250,000)

I remember staying up late just to watch John Ross burn Pac 12 defenses during his time at the University of Washington. Ross was a Top 10 pick who flamed out for the Cincinnati Bengals which means he is still extremely talented. If the Giants can unlock Ross’s potential and he can stay healthy, he will become a great piece to play with during your rebuild.

  • Kadarius Toney (4 years, $3,429,877)

I get most of the hate around Kadarius Toney and I do feel he will be a bust, but he still has 1st round draft capital, and is still extremely cheap to acquire. The Giants will give Toney every chance under the sun to show why they took him so early in the draft and that makes him a player rebuilding owners should be high on. When rebuilding you can never have enough cheap guys with massive potential. The first-round capital also makes him much more likely to hit than the lottery tickets I am always talking about.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Tony Pollard (2 years, $796,945)

As I mentioned with Javonte Williams a few weeks back, Tony Pollard is a perfect running back to roster during a rebuild. Pollard sees enough work each week that you know the talent is there and you can feel safe holding him knowing he will be a starter in this league soon. Pollard has two years left on his current deal which gives you time to complete your rebuild before he is a full-time starter.

  • CeeDee Lamb (3 years, $3,502,503)

I was close to making CeeDee Lamb a Sell because of how high he is being valued in the community right now, but his salary keeps him in the Buy category. Lamb is a fantastic talent who will be one of the premier receivers in the league for many years. If you can afford it, buy Lamb. If you have Lamb and get blown away by an offer, it is worth thinking about trading him.

  • Michael Gallup (1 year, $880,995)

I love the thought of buying Michael Gallup on a rebuilding roster. Gallup will come cheap because of the presence of Amari Cooper and Lamb and has already shown he can be an exceptionally good NFL wide receiver with a 1,000-yard season already under his belt. The second Cooper, or Lamb gets hurt or if Gallup gets traded from Dallas, the price to acquire him will skyrocket.

  • Blake Jarwin (3 years, $5,500,000)

Blake Jarwin should come cheap after coming off a season ending injury in 2020. I would shoot your shot on Jarwin before the season starts as his value should only increase with playing time. The only scenario where his value decreases involve Dalton Schultz beating him out for the starting job.


Washington Football Team

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (1 year, $10,000,000)

Meet the guy who thinks his beard is better than mine (it is not) – Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzmagic seems to be a fan favorite regardless of where he plays, and the beard has a lot to do with it. Sell Fitzmagic before he shaves his beard and forgets how to play football.

  • Antonio Gibson (3 years, $1,233,159)

Antonio Gibson is one of my favorite young players and one I own on my personal rebuilding team. I know you are wondering why I bought him and am telling you to sell him, and it is because I acquired him cheap before he blew up in Washington last season. Gibson has climbed all the way to a first round draft pick here on Dynasty Owner and will net too much in a trade not to move on from him as a rebuilding owner.

  • J.D. McKissic (1 year, $1,635,000)

McKissic had a fantastic season in 2020, but I am expecting him to take more of a backseat to Antonio Gibson in 2021. I recommend moving on from him before the season starts. If you like to gamble, he may be worth a Hold in case an injury happens to occur in Washington.

  • Logan Thomas (1 year, $3,072,500)

Tim Tebow tried to follow in Logan Thomas’s footsteps and failed miserably. Thomas is a former quarterback turned tight end who played very well in 2020. I am not so sure he can keep this up long enough to help your roster out when it comes time to win, which means you must get what you can out of him now via trade.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Miles Sanders (2 years, $1,337,544)

The Eagles drafting Kenneth Gainwell this off-season does not exactly put my mind at ease when thinking about Sanders. I am a huge Sanders guy and want to see him do well for a long time, but Philly may not be the place for him. Sanders is still a lock for the starting job with the Eagles, but I am moving him before it turns to more of a committee approach. Let us not forget Jalen Hurts will cut into his carries quite a bit as well.

  • Jordan Howard (1 year, $990,000)

If you can sell Jordan Howard, I have a job opportunity for you. It seems Howard is going to make the Eagles roster but should not make any of your rebuilding rosters. Sell Howard for one Dynasty Dollar if needed.

New York Giants

  • Saquon Barkley (1 year, $7,798,688)

Saquon Barkley is a premier talent at the running back position, but he is a lose-lose for rebuilding owners. If Barkley plays this season and has a great year, he will get a contract north of the $12 million that Aaron Jones got this past off-season and will hurt your cap on top of being a running back on his second deal. If Barkley does not play well or gets hurt, he will lose a significant amount of his trade value and will be on the downside of his career. After thinking about these two situations, Barkley became an easy sell for me during a rebuild.

  • Kenny Golladay (4 years, $18,000,000)

Kenny Golladay is one of the most talented receivers in all of football, yet I could not sell him for anything more than a middle of the road 2nd round pick this past offseason (turned into Rashod Bateman). At this point there is so much doubt around Golladay with the Giants and him being hurt all 2020 that I am holding him until he starts playing like the Golladay of 2019.

  • Sterling Shepard (3 years, $10,250,000)

Sterling Shepard will be tough to trade at his contract on top of the addition of Kenny Golladay. If you are trying to move Shepard, be sure to mention how consistent he is when he is on the field. Do not be surprised if you are unable to trade him.

  • Evan Engram (1 year, $6,013,000)

Evan Engram is still an extremely talented football player who just needs to find a way to stay healthy. The tight end position is just as ugly as the running back position this season so capitalize on Engram while you can. This could also be Engram’s last season as a starter so get what you can out of him.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Dak Prescott (4 years, $40,000,000)

If you can trade this contract, please message me your ways. At $40 million, it will be impossible to trade Prescott but with him due another raise in four years I am moving on from him if I am just starting a rebuild.

  • Amari Cooper (4 years, $20,000,000)

Amari Cooper will be another player who is extremely tough to trade. Cooper is built more for a contending roster, so I suggest getting what you can and moving on from his massive salary.


Washington Football Team

  • Taylor Heinicke (2 years, $2,375,000)

As much as I love Ryan Fitzpatrick, he has had an up and down career up to this point. Taylor Heinicke is a must Hold if you are already his owner as there is a solid chance, he starts at some point this season. If Heinicke does end up starting, trade him immediately to get the best value possible.

  • Adam Humphries (1 year, $1,190,000)

I initially had Humphries as a Sell, but I feel putting him in the Hold category is more appropriate. Washington brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick who has been known to put up solid passing numbers when given a chance to start in his career. If Humphries develops a connection with Fitzpatrick, he will be much more valuable than he currently is.

  • Curtis Samuel (3 years, $11,500,000)

Curtis Samuel came on in a big way last season in Carolina. Had Samuel stayed in Carolina, he would be a Sell with the amount of talent they have on offense. With Washington, Samuel should be a featured guy. I am holding Curtis Samuel until we see him play for his new team.

  • Cam Sims (1 year, $2,133,000)

Cam Sims was a great Buy and stash last season, and he is a solid Hold. Sims may be buried on the Washington depth chart, but he still has talent to play in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Joe Flacco (1 year, $3,500,000

Jalen Hurts has quite a bit of doubt surrounding him right now and it makes Flacco a good Hold. If Hurts does not play well, Flacco will become an excellent trade chip for rebuilding owners. (Editor’s Note: Jay wrote this article prior to the trade of Gardner Minshew to the Eagles).

  • Boston Scott (1 year, $920,000)

With the Eagles drafting Kenneth Gainwell, it hurts the outlook of Boston Scott quite a bit. I am holding onto him to see how the Eagles utilize both Scott and Gainwell. If Scott is clearly ahead of Gainwell to start, you need to move on from him quickly.

  • Greg Ward (1 year, $850,000)

Philadelphia loves Greg Ward and wants to give him every chance in the world to succeed. If you have Ward, I suggest holding him until we see if he gets a starting job in the Eagles’ offense.

  • Travis Fulgham (1 year, $762,500)

Travis Fulgham is a bigger one hit wonder than the Hanson brothers at this point in his career. I did love the way Fulgham dominated a few games stretch against quality opponents in 2020 but he was benched shortly after. As thin as the Eagles are at receiver, Fulgham will get his chance.

  • Zach Ertz (1 year, $8,500,000)

Just two years ago, Zach Ertz was one of the premier tight ends in the NFL. As talented as Ertz is he is worth a Hold on your rebuilding roster. If he is traded and has a solid stretch, he will bring back great trade value.

New York Giants

  • Devontae Booker (2 years, $2,750,000)

Devontae Booker is an excellent stash as a handcuff to oft-injured Saquon Barkley. Barkley has not exactly been durable throughout his career and if he happens to go down again you will be sitting on an excellent trade chip in Booker.

  • Daniel Jones (2 years, $6,416,014)

I happen to be too high on Daniel Jones and will never give up on him. I am holding Jones to see if the addition of Golladay improves his game at all. Either way he will still net excellent value in a trade because of his rookie contract.

  • Kaden Smith (2 years, $680,002)

Kaden Smith is no more than a lottery ticket but a good lottery ticket, nonetheless. Evan Engram has one year left on his deal and it is no lock that they bring him back on another contract. Kaden Smith could be the Giants starting tight end come 2021.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Ezekiel Elliott (6 years, $15,000,000)

Ezekiel Elliott is still one of the best backs in all of football. Zeke is coming off a rough year and the overall value on him is down. I am holding Zeke until he gets back to the Zeke we all know, and his contract becomes tradeable again.

  • Noah Brown (1 year, $1,127,500)

The next two guys are buried behind extremely talented guys named CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Amari Cooper. Noah Brown has shown flashes on the field and that makes him a great stash for rebuilding owners.

  • Cedrick Wilson (1 year, $2,183,000)

As I just mentioned with Noah Brown, Cedrick Wilson has shown excellent flashes on an NFL field. Hold Cedrick Wilson until the depth chart clears up and we see what he can do.


Well Dynasty Owners, there you have it for the 2021 Buy, Sell, and Hold series. I hope everyone can use all this information heading into the season and capitalize on it by making moves to set your rebuilding roster up for the future. Always remember when rebuilding to make moves for the sake of tomorrow instead of today. I hope everyone enjoyed this series as much as I did and as always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

Draft This Guy, Not That Guy

By Steven Van Tassell

Originally, I had planned to write an entire article comparing a high-salary player (Player A) who is being drafted ahead of another player (Player B) with a similar profile, history and projections, but a far lower salary. It was going to be a demonstration of how Dynasty Owner is different and takes a different mentality to draft well. During the weekly livestream where Tim Peffer and I have been breaking down a single league draft, there have been many instances where a Dynasty Owner drafted someone when they could have had a more affordable, comparable player instead. If you check out any of the livestreams from the past couple of weeks, you can hear plenty of them.

However, a dive into the 2021 ADPs in the Mock Draft Lobby didn’t yield as many of these obvious situations as I thought it would. In an individual draft, somebody is going to overreach for a player here and there, but across all Dynasty Owner leagues, there don’t appear to be too many instances of this occurring.

For example, the Top 5 WRs in terms of ADP are DK Metcalf (15.2), Justin Jefferson (17.2), A.J. Brown (21.8), Calvin Ridley (24.8) and CeeDee Lamb (26.0). All five are still on their rookie salary contract and tremendous values in 2021. Metcalf and Brown have salaries under $1.5 million for the next two seasons, while Lamb is the most expensive at a little over $3.5 million. The sixth WR being taken on average is Tyreek Hill (ADP 26.9), but he finished 2020 as WR2 and is projected to finish 2021 as WR2. He missed four games in 2019 and still finished as WR30 for the season. I’m not going to say that it’s a bad pick to take the second best WR as the sixth WR off the board, even though his salary is $18 million per season. Some Dynasty Owners might prefer Stefon Diggs ($14.4 million, ADP 30.6) or Davante Adams ($14.5 million, ADP 33.0) over Hill and save a couple of million dollars in salary, but taking Hill instead isn’t a terrible decision. After all, every Dynasty Owner gets $127.75 million in salary cap and there’s no bonus points for spending the least amount.

With all of this in mind, let’s dive into two different situations in which Dynasty Owners are drafting a higher salary player over a comparable player with a much lower salary. We’ll look at the initial player decision and then see how the decision can drive a team’s ability to fill out its roster in the later rounds of their Dynasty Owner startup draft.

All 2021 projections come from Rotowire and are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All 2021 Dynasty Owner ADP and fantasy points projections were accurate as of the morning of August 26th.

First Tight End Off the Board

Imagine this scenario. Your Dynasty Owner draft has started. A lot of the young affordable RBs have already been scooped up along with a few rookie salary QBs and WRs. It’s getting to the end of the second round. Nobody has gone for it and drafted the first TE, so you’re thinking about doing it, putting a little blue (for TE) on the board that’s already littered with a lot of green (RB), red (QB) and purple (WR).

