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Training Camp and Pre-Season Heroes and Zeros

By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33)

The final NFL pre-season game for 2023 finished up on Sunday night. In case you weren’t paying attention, the Houston Texans defeated the New Orleans Saints by a score of 17-13 to cap the 24-day NFL pre-season. It started in Canton with the Hall of Fame Game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets (the Browns won that game 21-16) and ended in New Orleans. The next game won’t be until Thursday, September 7th when the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs host the Detroit Lions.

NFL teams have already started to cut their rosters down to 53 players and over the next week, there will be a lot of movement with trades, players getting released then added to the practice squad once they clear waivers, and players getting released by one team and added to another team’s active roster or practice squad. The Arizona Cardinals made three trades before their final pre-season game on Saturday and most everyone likely heard that former overall #3 draft pick Trey Lance ($8,526,319) was dealt from the 49ers to the Cowboys on Friday for a fourth round draft pick in 2024. All of those trades happened even before those teams’ final pre-season game and more trades went down since the pre-season finished up. I suspect that there will be even more by the time this article is published.

There will be frequent changes to salaries, teams and players becoming free agents over the next several days until the start of the season, so Dynasty Owners need to stay on top of their teams and their salary cap. However, while everyone is processing those transactions, we should take a step back and think about what just happened during the past month of training camps and pre-season games. This is not the time or the place to summarize all 49 pre-season games and 32 training camps. Instead, we need to hit the highlights and summarize what happened while keeping our Dynasty Owner eyes on the business of the NFL, including player movement, salaries and contracts

Therefore, let me present my NFL Training Camp and Pre-Season Heroes and Zeros. You’ll get to read about one Hero player at each position (even kickers!) who did a great job and gathered a lot of buzz during practices and pre-season games to elevate himself on his team’s depth chart and most importantly, increase his Dynasty Owner roster percentage and improve his startup draft Average Draft Position (ADP). You’ll also get to find out which players were Zeros, didn’t do so well, hurt their chances to play much (or at all) during the 2023 season and likely saw their Dynasty Owner roster percentage decline.

Any salaries, ADPs and roster percentages listed were current as of the morning of August 29th. All 2023 contract information is currently what is listed on the Dynasty Owner platform (number of years and salaries) and has been taken from Spotrac ( Contracts and salaries are always subject to change and can potentially be increased. Check the Dynasty Owner Constitution for the ins and outs of when and how a contract change takes place.

Believe It or Not, These Players Were the Greatest NFL Heroes this August

Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. I never thought I could be so free.

That’s the beginning of the Theme from the Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not), which is perhaps one of the best TV theme songs written by Mike Post with lyrics by Stephen Geyer, and sung by Joey Scarbury. Love the song and remember the TV show as well as the rendition on George Constanza’s answering machine in Seinfeld.

Every year, we have a Hero emerge before the season starts who was a late round NFL Draft pick, undrafted rookie free agent (UDFA) or veteran who came into training camp on a minimum salary contract just looking for a job and ended up as a Week 1 starter. Last year, the biggest Hero was probably 2022 fourth round draft pick, Ravens TE Isaiah Likely ($1,041,085) ended up with an ADP of 222.0 in Dynasty Owner startup drafts. Likely only played in two pre-season games and sat out the entire third game because of his solid training camp and pre-season game performance (12 receptions, 144 receiving yards, 1 TD). When he was drafted last year, it was expected that he’d fight it out for the third TE spot on the Ravens roster with Josh Oliver ($7,000,000) and fellow fourth round draft pick Charlie Kolar ($1,091,221). Likely had a solid minicamp and a strong start to training camp then caught 4 passes for 44 receiving yards in the first Ravens’ pre-season game then easily led the team in receiving (8 receptions for 100 receiving yards plus a TD) in the second pre-season game. Likely ended up the 2022 Dynasty Owner season as TE26 with 91.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 16 games played (5.71 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game) and just as many games with a Blutarsky (0.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points) as double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy point games (3 each).

