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Welcome to the Dynasty Owner Podcast

This is the official podcast of Dynasty Owner, the new game that combines Dynasty Fantasy Football with actual player salaries!  You keep your players through their entire real world league contract.

This the first Ownership/General Manager game to use actual league salary cap and contracts. In other salary cap leagues, salaries are determined by player performance. We believe in the strategy of picking good contracts and value players, not just expensive performers.

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Week 6 is upon us and with the absence of Thursday night football this week, Sunday will be more anticipated than ever. Check out our preview article available now on our website to prep you for the coming games in the #NFL !


Our Week 5 recap article is out for your eyeball enjoyment on our website. Find out all the details in this article and so much more happening across Dynasty Owner by clicking below!


Our article covering Week 6 Free Agent Targets is live now on our site covering those players that may be good additions to consider adding to your roster for the coming week. Check out the full article below.


With only 20% bench points from Gostkowski tonight on Tuesday night football! I have to concede the loss to that amazing team run by @DynastyRewind

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Currently We Are Full For 2020 but you can create your login and mock draft for FREE. 

You can also buy your franchise for 2021 and we”ll notify you when league placement options open up for the 2021 season. 

We will also notify you if any orphan teams open up this season on the Dynasty Owner Platform.