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NFL Draft First Round Recap and Reactions


By Steven Van Tassell (@SteveVT33) and Jay Pounds (@jaypoundsnfl)

The first round of the 2023 NFL Draft is in the books and it’s time to recap for Dynasty Owners what just happened and the salary implications of these first round selections. There was plenty of discussion about how unpredictable this first round was going to be compared to previous drafts, but when the trades started happening and the picks started to roll in, there were more surprises than in Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. The top surprises have to be (in no particular order):

  • The Houston Texans traded up to the third pick immediately after drafting C.J. Stroud with the second pick.
  • Will Levis not being drafted in the first round at all after being the betting favorite to be the second pick by the Texans.
  • The Buffalo Bills were the first and only team to draft a TE in the first round. They also traded up to get their guy.
  • Two RBs (Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs) were top 12 selections after no RB was taken in the first round last year and no RBs had been taken higher than with the #24 pick since Saquon Barkley ($10,091,000) was the overall #2 pick back in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Of course, there were a few things that weren’t surprising at all. Bryce Young being the first pick and the Patriots trading down in the first round for seemingly the 209th consecutive draft happened just as anticipated. The trade down for the Patriots was so unsurprising that we both missed the deal with the Steelers (our two favorite teams) being announced while discussing how to write this article.

All stats cited are based on the Standard Dynasty Owner scoring system as outlined in the updated Dynasty Owner Constitution. Standard Dynasty Owner scoring gives you .1 points for every yard rushing or receiving, .1 point for every 2 yards passing, 1 point per reception, 6 points for a rushing, receiving or passing touchdown and 2 points for a successful 2-point conversion (rushing, receiving, or passing). Interceptions or fumbles lost cost you 3 points, while a fumble that is recovered by the player’s team is a loss of only 1 point. Bonus points are available for 100-199 yards rushing (2 points), 200 yards rushing or receiving (6 points), 300-399 yards passing (1 point) and 400 yards passing (4 points). There is also a 3 point bonus for clutch scoring, which is a score that results in a lead change in the final two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Kickoff and punt return touchdowns are worth 6 points for the player and kickoff and punt returns are worth 1 point for every 40 yards.

All salary information for players selected on Thursday night comes from the Spotrac NFL 2023 Draft Tracker page ( and is subject to change and updating. Let’s get to the picks!

1st Pick: Bryce Young (QB – CAR): 4 years/$37,955,071 ($9,488,768 per year)

To the surprise of almost nobody, the Carolina Panthers drafted 2021 Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young from Alabama with the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. In 27 college games over the past two seasons, Young completed 65.9% of his passes (611 completions out of 927 attempts) with 79 passing TDs and only 12 interceptions. He also had 7 rushing touchdowns.

Expect Young to be the Panthers’ starting QB and push veteran Andy Dalton ($5,000,000) to a backup role. The Panthers also have 2022 third round draft pick Matt Corral ($1,273,561) who missed the entire 2022 season with a Lisfranc injury on their roster.

At an anticipated salary of just under $9.5 million, Young will be the highest paid rookie in Dynasty Owner history. His salary will be slightly more than the last two QBs drafted first overall, Trevor Lawrence ($9,198,372) in 2021 and Joe Burrow ($9,047,534) in 2020. Both Lawrence and Burrow finished their rookie seasons as a low-range Dynasty Owner Bench QB (Lawrence was QB24 in 2021 and Burrow was QB21 in 2020) before becoming a Starting QB in their second seasons (both finished as QB8).

Steve’s Take: I would expect Dynasty Owners to select Young as either the second or third pick in the first round of the upcoming rookie drafts, but he could slip to the middle of the first round in some leagues. The same progression as Lawrence and Burrow wouldn’t be surprising for Young who should slide into Dynasty Owners’ lineups as a Bench QB depending on the strength of the other QBs on their roster and his weekly matchup. I think the concerns about his size are overblown and he’ll take less punishment than other smaller QBs because of his ability to get rid of the ball instead of taking off and running.