Let’s find out who were the Isaiah Likely’s of the 2023 NFL training camp and pre-season:

Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB – CLE) – 4 years/$1,045,568

You know that you’ve had a great training camp and pre-season when people start referring to you by your initials (DTR) and your NFL team trades away your primary competition. The Browns traded Joshua Dobbs ($2,000,000) to the Arizona Cardinals, which seemingly paves the way for Thompson-Robinson to be the backup to Deshaun Watson ($46,000,000). This is because Kellen Mond ($1,305,854) had been released by the Browns then pulled off the waiver wire when the team executed the Dobbs trade.

Thompson-Robinson didn’t lead the NFL in passing yards, completion percentage or QB passer rating during the pre-season, but he did complete 63.8% of his passes (37 out of 58) for 440 passing yards and 2 TDs plus 69 rushing yards in four pre-season games. He led the Browns on a pair of second half TD drives in the Hall of Fame game and didn’t stop after that performance.

For Dynasty Owners, the window of opportunity to get Thompson-Robinson off the Free Agent Auction has closed pretty rapidly. He had a mid-third round rookie draft ADP (30.5) but was only rostered in 29.08% of Dynasty Owner leagues prior to the Hall of Fame Game. Now, it’s 80.54% and likely to rise even further in the upcoming days after some backup QBs are cut from NFL rosters.

He likely won’t play much (if at all) in 2023 unless there is an injury to Watson, but he played well enough in the pre-season to make Dynasty Owner hustle to the Free Agent Auction to bid on him in case he gets a chance to play.

Jaleel McLaughlin (RB – DEN) – 3 years/$903,333

Unlike Dorian Thompson-Robinson, this is a Hero who you can likely still add to your Dynasty Owner roster as he is only rostered in 32.68% of Dynasty Owner leagues. That roster percentage is good for an UDFA who didn’t sign with the Broncos until two weeks after the NFL Draft was completed, and was likely not taken in your Dynasty Owner rookie draft.

Now, he’s considered either the number 3 or number 4 RB on the Broncos. Definitely behind Javonte Williams ($2,216,438) and Samaje Perine ($3,750,000) and in competition with Tyler Badie ($750,000) and Tony Jones ($940,000). McLaughlin is rostered in a higher percentage of Dynasty Owner leagues than both of those other RBs, while having a higher salary than Badie and only counting $36,667 less against the salary cap than Jones who is rostered in just 10.12% of Dynasty Owner leagues.

McLaughlin led the Broncos in rushing this pre-season with 113 rushing yards on 21 carries (5.4 yards per carry) and 3 rushing TDs, while adding in 7 receptions for 33 receiving yards and a receiving TD. That’s four pre-season TDs for a Broncos team that only had 29 TDs last year and averaged a league low 16.9 points per game. The Broncos need players who can score TDs and McLaughlin has shown that he can do that as a professional so far in the pre-season.

Despite being undrafted, McLaughlin finished his college career as college football’s all-time leading rusher (8,166 rushing yards) and 79 TDs. Admittedly, he played for Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio (not the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana) and Youngstown State, but it’s not easy to be the all-time leader at anything so it’s clear that he’s pretty talented.

McLaughlin is not likely to be James Robinson ($1,010,000) circa 2020 when the UDFA was the Week 1 starter for Jacksonville and finished as RB7 in Dynasty Owner with 258.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. However, he could be a solid, very cheap practice squad stash for your current Dynasty Owner team or late round draft pick flyer if you’re tight against the salary cap at the end of your startup draft.

Tank Dell (WR – HOU) – 4 years/$1,244,382

His Week 1 highlight reel TD reception against New England vaulted the third round NFL draft pick into the consciousness of some fantasy football players but Dynasty Owners already knew about Tank. They had taken him in the middle of the third round on average (rookie draft ADP of 31.4) during rookie drafts well before training camp and pre-season games started. However, his “catch of the year” nominee reception came in the second NFL pre-season game of the year on a Thursday night, so it garnered a lot of attention. As a result, Dell’s stock skyrocketed and he has a Dynasty Owner startup ADP of 175.5, so he’s going in the middle of the 15th round on average.

As a way to contrast these ADPs, let’s look at another rookie WR with a similar NFL and Dynasty Owner rookie draft profile, but who didn’t make a highlight reel play in Week 1 of the pre-season and see how they compare.