In a “regular” dynasty league with a PPR format, it’s an easy call. You pick Travis Kelce since you’re shocked he has lasted this long (his ADP is in the 8-10 range depending on the source in PPR leagues) and move on. After all, he’s been TE1 in Dynasty Owner the past two years as well as in the pre-Dynasty Owner era for several years depending on your league’s scoring system. However, it’s different in Dynasty Owner. As Lee Corso would say “Not so fast my friend!”

Adding in salaries and contracts as Dynasty Owner does, makes it a harder decision. In fact, Raiders TE Darren Waller could be the better choice in Dynasty Owner for those of you drafting your startup team this year. Many Dynasty Owners disagree as Waller’s ADP is higher than Kelce (29.3 for Kelce versus 33.3 for Waller). I’m here to tell you that you should draft Waller over Kelce and be confident that you made the correct pick. Here’s why:

First, the two TEs are predicted to have roughly the same number of Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021, but because of his lower salary ($7.45 million for Waller versus $14.3 million for Kelce, Waller is a much better value.

PlayerADP2021 SalaryYears Left on Contract2021 Projections2021 DD/PT
Travis Kelce29.3$14,312,5005274.0$52,235
Darren Waller33.3$7,450,0003265.5$28,060

Second, Waller isn’t that far behind Kelce in past performance. If you don’t believe in projections and prefer to look at past performance, then it’s advantage Kelce, but not by as much as you would think.

PlayerAge2020 Ranking2020 Points2020 Points per Game
Travis Kelce31TE1314.821.0
Darren Waller28TE2282.617.7
PlayerAge2019 Ranking2019 Points2019 Points per Game
Travis Kelce31TE1253.315.8
Darren Waller28TE4220.113.8

Just looking at how Kelce and Waller have performed over the past two seasons above, we see that Kelce has been better, but just 3.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game better in 2020 and 2.0 points per game better in 2019. In terms of durability, it’s even as both are always on the field. Waller has played in all 16 games in each of the past two seasons with Kelce only sitting out Week 17 in 2020.

Both have also been absolutely amazing in the Dynasty Owner playoffs in each of the past two seasons, averaging well over 20.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game.

Player2020 Playoff Points (per Game)2019 Playoff Points (per Game)*
Travis Kelce73.2 (24.4)52.0 (26.0)
Darren Waller86.5 (28.8)(22.3)

* The Dynasty Owner playoffs were only two weeks long in 2019.

In fact, Waller has more points in the Dynasty Owner playoffs than Kelce does (131.1 for Waller versus 125.2 for Kelce) and therefore a better average (26.2 versus 25.0).

Overall, at this point, the advantage is still in Kelce’s favor, but Waller isn’t far behind, which is why their 2021 ADPs are so close.

Now, let’s look at this in a different way – the way you should as a Dynasty Owner. Waller is projected to score almost as many points in 2021 as Kelce, but will cost his Dynasty Owners nearly $7 million less in salary for at least the next three years. Here are a few players who you could very likely add to your Dynasty Owner roster in the latter rounds of the draft with the difference in salary between the two ($6,862,500).

PlayerPositionADP2021 Salary2021 Projections2021 Rank
Kenyan DrakeRB124.7$5,500,000148.0RB39
Marvin JonesWR158.1$6,250,000204.8WR48
Evan EngramTE177.4$6,013,000147.8TE21
Gerald EverettTE178.8$6,000,000145.3TE23
O.J. HowardTE232.2$6,013,000140.5TE27

Both Drake and Jones would look pretty good as a RB3/RB4 or WR4/WR5 on your Dynasty Owner roster. If you don’t spend your savings on one of them, you can always grab your Bench TE, such as Evan Engram or Gerald Everett around Round 15. O.J. Howard should be on the board still if you wait a few more rounds.

In contrast, the best TE who Dynasty Owners can likely draft to back up Kelce and still be in a similar salary cap position as someone who took Waller and Evan Engram ($13,463,000 combined salary) are the following guys:

PlayerPositionADP2021 Salary2021 Projections2021 Rank
Christopher HerndonTE204.3$792,841113.0TE31
Dalton SchultzTE241.8$728,090102.0TE35
Jordan AkinsTE257.6$831,27186.1TE40

By all means, those three TEs should be on Dynasty Owner rosters at their current salaries. It’s just that you probably shouldn’t be relying on them as your week-to-week Bench TE and bye week replacement.

The lowest cost TE tandem in this scenario would be Kelce and Dalton Schultz whose salaries combined are $15,040,590, or $1,577,590 more than Waller and Engram. In addition to being slightly less in salary, the Waller-Engram combination is actually projected to score your team slightly more Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Starting TE2021 PointsBench TE2021 Points25% of BenchTotal TE Points
Travis Kelce274.0Dalton Schultz102.025.5299.5
Darren Waller265.5Evan Engram147.836.9302.4

The Total TE points column is not entirely accurate as it uses all of the Starting TE points plus 25% from the Bench TE. That may not happen, but it gives us a good sense that the Waller-Engram combination is equal to, or maybe even slightly better than the Kelce-Schultz combination. Plus, by drafting Waller then Engram, your Dynasty Owner team will have more salary cap space to grab another quality player later on in the draft.

The team with Waller and Engram could add either one of the following rookie WRs after those choices, typically in Round 17 or 18, and still be spending less than the team with Kelce and Schultz.

PlayerTeamPositionADP2021 Salary2021 Projections
D’Wayne EskridgeSEAWR214.3$1,488,376140.5
Tutu AtwellLARWR217.4$1,477,175128.5

Both Eskridge and Atwell were taken back-to-back near the end of the second round in the 2021 NFL draft with picks #56 and #57 overall. Both DK Metcalf and A.J. Brown were taken in the latter stages of the 2019 NFL draft (Brown – #51 and Metcalf – #64). Both of them have been great so far in their NFL career. In fairness, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside was also drafted at a similar point in 2019 (#57 overall pick), so things don’t always work out.

Eskridge is projected to have a dozen more fantasy points in 2021 than Atwell and has fewer WRs likely playing in front of him (DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett) than Atwell does (Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, DeSean Jackson, Van Jefferson). For those reasons, let’s say you draft Eskridge to go along with Waller and Engram.

In the end, by drafting Waller over Kelce, a Dynasty Owner could have the following players on their team for under $15 million:

PlayerTeamPositionADP2021 Salary2021 Projections
Darren WallerLVTE33.3$7,450,000265.5
Evan EngramNYGTE177.4$6,013,000147.8
D’Wayne EskridgeSEAWR214.3$1,488,376140.5
TOTAL   $14,951,376 

In contrast, drafting Kelce plus the lowest cost, but still productive late round TE would yield the following players for just a bit over $15 million.

PlayerTeamPositionADP2021 Salary2021 Projections
Travis KelceKCTE29.3$14,312,500274.0
Dalton SchultzDALTE241.8$728,090102.0
TOTAL   $15,040,590 

For my roughly $15 million, I’d prefer to have the Waller-Engram-Eskridge trio as opposed to Kelce and Schultz. The ability to draft a better backup TE and a rookie WR with potential for around the same amount in salary outweighs the slight advantage gotten by taking Kelce over Waller.

That’s the difference between drafting in Dynasty Owner using salaries and contracts versus “regular” dynasty fantasy football and why I think Dynasty Owners are making a mistake in drafting Kelce before Waller in 2021 Dynasty Owner startup drafts.

Time to Draft a Veteran Bench WR

Here’s another example of a higher-salary player being taken at roughly the same time as a lower-salary, but pretty much equally productive player. It’s not as big of a decision as deciding between Travis Kelce or Darren Waller as your second or third round draft pick, but let’s be honest, depth is important in the NFL as well as Dynasty Owner.

Your draft is in progress and it’s Round 13. The Starting lineup for your Dynasty Owner team should be filled by now (probably not kicker, it’s still too early to draft a kicker, but every other position). It’s time to get some guys for your Bench. Remember, 25% of the points scored by players on your Bench will go towards your final score. Countless Dynasty Owner games will be won and lost on the basis of Bench points, so it’s important to have a strong Bench. Let’s say you want a WR at this point, here are a couple of likely available options.

PlayerADP2021 Salary2021 Projections2021 DD/PTProjected 2021 Rank
Corey Davis169.3$12,500,000203.9$61,305WR50
Davante Parker170.6$7,625,000203.7$37,432WR52

Davis and Parker are equal in terms of 2021 projected production. Both of them also have 3 years remaining on their contracts and are pretty close in age (Parker is two years older). Davis scored 1.8 more points per game in 2020 than did.

PlayerAge2020 Ranking2020 Points2020 Points per Game
Corey Davis26WR30190.413.6
Davante Parker28WR40165.311.8

However, it was a completely different story in 2019 as Parker was twice as good as Davis and finished the season as the WR11 overall in Dynasty Owner. He was likely the top WR on plenty of Dynasty Owner teams.

PlayerAge2019 Ranking2019 Points2019 Points per Game
Corey Davis26WR64114.17.6
Davante Parker28WR11246.215.4

I understand that Davis is two years younger than Parker, was better last season and has less competition at WR. However, even factoring all that in, Parker is projected to produce similar numbers in the upcoming season.

If you disagree with the 2021 projections and think Davis will outproduce Parker, then look at how much salary cap room you can save by taking Parker instead. It’s $4.875 million in savings. That nearly $5 million savings is a great reason on its own to take Parker over Davis because you can also double down on veteran WRs and find one on a one-year contract even later on in the draft to fill out your Practice Squad and maybe use from time to time as a Bench option. Here are a few likely to be available later on who can be your sixth WR.

PlayerADP2021 Salary2021 Projections2021 DD/PTProjected 2021 Rank
John Brown205.1$3,750,000164.8$22,755WR70
Tyrell Williams223.3$4,000,000162.7$24,585WR79
Sammy Watkins232.5$5,000,000159.7$31,309WR84

By taking Parker and then one of these guys, your Dynasty Owner team has two veteran WRs who might help your Dynasty Owner team versus relying strictly on Corey Davis to produce on his own like he did in 2020. For me, I’d prefer Parker and either one of these three guys. As a bonus, taking either Brown or Williams with Parker means that you’ll have spent less in salary than you would have on Davis alone.


Overall roster construction is very important in Dynasty Owner and a good reason to pick one player over another in this format. The decision to choose a more expensive, but slightly better player over a lower salary player in the early rounds of your Dynasty Owner draft (or even in the middle rounds) could have major ramifications as you as you fill out your roster. Every time you choose the player with the higher salary, you are reducing the number of players you can potentially draft later on because of the Dynasty Owner salary cap.

Don’t be the Dynasty Owner who has to fill out the end of his Bench with the most inexpensive free agents available because they are the only players you can afford to have on your roster. That’s the only reason why Tanner Lee (QB – Free Agent) and his $480,000 salary is on 8.5% of rosters in Dynasty Owner. Taylor Bertolet (K – Free Agent) and his $495,000 salary are on even more rosters at 11.3%. Neither one of them is even close to make a NFL roster, or has even been seen in a NFL training camp this year.

What does everyone think of this? Agree with me and take Waller, or go with the consensus up to this point and draft Kelce. What about the choice between Corey Davis and Davante Parker? Do you prefer one of those AFC East WRs over the other? Let me know on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or in the comments section on YouTube.

Hopefully all Dynasty Owners found this article helpful in getting ready for the 2021 Dynasty Owner season. Dynasty Owner has plenty of other great content to help you draft your dynasty. We can provide guidance as you get prepared for your startup draft, as well as help tweak your roster after your draft is over so you can win your league. My articles and videos to get you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team are (usually) being released on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for new articles from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owner writers as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is doing a deep dive on individual teams that you can check out on Mondays, while Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) looks at how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Fridays. All of the articles will be released at 1 PM (Eastern) with videos and podcast released at 3 PM (Eastern).

Please read all of their articles and follow all three of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. Hopefully this article is helpful, or at least interesting, for everyone who is getting ready to draft their first Dynasty Owner team or even people who have played Dynasty Owner in the past. Thanks, and have a great day!

Steven Van Tassell is the Head of Content for Dynasty Owner Follow us on Twitter: @SteveVT33 and @Dynasty_Owner

Buy, Sell, and Hold – NFC South Stock Watch

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

As we continue to inch closer to the NFL season now is the time rebuilding owners need to be on top of every pre-season performance. If you missed some of the action from Week 1, no worries we have you covered here at Dynasty Owner. In Week 1 we saw all five of the 1st round quarterbacks see their first NFL action and all looked good stepping on to the field for their first time as a pro. Trevor Lawrence went head-to-head with the Cleveland Browns and looked solid after a slow start. Lawrence went 6-9 for 71 yards, with no touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Lawrence did get sacked twice and had a fumble, but I expect those things to lessen as he gets more experience. I know it is just one week, but Lawrence looks to be as advertised. Trey Lance had an up and down day after throwing for 5-14 for 128 yards, and a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. Lance did have three drops from his receivers, but he was sacked four times and nearly threw two interceptions but capped off his day with an 80-yard bomb for a touchdown. Justin Fields started off slow in his debut but really turned thing on after halftime, finishing the day 14-20, for 142 yards, and a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins. Fields said after the game that the NFL seemed slow to him which must be a great sign moving forward for his owners. Zach Wilson made his pre-season debut for the New York Jets against the New York Giants and had a decent outing. Wilson did not make any spectacular plays, but he did not have any horrible plays either. If he keeps this up, Jets fans will be very happy. Finally, we have Mac Jones for the New England Patriots. Jones started his NFL debut by going 13-19 for 87 yards with no interceptions, or touchdowns. Jones looked comfortable and showed that he will fit in just fine with the Patriots in the future.

