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Welcome to the Dynasty Owner Podcast

This is the official podcast of Dynasty Owner, the new game that combines Dynasty Fantasy Football with actual player salaries!  You keep your players through their entire real world league contract.

This the first Ownership/General Manager game to use actual league salary cap and contracts. In other salary cap leagues, salaries are determined by player performance. We believe in the strategy of picking good contracts and value players, not just expensive performers.

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The podcast is back to 5x per week!

Today @scott_pianowski joins to talk about possible fantasy football rule changes for 2020, including how our leagues should prepare for COVID.

Plus: top-rated Almanac talents for '20!


Wow! Just knocked out my first @Dynasty_Owner draft and I’m still feeling the tingles! Such a different aspect to the game of fantasy!!

Can’t wait for the expert league👊🏼

Dynasty Owner Draft Strategy with Steve Silvestri from Sideline Squib https://youtu.be/y403CaWHh0g via @YouTube

We have a new video out now on our YouTube channel addressing some of the concerns that our players have been asking about.

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