Jay’s Take: As Steve stated, I would expect Young to be taken somewhere between picks 2-5 in our upcoming rookie drafts. Young could not have asked for a better landing spot at the top of the draft as the Panthers have a quarterback friendly coach (Frank Reich) who understands how to ease young signal callers in. I wouldn’t expect a monster first year from Young but if things go well throughout his initial NFL season, I could see Young finishing a hair higher in Year 2 than the QB8 spot both Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence ended up in due to his running abilities. Yes, both Burrow and Lawrence can scramble, but Young is on a different level when it comes to the rushing side of things. Did Carolina get it right? Only time will tell.

2nd Pick: C.J. Stroud (QB – HOU): 4 years/$36,279,243 ($9,069,811 per year)

Despite all of the noise that the Texans would pass on a quarterback with the second pick, they did exactly what they should have done and took their franchise QB in C.J. Stroud. In 25 college games, Stroud completed 69.3% of his passes (575 completions out of 830 attempts) with 85 passing TDs and only 12 interceptions.

At an anticipated salary of close to $9.1 million, Stroud will be making just about as much as Joe Burrow and about $419,000 less per year than Bryce Young. If you traded for or picked up either Davis Mills ($1,304,383) or Case Keenum ($3,125,000) because you thought the Texans wouldn’t draft a QB and you’d have a cheap starting QB, sorry to let you know that you gambled and lost that bet.  

Jay’s Take:  As everyone reading this probably knows, C.J. Stroud is the quarterback at the top of my board, and I do believe he will prove me right when it is time to step onto an NFL field. I was not surprised to see Stroud selected at the #2 spot and because of that I nailed my first two picks in the Draft Pick Challenge. I would have much rather seen Stroud go somewhere with a better receiving corps, but I do believe he is good enough to overcome a subpar team and still put up an impressive stat line for Dynasty Owners during his rookie season. Expect Stroud to be taken before the sixth pick in almost all rookie drafts.

Steve’s Take: I’m proud to say that Stroud to the Texans was my guess in the Draft Pick Challenge and I didn’t waver despite all of the news to the contrary about a defensive player or Will Levis going to the Texans. With that said, I have the 1.03 pick in one Dynasty Owner league and will be happy to take Stroud if the teams ahead of me go with Bijan Robinson and Bryce Young. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be the Texans’ starter in 2023, be your third QB and used in the Bench QB spot on bye weeks or if you have an injury at the position.

4th Pick: Anthony Richardson (QB – IND): 4 years/$33,994,030 ($8,498,508 per year)

Similar to Carolina, it was pretty clear that the Colts were going to take a QB with their first pick. They stayed at the #4 spot and took the King of the NFL Combine in Anthony Richardson. Richardson’s college stats aren’t very gaudy as he only completed 54.7% of his passes for 3,105 passing yards. He had just 24 passing TDs and 15 interceptions. He did have an impressive 1,116 rushing yards and 12 rushing TD, while averaging 6.9 yards per carry. Remember that sacks count as negative rushing yards in college, so that yards per carry average is deflated a bit. His NFL Combine stats were more impressive as he set the QB record in the vertical jump and tied the record for the broad jump.

At an anticipated salary of nearly $8.5 million, Richardson will be making a similar salary as the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Trey Lance ($8,526,319) of the San Francisco 49ers. Interestingly, both were high NFL Draft picks despite not playing a lot of games in college. The Colts hope that Richardson has a better first two NFL seasons than Lance has.

Steve’s Take:  I’ve seen Richardson being taken with the 1.02 pick based on his potential and athleticism in non-Dynasty Owner dynasty leagues that had their rookie drafts before the NFL Draft. Now that he’s been selected with the #4 pick by the Colts and only needs to beat out Gardner Minshew ($3,500,000) to be the Indianapolis starter, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Richardson picked ahead of Young and Stroud in many Dynasty Owner rookie drafts.

Jay’s Take: Now, does everyone see why I have been so enamored with Anthony Richardson? Despite my love for Richardson, I was unable to make this pick correctly as I had Tennessee trading up to third overall to grab Richardson before Indianapolis could get their hands on him. Richardson does have the highest ceiling of all rookies coming out and his ability to run the football could present a Justin Fields ($4,717,989) type floor through Richardson’s first couple of seasons, though he will be a bump up in salary of $3.78 million in salary from Fields. I do believe Richardson is underrated as a passer, but only time will tell. I do know I can’t wait to see the self-proclaimed “Cam Jackson” step on an NFL field.