In this article I will be taking the Dynasty Owner relevant players from the NFC South and placing them into three separate categories called Buy, Sell, and Hold and all players will be looked at through a rebuilding owner’s eyes. The players in the Buy category are players you want to build your team around and will almost always be cheap and young. The players in the Sell category are players who will not be as productive in a few years, when your rebuild is ending and your team is ready to compete for a championship. The players in the Hold category will be players who do not have a clear role, players that are injured, or a player whose trade value is just too low to move on from currently. If you happen to have a differing opinion on some of these players, I would love to hear about it on Twitter!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Chris Godwin (1 year, $15,983,000)

Chris Godwin’s stocked has dropped quite a bit since this point last season and I understand why. In 2020, Godwin battled injuries causing him to miss chunks of time throughout the season. All of that said I do love Godwin in 2021 and beyond, and will be buying Godwin if I can afford his salary. Godwin will likely be the number 1 guy somewhere other than Tampa in 2022, but his price will increase from this year’s salary.

  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn (3 years, $1,188,999)

One year ago, Ke’Shawn Vaughn was one of the hot names heading into the start of the season. I never fully bought in on Vaughn last year because of the presence of Ronald Jones in Tampa, followed by the addition of Leonard Fournette. After a lackluster rookie season the time to buy Vaughn is now. He will not do much this season, but Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones are both free agents come season’s end and it could mean a huge role for Vaughn if he is able to gain the coaching staff’s trust throughout 2021. The best part about Vaughn is you will be able to get him for a fraction of what he cost last year.

  • Tyler Johnson (3 years, $902,355)

Every time Tyler Johnson stepped on the field in 2020, he made play after play. Johnson will still come cheap because of the talent ahead of him in Tampa but he is an excellent long-term play. He has a knack for making tough catches and should blow up when finally given the chance to play in a full-time role. If you are buying him, you must be patient.

  • Jaelon Darden (4 years, $1,044,476)

If I had to choose between Tyler Johnson and Jaelon Darden, I am taking Johnson every time but that does not mean you should not target Darden on your rebuilding roster. These two young Tampa receivers are going to need time on your Practice Squad but should pay dividends in a few years when you are ready to compete. Plus, Tom Brady will just be getting into his prime when these guys are ready!

  • O.J. Howard (1 year, $6,013,000)

O.J. Howard was nearly as hyped as Kyle Pitts coming out of college and just has not panned out. Howard is still one of the most talented tight ends in football who started to show some life in 2020. If Howard takes another step forward, he could be an absolute steal.

New Orleans Saints

  • Tre’Quan Smith (1 year, $855,131)

The news around Michael Thomas is extremely concerning for the Saints, but it may be good news for rebuilding owners. Outside of the Saints turning into the Baltimore Ravens, you will get value out of Tre’Quan Smith in 2021. I would recommend selling Smith after a hot start to the season.

  • Marquez Callaway (2 years, $765,000)

Marquez Callaway is one of my favorite buys of the off-season. I was expecting Callaway to have a solid year with Michael Thomas in the picture and am expecting much more if Thomas misses an extended period. Callaway is a big physical receiver who can win one-on-one matchups. The sky is the limit for Callaway if Winston wins the quarterback battle.

  • Deonte Harris (1 year, $588,333)

Deonte Harris is a complete dart throw at this point, but as a rebuilding owner you should have several of these on your roster. Harris is a small, quick, and shifty receiver who has the skillset to excel in a Sean Payton offense. The time to buy Harris is now as he was just hit with a D.U.I. and will cost next to nothing to acquire.

  • Adam Trautman (3 years, $1,124,851)

With tight end Jared Cook leaving town it leaves a massive hole at tight end in the New Orleans offense. Adam Trautman is an extremely talented player out of the University of Dayton and was liked enough to be drafted in the 3rd round. The only thing I am negative on Trautman about is the fact I feel he is getting his opportunity a year too soon. I am buying Trautman, but a little patience will likely be needed.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Javian Hawkins (3 years, $810,000)

I have mentioned this numerous times recently and I will say it again, the Atlanta Falcons have one of the most wide-open running back rooms in the NFL. I love what Mike Davis was able to do last season in place of Christian McCaffrey, but he tailed off bad at the end of the year. If one of these young guns steps up for Atlanta, we could see more of a shared workload than initially thought.

  • Caleb Huntley (3 years, $810,000)

I am not particularly sure why, but I just get the feeling this kid will succeed somewhere in the NFL. Huntley was an absolute beast at Ball State where he put up impressive numbers throughout his college career. Call it a bold prediction but I see Huntley ending up as the number 2 guy in Atlanta. BUY, BUY, BUY!!

  • Calvin Ridley (1 year, $2,275,178)

Calvin Ridley is one of the best young building blocks in all of Dynasty Owner. The major negative buying Ridley is that he is going to be expensive next year when he gets a new deal, and when you trade for him. Even giving up assets and salary cap space, I still see Ridley being worth building around. I see plenty of scenarios where Ridley is the number 1 receiver in the NFL this season. The main knock on Ridley was he could not do it without Julio Jones. Well, he proved that theory to be massively wrong in 2020.

  • Frank Darby (4 years, $921,125)

I have Frank Darby on here for two reasons: the first being I like his talent; the second is because I am not a believer in the rest of the Falcons’ receiving room. While I do not see Darby as a huge contributor this season, I can see him building trust and making a role for himself come 2022.

  • Kyle Pitts (4 years, $8,227,624)

Kyle Pitts is one of the best tight ends to come out of college football in quite some time, if not ever, but the hype may be a bit much for a rookie tight end. I am sure Pitts will turn out to be a great tight end but if you are acquiring him do not be upset if he is not a stud instantly. I do not care how good he is unless the Falcons use him as receiver, there will be growing pains because of the position he plays.

Carolina Panthers

  • P.J. Walker (1 year, $782,500)

I must be honest; I am not exactly a P.J. Walker fan but after what I watched during the Panthers’ first preseason game I just might be now. Walker has done nothing but win and ball out every time he steps on to a football field from the NCAA, XFL, and now the NFL. I know it is just pre-season but remember when Dak Prescott appeared out of nowhere in the pre-season? Could he be Prescott lite?

  • Terrace Marshall (4 years, $1,432,372)

I am torn on how to feel about the prospect of Terrace Marshall. I love the talent and the fact he landed with his former coordinator Joe Brady. If Robby Anderson or D.J. Moore leaves Carolina next season the sky could be the limit for this kid. I see flashes of Chase Claypool watching Marshall play.

  • Tommy Tremble (4 years, $1,231,608)

I have not looked a ton into Tommy Tremble before doing this article so my opinion may be a bit flawed on him. After everything I have seen, I would compare Tremble to Jonnu Smith, an excellent blocker who is extremely athletic. Like most young tight ends, you will have to wait a year or two for Tremble to really get going.

  • Dan Arnold (2 years, $3,000,000)

Dan Arnold is by far the best bet for production on the Panthers at the tight end position in 2021. What I am doing with Arnold is buying him cheap now and hoping he has a great start to the season so I can move him for significantly more. The tight end position will likely be ugly again this season, meaning people will pay up for the ones who produce.

  • D.J. Moore (1 year, $2,792,829)

I hope someday our fearless leader Tim will get to meet D.J. Moore in person. All jokes aside, Moore is a fantastic young receiver to have as a building block on your rebuilding roster. Moore is also in line for a significant raise next season so be sure to plan for that.

  • Chuba Hubbard (4 years, $1,048,294)

We all witnessed that Christian McCaffrey is human in 2020. If for some reason that were to happen again, Chuba Hubbard could be a league winner. Hubbard started off fantastic in the pre-season and looks like a solid stash. You will need to be patient with Hubbard with Christian McCaffrey in front of him but when your team is ready to win Hubbard should be ready to compete for a starting job.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Tom Brady (1 year, $25,000,000)

I know I joke around a lot about Tom Brady playing until he is 80 years old but at some point, Father Time must catch up to him. If you are heading into a rebuild, you have no business rostering Tom Brady at this point in his career. It will take some cap wizardry to get a deal done but it is possible. I once traded Julio Jones ($22,000,000) to an owner against the cap.

  • Ronald Jones (1 year, $1,767,977)

The debate between Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette has been brewing for months now on Twitter. I am here to tell you to sell both now regardless of your roster situation. Currently both guys have solid trade value but as soon as one of them take the lead job, while the other’s value will be gone.

  • Leonard Fournette (1 year, $3,250,000)

As I mentioned above, it is time to move on from “Playoff Lenny.” Fournette is not worth holding as a rebuilding owner at this point in his career. The Tampa backfield is filled with uncertainty on top of everything else Fournette has working against him.

  • Giovani Bernard (1 year, $1,212,500)

I do not think there should be any interest in Giovani Bernard but for some reason there will be. You should be able to get a 3rd round pick out of him right now with everyone believing he will be Tampa’s version of James White. I am moving him before the season starts if possible!

  • Mike Evans (3 years, $16,500,000)

Mike Evans is a great player, but the future of his quarterback situation is in doubt on a rebuilding timeline. Evans battled injuries all last season and I am more comfortable selling rather than keeping him around for the long haul at his current price. Let the contenders have Evans for their championship run.

  • Rob Gronkowski (1 year, $8,000,000)

At 32 years old playing with an aging Tom Brady, it is time to sell the great Rob Gronkowski. Gronk has afforded us with a ton of great memories over the years, but in Dynasty Owner you must think with your head and not your heart…. I am talking to you Steve Van Tassell!

New Orleans Saints

  • Jameis Winston (1 year, $5,500,000)

While there is certainly a case to buy Jameis Winston right now, I just cannot fully get on board. Acquiring Winston will cost assets, and no one knows who will be under center in New Orleans. Even if Winston does win the job and he plays well, he will cost a pretty penny heading into 2022. Do what I did and sell Jameis Winston.

  • Taysom Hill (1 year, $12,159,000)

As just mentioned with Jameis Winston the same can be said about Taysom Hill. If Hill wins the job and plays well, he will get a massive deal, but you are also trading away assets for someone who may never be a consistent starter in the NFL. If I am betting on one of the two, it’s Winston and I do not care much for that bet.

  • Alvin Kamara (5 years, $15,000,000)

At $15,000,000 heading into his second contract, Alvin Kamara is a sell for rebuilding owners. Kamara is a Top 3 Dynasty Owner running back in terms of pure production, but he may not be around long after you start winning. Kamara was moved in one of my leagues the other day, below is the trade.

The Vermont Teddy B Company – Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, Anthony Schwartz, and Donovan Peoples-Jones.

Henry Hotdog – Melvin Gordon, Cole Kmet, Cole Beasley, Mike Boone, 2022 1st, 2024 2nd.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Matt Ryan (3 years, $30,000,000)

If you are rostering Matt Ryan, you may end up needing to use an amnesty provision to move on from him. I would try to trade him first, but you will have an uphill battle ahead of you. As a rebuilding owner, I am cutting ties before the season starts one way or another.

  • Mike Davis (2 years, $2,750,000)

I can see plenty of scenarios where Mike Davis is not Atlanta’s full time running back come the end of the season and rebuilding owners should be moving on for that reason alone. I am not sure Mike Davis’ value will rise any higher than it is right now as the Falcons full time starter. Cash in on Davis before it is too late.

  • Russell Gage (1 year, $654,049)

I am sure a lot of you reading this are wanting to buy Russell Gage and that is ok. I am not particularly high on Gage, though I do think he will put up decent numbers again this season. I just feel this is going to be peak Gage trade value, which is why I am selling him.

Carolina Panthers

  • Christian McCaffrey (4 years, $16,015,875)

Christian McCaffrey as a Sell hurts my heart more than any other player out of this entire series, but it needs to be done. McCaffrey is undoubtedly one of, if not the best asset in all of fantasy football. I have already put my money where my mouth is and dealt McCaffrey at the end of last season to jump start my rebuild.

  • Robby Anderson (1 year, $10,000,000)

Robby Anderson and Sam Darnold are back together again and while many are giving Anderson a boost, I am saying pump the breaks. While I am very intrigued by Darnold getting away from his potential kryptonite, Adam Gase, I just do not see Anderson having a better season than he did in 2020 unless someone like DeShaun Watson were under center for the Panthers. I have Anderson coming in just a tick lower than his output in 2020 and feel the time to move him is now.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Antonio Brown (1 year, $3,075,000)

I know this one may seem weird, but I really feel that Antonio Brown can get back into the wide receiver 2 range each week. Tom Brady loved Brown and I am expecting Tampa to pass the ball quite a bit more in 2021 with a fully healthy Brady, who now has a full year under his belt in this offense. If you have Brown, he is not costing you much to hold and if he produces the way I am expecting, he will bring back a 1st round pick no problem.

