A Rebuild of My Own

League #80545 – The Writers League

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, has your free agency been as crazy as the NFL’s thus far? While I am sure it hasn’t quite lived up to the hype of actual free agency, I do hope all of you are enjoying it, improving your roster, and getting plenty of deals done. If you are like me and have been unable to dig into your team/teams just yet don’t worry, you still have plenty of time, but it may cost you a free agent or two like it did me, cough cough Jamison Crowder ($4,000,000).

Before we get into the article for today, I am going to highlight two moves that have happened thus far and will have a massive impact on all Dynasty Owner leagues. The first move I want to touch on is the massive deal between the Raiders and the Packers who moved on from superstar Davante Adams. The Adams trade will change things quite a bit as many no longer see Adams as a great bet to finish as the WR1 in 2022, and at $28,000,000 per year against the Dynasty Owner salary cap he is no longer a must own in Dynasty Owner, though if you can afford him, he is still a great asset. The main thing that worries me with Adams is the fact I see his red zone production going down significantly. He and Aaron Rodgers had undeniable chemistry when it came time to score, and this trade obviously impacts that. The other move I would like to talk about is Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos which will have an impact on numerous players. All of Jerry Jeudy ($3,798,243), Courtland Sutton ($15,200,000), Tyler Lockett ($17,250,000), D.K. Metcalf ($1,146,513), and Noah Fant ($3,147,680) will be affected by this deal. While the trade is great for both Jeudy and Sutton, I feel the player that it will hurt most is Tyler Lockett who becomes borderline not rosterable after this move.

In today’s article I am going to be breaking down one of my personal rebuilds. If you recall back to some of my rebuild strategy articles, you know how I feel about deciding to rebuild early in the season vs waiting until the offseason. During the season, especially the early part of the season is when you will obtain the most value for the players you are looking to trade. When drafting this specific team, I did not have much care about the future in mind and it shows looking at the original roster, which is listed at the end of this article if you want to see it. Luckily, I was able to swing several trades moving big contracts and have set myself up for what I believe will be future success. This article will be the first part of a two-article series with Part 2 being all about every trade I have made to position this roster for the future.

Building Blocks

  • Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372)
  • D.J. Moore ($20,628,000)
  • Jerry Jeudy ($3,798,243)
  • Calvin Ridley ($2,725,178)

As most of you know by now, building blocks are the most important part of your rebuild as they are hopefully going to be your foundation for many years to come. If you look at the list above, you will see I have two questionable building blocks in Jerry Jeudy and Trevor Lawrence. I feel both of these players are too talented not to succeed and have no issue building around them. The third player I want to talk about is Calvin Ridley. While some may call him a questionable building block, I think he is one of the better players rebuilding owners should roster. The reasons for this is because he will be out a full season, meaning he will not win you any games, be healthy upon returning, and we have already seen the caliber player he can be when he is on the field. If Ridley can make a successful comeback and Jeudy plays up to his potential, I will be very happy with my wide receiver room in the future. D.J. Moore is the only player on this list I see as a sure thing, but it comes at a price tag of ($20,628,000), which is one of the many reasons why I am so big on rebuilding owners having ample cap space.

Players to Trade

  • Evan Engram ($9,000,000)
  • Logan Thomas ($8,021,667)
  • Robert Woods ($16,250,000)
  • Marvin Jones ($6,250,000)
  • Gus Edwards ($4,500,000)
  • Denzel Mims ($1,358,425)
  • Nick Westbrook Ikhine ($895,000)

The players to trade list is quite long and there is no better feeling for a rebuilding owner. More trades means more assets. While I do have a couple players on this list who may not return any value (Denzel Mims and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine), I do have plenty who will bring back something of value in a trade. The first player I want to touch on is Evan Engram who signed with Jacksonville. In Trevor Lawrence’s rookie season, he threw at his tight ends a ton, regardless of who they were and while it may change this upcoming season, I hope to use the narrative to my advantage. Another intriguing name on this list is Robert Woods, who was just traded to the Titans for a tie dye t-shirt that can’t be returned. Woods has been a fantastic player over the past few seasons and while he is coming off an injury, the trade to the Titans seemingly has his value on the rise. The last player I am going to touch on here is Logan Thomas. Thomas has shown flashes of being a Top 10 tight end but like Robert Woods, Thomas is also coming off of a season ending injury. It may benefit me to wait until Thomas hits the field to trade him but with the cost of tight ends continuously going up, I feel it’s safe to move on from him now.

Players to Hold

  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn ($1,188,999)
  • Gerald Everett ($6,000,000)
  • Curtis Samuel ($11,500,000)
  • D.J. Chark ($10,000,000)
  • Olamide Zaccheaus ($2,433,000)
  • Preston Williams ($1,490,000)
  • Tutu Atwell ($1,477,175)
  • Van Jefferson ($1,402,784)
  • Quintez Cephus ($899,822)

The players to hold list has some interesting names but none I am more excited about than D.J. Chark. While you can certainly get value from Chark now, I recommend waiting to see what he does with the Lions before deciding to make a move. The reason for this is because, if Chark comes back healthy and produces, his value will raise significantly, and he’ll bring back much better assets in a trade. The other name on the list I am holding no matter what is Ke’Shawn Vaughn. As it stands Vaughn is the clear-cut RB2 in Tampa behind Leonard Fournette ($7,000,000), who has been injured in each of the past two seasons. If or when a Fournette injury happens, I will likely strike gold when trading Vaughn. The rest of the players on the list can be moved now if needed, but I feel all of them have a chance to bring back much more value once the season starts, Gerald Everett especially.

Players to Cut

  • DeeJay Dallas ($947,350)
  • Godwin Igwebuike (Free Agent)
  • David Johnson (Free Agent)
  • Phillip Lindsay (Free Agent)
  • Cole Beasley (Free Agent)

As always, we all have players to cut on our roster. Like you have seen in earlier articles, I am not going to spend much time here as players who can be cut will receive minimal value in a trade and means it’s time to move on.

Draft Picks

  • 2022 – 1.03, 1.10, 1.11, 2.4, 2.10, 2.11, 3.03, 3.04, 3.10
  • 2023 – 4x1sts, 3x2nds, 1x3rd
  • 2024 – 2x1sts, 1x2nd, 1x3rd

Finally, we have made it to the last category and one of the more important when it comes to rebuilding and that is your draft capital. Draft capital is, in my opinion, the easiest way to rebuild a roster on Dynasty Owner because of the rookie contract that comes attached to the pick. While draft capital is extremely important, it is also ok to trade some away if you have an abundance of picks. Be sure to tune in next week to see my first trade of the off-season which included a couple of my precious draft picks. The last thing I want to hit on here is to be sure that you clear out enough space to roster all of your draft picks. As you can see above, I have nine draft picks in the upcoming rookie draft that I need to make room for. Yeah I know, I have some work to do before it comes time to draft the rookies.


If you can’t tell by looking at my roster as constructed, I have a lot of work to do before contending. I mentioned earlier that you will get the best bang for your buck by deciding on a rebuild early in the season and you will see why in next week’s trade article. If you look below, you will see the original roster and how much it has changed in a short period of time. As I always say when it comes time to start a rebuild no player is off-limits. The last thing I want to bring up is building blocks. I know I stress how important building blocks are for your roster but remember every player has a price!

Thank you all for reading! if you enjoyed the article be sure to check back next week for Part 2! As always be sure to check out the work from our other analysts here at Dynasty Owner, Matt, Steve and Nate. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Original Team (in order drafted)

1Nick ChubbRB
2Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB
3Trevor LawrenceQB
4D.J. MooreWR
5Jerry JeudyWR
6DeAndre HopkinsWR
7Amari CooperWR
8Zack MossRB
9D.J. CharkWR
10Daniel JonesQB
11Logan ThomasTE
12Gus EdwardsRB
13Van JeffersonWR
14Curtis SamuelWR
15Evan EngramTE
16Teddy BridgewaterQB
17David JohnsonRB
18Devontae BookerRB
19Denzel MimsWR
20Greg JosephK
21Quintez CephusWR
22DeeJay DallasRB
23Zane GonzalezK
24Wayne GallmanRB
25Preston WilliamsWR

Get Your Rebuild Ready for Free Agency

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners it is that time of the week again. I finally have some football news to talk about with a few players having already signed new deals. Of course, we also saw the modern day Brett Favre start his crap by coming out of retirement after announcing it just two months ago. As I am sure all of you have heard, Tom Brady will be back for another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While I don’t like it, this is excellent news for many fans, it is also great news here on Dynasty Owner as Brady has an affordable $25,000,000 contract. The Brady news will influence many of our Dynasty Owners as Chris Godwin ($19,179,600 contract for 2023) and Mike Evans ($16,500,000) lose zero value and it will also improve the value of any free agents who sign with Tampa. I do have two players I would like all of you rebuilders to keep an eye on and they are Jalen Darden ($1,044,476) and Tyler Johnson ($902,355). I believe one of these two players will secure the WR3 role during the pre-season and both can be had extremely cheap right now.

Let’s move on to the contract I hate for Dynasty Owner and if I am being honest a contract that highlights why Dynasty Owner is so great. One of the bigger moves that was made on Monday was Christian Kirk signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a reported $18,000,000 a season. In my opinion this makes Kirk virtually untouchable in Dynasty Owner. If I had to put a number on it, I am guessing Kirk will be owned in roughly 10-20% of leagues, which is way too high unless he puts up numbers we have never seen from him before. In your average dynasty league, Christian Kirk is someone most will target in the middle rounds in hopes he can be a high end WR3, but how many real teams were willing to pay Kirk the price tag he received? The answer is probably around 10% and you will see similar numbers here on our platform. If you are a first-time reader, these are just a few examples of what makes Dynasty Owner so much fun for fantasy football fanatics.

In honor of my favorite time of the Dynasty Owner year – free agency – I wanted to put together a quick guide on what to expect out of the free agency process as a rebuilding user. Dynasty Owner’s off-season is like nothing you have seen before as our users will need to make tough roster decisions based on the player’s actual contract. Dynasty Owner’s free agency closely mimics the decisions the 32 NFL GMs must make, giving you a small taste of what these guys go through and the decisions they are faced with daily. In today’s article I will be covering three things I feel are important for all newer rebuilding Dynasty Owners in the hope of helping you be better prepared for later this week.