8th Pick: Bijan Robinson (RB – ATL): 4 years/$21,958,535 ($5,489,634 per year)

The projections of the Falcons taking Bijan Robinson because of how they primarily want to run the ball were there, but I didn’t believe them until Roger Goodell announced this pick. Over the past couple of years, NFL teams were reluctant to draft a RB with a top twenty pick so hearing Robinson being taken in the top ten was a surprise. If anyone can reverse that trend, it’s probably the guy who ran for 3,410 yards and 33 touchdowns in 31 career college games. He also caught 60 passes for 805 receiving yards and 8 receiving touchdowns.

After a 1,000 yard rushing season and RB27 finish in Dynasty Owner as a rookie, Tyler Allgeier ($998,474) is now a backup to Bijan. Does Atlanta move Cordarrelle Patterson ($5,250,000) back to WR (since he still wears #84) or does he become the league’s highest paid kick returner?

At an anticipated salary of just under $5.5 million, Robinson and his new teammate Cordarrelle Patterson will be cashing checks of a similar amount next season. He will also be making a little more than $100,000 than his teammate and fellow #8 pick Drake London ($5,383,617). Right now, Robinson will be the 16th highest paid RB in Dynasty Owner, between David Montgomery ($6,000,000) and Patterson.

Jay’s Take: Wow Bijan to Atlanta! I had seen several mock drafts with this scenario playing out and as foolish as it sounded, it really happened. As talented as Bijan is, I am not a big fan of the landing spot as he will be facing a stacked box every single week barring a Desmond Ridder ($1,340,740) breakout. Bijan is easily the best running back in the Falcons room, but I still see him splitting time with Patterson and Allgeier until he figures out how to block at this level. I do believe this changes nothing in Dynasty Owner drafts as Bijan is a generational talent at a position that is very hard to fill.

Steve’s Take: Part of the appeal of drafting Bijan Robinson with the 1.01 pick in Dynasty Owner was thinking that he’d be picked in the #20 to #28 pick range and have an annual salary of around $3.15 million to $3.6 million. Does having to clear an additional $1.89 million to $2.34 million in salary cap space change the mind of Dynasty Owners with the 1.01 rookie draft pick? Probably not with the landing spot in Atlanta, but it’ll be interesting to see if any Dynasty Owners with the 1.01 pick pass him up.

12th Pick: Jahmyr Gibbs (RB – DET): 4 years/$17,845,131 ($4,461,283 per year)

If Bijan Robinson being drafted eighth by the Falcons was a surprise, then Jahmyr Gibbs at the #12 pick to the Lions was a shocker. The Lions already had D’Andre Swift ($2,134,728) and signed David Montgomery away from Chicago in free agency, so it didn’t seem like RB was a position of need. However, they decided to draft the player who had 1,370 total yards of offense and 10 TDs in his only season at Alabama.

NFL teams used to have workhorse RBs. Then it was the dreaded Running Back by Committee (RBBC) with two RBs being used equally. Maybe now, it’s the 3-headed RB monster after the Eagles seemed to use three RBs last year with Miles Sanders ($6,350,000), Boston Scott ($2,000,000) and Kenneth Gainwell ($953,882) all playing a role in the offense that was ranked fifth in rushing yards and first in rushing TDs in 2022. Or maybe Swift is on his way out of Detroit. We’ll find out soon.

Gibbs’ salary is only about $40,000 less than Gus Edwards ($4,500,000) and more than $460,000 higher than Jamaal Williams ($4,000,000) who had 17 rushing TDs for the Lions last year before signing with the Saints as a free agent.

Steve’s Take: Prior to the NFL Draft, Gibbs seemed like a lock to be the second RB off the rookie draft board and a mid-first round pick in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts. I’m not sure about that at all now that he’ll be competing for touches with Montgomery and Swift and getting paid $1.46 million to close to $2.08 million more than if he was taking at the end of the first round or the top of the second round. This curveball of a pick has me unsure of exactly where Gibbs will be drafted once Dynasty Owner rookie drafts start up.