  • Scotty Miller (2 years, $661,960)

Scotty Miller has flashed at times throughout his short NFL career, but the outlook is bleak for 2021. Miller has three studs in front of him on the depth chart in Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown. If you have Miller, you need to be looking at holding him for 2022 and beyond. I would have slotted Miller in the Buy category, but I do not feel the juice is worth the squeeze to go out and trade for him.

New Orleans Saints

  • Michael Thomas (4 years, $19,250,000)

I am not sure there is a bigger disappointment thus far in the off-season than Michael Thomas. Thomas is one of the most gifted wideouts in all of football and just does not seem all that thrilled to be in New Orleans. While I do think both sides work things out and we see Thomas on the field with the Saints when healthy, you must hold him until he is back producing, or you will miss out on a lot of value.

  • Latavius Murray (2 years, $3,600,000)

If Murray had stepped into Kamara’s role last season and shined, he would be an instant sell right now. The issue is he did not look all that great last year and is not bringing much back in a trade now. I am holding onto Murray to see if he can regain form before I try to trade him.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Hayden Hurst (1 year, $2,759,007)

It seems Hayden Hurst just has not been able to catch a break during his short NFL career. In Baltimore, he had Mark Andrews taken in the same draft who became a borderline star, then he has a decent first year in Atlanta and they take generational talent Kyle Pitts in the draft to play ahead of Hurst. I am holding Hurst until I see what happens after his current deal is up.

  • Olamide Zaccheaus (1 year, $586,667)

If you cannot tell by the categories I have them placed in, I like Zaccheaus a little bit more than Gage for the long haul. I do see Gage performing a little bit better overall this season, but I think Zaccheaus starts to take over more towards the end of the season. I am expecting Gage will want more than the Falcons are willing to pay at his contract’s end, leaving Zaccheaus to be the leading candidate for the number 2 spot opposite of Calvin Ridley.

Carolina Panthers

  • David Moore (2 years, $2,375,000)

If you can trick your league mates into thinking this is D.J. Moore than you can move David Moore into the Sell category. I am just kidding of course. In all honesty there may not be much of a market with Terrace Marshall having a great start to the pre-season. I would hold Moore in case Marshall struggles early on.

  • Ian Thomas (1 year, $801,999)

Heading into 2020 I was optimistic for both Ian Thomas and Irv Smith and both let me down tremendously. The Panthers brought a ton of competition in for Thomas now hopefully it will bring out the best in him. Thomas is a Hold until we see how things play out in Carolina.


We are now down to one week left for the series of Buy, Sell, and Hold with the dreaded NFC East the last division left. I saved the worst for last in this series and think I will make this an annual article series. If you guys have any friends, or you yourself is interested in joining Dynasty Owner, now is the time to get setup and practicing your mock drafts as we have just under three weeks to go before, we see real NFL action.

If you are a rebuilding owner who would like to talk about some of the moves you have made, please feel free to contact me on Twitter. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and be sure to check out Steve and Matt’s articles/videos as well on Mondays and Wednesdays. As always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

Buy, Sell, Hold: NFC West Stock Watch

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

We have three pre-season games in the books and many more to come. As we go through the pre-season, I will use the introduction of my articles to let you know the major happenings around the league. As of now, things are quiet but Carson Wentz seems to be on track to start Week 1 which is good news all around for the Colts offense. Amari Cooper has finally been taken off the PUP list and should be a go for the regular season, while his teammate Dak Prescott is set to undergo an M.R.I. but should be ready for Week 1 as well. Rookie Rashod Bateman is having surgery on his groin and will return “sometime in September”. Finally, Zack Moss missed practice because of a hamstring injury. None of this news seems troubling to me, but Zack Moss is one to keep an eye on as he has had injury issues dating back to college.

As I have in the past articles of this series, I will be placing players into 3 separate categories called Buy, Sell, and Hold. The players in this week’s article will be from one of the best divisions in football, the NFC West. In this article all players will be looked at through a rebuilding owner’s eyes. The players placed in the Buy category are always going to be young players with a ton of upside, along with great draft capital, and a clear path to the field. The players in the Sell category are going to be older players, players who are expensive, and players who fit better on contending rosters. The players in the Hold category will be players who have solid veterans blocking their path to the field, due a new contract soon, or a player whose trade value is down. If you have a differing opinion, please feel free to let me know on Twitter.

Miss from last week!

Amon-Ra St. Brown (4 years, $1,066,313)

I am still in shock I left one of my favorite rookies off last week’s article. Amon-Ra St. Brown is one of my favorite buys heading into the 2021 season. St. Brown does not have the glamorous 1st round draft capital like some do but he does have a massive opportunity in front of him and could very well lead the Detroit Lions receiving room in targets this coming season. St. Brown should come cheap and should be on your rebuilding roster.


Seattle Seahawks

  • DK Metcalf (2 years, $1,146,513)

The track star DK Metcalf is one of my favorite young receivers in all of football. As a rebuilding owner Metcalf is exactly the type of player you want on your roster. He is young, talented, cheap, and tied to a great quarterback. What more could you ask for!

  • D’Wayne Eskridge (4 years, $1,488,376)

Eskridge was one of my favorite late round picks in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts and a lot of it has to do with Russell Wilson. If Eskridge finds a way to fit into this offense, we could finally see the Seattle Seahawks we have all been begging for the last few years.

  • Cade Johnson (3 years, $808,333)

Cade Johnson is someone not many are high on and quite frankly, he may not even make the Seahawks roster. If you have room for a talented player who does not have the best shot at making a roster, Cade Johnson is an excellent target.

  • Gerald Everett (1 year, $6,000,000)

Placing Gerald Everett as a Buy may be questionable to some, but I am excited to see his role in the Seattle offense. Everett was a 2nd round draft pick for the Rams and underwhelmed during his time with the team. Everett should come cheap, and you should have no issue moving him for more than you paid later in the season when he is balling out with Russ.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Cam Akers (3 years, $1,543,258)

I know I say to be cautious buying running backs early in a rebuild but Akers is the perfect candidate. After the injury Akers should be significantly cheaper to acquire and will not score you any points this year, helping you in your goal towards the Number 1 pick.

  • Van Jefferson (3 years, $1,402,784)

Van Jefferson is a tricky player to project. He is in a very good offense and has 2nd round draft capital but the two studs in front of him on the depth chart (Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp) are both locked into deals for the foreseeable future, but I still like the talent.

  • Tutu Atwell (4 years, $1,477,175)

As I just said with Van Jefferson, Tutu Atwell is in the same exact scenario just a little worse. Atwell not only has Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods in front of him, but he also has Van Jefferson to deal with. I am buying Atwell right now but only because he is extremely cheap and has 2nd round draft capital.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Trey Lance (4 years, $8,526,319)

I am placing all these young rookie signal callers in the Buy bracket because they are a tremendous value to rebuilding owners. The problem with buying these types of players are that you are going to have to significantly mortgage your future just to have them on your roster. If you have visions of selling, I will not blame you at all.

  • Elijah Mitchell (4 years, $915,892)

Elijah Mitchell is a great dart throw and an excellent Buy for any rebuilding roster. Mitchell is buried on the 49ers depth chart at the moment, but he has the talent to find a role in this offense. The 49ers breed productive running backs and Mitchell could be the next one in line.

  • Brandon Aiyuk (3 years, $3,132,835)

Brandon Aiyuk is one of my favorite players heading into 2021 and feel he will double in value after the season he is about to have. If Trey Lance is what we expect him to be (we love semi-quoting Dennis Green around here) then I feel Aiyuk is going to be a future star at the receiver position.

  • Deebo Samuel (2 years, $1,811,869)

While I do not see Deebo Samuel in the same conversation as his teammate Brandon Aiyuk, I do think he will be a solid fantasy starter for many years if he can stay healthy. Aiyuk will be the star, but Samuel will be the cheaper wide out for the 49ers and may even end up with a better yearly Dynasty Dollars per Point (DD/PT) value.

  • George Kittle (5 years, $15,000,000)

The tight end position can give you the biggest advantage in all of fantasy football and is one of the hardest to fill. I know George Kittle is expensive and will be putting up big numbers this year, but as young as he is I recommend buying Kittle and forgetting about the tight end position for many years to come.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Eno Benjamin (3 years, $849,428)

If you believe in either Chase Edmonds, or James Conner becoming a workhorse, Eno Benjamin may not be the Buy for you. If you do not believe in either of those guys becoming a work horse running back, I highly suggest putting Eno Benjamin on your Dynasty Owner roster. Eno Benjamin may very well be the most talented back on the Cardinals roster.

  • Kyler Murray (2 years, $8,914,504)

If Kyler Murray can stay healthy throughout his career, he may end up as one of the best, most consistent fantasy quarterbacks of all time. If you can get your hands on Murray, you need to immediately plan for his future contract and start building around him.

  • Christian Kirk (1 year, $1,473,717)

I am not all that big of a fan of Christian Kirk, but he is a talented NFL player. The Cardinals seem to be content moving off him after bringing in someone like A.J. Green and drafting Rondale Moore, but Kirk only has one year left in the desert and may get a fresh start elsewhere come 2022.

  • Rondale Moore (4 years, $1,731,060)

Introducing the Christian Kirk killer, Rondale Moore. Moore is an extremely talented kid out of Purdue and has great draft capital after being taken in the 2nd round of the 2021 NFL draft. Moore may not step into a significant role right away but come mid-season I expect him to start seeing significant playing time. Buy Moore now before it is too late.

  • Maxx Williams (1 year, $3,500,000)

I remember Maxx Williams coming out of Minnesota and doing very well in the pre-draft process, looking like an athletic freak. Fast-forward a few years and he has been stuck behind Mark Andrews, not getting a shot at actual playing time. All of that is in the past and Williams will finally get a chance to become a NFL starter. I am buying Williams before he breaks out with a big game and the asking price doubles.


Seattle Seahawks

  • Russell Wilson (3 years, $35,000,000)

As a fan, I want Russell Wilson on my team solely because he is so much fun to watch, but as a rebuilding owner I feel completely opposite. While keeping, or acquiring Wilson could be understandable in regular dynasty, this is Dynasty Owner where Wilson’s salary matters. I am trading Wilson before he is a year older and a year closer to being extended.

  • Chris Carson (2 years, $5,212,500)

I have mentioned numerous times over the past few weeks that the landscape of the running back position is downright ugly. If you are a rebuilding owner with a running back like Chris Carson on your roster, you need to move him immediately. Carson’s salary is cheap compared to others at his position, making him tradeable to almost any owner.

  • Tyler Lockett (1 year, $10,250,000)

If I am being honest Tyler Lockett is one of my favorite players in football and has been since he was playing at Kansas State. If Lockett were a little younger and cheaper, I would have him as a Buy. The hype around Lockett is fantastic right now, rebuilding owners should take advantage.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Matthew Stafford (2 years, $27,000,000)

I like Matthew Stafford at this salary a ton, but do not feel he is someone rebuilding owners should be targeting. At this point in the off-season, there is rightfully a lot of hype around Stafford and the Rams offense, which is exactly what I love taking advantage of when rebuilding.

  • Darrell Henderson (2 years, $1,053,001)

If you are rebuilding and you have Darrell Henderson, you need to be shopping him immediately. I cannot find the exact stat, but Henderson has never seen north of a 70% snap share in any game in his entire career, including the games Cam Akers was not playing in. Take advantage of the Henderson hype now or you will come to regret the decision.

  • Xavier Jones (2 years, $764,667)

After reading the Darrell Henderson piece, I do not think you need to hear much on Xavier Jones. Jones is a talented kid, but he and Henderson are just keeping the seat warm until Cam Akers returns next season. Sell the Jones hype.

  • DeSean Jackson (1 year, $4,500,000)

I am not sure any owner in their right mind would give up much for DeSean Jackson but if you find someone willing, it is time to move on from the speedster.

  • Cooper Kupp (3 years, $15,750,000)

I will continue to say this, sell the hype. The Rams offense is getting nothing but praise at the moment and rebuilding owners need to take advantage. I am selling someone like Kupp for one of the young promising receivers if I can.

  • Robert Woods (5 years, $16,250,000)

As I just mentioned with Cooper Kupp, I will echo with Robert Woods. He is getting older, and your team needs to get younger. Sell Woods to a contending owner for one of his talented young guys.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (2 years, $27,500,000)

At $27,500,000, you will have a tough time moving Jimmy G. but with quarterbacks in the $40 million range he now looks like somewhat of a value. If you can afford to hold Jimmy G. in hopes the 49ers will trade him, it is not a bad strategy. In most scenarios, you will want to just take what someone will give you and move on.