Contracts to Target

In Dynasty Owner, there are two things that stand out above all else, a player’s production and the contract that he signs. In the off-season last year, I was shocked by the movement in Dynasty Owner’s free agency and the price some players can be had for. I know these are not the best names to bring up but last off-season I was able to target Keelan Cole ($5,500,000) for a third round pick and saw Kenny Golladay get moved for the same. On top of Golladay being flat out cut in another league because of his $18,000,000 contract paired with the fact he signed with the Giants. As a rebuilding owner you should not be targeting contracts like this, but it is ok to move them for less than you feel they are worth, after all contract price matters a ton. You will see many tempting big name players available and my best advice to you is hold off on these players if they are not extremely young. As of now there is one bigger contract, I feel all rebuilding owners should have interest in and that is Michael Gallup who just signed a 5-year deal at $11,500,000 per season. While the Gallup contract looks like a lot to take on, he will be an absolute steal as soon as this year and should be an incredible value for the life of the deal if he is able to overcome his knee injury from last season.

Now that we have covered contracts you should target, let’s cover those you should not.  The types of contract situations rebuilding owners should avoid are that of Davante Adams ($20,145,000), who is on the franchise tag this season and will be signing a huge new deal come 2023 at an age that doesn’t fit on a rebuilding timeline. Overall, this comes down to finding young players who are getting paid below market value on long-term deals while sending away older expensive players who can help a contender. If you can pull this off, it will help your team become cap flexible, allowing you to take on a bad contract in exchange for extra draft picks.

What to Do with Your Rostered Players

The most obvious answer in this segment is to keep your players but I assure you there are plenty of different routes you can go. The best way to break this down quickly is to refer you back to articles I have previously wrote on how to rebuild some of our users’ teams (The Black and Yellow – League #27451 and Vantastics – League #30326). In these articles, I break each team down into four separate categories which are: Building Blocks, Players to Trade, Players to Cut, and Players to Hold.

If you look back, you should get a great feel of what players fit into each category but be sure you do not use the article on Eli’s Team unless you are contending. As much as I want to believe you will all go look for the old articles, I know it’s a pain so I will give you a brief description of each category before we move on to the next segment.

  • Building Blocks – Building blocks will be the most important category for your team as they will be the foundation for your team moving forward. In most situations your building blocks will stand out as they will be highly productive on rookie contracts. There happens to be an outlier if you are just starting a rebuild and that is trade your running backs who are a year closer to a second contract. Yes, even Jonathan Taylor ($1,957,287). A building block is a player who you are certain will be producing at a high level when it comes time for your team to win. Players like Justin Jefferson ($3,280,701), Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624), and Joe Burrow ($9,047,534) are excellent building blocks to have.
  • Players to Trade – Players to trade seems self-explanatory right? It is but I will break it down a bit further. Players in this category should be running backs who have finished a year in the league, unless you plan on winning within the next year or two. The other types of players you’ll want to include here are players who do not fit your rebuilding timeline. A great example of this would be DeAndre Hopkins who is 29 years old on a $27,250,000 contract. The average rebuild takes three years and that’s what you should plan for.
  • Players to cut – I will not spend much time on this as these players are obvious. A player who does not offer any value in a trade is a player who can be cut.
  • Players to Hold – The players to hold category happens to be my favorite because of the many differing opinions on players. Typically, a player to hold is a player who you believe has future value and has not broken out just yet. The other type of players you will want to hold are players whose trade value may be down. Never trade a slumping player on a discount unless you are sure they are on the way down permanently.

Getting Prepared for the Rookie Draft

The rules of getting prepared for the rookie draft are similar for all teams but there are a few things I try to do if I am rebuilding my team.

  • Identify your Needs – Now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming rookie draft and filling out your roster. After the huge free agency surge, your needs should be obvious, and you can start building a sound plan towards the future.
  • Identify your Targets in the Draft – After the NFL’s free agency, all eyes will be solely focused on the draft and getting to know the incoming rookies. You should be doing the same. The reason you will want to identify your targets beforehand is so that you can make trades, accordingly, meaning if you love the fit of Garrett Wilson and he is projected to go fifth overall, you need to trade back to the third or fourth spot and grab more value. A mistake I see a lot is, I didn’t trade back because the offer wasn’t good enough when they could have picked up a late second round pick to draft the same player. Lots and lots of mock drafts will help this process a ton!
  • Don’t be Afraid to Trade on Draft Day – After you have the two things above handled it is time to start making trades. A lot of these trades will get rejected but don’t feel discouraged, just send it again on Draft Day. The time to take less in a trade is not now as your picks tend to hold the most value when you are on the clock. Rookie fever is real!


Free agency will be upon us in just a few days and as a rebuilding Dynasty Owner you better be prepared. Each of these categories will be crucial steps in your rebuilding journey and I encourage you to reach out on Twitter (@jaypoundsnfl) if you need any help. As I mentioned earlier be sure to check back to earlier articles of my Rebuilding with our Dynasty Owners series.

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out content from my fellow analysts, Steve, Matt, and Nate. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Rebuilding with Our Dynasty Owners

Team – Eli’s Team – League of Legends (League #62043)

Owner – Eli Padilla (@Eli_Pad1224)

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, welcome back to another week of rebuilding with yours truly. In this week’s article, we are going to do things quite a bit different than what you have seen in the past. Today, we will be looking at a contending roster and talking about how to push for another chance at a League Championship and hopefully avoid a rebuild. If we are being honest, the top is a tough place to get to and it is almost impossible to stay there long term. The main thing users should do in these situations is look at each rostered player’s window and decide, can I get similar value next off-season vs trading them today? If you can answer yes to this question, that player is a building block for your roster. If you cannot, It is time for a trade. You will still have your normal younger building blocks but the main reason I consider these “older” guys building blocks is because they will help you achieve your goals this season while still returning value in a trade next off-season, when the championship window is starting to close. If Eli plays this perfectly, he will win this season and trade these fading assets to another contender in the league in the off-season and make his team younger in the process. I should also mention the fact there is only a 2-year window for a championship in this league for reasons you will see later in the article.

Building Blocks

  1. Aaron Rodgers ($33,500,000)
  2. Davante Adams (Free Agent)
  3. Terry McLaurin ($961,918)
  4. Cole Kmet ($1,894,444)
  5. Darren Waller ($7,450,000)

As you can see building blocks for someone who is contending look much different from someone who is not. In all honesty, building blocks vary a lot from team to team. The player here that stands out the most is Davante Adams. If I were in Eli’s shoes, I would not move Adams until next off-season barring an offer he cannot refuse. Adams is extremely likely to help push for a title this season while still bringing back solid value in a trade next year. The same can be said for Darren Waller who I believe will be the tight end to have in 2022 in terms of value/production. Waller also has two years remaining on his deal meaning you should easily be able to move him next off-season while he is still seen as a value. As far as McLaurin and Kmet, I believe both will be very solid pros for a long time to come, especially with Kmet tied to Justin Fields. I know I left Rodgers out of this segment. If you are curious of my thoughts continue reading!

Players to Trade Away

  1. Damien Harris ($907,784)
  2. Aaron Jones ($12,000,000)
  3. Devin Duvernay ($1,143,952)
  4. Laviska Shenault ($1,924,017)
  5. Kendrick Bourne ($5,000,000)

I am sure one player stands out to everyone on this list and that player is none other than Aaron Jones. Jones is a phenomenal player and fantasy asset, but the ascension of A.J. Dillon ($1,321,458) has me a bit paranoid. That said, the only way I would move Jones is if it involves a running back in return. Austin Ekeler would be my preferred target. It also would not hurt to package Jones and Laviska Shenault together and see what offers come up. Damien Harris is another running back I would look to trade because of the player behind him, Rhomandre Stevenson ($1,057,264). As I mentioned with Jones I will mention with Harris, make sure you get a running back in return. If you cannot, I would hold both players. The other players on this list should all be used to help put any deals made over the top, though Kendrick Bourne and Shenault could bring back value if you are dealing with the right owner.

Hold these Players

  1. Brandin Cooks ($16,200,000)
  2. Van Jefferson ($1,402,784)
  3. K.J. Osborn ($890,693)
  4. Devontae Booker (Free Agent, cut by Giants)
  5. Darius Slayton ($688,497)
  6. Zay Jones (Free Agent)
  7. Adam Trautman ($1,124,851)
  8. Tommy Tremble ($1,231,608)

The Hold players, or in other terms, the players I have no idea what to do with. Let us start with the easy one, Brandin Cooks. I have Cooks as a Hold simply because of the community’s view on him at the moment. If Davis Mills proves to be a real threat at quarterback at the start of next season, Cooks will become tradable, and Eli will have to decide if Cooks gets traded or kept, to help with the goal of winning a Championship. If Mills comes out and struggles, Cooks could be a potential Amnesty Provision candidate to help clear space for another quarterback or high dollar player. Van Jefferson is another player I may consider trading but for now I would hold and see how the Rams manage this off-season. Zay Jones and Devontae Booker are both in similar situations and where they sign will determine if they are cut or not. The two most intriguing players on this list are Adam Trautman and K.J. Osborn who both have potential to be very solid starters in the near future, with Osborn already having shown flashes. The last two players on the list, Tommy Tremble and Darius Slayton, are both interesting stashes but can be cut if needed.

Players who can Be Cut

  1. Rex Burkhead (Free Agent)
  2. Chester Rogers (Free Agent)
  3. Ross Dwelley (Free Agent)

I will keep this one brief as all are self-explanatory. Eli picked these players up for depth purposes throughout this season and can now be cut for fresh blood.

Questions from Eli Padilla

Q. Should I keep Aaron Rodgers for the majority of the 30-day window to see how things unfold?

  1. After thinking on this a little, the answer is yes you must wait. After looking at the available options in free agency, you have three real choices heading into 2022 and in my opinion only one will allow you to truly compete for a title, which involves keeping Rodgers. Sure, you can trade Rodgers but realistically in that situation you must give up talent or draft capital to get worse at the position. The third option is to outright cut or use the Amnesty Provision on Rodgers which I would not recommend. I think the best route to take here is keep Rodgers regardless of the situation and try to find a solid backup in free agency at some point. The curveball here is Rodgers getting north of $50,000,000 and in that scenario Captain Kirk Cousins ($33,000,000) will have to do.

Q. Should I make a move for Calvin Ridley?

  1. Eli asked me this question on Twitter and at first, I was all for it but after really digging in, I think I would pass. The reason for this is because Eli is wanting to compete for a title this season and Ridley will not only not contribute towards that goal. Ridley will also eat up either draft capital or talent to acquire him via trade. At the end of the day, I believe the move will make the team better in the future, but can Eli spend assets for him and still win? That is the big question. Personally, I would target running back depth over Ridley as receivers are much easier to find when compared to the running back position.