Jays Take: I don’t think Steve could have explained this pick any better, but I will attempt to repaint the Mona Lisa. Gibbs to Detroit was one of, if not, the biggest surprise in the NFL Draft first round. Going into the night I had Gibbs as my second player off the board in many Dynasty Owner drafts, but I do believe that will likely change with him landing in Detroit. The one big plus that comes with Gibbs landing in Detroit is the fact I could see the Lions running the ball more than any other team in the NFL with the 3-headed monster they have in the backfield. Between Gibbs, Montgomery and Swift, the Lions will always have a talented back with fresh legs in the backfield. The pick is great for what Detroit wants to do but horrible for Dynasty Owners as Gibbs will now be in a committee role for at least his rookie season.

20th Pick: Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR – SEA): 4 years/$14,417,307 ($3,604,327 per year)

No surprise that Smith-Njigba was the first WR taken in the NFL Draft, but most people had a WR being picked earlier than with the 20th pick. He missed almost all of the 2022 college football season after having 95 receptions for 1,606 yards and 9 TDs in 2021 for Ohio State. He had more receptions and receiving yards than a pair of teammates who were both drafted in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, Garrett Wilson ($5,138,502) and Chris Olave ($4,817,969).

The landing spot is very good. Smith-Njigba will be the WR3 in Seattle right away and could produce good results for his Dynasty Owners. He’ll also be able to develop and learn from both DK Metcalf ($24,000,000) and Tyler Lockett ($17,250,000). His Dynasty Owner salary of slightly over $3.6 million puts him at nearly the same salary as Treylon Burks ($3,592,398) and about $100,000 more than CeeDee Lamb ($3,502,503).

Jay’s Take: In all honesty I totally whiffed on this selection. I did not have the Seahawks taking a receiver until Round 2, but it’s the Seahawks and they tend to surprise me every year. If Geno Smith ($25,000,000) is able to continue his above average quarterback play, this selection should work out nicely as Jaxon Smith-Njigba is the most talented receiver in the class in my opinion. I am worried about the amount of work Smith-Njigba will see during his rookie season with both Lockett and Metcalf on the same roster, but come Year 2, I would expect big things from the former Buckeye. I see Smith-Njigba as a lock to go in the 3-8 range of our rookie drafts and at $3,604,327 per season, he won’t take up much salary cap space.

Steve’s Take: Even though he’ll be the most expensive rookie WR, his salary is very similar to the others taken in the first round. I believe that it’ll be just like last year when there were several WRs in the same salary range and it was a matter of personal preference which one Dynasty Owners drafted first. I don’t agree and feel like Smith-Njigba is more of a “sure thing” after the success of Wilson and Olave last year, so Dynasty Owners should be prepared to draft Smith-Njigba in the upper portion of the first round of their rookie drafts.

21st Pick: Quentin Johnston (WR – LAC): 4 years/$14,188,778 ($3,547,195 per year)

Johnston was the second WR drafted on Thursday night by the Los Angeles Chargers. Johnston had a solid career at TCU with 115 receptions for 2,190 receiving yards and 14 TDs in 30 career college games. He averaged 19.0 yards per reception for his college career.

Similar to Smith-Njigba, he will be able to learn from a pair of veteran WRs in Keenan Allen ($20,025,000) and Mike Williams ($20,000,000) and step into the Chargers’ offense as the WR3. He should also have Justin Herbert ($6,644,688) as his QB for his entire rookie contract, which is similar to the rookie contracts for both Burks and Lamb, just like Smith-Njigba.

Steve’s Take: If you watched the Dynasty Owner Livestream about rookie WRs or heard Jay and I discuss rookie WRs on the podcast, then you may recall the poor track record of Big 12 WRs in the NFL. It’s caused me to downgrade Johnston, although this landing spot and salary have improved my outlook for him. I think he’s a late first round Dynasty Owner rookie draft pick and could drop down further depending on what WRs are drafted and who drafts them during the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft on Friday.

Jay’s Take: While I do agree with Steve’s take, I still believe our Dynasty Owners will take Johnston before 1.09 pick in most, if not all, rookie drafts. The landing spot is not the best with the Chargers already having two top tier receivers in Mike Williams and Keenan Allen but with Herbert’s extension looming this could be the last dance for Allen in a Chargers’ uniform. If that scenario plays out and Johnston ends up hitting, he could be an absolute steal while paired with Herbert and the oft-injured Williams. If you’re drafting Johnston, you will need to be patient, but it could pay off in a big way come 2024. Johnston does come with extra risk in my opinion as we rarely see Big 12 receivers succeed at this level.