PlayerTeamNFL Draft PositionDynasty Owner Rookie Draft ADPDynasty Owner Startup Draft ADP
Tank DellHOU69th pick31.4175.5
Cedric TillmanCLE74th pick30.5203.0

After being drafted within five picks of one another in the NFL Draft and one pick in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts, Dell is being taken a full two rounds earlier (27.5 spots) than Cedric Tillman ($1,403,628) in Dynasty Owner startup drafts. I’m not saying it’s entirely because of one pre-season catch as Dell is projected for more Dynasty Owner fantasy points this season than Tillman (119.5 for Dell vs. 85.8 for Tillman) even though Tillman might be the WR2 for a better offensive team who doesn’t have a rookie QB. I am saying that Dell went from being drafted in roughly the same spot as Tillman in rookie drafts to in front of him in probably most startup drafts and both things have likely caused that movement.

Ironically, Tillman has outplayed Dell statistically in the pre-season with 7 receptions for 115 receiving yards. Dell had 5 receptions for 65 receiving yards and that one amazing receiving TD, but also didn’t play in the second pre-season game and was only targeted once in the Texans’ third pre-season game. Time will tell if Tillman or Dell is the better NFL receiver and fantasy player, but Dell was definitely the Training Camp and Pre-Season Hero.

Cole Turner (TE – WAS) – 4 years/$999,720

To be honest, I’m not really sure that there have been any true Heroes at the TE position this year so far. The top TE during the pre-season was Lucas Krull ($860,000) from New Orleans who had 10 receptions for 136 receiving yards in two pre-season games, including 7 receptions for 106 receiving yards on Sunday night. However, he is rostered in zero Dynasty Owner leagues and is likely to be released as the Saints already have veterans Juwan Johnson ($6,000,000), Foster Moreau ($4,078,000) and Jimmy Graham ($1,317,500) at the position.

Another player who made his mark in the third pre-season game was everybody’s favorite inexpensive TE from 2022 with a salary that computer programmers love, Albert Okwuegbunam ($1,011,011) of the Denver Broncos. Albert O had a slightly better final pre-season game than Krull with 7 receptions for 109 receiving yards and a TD. However, his stock has dropped dramatically after last season when he finished as TE68 with just 25.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points after being drafted in the first ten rounds of Dynasty Owner startup drafts (ADP 103.0). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That’s what Dynasty Owners should be telling themselves about Albert.

Instead, I’m going with Cole Turner who looks to be the Commanders starting TE right now as the TE1 on the depth chart, Logan Thomas ($8,021,667) hasn’t practiced with the team since August 3rd due to a calf strain, has missed 13 games over the past two seasons and could be on the trade block. I’m doubling up as I had Turner as my TE flyer in my Flyers, Dart Throws and Lottery Picks article a couple of weeks ago, but the buzz hasn’t died down yet and no other TE has stepped up to replace him on the Commanders’ roster or as a Training Camp and Pre-Season Hero. He’s still rostered in only 52.53% of Dynasty Owner leagues, which s up from 39.84% at the start of August. Turner also had 10 receptions for 75 receiving yards in the pre-season, which helps his case.

Joey Slye (K – WAS) – 1 year/$1,200,000

Since he’s a kicker and on the Commanders, I’ll be short about it. However, when you stop one of the most ridiculous records in all of sports (aka the Baltimore Ravens’ 24-game pre-season winning streak that had stretched back to the 2015 season) with a 49-yard game winning field goal that gets its own mention on Twitter/X and a rousing Kick Is Good call by Joe Buck on Monday Night Football, you get to be called a Pre-Season Hero and are worth mentioning.

Slye went from being rostered in 62.5% of Dynasty Owner leagues to 67.97% the day after that kick and it might be because Dynasty Owners realized that he was still around after finishing the 2022 season as the #26 ranked kicker in Dynasty Owner and his salary is just $1.2 million for the 2023 season.

The Commanders released Michael Badgley ($1,080,000) just two days before Slye’s kick and haven’t signed anybody since so it’s clear that Slye has won the job. He’s one of the few inexpensive kickers still available in more than a single Dynasty Owner league or two as his current Dynasty Owner roster percentage is 83.66%. If you need a third kicker for those bye weeks and the inevitable injury or poor performance that causes a kicker to be released, then go get Slye now before it’s too late and he’s 100% rostered.