Q. What is a good plan for picks 1.05 and 1.12 in the upcoming rookie draft?

  1. Trade them! I happen to talk to Eli quite a bit and know what his exact intentions with these picks are right now and I am here to try and talk him out of it. Eli is planning to take quarterbacks with at least one of, if not both of these picks and while I completely understand why he wants to go this route; I don’t think he can win a Championship by using both on rookie signal callers.

I feel Eli’s biggest need heading into this off-season will be running back depth and if I were thinking championship, I would use at least one of the picks on a shiny new running back. Take this advice from someone that learned the hard way twice, you cannot win in Dynasty Owner with average quarterback play. If Eli has trouble moving the 1.05 for a player he likes, I would take one of the stud receivers that will be on the board and see what you can do with pick 1.12. I would recommend a running back with the 1.05, but Eli has the benefit of knowing both Breece Hall and Kenneth Walker will likely be gone.


As you can see this is an extremely different process than a full-on rebuild and if were being frank, I would rather climb to the top then try and stay there, it is much easier. Eli’s big question this off-season will be between his depth at running back, or the quarterback position. As far as being able to keep this team at the top of his league for years to come, Eli has his work cut out for him because of not only his future quarterback situation but because Bryce Williams (@BryceNFL) owns 9 first round picks in 2023 on top of already rostering Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624), Trey Lance ($8,526,319), Jaylen Waddle ($6,771,498), Rashod Bateman ($3,149,853), and Michael Carter ($1,071,842).

I am sure Eli does not want to hear this but if this were my team, I would go all in this season and blow it up after by trading a bunch of my studs for future capital and hopefully set this team up for a run once his league mate Bryce starts running into contract issues down the road. I can also see a scenario where a 2023 championship is possible, but it would kill most of the value in return for players like Darren Waller, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, and potentially Terry McLaurin. Overall, I think Eli’s best course of action moving forward is to trade every asset he has away to compete this year and worry about a rebuild after. In a league that has an obvious powerhouse being built sometimes you must take your championship and run!

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the work of our other analysts here at Dynasty Owner, Steve, Matt, and Nate! Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Creative Rebuilding Trades

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, welcome back to my favorite time of the week, rebuilding time! Last week, I talked about the basic strategies of how to rebuild and even threw in a few bonus trades at the end as a sneak peek into today. As any of you who read last week’s article know, we will be covering creative trades made by rebuilding owners this week. The featured rebuilding Dynasty Owners making trades in this week’s article will be Bryce Williams (@BryceNFL) and myself. Bryce and I are both in deep rebuilds and we are now at the point with our rosters where we must create trades out of thin air. Obviously I am joking but it feels that way sometimes.

In this article I am going to highlight the trades Bryce made where he turned players from the Free Agent Auction into draft capital because I think he has done a fantastic job out of making trades with players who were not on his roster the day before. As far as the trades I have made, I will be covering the trades where I was able to move on from big money, or future big money players for draft capital. Dynasty Owners who find themselves in a rebuild should not just sit and be ok with the status quo, they should be picking up free agents and flipping them. In Dynasty Owner, our users will run into some players who they feel are too expensive to trade, which is where you must get creative and find a bad deal to take on in return. I am sure all of you who have played Dynasty Owner already know how hard it is to trade big salary players. If you are interested in seeing a few creative ways to do just that, keep on reading.

Before we jump into what everyone is here for, I want to talk about what to expect in next week’s article. Last off-season, I covered all of the rebuilding content, but I tried to focus heavily on the tougher situations and did not cover much about contending teams in terms of rebuilding. I know rebuilding and contending do not go together but knowing the ins and outs of rebuilding can help you avoid one. With that being said, next week I am going to break down Eli Padilla’s (@Eli_Pad1224) team. Eli took his team all the way to the Championship game where he fell just short of Dynasty Owner gold, and I would like to help him get back to that point and hopefully get over the hump in 2022. Be sure to tune in next week to see how contenders can avoid a rebuild here on the Dynasty Owner platform.

All contracts shown are from the date of the trade.

  1. Detroit’s Finest Received – Teddy Bridgewater ($11,499,000), 2023 3rdround pick

Jay Received – Marvin Jones ($6,250,000), Matt Prater ($3,250,000), Mike Glennon ($1,375,000), 2023 2ndround pick

Trade Processed – December 10th

When rebuilding one of the main focuses should be getting value from anyone who does not fit the timeline of your roster. In this trade, I had Teddy Bridgewater who may not start in 2022 but even if he does, it’s unlikely he is a starter three years from now when I am ready to compete. In the end, I moved up a round in the 2023 rookie draft and nabbed a potential trade chip for later on in Marvin Jones.

2. Quaranteam Received – Michael Pittman ($2,153,212), Devonta Freeman ($1,075,000), Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393), 2024 3rd round pick

Jay Received – Cole Beasley ($7,250,000), 2022 1st round pick, 2022 2nd round pick, 2023 1st round pick, 2023 2nd round pick

Trade Processed – December 10th

A massive trade which involved a contending owner going all in. In this deal, the only asset that truly sucks to lose for my roster is Michael Pittman, but I was able to receive an excellent haul. In fairness to Quaranteam in this trade, he knew Michael Pittman was near and dear to my heart and would need a big offer to obtain him. In terms of a rebuilding roster, I love moving on from a player like Clyde Edwards-Helaire as his future looks uncertain to put it nicely. Jerick McKinnon’s usage in the playoffs worries me quite a bit. The other thing I love in this trade is that I was able to move on from Devonta Freeman as he likely will not start again in the NFL outside of an injury happening. Freeman is the type of player every single rebuilding owner should move on from.

3. Weirdbeard Received – DeAndre Hopkins ($27,250,000), Zack Moss ($1,153,079)

Jay Received – Jacoby Brissett ($5,000,000), Robert Woods ($16,250,000), Gerald Everett ($6,000,000), Jacques Patrick ($660,000), 2023 2nd round pick, 2024 1st round pick, 2024 2nd round pick

Trade Processed – November 3rd

Earlier in the article, I mentioned that you will have to sometimes get creative to gain value when trading a big contract and this is a perfect example of that. In this trade, I was able to move on from DeAndre Hopkins and his massive $27,250,000 contract. The only way this deal was able to get done is because Weirdbeard was looking to upgrade a struggling Robert Woods and he also needed running back depth. By taking on three expensive contracts that were not producing much value at all for Weirdbeard, I managed to turn Hopkins into Woods, a 2023 second round pick, a 2024 second round pick, and a 2024 first round pick.

4. Weirdbeard Received – Daniel Jones ($6,416,014), Nick Chubb ($1,845,774)

Jay Received – Michael Pittman ($2,153,212), Tutu Atwell ($1,477,175), 2022 1st round pick, 2022 2nd round pick, 2023 1st round pick

Trade Processed – October 14th

I know trading players like Nick Chubb can make some people emotional but in a rebuild you cannot ask for much more than this deal here. Nick Chubb signed a huge contract extension heading into 2022 worth $12,200,000 per season and will be heading in the wrong direction when it comes time for my team to win. I was also able to take advantage of a contender needing a second quarterback by throwing in Daniel Jones, a player who is more than likely going to be a backup after 2022, though I do have faith in Brian Daboll. Overall, these are the kind of packages that make rebuilds go much faster versus sitting on Chubb and riding him into the sunset.

5. Dynoville Wreckers Received – Adrian Peterson ($1,075,000), 2023 3rd round pick

Bryce Received – 2022 2nd round pick

Trade Processed – November 6th

A very simple trade that all rebuilding owners should try to make as often as possible. In this trade Bryce was able to simply pick up Adrian Peterson off the Free Agent Auction despite knowing he has zero use for him. Why did he do this? He knew one of his league mates could certainly use Peterson’s services. Because of this, Bryce was able to turn a third round pick in 2023 into a second round pick in 2022.

6. Josh Allen’s Gym Shorts Received – Will Fuller ($10,625,011), Phillip Walker ($782,500), 2022 2nd round pick

Bryce received – Nelson Agholor ($11,000,000), 2022 1st round pick

Trade Processed – November 11th

Here we have another trade where Bryce was able to take advantage of a Free Agent Auction pickup in Phillip Walker. Walker found himself starting in Carolina last season and Bryce found a way to capitalize. Bryce was able to package Walker, Will Fuller, and a 2022 second round pick to move into the first round of the 2022 rookie draft. Excellent work if you ask me!

7. Billievers Received – Wayne Gallman ($990,000), Eno Benjamin ($849,428), $3,000,000 Dynasty Dollars

Bryce Received – Adam Trautman ($1,124,851), 2022 2nd round pick

Trade Processed – November 23rd

Our seventh trade of the night features yet another Free Agent Auction pickup turned valuable, and I must say this is probably my favorite free agent trade Bryce was able to pull off as it was based on pure hype. Remember back when Chase Edmonds and James Conner were both banged up and questionable to play one week for Arizona? Well, Bryce sure does as he was able to turn Eno Benjamin into Adam Trautman and a 2022 second round pick.

8. Eli’s Team Received – J.D. McKissic ($1,635,000), 2023 3rd round pick

Bryce Received – 2023 2nd round pick

Trade Processed – June 20th

In what is our final Free Agent Auction Hussle of the article, we have J.D. McKissic and a 2023 third round pick being moved for a 2023 second round pick. I know some reading this are wondering what the big deal here is. Imagine being able to pull off 10 of these types of trades each season, you could potentially turn every third round pick you have into second round picks and maybe even turn some of those second rounders into first round picks. Think of it as when you first started to save money, $10 did not seem like much but after you did it 10 times it turns into $100. Long story short, little trades matter!

9. The Human Fund Received – Amari Cooper ($20,000,000), 2023 2nd round pick

Jay Received – Julio Jones ($22,000,000), 2022 2nd round pick, 2023 1st round pick

Trade Processed – November 4th

In what is my favorite big salary trade in the article, I moved Amari Cooper and his $20,000,000 salary. I know I mention taking on big contracts in trades a lot and this is the perfect example of doing just that. I knew Cooper did not fit the timeline of my roster moving forward and that he would be tough to trade. Regardless of how tough it may seem, if the player is productive there is almost always a way to get a deal done. The first thing you will need to do in a deal like this is look for a bad contract of similar value at the same position you are trading, it makes it easier, trust me. In this deal, the bad contract ended up being Julio Jones ($22,000,000). Once you identify the bad contract you are targeting its time to demand draft capital for taking on the bad deal. In this trade I was able to turn Cooper into a 2022 second round pick, a 2023 first round pick and Julio Jones, who I later used an Amnesty Provision on.