22nd Pick: Zay Flowers (WR – BAL): 4 years/$14,036,434 ($3,509,109 per year)

Last year, Jameson Williams ($4,365,448) was the third WR taken in a row with the 12th pick by the Detroit Lions. I bet that the Ravens don’t want the start of Flowers’ NFL career to mirror that of Williams. That’s probably not a fair comparison as Flowers is several inches shorter than Williams and had several solid college seasons with 200 receptions for 3,056 receiving yards and 29 receiving TDs, compared to one monster season in college for Williams.

Baltimore has quite the collection of WRs led by Odell Beckham Jr. ($15,000,000), Rashod Bateman ($3,149,853) and Nelson Agholor ($3,250,000). The only player who had over 50 receptions and 500 receiving yards for the Ravens last year was TE Mark Andrews ($14,000,000) so as a rookie, Flowers could compete with Beckham to be the WR1.

Jay’s Take: I know a ton of experts who love Zay Flowers and while I think he is a good football player I was shocked to see him go ahead of a player like Jordan Addison. I am not sure if it is because they are both smaller receivers drafted by Baltimore later in the first round, but I see Hollywood Brown ($13,413,000) being Zay Flowers’ ceiling in the NFL. This could be lower as he realistically could end up as the fourth option for at least most of 2023 on a team that loves to run the ball. I would not draft Flowers until at least pick 1.11 or 1.12 in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts. Flowers is much more likely to be good versus great when he steps on an NFL field.

Steve’s Take: Last year, many people thought Rashod Bateman would have a breakout season because of all of the catches vacated by the Ravens trade of Brown to Arizona. Bateman had touchdowns in his first two games to start the 2022 season, was injured and missed most of the season. If Bateman comes back healthy and Beckham returns to his prior form, Flowers could be the WR3 behind both of them as well as Andrews in the passing game pecking order. That might be wishful thinking, but it could keep Flowers from being anything other than a late first round or early second round Dynasty Owner rookie draft pick.

23rd Pick: Jordan Addison (WR – MIN): 4 years/$13,731,737 ($3,432,934 per year)

Addison won the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the most outstanding receiver in college football in 2021 with Pitt, then transferred to USC and had a solid, but statistically inferior 2022 season with fewer receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. In 35 college games over three seasons, he had 219 receptions for 3,134 receiving yards and 29 touchdown receptions.

The release of Adam Thielen ($8,333,333) and his subsequent signing with Carolina leaves an opening opposite Justin Jefferson as a starter for the Vikings. Even in a down year, Thielen was still WR48 and scored 180.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. K.J. Osborn ($890,693) is still around though to provide competition for Addison too. Osborn produced had 85.8 Dynasty Owner fantasy points with four games of double-digit Dynasty Owner fantasy points in his last five games of 2022.

Steve’s Take: At best, Addison will be the third option in the Minnesota passing game behind Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson ($9,392,000) and ahead of Osborn. That’s not a bad spot for a rookie WR in my estimation. Addison was able to do well at both Pitt and USC, so he’s not afraid of, or unfamiliar, with change. If he can play as well as Osborn did at the end of last season, he could be the top rookie WR in 2023 and be worth a mid-to-late first round pick in your Dynasty Owner rookie draft.

Jay’s Take: With the 23rd selection of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Jay’s favorite pick of the first round. The Vikings got an absolute steal this late in the first round and the fact Addison will be playing across from Justin Jefferson ($3,280,701) will only help his transition to the NFL. I know Jefferson’s presence will scare some away from drafting Addison, but it should do just the opposite. As Jefferson continues to get better, teams must throw more defenders at him which means Addison will see 1-on-1 matchups a ton throughout his first few seasons. Addison is a great route runner and should be a seamless fit in the Vikings offense. Despite being the fourth receiver taken in the NFL draft, Addison should be in contention to be the first receiver in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts with a great landing spot and a lower salary than the other first round picks at his position.

25th Pick: Dalton Kincaid (TE – BUF): 4 years/$13,427,022 ($3,356,756 per year)

Buffalo was the only team to draft a TE in the first round of the NFL Draft and they ended up going with Dalton Kincaid from Utah over Michael Mayer from Notre Dame with the pick. Kincaid had a stellar college career with 16 receiving TDs, 107 receptions and 1,414 receiving yards.