The John Blutarskys of NFL Training Camp and Pre-Season

Zero. Point. Zero. That’s a Blutarsky for everyone who has read my weekly preview and recap articles here on Dynasty Owner. In case you don’t know, it’s called that because it’s the grade point average (GPA) for John “Bluto” Blutarsky in the movie classic Animal House.

No, these players didn’t have zero Dynasty Owner fantasy points during the pre-season. In fact, for several of them, it was just the opposite as they played quite a bit during the pre-season. It’s just that their performances were “not good”, so they ended up in this section. As of now, none of these players will start the 2023 regular season on the same team that they started training camp on.

Let’s hope that these Zeros can do better than Ronald Jones ($1,232,500) last season did for Kansas City after his poor 2022 training camp and pre-season performance. Jones started training camp with the potential to challenge Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($2,705,393) for the Chiefs’ starting RB position, but ended up not playing until Week 12 despite not being injured and scoring only 5.7 Dynasty Owner fantasy points for the entire season.

Trey Lance (QB – DAL) – 2 years/$8,526,319

This was the most obvious choice for this entire article. I’m not going to rehash what’s happened to Lance so far this off-season, training camp and pre-season but when you go from being the overall #3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to being traded for a fourth round pick a little more than two years later, it’s safe to say that things have gone poorly.

The 49ers traded three first round picks to move up to the #3 spot so they could draft Lance. Dynasty Owners were not quite as enthusiastic as John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, but Lance still had a Dynasty Owner rookie draft ADP of 7.3 in 2021, making him the third QB off the board on average behind only Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372) and Justin Fields ($4,717,989). He was never taken with the first pick in a Dynasty Owner rookie draft, but was drafted in the first round in all but one rookie draft and taken twice with the 1.02 pick. His 2021 startup draft ADP was 56.6, so he was generally a mid-to-late fourth round pick. Dynasty Owners were more bullish on Lance in 2022 as his ADP was 43.7 before falling to 126.9 so far this season. That still means he has been a 10th or 11th round pick on average in Dynasty Owner startup drafts after seemingly being behind both Brock Purdy ($934,252) and Sam Darnold ($4,500,000) on the 49ers QB depth chart.

The crazy part about Lance now to me is that he is still rostered in 95.72% of Dynasty Owner leagues. Admittedly, he was only traded on Friday afternoon, but it’s been a couple of days for everyone to react and realize that he’s going to be Dak Prescott’s ($40,000,000) backup in Dallas and not play barring an injury. In contrast, the player taken right ahead of him in the 2021 NFL Draft who is also now the clear backup to a well-paid veteran QB, Zach Wilson ($8,787,670) is only rostered in 38.91% of Dynasty Owner leagues. For there to be such a difference in the roster percentage of these two colossal flops at QB is very surprising. I can’t imagine that all of the Dynasty Owners with Lance still on their roster think he has a chance to play and produce meaningful results over the next two seasons or that they don’t need just over $8.5 million in salary cap room. Yes, you’re getting nothing for him in a trade now and the drop fee is very high ($4,263,160 Dynasty Dollars). Because he was traded, his contract isn’t changing unless it gets totally restructured so you’re stuck paying a backup QB on a new team over $8.5 million. Time to bite the bullet and drop Lance.

James Robinson (RB – Free Agent) – $1,010,000

You know you’ve had a bad training camp and pre-season when you’ve been released by two different teams. Robinson signed a two-year/$4 million contract with New England back in March when NFL free agency opened. He was waived in June, less than three months later, after struggling to stay healthy for practices. About a month later, he signed a one-year veteran minimum salary contract with the New York Giants, but was released prior to the 53-man roster cutdown deadline. In the pre-season, he rushed for 74 yards on 20 carries for a fairly pedestrian 3.7 yards per carry.

Robinson is still only 25 years of age, but seems to still be suffering from the torn Achilles injury he suffered with Jacksonville back in December of 2021. Robinson is the patron saint of UDFAs and the reason everyone thinks the guy they pluck off the waiver wire or draft in the 24th or 25th round of their Dynasty Owner startup draft will lead them to win the Chase for the Ring. Our 2020 winner Viktor Kilgore drafted Robinson late in his startup draft and his 258.4 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and RB7 finish were a very important part of his Ring winning season.