I hope this article will help some of you rebuilding owners out there get a few more deals done each season. I know everyone loves the big shiny trades the most, but it is truly all the little deals that will give you the ammo, or firepower, you need to expedite your rebuild. My best advice from all this is never turn down a deal to hold onto a player who will be useless to your roster soon, no matter how little value the trade returns. In Dynasty Owner, there are certain players who belong on rebuilding rosters and certain players who belong on teams that are ready to win now. If you have trouble identifying or letting go of those players you will be in rebuild mode longer than you need to be. The last thing I would like to mention just in case you are not impressed with the little trades Bryce pulled off in this article, he has 9 first round picks in the 2023 rookie draft!

Be sure to check out the articles from the other members of the Dynasty Owner team Matt, Steve, and Nate throughout the week. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

A Quick Guide to Rebuilding

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners welcome back to another week of rebuilding with yours truly. In last week’s article we covered fellow Dynasty Owner Bryan Peck’s team (@bbpckdancer) and the moves I would make if I had his team as my own. In the coming months I would like to do a lot more articles on Dynasty Owner teams that are in separate phases of a rebuild. I think this gives you guys the best idea of how to go about rebuilding your own team. If interested feel free to contact me on Twitter (@JayPoundsNFL) as I would love to do your team as well!

In today’s article I am going to do something that I will make a habit of doing every year near the beginning of the off-season and will essentially be a strategy guide to rebuilding and will end up as a two-part series. Today, I will cover several topics such as, when it’s time to rebuild and what to do first, how to choose your building blocks, who to trade, as well as what to do during the season. After we have all of that covered, I am going to dedicate next week’s article to rebuilding trades and the benefits of making them. I will also feature a bunch of trades from my good friend Bryce Williams (@BryceNFL) as he nailed several trades small and big that I think all rebuilding owners should try to make more often. I will include two of Bryce’s trades today as a little sneak peek into next week.

When to Start Your Rebuild?

In any dynasty format, one of the toughest decisions you will have to make is the decision to rebuild or continue trying to run at a championship. I, for one, do not like being even remotely close to the middle of the two scenarios and tend to go into rebuilds rather quickly after a startup. I like to try and maximize the value of players by getting a year of solid production followed by turning them into a draft pick or two, but it doesn’t always work out that way. One of the main reasons when deciding to start a rebuild is so tough is because many team managers show bias when looking at their own roster. Instead of trying to explain scenarios of when the time is right, I am going to explain why I decided to start rebuilding one of my teams 6-7 weeks into last season.

The first thing you should look at here on Dynasty Owner is, do you have enough fire power at quarterback to compete. If the answer is no and there is no clear-cut answer for you to obtain a top level QB without destroying your roster, the decision may already be made for you. The team in question was a startup draft where I selected Trevor Lawrence, Daniel Jones, and Teddy Bridgewater as my quarterbacks. Once it became clear Lawrence was not ready to compete at a high level yet, I decided it was time to rebuild. Obviously if you have a strong roster everywhere else then you can work around the quarterback issue, but for my team, injuries on top of bad quarterback play did me in for the season. Injuries will also be a huge part of deciding to start rebuilding because of the salary cap here on Dynasty Owner and the short shelf life of NFL players.

On my roster to start the season I had the following players get hurt, play poorly, or were due or had signed a new contract for 2022,:

  • Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372)
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393)
  • Nick Chubb (signed $12.2 million extension for 2022),
  • Gus Edwards (signed $5 million extension for 2022)
  • DeAndre Hopkins ($27,250,000)
  • Curtis Samuel ($11,500,000)
  • D.J. Moore (had $11,120,000 fifth year option for 2022 picked up)
  • Jerry Jeudy ($3,798,243)
  • D.J. Chark (free agent in 2022)
  • Logan Thomas (signed $8,021,667 extension for 2022)

This made my decision to rebuild fairly simple. In many rebuilds you will have a tougher decision as this many players will not get hurt on your roster but if a few do and you feel the year is lost look for these things when deciding on a rebuild.

  • How many free agents do I have?
  • Will I have enough cap space to be flexible?
  • Will my core players be closer or further from their prime come next season?

If you do not have sound positive answers to these three questions, then it is likely time for a rebuild as was the case for my team. To sum everything up, if you have more than a couple question marks, older players, and upcoming free agents due big contracts on your roster, it is time to move into rebuild mode.

Who Should You Trade?

In a rebuild the easiest way to speed up the process is by making numerous trades to acquire young players and draft picks. As I did previously, I will also use my newest rebuild to cite examples of who to trade. The league in question is a tough league of fantasy writers and some of the better minds in the industry who do not partake in content, meaning a one sided trade is tough to find. One of my biggest blows in 2021 was the injury to DeAndre Hopkins making him a player I knew I had to trade. Hopkins has a salary of $27,250,000 and with a price like that he becomes extremely tough to trade, especially when banged up but it can be done if you get creative, even if it is for what you consider peanuts on the dollar. Aside from your expensive players the main players you should look to trade as soon as you decide to rebuild are your starting running backs because they do not last long in today’s NFL.

In the Writers league after I made up my mind that I was going to rebuild, the first thing I did was trade Nick Chubb a starting running back who signed a 3-year, $36.6 million extension ($12.2 million per year) in July that kicks in for the 2022 season. After moving Chubb, I had just C.E.H. left who was not worth trading at that time. I then moved on to my older receivers in Hopkins and Amari Cooper ($20,000,000) and surprisingly, I received solid value for both and will feature the trades in next week’s article. My main rule of thumb when trading running backs and receivers is to trade them after a certain age or based on their contract situation. It will also depend on how long you think your rebuild will last. In this scenario, we will use the typical three-year rebuild window and with that I will always trade running backs who have already finished their second season in the league. In the NFL, receivers tend to last longer than running backs and can be held into their second deal unless they are over the age of 26. Once receivers hit the age 27, I feel there is not enough of a prime window for a rebuilding owner to justify keeping them. As far as the tight end and quarterback positions you can hold on to them a little longer as they tend to age gracefully. To make a long story short trade everyone except players like Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624), Justin Jefferson ($3,280,701), Ja’Marr Chase ($7,547,410), or players like Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393) who are still young and unlikely to net significant value in a trade.

Tips and Tricks for During the Season

I will use this section of the article as a guide into next week’s Creative Rebuilding Trades article. What I mean by creative trades is exactly how it sounds, not your typical trades. What you will not see is trades that are easy to make like a rebuilding owner moving off Austin Ekeler ($6,125,000) for a few first round picks. Trading in Dynasty Owner is extremely different from other dynasty leagues because of the salary meaning someone like Amari Cooper will not be easy to trade unless he is putting up Top 10 numbers at the receiver position. Even then, you will still need to get creative when moving him by taking on a bad deal.

Another way to be creative when trading is by picking up players from the Free Agent Auction like Devonta Freeman or Cordarrelle Patterson and moving them for future draft capital. In a scenario like this you have to see it for what it is, you are trading Dynasty Dollars for draft capital or whatever you get in return for the player you found in the Free Agent Auction.

Another thing I noticed Bryce doing that I love is scouring over the other owner’s teams and picking up the free agents they really needed. What this does is puts you in a situation where you have all the leverage as you have the guy they NEED while they only have something that you WANT! As I mentioned earlier my friend Bryce has nailed several of these trades and will be a huge part of next week’s article and you will get to see exactly what being active as a rebuilding owner will get you. An old quote I like to associate with rebuilding is “quiet mouths don’t get fed” meaning if you are not sending out trade offers you won’t be rewarded.

Sneak Peek into Next Week

As the title above says this section is a sneak peek into next week’s article but it will also help you understand some of the tips and tricks I talked about earlier. I want to show you two smaller, in-season trades to give you an idea of what to expect next week. In these two trades, Bryce’s team is the rebuilding owner while the other team is trading as a contender.

Trade #1

Bryce sends – Cam Newton ($6,000,000), 2022 2nd round pick

Bryce receives – Jameis Winston ($5,500,000), 2022 2nd round pick

A nice small trade that gets the point across. In this trade, Bryce picked up Cam Newton off the Free Agent auction and turned him into what was projected to be a much higher second round pick along with a potential starting quarterback for years to come in Jameis Winston. Both Newton and Winston will be free agents in 2022. I will not spend much time on this trade at all, but you should ask yourself one question. What purpose would Cam Newton serve on a rebuilding roster?

Trade #2

Bryce sends – Mike White ($850,000)

Eli sends – 2023 3rd round pick

What we have here is a small trade between two of my favorite Dynasty Owners on the platform, Bryce Williams (@BryceNFL), and Eli Padilla (@eli_pad1224). In this trade, the outcome makes sense for both users, but we are focused on what Bryce was able to get for a player we all knew wouldn’t start for long in Mike White. In all honesty, Bryce had zero need for Mike White on his roster other than the fact he may be able to get draft capital for him, which he was able to do.


In rebuilding there are so many factors that can affect how long of a process it becomes. As I mentioned earlier your building blocks are extremely important, but so are many other things. If you want to have a quick rebuild on this platform you will need to do some of, if not all of the things mentioned above. I know it can be hard to let go of some of these players, but it is a must when rebuilding. Be sure to look at and try to project where picks you trade for will be, surprisingly it’s pretty easy to see in a lot of situations because of expiring contracts and the cap. The last major thing I suggest is picking up all helpful free agents and use them in package deals or deals for low-end draft picks. If this is something that interests you, be sure to check out next week’s article Titled Creative Rebuilding Trades to give you the reasoning behind trades that have been made by real rebuilding owners.

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out the articles by the other Dynasty Owner writers Matt, Nate, and Steve throughout the week. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Rebuilding with Our Dynasty Owners

Team – The Black and Yellow – League #27451

Owner – Bryan Peck

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, the 2021 season is officially in the books and the Rams are now World Champions! I was a little worried about my prediction after OBJ went down but as expected Aaron Donald and company took over the game. The Rams’ Super Bowl obsession is officially complete! I unfortunately have no more football games to talk about but there are numerous things on the Dynasty Owner schedule that will keep everyone entertained. In the coming months we will have free agency, rookie drafts, endless trading, startup drafts, and much more ahead. Be sure to stay tuned to make sure you get the upper hand on your league mates.