  • Raheem Mostert (1 year, $2,900,000)

Raheem Mostert will be a productive fantasy back this season, but I feel it will be his last productive year. The 49ers drafted his replacement in Trey Sermon and all reports have Sermon as the lead back out of the Bay Area. Get rid of Mostert before the 49ers do and he has little to no value left.

  • Trey Sermon (4 years, $1,218,234)

I hate myself for this more than everyone else is going to. Sell Trey Sermon. Sermon’s value is absolutely skyrocketing right now as I just seen him go ahead of Javonte Williams and Travis Etienne in a regular dynasty draft. As much as I love the former Buckeye, the craze has gotten to be too much. Grab as many assets as you can in a trade and do not look back.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Chase Edmonds (1 year, $728,090)

As I said with Darrell Henderson, I am going to say about the next two running backs on the list. Sell these guys while there is hype surrounding them. The perception of Chase Edmonds right now is that he is going to be a starter and I do not see him as much more than he has been during his career.

  • James Conner (1 year, $1,750,000)

James Conner has showed us one thing over the past couple seasons, he can get hurt. I love the story and what Conner has overcome, but at this point I am selling him to someone who still believes in him.

  • DeAndre Hopkins (4 years, $27,250,000)

DeAndre Hopkins is starting to get towards the backend of his career at 29 years old and is much better served on a contending roster. The issue with moving Hopkins is his massive contract. My advice would be to seek out an expensive player who is nowhere near Hopkins’s level, trade Hopkins for the bad, expensive player and demand draft capital in return


Seattle Seahawks

  • Rashaad Penny (2 years, $2,691,360)

No one knows what Rashaad Penny can be as a NFL player. Penny has been hurt his entire career and has never had any type of opportunity because of it. If you have Penny hold onto him and the second he starts producing, I would sell him. Owning Penny would be way to nerve wracking for me at this point in his career.

  • Travis Homer (2 years, $665,704)

Travis Homer is a Hold because of the injury history of Rashaad Penny. If you have Homer hold onto him. If Penny is healthy, you can drop him. If Penny goes down again to injury you can sell Homer to the Chris Carson owner as a cheap handcuff.

  • Freddie Swain (4 years, $856,103)

I talk about lottery tickets all the time in my articles and Freddie Swain is a perfect example of just that. I do not honestly see Swain making much of an impact but if Gerald Everett or D’Wayne Eskridge fails to impress, we could see Swain get significant playing time.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Tyler Higbee (3 years, $7,250,000)

Tyler Higbee has flashed massive potential at times throughout his short career. The Rams let Gerald Everett walk in free agency and the time is now for Tyler Higbee. As a Higbee owner, I am holding to see if he can live up to his potential.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Wayne Gallman (1 year, $990,000)

I love lottery tickets in Kyle Shanahan coached backfields. The running game in San Francisco has been one of the best and most efficient since Shanahan took over in the Bay Area. Gallman looked solid in relief for Saquon Barkley last season and could find himself in a big role with the 49ers if things break the right way. Hold Gallman and see if anything comes to be.

  • Richie James (1 year, $634,143)

Do you remember the Richie James game last season? I know I do. The 49ers have the top two receivers on their roster set in stone, but the 3rd spot is up for grabs and that’s where James comes in. The other factor I love about James is that both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk have had trouble with injuries in the past.

  • Jalen Hurd (2 years, $1,069,920)

Jalen Hurd is an absolute flier at this point but could end up in the 3rd receiver spot I just mentioned with Richie James. The 49ers took Hurd in the 3rd round a few years back and have not given up on him. If Kyle Shanahan believes, I do too.

Arizona Cardinals

  • A.J. Green (1 year, $6,000,000)

At this point in his career, it is safe to say A.J. Green is washed up. Green looked pathetic with the Bengals last season. If you still have him on your roster for whatever reason I would either hold onto him or cut him. Who knows, Green blows up early and nets decent value in a trade. It is the NFL where anything can happen.

  • Andy Isabella (2 years, $1,157,469)

I was optimistic for Andy Isabella coming out of college and he has let me down royally. If you have Isabella, I will hold him at this point and hope that he remembers how to play football again.


As we near the end of this series I can only get more excited, and it is not because the series is almost finished. Each week that passes means another week closer to the NFL season starting. If you are a rebuilding owner who would like to talk about some of the moves you have made, please feel free to contact me on Twitter. The last reminder I have for all of you rebuilding owners out there, is that the time to trade is now! Have a wonderful week and as always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!

Dynasty Owner Wide Receiver Tiers – Part Two (The Bench Guys)

By Steven Van Tassell

Now, it’s really time for the final set of Dynasty Owner Fantasy Football Tiers 2021. Last week, we tackled the Starting WRs for your Dynasty Owner team and this week, we are going to look at the Bench WRs. The Starting WRs were any WR projected to score 200.0 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021. There were 53 of them out of 552 WRs in the Dynasty Owner player pool as of last week. We aren’t going to go through the remaining 499 WRs in this article since many of them won’t end up on a NFL team or score many Dynasty Owner fantasy points so they shouldn’t appear on your Dynasty Owner Bench or Practice Squad. Instead, we will focus on those WRs most likely to be able to contribute significant points from your Bench. They might stay there all year, or move into your Starting lineup if they produce better than anticipated, due to injury, or if you have another WR (or two) on bye.

There are a lot of WRs to review here and just like in some of the other tiers, many of the differences are minor at some point, whether it be an extra year on their contract or just a slightly higher Dynasty Dollars per Point (DD/PT) value. These minor differences mean that individual Dynasty Owners may differ on where to select these players based on personal preference. It’s hard to differentiate at some point, especially in Dynasty Owner because of the inclusion of contracts and salaries. It doesn’t matter much in a regular dynasty league if a player has one, two, three, or four years left on their contract, but it does in Dynasty Owner and that may be the ultimate difference between selecting one player over another, regardless of position.

Just like RBs, we are not going to have an “Avoid” tier – even at the Bench WR level. There are just too many WRs who should be drafted that there’s no time to go through the players who shouldn’t be taken right now. All of the QBs to avoid were veterans with very large contracts who are productive, but not productive enough to use and take up a significant portion of your Dynasty Owner salary cap. For TEs, the guys to avoid were high-salary, but lightly used players so they just don’t belong on your roster. While WRs make more than RBs, only four make $20 million or more and 27 make $10 million or more. While both Larry Fitzgerald and Alshon Jeffrey are currently listed with salaries of over $10 million, both are free agents and likely to make less if they play in 2021. Out of those 27 WRs making $10 million or more, only one (Sterling Shepard) is projected to have less than 200.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and is listed here as a Bench option. All of the others were in the last article. However, even Shepard is projected to average around 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game, so he could be rostered at that level of production and therefore, appears in one of the Bench tiers.

All 2021 projections come from Rotowire and are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All 2021 Dynasty Owner fantasy points projections were accurate as of the morning of August 4th.

More Bench WR Tiers Than Anywhere Else in Dynasty

As mentioned in the Starting WR article, Dynasty Owners need to have a lot of quality WRs on their roster as the prevalence of three WR formations by most NFL teams means more WRs are utilized in a NFL game than any other position in Dynasty Owner. According to Sharp Football Stats, the three WR, one RB, one TE formation was used more than any other formation by every NFL team in 2020 ( That includes run-heavy teams like the Titans and Vikings who both used it on 35% or less of their plays, but nevertheless, still more than any other formation type. As a result, more WRs have the opportunity to produce the Dynasty Owner fantasy points your team needs to win.

The Bench tiers are listed below and there are 19 of them that capture all 68 WRs projected to score between 100.0 and 200.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021 plus an additional 38 WRs who are projected to score less but should still be considered Bench options for 2021 and worthy of a roster spot on your Dynasty Owner team. In order, they are:

  • Tier 12a – Very Young WRs Ready to Produce More in 2021
  • Tier 12b – Very Young WRs Projected to Perform Much Better in 2021
  • Tier 13a – Late First or Second Round Rookie Draft Picks
  • Tier 13b – More Rookie Draft Picks Worth Owning
  • Tier 14a – Good Value Bench WRs with Two Year Contracts
  • Tier 14b – Minimal Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts
  • Tier 15 – Around $1 Million Bench WRs with Multiple Years Left on That Contract
  • Tier 16 – Disappointing Recent First Round Draft Picks who Need to Produce
  • Tier 17 – Slightly Higher Salary Veteran Bench WRs on One-Year Contracts
  • Tier 18a – Veteran Bench WRs on One Year Contracts
  • Tier 18b – Multi-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Salary Bench WRs
  • Tier 19a – Lower Production and Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts
  • Tier 19b – Slightly Lower Production, Low Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts
  • Tier 20 – WRs on One-Year, $1.13 Million Veteran Contracts
  • Tier 21 – Making Just About $1 Million, but Signed for Multiple Years
  • Tier 22 – Drafted Rookies Projected for the Practice Squad in 2021
  • Tier 23 – Really Cheap Flyers
  • Tier 24 – Low-End Bench Production, Multi-Year $5 Million Salary WRs
  • Tier 25 – Veterans Making $2 Million or More, but Expected to Produce Fewer than 100 Points

Tier 12a – Very Young WRs Ready to Produce More in 2021

None of these players are over 23 years old, but all of them have played in the NFL for at least one season and played at a pretty high level. With the departure of a veteran WR for each of their NFL teams, they should be ready to produce more in 2021 and provide some great value to their Dynasty Owners. The best part is that they are all very inexpensive and have two or three years left on their rookie contract.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Darnell Mooney, CHI$894,2633177.3$5,044
Gabriel Davis, BUF$998,5953183.4$5,445
Mecole Hardman, KC$1,248,7632191.4$6,524

It is very conceivable that all three of these WRs could be the WR2 on their respective teams in 2021 and be worthy of being a Starter on your Dynasty Owner team. For now, they are projected to be a top Bench option.

Tier 12b – Very Young WRs Projected to Perform Much Better in 2021

All four of these WRs were taken by their NFL teams in either the second or third round in the 2020 NFL draft. Dynasty Owners drafted them with high expectations for good production for between $1 million and $2 million in salary for 2020, but that didn’t happen. Slightly lower projected production and higher salaries than Tier 12a, but the potential is still there.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Bryan Edwards, LV$1,173,1133164.6$7,127
Van Jefferson, LA$1,402,7843173.4$8,090
Denzel Mims, NYJ$1,358,4253156.5$8,680
K.J. Hamler, DEN$1,784,2823149.1$11,967

All of them had less than 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2020. Three out of the four are expected to have over 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points than they did last year. K.J. Hamler is “only” projected for 56.7 more points, but that’s still a significant increase.

Tier 13a – Late First or Second Round Rookie Draft Picks

Based on the 2021 projections, these five rookie late first or second round draft picks should average a very similar number of Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. That’s pretty much why they are all together in one tier. Very little difference in production and all of them have four year rookie contracts.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Terrace Marshall, CAR$1,432,3724166.5$8,603
Rondale Moore, ARI$1,731,0604166.6$10,391
Elijah Moore, NYJ$2,235,1074171.5$12,036
Rashod Bateman, BAL$3,149,8534166.5$18,918
Kadarius Toney, NYG$3,429,8774159.5$21,504

The order is in reverse order of draft selection with Terrace Marshall, the latest pick in this tier, having the best DD/PT value and Kadarius Toney, the #20 overall pick, having the worst. It’s not out of the question that these WRs could be elite or almost elite in another year or two because of their affordable rookie contracts and be in one of the top Tiers, but for now, they start here.

Tier 13b – More Rookie Draft Picks Worth Owning

These WRs were also drafted in 2021, but were either drafted a round or two later, or were taken in the second round, but expected to produce less than the second round picks in Tier 13a. However, they are all expected to score more than 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points this year.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET$1,066,3134153.7$6,938
Shi Smith, CAR$913,1054123.5$7,394
Nico Collins, HOU$1,217,8794159.2$7,650
Dyami Brown, WAS$1,236,0004147.0$8,408
Amari Rodgers, GB$1,224,9744142.7$8,584
Tylan Wallace, BAL$1,041,3414113.4$9,183
Anthony Schwartz, CLE$1,215,7554118.0$10,303
Dez Fitzpatrick, TEN$1,069,9514101.7$10,521
Tutu Atwell, LA$1,477,1754128.5$11,496
D’Wayne Eskridge, SEA$1,488,3764100.9$14,751

Only time will tell if they play well and turn into Starting WRs, such as Terry McLaurin, DK Metcalf or Diontae Johnson, or even Tier 12 Bench WRs. They might also not do very well and be the next J. J. Arcega-Whiteside or Andy Isabella or another mid-to-late round WR drafted in the past couple of years who didn’t make the roster or are possibly on the verge of being cut this year.

Tier 14a – Good Value Bench WRs with Two Year Contracts

Plain and simple. These Bench WRs are a great value. They aren’t likely to end up as the WR1 on their NFL team or make their way into your Dynasty Owner Starting lineup too many weeks, but are expected to contribute close to 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game. Not bad for around $700,000 in salary for two years!