Those days appear to be long gone and while Robinson is still rostered in over three-quarters (75.88%) of Dynasty Owner leagues currently, that percentage is likely to fall over the next couple of days unless he signs with a new team who needs him more than the Patriots and Giants.

Bryan Edwards (WR – Free Agent) – $1,010,000

Long gone are the days when Dynasty Owners were drafting Edwards in the middle rounds of Dynasty Owner startup drafts. It happened during his rookie year in 2020 when his ADP was 138.6 and continued into 2021 when he slipped slightly but still had an ADP of 162.9. Edwards was a third round pick by the Raiders in the 2020 NFL Draft and some analysts were calling him a “mid-round steal” in the NFL Draft before he was even taken and compared him to Michael Thomas ($10,000,000). That was a nice comparison as Thomas had just finished the 2019 Dynasty Owner season as the WR1 with 373.6 Dynasty Owner fantasy points.

Sadly, for everyone in Dynasty Owner who bought into the hype, Edwards finished the 2020 season as WR135 (not a mistake) with just 36.3 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 12 games played. He followed that up with his best season in 2021, but was still only WR67 and had 108.1 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in 16 games played. He finished his two-year Raiders career with an average of 5.16 Dynasty Owner fantasy points per game in 28 games played and only six double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy point games.

Edwards was traded to the Falcons in May of 2022 along with a 2023 seventh round draft pick for a 2023 fifth round pick and immediately declared as one of the team’s top three WRs. However, he was injured throughout much of training camp, only played in seven games and scored a measly 4.5 Dynasty Owner fantasy points (3 receptions for 15 receiving yards) as a Falcon. He was released in late November and signed with Kansas City, but never played for the Super Bowl Champions.

He re-emerged with New Orleans with the hopes of reuniting with his Raiders QB Derek Carr ($37,500,000) and even lead the team in snaps in their first pre-season game. However, he didn’t perform well and ended his Saints’ tenure by catching just three of nine targets for 37 yards before getting waived by the team. The final blow to his chances of making the Saints’ roster may have come in their second pre-season game against the Chargers when according to Rotowire he “committed two offensive pass interference penalties on one offensive series, thus nullifying two would-be touchdown passes from rookie quarterback Jake Haener”. Haener ($1,136,204) likely wasn’t too happy about that.

Edwards has been on more NFL rosters (4) than the number of years he has been in the league (3), which is not a great thing for a third round NFL Draft pick. His Dynasty Owner roster percentage has plummeted to just 12.84% now and should drop further unless he joins another team in need of a WR very soon.

O.J. Howard (TE – Free Agent) – $1,232,500

Same as with the TE Hero, it was difficult to pinpoint a Training Camp and Pre-Season TE Zero. There have been several top TEs with minor training camp injuries who have missed practices and pre-season games, such as Mark Andrews ($14,000,000), T.J. Hockenson ($9,392,000) and Mike Gesicki ($4,500,000) but all of them appear likely to be back in time for Week 1. Zach Ertz ($10,550,000) started training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, but was able to come off it and practice, but not play in any pre-season games. While missing valuable practice time might be bad for some TEs, none of these guys should let an injury or some missed practices completely hinder their upcoming season.

Therefore, I had to reach way back and pick a player who was released barely into training camp and has yet to re-emerge with another team in former first round NFL Draft pick O.J. Howard. The Raiders signed him back at the start of free agency, but then signed Austin Hooper ($2,750,000) a couple of days later and drafted Michael Mayer ($2,328,412) with their second round NFL Draft selection. Veterans reported to Raiders training camp on July 25th and less than a week later, Howard was released. That’s not a good training camp and Howard has yet to sign with another team.

This is probably a complete cop-out, but because he didn’t even get to play a pre-season game for his new team. Howard is somehow still rostered in 17.12% of Dynasty Owner leagues, which seems like a lot for a player who hasn’t scored more than 40.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in a season since 2019.