I know I tend to ramble in my intros, but today we have a ton to cover, so I will jump right in. As mentioned last week, I will be covering one of Bryan Peck’s (@bbpckdancer) rebuilding rosters and instead of breaking down the full roster right away and boring you to death, I will be sure to include each player in the categories. I also had Bryan ask a few questions he wanted answered for his team and I will cover each below. One thing I do want to mention is that just because a player falls in a certain category for Bryan does not mean the same for your rebuilding roster. For instance, both Bryan and I have D.J. Moore in a rebuild, but I am going to tell Bryan to trade Moore while I am going to keep him on my personal team as a building block. Your roster and cap situation has a ton to do with what players you need to keep or trade.

Building Blocks

  1. Patrick Mahomes – $45,000,000
  2. Travis Etienne – $3,224,526
  3. Justin Jefferson – $3,280,701
  4. Pat Freiermuth – $1,507,045
  5. Najee Harris – $3,261,862 (potential trade candidate)

Bryan has excellent building blocks on this team and has several ways he can go about rebuilding this team. I do feel he will have to decide between running at a championship this year and taking one more year to fill out the roster before going all in. An important thing to remember is Patrick Mahomes contract will only become more friendly as seasons pass which will continuously gain Bryan more flexibility.

Hold these Players

  1. Robert Tonyan – Free Agent
  2. Tommy Tremble – $1,231,608
  3. Deonte Harty – Free Agent
  4. Tylan Wallace – $1,041,341

While Bryan does not have any potential stars in this category, I do feel there are players that can consistently contribute over time. Robert Tonyan is my favorite sure thing on the list and would not trade him until he is back healthy. Tommy Tremble is another player I am high on and would not trade as he will not return any type of value at this time. Players with high ceilings that send no value back in trades are players who rebuilding owners should either target in a trade or hold if already rostered.

Players to Trade Away

  1. D.J. Moore – $11,116,000 (Fifth Year Option)
  2. Jerick McKinnon – Free Agent
  3. Zach Ertz – Free Agent
  4. Kyle Trask – $1,383,834

As I mentioned earlier, D.J. Moore is a trade candidate on this roster. The reason for this is because while D.J. Moore is a fantastic receiver, he is set to play on his $11.116 million fifth year option and may get a new deal this off-season. Bryan’s team could use some extra cap space to add depth players to this roster even with the Amnesty candidate you will see later in the article. Kyle Trask is the player on this list who needs immediate attention as I do not see the ready to win Buccaneers rolling with him next season. Trade him while it looks like he should have value even though we all know he will not in the coming months.

Players who Can Be Cut

  1. Greg Ward – Free Agent
  2. Marquez Stevenson – $913,136
  3. Thaddeus Moss – Free Agent

As you can see there is not a whole lot to talk about here. I would look to cut these guys and replace them with players that have more potential in the Free Agent Auction, such as Isaiah McKenzie or Tre’Quan Smith. Both of those players have cheap 2021 contracts on the books now, but are free agents in 2022.

Amnesty Provision Candidate

  1. Russell Wilson – $35,000,000

One way to easily keep D.J. Moore is by using the Amnesty Provision on Russell Wilson, but I do not think that is the route I would go unless I were planning to go for it this season. The better move is to trade Moore, amnesty Wilson and have loads of available cap space to remain flexible and take on a bad deal if needed.

Questions from Bryan Peck

Q. Based on the constructed roster as is, which players would you consider as building blocks, trade assets, hold for now, and droppable players? If players are under the trade asset category, what would be the value you are asking for those players?

A.  The first part of this question is obviously answered earlier in the article, but I love the second part. The players I have listed may not bring back a ton of value but there are some good deals to be had. The main player I would look to trade is D.J. Moore and yes, a very solid case can be made for the opposite. Moore is on his fifth year option and may get a new deal this off-season. While using an Amnesty Provision on Russell Wilson will save you a bunch of cap space, I feel you can turn Moore into a high first round pick, even if you must throw in a third round pick to get it done. This will enable you to save cap space while potentially drafting someone with a much higher ceiling and would target this year’s draft when doing so.

Zach Ertz is another player I would look to trade as he just upped his value quite a bit with the Cardinals. It may be beneficial to wait until he re-signs in Arizona before trading but either way, he is someone I would move on from. As far as value for Ertz I would look for a second round pick back or find a way to package Ertz, picks, and Moore for a player like Kyle Pitts ($8,227,624).

The last player I will talk about here is Najee Harris and I happen to know Bryan is a huge Najee Harris fan (hint his team name is The Black and Yellow). If Bryan decides to take 2022 to focus on adding depth and rounding out his roster, I would consider moving Harris for a massive return. Remember picks can always be flipped for a win now player and Najee will certainly hurt your draft positioning next season.

Q. What depth players would you target: age range, positions, preferred contracts for players?

A. I will break this answer down into 3 separate sections to ensure I cover each part. The depth players I would consider for this roster are high-end handcuff running backs to trade away when they hit, young receivers with enormous potential for 2023 and beyond (think Gabriel Davis this season), and young tight ends like Tommy Tremble who will get better as they develop.

In any rebuild I will always target younger players. The age range can vary by position, for instance I would stay away from running backs past their second to third year in the league, while age 26 is my sweet spot for receivers.

The contract question is a bit loaded as I feel the answer will always be cheaper is better, but it is perfectly ok and usually beneficial for rebuilding owners to trade for a bad contract in return for young assets or draft capital.

Q. Based on the current roster as is, should this team be considered in slow rebuild mode of more than three years, fast rebuild of 1-2 years, a one and done playoff team, or contending for a championship?

A. A great question to ask as most users are usually biased when evaluating their own personal teams. On this team I would personally go the one and done route. For anyone wondering, that means Bryan will be competitive but will not make it out of the first round of the playoffs barring luck and if he plays his cards right, he may even have a bonus pick to win. As hard as it may be for Bryan, I think in this scenario the best bet is to move on from Najee Harris and target one of the extremely talented running backs in the 2023 draft class to replace him. I know it is painful moving on from a star player on your favorite team but top end running backs are extremely productive as soon as they enter the league making them highly volatile. If you do decide to keep Najee around it may be beneficial to make a run this year vs wasting Year 2 of Najee Harris. I also see Bryan winning too many games to get a high-end draft pick if he does decide to keep D.J. Moore and Najee Harris around.


Overall, Bryan has this team in a great position moving forward with a potential six building blocks on the roster. I know it may seem a little counterintuitive to move on from two of his highly productive players, but I think the assets he receives will outweigh what he is trading away. Bryan has also done an excellent job keeping all his team’s draft capital on top of picking up extra picks and now he can use that and his building blocks to build a true powerhouse. If Bryan goes the route I would, he will enter 2022 with the ability to build around Patrick Mahomes whose deal will get better as it continues to age, Justin Jefferson, Pat Freiermuth, and two first round picks in 2022. If Bryan does move on from Moore and Harris, he could have a potential seven first round picks over the next three years leaving him more than enough fire power to become a powerhouse while having cap flexibility.

Let’s talk about a few goals I would set for the 2022 season in the scenario Bryan will trade D.J. Moore and potentially Najee Harris. The first goal I would set is to trade either the Number 1 or Number 3 overall pick in the 2022 draft for a quarterback early in their rookie deal plus a nice sweetener, or he can move the top pick for a 2023 first round pick and a good young receiver. Next, I would find another top end receiver to pair with Justin Jefferson in the upcoming rookie draft (hello, Treylon Burks or Garrett Wilson). Once you have that accomplished, I would start to look for a young QB for your practice squad spot. Davis Mills could be a cheap gamble that pays off, or you can look to the draft as well, hell you could even do both. The last thing I would try to do is find another tight end to develop, or trade for a sure-fire tight end like I mentioned earlier with Kyle Pitts. If you can accomplish these goals as well as find some depth for your team, you will be in great shape for a 2023 championship run as you will only need to target a couple running backs, especially if Etienne turns out to be special.

Overall, I would hope to be close to set at every position aside from running back heading into 2023 when it will be time to draft and trade for multiple running backs. I know some may say Bryan should run at a title this season with the draft capital he has, but I think he has an opportunity to build an absolute long term powerhouse vs a one or two year run if he makes the right moves by stocking up on a ton of top level talent on rookie contracts.

If any of you have a team you would like me to cover please contact me on Twitter and I will gladly help. Be sure to check out the other articles from Steve, Nate, and Matt throughout the week. Thank you all for reading and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

All About Orphan and For Sale by Owner Teams

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners welcome back to another wonderful week of rebuilding with yours truly. Last week, I went ahead and broke down one of Steve Van Tassell’s teams that needs a rebuild and hopefully we pointed him in the right direction, and he was able to move Devin Singletary. We did get feedback via Twitter on Steve’s team with most being about the building blocks. I made sure to throw a Brevin Jordan curveball high and inside and some of you smashed it out of the park while giving me the old Jose Bautista bat flip in the process.

In the coming weeks I plan to do the same thing that I did for Steve with other Dynasty Owners by breaking down their teams in the hopes of giving you a wide variety of content, strategies, trade values, and much more. I initially had something else planned for next week’s article but Bryan Peck (@bbpckdancer) had questions on one of his rebuilding teams on Twitter so I will go ahead and cover his team for all to see and input on instead.

In this week’s article, I will be covering the features of the Dynasty Owner store but before we get into today’s content, I would like to give my prediction for the big game this weekend, the Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. I have to say it still doesn’t seem real having the Bengals in the Super Bowl, but I don’t think we live in a game of Madden so it must actually be happening. I did happen to see a preview of the field painted the other day and it just felt wrong to see an Ohio team’s logo on the same field as the Super Bowl logo. I guess that’s just part of being a younger football fan! Enough of the googly eyes towards the Bengals making the Super Bowl, let’s break down what I think will happen in this game. The Bengals offense has performed well this season, but in my opinion, this is a terrible matchup for them. The strength of the Bengals this season has been Ja’Marr Chase and the Rams have the one guy capable of shutting him down in Jalen Ramsey. The biggest weakness of the Bengals this season has been the offensive line. A line that allowed Joe Burrow to be sacked nine times against the Tennessee Titans. The Bengals still won the game as they somehow managed to not turn the ball over.  I have a bad feeling that if the Bengals give up more than a few sacks the outcome will be vastly different against Ramsey, Aaron Donald, Von Miller and company. Football is a game of strengths and weaknesses and I just think the Rams’ strengths play out very well against the things the Bengals struggle to do. Ultimately, I think for the Bengals to win Tee Higgins, their defense, and Joe Burrow will have to play lights out. It’s a massive game and nerves will certainly be high meaning anything can happen, but I just don’t see this Bengals team being able to match up with the Rams for 60 minutes. The Rams win the second straight home game in the Super Bowl 31-21 completing their obsession of winning a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

As mentioned earlier, the article will be all about the Dynasty Owner store and the features inside of it. The Dynasty Owner store is all about helping to keep Dynasty Owner leagues alive and creating the best user experience possible for all Dynasty Owners. This article will mainly focus on the orphan store where Dynasty Owners can buy teams that have been abandoned for some reason. Many of these teams aren’t very good and need to be rebuilt, which is exciting for someone like me who likes a good rebuild. During the coverage of orphan teams, I will also go over what you should look for in an orphan team as well as things to do shortly after buying. I will look at the available orphan teams and ask all of you for help on which team I should choose. Yes, you read that right after we have decided on a team, I will buy the team and begin rebuilding it through articles and videos beginning two weeks from now. Finally, we’ll take a look at the For Sale by Owner store, which has more teams available in it for people more interested in taking over a more established team that might not need as much work.

