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Why Join the Waitlist?

Dynasty Owner is for the best of the best in Fantasy Football. You have to be skilled, strategic, and remain engaged. We strategically limit the number of Franchises on our platform, opening only a select number of new leagues at a time. This helps keep the fair-weather fans out.

Here is your chance to join our wait list and mock draft!

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Our Waitlist Process

We send invitations to purchase a franchise to those at the top of our Waitlist, who have 48 hours to claim a team. Those who don’t respond to the invitation move to the bottom of the list, and are stuck waiting through the entire process again until additional franchises open up.

  1. Join the waitlist
  2. Wait until everyone above you has purchased a team (or let their invitation expire)
  3. Reach the top of the waitlist
  4. Receive an invitation to buy a franchise

Miss your chance when invitation expires

  • Return to the bottom of the waitlist
  • Continue to wait
  • Eventually miss out completely