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Hunter Renfrow, LV$708,9872163.6$4,334
Darius Slayton, NYG$688,4972158.2$4,352
Scott Miller, TB$661,9602133.9$4,944

The problem with all three WRs here is that their 2021 projected points are all more than what they produced in 2020. Slayton did have more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2019 than projected this year though.

Tier 14b – Minimal Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts

Here are a bunch of either undrafted rookie free agents still on their initial deal or late round 2018 draft picks who have become a valuable part of their NFL team, providing middle of the road WR production for minimal salary. All of them stand to get significant raises next year, so draft them now, get the value from those minimal salaries on your Bench (or in your Starting lineup occasionally) and see how they do.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Jalen Guyton, LAC$540,0001147.9$3,651
Olamide Zaccheaus, ATL$586,6671155.5$3,773
Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB$669,3881170.6$3,924
Jakobi Meyers, NE$588,3331148.8$3,954
Preston Williams, MIA$588,3331142.3$4,134
Russell Gage, ATL$654,0491155.4$4,209

Because they only have one year left on those entry level contracts, these WRs are just below the Tier 14a WRs who are projected to score a similar number of Dynasty Owner fantasy points and produce similar DD/PT value in 2021. In fact, all of them are better values for 2021. However, all of them should get at least a decent raise next year, which puts them slightly below the WRs with two years left on their contracts.

Tier 15 – Around $1 Million Bench WRs with Multiple Years Left on That Contract

Late second round or third round picks in the 2019 NFL draft and third round or later picks in the 2020 NFL draft comprise this tier of Bench WRs making around $1 million for the next two or three years.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Donovan Peoples-Jones, CLE$870,4023158.0$5,509
Quintez Cephus, DET$899,8223155.0$5,805
Tyler Johnson, TB$902,3553131.9$6,841
Parris Campbell, IND$1,193,9842161.6$7,389
Jalen Hurd, SF$1,069,9202124.9$8,566
Miles Boykin, BAL$893,7322104.3$8,569
Devin Duvernay, BAL$1,143,9523112.0$10,214

Their higher draft status than the WRs in both Tier 14a and 14b means their DD/PT values are also higher, which explains why they are one tier lower. It’s only a couple of thousand dollars saved for similar production, but that’s how close some of the players in these tiers are to one another at this point.

Tier 16 – Disappointing Recent First Round Draft Picks who Need to Produce

Sadly, all three of these former first round picks are considered high-end Dynasty Owner Bench options at best just one or two years into their NFL careers and slotted several tiers below many WRs drafted after them in either 2019 or 2020.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Jalen Reagor, PHI$3,317,6693176.9$18,754
N’Keal Harry, NE$2,524,5872129.8$19,450
Henry Ruggs, LV$4,167,9063177.5$23,481

Their higher salaries as a result of being taken in the first round combined with a lack of production in 2020 means you’ll pay more for Ruggs and Reagor than you do for Justin Jefferson ($3.28 million), but likely get far fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points. All three of them scored less than 10.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game in 2020. In contrast, their fellow NFL first round picks in previous tiers averaged 134.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game (Lamb), 15.4 (Aiyuk) and 17.1 (Jefferson) as rookies.

Tier 17 – Slightly Higher Salary Veteran Bench WRs on One-Year Contracts

This tier has a lot of players who are all on one-year contracts that run over $1 million in salary, but less than $4 million. Each one has been out of college for at least three years so they have a track record that Dynasty Owners can use to evaluate them and see if they want them on their roster.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Christian Kirk, ARI$1,473,7171183.2$8,044
Anthony Miller, HOU$1,338,4251152.8$8,759
Damiere Byrd, CHI$1,127,5001125.8$8,963
James Washington, PIT$1,125,3361117.3$9,594
Breshad Perriman, DET$2,500,0001176.0$14,205
Josh Reynolds, TEN$1,750,0001120.6$14,511
Cam Sims, WAS$2,133,0001137.2$15,547
Rashard Higgins, CLE$2,377,5001137.9$17,241
Devin Funchess, GB$2,500,0001114.3$21,872
John Brown, LV$3,750,0001169.2$22,163
Tim Patrick, DEN$3,384,0001151.6$22,322
Zach Pascal, IND$3,384,0001147.6$22,927
Tyrell Williams, DET$4,000,0001139.1$28,756

If they don’t produce in 2021, they could be looking at less money in 2022, or maybe a big contract if they have a good year. Either way, you don’t have to keep them on your team for more than this year. There is a bit of a range in terms of projected 2021 scoring and DD/PT value with Christian Kirk being the best of both worlds since he didn’t really fit into any of the other Bench tiers above and isn’t supposed to score over 200.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points so he couldn’t be listed as a Starting WR. Anthony Miller joined this tier only after being traded from Chicago to Houston, which boosted his 2021 projection over 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Tier 18a – Veteran Bench WRs on One Year Contracts

Here are a six-pack of veteran Bench WRs who are on one-year contracts of between $5 million and $9.5 million. They aren’t likely to produce as well as they have at some point in their careers, but will still be able to fill in as a Starter for bye weeks and when the inevitable injuries come. The rest of the time, they will fit nicely on your Bench if you can afford to own them.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Sammy Watkins, BAL$5,000,0001157.5$31,746
Emmanuel Sanders, BUF$6,000,0001171.2$35,047
Keelan Cole, NYJ$5,500,0001148.7$36,987
T.Y. Hilton, IND$8,000,0001193.7$41,301
A.J. Green, ARI$6,000,0001129.5$46,332
Jamison Crowder, NYJ$9,500,0001162.2$58,570

Only Watkins, Cole and Crowder are under 30 years of age (they are all 28), so it’s good that all of these WRs are on one-year contracts.

Tier 18b – Multi-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Salary Bench WRs

Every Dynasty Owner needs to have quality Bench WRs. These guys might move into your Starting lineup if they have a good matchup, or if your Starter has a poor matchup, if someone is injured or on bye. They are high-end Bench WRs, but because of their pricey, multi-year salaries, they will cost you quite a lot more in salary than many of the WRs in earlier tiers.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Cole Beasley, BUF$7,250,0002174.5$41,547
Randall Cobb, GB$9,000,0002165.1$54,512
Sterling Shepard, NYG$10,250,0003170.0$60,294

Randall Cobb got traded to Green Bay and it really improved his projections as he was barely projected to get over 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points as a member of the Houston Texans. Sterling Shepard is as close to an “avoid” player as you can find here because he has the highest salary and worst DD/PT value, and his Dynasty Owners are saddled with his contract for three years, compared to two years for Beasley and Cobb.

Tier 19a – Lower Production and Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts

These WRs make around the same salary as the WRs in Tier 14a, but are also projected for fewer Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021 and thus, slightly higher DD/PT values and a fewer tiers lower. However, they are ranked higher than the “b” tier since they are all projected to score 100.0 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Keke Coutee, HOU$797,2571134.4$5,932
Allen Lazard, GB$675,0001112.2$6,016
Travis Fulgham, PHI$762,5001106.2$7,180

Because they only have one year left their contracts, these WRs are a few tiers below even the players at the bottom of Tier 15 who are projected to score a similar number of Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021.

Tier 19b – Slightly Lower Production, Low Salary Bench WRs with One Year Left on Those Contracts

Low salaries just like the “a” tier, so they should still be on Dynasty Owner rosters, but expected to produce less than 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021 so you don’t want to have to rely on them as a Bench option.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Auden Tate, CIN$570,000188.4$6,448
Tyron Johnson, LAC$695,000191.5$7,596
Greg Ward, PHI$850,000178.6$10,814

Each one of them saw their team draft a WR early in the 2021 NFL draft which may explain these projections. Ward did better last year, while Johnson’s production was similar to what is expected in 2021. Only Tate is supposed to do better than 2020 and almost return to his 2019 level of production.

Tier 20 – WRs on One-Year, $1.13 Million Veteran Contracts

All four WRs in this tier as making the same amount – $1,127,500 for one year – and expected to produce far less than 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points this season. That’s good enough to have their own tier and keep an eye on if they do well at the beginning of the season.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Demarcus Robinson, KC$1,127,500164.4$17,508
Willie Snead, LV$1,127,500163.2$17,840
Isaiah McKenzie, BUF$1,127,500151.6$21,851
Kalif Raymond, DET$1,127,500120.4$55,270

Demarcus Robinson is much higher owned (48%) than the rest of these guys who are all owned in less than 10% of Dynasty Owner leagues.

Tier 21 – Making Just About $1 Million, but Signed for Multiple Years

Here are six WRs who all have multi-year contracts that are very affordable, around $1 million or so and still young (25 or younger). However, none are projected for over 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
KeeSean Johnson, ARI$682,328297.2$7,020
Lynn Bowden, MIA$1,177,354396.5$12,201
John Hightower, PHI$898,763362.8$14,312
Quez Watkins, PHI$866,166356.8$15,249
Andy Isabella, ARI$1,157,469269.9$16,559
Freddie Swain, SEA$856,103346.8$18,293

There are a lot of WRs in this salary range with multiple years left on their similarly priced contracts who are projected to score more points in 2021 (Tiers 12a and 15). Maybe one of these WRs here plays well and moves up into a tier with those guys next year.

Tier 22 – Drafted Rookies Projected for the Practice Squad in 2021

All of these rookies were drafted by their team in the 2021 NFL draft, so you have to think that they have confidence in their abilities. They are all on four-year rookie contracts. However, none are projected to score 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points this year, so they may end up on your Practice Squad all year.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Jaelon Darden, TB$1,044,476463.0$16,579
Josh Palmer, LAC$1,258,365473.4$17,144
Frank Darby, ATL$921,125443.2$21,322
Ben Skowronek, LA$891,131433.8$26,365
Dazz Newsome, CHI$902,677424.6$36,694
Racey McMath, TEN$912,840424.6$37,107
Marquez Stevenson, BUF$913,136424.4$37,424
Dax Milne, WAS$889,317423.3$38,168
Kawaan Baker, NO$890,018419.1$46,598
Tre Nixon, NE$894,670417.5$51,124
Mike Strachan, IND$898,708417.1$52,556
Cornell Powell, KC$930,038417.1$54,388
Ihmir Smith-Marsette, MIN$949,740416.8$56,532
Jalen Camp, JAC$911,073414.7$61,978
Seth Williams, DEN$902,677413.7$65,889
Simi Fehoko, DAL$930,038412.7$73,231

The Los Angeles Chargers drafted Josh Palmer in the middle of the third round at #77 overall which is the highest of any player in this tier. If his projection was higher for this year, he’d be in Tier 13b. All of the others were drafted in the fourth to seventh rounds with Dax Milne being the next to last player chosen in the seventh round (#258 overall). If you hear good things about them in training camp, then take a chance and draft them or grab them off the Free Agent Auction if you’ve drafted already. It’ll cost you less than $1 million for almost all of them.

Tier 23 – Really Cheap Flyers

If you have a very limited amount of salary and need another practice squad WR, all of these players are available for less than the cost of an undrafted rookie free agent. Each has played in the NFL for at least a year or two and seemingly carved out a role as a fourth or fifth WR, gadget play guy or returner. None of them are expected to average even 4.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game, but at the cost, almost every Dynasty Owner can afford to have them on their roster. Just don’t expect them to do as well as the WRs similar salaries in earlier tiers.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Richie James, SF$634,143162.1$10,212
Steven Sims, WAS$590,000154.5$10,826
Deonte Harris, NO$588,333136.8$15,987
Gunner Olszewski, NE$585,833125.3$23,155

They should have better odds than most undrafted free agents to make their NFL team. And if you have to drop them because they get released during training camp, it will cost hardly any Dynasty Dollars to do so.

Tier 24 – Low-End Bench Production, Multi-Year $5 Million Salary WRs

While both of these players could have fit in Tier 18b, they are just a shade below those WRs in terms of projected fantasy production. Both are less expensive at around $5 million in salary per year, but your Dynasty Owner team has to pay that for the next three years.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
Kendrick Bourne, NE$5,000,0003139.3$35,894
Jakeem Grant, MIA$4,925,0003108.0$45,602

Both Bourne and Grant had the best fantasy season of their career last year and are expected to slightly improve in 2021. Since their career years were 8.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game (Bourne) and 6.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game (Grant), their salaries seem a bit high.

Tier 25 – Veterans Making $2 Million or More, but Expected to Produce Fewer than 100 Points

All of these veterans are making $2 million or more in salary and expected to produce less than 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2021.

PlayerYearly SalaryYears2021 Projected Points2021 DD/PT
John Ross, NYG$2,250,000198.9$22,750
David Moore, CAR$2,375,000290.5$26,243
Cedrick Wilson, DAL$2,183,000157.8$37,768
DeSean Jackson, LA$4,500,000194.5$47,619
Byron Pringle, KC$2,133,000142.8$49,836

Most of them have had good years in the past and they might rekindle that past glory and be worth paying for one year to find out. David Moore is the exception as he has a two-year contract with Carolina.