How to Pick an Orphan Team

A question I don’t see a whole lot is people asking about is what to look for when picking out an orphan team to rebuild. If I am being completely honest with you, there is nowhere near a correct answer to any version of this question and really comes down to personal preference. If you are looking to buy an orphan team, the main thing that you should look for is what you want and what I mean by that is how much of a challenge do you want with this team that you are about to rebuild. When buying an orphan team several things factor into how quick you can rebuild the team but the one thing that stands out more than anything else as most important, but happens to be completely out of your control, is how active your new league mates will be when it comes to making trades. However, by taking over an orphan team, you can help rejuvenate a league with a fresh outlook and desire to make deals. Just beware that in an orphan rebuild your goals may take much longer and become much harder to obtain when trades happen at the rate of an elderly 100-meter dash. I am going to assume not many are like me and look for the toughest rebuild available so I will give you a few tips on what to look for.

When looking for a good orphan team to rebuild the first major thing to look for is the team’s building blocks at the quarterback, tight end, and wide receiver positions just as we went over with Steve’s team last week. In any rebuild, building blocks are the most important thing as the foundation of your roster. It is no different than rebuilding your own team. After I declare my building blocks, I then start looking for players who are a little older but will still fetch significant value in a trade, which is important when it comes to speeding a rebuild up. A player like Devante Adams is someone you would want to trade quickly and in return he will bring back great future value for your roster. In all fantasy football formats, rookie picks are important, but Dynasty Owner especially puts a premium on rookie picks because of the salary cap and the cheaper contracts that comes with players on their rookie deal. In other words, when rebuilding try to trade Travis Kelce for future picks or Pat Freiermuth and future picks. Another important thing to look at when selecting an orphan team is the salary cap situation. The last thing you want to do is select an orphan team that has four players who can’t be traded and need to be dropped using an Amnesty Provision. Salary cap hell and rebuilding do not mix all that well. The last major thing you want to look at is the future draft capital the team has. I will never recommend a rebuilding orphan teams with no future picks because you will look like the Rams come 2026. If you happen to buy an orphan, please feel free to let me know what your plans and goals are for your newly purchased orphan team on Twitter.

Help me pick my New Orphan Team

It is rebuilding time folks! Not that I am currently rebuilding three teams already or anything. What can I say, it is my favorite part of fantasy football because it forces me to be much more engaged in making moves. In the orphan store, we are currently down to just four teams as they have been flying off the shelves since the end of the 2021 season. In other words, we may have to act quickly when acquiring the new team. When selecting this team, I will take any consideration from you, but I do have a few requirements. Actually, that’s not true. I have zero requirements and don’t care how daunting of a rebuild it is, we will find a way to get it done in a reasonable time frame!

Instead of breaking down these orphan rosters in the article, I want to encourage all of you to check out each of the orphan teams in the store and let me know which team you think I should choose. Be sure to check the team’s future draft capital as well. If you do want to see an in-depth look at each roster by me, please check out the video associated with this article for the breakdown.

Teams For Sale by Owner

Another method to get more involved in Dynasty Owner without having to draft a bunch of start-up teams is to look and buy one of the For Sale by Owner team. It’s a place to help make sure that Dynasty Owner leagues don’t have an inactive Dynasty Owner and a great place to start your Dynasty Owner experience.

For current Dynasty Owners who need to cut down the number of teams they have or aren’t happy with a certain league, it’s a good way to remove yourself from the league while keeping it together for everyone else. Dynasty Owners can sell one team at a time if they need to do so for any reason. At the current moment, the Dynasty Owner store has a whopping 50 teams for sale that range from $20- $500 so there are options for everyone interested in buying a team in this way.

For some people, it can help take the anxiety out of being a Dynasty Owner newcomer and they might end up with a well-rounded team under the cap with a fat bank account. After examining the teams available in the store, I noticed one thing that stood out above the rest and that was the expensive teams all have an abundance of talent and a serious shot at winning a League Championship in the upcoming season. Why? Let’s be honest, no one wants to buy an expensive turd. Personally, if I am going to buy a team for a decent amount, I would need to see at least one Top 10 quarterback, three capable running backs, a solid cast of pass catchers (WRs or TEs), and good depth in case of injuries. I have also noticed a couple interesting rebuilding options in the store for our Dynasty Owners who love a challenge, as well as some middle of the road teams that have the potential to be turned around quickly for cheap. No matter what way you spin it, I feel the store is a great way to keep Dynasty Owner leagues going and has a chance to change fantasy football as we know it. It will always come with a wide range of teams so any of our users can find a team that fits what they are looking for!

Another reason to check out the store is it gives future Dynasty Owners a way to purchase a team before ever drafting their own. They don’t have to wait for a 2022 start-up draft to get involved with Dynasty Owner. That’s right, if you have a friend who hasn’t played Dynasty Owner before, they can create an account, buy a team in the For Sale by Owner store and start their own dynasty. Let those fantasy football fanatic friends who aren’t part of Dynasty Owner know they can start their Dynasty Owner experience now by buying either an orphan or For Sale by Owner team and working on it before the 2022 start-up drafts start in late May. It’s a great way to get involved in Dynasty Owner during the long off-season after the Super Bowl.

Be sure to check out articles and videos by Steve, Matt, and Nate throughout the week and don’t forget about the Livestream Wednesday’s at 4 pm (Eastern). Thank you for reading and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Let’s Rebuild This Team!

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners, it is that time again! As I mentioned in last week’s article, I will be breaking down one of Steve Van Tassell’s teams (Vantastics in League #30326) and it needs a rebuild. Steve is not one for rebuilds, so I am hoping all of you and myself can help him turn this roster around in a hurry. In today’s article I will cover Steve’s roster as currently constructed, potential players to Amnesty, and players I think Steve should cut, trade, or hold.

Before we jump into Steve’s rebuild, I will go over Jay’s weekly recap for the second to last time of this NFL season. In the Championship round, we had four teams left with the Rams playing the 49ers and the Bengals traveling to Kansas City to play the vaunted Chiefs. In Sunday’s first game, we had a Burrow vs Mahomes showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals shocking everyone and heading to the Super Bowl in L.A. In the game, the Chiefs pulled ahead to a 21-10 lead before not scoring from inside the 5 yard line just before halftime and never looked the same again. Make no mistake this was a huge meltdown by the Chiefs, but I give a ton of credit to the Bengals for fighting the entire game. In the second and last matchup of the day, we had the Rams finally top their rival 49ers. The 49ers had been 6-0 against the Rams in the previous six matchups. In this game, the 49ers also pulled out to a sizeable lead and allowed the Rams to comeback and book their ticket to the Super Bowl in their own stadium. I will make an early prediction on the game, but I will not lock this pick in until next week’s article. The Rams, not Bengals, will raise the Lombardi Trophy, but again this may change after I dig into things.

Enough of the realization that the season is almost over talking about the Super Bowl, let’s dig into Steve’s rebuilding team. All contracts listed are for the upcoming 2022 season.

Current Roster


Player2022 Salary
Patrick Mahomes$45,000,000
Taysom Hill$10,000,000
Mason Rudolph$5,080,000
Teddy BridgewaterFree Agent

Running Backs

Player2022 Salary
Chris Carson$5,212,500
Mike Davis$2,750,000
Devin Singletary$974,500
Darrel WilliamsFree Agent
David JohnsonFree Agent
Phillip LindsayFree Agent
Raheem MostertFree Agent
Salvon AhmedFree Agent
Tony JonesFree Agent
Ty’Son WilliamsFree Agent

Wide Receivers

Player2022 Salary
Jerry Jeudy$3,798,243
Chase Claypool$1,654,156
Marquez Callaway$765,000
Scott Miller$661,960
Allen LazardFree Agent
Isaiah McKenzieFree Agent
Jakobi MeyersFree Agent
James WashingtonFree Agent
Kalif RaymondFree Agent
Nick Westbrook-IkhineFree Agent
Russell GageFree Agent

Tight End

Player2022 Salary
Hunter Henry$12,500,000
Brevin Jordan$958,046
Juwan JohnsonFree Agent
Robert TonyanFree Agent
Will DisslyFree Agent

As you can see Steve has a team that needs a rebuild. Below I have listed five categories and each player has a home in one of the said categories. Inside of each category, I have a brief explanation of what the category is as well as some insight on several of the players. If this is something that everyone enjoys, I will put out an article next week breaking down the players I did not cover this week.

Five Player Categories

Building Blocks

Building blocks are players you feel can start for several years without worry. When I rebuild my personal teams, I love to have certain players I call building blocks. When I have identified which players on my roster I want to build around I am always sure to let my league mates know. I also rarely consider running backs building blocks as I would likely move on from Jonathan Taylor if I were starting a rebuild today. One thing to always remember is that no player is untouchable, meaning if you are offered great value for one of your building blocks you should almost always take it. Let’s see who Steve can consider building blocks on his roster.

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Jerry Jeudy
  3. Chase Claypool
  4. Brevin Jordan

I have listed four building blocks for Steve, but a couple of them are still questionable. Patrick Mahomes and Chase Claypool are the two players who I do not worry about much in the future. I know Claypool has no starting quarterback just yet, but I feel he has the talent to succeed as he continues to develop no matter who is throwing the ball. Jerry Jeudy is an extremely talented kid who has not been able to stay healthy or consistent just yet, but he also has not had much for a QB.  While I am worried some about Jeudy, I do feel he is a future stud at the receiver position, especially if he can link up with a solid signal caller at some point. The last player, Brevin Jordan, is obviously a questionable building block, but I love how he played about halfway through the season showing real future potential.