Cade York (K – CLE) – 3 years/$1,097,410

It says Cleveland, but is probably Free Agent by the time this article is published as after an awful pre-season. The Browns traded for kicker Dustin Hopkins ($3,000,000) from the Chargers and are widely expected to release York. York was a fourth round NFL Draft pick just last year, but a series of high-profile misses in the pre-season including a 49-yard attempt during the Hall of Fame Game, two attempts to kick a game-winning field goal during their second pre-season game versus Philadelphia and a deflected 43-yard kick that would have put the Browns ahead in their final pre-season game against the Chiefs led to this spot. All total, he missed four out of eight FG attempts during the pre-season, all from between 40 and 49 yards. This doesn’t include the 47-yard miss against the Eagles that was called back due to a penalty.

It doesn’t help that three of these kicks were high-profile, late game FG attempts and that York missed eight FGs during the 2022 season and finished as the #24 ranked kicker in Dynasty Owner. Everyone with York on their Dynasty Owner roster hoped that he would be as good as Bengals kicker Evan McPherson ($955,928) was during his rookie season in 2021 when he finished as the #4 ranked kicker in Dynasty Owner.

Even after his poor 2022 season, Dynasty Owners had given York a boost in startup draft ADP from 249.3 in 2022 up to 176.9 this season. Those Dynasty Owners will need to reach into the Free Agent Auction and find a replacement for York unless they have three kickers and can afford to hold on until he gets another opportunity.

York may have had the worst pre-season of anybody in the NFL based on the number of memes I’ve seen on Twitter. The Airplane! one is my personal favorite. And it got so bad during the third pre-season game that a friend of mine who is a Browns fan and from the Cleveland area (but not involved with Dynasty Owner) created a Twitter/X account entitled Have The Browns Cut Cade York Yet. Only 8 followers, including me, and it may end now that York has been released, but its existence is proof that York had the worst NFL pre-season this year.


There were plenty of players who performed well during training camp and pre-season games this year and not all of them could be covered here. Frankly, some of them got their chance in the third pre-season game and aren’t likely to make a NFL roster out of training camp and are just hoping for a chance to latch on to a team’s practice squad. That’s true for both the heroes and the zeros.

There were plenty of other players who could have gotten a nomination as a Hero or a Zero. If you think there was someone more deserving of being named as a Training Camp or Pre-Season Hero or Zero than the players I listed, then speak up and let me and the entire Dynasty Owner community know. You can post about them in the comments section accompanying this article on either Facebook or Instagram or tweet/post on Twitter/X. Make sure that you tag both me (@SteveVT33) and Dynasty Owner (@Dynasty_Owner) if you use Twitter/X.

Now that the pre-season is over, it’s time to start drafting your next Dynasty Owner team. You can do it by going to your D.O. Store, click on New Team for 2023, and find a time when you can draft in the future. You can also Create A League for a specific day and time, then invite friends who you want to play with or just make it a public league. If any of those friends are new to Dynasty Owner, give them your affiliate code and get a $49 referral fee. Don’t forget to give everyone the most recent promo code (LETSGO) for $20 off a new team and use the code yourself as well.

While you’re waiting for your next startup draft, you need to listen to the Dynasty Owner podcast with me and Jay Pounds from last week. We were joined by our past two Chase for the Ring Champions – 2021 winner SKOL Vikings, aka Jeff Rachlin and 2022 winner Dynasty|Trade|School (D|T|S), aka Rudolph Valentine to talk all about startup Dynasty Owner drafting to help both new and existing Dynasty Owners with how to draft and put together a winning Dynasty Owner roster.

Dynasty Owner also has plenty of other content to help you out. Jay Pounds has his Free Agent Watch article about 10 players still available (and most widely available) in the Free Agent Auction. He’ll be back with another look at free agents before  Week 1 of the Dynasty Owner season and you won’t want to miss reading that article.

Finally, don’t forget about the weekly Livestream with me and Dynasty Owner CEO Tim Peffer. Tim missed last week’s episode, but I was fortunate to have 2021 Chase for the Ring Champion Jeff Rachlin join me for some training camp and free agent discussion. If you missed it, then go watch it on the Dynasty Owner YouTube channel. Finally, don’t forget to follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter/X.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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