We did exactly double the number of WRs in these Bench tiers than Starters (106 Bench vs. 53 Starters). Even so, that’s still only around 20% of the overall WR draft pool on the Dynasty Owner platform.

Just like at RB, there are WRs who will end up being productive who aren’t listed here. The WR with the lowest projection in a Bench tier is Dallas rookie Simi Fehoko with 12.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. There are 189 WRs projected to score at least some Dynasty Owner fantasy points so we didn’t get all of them. We also left out all of the undrafted rookie free agents plus some veterans mostly on minimum salary contracts. The rookie free agents are mostly on three year contracts for $808,333 per season, while the veterans will cost more than that and some of them are even over $1 million.

Just because those players aren’t listed, they might still help your Dynasty Owner team. After all, there’s going to somebody who comes completely out of nowhere, just like Travis Fulgham did last season when he logged five consecutive weeks with double digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points (Weeks 4-8) after going undrafted in every single Dynasty Owner league. If you have space under the salary cap and 30 player limit, go ahead and take a chance, you never know what might happen!

There were also no free agents listed in these tiers, so Golden Tate, Larry Fitzgerald, Alshon Jeffrey, Danny Amendola plus countless other lower profile WRs are all absent. If any of these veteran WRs sign with a NFL team, their contract (both years and salary) will determine which tier they should be placed in. For now, there’s no tier for them.

I’m sure there will be differences of opinion on these Bench WR tiers. Let me know what you think of these Bench WR tiers (or any of the other tiers) on Twitter (@SteveVT33) or in the comments section on YouTube.

In addition to tiers, Dynasty Owner has plenty of other great content to help you draft your dynasty. We can also provide guidance as you continue to tweak your roster after your rookie or start-up draft is over so you can win your league. My articles and videos to get you ready for your 2021 Dynasty Owner start-up league team are being released on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for new articles from the rest of our team of Dynasty Owner writers as well. Matt Morrison – The Jerk (@Dynastyjerk) is doing a deep dive on individual teams that you can check out on Mondays, while Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl) looks at how to rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster on Fridays. All of the articles will be released at 1 PM (Eastern) with videos and podcast released at 3 PM (Eastern).

Please read all of their articles and follow all three of us plus Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) on Twitter. Hopefully this article is helpful for everyone who has a 2021 start-up draft coming soon, and at least interesting for those of you who have already drafted or have an established team. Maybe it’ll give you and other Dynasty Owners some ideas for potential trades too. Thanks, and have a great day!

Steven Van Tassell is the Head of Content for Dynasty Owner

Follow us on Twitter: @SteveVT33 and @Dynasty_Owner

“Trade Your Bench” Strategy and Dallas Cowboy Contract Breakdowns

By Matt Morrison (@dynastyjerk)

Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in.  As you read this, the NFL prepares to start their first week of the preseason.  I’ve personally never gotten that excited about preseason NFL games in the past, but as the saying goes, “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.”  The lack of preseason games (and overall preseason hype) last year left a void.  People wanted more buildup.  Hard Knocks was good last season, but it just wasn’t the same without competition.  Well, at the time of this article release, the first preseason game is only three days away.  That game will feature the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This is fitting because today I will be talking about the Dallas Cowboys.  Before I get into the bulk of the article, let me talk about the ultimate Dynasty Owner prize…Chase for the Ring.

There are many unique aspects of Dynasty Owner, but one of my favorites is the Chase for the Ring competition.  If you are new to Dynasty Owner, let me explain what it is…

The Chase for the Ring is a season-long contest where the league champion with the most season-long points wins.  The sole winner takes home a “Super Bowl style custom ring encrusted with real diamonds and rubies.”  The approximate value of each ring is $10,000.  What a grand prize, huh?  While the odds of winning it are low, someone has to be the champion.  Here are some tips for you if you plan on joining Eddie and Viktor as the next Chase for the Ring Champion.

***Full disclosure:  The advice I’m about to give is not the way I would run my team.  You will most likely have to make monetary and draft pick sacrifices if you want to win the Ring.  There is not much value built into these types of teams.  It is quite literally, “I’m going to load up on all the top tier players that I can until I run out of cap room.”  This is a very low-value way to play, but it can be handsomely rewarding in the short term.***

The main goal is going to be to pack your team with the most points possible.  That seems like a no-brainer, but there are a few ways you can go about it.  You may try to play a little more conservative by holding a solid and deep roster.  This is an advised strategy as injuries will most certainly happen every year, and they will likely affect your team.  Having a deep roster construction is the smart way to assemble a dynasty.  However, the Dynasty Owner that takes the grand prize will probably not employ that strategy.  He or she will most likely punt the majority of their bench in order to acquire/trade up for better players.  An example would be this…

Say this is your starting roster in Dynasty Owner:

QBRussell Wilson
RBChristian McCaffrey
RBDalvin Cook
WRDK Metcalf
WRCeeDee Lamb
TEDarren Waller
FLEXMike Davis
KYounghoe Koo

I hope you would agree that this is a very healthy starting lineup.  Well, it just so happens that this team’s bench is equally as impressive.  It’s so impressive that you would be able to trade away Mike Davis and CeeDee Lamb for a top-six wide receiver and then be able to slide James Robinson into your flex spot.  Would you make that deal?  Sure, it depends on the player’s salary and how much cap space you have to work with, but if you are looking to win now, the upgrade from Lamb to a player like Calvin Ridley or Terry McLaurin makes sense.  You would also be losing running back depth, but there are scenarios where this is worth it especially for those Owners that are in the “win now” mentality.  Let me give you an example of a team that has “sold its soul away.”  This team has been gutted of all nonessential players.  This team has had the fat trimmed off of it.  This team has 77 percent of its salary cap tied up in their starting lineup!  Here is the full team…

Starting LineupBenchPractice Squad
QBPatrick MahomesQBJosh AllenQBDrew Lock
RBChristian McCaffreyRBLatavius. MurrayQBSteven Montez
RBAustin EkelerRBBenny SnellRBRoyce Freeman
WRTyreek HillWRAntonio BrownRBJerick McKinnon
WRDK MetcalfWRMichael PittmanWRMarquez Vales-Scantling
TEDarren WallerTEBlake JarwinWRJames Washington
FLEXJames RobinsonKOPENWRKeke Coutee
KSam Ficken  WRJakobi Meyers
    WRGreg Ward
    TEAdam Trautman
    TEWill Dissly
    TEDalton Schultz

There are issues with this team, no doubt.

  • It is so thin at running back that Benny Snell is in a point scoring position
  • There is probably not a starting quarterback behind the top two QBs
  • This Owner only has a single kicker
  • They are pressed up against the salary cap  ($126.8 million)

As you can see, there is a lot of good on this team though.  The fact that it has two Top 3 quarterbacks is a major plus.  There aren’t many teams that can compete for the Ring, but this is one of them.  Additionally, any team that is built in the same way has a chance at the Ring.  If you put two top three quarterbacks, two top ten running backs, two top-five wide receivers, and a top-three tight end on the same team, they will have a shot at the ring.  There will be a lot of risk, but a lot of chance for reward as well.  I will digress as we get into our single contract breakdown of the article.  The player is Michael Gallup.

Contract Breakdown

Michael Gallup has turned into a forgotten player.  He’s one of the least talked about players who ended as a Top 40 wide receiver.  Let’s break it down…

Michael Gallup was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.  He was the 81st overall pick and the ninth wide receiver taken that year.  At that draft position, he earned a contract worth 4 years – $880,995 per year.  Gallup is in the final year of that contract, and he has been replaced (fantasy-wise) with more talented and more productive players.  Those receivers are Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb.  Cooper and Lamb have taken a lot of the luster that Gallup once had.  I’m not here to tell you that Gallup will ever be viewed with the same potential that he had in the 2019 season, but he will still return value for Dynasty Owners (at least for the 2021 season).  Here is how Gallup compared to his peers last year…

 Salary2020 DD/FP2021 DD/FP
Terry McLaurin$961,918$4,317$3,154
Diontae Johnson$1,070,241$4,823$4,080
Michael Gallup$880,995$5,084$4,092
Hunter Renfrow$708,987$5,205$4,334
A.J. Brown$1,413,092$5,666$4,633

We can see that Gallup ranked near the top in DD/FP.  This is to be expected when we talk about a player who has a dirt-cheap salary and middle-of-the-road production.  Gallup fits that description.  The other players in this comparison also fit that description (at the very least).  McLaurin, Johnson, and Brown have all “broken out” or are poised to break out in the 2021 season.  Gallup will most likely not finish the 2021 season as a WR1.  He may not even finish as a WR2.  But he will be productive enough to be relied on as a Bench wide receiver.  This, combined with the fact that his salary is one of the most affordable in Dynasty Owner, makes him a considerable value.  The value is even more apparent when you find out his current ADP is 107.1.  The end of the 8th/start of the 9th round is a fair place for Gallup to fall to, but I would be happy to take him there.

I want to thank everyone for reading and for watching my video breakdowns on YouTube.  Message me on Twitter (@dynastyjerk) and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I would appreciate it if you followed @Dynasty_Owner on Twitter as well as subscribed to Dynasty Owner on YouTube.  Next week I’m going to break down the NFC East a little closer.  Thank you all.  Take care and be safe.


Buy, Sell, Hold: AFC East Stock Watch

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Can you believe it? Before my next article releases, we will have an NFL game to watch! The Cowboys and Steelers open things up in the Hall of Fame game on August 5th, 2021, in Canton, Ohio. If I had to guess why the NFL would want the Steelers playing four preseason games, it is because they have a plan to sap Ben Roethlisberger’s arm even earlier this season. See I make jokes about my own team too. In all honesty, I don’t care if it is Kendall Hinton starting the game at quarterback for both teams, I will be tuned in.

Rebuilding owners, it is time for another article to help you rebuild your Dynasty Owner roster! I am sure you have all figured out by now what this article will be. If you are just tuning in, we will be covering the AFC East in today’s article. The past three weeks I have covered every player in the three remaining AFC divisions (that we are not talking about today) and placed them into three separate categories – Buy, Sell, and Hold. Remember these players are being viewed in the eyes of a rebuilding owner. The Buy category are players you will see are placed there for several reasons but the most important is they should be near the prime of their career as you wrap up your rebuild. The players in the Hold category tend to be players with a lot of question marks, players whose value has taken a significant hit, or players who are stuck behind a stud. The players in the Sell category are aging veterans who will either be on their last leg, or out of the league by the time your roster is ready to compete for championships. Please feel free to let me know if there are any players you feel different about than I do on the old Twitter machine.


Buffalo Bills

  • Gabriel Davis (3 years, $998,595)

I have not been shy this off season about my love affair for Gabriel Davis. Davis is someone I am expecting to break out in a big way and will be buying him everywhere I can. Davis is a young cheap receiver in an up-and-coming offense that we have already seen put up huge numbers.

Miami Dolphins

  • Tua Tagovailoa (3 years, $7,568,859)

Tua had a very disappointing year in 2020 but I expect him to bounce back and have a good sophomore campaign. If you remember, it was not long ago we were talking about Tua being the clear-cut number 1 QB in his class, ahead of names like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert.

  • Salvon Ahmed (1 year, $695,000)

I am not sure you will find another person who is as high on Ahmed as I am. I have loved Ahmed since his days in college at Washington. I personally feel Ahmed can be a solid middle of the road back if he can figure out how to stay healthy. If Gaskin goes down, the Dolphins have a good amount of trust in Ahmed.

  • Preston Williams (1 year, $588,333)

At this time last season, Preston Williams was being talked about like the second coming of Jerry Rice. An injury and a year later, he is flying far enough under the radar that you should be looking at buying Williams.

  • Jaylen Waddle (4 years, $6,771,498)

The speedster Jaylen Waddle was handpicked by Tua Tagovailoa in this year’s draft. The Dolphins had their choice between a pair of Alabama alumni, Waddle and DeVonta Smith, and wound up choosing Waddle. I am convinced Tua had major input on this decision, which should mean big things are coming for Waddle.

  • Lynn Bowden (3 years, $1,177,354)

I am honestly not too sure what to make of Lynn Bowden. He came into the NFL as a running back with the Raiders and moved on to the Dolphins just a few weeks after his NFL career started. I believe Bowden as a running back is dead but Bowden the playmaker could turn out to be valuable later down the road. Buy Bowden cheap and see what happens.

  • Hunter Long (4 years, $1,242,176)

While I am not particularly high on Hunter Long, I know a ton of people in the industry who are. If Long turns out to be the starter long-term in Miami, he will be worth whatever you paid plus some. I would say the Dolphins do not plan to extend Mike Gesicki after drafting Long in the 3rd round.

  • Gerrid Doaks (4 years, $894,025)

Just as Myles Gaskin was, Gerrid Doaks was drafted in the 7th round of the NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins. In Miami, the Dolphins have three backs with very redundant skill sets, and then you have Doaks. Doaks is a big physical back who brings a different element to the Miami offense, you know like Jordan Howard was supposed to do last season.