Players to Trade

As a rebuilding owner, trading will be key to expediting your rebuild. If Steve can move some of these players away for any type of value, it has the potential to speed things up. When trading in a rebuild there is no real order in who to trade first but I usually start with the bigger names and use the others as throw-ins to get a deal done. Who should Steve trade? Let us look!

  1. Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Devin Singletary
  3. Mike Davis
  4. Darrel Williams
  5. Raheem Mostert
  6. Chris Carson
  7. Phillip Lindsay
  8. Russell Gage
  9. Allen Lazard
  10. James Washington
  11. Hunter Henry
  12. Juwan Johnson

As you can see, I have a dozen players for Steve to look to trade. There is a wide range of value in return for those players and I’ll highlight a few with different value.

If this were my team the first thing, I would look to do is move Devin Singletary before Buffalo drafts a running back. Singletary had a fantastic finish to the season and there will be someone who thinks that will continue into 2022. Playoff Lenny 2.0!

Chris Carson is tougher to judge, but he is someone I would hold onto for a while before trading in hopes things become clearer for him, potentially outside of Seattle, with the emergence of Rashaad Penny.

I also listed a few players like Mike Davis, who is a player that may not return value at all in a trade and will need to be cut.

The last player I want to talk about is Hunter Henry. Henry is a tough call especially for a Patriots’ fan like Steve. While Henry is just 27, I do think his ceiling is a little more limited than I would like as a rebuilding owner for his price. I am also not so sure anyone will give up much value for him when trading, but I would wait until the season starts look for a bad contract to emerge and trade Henry then with a nice draft pick attached.

Players to Hold

No matter what situation your team is in you will almost certainly find yourself holding players, but the reasons become vastly different depending on the outlook of your team. Holding players can often amount to nothing but every now and again you find yourself a star. While I am not sure any of these players have that potential, I do think some can contribute moving forward and can, at worst become tradeable to a contender bringing back future value to your roster. Let’s dive into the players Steve should hold.

  1. Mason Rudolph
  2. Tony Jones
  3. Jakobi Meyers
  4. Isaiah McKenzie
  5. Marquez Callaway
  6. Nick Westbrook-Ikhine
  7. Robert Tonyan

We will start with one of the more obvious holds on Steve’s team, Mason Rudolph. Rudolph has a potential starting job in Pittsburgh come 2022 and will be playing on a very cheap contract ($5.08 million) at his position. I personally feel Rudolph should be held until the Steelers either acquire a veteran starter or hand the keys over to a rookie. If a QB that is clearly better finds their way on the Steelers roster, Rudolph becomes a droppable player.

A player like Jakobi Meyers is a player who I would consider a long term hold but not an actual building block. The main thing I worry about with Meyers is what his next contract will be and if he leaves New England. Either way he’s still a hold for rebuilding owners at just 25 years old.

The next player is one some may question as a hold, and it is none other than Tony Jones. I have Jones as a hold to see if he ends up back with the Saints as the Number 3 guy as Mark Ingram will be back in 2022.

One player I am not sure of on this list is Robert Tonyan who is coming off of a season ending injury. Tonyan proved to be a solid player before the injury, and I think I would hold him the majority of 2022 before deciding his fate.

The last player I will cover here is Marquez Callaway and I am holding him simply because of potential and a cheap 2022 contract. If Callaway shows he can contribute consistently he may be worth keeping but, in that scenario, he will also return solid value in a trade. The worst case scenario here with Callaway is that he plays bad enough that he cannot be traded, and he costs Steve’s rebuilding team less than $1,000,000 against the cap in 2022.

Players to Cut

Just as all teams have players to hold, they also have players to cut. As I am sure all of you are aware cutting players is part of the game but it’s also something that can be hard to do if a player is pulling on your heart strings. The main thing I look for when cutting players is if they have a realistic shot at producing enough that I can trade them in the near future. Roster turnover is a big key in rebuilding, and it starts by cutting players.

  1. Salvon Ahmed
  2. David Johnson
  3. Ty’Son Williams
  4. Scott Miller
  5. Kalif Raymond
  6. Will Dissly
  7. Taysom Hill

I won’t take up too much of your time while we are virtually taking out Steve’s trash, but we got to cover something right? Obviously, I am joking as these men are professional athletes and are nowhere near trash virtual, or not.

The first player here is one who pulled on my own personal heart strings, Salvon Ahmed. I was an Ahmed truther since his college days in Washington but it’s time to move on. If Ahmed did not beat out the likes of Duke Johnson, Myles Gaskin, and Malcom Brown, then he’s never going to beat out another depth chart unless he’s in the CFL.

David Johnson is someone that some may hold but I am looking at him just as I did Ahmed. If you can’t beat out Rex Burkhead, you are not a starter in the NFL.

The last guy I want to touch on is Kalif Raymond. Raymond had a respectable 2021 but I don’t see him as much more than a special teams guy moving forward and can be dropped for someone with more potential.

Who I Would Amnesty

Ahh one of my favorite little things about Dynasty Owner where you can move on from your team’s personal Antonio Brown for free. If any of you are not aware the Amnesty Provision is where you are able to drop any player, you want for no fee.

  • No one

At the moment, Steve has no players that I would suggest moving on from and would try to target a bad contract at some point for extra draft capital with the Amnesty Provision in mind. Steve can also go the route of trading his Amnesty but from what I have found you can obtain more value by targeting bad contracts in-season on contending rosters. In this scenario, you can’t lose as you can Amnesty the player as soon as the deal goes through and keep the draft capital you obtained.

Draft Picks

Not much to talk about here, Steve has all of his draft picks and has not acquired any from other Dynasty Owners up to this point.


As I stated above Steve has a team that is definitely in need of a rebuild and he has his work cut out for him as this league has the likes of 2020 Chase for the Ring champ Barbee Kilgore, Joe and Jerry from Rotowire, Dynasty Rewind, Spotrac, our fearless leader Tim, and many more great fantasy minds involved. The first step of business for Steve will be to start trying to trade some of these players as well as picking up some fresh meat for the players on the cut list. It is ok to be patient dropping and picking up players as you should always have a purpose for picking up a certain player. The main thing I would look for in trades is young stud starting wide receivers and potential starting receivers like Josh Palmer, Nico Collins, and Gabriel Davis. I would also be on the lookout for another young tight end or two to acquire in trades or the draft. The way this roster is currently structured, I would not target a running back until Steve feels confident about the QB, TE, and WR positions. I also see a possibility for a somewhat quick rebuild if your league mates are interested in your tradeable players with Jeudy and Claypool realizing their potential.

Thank you all for reading and feel free to add any input you would like on Twitter! Please be sure to check out our other articles from Steve, Matt, and Nate. Stay safe and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Six Players Rebuilding Owners Should Trade for this Off-season

By: Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

Dynasty Owners! Welcome back to another weekly rebuild article. Before I jump into the normal stuff, I would like to reveal what I will be covering over the next few weeks. In next week’s article, I am going to be digging into one of Steve Van Tassell’s (@SteveVT33) teams that needs an old fashioned rebuild. I am not sure if this will be a one- or two-part series just yet and will really depend on what the team looks like and how many moves can be made. I feel this will be a fun way we can all help Steve during his rebuild as I will be asking for help from all of you on trades, cuts, and free agent pickups via Twitter. Once I get Steve’s rebuild finished up, I will be doing an article on the Dynasty Owner store as well as purchasing an orphan team to start rebuilding. When selecting the orphan team, I will cover different things about what you all should look for when purchasing an orphan team or a team from the Dynasty Owner store. The following week, I will discuss the strategy I will be using during the rebuild of my new orphan team. In today’s article, I will be covering six players who I feel rebuilding owners should target this off-season and no you won’t be seeing Ja’Marr Chase’s name on this list. He is just too expensive to acquire. The main thing I am looking for in all these players is that I do not have to give up many assets to get them and I want them to still have potential to be a staple on my roster soon. If you enjoyed last week’s video, please let me know on Twitter. Also, let me know if you would like another article of players that need to be traded in a rebuild.

As always, before we jump into these six players, let’s cover the amazing weekend of football we all just witnessed. All four divisional round games were decided in the final seconds of regulation or in overtime and it was unbelievable to watch and something we may never see again. Up first, we have the Bengals vs the Titans and while I chose the Titans to win, I did mention Henry would be the x-factor and needed to play well. Unfortunately for the Titans that did not happen, because of that Joe Cool and the Bengals are in the AFC Championship game. Up next, we have the Rams vs Buccaneers, and this was one of the most frustrating games I have ever watched as a football fan. Is it just me or does it seem like Tom Brady has always gotten the most ridiculously timed breaks throughout his career? I mean it seems like even in a loss like Sunday for Brady, the Football Gods are gracious. In the other NFC matchup, we had Evan Eckert’s dream become reality when Aaron Rodgers choked out of the playoffs once again. Personally, I am a fan of Rodgers but only 10 points at home is on the quarterback in today’s NFL. In what may very well be the game of the decade, we had the Chiefs narrowly squeak by the Bills in an overtime game. A game that featured 25 points in the last two minutes of regulation only to end in a tie game. Unfortunately for the Bills, the Chiefs won the coin toss and essentially won the game getting the ball first and forcing Josh Allen to watch helplessly from the sideline.

Enough about the past, let’s jump into the future with a quick preview of both championship games this weekend. The NFC matchup features two NFC West teams, the San Francisco 49ers vs the Los Angeles Rams. I have the Rams winning the matchup, but I am not all that confident in my pick with the 49ers winning their previous six games against the Rams. The playoffs are a much different story, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. On the AFC side, we have the Cincinnati Bengals vs the reigning AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs in what should be another fantastic game. I bet against the Bengals last week and I clearly did not learn my lesson as I will do the same this week. The Chiefs’ experience will be a bit too much to handle for the Bengals on the road leaving us with a Super Bowl matchup of Rams vs Chiefs and a second straight team earning a home game in the Super Bowl.

Now that we have the Super Bowl matchup decided let’s move on to the article.

  1. Trevor Lawrence – (QB – JAX) – 3 years/$9,198,372

I really considered putting Trey Lance on this list but after the season Trevor Lawrence had in 2021, I feel he may be the easier asset to acquire. If the Jaguars hit on a coach, Lawrence’s development could move quickly in the right direction, but I am not sure many Dynasty Owners have much faith in that happening with the franchise he plays for. When rebuilding you should already have multiple picks from other members in your league and I would attempt to use those to acquire anyone on this list. The quarterback position is tough to play in the NFL and while some have taken off instantly, it’s perfectly reasonable to see a young player struggle, especially in the middle of so much dysfunction like Lawrence was. If Lawrence can turn it around, you will have a cheap franchise signal caller on a rookie deal for the next 3 years without mortgaging the future a ton. Let’s not forget Lawrence was potentially the best prospect to ever enter the NFL draft according to many scouts.

