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Welcome to the Dynasty Owner Podcast

This is the official podcast of Dynasty Owner, the new game that combines Dynasty Fantasy Football with actual player salaries!  You keep your players through their entire real world league contract.

This the first Ownership/General Manager game to use actual league salary cap and contracts. In other salary cap leagues, salaries are determined by player performance. We believe in the strategy of picking good contracts and value players, not just expensive performers.

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Part one of a new article is out on our website covering players to consider that are under a $1 million for their yearly salaries for their #NFL contracts.

New article is out on our website covering the WRs that were picked up this year in the 2020 #NFLDraft on Days 2 and 3.

Thank you all that joined us on the live stream today. If you want a recap of what we discussed, check out the link below.

Doing a live mock draft right now on our platform and discussing draft strategies. Live on YouTube!

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