New England Patriots

  • Mac Jones (4 years, $3,896,588)

I love the landing spot for Mac Jones in New England. If there is an NFL franchise that resembles the Alabama Crimson Tide whom Mac Jones just won a National Championship with, it is the Patriots. I expect Jones to step in and shine as a teammate and a player who always does his job correctly. I could not imagine a better match for Bill Belichick post-Tom Brady.

  • Rhamondre Stevenson (4 years, $1,057,264)

As always, the New England backfield is an absolute fantasy mess! I will end up staying away from any Patriots running backs, but rebuilding owners may be able to find value somewhere in this backfield. If you buy Stevenson now and he ends up the starter halfway through the season you will be able to move Stevenson for much more than you paid to acquire him. Owners who get through a rebuild quick tend to hit on a few unknowns and sell them at peak value.

  • N’Keal Harry (2 years, $2,524,587)

Yes, Dynasty Owners, we are still talking about N’Keal Harry. Harry has been extremely disappointing during his tenure with the Patriots, but he is still young and can be had for cheap. If I am targeting Harry, I am doing it now before he is traded, or hits it off with Mac Jones and his value rises.

  • Jakobi Meyers (1 year, $588,333)

Jakobi Meyers was quietly one of the better receivers in the second half of 2020. Meyers managed to put up over 10.0 points in 7 of the last 11 games. If Meyers can come close, or exceed his back half of the 2020 season, he will be a massive value at his current salary. Any type of players producing at a cheap salary will make them extremely easy to trade, it will also raise their trade value.

New York Jets

  • Zach Wilson (4 years, $8,787,670)

I will admit I was a Zach Wilson hater heading into draft time and a lot of that had to do with me being upset Justin Fields was not getting the recognition he deserved during the draft process. Since Wilson arrived in the Big Apple, he has done nothing but impress everyone that has seen him play. If you can get Wilson cheap, he should be a decent option to start building your roster around.

  • Michael Carter (4 years, $1,071,842)

I have said all off-season that the New York Jets running back room is the most wide open and this has a lot to do with how I feel about Michael Carter. At UNC, Carter shared carries with Javonte Williams and would be looked at as more of a surefire pick had that not happened. In New York, Carter will be competing with Tevin Coleman and La’Mical Perine, not someone with the talent of Javonte Williams.

  • La’Mical Perine (3 years, $1,010,086)

If I am rebuilding, I am finding ways to get my hands on La’Mical Perine, simply because this backfield is wide open. I know I just said I believed in Michael Carter but this is the NFL where anything can happen. Perine will cost you next to nothing to acquire and if he ends up the starter at any point this season you need to reap the rewards by trading him.

  • Denzel Mims (3 years, $1,358,425)

In 2020, Denzel Mims had a very quiet year, but one thing stands out about him, and that is the fact that I feel like he was on the field more than any other receiver on the roster. I know a lot of owners have concerns with Mims struggling in year one, on top of a new coaching staff, but that is exactly when you should be looking to buy talent cheap.

  • Chris Herndon (1 year, $792,841)

I have Herndon as a Buy and I feel this rodeo is starting to become repetitive. Each of the past couple seasons most of us have hyped up Herndon because he flashed exciting potential during an impressive rookie season. While I am still buying Herndon be careful what you give up with a lot of reports on him being negative thus far.

Side note – right before editing this article, I saw news about Herndon practicing with the 2nd string offense. If this is true, Herndon becomes a Sell.


Buffalo Bills

  • Josh Allen (1 year, $5,295,760)

I know I may get some blowback from this choice, but I firmly believe it is the right way to go in a rebuild. In Dynasty Owner, I don’t know that there is a bigger value than Josh Allen for the 2021 season, but remember it is only for a year. If you are rebuilding and have Allen, I would look for the best couple rosters in your league and try to get as much future draft capital as possible from them in exchange for Josh Allen. If you can get multiple firsts and a stud player for Allen in a contract year, I would do it in a heartbeat. After thinking about it, this may be the fastest way to rebuild your roster.

  • Stefon Diggs (3 years, $14,400,000)

I have Stefon Diggs as a Sell here for one reason and one reason only, his age. If Diggs were 2-3 years younger, I would be all in on him regardless of salary but at 27 years of age he will likely be on the decline when you are ready to win a Championship. You should still get excellent value in return for Diggs regardless of his salary.

  • Cole Beasley (2 years, $7,250,000)

While I do love the toughness and consistency Cole Beasley brings to the NFL field, now is the time to cash in on him. Beasley had a career year in 2020 and seems to be up in the air over the vaccination rules the NFL has put in place. If I am a Beasley owner, I am trading him before the dude suddenly retires.

  • Emmanuel Sanders (1 year, $6,000,000)

I may have a bit of a biased take on Emmanuel Sanders, but at least I can admit when I am being biased. I have not decided if I flat out don’t like Sanders at his age, or if I just love Gabriel Davis that much. Regardless, I am selling Sanders for two Tide pods and a dryer sheet if someone offers.

Miami Dolphins

  • Myles Gaskin (2 years, $651,694)

The closest comparison we have to James Robinson is Myles Gaskin. Gaskin may as well be an undrafted free agent (7th round) who came out of nowhere last season to pass Jordan Howard and Matt Breida on the Dolphins’ depth chart. Gaskin had some issues with health last year but if he can correct that he will likely be the best value of all running backs in Dynasty Owner.

  • DeVante Parker (3 years, $7,625,000)

I like the talent of DeVante Parker and have always been a fan of his. In fantasy, we cannot let our hearts get in the way of our heads when it comes to deciding who to keep on our rosters, especially in a rebuild. At this point in Parker’s career, he is a Sell to a contending owner.

  • Will Fuller (1 year, $10,625,011)

I have never been a big believer in Will Fuller, and while it stung with the year he had last season, some will say it is because of the steroids. If Fuller staying healthy and a PED suspension are just coincidence then maybe I would consider him a Buy. Until then get rid of the guy.

  • Mike Gesicki (1 year, $1,652,981)

Heading into 2020 Mike Gesicki was one of my picks to be a breakout tight end. While he did not have a horrible year, it certainly was not a breakout year either. The Dolphins don’t seem to be sold on Gesicki either, after drafting Hunter Long in the 3rd round and I would recommend getting what you can for him now.

New England Patriots

  • Cam Newton (1 year, $5,100,000)

If you can find a believer in Cam Newton, you need to pull the trigger now. Every moment you let pass by is a moment closer to him becoming untradeable. The coaching staff in New England is used to having a pocket passer under center and while they no longer have Tom Brady, Mac Jones plays a similar style to what they have seen for close to the last two decades. If you have Newton just remember first round quarterbacks don’t ride the pine much anymore in the NFL.

  • Damien Harris (2 years, $907,784)

Do any of you remember a time when we could count on the Patriots backfield? I think we would have to go back to the Corey Dillon days to find a spot where we all felt somewhat comfortable with what we were getting from New England. Harris is one of the hot names this off-season and just cannot be trusted in this backfield. Sell Harris to the highest bidder and thank me when your team is winning a couple of years down the road.

  • James White (1 year, $2,462,500)

I am not too sure anyone is going to buy James White at this point in his career, but if you can get even a 3rd for him I would do it in a heartbeat. At 29 years old, he may still have some solid football left in the tank, but I am not taking any chances on running backs in red, white, and blue.

  • Sony Michel (2 years, $2,406,674)

I can spin Sony Michel as a Buy, Sell, or Hold, but decided he is someone owners should be selling. At the moment there is quite a bit of hype that Michel will get moved to take over the Akers roll. If you can capitalize on a rumor like that you should consider it a huge win.

  • Kendrick Bourne (3 years, $5,000,000)

I am not buying into either of the receiver additions for the Patriots this off-season. In 2020 with the 49ers, Bourne was nothing better than average finishing with less than 50 catches and 700 yards receiving. I am fully expecting Jakobi Meyers to be the go-to guy in New England this season, outside of the tight ends.

  • Nelson Agholor (2 years, $11,000,000)

I loved Nelson Agholor at times last season and recommended him to all of you as a solid bench player every week. At the end of the day, I hate the landing spot, at least until Mac Jones is starting. I was really hoping Agholor would have resigned in Las Vegas this past off-season, but the Patriots offered more than he could turn down. Agholor catching passes from Mac Jones is an intriguing match.

  • Jonnu Smith (4 years, $12,500,000)

As much as it seems I am hating on Steve Van Tassell’s Patriots, I promise I am not. I loved Jonnu Smith signing with New England…… for about 5 minutes. The second Hunter Henry signed; Smith became an instant Sell.

  • Hunter Henry (3 years, $12,500,000)

As much as I trust the Patriots decision making after the run they recently had, I am still scratching my head over the fact they are paying two tight ends $12,500,000 per season. I cannot imagine a scenario where these guys don’t virtually cancel out each other’s upside. Sell before you must cut!

New York Jets

  • Corey Davis (3 years, $12,500,000)

I always love the small school kids coming out of college, especially when they are highly rated like Corey Davis was. The first few years of Davis’s career he disappointed in a big way. In 2020, Davis finally had his breakout year after multiple frustrating years, much like DeVante Parker. If Davis did not get a big contract with a rookie quarterback, he may have been a Buy, but instead it is time get the draft capital for trading him.

  • Jamison Crowder (1 year, $9,500,000)

Over the past few seasons with Sam Darnold, Jamison Crowder has been nothing short of a target monster. Fast forward to 2021, Darnold is gone, Crowder was forced to take less money, and Gang Green has a new coaching staff. Overall, none of this is welcome news for Crowder. Oh yea, rookie Elijah Moore has done nothing but impress in camp.

  • Keelan Cole (1 year, $5,500,000)

As I do for Corey Davis, I hate the landing spot for Keelan Cole. Cole quietly had a solid year in 2020 for the lowly Jaguars and I was hoping for a solid landing spot for him this off-season. I am not sure where Cole goes from here, but I am not counting on a great season in New York. If you can find a willing trade partner, get as far away from Cole in the Jets crowded receiving room as possible.


Buffalo Bills

  • Mitchell Trubisky (1 year, $2,500,000)

I am sure many of you hear Mitchell Trubisky and just giggle. I am here to tell you that Chicago was not all Trubisky’s fault and that I believe he could be a long-term starter in the right system. All of that said it has nothing to do with why I want you to hold Trubisky. I am holding him because Josh Allen likes to run and running quarterbacks tend to get hurt more often than non- running quarterbacks. If Trubisky steps in for an injured Josh Allen, you may net a future 1st depending on which owner just lost Josh Allen.

  • Zack Moss (3 years, $1,153,079)

I am a believer in both “starting” running backs in the Bills offense. I know both guys struggled in 2020 for whatever reason but they can likely only go up from here. Hold, and one of those two backs will emerge as a starter and whichever it is should net great return in a future trade.

  • Devin Singletary (2 years, $974,500)

Is there an echo in the room? There will be if I write about Devin Singletary. Whatever was said about Zack Moss is the same that needs to be said about Singletary.

  • Dawson Knox (2 years, $880,400)

Personally, I think it is time to give up hope on Dawson Knox becoming a quality fantasy tight end. I know this seems harsh after just two years, but the eye test tells me he just does not have it. In 2020, I was expecting Knox to take a big leap forward, yet he got worse while the entire offense around him got significantly better. If you have Knox you should be looking to trade him to one of his truthers.

Miami Dolphins

  • Jacoby Brissett (1 year, $5,000,000)

We are all aware of Tua Tagoviailoa’s struggles in year one. In 2020, Ryan Fitzpatrick was clearly the better option for the Dolphins and there is a real possibility we see something like this happen again in 2021. If you are rebuilding, Brissett is a valuable player to grab and stash. As I have said with other backups, Brissett will be a gold mine if he becomes the starter.

  • Malcom Brown (1 year, $1,750,000)

I don’t know you will be able to get anything out of him with the consensus being so low on Malcom Brown right now, but it is worth a shot to hold onto him. If Gaskin happens to struggle or go down with injury, we could see any of these Miami running backs take over.

New England Patriots

  • None

New York Jets

  • Tevin Coleman (1 year, $1,100,000)

Do we really need to talk about Tevin Coleman? I honestly cannot believe there is even a tiny amount of chatter that Coleman could lead the Jets backfield in touches. If you can find someone crazy enough to trade for Coleman, do it and never look back.


The AFC players have now officially been placed into Buy, Sell, and Hold categories for all of you rebuilding owners out there. It is now up to you to decide what to do with that information. Here at Dynasty Owner, there will be start up drafts going on constantly until the season starts, be sure to get into a league today if you are interested.

If you are looking for other articles to enhance your Dynasty Owner skills, be sure to check out Steve Van Tassell, and Matt “The Jerk’s” articles and videos every Monday and Wednesday. If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to get ahold of me on Twitter. As always good luck on your 2021 Chase for the Ring!