2. Rashod Bateman – (WR – BAL) – 3 years/$3,149,853

I know many people are worried about Lamar Jackson and his ability to throw the ball, but I feel he does it well enough to produce two solid fantasy assets with Bateman being one of them moving forward. When Bateman played in 2021, he showed real promise and the ability to play the X position. If Bateman can stay healthy and continue his upward trajectory you will have yourself a solid Number 1 receiver on his rookie deal for years to come. The best part is he won’t cost you a ton of draft capital to acquire in a trade. I am not sure why, but Bateman doesn’t get anywhere near the respect he should after showing promise in 2021. For me, the name of the game when rebuilding is to grab as many young guys with solid potential as possible allowing me to be picky when it comes time to renew contracts. When rebuilding you can never go wrong by finding great fantasy role players for cheap and pairing them with the big-time studs your high picks produce.

3. Darnell Mooney – (WR – CHI) – 2 years/$894,263

I initially did not have Darnell Mooney on this list, but I don’t think his value has risen enough that he is untouchable for rebuilding owners. While Fields has shown he loves throwing Mooney’s way, there will likely be two buying windows and it really comes down to which you prefer. Now the Bears are in the middle of a coaching search and a good, or bad hire, has the potential to swing Mooney’s value a little bit, but the real gamble is waiting to see if the Bears draft a receiver early. If they do, Mooney will see his value decrease but if they pass on the position, Mooney’s value could skyrocket big time. In my opinion, if I am trading for Mooney, I am doing it after the draft as I see the Bears taking a receiver in the first two rounds to help with the development of Justin Fields. Optics mean a lot when it comes to trading in Dynasty Owner.

4. James Robinson – (RB – JAX) – 1 year/$763,333

I personally stay away from running backs early on in rebuilds but with Robinson if you are already a year or two into your rebuild, he makes a ton of sense. Robinson has shown he is a talented player who can handle a lead back role in the NFL. Unfortunately for Robinson he suffered a torn Achilles at the end of 2021 and will be sidelined roughly 9-12 months. Now that Robinson is cheaper than he ever has been to acquire, the time is now to get a deal done. If Robinson can bounce back, in a year from now you will have a solid running back to either trade or help contribute to your rebuild that should have an end in sight. In a perfect world, Robinson comes back midway through next season, plays well and signs as the main guy outside of Jacksonville.

5. Pat Freiermuth – (TE – PIT) – 3 years/$1,507,045

At Number 5, we have the future Steelers great Pat Freiermuth. I wanted to make sure I included all four of the major positions in Dynasty Owner and I couldn’t find a young tight end I wanted to trade for more than Freiermuth. I know some will argue Pitts here, but I feel he will cost too much to get in a trade for most rebuilding owners to afford (we all know you can afford Pitts and Chase with your draft capital Bryce). Heading into 2022, the Steelers have a major question mark at the quarterback position making it a great time to trade for their young tight end. I generally like to start my rebuilds by acquiring a solid young tight end and Freiermuth fits the bill. Always remember, it’s ok to walk away from a trade if an owner wants too much in return.

6. Brandon Aiyuk – (WR – SF) – 2 years/$3,132,835

Brandon Aiyuk is probably the most interesting player on this list simply because we know what this kid can do for stretches on an NFL field, like when he had six games with 17.5 or more Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 2020 over an eight-game stretch, while missing two games to injury during that time. I am not sure Aiyuk passes Samuel on the depth chart like many thought would happen heading into 2021, but I do see him being a huge piece of this offense once Lance takes over. I feel at this point Aiyuk can be had for a second round pick plus a Bench player and he will likely be a solid WR2 on your roster for many years to come. Another thing to look at is if the streaky play continues his second contract will not come with a big price tag but he will likely still have that boom or bust potential.

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out Matt, Steve, and Nate’s articles and videos as well. Stay safe out there and good luck on your 2022 Chase for the Ring!

Free Agent Auction Targets – Week 3

By: Jay Pounds (@JayPoundsNFL)

Is there something about Week 2 that causes a ton of NFL injuries? In Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season, we saw multiple stars go down with injury. Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Courtland Sutton, Nick Bosa, and Cam Akers all suffered Week 2 injuries in 2020. In Week 2 of 2021, multiple things outside of injuries caught my eye and we’ll cover those in this week’s edition of Jay’s Week 2 recap.

The Ravens and the Chiefs put on an absolute show Sunday night with Lamar bouncing back and beating Mahomes for the first time in his young career. The Vikings defense continues to struggle and looks like it will be the teams Achilles heel all season. Aaron Rodgers bounced back in the 2nd half of Monday night’s game beating the Lions 35-17. I see the Packers as a team that gets better week in week out and comes ready to play when it matters most. The Titans new offensive coordinator finally figured out how to win football games when he let Derrick Henry carry the load against the Seahawks to the tune of 35 carries for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns. Henry also came away with 6 catches for 55 yards, potentially adding another element to his game. Are the Texans for real? The Browns struggled against the Tyrod Taylor led Texans but ultimately came away victorious after Taylor left the game in the 2nd quarter. The Jaguars looked like a much better football team this past weekend, but it unfortunately it did not mean a big game from Trevor Lawrence as he struggled against a very good Broncos’ defense. The Cowboys defense looks much improved from last season and found a way to win a game without Dak Prescott needing to throw for 400 plus yards. Finally, we have Kyler Murray for MVP! Kyler finished Sunday’s game with 400 yards passing and 4 touchdowns resulting in a 34-33 shootout win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Alright Dynasty Owners, we are back with another week of trying to find a diamond in the rough with the Free Agent Auction targets. The free agent articles/videos will be dropping every Tuesday afternoon in advance of when bids process on Wednesday at 5 AM and will consist of the week’s Top 5 free agent adds. I will do my best to keep the players listed at an ownership percentage of 65% or less and make sure all players have contracts of $8,000,000 or less, with most players coming in at under $4,000,000. One last note, in Dynasty Owner you will be credited each week with 25% of your entire Bench’s score making these weekly free agent pick-ups extremely important to help boost your total weekly score.

On to the top targets for Week 3:

  1. K.J. Osborn (WR – MIN) – 3 Years/$890,693 – 63.9% Rostered

K.J. Osborn is one of the repeat guys on the list from last week’s Free Agent Auction article. Osborn had another big week after his strong showing to start the 2021 season in Week 1 and will likely be rostered in north of 90% of Dynasty Owner leagues come the start of Week 3. In Week 2, Osborn again blew up to the tune of 5 catches for 91 yards and a “tuddy” as Brady and Gronk like to say. The Vikings’ defense has looked atrocious to start the 2021 season and looks as if it will continue to be an issue through the season. If the Vikings defense does continue to struggle, Osborn should continue to thrive. The last thing I love about Osborn is the way Adam Thielen played towards the end of last season pointing to a potential need at the receiver spot with the Vikings. In the back half of 2020, Thielen’s fantasy production was largely dependent on his touchdowns.

  • Sammy Watkins (WR – BAL) – 1 year/$5,000,000 – 47.9% Rostered

Sammy Watkins did not have the greatest performance against the Chiefs, but he showed me that he will have a consistent role in the Ravens offense this season. The Ravens ran the ball 41 times on Sunday and Watkins still found a way to come up with 4 catches for 44 yards good enough for 8.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. If Watkins can produce like that on his down weeks, he will be more than worth a pickup for contending teams. Another factor I love about picking up Watkins is that he only has 1 year remaining on his contract meaning you can move on from him free and clear at the end of year. One thing that does worry me with Watkins is when Rashod Bateman returns to the starting lineup. Will it hurt Sammy Watkins’ production to the point that he is not playable?

  • Zach Pascal (WR – IND) – 1 year/$3,384,000 – 63.3% Rostered

Another free agent run another week of the legend Zach Pascal talk. Pascal has seemingly earned every bit of Carson Wentz’s trust in the redzone as he is the only one Wentz seems to throw to these days when the Colts get inside of the 20. In Week 2, Pascal performed well again against a tough Rams defense with 5 catches for 38 yards and a touchdown. It’s not a crazy scenario to put Pascal on your Bench and forget about him if he is going to continue to see 6-8 targets per game, especially when some of those targets are in the redzone. Be sure to grab the 2020 Dynasty Owner livestream WR1 before it’s too late and the rest of the Dynasty Owners get on board. One thing you will want to monitor is the health of Colts quarterback Carson Wentz as every playmaker on the team will likely see a dip in production if he can’t play.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson (RB – ATL) – 1 year/$3,000,000 – 49.1% Rostered

I mentioned last week how gross it felt to have Cordarrelle Patterson listed as a pickup. His play on the field led to me doubling down this week and putting him on the list again, though this week doesn’t feel quite as gross. In Week 2 against a very good Tampa Bay defense Patterson found the end zone twice and accounted for 69 total yards. Mike Davis was again inefficient but still managed to come away with 16 total touches meaning Patterson’s role still has room to potentially grow. If Davis continues to play the way he is, I could see Patterson getting an uptick in usage while stealing some from Davis. Regardless I think he has carved out a nice role for himself in the Falcons offense. The Falcons look like one of the worst teams in the NFL through the first 2 weeks of the season and look as if they will be down by a lot of points on a weekly basis. The more the Falcons throw the ball, the more opportunities Patterson will get.

  • Rashard Higgins (WR – CLE) 1 year/$2,377,500 – 40.8% Rostered

Rashard Higgins may come as a surprise to some on this list but with the health of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry still up in the air, I feel Higgins should be a big factor if either one misses the game this coming week. Higgins has always played well when given an opportunity and looked good in limited work this past week against the Texans. Higgins caught both of his targets ending the day with 2 catches for 27 yards. The Browns used three tight ends in the passing game Sunday with Harrison Bryant, Austin Hooper, and David Njoku all catching at least two passes. If the Browns want to have some type of passing game, they will need someone to step up and who better than the guy who already has a great connection with Baker Mayfield, Hollywood Higgins.


After a wild first two weeks, the Free Agent Auction is starting to slim down. Make sure you are filling out your Bench and the back end of your rosters as players who are productive full-time are extremely hard to come by the later the season goes.

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