This rates as a mild surprise as Mayer was seen as the more likely first TE drafted. Buffalo was not one of the teams who most envisioned would draft a TE in the first round since they signed Dawson Knox ($13,000,000) to a 4-year contract extension back in September.  We’ll see if any stories come out about how the Bills tried to move up a few spots in the first round and failed before doing so to draft Kincaid since they were seen as more likely to draft a WR or RB in the first round.

Kincaid will cost about the same salary as a pair of Minnesota Vikings WRs, Justin Jefferson and Jalen Reagor ($3,317,669), for the 2023 Dynasty Owner season. Bills’ fans shouldn’t be expecting him to be anywhere near as good as Jefferson who was WR1 last season with 374.9 Dynasty Owner fantasy points. However, they hope he’s better than Reagor who has scored barely over 200.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points in his first three years in the NFL.

Jay’s Take:  I have to say this pick was a shocker and I am surprised the Bills did not cough up a fourth or fifth round pick to move up and take whatever receiver they liked most over a tight end after just signing Dawson Knox to a big deal. I have to believe the Bills will use Knox as more of a blocker while splitting Kincaid out wide as more of a receiver, at least until Kincaid bulks up and holds his own while blocking. I will need some time before I have a final ranking on Kincaid on my big board, but this selection should solidify him as a late first round pick in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts.

Steve’s Take: Splitting time with Knox at TE should depress Kincaid’s Dynasty Owner rookie draft value even as he’ll be more affordable than almost all of the other top TEs. No rookie TE had over 100.0 Dynasty Owner fantasy points last year with Chigoziem Okonkwo’s ($1,041,085) 97.2 Dynasty Owner fantasy points and TE24 finish being the best. Depending on the landing spots and salaries of other TEs, Kincaid should still be the first one off the board in Dynasty Owner rookie drafts, but that might not happen until the second round.


The first round is in the books and it ended with the Chiefs picking a defensive end from Kansas State and a cover band singing “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)” by the Beastie Boys. If you had Felix Anudike-Uzomah at the #31 pick and the other 30 picks before him correct, then congratulations on winning $10,000 and the Draft Pick Challenge. Of course, you probably should have turned in an entry as it appears that seven people tied at the top with four correct picks. None of them had Devon Witherspoon from Illinois as the fifth pick by Seattle and that’s when the dream scenario ended.

In case you were wondering, both of us tied in the Draft Pick Challenge. Steve had the first two picks correct, missed the selection of Will Anderson with the third pick in the draft then had no more correct picks. Nearly identical to last year’s Draft Pick Challenge when he had the first three picks correct (Travon Walker, Aiden Hutchinson and Darryl Stingley Jr.) then none afterwards. Jay also had the top two picks correct, but then had Anthony Richardson going third with the Titans trading up to snipe him from the Colts.

The top names remaining to be selected on Friday night during the second round of the NFL Draft are definitely Kentucky QB Will Levis and Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer. Pittsburgh has the first pick in the second round because of the Chase Claypool ($1,654,156) trade with Chicago at last year’s trade deadline, while Arizona has the second pick. Neither would appear to be likely landing spots for either Levis or Mayer, so maybe we’ll see a team trade up to draft one of those guys with the first pick in the second round. They both also may have to wait even longer to find out what team’s uniform they will be wearing next season.

Jay and I will be back over the weekend with a similar recap of selected picks from the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft and from the fourth through seventh rounds on Monday. There was a lot of Dynasty Owner content released this week as Matt Morrison – The Jerk had his first Best Case, Worse Case article published on Monday, my article discussing players who might lose their jobs was published on Tuesday and the latest episode of the Dynasty Owner podcast dropped on Wednesday morning.

Don’t forget that the Livestream will be on Friday at 10 AM (Eastern) so Tim and Steve can react (and overreact to what happened in the first round of the NFL Draft) and debate who’s going to draft Levis and Mayer. Prior episodes of the Livestream are available on the Dynasty Owner YouTube channel. Please remember to give the Livestream a Thumbs Up and help out Dynasty Owner. It is appreciated. Finally, don’t forget to follow Dynasty Owner on Twitter. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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